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1) Ground mat details shown are diagrammatic. The laying of M.S.ROD/M.S.FLAT shall be changed Rerouted to suit the site Requirement. 2) All equipments and structures shall, in general, be grounded at two points at opposite corners whether shown in DRG or not and these shall be connected to different parts of the ground mat wherever possible. 3) Grounding conductors in out door areas shall be buried 600mm below finished ground level. 4) Whenever a grounding conductor crosses roads, cable trenches, unground service ducts, pipes, tunnels, railway tracks, oil recovery tank. Transformer soaks PIT ETC. it shall be laid at least 300mm below them and shall be rerouted round the equipment/structure foundations. 5) Grounding conductor around the building shall be buried in ground at a minimum distance of 1500mm from the outer boundary of the building. 6) Grounding conductors embedded in concrete shall have approximately 50mm concrete cover. 7) Connection between equipment grounding leads and main ground conductors shall be welded type for rust protection; the welds shall be cleaned with wire brush, treated with red primer, and afterwards thickly coated with bitumen compound to prevent corrosion. 8) All ground connections shall be made by electric arc welding. All welded joints shall be allowed to cool down gradually to atmospheric temperature before putting any load on them.artificial cooling shall not be allowed.

metallic stairs etc. 14) shall be supported by suitable welding/cleating at an intervals of 1000mm. 15) All sheet colomns.I. 10) All arcs welding of large diameter conductor shall be done by normal hydrogen content electrodes.ROD except for transformer neutrals where it is 40Ф x3000mm G. etc. ladder. 16) Electrical continuity shall be ensured by bonding the dirrerent sections of hands rails and metallic stairs.eletrodes for LA’S & transformers neutrals shall be located nearest to respective equipment (AS PRACTICABLE). switches. 18) A separate grounding conductor shall be provided for grounding lighting fixtures. 17) metallic pipes. etc. beams.S. shall be connected to the nearest grounding conductors by grounding leads. Apart from intermediate connection.galvanised iron sleeves shall be provided for the passage of the conductor.grounding conductors along cable trenches shall be on the wall near to the equipment whenever a grounding conductor passes through walls. 11) Location of rod electrode E showed tentatively. receptacles. 13) Grounding conductors along their run on cable trench. lighting conduits. Intervals. walls. Both ends of the sleeve shall be sealed to prevent the passage of water through the sleeves. pipe electrode.9) Bending of large diameter rod/thick conductor shall be done preferable by gas heating or any other approved method. columns. floors etc. 2 . junction boxes. both ends shall also be connected to the grounding system. conduits and cable tray section for cable installation shall be bonded to ensure electrical continuity and connected to grounding conductor at not more than 10 mtrs. 12) All electrodes shall be 40Φ x3000mm long M.

All other equipments will have four risers. Two risers will be for equipment earthing and two for support structure earthing. Along the length of the trench & at the ends of the trenches. in turn. two risers must be provided. gate. 3 . lockout switches etc. 23) Every alternate post of fence shall be connected to earth mesh. earthing details refer DRG. NO: TB-4-164-316-006. fence. 21) 65 x 8 mm-galvanized steel flat shall be used for earthing of cable trenches & controls panels the trenches shall be earthed at an interval of 20 metes. shall be connected to the grounding conductor running alongwith the supply cable which. cable boxes/glands. 25) For earting of towers. TB-4164-316-006. 20) junction boxes on the poles. 22) For equipment. and steel reinforcement of concrete it shall be bonded to the same. risers shall be provided for trench earthing at every 20m.19) Whenever grounding conductor’s crosses of runs along metallic structures such as gas/water/steam conduit/pipes etc. 26) Connection from riser to equipment is not shown and shall be done as per equipment earthing drawing DRG. & at all bends. shall beconnected to the grounding grid conductor at least two points whaether specifically shown or not. etc. 24) Risers have been shown only for isolators & breakers.