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This is MN harbour, Toulong, the coloured tiles are to represent the tiles you see on game and will

be OCEAN tiles throughout this guide. A5 A4 A3 A2 A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 B2 C2 D2 E2 B3 C3 D3 E3 B4 C4 D4 E4 B5 C5 D5/Harbour E5

So, upon declaring a HA, (this will be done on Monday, but can be done any time between Monday and Wednesday, the harbour goes into STANDBY mode. There also then becomes a countdown timer until PREP starts for that HA. This is the time by which I need EVERYBODY online. Once the actual HA starts you will be unable to repair ships, change guns, change armour etc. You will be able to reload, move sailors around and still use the HQ. During prep, I will split everybody into 5 different teams, which I will explain later on in the guide. These teams will each have 3 set hosts, and ONLY these named players must open any rooms, unless you hear or see the order ANYBODY open a room at "insert room tile here". Now, once prep is finished "we get 1hour" we then begin the HA, and have a maximum of 2 hours to win the harbour. As you can see from the highlighted picture, for MN the harbour tile is in D5. In HA, we can only open rooms linked to tiles we already own, directly horizontal or directly vertical (from E2 we could go E3 or D2 but not D3) Our plan is to win Ocean tiles, until we can enter the harbour tile, and it is here that the main battle begins. In ocean tiles a host opens a room (host name can be seen by enemy but no other names and no ships can be seen) the rooms is then in "waiting" for 2 minutes, and the battle begins. We win the tile two ways, either we sink ALL enemy ships, or we get an APA (special ship, lvl 30 BO, preferable if you have engineer, sonarman and a set of gunners that can use HH) all the way across the map, this then drives out the other side (it will say your retreating, but that is fine, keep driving off the map) and we win a tile.

When we finally get to the harbour tile, the main battle begins. In this tile, as all others (only 35 can join, and a maximum of 5 cvs) so we MUST have our best players. A lot of players are in a fleet that get to the harbour and are so excited anybody jumps in the room, consequently those fleets do not go on to win HAs. This is the point we MUST be disciplined. I know it is hard but sometimes you must take a back seat and take one for the team, it means at the end we will all have benefits :) The harbour tile is similar to the OCEAN tiles previously, but it has a BIGGER map, and also towards the enemies side of the map (About A/B on the minimap) it has a harbour structure. (See picture below) we MUST get their harbour to 0DP to win the tile. We do this by shooting the harbour (but only in certain points, I have highlighted in below picture) there are about 7 of these throughout the vertical length of the harbour. There is also another defence and difference in the harbour tile compared to Ocean tiles, this is MINES. These mines can ONLY be spotted by FF and DD (I cant rememebr 100% if sonar can spot them) and are VERY powerful (3 of these can sink a bb6). So when we first get to the harbour tile we must do a mine clearing (For this I will take in some new guys that havent seen harbour tile before, to get them introduced to it, and also some of our more experienced guys). I would like 1-2 Bomber CVs, a few FAST subs, dds with HH or AA (these can kill mines, so can normal guns but they are slower reload) this is a QUICK battle. We want to be doing mine clearing/potential damage to a few enemy ships in 5 minutes maximum. When I feel we have done as much as we can, I will call ALL OUT. Now I do not care how you get out, but you do it within 2minutes of the order. If you have to cntrl alt delete and end task, then do it, any time you spend in tile after the order, is wasting the time for our main battle and could lose us the harbour. Also any BB that join this room must not line fight, you go front gun and you choose one target between you, and rush it together, once that is dead you pick next target. Use Dispensable ships only. Then our main harbour battle will begin (we need minimum of 35 minutes left for this, 5minutes for room to start as harbour tile takes 5 not 2. 30 for the battle, it is bigger tile and enemies best force). I will host the room, nobody else unless an order to do so is given. I will have 5 preset cv6s, With FP, HH, Sonar, 120 scouts, who I will call into the room. NOBODY must join the room until called. Once we have our 5 cvs and im happy I will call in all players with a full dp Nebraska, then all players with full DP kaiser, if we have to I will call a few other full dp BB6, and will finish by calling in 4-5 subs.

This is the part of the harbour that we MUST shoot, the little bit that looks like a fountain, sometiems it will look like a patch of green grass, but only shooting this part will do ANY damage to the harbour.