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Alpbach Summer School on European Integration 2013

August 12 – 27, 2013
The European Forum Alpbach is an annual interdisciplinary international conference. In the course of two weeks, more than 3,500 participants from over 60 countries come to the Austrian mountain village of Alpbach to discuss current political and economic issues in an informal, yet intellectually demanding atmosphere. In 2013, the Forum’s overarching topic will be “Experiences and Values””. The “European Forum Alpbach“ has taken place every August since 1945. Speakers, and participants form all parts of the world, renowned experts representing sciences, business and politics, and students meet in Alpbach to discuss current issues in an interdisciplinary setting. The open character of the event creates an atmosphere of tolerance for other opinions and contributes to the shaping of opinion and of consensus beyond national, ideological or disciplinary boundaries. The conference comprises seminars, panel discussions and workshops on a wide variety of topics ranging from international politics and economics to healthcare and technology. In addition, a total of five Summer Schools are run as part of the event. The Alpbach Summer School on European Integration is one of them, the one with longest track record going back to 1992. Objective:  To provide students and young graduates of, for instance, (economic) law, business administration, economics and other social and political sciences an intensive basic course on European integration and the law of the European Union. Lecturers:     Prof. Dr. Friedl Weiss, Institute of European, International and Comparative Law, Faculty of Law, University of Vienna (English-speaking course) Prof. em. Dr. Waldemar Hummer, Department of European Law and Public International Law, University of Innsbruck (scientific coordination and German-speaking course) Prof. em. Dr. Michael Schweitzer, Chair of Constitutional and Administrative Law, International Law and European Law, University of Passau (German-speaking course) High-ranking officials of EU institutions, members of the Austrian Government and the Austrian Parliament as well as other prominent participants in activities of the Forum Alpbach may also informally participate in classes of the Summer School from time to time, talking about their own professional experience, answering questions and contributing to class discussion. Such personalities have in the past included Presidents of the EU Commission, EU Commissioners, the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Czech Republic, to name but a few.

procedures 13:30 .15:00 European Union: Organisation. Meeting point at the reception of the Congress Centre Tuesday. 2013-08-20 9:15 . Western Balkan.15:00 Thursday. Institutions European Union: Sources of law.12:00 European Union: The EU in International Law and in WTO dispute settlement. legislation II European Union: Enforcement and jurisdiction I Saturday.12:00 13:30 .21:30 Welcome and opening – constitution of courses. 2013-08-19 9:15 .12:00 European Union: Objectives and principles. Treaty of Lisbon (EU and TFEU) European Union: Basic doctrines. Ukraine. 2013-08-15 09:15 -12:00 13:30 . Sanctions/embargoes by the Security Council of the United Nations.15:00 European Union: Sources of law. concepts.). 2013-08-12 19:00 .12:00 13:30 . the abortive Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe. 2013-08-16 9:15 . Common Foreign. Structure. Turkey etc. 2013-08-18 Day off Monday. WTO dispute settlement EU Competition Law: Antitrust and Merger Control 13:30 .15:00 . European Neighbourhood Policy. Macedonia.15:00 European Union: EU External Action.12:00 European Union: Enforcement and jurisdiction II Sunday. 2013-08-13 9:15 . Defence and Security Policy European Union:Foreign relations. Serbia. legislation I Friday.12:00 13:30 . Russia and status in the World Trade Organisation Tuesday.Programme Monday.15:00 History of European Integration: Socio-economic and political context History of European Integration: Socio-economic and political context Wednesday. Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Montenegro. especially pending accessions of new Member States (Iceland. 2013-08-17 9:15 . 2013-08-14 9:15 .

Wednesday. 2013-08-25 Day off Monday. asylum. visas.12:00 19:00 Written examination Diploma ceremony: Distribution of diplomas and farewell reception We reserve the right to change the programme and the order of topics. and related policies on border checks. 2013-08-23 9:15 . Security and Justice. Free movement of goods I Friday. 2013-08-21 9:15 . 2013-08-27 9:15 . 2013-08-26 9:15 . services Internal market: Free movement of persons IV.12:00 Internal market: Free movement of persons III.15:00 Internal market: Free movement of goods II Internal market: Free movement of persons I.12:00 13:30 .15:00 Tuersday. 2013-08-24 9:15 . . workers Saturday. right of establishment Afternoon: Excursion Sunday.15:00 Internal market: Free movement of persons II. immigration policies (Title V TFEU) 13:30 . Schengen Acquis Thursday.12:00 13:30 . 2013-08-22 9:15 .12:00 13:30 .15:00 European Union: Non-Discrimination and Citizenship Internal market: Introduction.15:00 EU Competition Law: State Aid European Union: Area of Freedom.12:00 13:30 .

Kluwer Law International.e. advanced preparatory reading is absolutely necessary. In grading the written examination papers active class participation will be taken into account. or 4 ECTS credits. Routledge Chapman & Hall./Wooldridge.Compulsory preparation To complete the course successfully. Fifth Edition. A thorough knowledge of either German or English is required. ISBN: 9789-0411-25453 as preparation for the summer school Compulsory instruments to bring along Consolidated versions of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU)(Official Journal 2010. 2nd edition. 2012 Further reading: It is further recommended that you also read Weiss.: Free Movement of Persons Within the European Community. one in English and one in German. 47 ss) Please bring these basic treaties along to Alpbach. This equals a total workload of 110 clock hours. 13 ss. grading scale 1 [excellent] to 5 [failed].   Successful candidates will be awarded a diploma for 55 clock hours. and the Treaty of Lisbon Methods of instruction:  Lectures and discussions requiring active contributions from participants. as recommended by the Faculty of Law of the University of Innsbruck. C 83. the EU-Treaty.. We recommend one of the following books for preparation:  Karen DAVIES. 2007. i. Mode of examination and diploma:  Upon completion of the Course on European Integration. participants will sit for a written examination covering the range of subjects taught. F. Other participants are eligible to receive a certificate of attendance. the EC-Treaty. F. . Understanding European Union Law. class presentations by participants Language of instruction:  The course will be taught in two separate groups. 301 pp.

Scholarship holders will be able to reserve a room through the European Forum Alpbach.Tuition fee.  Participants who depart early. mode of payment. Cancellations postmarked later than July 29. If you need to cancel your registration. If you do not cancel your registration we have to charge the full participation fee. Registration (not valid for scholarship applicants):  To register please send the registration form to: European Forum Alpbach Franz-Josefs-Kai 13/10 A 1010 Vienna or register via internet (www. 25 for each of the two language groups. are not entitled to a refund of payments made.alpbach. Generally. 2013 are subject to a processing fee of 50% of the invoice amount. With the support of the Jean Monnet Programme of the European Union .   Participants (other than holders of scholarships!) who find themselves compelled to cancel their registration may nominate another eligible person to take their place. whether due to illness or for any other reason. Reserving accommodation:  Please take care of your room reservation by directly contacting the Alpbach Tourismus GmbH.  The number of participants is limited to 50 persons in total. cancellations are subject to a processing fee of EUR 25. it is also possible to name a participant to take your cancellation policy:   Tuition fee: € 1000 (reduced € 500) The reduced rate is valid for students up to the age of thirty and university members up to the age of forty on presentation of appropriate identification.