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Summer Internship Project

Claim Automation Process
E-Claim Portal

Submitted in partial fulfillment of PGDM program 2011-13

Submitted by

Vishal Mahajan 19/039
Company Mentor Faculty Mentor

Mr. Vikas Mathur Finance Manager Glaxosmithkline

Dr. Srirang Kumar Jha Associate Professor

Apeejay School of Management New Delhi July 2012


The satiation and euphonies that accompany the successful completion of task would be incomplete without the mention of the people who made it possible. I thank all those whose guidance and assistance made it possible for me to complete my report successfully. I feel it is my privilege to place on record my warm salutation to Apeejay School of Management, New Delhi, which gave me an opportunity to work on this project. A task is never complete without a proper supervision and direction provided by its Guru. A word of appreciation would not be enough to credit the aid of corporate mentor ‘Mr. Vikas Mathur’ (Finance Manager, GlaxoSmithKline) without whom this project would not have been completed. I also thank ‘Dr. Srirang Kumar Jha’ for his support extended in completion of my project. I would always be in gratitude to him for assisting in the course of Idealizing, Processing, and Implementation of the assignment. Finally, I would like to thank my family and friends without whose help and support it would not have been possible for me to prepare this report.




This is to certify that the project work done on “Claim Automation Process“ submitted to Apeejay School of Management, Dwarka by Vishal Mahajan in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of PG Diploma in Management, is a bona fide work carried out by him under my supervision and guidance. This work has not been submitted anywhere else for any other degree/diploma. The original work was carried out during 26th April 2012 to 26th June 2012 in GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd.

Date: 27th June 2012

Dr. Srirang Kumar Jha Associate Professor


.....................................................................................................................................87 5 ...... 35 Chapter 4 Data Analysis and Findings ................................................................. 11 Chapter 3 About The project...............….................................................... 7 Chapter 2 Company Profile ..........................…….. 81 Chapter 6 Recommendations……………………………………………………………….......................................................86 Chapter 7 Bibliography…………………………………………………………………………. 70 Chapter 5 Conclusion…………………………………………………………………………......................................................TABLE OF CONTENT Chapter 1 Introduction ...........................

Talking to the Distributors and telling them to verify their User Id 3. I was just a part of this project. Making a visit to them and giving them a demo to fill the claims Online In the first stage first I have to generate a user Id for the distributors so that they can use the Portal for filling their claims online. So that there user id will be verified and start to work. The whole process was completed in 3 Stages 1. 6 . my duty was to inform them to verify their user id by verifying the email sent on their email id. My responsibility was to initiate the project in which I completely registered all the distributors of the company. In the third stage I made visits to the different distributors in the Delhi and Ncr Regions. Making user Id for the distributors 2. In the second stage. The two months summer internship project with GlaxoSmithKline gave me a platform to understand business environment. My duty was to give them a demo on how to fill the claims online and get its expenses which they incurred to recover back from the organization. It is still going in the organization and will continue later on.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Claim automation process” I undertook in the GlaxoSmithKline was a live project.

Hence. Distributors are the end of this channel as they make the product available to the retailers who make the product available to the end consumers. 7 .INTRODUCTION Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for use of consumption by a consumer or a business user. Due to this large impact of huge cash transaction the efficient management of the claims becomes all the more important and the day-to-day tracking and handling of claims gets the maximum attention since this aspect is something which cannot be affected. And for the Distributors. or using indirect means with intermediaries. different personnel’s are deployed at these levels and all of them are assigned with different tasks so that the process can move smoothly with the system. using direct means. it’s important to get the reward for their hard work which they have put behind the product in the market. because even a small mistake or lapse can put the company back by a huge amount of sum. A huge amount of cash-flow is involved in the claim process and that makes it all the more important for the organization. For the organization. The Claims are the important for both the distributors and the organization. it’s a way to pay back the distributors who have worked hard for increasing the sales of the company by pushing the products into the sales of the final people. This activity is not done by a single person in an organization because it’s too lengthy and important task to be done by a single person as it’s not just an activity but it’s a complete process consisting of a number of steps and each step is equally important from the point of view of the organization. The distribution of products takes place through channels.

money and labor in this system. This was not an easy task because there are so many Distributors and officials of the company who act as link between the Distributors and the top management. This has helped in greatly reducing the processing time. the problems were also too many. Since the number of the people involved in the process was huge. due to which it became unfavorable with the passage of time as the amounts & number of claims started increasing. and also helped in better tracking and control of the different schemes.9% glitch-free technically. testing and maintenance of the portal. so all these factors made the overall process all the more lengthy but this was important because without making the service at least 99. The maintenance of the product will go on forever along with the constant 8 . it can’t be launched in the market. This system was not radically different from the earlier as the back-bone of both the management systems is the same but the approach in handling the claims was changed from manual to online methodology. since every person’s capacity to learn and implement things and moreover a process like this was being carried out for the 1st time in the organization. or the world as a whole. All these people were needed to be provided with adequate training and experience so that they can fill the claims through the online process. This was done through shifting the major process online which can be accessed by all the required personnel’s through a pre-defined ID & Password. Hence a whole new team was set up for the development.The normal process of claims management was quite lengthy as it was totally based on the print-outs and hard copy of the claims. a new advanced system of claims management through online portal came into picture. There was lot of wastage of time. With the advancement in technology and the increase in the usage and availability of Internet connection & personal computers in even the remotest part of villages of India.

but for this the people need to trained effectively so that they are able to use the Portal in the best way. The usage of the portal requires a good amount of knowledge on computers and the Distributors who are in towns and villages don’t have this kind of knowledge. In 2010 in India. making it all the more beneficial for both the parties. Later on as the use of the Portal increases. the scenario in the company will also lead to a slight shift in the mannerisms of the industry about the competitors view the project and the company as a whole. and experience. 9 . The main reason was that earlier the access to Internet was limited. the training of the Distributors must also be carried out at regular intervals so as to keep them updated about the latest in that field. the plan is to link all the Distributor with a common database of the company. as at the end of the month. there’ll not be the need to submit any file or form. In the later stages of development.development of the portal as new features will be added to the system to make it more user-friendly and to cover a wide range of areas. so that. expertise. We can conclude by saying that the Portal is a new start and actually a blessing both the parties. this job will be done automatically by the system and the new account for the next month will start for the Distributor concerned. But the easiest way to solve this problem is by providing adequate training to them so that they can use the portal effectively and efficiently. Moreover with this project. The Claim Portal was 1st launched by Nestle India Pvt. Other players are expected to join soon in this automation process as it has benefits for both the parties. Ltd. There is a positive and a negative side to every situation and same is the case here. where as in European countries this system is in place since long ago. to bring on a change like this. GSK-CH is now officially the 2nd company to launch a project on Portal like this. This’ll be a long process and will be a part of the future expansion of the Claim Portal. The Portal doesn’t only have strengthened but it also has a few weaknesses which the company needs to address for the benefit of both the parties.

The way in which this settlement is carried out will be changed for the benefit of both the Distributors and the organization. 10 . but what will it lead to is increased efficiency in the processing of claims in the organization.This project will not bring radical change and effective technology.

DLF City Phase I. Nabha. Headquarters: DLF Plaza Tower. Haryana-122002 Legal Address: Patiala Road. Punjab-147201 Status: Listed Legal Form: Public Limited Company Operational Status: Operational ISIN Code: INE264A01014 Financial Auditors: Price Waterhouse (2011) Total Employees: 3100 11 . Gurgaon.COMPANY PROFILE COMPANY INFORMATION Full Name: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd.

Viva and Maltova. Beecham plc acquired Horlicks Ltd and became the majority shareholder in Hindustan Milkfood Manufactures Ltd and in the year 1979. Eno and Iodex. drugs. energy and protein foods. ghee. Horlicks Lite. Ltd. Boost. and Horlicks biscuits. UK. Crocin. Women's Horlicks. The OTC division promotes and distributes a number of products in diverse categories. milk Powder. In the year 1991. The company became public in the year 1961. In the financial year 2000. pharmaceuticals and dairy products. and was promoted by Horlicks Ltd. Mother's Horlicks. which includes Junior Horlicks. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd was incorporated in the year 1958 as Hindustan Milkfood Manufacturers Pvt. The company is an Indian associate of GlaxoSmithKline Plc. In the year 1969. Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh and Sonepat in Haryana. The company also tied up the manufacturing capacity of Jagatjit Industries Ltd for the manufacture of Viva 12 . milk fluid and milk cream. The Nutritional division includes health food drinks like Horlicks. the name of the company was changed to HMM Ltd. malted foods. The company has their manufacturing facilities located at Nabha in Punjab. biscuits. the company acquired two new brands Viva and Maltova along with their patents and trademarks from Jagatjit Industries Ltd. The company's principal activities are to manufacture and distribute a wide range of healthcare foods. The products of GSK Consumer are categorized as Nutritional and Over the Counter (OTC) products. Beecham India Pvt Ltd merged with the company. including prominent brands such as. The products include malted milk food.COMPANY PROFILE GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd is one of the largest players in the Health Food Drinks industry in India.

Toffee Horlicks is the sixth flavour in the Horlicks portfolio. In the year 2004. the company launched Women's Horlicks. 2002. The company is a consignment sales agent for marketing. which is specially formulated for women.and Maltova on a long term contract. 2002. the name of the company was changed from SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare Ltd to GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd with effect from April 23. they launched Active Base and Boost White during the year. Also. In the year 2008. which is a nutritious snack. As the company is an associate company of GlaxoSmithKline plc. Gusseted Pouch packing operations were relocated from Nabha factory to a 'State of Art' greenfield facility set up by a contracted third party at Mangaldoi. Horlicks Biscuits was relaunched with a new strategy and packaging. the company commissioned their new Spray Drier plant at Sonepat and the commercial production was started form July 1. Assam. selling & distribution of the brand Iodex with effect from January 1. Standard and Elaichi. In the year 2002. the company has launched Junior and Mother's Horlicks. The other flavours are Chocolate. Boost Energy Shake will be available in a 200 ml tetra pack. In February 2005. The company also launched ActiGrow under the GlaxoNutrition umbrella to tap into the fast 13 . they launched Boost Energy Shake. Glaxo Wellcom plc and SmithKline Beecham plc merged and form a global organization GlaxoSmithKline plc. Vanilla. 2002. Ready-toDrink Horlicks & Boost and Hot Vending Machines. Also. the company launched 'Activ Grow'. the company opened a new secondary manufacturing site (Legacy Foods) at Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. Honey Buzz. They launched Horlicks Nutribar. In January 2009. In July 2004. which is a nutritious product launched for infant population. a new chilled ready-to-drink variant of Boost in Tamil Nadu. they launched Horlicks in a new Toffee flavour. In the year 2005.

The company also entered the noodles segment with the launch of Horlicks Foodles. 14 . In the year 2011. thereby adding another category to its growing Foods portfolio. In the year 2010. the company launched Junior Horlicks 4.growing specialist nutrition segment. They launched Horlicks Cream Biscuits in 3 flavours and Horlicks Cookies. 5 & 6 and Badam Masti. instant noodles with seasoning. the company entered into the breakfast market in India with the launch of Horlicks Oats.

drugs and pharmaceuticals. • 1994 Once again. Elaichi Horlicks. Ltd. The Company manufactured dairy and milk products. 15 . under the name Group Laboratories (India) Pvt. was incorporated on 30th October. • 1991 Effective 16th September. The dairy products are marketed under the name Horlicks. toiletries. as a wholly owned subsidiary of Beecham Group. to SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare Ltd. Boost and Gopika ghee. Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated at Mumbai on 8th December.. • 1958 The SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare Ltd. as a private limited company under the name Hindustan Milkfood Manufacturers. the name was again changed to SmithKline Beecham Consumer Brands Ltd.COMPANY HISTORY • 1948 Beecham (India) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. the name of the Company changed from SmithKline Beecham Consumer Brands Ltd. U..K. It became a public limited company on 28th March 1961.. • 1978 The Indian participation in the Company progressively increased and stood at 60%.

• 1998 SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare (SBCH) launched its Ribena brand in India with amla flavour as a refreshing health drink. • 2002 The SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare (SKBCH) has undergone a change of name to GlaxoSmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare. In Sep. the company launched Aquafresh brand. by adding of Glaxo tag to itself. 16 . the first-ever scratch-and-win Campaign in the toothpaste category was launched by SBCH. the `Aquafresh Magic Box' promotion. a Paracetamol based formulation. In the oral care category. commonly marketed as an antipyretic. The Company enter the analgesics segment by piggybacking on Crocin. 2000. • 2000 Smithkline Beecham Consumer Healthcare has launched the `Horlicks Plus'. • 1999 SmithKline launched Junior Horlicks for young consumers and additional flavor Variants like elaichi and chocolate.

• 2004 GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare launches Boost energy shake. This is for the first time that a health drink for pre-school kids was introduced in India. GSK phased out its premium toothpaste brand Aquafresh from the Indian Market. Horlicks. • 2006 GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare re-launched its Junior Horlicks 1-2-3 with a new packaging.• 2003 . the flagship brand of GlaxoSmithKline which slipped from 10th position to 16th position in the brand equity survey of India has been relaunched by the company. 17 .

Raipur Depots (North) – Dehradun. Ranchi. Delhi. Madurai Depots (East) – Cuttack. Dankuni (Kolkata).New Delhi.Kandlakoya (Hyderabad). Zirakpur RDCs .CORPORATE LOCATIONS Corporate Head Office . Delhi 18 . Goa. Cochin. Mumbai. Kolkata. Chennai Depots (South) – Bangalore. Chennai. Lucknow. Patna. Indore. Pondicherry.Gurgaon. Ambala. Pune. Panchkula. Guwahati. Jaipur. Kandlakoya(Hyderabad). Siliguri Depots (West) – Ahmedabad. Haryana Regional Offices.

Gurgaon Regional Offices Manufacturing Centers 19 .Head office.

which consists of 14 Directors. The Board has six 20 . The Executive body of the company is the Board of Directors. 11 of which are independent. but in how we use that size to achieve our mission and improve the quality of human life. feel better and live longer. GSK has a Corporate Executive Team. healthier and happier life. It is responsible for managing the company’s businesses.” We at GSK dedicate ourselves to delivering innovative products that help millions of people around the world live longer.not simply in terms of size.MISSION “Our global quest is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more. and as a global society. Becoming the indisputable leader in our industry means conquering the challenges that face us as an industry. VISION We want to become the indisputable leader in our industry . The Chairman of the Board is a non-executive Director. which consists of senior managers and Headed by the CEO. The shareholders elect the company’s Directors at the annual general meeting. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE GSK is a public company traded on the London and New York Stock Exchanges.

health and safety. Remuneration. and other public policy issues.committees: Audit. Nominations. environment. Corporate Responsibility. 21 . The Corporate Responsibility Committee oversees stakeholder and investor relations. Financial Results. and Corporate Administration.

The modern & contemporary Horlicks offers 'pleasurable nourishment' with a delicious range of flavours including Vanilla. 2004) in India enjoys more than half of the Health Food Drink market. Junior Horlicks It is especially formulated for young kids to supplement them in their daily requirement of vital nutrients.PRODUCTS 1. OTC (Over-the-Counter) 1. 22 . Although it has been a popular brand in the Indian market since the 1930s. Horlicks Horlicks is the leading Health Food Drink in India and as the 'Most Trusted Drinks Brand' (Economics Times Survey. NUTRITIONAL a. Horlicks underwent a revamp in 2003 to further increase its relevance. Nutritional 2. Toffee. Elaichi and Chocolate b.

including high quality protein and antioxidants. 23 . Packed with 23 vital nutrients.c. launched in 1997. d. Lite Horlicks has no added sugar and no fats. An attempt to enhance nutritional superiority saw the launch of its new variant in May 2004 . Horlicks Lite Lite Horlicks is a High Fiber Drink (HFD) specially designed to suit the nutritional needs of adults. Mothers Horlicks Mother's Horlicks.Mother's Horlicks fortified with DHA. is a superior nutritional supplement with 26 vital nutrients that is scientifically designed keeping the nutritional needs of the pregnant and breast feeding women in mind. Lite Horlicks was launched in 2005. and holds the distinction of being the only nutritional drink which is endorsed by diabetes India as being suitable for people with diabetes.

Horlicks Biscuits is a favourite among parents and children alike.the biggest region for the category . f. Extending the benefits of Horlicks to 'solid' nourishment. Horlicks Biscuits Horlicks Biscuits has been growing in popularity ever since it was launched in 1992. It was developed by the company's R&D team in 1974 and launched in commands a market share of 26%. Boost Boost is India's leading malt-based Health Food Drink in a chocolate flavor. (Source: ACNeilsen Retail Audit).5% countrywide amongst all Health Food Drinks (HFD). while in South India . 24 . Boost has a market share of 13.

was acquired from Jagatjit Industries Limited in Feb 2000. h. Maltova Maltova. 25 . Viva Viva is positioned in the market as a family health drink but it is positioned lower than Horlicks and the major customer base of Viva is in Tier-2 & Tier-3 cities.g. a chocolate Health Food Drink. which is extremely tasty. and makes nourishment truly enjoyable and exciting. Maltova’s is positioned as the fun health drink.

Crocin is an over-the-counter medicine which is easily accessible to patients. gastric discomfort and heart 26 . Eno A 100 year old global brand. Crocin Crocin has been a trusted household healthcare name for over three decades and enjoys a strong medical heritage. Widely used as an effective remedy for fever and mild-to-moderate pain.2. Eno enjoys a presence in More than 40 countries. b. with India being its second largest market after Brazil. It commands a strong medical equity and enjoys the confidence and trust of medical practitioners across the country. OVER THE-COUNTER (OTC) a. The leading antacid is taken for providing instant relief from acidity.

back joint and muscular pain. Iodex A heritage brand in India since 1919. It is one of the leading brands in the topical pain relief segment with a range of variants that provide quick & effective relief from head. Iodex continues to be amongst the most trusted brands in India.c. 27 . neck.

• • • Develop new channels to leverage GSK-CH brand. Optimize marketing spends and develop expertise.MARKETING STARTEGIES • • • Continued emphasis on improving product mix. Develop channels for tapping rural opportunity. except where the timing of the reversal of the temporary difference can be controlled and it is probable that the temporary difference will not reverse in the foreseeable future. Deferred tax assets are recognized to the extent that it is probable that future taxable profits will be available against which the temporary differences can be utilized. Prepare for successful launch of new products and new iterations of existing products. using the liability method. Deferred tax liabilities and assets are not discounted. TAXATION POLICY GSK-CH follows the financial year starting from 1st April of this year to 31st March of next year. Deferred tax is provided in full. associates and joint ventures. Current tax is provided at the amounts expected to be paid applying tax rates that have been enacted or substantively enacted by the balance sheet date. Deferred tax is provided on temporary differences arising on investments in subsidiaries. • Target improvements in sales-force structure in order to access newer opportunities. 28 . Deferred tax is provided using rates of tax that have been enacted or substantively enacted by the balance sheet date. on temporary differences arising between the tax bases of assets and liabilities and their carrying amounts in the financial statements. Focus on (high margin) products to drive growth.

99 Nestle India GlaxoSmith C H L Jubilant Food Britannia Inds Cadbury India Swojas Energy competitors 0% 2% 9% 12% Nestle India GlaxoSmith C H L Jubilant Food Britannia Inds 15% Cadbury India 62% Swojas Energy 29 .01 10.17 8.) 43.25 10.22 1.425.566.504.947. in Cr.48 6.PEER COMPARISON Company Market Cap (Rs.833.

and aspire for excellence in all what is done. the freedom and support to make things happen. Marketing. develop their skills.HR PHILOSOPHY The Human Resource Philosophy of GSK-CH is to ensure continued success of the organization. There is extensive use of competency based assessment tools to identify the best candidate for the job. by selecting the Right People for the Right Jobs. as well as add their efforts to our daily quest to help millions of people around the world lead longer. Sales. healthier and happier lives. The organization gives people with energy and ideas. GSKCH provides a common belief that we can make the future better. GSKCH helps the employees to enjoy great opportunities and rewards. conducts its business with integrity and honesty. Recruitments are across Production. As a front runner in the Health Food Drinks segment. new recruits who are smart. Procurement/Purchasing 30 and Human Resources.across different specialties and between different countries . qualifications and potential to meet the requirements of the positions and the needs of GSKCH. The recruitment and selection process at GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is designed to attract applicants with the competencies. However diverse are the individual backgrounds of the employees. It allows talented people to exchange insights and expertise freely . GSKCH. Engineering. . and gives us the support to make sure that we do. Information Technology (IT). caring and energetic with good judgment and a sense of humor are welcome in the organization. experience. GSKCH recruits from diverse disciplines and offer an array of internships and lateral entry opportunities. Logistics. Finance. Beyond qualifications and experience.creating a culture of possibility that's more than the sum of its parts.

Changing government policy for pricing of products.5% increase in sales and an 18. 2600 at the close of the year. the Company recorded a 16. • Dividend of Rs. Skills on Regulatory front to meet timelines for new launches. • • • Horlicks Mega Brand crossed the Rs. 10 each for the financial year ended 31 December 2011 was paid to all the shareholders. Possibility of arbitrary price reductions. Managing attrition / retention of talent. • Horlicks registered 17. Local players & MNC’s expanding fast in this sector. • • • • • • Increased competition in rural & urban areas resulting in margin pressure. 2011 an increase of 13% in little over 12 months. ACHIEVEMENTS • In the year 2011. The price of 1 share reached close to Rs. 2000 Crore mark during the year.5% increase in PAT over the previous year.MAJOR PROBLEMS • Growing a mature and ageing portfolio under threat from significantly increased competitive pressures.8% growth with all its variants registering double digit growth. 31 .\ Biscuits recorded a 30% growth from the last year. 35 per equity share of Rs.

the stock indices performed poorly. Headline and food inflation indices were at high single digit levels and showed no signs of cooling off throughout the year. the weak rupee also hit companies having outstanding foreign currency loans particularly those having redemption commitments in the near term. 32 . The Indian economy.5% growth during the last fiscal.3% during the first half of the current fiscal. to grew at 7% against the initial expected growth of 9% and 8. The slowdown in exports and FII outflows amongst other factors caused the Indian Rupee to depreciate by around 18% during the year.MANAGEMENT INFORMATION The year 2011 was probably one of the toughest years for the Indian economy in recent times. The IIP declined by 10% in the first 10 months of 2011. The strict monetary policy coupled with a slowdown in exports resulted in a slowdown in industrial activity. The RBI adopted a hawkish stance in its monetary policy with multiple rate hikes making credit expensive and investments sparse. Amongst all the economic woes. policymaking and the reforms process also took a backseat as a result of which some key reforms such as GST. The adverse performance of all the key economic indicators weighed heavily on the Indian economy throughout the year. being a net importer was adversely impacted by the weak rupee. Companies Bill. DTC. During the year. The fiscal deficit is also expected to significantly exceed the budget estimate having serious implications on domestic inflation. could not be enacted during the year. Further. depreciating by over 24% and FII outflows from India were the highest amongst the BRIC nations. etc. GDP. FDI in Retail. which grew by 7.

there were signs of improvement as year came to end.Amidst all the challenges faced by the Indian economy throughout the year. 33 . Expectations were running high for a cut in interest rates. Respite from high inflation and interest cost will be a major relief to the Indian economy. There was a significant dip in headline inflation and negative food inflation.

34 . has a total workforce of over 2700 people.000 retail outlets. Foodles and in addition promotes and distributes a number of products in diverse categories. GSKCH is one of the largest players in the Health Food Drinks industry in India.CONCLUSION GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. (GSKCH) is an Indian associate of GlaxoSmithKline plc. Horlicks. each driven by a spirit of enterprise. including prominent brands such as Eno. The Company also manufactures and markets Boost. GlaxoSmithKline's Consumer Healthcare business is based on scientific innovation. GSKCH has a strong marketing and distribution network in India comprising over 4800 wholesalers and direct coverage of over 7. Biscuits. offering cutting-edge capability in both. Iodex and Sensodyne. is a highly respected brand which is over 100 years old in India. Crocin. U. Maltova.K. The company has dedicated consumer healthcare R&D centres and takes research as seriously as marketing excellence.00. Rajahmundry and Sonepat. Viva. The Company. with its manufacturing plants located in Nabha. Its flagship product.

a Sales Activity Control Sheet (SI-9) is prepared. a. which comprise of General customers Wholesalers/Distributor). The purposes of preparing SI-9 are: To ensure that the Trade Marketing activities are planned and well thought out before their implementation actually happens To provide the Regional head with sufficient information about the activity to be carried out.ABOUT THE TOPIC GSK receives claims from various channels. Key Accounts. Business Overview . so as to make the approval process. fact and data based and suitably documented on SI-9. To create provision in the books of accounts every month end basis TMControl sheet. For any Trade Marketing/Medical/Rural activity. Cooperatives. CSD and Modern Trade.Marketing claims are of following types: • • • • • • • • • • Super Distributor mark up Super Distributor Additional Mark-up NHC redistribution margin Breakage Inspection Report claim/ Stock Destruction Report claim Upcountry sales Subsidy/Merchandiser claim Salary Claim Shelf Hiring Claim Displays Quantity purchased discount scheme(Qty free/Discount) Sampling 35 .

36 .• • • • • • • • • • SIR SDR/QVR/BIR Price off PWR Medical Discount Sales man incentive Octroi /TOT SD Liquidation Price Difference Other Claims The claims listed above can be bifurcated into four major categories: Trade Marketing Claims Inventory Claims Canvas Claims Other non inventory Claims. Non trade marketing claims are claims that are processed on the basis of either a predetermined percentage of primary/secondary sales or are norm driven.


Overview on Trade Marketing Claims

Trade Marketing claims refer to claims raised by the distributor at the conclusion of a trade marketing activity carried out by GSK. These are processed on the basis of the work order generated at the time of launching a trade marketing activity. In case of Trade Marketing Claims a sales activity control sheet is prepared (SI-9) and approved by Regional Head basis which work order number is generated in JDE. This work order shall form the basis of processing such claims.

STEPS SSC receives scanned/ hard copy of approved SI9 forms from CMM (Customer Marketing Manager) • SSC generates area wise WON for the activity of request and send the same to CMM by E-mail. • CMM generates TM-4 distributor wise and circulate to all distributors to start the activity basis on the conditions mentioned in TM-4.



Canvas claims are of following types:

a. Recurring Distributor Claims - Recurring Distributor Claims are claims that are processed on the basis of either a predetermined percent age of primary/secondary sales or are norm driven. A list of such claims along with the formats is provided below:

S.N o 1



Super Distributor Mark up

It is a claim which is paid at an agreed %age to Super Distributor for his upcountry sales (Including Van Sales) valued at price to wholesaler inclusive of VAT. It is a claim which is paid to compensate Super Distributor for the freight incurred by him on his upcountry sales (Including Van Sales) valued at price to wholesaler inclusive of VAT. It includes the salary and other expense claims e.g. travel expense etc which is paid to Merchandisers appointed by Super Distributor for merchandising/display activities This claim is paid at a defined %age of the sales made to semi wholesaler. The sale is valued at PTR. It includes the salary and other expense claims e.g. travel expense etc which is paid to USRs appointed by Super Distributor. It is the incentive paid to the distributors’ sales personnel for achieving the specific targets


Additional Super Distributor Mark up (Super Distributor Freight)


Merchandiser claim


NHC Redistribution Margin


USR Salary





Overview of Trade Marketing Claims Processing

GSK receives claims from four main channels, which comprise of: 1. General Customers (Wholesalers/Distributor) 2. Cooperatives 3. Key Accounts 4. CSD

The Sales Activity Control Sheet is prepared by: National Customer Marketing Manager : For All India activity

• •

Regional Customer Marketing Manager : For Region specific activity

The following details are mentioned in the SI-9 form:

Objective of the Activity Description of Activity Target Audience Region and area Start and Completion date Details of estimated expenditure to be incurred


Canvas Claims Processing Following table explains the detailed process of verification and processing of recurring distributor claims in respect of Canvas: Claim Form Additional Supporting Where Available Forum Report mentioning the turnover of SUB-D Forum Report mentioning the turnover of SUB-D Forum Report mentioning the turnover Money receipt SD Margin Claim In Approved Format ( canvas) signed by distributor . In case of any discrepancies the ASM approval overwrites the TSE/ASE approval.verified by TSE/ASE and approved by ASM Do Sd Addt Margin(freight Subsidy) NHC Redistribution Do USR/Merchan diser Claims Shelf hiring Rural Markup Do Do Do Display receipts Forum Report mentioning the turnover of SUB-D Money receipt & TO report DSR IncentiveKBC Programme Do Claims in above format is required to be approved by ASM and verified by ASE/TSE for Processing. 41 .

TRADE MARKETING /KEY ACCOUNT&OTHER CLAIMS The Claim Form and Supporting for various Trade Marketing activity is given in table below: S.N o Type of Claim Clai m Form TM-4 TM-4 TM-4 TM-4 TM-4 TM-4 Criterion Of Processing 1 2 Displays QPDS( Qty)/Disc QPDS(Rate)/Free qty All Claims to be approved by ASM All Claims to be approved by ASM All Claims to be approved by ASM All Claims to be approved by ASM All Claims to be approved by ASM All Claims to be approved by ASM 3 Sampling(Direct) Sampling(In Direct) 4 Liquidation Scheme 5 (Visibility Related) (Linked to Volume) TM-4 TM-4 TM-4 TM-4 Nil All Claims to be approved by ASM All Claims to be approved by ASM All Claims to be approved by ASM All Claims to be approved by ASM All Claims to be approved by ASM 6 7 8 Price off Medical Discount Price Difference Claim Octroi Claim Turnover Tax Cess 9 10 11 nil nil nil All Claims to be approved by ASM All Claims to be approved by ASM All Claims to be approved by ASM 42 .

Escalation Cases If SSC finds during verification that claims have not been approved by ASM or are defective on any other count. Upon claim being validated as above. 43 . then SSC will send such cases for clarification with a valid reason from the portal. the claim is processed at SSC and credit given to Distributor account in JDE (Customer Address Book). In case the ASM sends a resolution.PROCESS FLOW Distributors to prepare the claim as per the prescribed format and as per TM -4 TSE and ASM to check and approve the claim as per TM – 4 SSC approves the claim online. • In case the ASM does not respond to the first notification of escalation then auto consolidated escalation reminder needs to be sent to the ASM with copy to BSM every 10 days for all the open cases till such time that a resolution to all open cases is received. Claims are verified at SSC as per claim checking table above. • • ASM is required to review the case and respond to the escalation. then the processor processes the case and credit note is entered in JDE.

44 . processes at SSC is required to process claim in JDE and update status of case in Workflow. • • • Only 1 claim must be sent for each activity for processing. in case the activity period changes/ get extended. CMM shall send the same to SSC and distributor shall authenticate such change in the circulated TM Claim Form. Claims may not be processed during month-end days.Rules for Processing Claims • When a final resolution is received by either Workflow or by way of E-Mail. (Month end being last working day of the month (-) 1 day (+) 2 working days. Account statement shall be sent to distributor by SSC on a monthly basis In case of TM Claims. • • Any claim not signed by ASM/Distributor will not be processed by SSC. In Exceptional cases the same should be approved by RH. • In case claims are processed on the basis of photocopies/without supporting etc.

45 .

It gives an overall perspective of the business. WON Control Sheet A WON Sample sheet can be treated as a one stop document.Policy on Claim processing of photocopy/Scan copy/Without Supporting • In some special cases like claims lost in transit we have to process claims basis photocopies or without supporting. 46 . like per category how much has been spent. A Work order number (WON) comprises of 8 digits. A WON Control sheet gives a better controller and identification about each WON. • • In those cases prior approval from RH should be taken After taking Approval from RH Claims will be processed at SSC WON: Work Order Number A work Order number (WON) is a very critical and important part which can ensure better controllership and identification as every scheme is allotted a WON automatically so it becomes easier for the personnel to view and control that scheme specifically.

the super distributor/distributor shall give a “NDC Certificate” subject to pending claims. The NDC is circulated to all distributors with a copy to ASM’s. If some of the claims raised have not been received by him till the date of issue of “No due Certificate”. On the basis of the reply GSK will check and settle all pending claims and give a reply to Distributor with a copy to ASM by mentioning the claims settlement document numbers on the letter and ask the Distributor to forward the clean NDC stating that all Claims have been settled.No dues Certificate (NDC) Once in a year post completion of claims processing for the year the No dues Certificate from all Distributors are required. • Every Super distributor/distributor needs to fill and submit a “No due Certificate” in the given format. 47 . • ASM shall be responsible for obtainment of such certificates for all super distributor/distributor in his area. The Wholesaler needs to reply on the NDC format to GSK. • The signing authority for “No due certificate” shall be a Partner or Proprietor. • No Due certificate” is a confirmation by the super distributor/distributor that all claims raised by him for a particular period have been received by him. • The No dues certificate shall be submitted on an annual basis • The Exercise is initiated once the substantial portion of previous year claim is submitted and settled for a particular region.

• In case of distributors delaying/not providing NDC. 48 . the same has to be escalated to the sales team in region. • Secondly. a standard letter confirming no dues from GSK has to be sent to concerned distributors.

inadequate approval Claims shall be retained at SSC for further processing Escalate No Claim Form and supporting Documentation In order Is resolution received Reject No SSC shall reject cases and intimate to ASM (through Workflow) for claims without signatures.Claims retsined by SSC only Yes Claims shall be processed at SSC 49 . in JDE. The SI-9 to specify the list of distributors to which the activity pertains. Mkt Mngr All Claims (TM. Canvas & Others) TM-4 shall be issued by the CMM/KA/ Med. WON/ Sr. Mkt Mngr to scan and send SI-9 to SSC for opening Work Order No. SSC shall open Work-Order in JDE and send back details to CMM/ KA Manager/ Med. CAM/ KA Manager/ Med. .Process Map for Promotional-Trade Marketing Claim Claims – Process Flow Trade Marketing Claims CAM/ KA Manager/ Medical Mkt Mngr to prepare SI-9 document and obtain approval of RH (IFRS spend) or other designated authority (NFRS) Refer section on Schedule of Authority. Numbers etc. Mkt Mngr Customers prepare claims & TSE/ASM to approve the claims Approved Hard copy of Claim documents may come to SSC directly through ASMs (Addressed to SSC-OTC Section : HO (Ggn) Claims verified at SSC Yes SSC shall escalate cases to ASM (through Workflow) for claims with improper supportings.

JDE report provides the Octroi amount for other than POP invoicing. in price charged in invoice and price as per Price Structure for that period. The Invoice number and the product for which the wrong pricing happened should be disclosed. The Process Flow of Rate Differential Claims will be: • • A claim/request should reach to SSC for such difference in invoicing. • If the claim is correct the same is processed and credit note/Debit Note is given to the Customer.Spec ial claims Rate Differential Claims The claim is relating to price difference happened at the time of invoicing. and product is mentioned Check whether the correct price claimed is matching as per Price structure Calculate the difference if any. Claims Checking and Processing On receive the hard/soft copy of the documents the claim processing team should check the claims for following: • • • Check whether the invoice number. • The claim/request is verified at SSC for the correctness. date. 50 . Once all the above conditions are satisfied then the claims will be processed by SSC in JDE.

51 .Dist. Such variations are normally reported by the end consumers to retailers.Damaged/Destruction Goods Claims 1. Shortage Inspection Report (SIR) The SIR is a document that is prepared by the GSKCH field force. Such breakage is identified at the Super Distributor/ Distributor’s premises. Second Point Breakage Second Point Breakage is the breakage of goods that occurs during transportation of goods from depots/ C&FA’s to the Super Distributors/Distributors. who in turn contact the Distributors. who in turn contacts/informs Super Distributor. In case of Sub-Dist.) detected at the time of opening of sealed cartons. etc. to record any cases of variations in the quality of goods. bottles. operation the retailers contact Sub. to record any shortages (of jars. After due investigation by the ASE/TSE. Such shortages generally occur due to lapse at the time of packing of goods at the manufacturing locations. 2. such products are normally replaced. Quality Variation Report (QVR) The QVR is a document that is prepared by the GSKCH field force and counter signed and stamped by Super Distributor/Distributor. 3. Sometimes these end consumers also report quality variations directly to the company.

52 . Stock Destruction Report (SDR) The SDR is a document prepared by the GSKCH field force. which have been damaged due to expiry of shelf life or have been spoiled due to rodent damage.4. Process for Checking and processing SDR/BIR claims • • • • • • Customers to prepare the claim as per the prescribed format TSE /ASM / BSM/RH to check and approve the claim Approved Hard copy of claims sent to SSC Claims are verified at SSC – check right entity claims in one sheet Upon claim being validated as above. the claim is processed in SOP at SSC Super visor approves in SOP and it interfaces with JDE to issue a credit note to distributor. to record goods. Such goods may either be lying at the Super Distributor/Distributor’s/Sub-Distributors godown or at the retail Outlets. These damaged goods are brought back to the Super Distributor/ Distributor’s godown and subsequently destroyed.

So the authority has been delegated in the hands of the SD’s and they work as a link between the representatives of the company and the Distributors. This division has been done to streamline the process because it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the large number of Distributors. There were more than 1000 Distributors of GSK-CH at 1 point of time but now the number has been reduced to around 600 as the Distributors have been divided into 2 categories: • • Super-Distributor’s Distributor’s A Super Distributor has a number of Distributors working under him. Next up. The RO’s received the SI-9’s through courier and then the responsibility was on them to make it available to the respective ASM’s of the different trade areas.Settlement Of Claims (Prior to 2010) Prior to 2010. The SI-9’s were prepared in the HO before sending them to the RO so that the scheme can be launched in the market. The ASM’s can choose the specific Trade Areas in which they want the scheme to run. All the schemes are not made for every trade area so the RO’s decide that which scheme has to run in which area and it makes the necessary changes according to the area and the market. 53 . is the role of TSE’s who generate TM-4 forms and forward the scheme to their Distributors so that they can the scheme. The SI-9 forms are sent to the Area Sales Manager’s (ASM’s) who forward it to the respective Territory Sales Executive’s (TSE’s) in whose territory the scheme will run. the distributor claims were settles in the respective Regional Offices’ instead of the Headquarter.

The distributors need to fill up the TM-4 form of the scheme which they are running after the End date of the activity and then submit it to the RO before the last submission date given in the form. The TM-4 form should also be duly complemented with supporting which contains the evidence that the scheme has been run by the Distributor and the claim amount being sought after by the Distributor is correct. The distributor needs to fill the form according to the different slabs of the scheme and then it needs to be duly signed by the Distributor and then the TSE and ASM before sending them to the RO.D. Each of the claims are attached to a Credit Note and then they are J. All the claims are thoroughly checked by the ‘Claim Settlement’ team and only the complete TM-4 with all the adequate documents are further processed to the Regional Finance Manager who then finally makes the payments.Edwards software for tracking and to keep a record of them. Any TM-4 form without adequate supporting and without the signature of any of the above-mentioned persons will not be considered as legal by the RO and will not be processed further. Any form received after the submission date has passed will not be considered as eligible. The TM-4 sheet needs to be checked and signed by the Distributor and then by the TSE & ASM before it is sent to the RO for payment. Any TM-4 form without the signature of the above mentioned people will not be entertained by the company. Once reaching the RO the Finance department will further process the claims and that includes a number of steps for efficient handling of claims. Other incomplete TM-4’s are rejected with proof and are kept separately. The passed claims were binded so that they can be used for any reference in the future by the department. 54 .

area code. Then the form was transferred to the Customer Marketing Manager (CMM) has to generate the TM4 and forward it to the respective ASM’s who need to select the territories in which they want the scheme to run. The WON has a structure which contains all the information likes the time period. and then being passed on to the Regional Head (RH) which in turn issued it to the Shared Service Centre(SSC) who has to approve the SI-9 form. in which the scheme has to run. The Distributors were also needed to send the claims directly to the HO now. etc. The ASM’s forwarded the TM-4’s to the distributors so that they can run the respective schemes in their areas. This was done by keeping in mind the main objective which was of Automation of Claims in the coming 2 years. the process saw many major changes. This change of sending the claims to HO helped the employees of the finance department to learn and understand that how the claims are processed which has to be ultimately done after the Automation of the process. After the scheme period ends. Normally there are many schemes running at the same time but all the schemes have specific Work Order Number (WON) which is used to differentiate one scheme from another. The TSE verifies it and then sends it to the ASM for further verification along with the Supporting. Other than this.Settlement Of Claims (From 2010 to Online Settlement) Since 2010. with theSI-9 being made by the HO. for final approval. region code. the Distributor fills the TM4 forms and sends it to the TSE for verification.. the claims were now send to the Head Office. 55 . so they also got the required training before the Automation began. The ASM finally send sends it to the HO. Gurgaon directly. the flow of Claim settlement changed and instead of sending the claims to RO.

The claim is thoroughly checked with supporting and only then it is finally transferred to the Finance Manager for approval and the payment.In HO. Earlier binding was done in-house by employees but as the number of claims increased it became difficult to keep a record of the claims by the employees. Edwards for further processing. TSE & Distributor’s Signature and stamp are most important for any claim. After the tracking the claims are entered into J. 56 .D. The signature of ASM. credit note is issued for every claim and then a Bar-Code is given to the claim which helps in the tracking of claims by the ‘ProFlow’ software. If anything of this is missing then the claim cannot be processed further and it is sent for escalation and then the Distributor is informed through E-Mail or through ASM informing about the fault to the Distributor. So the binding work was outsourced to a company who handles this aspect and it has lessened the amount of work and moreover the employees of GSK can concentrate more on their job as the part of filing and maintaining the old claims is not with them. Furthermore the claims are sent for binding so that a proper record can be kept about each claim.

57 . For this purpose every person involved in the claims settlement process has been given a unique ID & Password which they’ll use to Login to their accounts for this whole process.Settlement Of Claims (Online Settlement) At the Annual general meeting. The earlier process was good but it was not up to date and a lot of manpower was wasted in the form of employees who used to work for settlement of claims and time was also wasted as it would take a couple of days for the claims to reach from the Distributor to the next person and this thing would continue till the claims reached the HO. etc. Unlike the previous system the HO didn’t send any hard copy of SI-9 to RH but now the CMM issues the SI-9 form and then forwards it to the RH who approves the form online. So the entire structure was not changed. But all the more it was the 1st time for the company in India and the successful completion and implementation will do a lot of good for the employees. HUL. cost & amount of work involved in settlement of claims. the form then goes to Shared Service Center (SSC) who approves the SI-9 form and then the SI-9 form is again transferred to the CMM so that it can issue the TM-4 form. This was not the 1st software for this purpose in its sector or India. it was decided to automate the whole process of claim settlement and responses of all the shareholders were taken into account. stakeholders and the company as a whole. have been using it since last few years. The main objective of this plan was in simplifying the whole process so as to reduce the time. as other companies like Nestle. The Distributors have also been assigned an ID & Password which they’ll use to Login and fill the desired claims which are present in the basket. So to tackle all these problems the concept of Online E-Claim Portal came into being and extensive research was carried on in this aspect before any decision was rolled out. After RH approves the SI-9 form. but just the mode of claim settlement was transformed from hard-copy based to online base.

The ASM can choose at this level that he wants to send the claim to which Distributor and to whom he doesn’t wants to send.The TM-4 form then goes to the ASM. SSC approves the claims and it is finally send to the finance manager for approval and payment. attach with the supporting and send it directly to the HO. And finally the claims are sent for binding to the outside party for having a record of all the claims. J. 58 . who forwards the form to the Distributor. There’s no requirement of any signature in the computer generated print-out of TM4 form as it is self sufficient. But on the later stage other reports like QIR (Quality Inspection Report). for the settlement. They need to check the amount given on portal by the Distributor. Hence the dependence on the extensive software has reduced in the case and then the process has became fast and easy for the employees to handle. Edwards is only used for generating the ‘Credit Note’ for the claims and it’s not used for tracking and entering the claims now. This selection of the Distributor depends on the ASM as he’s the most aware of the people of that area and he can take a better decision that which Distributor will be able to better handle the scheme and run in the market. BIR (Breakage Inspection Report). In the end. Hence the form is directly sent to the HO. etc. The Distributor receives the claim in his basket which he can view by logging into his portal. Currently the distributors can send claims regarding the Trade Claims and Canvas Claims. Meanwhile TSE & ASM will have to approve those claims online through the claim portal.D. The tracking which was done earlier through ‘Pro Flow’ is not required now as the entire process is online and the employees at SSC can search the scheme by searching the specific WON of the supporting. will also be included in it at later stage. He has to fill the form for the settlement of claims online only and then take a print of the page of the ‘Submitted’ form.

250 Crores.In 2010 only. GSK received around 1lakh claims from distributors from all over India . The claim amount of distributors is very huge .The claim amount in 2010 from all the distributors was approximately Rs. Claims being approved by the finance manager are transferred for the final binding and payment is made to the concerned party. In the next step tracking of the claims is done. In the next step the Data is entered in the JD Edwards software. After the tracking it comes to finance manager for approval. The company repays the claim amount of the distributors as earliest as possible. CREDIT NOTE ↓ TM4 FORMS ↓ J D EDWARDS ↓ TRACKING ↓ APPROVAL BY FINANCE MANAGER ↓ TRANSFERRED FOR BINDING Every year GlaxoSmithKline receives lots of claims from the distributors. 59 .Process Followed in HO For Settlement of claims The wholesaler sends a Credit note for the claims with the supporting of the TM4 form to the Head office.

There are pre-specified level through which the SI-9. 60 .Benefits of Online E-Claim Portal 1. even the supporting will not be required as the software will directly save all the details of the sales in the future. Later on in the development of the portal and additional software’s. there was a lot of paperwork involved. Reduces Paperwork Earlier being the process as hard-copy based. so any employee or distributor has the Login ID & Password can login to the account and check the status of the claim that it is at what level. Only the supporting is required to be with print-out of the TM-4 form. Transparency With the arrival of the E-Claim portal the transparency in the settlement of claims has increased. so it was increasingly becoming difficult to manage all these files and papers. This would lead to better management and handling of claims and as well as. 2. TM-4 forms will move and this process can’t be changed or altered. But now as all the work will b done online so there’s not much of filing involved. the process becoming more accessible to every person. Moreover there’s a separate column of ‘Status’ at each level.

5. Earlier no TM-4 forms were settles if there was no signature from TSE. So the speed of settling a claim has increased after the introduction of the portal. But now these steps are not there as there’s no need of tracking since every record is available online in the respective ID’s of the person concerned. and then entered into J. Earlier time was wasted in courier of the claims at each level whenever the claim was passed from 1 level to another. 4. the claims can be settled at a fast pace from before. But now with the portal the Distributor will send the print-out of TM-4 form along with the supporting directly to the HO. But now there’s no requirement of any signature as the print out is a computer generated document & it has to be send directly to the HO with supporting. Quick Claim Settlement With the Portal. Edwards is to create debit note now. whereas the TSE & ASM will approve the claim online. The TM-4 forms are accepted online by the TSE & ASM after checking it thoroughly on the portal from their ID. 61 .3. Reduced Dependency The dependency on the factors such as signatures before the TM-4 forms are forwarded at the next level is reduced. Reduces Time Lag Time is of utmost important and the Portal will in reducing the time taken to process a claim. Earlier the claims had to be recorded in ProFlow for tracking. Edwards for further processing. The only use of J.D.D. ASM & the Distributor’s Stamp.

This will be a benefit for the Distributors and the company both as the whole process of claim settlement will be more streamlined. all these steps will be eliminated and the manpower required for these jobs will also cease to exist in the Finance dept. of HO. to approving the claims by TSE & ASM online only and last but not the least removal of processes like ProFlow & reduced usage of J. Unlike before when there was a number of steps associated with the processing like tracking. The distributors will be more responsive in running the schemes as they’ll be sure that they’ll get the claim amount at the earliest. punching the information. Reduction in Processing Time The processing time of the claims has been reduced.6. Reduction in Manpower The Portal will lead to the slimming of the manpower required for processing of the claims.D. This slimming workforce will also lead to more efficiency in the work as the claims will be processed at a higher speed since the number of steps required has reduced and the claims will have to travel from the hands of less number of people. Reduction in manpower will also lead to additional savings for the organizations as a whole. Edwards for the processing of claims. 7. like from filling up online TM-4 forms. 62 . These all steps have leaded to a significant reduction in the processing time of claims. The company will benefit from faster processing so that they can run multiple claims at the same time. The time saving is now done at every level.

So the usage will decrease for these ERP but the Portal can itself be termed as a part of ERP since it performs all the functions of an ERP system but in a different way where it makes the stakeholders a part of the ERP. 63 . JD Edwards World comprises three basic areas of expertise: a. or ERP system which is used by the companies all over the world for their financial solutions.D. Over time. the dependency on these ERP software because the Portal will only act as a link between the Company and the Distributors. Now with the integration of online Portal. These are: 1. was an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software company. Edwards J. these three roles developed the product into a full featured enterprise resource planning. As an ERP system. D. As a part of current claim settlement process 2 ERP software packages are extensively used. CNC/ System Administration. Without the help of ERP software the process will not give the required results. Programmer/ Software Developer c. abbreviated JDE. Functional/ Business Analyst b.Working on ERP Software The Finance department uses 2 ERP software for the claim settlement process. Edwards World Solution Company or JD Edwards. These are extensively used to track the claims from the Distributors and also help in the processing and smooth functioning of the claim settlement process. J.

And it’s also used to create the Credit Note and the top sheet which helps in synchronizing the data for further uses in the organization. It made the work of storing the claims easy as every claim and its supporting was differentiated on 64 . with many upgrades and new features.The current software of J. as there was a huge number of pending claims so every claim was assigned a Barcode and this software was used to find the status of claim by the employees. J.D. ProFlow ProFlow is an ERP software used in GSK-CH for tracking the claims. Edwards products are currently known as JD Edwards Enterprise One and JD Edwards World which were launched in April 2012. we can say that it has a large user base since anyone can use it according to their needs and demands of their company. the dependence on this software will decrease as all the information will be present in the portal as its own database and it can be searched anytime by the person. The software can be modified for using in different types or organizations and to support various activities hence. But on the same hand Oracle announced that JD Edwards support would continue indefinitely for even the older products. But still the software will be used for creation of Credit Notes for record keeping in the future. 2. With the arrival of the Portal. The entry of each claim was made in here after scanning it so that the employees can see that the claim has reached which stage.D. It was used in the earlier procedure when the claims were sent in Hard-Copy to the HO. Edwards in GSK-CH is used in claim automation process as it is used to process the claims when they reach the HO.

The claims were tracked with the help of the Barcode number on this software. Now with the Portal. 65 . Hence the dependency on the software is almost Nil with the advent of the Portal but it was an integral part of the Claim Settlement process earlier. this software is not used because the claims can be tracked automatically from the Portal as the status can be seen automatically on the Portal.Barcode and they can be segregated according to that. Hence the usage of the software is now a thing of the past in the company as the company moves on to a new process in the form of the Portal.

An SOP provides employees with a reference to common business practices. or tasks. While working on claim automation portal. These were: 1. Every change must be showed in the SOP. from CMM to Distributor & Reverse Approval 66 . like even a change in the screen and this is because the user must not have any doubts in the mind regarding the process. Registration Process 2.Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) An SOP is a written document or instruction detailing all steps and activities of a process or procedure. The SOP is also of very much use to any new employee who has joined the company or has been transferred on to a specific process. So due to these factors SOP’s become all the more important for any process in an organization. The SOP needs to be updated whenever there is any change. so as to learn about the new task in hand. addition or alteration in the process and the same change must be reflected in the SOP too. I got to make and work on 2 SOP’s. New employees use an SOP to answer questions without having to interrupt supervisors to ask how an operation is performed. Every activity in an organization has an SOP so that the standard can be fixed and it can be referred to in the future if any such need arises. activities. Claim Flow at each level. The navigation from a specific page & the result must also be reflected so as the user can check whether he has done the right thing or not.

feeding the back-end information into the porta foe the future references. It was a process including creation of the ID’s. Passwords. 67 . Registration Process Every distributor needs to be registered on the Portal so that he can access the Portal to fill his Claim forms. It’s only after the registration that the Distributor gets a unique User ID & Password which they can use to Login to the Portal. For registration the Distributors has to provide an E-Mail ID which was registered on the Portal by us and then the Distributor was provided with the ID & Password which was different for each one of them.1. The Distributor was also needed to verify their account once they are registered so as to confirm that the right person has got the ID & Password.

and click on the Link given there to verify the account and punch in the E-mail ID & Password Once verified. and Contact Information of the Distributor in the next page Enter the reason for which Distributor wants the access to the E-Claim Portal Registration is now complete. the HO needs to approve the request of the Distributor After the approval from HO.myeclaim. Enter the E-Mail ID of the Distributor Create UserID & Password and select the country of operation Enter the Name. The Distributor will get an automatically generated Mail from the Portal on his ID Distributor must open the Mail in his E-Mail ID.Flow-Chart of Registration Process Open the webpage www. the Distributor can use the Portal to fill in the Claim forms 68 .gsk.

Approves SI9 Form ↓ Shared Service Centre (SSC) . from CMM to Distributor & Reverse Approval The SOP was aimed at the process of flow of claims from the formations of SI-9 forms. Flow-Chart of Claims Customer Marketing Manager (CMM) .Approves TM4 ↓ Shared Service Centre (SSC) . to the filing of the TM-4 form by the Distributors.Approves TM4 ↓ Area Sales Manager (ASM) . and ending at the processing of the claim at the HO in the end.Issues TM4 ↓ Area Sales Manager (ASM) .2.Approves SI9 Form ↓ Customer Marketing Manager (CMM) .Approves TM4 ↓ Finance Manager 69 . Claim Flow at each level.Issues SI9 Form ↓ Regional Head (RH) .Forwards TM4 ↓ Wholesaler ↓ Territory Sales Executive (TSE) .

Now. Out of which 735 have been registered. east and west. but they were reduced and converted into Super-Distributors & Distributors so that the control can be better and the focus of the company can be on these distributors. They are divided into different 4 regions north. there are 800 distributors of the GSK-CH all over India. The remaining will be registered till June end and start filling their claims 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Total Filled claims Registered Pending 70 .DATA ANALYSIS There were more than 1200 distributors of GSK-CH in India till 2010. south.

SOUTH Total number of distributors in the South region = 200 Registered with portal = 190 Distributors filling claims= 175 205 200 195 190 185 180 175 170 165 160 Total Filled claims Registered 71 .Region-Wise Portal Registration Data 1.

NORTH Total Number of distributors in the North region = 230 Registered with portal = 210 Distributors filling claims= 200 195 190 185 180 175 170 165 160 155 150 145 Total filledn claims Registered users 72 .2.

WEST Total Number of distributors in the West region = 180 Registered with portal = 160 Distributors filling claims= 150 195 190 185 180 175 170 165 160 155 150 145 Total filledn claims Registered users 73 .3.

EAST Total Number of distributors in the East region = 190 Registered with portal = 175 Distributors filling claims= 160 195 190 185 180 175 170 165 160 155 150 145 Total filledn claims Registered users 74 .4.

Claims Recieved 40% Portal Manual 60% 75 . Claims worth Rs. GSK received claims worth Rs 15 crores in May 2012 which were in both manual and portal form. Out of the claims of 15 crores. 2012.5 crores has been settled through the portal and the company plans to settle the remaining claims till end of the June. 2012 will be available to be filled in the Offline mode.CLAIM SETTLEMENT GSK-CH receives around 2 lac claims worth 150 crores every year from its Distributors. The company plans to receive 100% claims through Portal maximum by June-end. claims worth Rs 6 crores were manual claims sent as a hard-copy whereas. Rs 9 crores claims were through portal. After this date only the Claims which were run by the distributor before March.

as no claims will be issued as a hard-copy. All the claims will be settled through Portal only after 2012.Portal claims 28% Settled Unsettled 72% More than 70% of the Claims through Portal have been processed and the payment has been made or in cases which had some problems. The remaining claims from the portal will also be settled before June. the claims were escalated. 76 . 2012.

Learning from E-Claim Portal 1. In the same way Values is something which a particular person. accuracy and trust. nation. or culture thinks and accepts to be right. more information and activities will be included in it. GSK-CH. making it all the more complete in itself. Ethics & Values Ethics can be defined as a system of differentiating between the right and wrong actions of a behavior. stakeholders. 2. everyone has their own set of values and ethics. The goal here was the automation of the claim process so that the communication between the company and the stakeholders increase and the process also becomes simpler. even the organization needs to follow the Ethics of the society as the company is a part of the society on the whole. Moreover in the larger scenario. etc. Project management includes planning. the company aims at the overall growth & development of all its stakeholders by means of increase in the transparency. A person needs to follow the Ethics while working in the organization to be on the right side. managing. 77 . which will be beneficial for both the Company and its various stakeholders. controlling to achieve specific goals. employees. Everyone has a personal set of values which they need to follow. organizing. society. Meanwhile by introducing the Portal. Project Management The portal in itself is an ongoing Project about the automation of claims. whereby everyone will be able to communicate and b aware of what others are up to freely. and with time in the later stages. It has already started functioning. So here. group of persons.

like verbal. video-conferencing. Knowledge about Company & Exposure to Corporate World GSK-CH being large MNC. So there’s a code of conduct that how one needs to communicate in the organization in the best possible manner. While working in the organization one needs to deal with different kind of people like other employees. This gave an interesting opportunity to deal with them and help & guide them towards the ultimate goal in the best possible manner. non-verbal. So working in such a company on such an important project has given me a big opportunity to understand the company from inside and working on the project has given me the opportunity to work in the corporate world. written. MNC’s means coming together of people from different backgrounds but working for a common goal of achieving the objectives set by the company.The project is in the development stage further because a portal like this needs constant improvement and supervision so as to keep it update and be helpful to all the persons associated with it. etc. The communication can also be in any way. This code can be defines as Socialization in the company. Here the common objective is to provide quality products to the 78 . Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal skills deal with the skill of communicating and interacting with others. As working on this project I got to interact with different people who are a part of company in any way like the colleagues and all the other stakeholders. and 1 of the biggest players in its sector of consumer healthcare in India it’s a highly admired and respected company and it’s always in the news from 1 reason to another. 3. seniors. juniors and even outside the company like it’s various stakeholders like the Distributors and people providing other services. telephonic. 4.

video conferencing and even visits to the distributors centre by the Portal Support Team so give them actual Demonstration sessions about the portal. 5. The TSE & ASM’s were also provided with the same for their purpose of accepting or rejecting the claims online. the interaction with the Distributors. So as a part of working here. The TSE & ASM’s are on company pay-roll and hence they are the employees of the company. 79 .. which was linked to their E-Mail ID.consumers for their all round development in general health. Then the training started through. The distributors are the persons who are the link between the company and the consumers so it’s very important for the company to have a healthy and long relationship with them. Interaction with Stakeholders Claim automation being a project which links the Distributors with the company for claim settlement. teleconferencing. There was a initial euphoria that how will it be done. it needed a large amount of training and supervision before they were able to fill up their claims online. who are stakeholders in the company was very important. etc. First of all they were provided with a unique ID. ASM. the attitude of the people changed towards the Portal and they were more inclined towards it since they understood that this will reduce their pressure and improve the overall process. I was introduced to this new world in this company and it was an amazing experience. TSE. phone calls. Corporate world is the world in which 1 has to work for himself and as well as the company for the betterment of both of the entities. The Portal was a new experience for them and hence. and how the claims will be settled but after training and demo sessions. and password which they would use to Login to the Portal to fill the claims. Hence everyone works with this common agenda in their minds.

whereby making this an even better opportunity to expand. It also helps in increasing the quality of output as it smoothens the flow of communication which leads to better qualitative output. the ERP systems automate these activities and it allows the flow of information inside the organization and allows the stakeholders to have connections with the company. sales. and develop the new system. so any person with a PC & Internet connection sitting in any remote location in India can file the claims. The status can also be checked anytime. manufacturing. On the whole the Portal has also lead to the expansion of business networks as now the claims processing will be done online. Moreover new recruits were done to maintain. Here ERP gives support to the higher management which helps in their decision making. Along with the Distributors the companies supplying ancillary services like the software and the systems developers have also came into the picture. more people would like to be associated with it. so there’s an ease in the total usage of the system and GSK-CH has got a boost in its approach as technology based and hence. including finance.D. The finance department uses J.6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Experience on the ERP Software Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software integrate the internal & external management information across the whole organization. The company uses a number of ERP software to assist in the daily activities and help in the decision making for the top level management. 80 . Building Business Networks Many business networks were formed with the introduction of the Portal. etc. 7. Edwards & ProFlow for the settlement of claims and I got to work 1st hand on these as a part of my project. ERP systems have been used in GSK-CH for long and they help in a variety of ways to the employees and the organization & it’s stakeholders on the whole. and it helps the company becoming able to adapt to changes and then proceed accordingly.

After that he gave me some useful knowledge regarding GlaxoSmithKline. 81 . Vikas Mathur (Finance Manager) taught me so many things everyday in a very friendly way so that I can understand each and everything easily and clearly. Answer 1 From the very first day of my summer internship I have learn something new every day during my summer internship. More claims can be processed in the same amount of time. its business concentration and objectives. Then he told me my duties and responsibilities which I was to perform under his supervision and during my summer internship. Vikas gave me a brief idea about my summer internship project and then he told me that how I suppose to make my summer internship project.CONCLUSION Q. Improved distributor satisfaction. Mr. Integration with other business processes. My corporate Mentor Mr. I have taken my summer internship in following departments. • • Finance IT The objectives of business unit:• • • • Improved claim tracking.1 In which department of the company was the Summer Internship taken? Please describe the business unit.

3 what was the purpose of your summer internship at the company? What responsibilities were given to you? What kind of challenges did you face? What have you achieved during the summer internship? Answer 3 The purpose of my summer internship was to get all the distributors registered on the EClaim Portal. He showed great trust on me by sharing live company data with me and. Q. Supervision here at GSK was very beneficial and most importantly even the Interns were treated as a part of the professional environment. I faced many challenges during my internship like during the whole process of registration. the biggest problem was that some of the distributors were not enough IT skills. So it was my duty to create an alternative user id for them and verify that on their behalf. He enforced confidence in me and gave me a project that was full of practical implication of whatever I had done theoretically. Vikas Mathur”. I was assigned a corporate mentor “Mr. So some of them could not verify user id. 82 .Q. Moreover my work was also to get their user id verified by them and tell them the whole procedure for filling online claims and guide them during the whole process of claim automation.2 how was monitoring/supervision of the Summer Internship process/work organized at the company? Was there anyone acting as your Mentor and/or Supervisor during the Summer Internship. The trust shown was a great motivation for the successful completion of my project. so you could seek advice and directions in your work? Answer 2 Summer Internship Process was full of learning and gaining positive experience here at GlaxoSmithKline.

I learned how to behave and communicate in an organization also came to learn about business ethics. Negative experience in the sense of that when I used to tell the distributors the whole process for claim filling. Achievements • • • • • • Improved Communication skills Team work capability Self confidence Patience level Time management Immense knowledge on corporate world Q. if applicable) did you gain? Answer 4 I have experience so many things during my summer internship and it is a unique experience for me.4 what kind of business experience (positive and negative. some of them were least interested. Overall the experience was exciting. So this was a little bit demotivating. Working for the world known company and trying to understand their working and suggest remedial measures for improving their Claim portal is a challenge in itself I have gained both kinds of business experiences positive as well as negative also. 83 . Positive experience in the sense of that I have gained knowledge while working with the colleagues.My achievements were that I have learned that how to talk to a customer and I came to know that how things work in a company.

6 what was your interpersonal. teambuilding. project management. Improved Communication skills: In the beginning of my summer internship I couldn’t be able to talk to the distributors clearly but my corporate mentor helps me and taught me the way of communicate with people and this improved my communication skills a lot. leadership.T. time management experience that you acquired during the summer internship. employees and a lot from other management trainees also. Practical knowledge of the market Various policies of the company Q. ideas. if any? Answer 6 I have acquired a lot experience at GSK during my summer internship. IT head. 84 . I learned something from my corporate mentor. approaches etc did you learn during the Internship? Answer 5 During my summer internship at GlaxoSmithKline.Q.5 what new concepts. I have learn • • • • • • • • • • • • Leadership Cooperation How to behave in an organization Punctuality Regularity Time management Project scheduling Team work Communication skills Importance of I.

Both of us did all the work as a tem and that’s how I learned team building. Sales and Marketing. And after the completion of one month at GSK. Vikas gave us a responsibility to lead the team. At GSK I have learn the value of time management because I use to report at 9. in the same manner at GlaxoSmithKline. Company will bear less cost per claim. Credit Control and Human Resource Department which work together for customer’s satisfaction. 4. The claim automation process will be beneficial for both the organization and the distributors.M in the morning and do all the work assigned to us for the whole day and report at 5. 6.30 P. Vikas Mathur about all the work which we had done. More claims can be processed in the same amount of time. Operations. two new management trainees came for the summer training and then Mr.Tem building: During my summer internship I had to work with another management trainee. his name is Amit Anand and we were to work in a team and report to the Mr.M. 3. Every organization has various departments for them working together to achieve common goal of making customer happy with the on time performances. 85 . So. Finance and Administration. 1. Time management: Time management is a very necessary element which is all we need to learn. 2.30 A. there are various departments like Customer Service. 5. Improved distributor satisfaction. Improved claim tracking. Integration with other business processes. Company can have better control over the different claims. The organization has to have a deep sense of coordination between various departments for proper functioning of the organization.

So that project should keep working properly. Portal rates should b updated on regular basis. 86 . So they should work properly on this. so GSK should get more employees to work on this.Recommendations Distributors should be provided proper training for using the Claim portal online by conducting a demo sessions for them. Time to time group discussion among the developers should take place so that they come to know what problem they are facing Coordination between the IT department and finance department should be strengthened. This is a upcoming project. Sometimes the whole process was messed up due to server problem.

Various website referred are as below:- assessed on 22-06-2012 All other information about the project was taken from SOP (Standard Operating Process) By Mr.Bibliography Most of data has been taken from assessed on 20-06-2012 2. www. assessed on 22-06-2012 3. Vikas Mathur 87 .

88 .