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( Reaffirmed 1996


IS : 1677 . Bombay SHRI M. K. Directorate General of Supplies and SHRI S. S. Bombay. BANKER (Aliernate ) Rubber Board. SHRI LALIT MOHAN JAMNADA~ Bombay SHRI PULIN L. H. DALAL ( Altcrnutc ) Ministry of fiefenee ( R & D ) SHRI K. R.SGUPTA General of Supplies & Disposals. KOCXHAR Disposals. L. S. DE SHRI P. ( Alkrnate ) The Punlop India Ltd. C. P. Calcutta SHRI G. CDC 6 Cfzainnan DR D. GANGULY SHRI N. BANERJL. Calcutta DR B. Kottayam DR P. M.1966 Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FOR AGRICULTURAL SPRAY HOSE OF RUBBER WITH BRAIDED TEXTILE REINFORCEMENT ( Second Revision ) Rubber Products Sectional Committee. MULLICK ( Altemute) Export Inspection Council of India. Bombay SENCUPTA SHRI K. PATRL DR G.z Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association. C. KRI~HNAMURTHY ( Alternutc ) (Continued on page 2 ) BUREAU MANAK Ofi BHAVAN. . New Delhi SHRI S. BHATIA SHRI D. K. and Indian Rubber Industries Association. Ranchi SHRI G. Calcutta. KINARIWALA DR K kAl. B. JOHNJACOB Hindustan Steel Ltd. Calcutta Members I. .. K. P. C. GANDHI SHRI B..I. MUKHERJBE SWRI G. New Delhi The Cosmos India Rubber Works Private Ltd. DA. JAIN Inspection Wing.E Representing National Rubber Manufacturers Ltd. Calcutta SKI S. and Association of Rubber Manufacturers of India. Calcutta Snru S. DUTTA ( Al~ernute ) Bata Shoe Co Private Ltd. CHATERJI ( Altema~c ) Railway Board ( Ministry of Railways ) SHRI DALIP KUMAR National Test House. ( India ) Private Ltd. C.C. NANDY Synthetics and Chemicals Ltd. R. INDIA-N STANDARDS ZAFAR MARG 9 BAHADUR SHAH NEW DELHI 110002 . and Directorate SHRI R. CHATTERJEE ( Altcmafe) Ministry of Defence ( DGI ) SHRI S. Bombay Indian Rubber Industries Association. Calcutta.

S. C. Bombay SHRI H. D. MULLICK Goodyear India Ltd. V. KHALADKAR( Alternate ) Director General. PENDSE SHRI D. L. Calcutta SHRI S. V. SHIU S. SAMBAMURTI SHRI S. DR N. SHRI LALIT MOHAN JAMNADA~ Bombay SH’RIS. Poona SHRI V. M. Calcutta SHRI K. BANERJEE Metnbcrs CDC 6 : 3 National Rubber Manufacturers Ltd. Director ( Chem ) Secretary SHRI N. All India Automobile & Ancillary Industries Association. P. M. R. INAMDAR( Alternate ) East India Rubber Works Private Ltd. Calcutta Saxs B. TALWALKAR Refiresen ting Indian Oil Corporation Bombay Directorate General New Delhi of Ltd ( Marketing Division ). Calcutta SHRI R. H. GANGULI (Alternate ) Synthetics and Chemicals Ltd. SEETHARAMIAH DR N. NAGCHAUDHURI SWRI S. V. S. JAIN ( Alternate ) DR A. MANI ( Altematc ) The Cosmos India Rubber Works Private Ltd. R. SUNDERARAMAN (Alternate ) The Dunlop India Ltd. SAXENA Bombay Burmab-Shell Oil Storage & Distributing Co of SHRI c. Bombay SHRI M. S. C. DAS GUPTA. KRISHNA~WAMY SHRI A. KINRA (Ahmate) 2 . V. S. TALWALKAR ( Alternate ) Dire~e~t. R. Bombay SHRX M. S. G. Bombay SHRI R. ROY Indian Oxygen Ltd. D. Bombay SHRI V. K. Calcutta Ministry of Defence ( DGI ) SHRI S. N. PATEL Swastik Rubber Products Ltd. DR D. RAO ( Alternate ) SHRI D. BIS Hoses Subcommittee. Calcutta SHRI S.IS t 1677.e~eneral of Technical Development. DALAL ( Alternate ) Esso Standard Eastern Inc.1968 ( Continued frompage1 ) Members SHRI S. D. Technical Development: . SRINIVASAN Deputy Director (Cbem). BlS ( Ex-ojWa Member ) SHRI D. R. MAZUM~AR ( Alternate) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd ( Marketing Division ). C. MAKER SHRI LALIT MOHAN JAMNADAS ( Alternate ) National Test House. JAMBHEKAR( Alternate ) Indian Rubber Industries Association. DLLAL India Ltd. S. GANDHI SHRI B. RAO SHRI G. SAXENA SHRI M. LAL SHRI C.

165 kgf/cm2 instead of 250 kgf/cm2. 2 and 3.4 In preparing this standard considerable assistance has been derived from the following publications: ISO/DR 1307 Hose (bore sizes. the Committee felt that for Type 4. ‘Increase in outside diameter has been specified at working pressure instead of at a specified pressure of 20 kgf/cm2 Requirements for proof p&sure test have been added.IS : 1677. FOREWORD 0. test pressures and tolerances on length ). as oil resistant rubbers when aged 70” f 1°C for 72 h do not always give conclusive results as at 100” f 1°C for 72 h. International Organization for Standardization. both with oil resistant and non-oil-resistant lining have been. after the draft finalized by the Rubber Products Sectional Committee had been approved by the Chemical Division Council.2 This standard was originally published in 1960 and was revised in 1963. 0. 3 . 0. newer types have been introduced and these types are popular in overseas market. that is. Other changes have been necessitated by the present line of thinking at the level of ISO/TC 45 ‘ Rubber ’ of International Organization for Standardization Contrary to the present line of thinking and the current trade practices. covered.1 This Indian Standard ( Second Revision) was adopted by the Indian Standards Institution on 9 October 1968. 0. at ISO.1968 Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FOR AGRICULTURAL SPRAY HOSE OF RUBBER WITH BRAIDED TEXTILE REINFORCEMENT ( Second Revision ) 0. The temperature of 100’ f 1°C and the period of 72 hours are however recommended by IS0 for all rubber products in ISO/R 188 ‘ Accelerated ageing or simulated service tests of vulcanized natural or synthetic rubbers ‘. the ageing test for hoses with oil-resistant lining is specified to be carried out at 100” f 1°C for 72 h instead of 70” f 1“C for 72 h as recommended by IS0 for hoses.3 Since India is an exporting country of rubber hoses. three moie types have been introduced. Outside diameters have been prescribed as recommendatory in Appendix A. Further. In the present revision. Hoses under types 1. the working pressure should be 55 kgf/cms instead of 63 kgf/cm2. and bursting pressure should be three times the working pressure.

1 For the purpose of this standard. spray hose. pressure of 40 kgf/cm2 having non-oil- Type 3B For a working pressure of 40 kgf/cm2 having oil-resistant lining. of 20 kg&m2 having non-oil- Type 2B For a working pressure of 20 kgf/cms having oil-resistant lining.5 This standard contains clauses 4. TYPES 3. For a working pressure of 55 kgf/cm2 having oil-resistant *Rules for rounding off numerical values ( rcDissd). having non-oil- Type 1B For a working pressure of 10 kgf/cm2 having oil-resistant lining. Type 2A For a working pressure resistant lining. 3.6 For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with. the definitions given in 2 of IS : 4431963t shall apply. 1. TERMINOLOGY 2. The number of significant places retained in the rounded ofI value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard. observed or calculated. tMethods of sampling and test for rubber hoses ( tied ). 4 .1 which call for agreement between the purchaser and the supplier. fungicides and weeding.1 This standard prescribes the requirements and methods of sampling and test for agricultural spray hose of rubber with braided textile reinforcement for spraying liquid formulations of insecticides.. pressure of 10 kgf/cm*. SCOPE 1.ISO/DR 1401 General purpose rubber agricultural International Organization for Standardization. Type 3A For a working resistant lining. the final value. shall be rounded off in accordance with IS : 2-1960*. and Type 4 lining. expressing the result of a test on analysis. 2. 0. 0.3.1 The standard covers the following seven types of hoses: Type 1A For a working resistant lining.3 and 7.

2. reinforcement The cover shall consist of a rubber 4.3 Covet .IS : 1677 . It shall be seamless and as smooth in the bore as is consistent with good manufacturing practice. The plies of textile reinforcement shall be so impregnated with a rubber compound that a distinct layer of rubber is formed between each ply.The lining shall be reasonably uniform in thickness.4. 2B.2.1968 4.2 Reinforcemmt . The cover of the moulded hose shall be smooth or fluted as required.1 Lining .The thickness of the lining and cover of the hose when determined according to 8of IS : 443-1963*. 4.1 The f 1 percent. 4. 4. REQJJIREMENTS 4.2 Construction natural 4. 4.1.1 Materials 4.The evenly braided over the lining.3 of a rubber compound.2 Lining and Cover Thickmss .1 7ensile Strength and Elongation at Break of Lining and Cover . 4.The bore size when measured according to the method prescribed in 9.3 Dimensions 4. 4. 5 .The tensile strength and elongation at break of the rubber used for the lining and *Methods of sampling and test for rubber hoses ( revised ).The cover shall be reasonably uniform in thickness. The long length moulded hose shall be suppEed in coils as agreed to between the purchaser and the supplier.1 Diameters and Reinforcement Plies .3.the wrapped type hose shall be 15 metres. 3B and rubber compound.1 Lining .1. concentric and free from air blisters porosity and splits. textile reinforcement shall be firmly and 4. of yarn of Reinforcement or synthetic Cover - The textile fibre.3. porosity and splits.4 Requirements tolerance of hose on any specified length shall be of Physical Tests on Finished Hose 4. shall be not less than that specified in Table 2.33 Length . The 4 shall consist of oil-resistant shall consist compound.The standard length of. The cover of the braided hose manufactured on mandrels may have a cloth marked finish and the whole shall be consolidated by wrapping and uniformly vulcanized. 4. concentric and free from air blisters.The lining shall consist linings for hoses of types lb.2.3.2 of IS : 443-1963 * and the number of reinforcement plies of the hose shall be as given in Table 1.

*Methods of rampling and test for rubber hoses ( revised ) . plies mentioned above may vary NOTE 2 -For by 1 ply provided the hose meets with the requirements of this specification.2 ) NOMINAL BORE SIZE LINING THICKNESS FOR TYPES FOR COVER THICKNES FOR HOSE HOSE r_-___~ lA. lB.5 3A. 3B and 4 (3) mm 2.IS : 1677.0 1.75 *0*75 AO. TABLE 1 BORE SIZE AND NUMBER OF REINFORCEMENT shall be as PLIES (Clause 4.1 ) NOMINAL BORE SIZE TOLERANCEON NOMINAL BORE SIZE r-- NUMBER OF REINFORCEMENT PLIES FOR TYPES -h--’ 1A and 1B (3) 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2A and 2B (4) 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3A and 3B (5) 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 by agreement. lB.75 to. 3B and 4 (5) mm 1*5 I.3. TABLE 2 LINiNG AND COVER THICKNESS ( Clause 4. r-__-*--_ FOR TYPES 2A and-2B (1) Up to and including 10 Over 10 and up to and including 20 25 6) mm l-5 2.5 1.5 IA.0 I.5 to the Nom -In the case of fluted hose.75 +0*75 -1.0 2. 4(6) 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 l?he (1) mm 6.5 16 20 25 { (2) mm ho.3 8 10 12.0 2.5 3A. 6 .1968 cover of the hose when tested according to 4 of IS : 443-1963* specified in Table 3.5 2. hoses having 2 plies and more.75 kO.25 sizes within this range may be supplied NOTE 1 -Other tolerances should be those of the previous smaller size. 2A and 2B (4) mm 1.25 * 1. the cover thickness shall correspond measurement made at a point where the thickness of fluting is included therein.3.

2 After ageing at a temperature of 100” f 1% for a period of 72 hours the rubber used for lining of the hose types IB.3 Swelling Test Requirement . when tested according to 13 of IS : 443-l 963. 3B and4 2A and 2B (2) 50 250 (3) 60 250 REQUIREMENTS FOR COVER FORTYPES ~____h___-_~ lA. kgf/cm*. lB. IB. 3B and 4 after immersion in the test liquid shall not change in volume by more than + 100 percent.1 After ageing at 70 & 1°C for a period of 72 hours in accordance with the method prescribed in 7 of IS : 443-1963*.4. 2A and 2B and 4 kg kg 5 4 a) Between reinforcement plies 5 b) Between lining and reinforcement plies 4 5 4 c) Between cover and reinforcement plies *Methods of sampling and test for rubber hoses ( revised ).4. the rubber used for lining of hose of Types 1A.4. 2A and 3A and the rubber used for cover of hose of all types shall not vary by more than 2:: percent for tensile strength and elongation at break of the corresponding values obtained before ageing when tested according to the method prescribed in 4 of IS : 443-19632. lB. Load for Tyjts _~~~--h~~~~ 3A. 4.1963 +. when tested according to 4 of IS : 443..2 Accelerated Agein Test Requirement 4.2. at break. 3B and 4 2A and 2B (4) 60 300 (5) 70 300 (1) Tensile strength. 3A.4. 4.IS : 1677. 3B lA.4.The lining of the hose types lB.4.1 ) CHARACTERISTIC REQUIREMENTS FOR LININGFORTYPES c--_--. 2B. 3A.--~ lA. Min 4. 3 and 4 shall not vary by more than Lf25 percent for tensile strength and 2:: percent for elongation at break of the corresponding values obtained before ageing.2.4 Adhesion Strength .1968 TABLE 3 TENSILE STRENGTH OF LINING AND ELONGATION AND COVER AT BREAK ( Clause 4.The adhesion strength shall be such that the rate of separation does not exceed 25 mm per minute under the following specified loads when tested according to 6 of IS : 443-l 963. 4. 2B. 7 .. Min Elongation percent.

5. 5. when tested according to 11 of IS : 443-1963*. leakage or porosity.2 Each length of hose may also be marked with the Standard Mark. MARKING 5. the hose denomination.1 For long length moulded type of hose.1968 3 4. 5.This test should be carried out at the factory.4. the above markings shall be made at intervals of 15 metres approximately. *Methods of sampling and test for rubber hoses ( raised ) . and b) month and year of manufacture.lS : 1677.1 Each length of the wrapped adjacent to each end with: type hose shall be indelibly marked a) the manufacturer’s name or trade-mark. 8 .6 Proof Pressure Test Requirement . TABLE 4 TYPES REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM OF HYDRAULIC OUTSIDE TEST BURSTING PREVJJRE (2) kgf/cm* 30 60 120 165 MAXIMUM INCREASE IN DIAMETER AT WORKING PRE~~IJRE (3) Percent 7 7 9 12 (1) 1A and 1B 2A and 2B 3A and 3B 4 4.The hose shall comply with requirements specified in Table 4. The Standard Mark on products covered by an Indian Standard conveys the assurance that they have been produced to comply with the requiremhts of that standard under a well defined system of inspection.1. shall not show any rupture. if required.Samples of production length of hoses when subjected to internal hydraidic pressure l-5 times that of working pressure for one minute. manufacturer’s certificate should be accepted. by the purchaser. Standard marked products are also continuously checked by BIS for conformity to that Details of conditions under which a licence for standard as a further safeguard. NOTE .The use of the Standard Mark ii governed by the prov~ons of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act.5 Hydraulic Test Requirement . If the hose is offered at places other than the factory. NOTE. testing and quality control which is devised and supervised by BIS and operated by the producer. 1986 and the Rules and Regulations made thereunder.4. the use of the Standard Mark may be granted to manufacturers or producers may be obtained from the Bureau of Indian Standards.1.

0 (1) mm 6. shall be taken on the top of the flute and *Methods of sampling and test for rubber hoses ( revised ).1 For the purpose of ascertaining the conformity of the hose in a consignment to this specification.0 23. this measurement the depth of the flute’shall not exceed 0.5 35.5 15.5 14.2 ) RECOMMENDED A-I.--_-~.0 35.5 mm. SAMPLING AND CRITERIA.0 22.5 18.0 18’5 20.5 28.0 24.3 8 10 12’5 16 20 25 *In the case of fluted hose.1968 6. 9 . TESTS 7. FOR CONFORMITY 6.5 29.0 26.0 40._~--__----~ 2A and 2B 1A and IB 3A and 3B (2) mm 12.5 32. 7.5 21.5 4 (5) mm 17.0 37.5 (4) mm 16. APPENDIX ( CZause 0.IS : 1677 .1 Unless otherwise agreed to between the purchaser and the supplier.0 29.0 16. all tests shall be carried out within three months from the date of receipt of the material by the purchaser.0 (3) mm 12.0 26. the scale of sampling and the criteria for conformity shall be as prescribed in 3 of IS : 443-1963*. OUTSIDE MINIMUM A OUTSIDE DIAMETER DIAMETER for the various bore A-l.0 20.0 13.1 The recommended minimum outside diameter sizes of the hose should be as given in Table 5. TABLE 5 RECOMMENDED MINIMUM OUTSIDE DIAMETER NOMINAL BORE SIZE RECOMMENDED MINIMUM OUTSIDE DIAMETER*FORTYPES .0 25.0 37.