The Worst Earthquakes and the Galactic Centre

Susan Seymour Hedke 16th April 2009 Is astrology just entertaining, or is it a divine truth? In February 2005, I made a discovery that supports the latter conclusion. It began when I noticed that the Moon was quite often placed at the end of the astrological sign of Gemini when major disasters occurred. This was the case with the Indian Ocean Earthquake on 26th December 2004. There was no obvious reason why the Moon should be so often placed at the end of this sign. It seemed there must be a missing piece in the astrological puzzle. I remembered that I had heard of a prophecy about a disastrous end to the age we are living in, on 21st December 2012. Wondering if this prophecy was connected to the two recent earthquakes that had already caused the deaths of many thousands of people on the 26th December 2003 (Iran) and 2004 (Indian Ocean), I did some reading and discovered the missing piece in an article by John Major Jenkins “THE HOW AND WHY OF THE MAYAN END DATE IN 2012”. I ceratinly found a pretty important piece of the astrological puzzle. One that explained what had before been a complete mystery, what I found was a power placed in the area of the heavens that the Sun seems to pass through each December, as it traverses the sign of Sagittarius. This is the sign opposite Gemini, where the Moon had often been placed by disasters. This hidden force is hardly known to the western astrological world, in fact it has only just been discovered by modern astronomy; it is the very core of our Milky Way Galaxy 26,000 light years away. The Mayan Prophecy of a disastrous end to our age on December 21st 2012, was based on this “primitive” peoples' knowledge of the centre of our galaxy! Now I, including this essential and long lost piece of information, found that the Galactic Centre had been the hidden cause of the worst disasters in history. Could this be a coincidence? I thought not. There were enough reasons to want to share this information with you, particularly when

one considers that the Mayans thought that the end of the age Caban (4 Earth) would come through great earthquakes. They shared this knowledge with the Aztecs, who called our age Ollin, actually translatable as “earthquake”, “movement” or “shift”, and they knew that what the age was called also caused its end. Other prophecies were given in the Bible in the Gospel according to Matthew by Jesus, and by John in Revelation, both telling of a great earthquake at the apocalyptic transition from our present age to the next age: the Age of the Son of Man, when it was also told that Jesus would return as the Son of Man. So let us begin to pull the veil off the MYSTERY by noting that there has been a hidden plan to our “accidental” disasters. The Sun and Moon are often directly in aspect to the Galactic Centre when disasters occur. Looking back at the worst earthquakes, there were aspects between the Sun and Galactic Centre in many cases: the largest earthquake of 2005[i] showed the Sun square the Galactic Centre, the deadliest earthquake of 2004 came as the Sun was conjunct [1] the Galactic Centre, the largest earthquake of 2003 had the Sun square the GC, the deadliest of 2003 placed the Sun conjunct the Galactic Centre (and occurred on the same date as 2004: 26 th December 2003 and close to the birthday of Jesus), the deadliest of 2002 had the Sun square the Galactic Centre, and finally the largest earthquake in 2001 had the Sun opposite the Galactic Centre. Three of the eleven largest earthquakes given in a list by Steven Dutch[ii] had the Moon in Gemini directly opposite the Galactic Centre. In the six year period between 2002 and 2007 the months of December has produced an unprecedented number of earthquakes, numbers never before recorded in history: there were 24 historical earthquakes over this six year period, all occurring in the one month of December, (note these are not just any old earthquakes - but historically significant ones). Just compare this to the six year period before 2002[2], in which there was only one - just one historically significant earthquake- and then followed by 24? Think about it, quite a large difference in the number of earthquakes, a difference that has never occurred before. The earthquakes have occurred every December for seven years, to the time of writing in 2009. They have occurred since 2002, without one break [3], with an average of four historical earthquakes each December1. Also the numbers over the whole year have increased as well. Why is nobody talking about this yet? I begin to wonder if people have been brainwashed or hypnotized to avoid seeing these things. It is not my aim here to comment greatly on the whys and wherefores
1 At least this was the average last time I checked in USGS.

or the meaning behind these “earth changes,” or even to make a lot of prophecies, but rather to set the scene, and maybe awake a little curiosity and awe as to the nature and purpose of this Divine Galactic Power and get people talking about it. For the Galactic Centre is no mere spiritual plaything but is, at least in the last few thousand years, the cause of the greatest disasters on Earth. So now I will connect the historical-scientific to the astrological picture and include the magic ingredient, the Galactic Centre, in the charts of the historic events so you can see the galactic association to the worst earthquakes. Wikipedia.orgT gives a list of the five most deadly earthquakes, three of which occurred in late December. No. 1 was the "Shaanxi" earthquake in China, No 2 the “Tangshan”, also in China, No. 3 the “Indian Ocean” in Indonesia, No. 4, the “Aleppo” in Syria, and double fifth the “Haiyuan” in China and one in Iran in December 856 AD. I will show most of these and compare them to a few other large and/ or deadly earthquakes. I invite you to pass your eye over the following charts and recognize a pattern, more detailed information about the nature of the earthquakes can be found in the Internet or in my book on the subject.

The Shaanxi, No. 1 most deadly earthquake

The Shaanxi Earthquake in China is considered by many to have been the most deadly earthquake ever, with 830,000 fatalities. It is thought to have had a magnitude of about 8. On the day the Shaanxi earthquake occurred, the Moon in Gemini opposed the Galactic Centre.

. We see that the North and South Nodes of The Moon also aligned with the galactic

axis, which passes from the Galactic Centre to the Galactic Anti-Centre, at present this is in 27° Sagittarius to 27° Geminii, the position that the Sun passes over on 19th December each year, and so very close to the winter solstice. 3 The Nodes are nearly always involved in a major way by the worst disasters. Traditionally the South Node (Ketu, or the Dragon's tail) is the more unlucky Node and actually has its exultation or natural position in eastern tradition conjunct the Galactic Centre at 3° of the constellation [vi]
2 I have taken the time as the morning, as wiki suggests


Because of the Earth's wobble the position of the Galactic Centre seems to have changed over the centuries, in 1556 as the

earthquake in China occurred the Galactic Centre was in c.20° Sagittarius. This earth wobble creates the precession of the constellations over the Vernal Equinox resulting in the Age of Pisces and Aquarius etc. and a Procession of the seeming position of the Galactic Centre, both lasting c.25,920 years, or one Great Year, a Great Year that is now ending as the Galactic Centre now seems to come to align with the winter solstice, even though it is astronomically placed in c.3° of the constellation Sagittarius.

Sagittarius. As is often the case when disasters occur, the heavenly bodies form what I have named a “bow and arrow” aspect to the Galactic Centre. Here the Galactic Centre is with Jupiter and the South Node, while the North Node and the Moon pull the string of the bow. Their opposition shoots the arrows as Venus and Chiron hold the bow. There was also another bow and arrow to Saturn, which I have not emphasized in this chart. Nevertheless, Saturn and his earth sign Capricorn, or Capricorn’s house, are also always involved in some way when earthquakes occur. A major competitor for Shaanxi’s title “most deadly earthquake in recorded history” existed in Syria and Upper Egypt, where on 5th July 1201 an earthquake had occurred that supposedly caused 1,100,000 fatalities.

Another “Most Deadly Earthquake” on 5th July 1201, with 1,100,000 deaths in Syria .

This date in 1201 showed the Galactic Centre again conjunct Jupiter and the South Node, as by the earthquake in Shaanxi. Further, the Nodes, Jupiter and the GC were in a grand cross. Also important is that Saturn was square the Nodes of the Moon. Saturn and the Nodes of The Moon are often in aspect to each other when earthquakes occur. They were in aspect by the Shaanxi earthquake also. There is evidence of a number of major

earthquakes occurring during the whole period that this aspect lasted, from 1201 to 1202[ix]. Disastrous periods in history are often caused when the Galactic Centre and the Nodes of the Moon are both involved. Especially when the Nodes of the Moon line up with the Galactic Axis as also when there are strong aspects between the outer heavenly bodies –Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. So in 1201 we see them all involved. Pluto is conjunct Uranus in Cancer. Pluto is transformation-destruction, and Uranus is sudden changes, accidents and disasters. If there is an additional involvement of Saturn and the earth signs then this may mean a deadly and disastrous earthquake. The earth signs were involved on 5th July 1201, as there was a bow and arrow pointing at Chiron in the earth sign Taurus, Lilith was involved in the grand cross in the earth sign Virgo, and Saturn was also in the grand cross with the Nodes. Another earthquake that occurred on 4th May 1201 was one of the worst ever to hit central Europe, Switzerland and Austria. Though death tolls are not available, a number of tremors occurred and the worst earthquake hit Basel in the middle of the night and was remembered as “The Great Basel Earthquake” (not to be confused with another of the same name on 18-19 October 1356).

Great Basel Earthquake 1201

The second most deadly earthquake ever, according to Wikipedia, was the Tangshan Earthquake, again in China. The number of fatalities varies between 200,000 and 800,000.[x].[xi]
The earthquake in Tangshan on 28th July 1976 at 3:43 CCT., M. 7.8, again showed the involvement

of the Nodes of the Moon, the North Node being in deadly Scorpio with Uranus. Again the Nodes were T squared by Saturn. Saturn additionally conjunct both lights: Sun and Moon. The Galactic

Centre was beginning to conjunct Neptune, which was additionally involved in a bow to Pluto.

The 2nd most deadly earthquake, Tangshan

1976 was one of the worst years on record for fatal earthquakes. With victims in Indonesia, Italy, the Philippines, Turkey-Iran and also Guatemala, where the second worst sum of fatalities, caused by a M. 7.5 earthquake, was 23,000 as shown in the next chart.[xii]

4th February 1976 earthquake in Guatemala

The earthquake in Guatemala occurred 4th February 1976 at 9:02 am GMT. Although we can now leave 1976 behind we are not finished with other possible earthquakes that could compete for the title “second most deadly ever earthquake” . The Calcutta earthquake with 300,000 victims may have been worse, if all fatalities truly occurred and were the result of an earthquake and not a cyclone, which is also recorded to have occurred at the same time.

Calcutta Earthquake October 11th 1737

It has been considered that the earthquake in Calcutta, thought to have occurred late evening and to have caused 300,000 deaths, cannot have caused so many fatalities, as at that time Calcutta was a small place. Yet research4 does show that there was a larger disaster affecting the Ganges Delta and the whole Bay of Bengal, with accompanying cyclonic winds and storm surge or tsunami. Just as with the last earthquakes in 1976, there is also a bow involving Pluto, this time the Midheaven likely created the other end of the bow, though the time of occurrence is only approximate, based on an eye witness account.
4 I have included this earthquake and most of the others in my book „THE GALACTIC CENTRE 2012 and the Great Waves Coming in December“ in more detail.

The conjunction of Saturn with Neptune, opposite Uranus c. the GC as the involvement of the air signs, as well as reports reaching English newspapersii, suggests that this was truly both a cyclonic and earthquake disaster. A previous storm is also mentioned as having occurred on 30 th September 1737. Just five days after Calcutta on 16th October 1737, the First Mega-Thrust Earthquake occurred in Kamchatka, a probably enormous 9.3 magnitude earthquake.

First Mega-thrust Earthquake, Kamchatka

By this First Mega-thrust earthquake the South Node had moved into range of a trine to Pluto to point a bow at Uranus and the GC. Sun and Mars have added their Mega-thrust potential by being in conjunction with Pluto in Libra.

Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami 2004

The third deadliest earthquake was the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami on 26th December 2004 with about one quarter of a million deaths. It was earlier thought to be the fourth largest since 1900, though there is some disagreement. Its magnitude having been raised from 9 to 9.32 , making it possibly the second largest after the 1960 Chile earthquake.

Saturn is here not just squaring the Nodes of the Moon but in a grand cross that involves his sign Capricorn and Chiron on the ascendant. The South Node is also in a bow with Uranus pointing to the Galactic Centre, Uranus is also square Mars and sextile the Sun 5, while Jupiter and Neptune are also in a bow pointing to the sign Sagittarius and the Galactic Centre. The Earthquake of 2004 was of similar size to the Kamchatka Earthquake.

November 1952 Kamchatka Earthquake

Both the Indian Ocean Earthquake of 2004 and the Kamchatka Earthquake of 4th November
5 Uranus in aspect to one of the two active, fiery bodies of Mars or the Sun is quite common by earthquake disasters, and Uranus in the sign Aries (ruled by Mars) from the year 2010 may help to intensify the coming earthquakes.

1952 had a moment magnitude of 9 or over and are usually placed closest on the list of largest earthquakes on record, with Kamchatka somewhere between third and fourth largest6. Of course one can see that in both cases it is the Moon in Gemini that shoots the arrow at the Galactic Centre. More similarities I will leave to the reader to find. Before the Tsunami in 2004 the place second largest earthquake since 1900 occurred in Prince William Sound near Anchorage, Alaska, on Good Friday March 27th 1964 at 5:36 P.M. AST. The South Node was in Capricorn conjunct the Galactic Centre and Saturn was sextile to the Galactic Centre, etc. I do not show the chart here. As most of these large earthquakes, it caused a tsunami, had a moment magnitude of c. 9.2, and resulted in 131 deaths. The recent raising of the 2004 Earthquake to 9.3 does of course steal its second largest place. The largest ever recorded earthquake occurred in Chile on May 22nd 1960. This earthquake was a jewel of a find as it was the first time I discovered a six-pointed “Star of David” in an earthquake disaster, which turned out to be a quite common hall mark of disaster, or significant events, when one added the Galactic Centre.

Largest ever recorded earthquake Chile 1960
The largest ever recorded earthquake was in Chile on May 22nd 1960. It had a magnitude of 9.5. It caused a large tsunami, 2,000,000 homeless were and left death

estimates in various places range from a few hundred to over 5000. The “Star of David” aspect occurred

6 Here the Indian Ocean erthquake is compared to Kamchatka.

fittingly in earth and water signs.7 A 9.1 earthquake occurred on March 9th 1957 in the Aleutians, with a grand cross of planets: Saturn was conjunct the Galactic Centre opposite the Moon in 25° Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo and Sun in Pisces. Every large or deadly earthquake without acceptance seems to have been tied to this galactic wheel.

Iran Earthquake December 856 AD
The fifth most deadly earthquake in wikipedia’s list were shared by two earthquakes No.1/ an earthquake in China on Dec 16th 1920 caused by a bow and arrow to the Galactic Centre conjunct the Sun, with an additional square from Saturn conjunct Jupiter. 200-240,000 people died . No. 2/(above) an earthquake in Iran back in AD 856 on 22nd December also caused about the same number of fatalities. But it was not the only one back then to cause 200,000 deaths. 37 years later another earthquake occurred in Iran on 14th December 893, under similar astrological conditions with the North Node again in early Capricorn and conjunct the Galactic Centre and the Sun. The only difference was that Uranus had moved from its earlier opposition to the Galactic Centre to a conjunction. 7The Aleppo earthquake, which wiki places fourth on the list of most deadly earthquakes, seems to have been a number of
earthquakes that were added together and there is some question as to the significance of the date 11 th October 1138 for the major

th quake. It is the date given for c. 230,000 deaths in Syria from a M 8.5 earthquake, but 30 September1139 and other dates in August around this time also produced earthquakes. So I have decided to omit the chart, though on the 11th October the Moon would have conjunct the Galactic Centre and there was a lethal Pluto Scorpio opposition involving the Nodes.

But what is particularly interesting is that it shows Neptune is in Aquarius sextile the Galactic centre, as it is now and in the years up to 2013! As I went through the last 2000 years looking particularly at the worst disasters this was the time in history when the worst ones occurred, plagues, famines, religious persecutions and general suffering caused by natural and human conditions. For instance, another very damaging earthquake occurred in Palestine on 18th May 363 AD with supposedly 300,000 fatalities and here to Neptune was in Aquarius sextile the Galactic Centre. The first time this sextile was possible was when the Galactic Centre first entered the tropical sign of Sagittarius at the beginning of the last c.2160 year age. Neptune then for the first time also entered Aquarius in 33 AD, this was when the Crucifixion occurred, which I look into in more depth in my book, an event accompanied by two earthquakes and by three hours of darkness. The chart shows not just Neptune sextile the Galactic Centre but also Pluto conjunct the Galactic Centre as now, and until 2013. The difference is that in the next years Neptune will sextile the Galactic Centre and Pluto increasingly from the water sign Pisces. This may in turn cause large waves. It is strange to think that Jesus was teaching and prophesying his return as Pluto was conjunct the Galactic Centre and Neptune sextile, as now. What a very special time we are living in. There were records kept by the Romans and the Greeks telling of this disastrous earthquake and its connection to the crucifixion of Jesus. Some records suggest the whole world was shaken.

Crucifixion Earthquake 33 AD

On 6th September 543 AD an earthquake occurred that shook the whole world. The Moon was opposite the Galactic Centre and a Star of David aspect formed as by the crucifixion

earthquake. This 6th century produced the most earthquakes in all the centuries up to now – 20 of them, with some centuries recording absolutely no earthquakes! There are many similarities between this period, and its earthquake (shown in my book), and the years 2012-13 which may produce much stronger earthquakes.

Let us look at some of the worst earthquakes in different countries and areas of the world.
One of the most shocking earthquakes and tsunamis in the western world hit the Portuguese capitol of Lisbon on All Saints Day 1755, many people were in the new cathedral praying, as the masonry collapsed on their heads. That was on the last Pluto transit to the GC. As with the tsunami in 2004 the Nodes of the Moon played a role, as did Uranus in Pisces , Jupiter in Libra and Chiron in Capricorn.

Worst Earthquake in Portugal: All Saints Day, Lisbon 1755
There is a loosely formed star of David in earth and water signs, as with the largest earthquake in Chile, in 1960. Fatalities were around 90,000 in Lisbon, though another 10,000 were registered in Morocco and there were tsunamis, disturbances and Church bells ringing in many areas from Africa through Spain up to Scotland and Scandinavia. The earthquake in Messina, Italy is thought to have killed over 100,000 people. It occurred

as Pluto had moved from its last conjunction with the Galactic Centre to an opposition with the Galactic Centre from Gemini. Again the Nodes of the Moon align with the Galactic Axis. And we see, as with Lisbon, the Galactic Centre on the Ascendant, or in other words, rising over the horizon.

Worst Earthquake Italy, Messina, 1908
This earthquake in southern Italy with its consequent 50 feet high tsunami wave caused anywhere 200,000 from 60,000 to and fatalities

destroyed 91 percent of all standing structures. Again an involvement of the Nodes of The Moon. Also the planet Saturn and his sign. Here the Sun is in Saturn's sign conjunct the Galactic Centre and square Saturn. Of course if we would now understand the Great Year intention behind the increasing earthquakes, we might recognize the beginnings of the Age of Saturn and the birthing of a New Earth as told in the Biblical Revelation. In America the worst ever earthquake set bells ringing across the continent: hundreds of miles away they rang in New York.

The Worst Earthquake in America:
The New Madrid (Missouri) Earthquake of 1811
Large areas sank into the earth at this time and new lakes were formed. The Mississippi River changed its course due to the earthquakes. Eyewitness accounts suggest the time of occurrence as being from 2am on the 16th Decemberiii The quakes continued in the area until 1812. The chart of the earthquake on 16 th December 1811 shows six bodies conjunct the Galactic Centre including both lights and Saturn. Jupiter is opposite as it will be in 2013 and as it is in the July 4th Independence chart.

Worst Earthquake in England, 6th April 1580, 18:00 LMT.
The worst earthquake in England seems to have caused no casualties at all, a few walls collapsed and chimney pots fell, that's all. But it was seen as an omen because it occurred on the Easter weekend. Perhaps it really was

an omen, just as the second worst earthquake and tsunami in Alaska 1964 occurred on a Good Friday, also Easter, and the earthquake and tsunami in Lisbon 1755 occurred on all Saints Day and there were many discussions as to whether God was angered, and the third most deadly earthquake and tsunami in 2004 happened on a Christmas Boxing Day as well as a religious holiday in Indonesia. Though the British are maybe overreacting as they seems to have suffered almost no casualties from earthquakes at all – so God cannot be more than a little irritated by them. There were possibly 12 fatalities in all recorded quakes in England.

Worst earthquake in Australia at Newcastle on 28th December 1989, 10:27 am LT.
Similarly the worst earthquake in Australia in recent times, 5.6 on the Richter scale, only caused about 13 fatalities. Yet it was still one of Australia's worse ever natural disasters. It was the first time ever recorded that people were killed by an earthquake and it cause much property damage, about 4 billion in Australian dollars. Astrologically we see the Sun and Moon conjunct Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn with the Galactic Centre, which is also conjunct Saturn, dimly visible, and Mars. Jupiter and Chiron shoot the arrows in a bow held by Pluto and the Ascendant.

Worst Earthquake
Armenia 1988

8 The Spitak earthquake in Armenia was a magnitude 6.8 caused over 25,000 deaths. Pluto

in Scorpio and the the North Node in Pisces create a bow pointing at Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, conjunct the Galactic Centre. Chiron in opposition, shoots the arrow.

Worst earthquake on the Azores: The Great Faial Earthquake.
The Great Earthquake on the island of Faial, one of the group of islands called the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean ,shows again the South Node as well as the Sun conjunct the Galactic Centre and the Moon with Saturn form as a bow to the Sun in Saturn's sign. Mars opposite Uranus form a T square to the Galactic Centre.

Worst recent earthquake in Israel November 2000
Could computers calculate the exact date of the next large earthquake by including all this information? Yes they obviously could, if we tell them what to look for, this could work better than any other method. Then all that is left is a


1988 to 1989 produced a spurt of disasters as the three planets Neptune, Uranus and Saturn moved over the winter solstice.

astrological method to calculate where they will occur, which is also possible, as I show elsewhere. The worst recent earthquake in Israel was a 7.2 and it came as the Sun was just moving into Sagittarius and into influence of the Galactic Centre, Pluto , Chiron, Venus were conjunct the GC and the South Node in Capricorn was also in range. Jupiter and Saturn the two giants shot the arrows and Moon/ Mars and Uranus held the bow. Other “worst ever” earthquakes for different areas of the world occurred: December 16th Naples, Italy 21:00 UTC 6.9 11,000 people were killed. In Corinth, Greece 26 th December 1861 a large earthquake occurred, in Gansu, China on December 16 1920, the earthquake caused 200,000 fataliies and in Erzincan, Turkey, December 26 1939 - M 7.8 Fatalities 32,700. On December 7th 1944 in Tonanka, Japan, there were 1,223 fatalities, then December 20 1946 19:19 UTC, Nankaido, Japan, there was a M. 8.1 and 1,330 fatalities. Though these were nothing to the 137,0000 lost on December 30th 1730, Canada, Quebec had a 6.9 worst earthquake on December 25th 1989 and recently on 26th December 2006 a M. 7.2 earthquake caused pipes to rupture, Internet and Atomic plant shut down and a small tsunami wave. (for more worst earthquakes see links in the endnotes[xvi])

Recent earthquakes and Future earthquakes
The danger of large earthquakes occurring in the years between 2010 and 2013, especially in December, is very real. Using a computer it would be possible to feed all the information of earthquakes into it and find out when they are most likely to occur. Certainly we could make some kind of preparation? Just using what I know I have managed to predict earthquakes, even where they will occur, but how much more we could achieve with this information put into a computer. The following chart is of an earthquake I predicted and the area to within a few miles. The earthquake showed a conjunction of Mars and Uranus with the North Node opposite the Moon with the South Node T square the Galactic Centre. A bow and arrow points at Jupiter, Pluto and the Galactic Centre, so it is appropriate that it struck Canterbury, a religious centre. A bow also points to Saturn and to the Sun in the earth sign of Taurus.

Earthquake Canterbury England April 2007

Large Earthquake hits Jakarta 2007
Jakarta, the capitol city of Java, has been shaken by recent earthquakes. Indonesia generally is one of the most endangered areas in the coming years. This one on 12th August 2007 was a M.7.5 and came just four minutes after midnight. Miraculously it caused no serious casualties. There are many worst earthquakes I have not included that show the particularly dangerous possibilities that are beginning to occur as the Galactic Centre nears the sign of Capricorn and can conjunct bodies there, especially Pluto, as it does in the next years.

A grand cross involving Saturn Uranus Jupiter, the Galactic Centre and Pluto will occur often in 2010 and in 2011 to 13 Saturn and then the North Node will begin to form bows to Neptune and bodies in Pisces pointing increasingly strongly at the earth sign Capricorn. Latest when Jupiter moves through Gemini into Cancer and shoots the arrows we will have very large earthquakes with also large tsunamis to contend with, and that in areas of the world quite unprepared for them. Certainly the danger is greatest just after midnight, the time Jesus told of his return as the bridegroom, also just after the winter solstice in December of the year is a likely time for a tribulation, as Jesus noted, pray that your flight be not in the winter for then..., when the Sun aspects the Galactic centre, in the monthly cycle when the Moon is opposite the Galactic Centre and when Saturn and the Nodes of the Moon are also involved. Especially significant are times when bows and arrows form to the Galactic Centre. The worst earthquake to occur in Los Angeles area since 1999 came on 29th July 2008. It was a M 5.5. The near future (2009) could produce a much worse earthquake in this area, when Saturn moves to conjunct Los Angeles' founding Sun opposite Uranus squaring its f. Saturn conjunct the Galactic Centre.

Worst Earthquake, 2008 Angeles, USA
This earthquake in Los Angeles in 2008 is registered by usgs under historically significant, one could, after seeing its chart and looking at


the founding chart of Los Angeles, see it rather as a historically significant warning. There will be stronger earthquakes in this area when Saturn and Uranus form a T square to the Galactic Centre, and here too tsunamis could occur. Even if we physically survive the nearing December 2012, the danger of tsunamis is increased until the end of 2013. I have done charts over the last four years for thousands of disasters implicating quite directly the Galactic Centre and especially the aspects it will be in for the next three years. We should begin to consider taking protective measures for the next few years against the increasing likelihood that disasters like particularly earthquakes could occur even in our own home area9. Still apart from the dangers and the need to prepare, there is also the need to understand that this is a very special time in which the veil is being lifted to great truths, and to a plan and meaning that has long been hidden to us. This may give us the strength to renew ourselves spiritually and meet the „good shaking“ that we are going to receive with a loving calm, perhaps even a rapture, as we see how, out of the cracks in our world, the light shines through.
© Susan Seymour Hedke

[1] I allow 10° for a major aspect like a conjunction, square or opposition with the Galactic Centre. [2] As given by USGS in January 2008 [3] This was the time that Pluto began its conjunction with the Galactic Centre that will continue till 2013.

9 I have concentrated here on the earthquakes, though there will be a number of other disasters connected to the breakdown and rebirthing of our world. The most apocalyptic and most wonderful will be the beginning of the return of the volcanic world mountain we lost half a Great Year ago, as told of in Revelation.

[i] In my book this evidence is given in more detail but can be checked at USGS. I only checked backward from 2005 to the time when the earthquakes began to increase as I was writing it in 2006. [ii] according to Steven Dutch list “Natural and Applied Sciences”). [iii] Deadliest earthquakes^ Earthq ank uake "Shaa nxi" "Tangs han" .8 ina ina Ch 1976 ag. untry Ch 23, 1556 July 27, Co Date January Fataliti es 830,000


"India n Ocean" "Alepp o" "Haiyu an" "Damg han" ? n .8 - 8.5 ina .5 ria .1


Decemb 0


Indonesia er 26, 2004 Sy 11, 1138 Ch Decemb er 16, 1920 Ira Decemb er 22, 856 October

230,000 200,000 - 240,000 200,000

[iv] Other sources say the middle of the night. [v] The Galactic Centre sits on the plane of the Galaxy which is a relatively flat disc- this is the Milky Way or otherwise referable to in a straight line as the galactic axis which is between Galactic Centre in Sagittarius and the Galactic Anti-Centre in Gemini. [vi] Constellation and sign are not the same. There are astrologers who concentrate on the astronomical constellations which is called sidereal astrology and other astrologers who concentrate on the division in to 30° sections of tropical signs, this kind of astrology is based on the solar clock. [vii] th

[viii] Perhaps the reason the earthquake on 5 earthquake can have caused so many deaths.

July 1201 is not so often quoted is that no one believes that a single

[ix] A number of earthquakes seem to have occurred 1201 to 1202

_und_Seebeben. 20. Mai 1202 Nablus Syrien, heute Palästinensische Autonomiegebiete !1000000>1.000.000 Das Erdbeben wurde in Armenien, Anatolien, im Iran, in Ägypten und zwischen Sizilien und Mesopotamien wahrgenommen. Die genaue Anzahl der Opfer ist unklar. Arabische Quellen sprechen von mehr als einer Million Toten in den Jahren 1201 und 1202. Diese Zahl schließt wahrscheinlich auch die mittelbaren Opfer von Seuchen und Hungersnöten in der Folge des Erdbebens mit ein.

[x] If casualties for the Tangshan earthquake were 200,000 then the earthquake in 2004 would have caused more casualties, the 2004 has also been estimated at 283,000 fatalities. There are also other earthquakes that might be comparable and have uncertain numbers of fatalities [xi] 2010 to 2013 the North Node will move first to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn that is conjunct the Galactic Centre and then over the Galactic Centre in Sagittarius into deadly Scorpio and a conjunction with Saturn in early Scorpio in 2013 in a bow to the GC and Pluto in Capricorn. That is a lot of Saturn and Nodal influence for likely earthquakes in the coming years. [xii] · 1976 11 24 - Turkey-Iran border region - M 7.3 Fatalities 5,000 · 1976 08 16 - Mindanao, Philippines - M 7.9 Fatalities 8,000 · 1976 07 27 - Tangshan, China - M 7.5 Fatalities 255,000 · 1976 06 25 - Papua, Indonesia - M 7.1 Fatalities 5,000 · 1976 05 06 - Northeastern Italy - M 6.5 Fatalities 1,000 · 1976 03 11 - Newport, Rhode Island - M 3.5 · 1976 02 04 - Guatemala - M 7.5 Fatalities 23,000 1 [xiii] The Ten Largest Earthquakes Since 1900



Magn itude2

1 . 2 . 3 . 4

Chile 1960 Prince William Sound, Alaska

May 22,


March 28, 19643


Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands 1957 Kamchatka

March 9,


Nov. 4,


. 5 . Off western coast of Sumatra,

1952 Dec. 26, 2004 Jan. 31, 1906 7 Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands 1965 8 Northern Sumatra, Indonesia 28, 2005 9 India-China border 1950 1 Kamchatka 1923 [xiv] The trine is a 120° aspect an orb of c. 8° is usually allowable [xv] Support for this earthquake might be given through records of an earthquake in Palestine in 33AD Feb. 3, 8.5 Aug. 15, 8.6 March 8.7 Feb. 4, 8.7 8.8 9.0

Indonesia 6 Off the coast of Ecuador





0. which gives 30,000 dead. [xvi] and amageddononline at




The tropical signs of the zodiac are the ones most western astrologers use, based on the solar cycle of the year it helps us pinpoint the solstices and equinoxes and the Sun's relation to the Earth. In tropical astrology the Galactic Centre is nearing the winter solstice at the end of Sagittarius. However, it is really the Earth and solar system that are moving, more than the Galactic Centre, which we are spinning around. TheGalactic Centre remains between the constellations Scorpio and Sagittarius, and the opposite end of the Galactic axis is between Taurus and Gemini and can be called the Galactic Anti-Centre. The Gentleman's Magazine June 1738 tells of the occurrence of a hurricane and earthquake together in the night between the 11th and 12th October eye witness of New Madrid Earthquake.

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