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which reduce the size of coal pieces from 400mm to 150mm. which is mechanically coupled to the shaft of turbine. The coal is burnt in the boiler. The requirement of coal for four units based on specific fuel consumption of 0. The coal comes in as large pieces. The basic requirements are:♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ Fuel (coal) Boiler Steam turbine Generator Ash handling system Unit auxiliaries . Boiler includes the pipes carrying water through them. three phase electric supply is produced. The conveying and crushing system will have the same capacity as that of the unloading system. Then the coal is sent to secondary crusher through forward conveyors where it is crushed from 150mm to 200mm as required at the mills. When turbine rotates.60 kg / kWh. the shaft of generator. heat produced from the combustion of coal is used to convert water in pipes into steam. This coal is fed to primary crushers.Guru Gobind Singh Super Thermal Power Plant is a coal-based plant. This steam generated is used to run the turbine. gets rotated so. Then the coal is sent to boilers with the help of primary fans.

in addition to indirect contribution in various facts of state economy.CONTRIBTION OF THE PLANT Guru Gobind Singh Super Thermal Power Plant. is also responsible for: Narrowing the gap between power demand and power availability of the state.  Reliability and improvement in continuity of supply and system voltage.  Providing additional relief to agricultural pumping sets to meet the irrigation needs for enhancing the agriculture production. .  Achieving cent percent rural electrification of the state.  Covering the backward surrounding area into fully developed Industrial Township.  Providing employment potentials to thousands of workers.

R. 375 T/hr.E.each BOILER:Manufacturers Maximum continuous rating (M.L.C.8 kg/cm² 540C 240C 86% 1400 tones (Approximate) . 115 crores six units of 110MW. 139 kg/cm² 33.) Superheater outlet pressure Reheater outlet pressure Final superheater/reheater temperature Feed water temperature Efficiency Coal consumption per day per unit B.H.PROJECT AREA:Power plant Ash disposal Lake Residential colony Marshalling yard Total area TOTAL COST: STATION CAPACITY: - 238 acres 845 180 285 256 1804 Rs.

4500 r.STEAM TURBINE:Manufacturers Rated output Rated speed Number of cylinders Rated pressure Rated temperature Condenser vacuum B. 3000 r. 1960 MWC. 110 MW. 6560 Amps.m.9 kg/cm² GENERATOR:Manufacturers Rated output (Unit. three 130 kg/cm² 535C 0.E. 7220 Amps. hydrogen 125000KVA 137000KVA 11000 volts B.L.L.H.m. .1 & 2) (Unit -3 & 4) Generator voltage Rated phase current (unit –1 & 2) (unit –3 & 4) Generator cooling BOILER FEED PUMPS:Number per unit Type Rated discharge Discharge head Speed two of 100% duty each centrifugal 445 T/hr.H.E.p.p.

16 per unit RATING OF 6. COOLING TOWERS:Numbers Water cooled Cooling range Height four 18000 T/hr.CIRCULATING WATER PUMPS:Numbers for two units Type Rated discharge Discharge head five of 50% duty each mixed flow 8600 T/hr. Fan Coal crusher Primary air fan Forced draught fan 630 KW 320 KW 800/746 KW 520 KW 320 KW 320 KW . 10C 120/12 metres COAL PULVERISING MILLS:Numbers Type Rated output Coal bunkers three per unit drum-ball 27 T/hr. 24 MWC.W.6 KV AUXILLIARY MOTORS:Coal mill Vapour fan C.