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Leading the way

Container ships from concept to operation

Expertise in container vessels


Germanischer Lloyd (GL) is your ideal partner in the classification of container ships. We are entrusted to ensure the safety and quality of over 40% of the worlds in-service container vessels and over 35% of the worlds container vessels on order. At GL, we believe that building this kind of trust has a lot to do with leading through innovation. We were the first classification society to publish container stowage and lashing rules and to make global strength calculations an integral part of state-of-the-art construction regulations. We were the first to conduct global FE analyses with complex calculations of the stress and strain caused by waves. Our technical proposals, such as the ideal arrangement of double-bottom longitudinal girders, container pad supports, and the design of hatch corners and bulkheads for reefer storage, very often become shipyard standards. Since the mid-1980s, GL has also played a leading role in the design of ever larger and more efficient Panamax and postPanamax container vessels. We are now the class with the largest number of approved ultra-large ships in our fleet, and we led the way by being the first class to publish rules for the use of high tensile steel of up to EH47, offering weight reductions in ultra-large container vessels. If you need even more reasons to look to GL, look no further than our continuing focus on your vessels improved efficiency and profitability. We introduced the concept of slow steaming to improve operational efficiency within the container shipping industry. We introduced ECO-Assistant, a tool to help container vessels load and operate their vessels at optimum trim, improving efficiency and reducing emissions. The list goes on and on. Container vessel safety, efficiency and performance this is our focus. With 2,054 people in 75 countries, we are there to serve you where you need us. Come let us show you how.

Jan-Olaf Probst Global Ship Type Director Container Vessels Phone: +49 40 36149 537

Clients are beginning to realise how much more we offer than just simple classification. Getting our experts involved in their newbuilding projects at an early stage leads to design and process enhancements that translate into greater competitiveness and profitability.

FRANKFURT EXPRESS TEU: 8,600 Speed: 25.2 knots Manager details: Hapag-Lloyd AG Owner details: Hapag-Lloyd AG


Life-cycle support for owners

GL is there when you need us, at every stage in the life-cycle of your vessel, with holistic solutions to help you maximise your return on investment. Here is how we can help.

Improving your concept At the earliest conceptual stage, our experts are ready to consult with you to identify your operating boundary requirements. Our engineers then put state-of-the-art simulations to work to help you develop a design concept that maximises your economic benefit. Providing guidance We help direct your design focus to where it is needed most. With feeder vessels, for example, container width and height as well as storage flexibility are the focus. With larger vessels, issues such as modern stowage and lashing systems have a greater influence on the layout. Ensuring compliance Our expertise in hull lines optimisation, practical ship speeds, maximising container capacity and the use of alternative fuels can help you in meeting the requirements of stringent new international regulations such as the EEDI.

Reducing delays Our extensive newbuilding surveyor network ensures that we are everywhere that elements of your newbuilding are produced. That goes for all materials and components as well. Our survey processes are supported by a unique IT system that combines the plan approval with the survey process to reduce delays while ensure the highest quality and safety for your ship. Representing your interests GL appoints a single project manager to coordinate your newbuilding project, and to act as a focal point between owner and shipyard for all matters relating to class.

Simplifying tasks With fleet online, GLs online fleet inspection management tool, we keep you up-to-date on the location of your ships and on their inspection status, and we make inspection scheduling as simple as a mouse click. Increasing flexibility GL was the first class to introduce extended periods between dry dockings. With GLs Extended Dry Docking (EDD) programme, we improve your scheduling flexibility while ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety of your container vessel. Boosting performance Our maritime software tools provide solutions that improve all aspects of your operations. With ECO-Assistant your vessel is always in trim at any loading condition. Our GL ShipManager helps you manage key processes such as planned maintenance, purchasing and stock control, and our GL HullManager supports the complete visual hull inspection and assessment process with a 3D model that makes localising problem areas a snap.

Enhancing designs Our years of engineering experience and our state-of-the-art simulation and analysis support capabilities are easily integrated into the design process of the yard to benefit you for example, through noise and vibration behaviour analyses that ensure the onboard comfort of your crew. Eliminating problems Our pre-plan approval advisory services assist you in finding and improving operational and structural areas of concern.

CMA CGM ALASKA TEU: 12,600 Speed: 25.4 knots Manager details: Reederei Claus-Peter Offen GmbH & Co. KG Owner details: Kommanditgesellschaft MS CPO MARSEILLE Offen Reederei GmbH & Co.

CSCL STAR TEU: 13,300 Speed: 25.1 knots Manager details: China International Shipmanagement Co., Ltd. Owner details: CSCL Star Shipping Co., Ltd.

Understanding the needs of shipyards

Whether designing a new container vessel for a specific owner or working on a new innovation project, you need a partner with the engineering know-how and specialist tools to help you over hurdles and to minimise your costs. GLs engineers, consultants and surveyors are second to none and are dedicated to ensuring your project runs smoothly from the earliest stages in the design process, through production, and all the way up to delivery. Here is how we can help.

EVER CONQUEST TEU: 8,084 Speed: 25.2 knots Manager details: NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG Owner details: Conti 17. Container SchiffahrtsGmbH & Co. KG MS CONTI CONQUEST


Ensuring compliance We help you ensure that your design complies with all current and future international regulations while meeting your design goals for a vessel with the largest possible intact cargo and the best possible deadweight, all at an economic building price. Eliminating obstacles In the pre-contract phase, GL is there for you with services such as technical exchange meetings, technical seminars, training for technical calculation tools as well as Approval in Principal, all designed to help you eliminate potential design-stage obstacles early on. Finding solutions We work hand-in-hand with you to find practical solutions: for the new IMO Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing (CSS) Code for identifying the best cargo hold ventilation layout for reefer transportation to fulfil the requirements of RCP Refrigerated Container Stowage Positions for gaining the benefits of the new high tensile steel EH-47, which reduces your welding efforts in the upper hull girder Optimising lines Fulfilling the future EEDI requirements with optimised hull lines? We have the right tools and services, allowing you to combine your design experience with the state-of-the-art in simulation systems. Meeting your needs Open-top vessels is one of the best solutions for fast container handling, especially in the feeder market. But to design such a vessel requires a deep understanding of current international conventions. GL is your knowledgeable and reliable partner, with experts ready to help. Leading the way GL was the first society to classify the twin-island concept on large container vessels. And, as the class with the largest number of MegaBoxer newbuildings, we are deeply knowledgeable in all aspects of large vessel design, such as how to integrate the fuel oil tanks into the structure, and other topics that must be observed when developing a reliable design. Applying expertise With our pre- and post-processing tools for generating finite element models, and with GL ShipLoad for strength calculations on container ships, you have access to one of the most advanced structural loading analysis packages on the market. In addition, our knowledge of seakeeping issues, including whipping and springing effects and parametric rolling as they relate to container ships, are second to none.

Accepting challenges Block fabrication with minimised building tolerances requires the support of experienced surveyors ready to help you adhere to strict ISO standards. GLs surveyors have the experience and the know-how, and are ready to master this challenge with you. Ensuring quality No other ship type requires the same large plate thicknesses, in the upper hull girder, over such a large and continuous area. Mastery of the welding technology required to deal with this is essential for reliable production. That is where GL comes in. With our clear welding processes, NDT, and welding certification services, you are always on the safe side.

Improving communications Our plan approval offices are close to your yard or design office, supporting direct communications. This means that our staff is familiar with your yard and production facilities so that all remarks are customised and suited to your premises. Sharing knowledge As the market leader in container vessels, GL has deep and integrated knowledge in all aspects of container vessel design. We assist you with such wide-ranging topics as identifying the pros and cons of different layouts for medium voltage switchboard systems, in finding the best location for distribution panels with consideration of relevant protection requirements, and in finding solutions for ventilation system and their structures.

MAERSK EDINBURGH TEU: 13,100 Speed: 24.7 knots Manager details: Rickmers Shipmanagement (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Owner details: Soderick Navigation Ltd.

MSC TARANTO TEU: 14,000 Speed: 25.0 knots Manager details: Reederei Claus-Peter Offen GmbH & Co. KG Owner details: Kommanditgesellschaft MS CPO PALERMO Offen Reederei GmbH & Co.

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