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Presentation to OFNC Leeds on 2/3/2013 on Mass Evangelism being part of the theme on

Practical Evangelism - Dimensions and Approaches to Reach Immigrant People Groups in Leeds



ntroduction What is Evangelism?

The Cornerstone Encyclopaedia of Bible Knowledge describes Evangelism as follows: “An active calling of people to respond to the message of grace and commit to God in Jesus Christ” “The Spirit-led communication of the gospel in such a way the recipients have a valid opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and become responsible member of His church” Our talk centres on Mass Evangelism which simply is evangelism to groups of people. Let’s see examples of what it entails from the Scripture.


esus our example In St. Luke’s gospel Chapter 8:1 we see an example of Mass Evangelism – reaching out to a wide audience group with the Gospel with the Lords Himself.

“And it came to pass afterward, that he went throughout every city and village, preaching and shewing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God and the twelve were with him.” The following are excerpts from this verse of Scripture:     He went throughout every city and village Preaching Shewing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God He went with the twelve

If you bother to read this passage Luke 8:2-56; you’ll see the whole story of how Jesus brought the good news. He not only preached. He demonstrated His power over the forces of nature in saving His fearful disciples. He exorcised a demon, healed a poor woman who haemorrhage for 12 years and raised Jairus’s da ughter from the dead. He brought good news by word and deed. The example of Paul Paul was commissioned to preach to the Gentiles and win them over to the Lord. Let’s see the spirit behind his message in Romans 15:18-19.
“For I will not dare to speak of any of those things which Christ hath not wrought by me, to make the Gentiles obedient by word and deed. Through mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God; so that from Jerusalem and round about unto Illyricum, I have fully preached the gospel of Christ.” You can read the accounts of other aspect of other aspects of public/mass/crowd evangelism in the following passages: Matt 13:1-3 (Jesus); Acts 2:14 (Peter); 8:4-8 (Philip); Acts 14:15-17

(Paul & Barnabas).
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Presentation to OFNC Leeds on 2/3/2013 on Mass Evangelism being part of the theme on:
Practical Evangelism - Dimensions and Approaches to Reach Immigrant People Groups in Leeds


ass Evangelism – the heart of the matter
“To become all things to all men that I may by all means save some” (1 Cor.9:22)

The above quote sums up the biblical mandate for any form of evangelistic out reach. If we desire to be involved in the mission of mass evangelism which is one of the aspects of ways we can reach out to the loss we need to really understand the message before we can sell it to others. For mass evangelistic outreach to become effective we need to have a plan of action for its effective execution. I’ve developed four acronyms which we can use to reach out to others with 1Cor. 9:22 being the heart of the programme.

Mission – purpose


M’s for Mass Evangelism – reaching out® ind-set –identity otive – value/benefit ission – purpose ethod – strategy/tactics/implementation essage/media – platform eans – resources, effort, time

The above are the framework that can be used to simulate your though process as you prepare to lead a mass evangelistic outreach. They will help you and your team to think and follow through in preparation for any evangelistic programme. Mind – set –identity Who are you to reach out? Before the outreach you need to be aware of who you are. Read 2 Cor. 5:17-18; Matthew 28:18 Motive –value/benefit Why do you need to evangelise? Salvation of souls! Why do you need to reach out? John 17:3; 2 Timothy 2:1-7 This will be the burning desire for you to evangelise.

Mission refers to task on which God sends a person He has called, particularly a mission to introduce another group of people to salvation in Christ.

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Presentation to OFNC Leeds on 2/3/2013 on Mass Evangelism being part of the theme on:
Practical Evangelism - Dimensions and Approaches to Reach Immigrant People Groups in Leeds As you read through the scriptures you will see that each of the disciples of the old had a place they had to evangelize under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Paul was sent to the Gentiles to preach the gospel. Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8 Method – strategy/tactics/implementation If you want to evangelise in a massive scale you need to determine the “what/how when/ and where” of making it a reality. You need to have in place the following:  Plan (task and timings)  People (keep all involved – partnership motivated and on track)  Performance (the outreach objectives Keep your focus equally on all. Message/Media – platform The key question here is to figure out how to communicate, engage and deliver your message to your audience. What is your message/format? If you are going to preach to the masses you need to know the core idea for your message. No matter the message you need to know what you want the message to achieve to your audience and how to motivate them to act. Your message no matter the medium has to be compelling – making your audience to take action. It has to be captivating to gain their attention, motivating to keep them interested, persuading to make them take decision and convincing for them to take action. Do you need print media like tracts, audio visual aid like films to introduce your message? Whatever your taste makes sure it suits that of the audience but the important theme is to win them over to Christ. Jesus used a parable to move his message forward! Remember the parable of the sower, in the story Jesus explored four types of people in the way they respond to the word of God. Seek to weave the idea in your message under the influence of the Holy Spirit so as to influence, motivate and impact the hearers. (See Matthew 13:323-; Luke 8:4-15) In this information age you can exploit the opportunities thrown at us by the Social media to share the message of the cross to a wider audience groups. You can broadcast about your programme to attract wider audience through the vehicle of the inter using social media. Means – resources, effort, time Jesus went with his twelve disciples. You need to be able to look within and without to see the vast of resources around you and tap into them.

What resources do you need – money, information, people etc.? What about praying and fasting and waiting on the Lord for direction?
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Presentation to OFNC Leeds on 2/3/2013 on Mass Evangelism being part of the theme on:
Practical Evangelism - Dimensions and Approaches to Reach Immigrant People Groups in Leeds What time do you need to give to the programme before, during and after? What plan do you have in place to follow up the new converts as to ground them in the faith? Do you need to research information or consult people who have done what you deed before, with the hope of learning from their experience? You can see examples from the Scripture – 2Timothy 3:16-17 The key idea here is to formulate what it will take to make the programme a success. Conclusions In this presentation we’ve look at what evangelism is; and used the examples of those who have ran the race before us to illustrate the scope of mass evangelism. A model was developed to help us to focus our thoughts and follow through in this task of mass evangelisation

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