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DEH Governor
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has been dedicated to develop, design, manufacture DEH

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system focusing on system reliability for stable steam turbine generator operation for years. The DEH governor system is one of the families of our original Distributed control system (DCS) named DIASYS. DIASYS (Product page) MHI has supplied more than 1,500 systems throughout the world, ranging from a minimal configuration consisting of only smallest turbine governor system to control systems for Boiler - Turbine - Generator (BTG) plants, including 1,000 megawatt class supercritical boilers and Combined cycle plants consisting of gas turbines and steam turbines. As a plant manufacturer, MHI has also provided optimal applications, such as automated systems that permit a small number of people to operate a plant, high-efficiency operation control applications, and operator assistance systems. The DEH Governor has been successfully applied not only to new power plant but also to the replacement of existing power plant. The governor system is simplified by the application of DEH governor. The conventional hydraulic governor consists of many components such as cup valve, bellows, springs and etc. which make the system be complicated and increase the possibility of trouble occurrence, while the DEH governor consists of less components compared with the conventional hydraulic governor. Furthermore the DEH governor does not require skilled personnel in its maintenance. The application of DEH governor system promises much higher reliability of the turbine control as well as easy operation and maintenance. Modification of Conventional Hydraulic Governor Comparison Between DEH Governor and Conventional Hydraulic Governor 1. DEH governor developed by MHI has been supplied not only to newly constructed steam turbine

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Ltd. Reliable protection function. DEH governor can also be applied to Non-OEM 150 psig or 300 psig hydraulic control system 4.‫ق‬ . DIASYS Netmation covers from standalone DEH system up to total Distributed Information and Control System.html control system but also to the modification of existing mechanical hydraulic 3. 2. Application of DEH governor contributes Improved controllability. High reliability based on an extensive record of achievement Advanced control functionality for every kind of control Human engineering-based superior operability Easy maintenance Flexibility and expandability to suit any kind of plant Modification of Conventional Hydraulic Governor Comparison Between DEH Governor and Conventional Hydraulic Governor Steam Turbine Governor Site Map Terms of Use Privacy Policy 2 of 2 2012/12/31 09:59 ‫ظ‬. Easy maintenance.mhi. Boiler and plant control can be incorporated within the same system and plant automatic control can be achieved. http://www. DIASYS Netmation retains following features.DEH Governor | Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Easy operation.