Chapter 10 Always Alex, Chun’s secretary, rolled his eyes as he closed the door behind him.

For the past few days, he would throw tantrums at everything. Whether it was good or bad news related to the company. Not really caring, he brushed the thoughts aside as he made his way to his little cubicle office outside Chun’s large one. He hated his boss when he was in a bad mood. Every set of news was like a punch on the face. He was about let out another curse when he noticed someone covering his light. “Alex, is your boss inside?” ---Chun covered his face with his hands. Two days and he was feeling like shit! Everything seemed so out of place without her. She called once or twice a day, but it wasn’t enough. If someone else saw him they’d probably compare him to a nut. He hasn’t really shaved and he knew his face showed how grouchy he was. ‘Just a few more days Chun’ He reminded himself. But how long will it be later. A week. A month. A year. Oh god, he thought. He pulled his hair, frustrated with himself. For the past weeks he sure wasn’t acting like himself, more of a concerned mad man in love. Who could blame him? Someone knocking on the door brought him out of his reverie, looking up he was surprise to see who it was. There in front of him was Angela, a smile on her face and a brown bag. In the past she would come by his office at least twice a week to eat lunch with him since he was far off too busy to go out. Angela stopped herself from grinning. She was right when she saw Chun’s reaction. He was still the same, like a book easy to read. She watched him smile in return ushering her to enter. “I hope I didn’t bother you.” Chun just shrugged knowingly. He stood and walk to where she was. Following her, they both sat down on the couch. However, he spaced himself a little further when he noticed that she was purposely making herself touch him. Just then realizing what she had come for. “Angela, I really appreciate the lunch, but I don’t think this is appropriate.” So what if he sounded rude? It wasn’t his fault she left him three months ago, returning as if nothing happened. He was human after all. Angela faked a smile, pretending he hadn’t just said that. “Remember when I use to bring you lunch because you always tend to skip it.” “Angela--” “Remember how we would end up making--” “I think you should go.” He has had enough. “I don’t understand why you are acting this way Chun. You act as if...” “As if we’re not together; well, we’re not and whose fault was that anyway? Who left who? Let’s not play games here. Stop acting as if you’re innocent Angela. We both know what really happened.” His voice had been cold. Angela stayed still, her head high. Chun nearly laughed. Her pride sure did have a big effect in her. “Honey, lets stop playing games we both know we still love each other. I have to say, using Ella was a good one. Can’t you just tell her to find someone else since you’re already taken like before--?” That was his last straw. He couldn’t stand her. Chun was suddenly mad at himself for keeping a woman like her by his side throughout the years when he could have Ella there. She made him feel as though she had slapped him on the face. “You’re the one playing games Angela. It’s over. I don’t know if I can make it any clearer to you. Please let’s just move on. I found my happiness and I wish you find yours. We can still be—” “Don’t say friends Chun. I don’t want to be your friend, because I want to be more than that.” Before he had a chance to reply to what she had just said, Angela brushed her lips with his hard—but his body had become immune into contact with hers. No longer did it affect him—his heart. He was different now. Because of Ella, he become stronger, meek, and learned how to fight for what his heart told him.

Angela stopped after she got her fill and when she looked at him, she nearly cried in humiliation. His eyes were cold, but steady with no emotion. She watched as he raised his wrist to his mouth just long enough to wipe his lips. Just then did Chun stand up and look down at her. He had never imagined her going this low. He was so disgusted with her, at himself, for giving into someone like her. “Chun…” He didn’t respond to the calling of his name, instead, he walked towards the door and opened it, “I suggest you leave before I call security.” ----Ella and her parents were eating brunch altogether in happiness, all but one. Ella just sat there thinking about her husband. She wondered if he was eating his meals on time and if he had someone to eat brunch with. She missed him. She missed waking up and watching his every in and out take of breath as he slept. She missed kissing him good morning and goodnight. His scent, voice-- presence. The elder couple just looks at their daughter noticing how sad she looked. She had grown over the months. No longer looking like a child, but a matured woman. They thought spending time with Ella would help her, but it didn’t. They didn’t mean to make her feel miserable, just to get some space. Nevertheless, she looked as if she didn’t need any. What she really needed was her ‘husband.’ She needed Chun and they were going to let them be. They trusted his decisions for their daughter. He had proven his intentions, the day he had took her in as a wife. They knew that he hadn’t done that for himself, but for Ella. To learn how to love her, the way she loved him. Naomi and George looked at each other intentionally, a smile on their faces. Only at that moment did they realize how much trouble they had been putting them through. ---“Wei!” His voice was in a high pitched tone. “Bad day?” Hearing her voice had began to smooth him a little. Like a teenager talking to his sweetheart, he grinned feeling giddy. Chun leaned back into the leather chair he was sitting in, “What’s a good girl like calling a bad boy like me?” Ella giggled; he can be really corny sometimes. She didn’t mind. In truth, she loved it. “Why don’t you have dinner here with us? I know you haven’t been eating properly for the past days, don’t deny it because I know so.” Chun groaned. Of all the people she could have been close to, it had to be Lou. Those two were master minds of everything. He made note of lecturing him later. “I’ve just been busy.” “So that’s a yes right?” Did he have a choice? Not that he had any complaints anyway. Placing his phone aside, and then humming a lullaby as he did his work, hoping to finish before leaving for dinner at the Chen’s. He was excited. ----Glass was thrown all over the beautiful room. Angela went to her dresser and brushed her hands off it making everything fall off and breaking into pieces. How dare they do this to her? She can’t accept it. She glanced at herself in the full length mirror in front of her. She felt disgusted with her self. Her hair had been pushed to the front of her face, her arms to her side in tight fists. Chun was going to be harder to get after all. He’s changed. No longer the easy to get man she remembered. She wasn’t about to give up. She was Angela, no one dare messed with her… ‘You’ll pay for this Chun. You will regret the day you chose her over me.’ She got out her cell phone and dialed, “Anything I can do for you boss?” Looking straight into the mirror at her reflection, “I want you to find information on Ella. Ella Chen.” ---They had just finished eating dinner when the young couple excused themselves to take a stroll out in the garden. Hand in hand they walked deeper until they got a better view of the stars. Ella felt chilled as cold air pass them. Feeling her discomfort, Chun gently let go of her hand just long enough to take off his blazer and to put around her shoulders. “Chun…” She didn’t want to spoil the moment, but she had to tell him. Tell him that she’s recovering. In fact she felt delighted, that finally, the moment she had been waiting for was slowly coming to her.

gently unhooking their fingers. She didn’t need to. She pouted prettily and waved a hand as she closed the door behind her. Ella could only smile. She stuck her tongue out at him like an anxious child.It is said that Ella Yang got into an accident late last night at River May highway at Taichung. Amnesia? Ha! Who would have guessed that that stupid woman would get it. He growled like a hungry man when she broke off the kiss and pushed him down on the bed. Stars filled the dark sky. Ella almost melted at the way Chun was staring at her. Happiness. ---When they closed the door behind them. “May I take your orders?” “The usual with your finest wine please. “So why aren’t you at work?” she asked for the second time. she looked away. he couldn’t risk loosing her. ---Angela smiled contently when she saw the results of the search. Chapter 11 Kiss me Ella was quietly sitting out in the garden.“I can feel it. with the moon staying put beautifully round in great existence. She was brought to Taichung hospital with a critical condition. All the emotion he had been trying to keep in had slowly left him. and in luck get Chun too? Angela was already feeling victorious and thought of the perfect plan.” Reaching for her hand. “Don’t give me that face Chun. Chun suddenly became aware of the way he was holding Ella. “Why you little--” He began tickling her from her sides then her neck. pictures of her and Chun at the mansion.” she said with a role of her eyes. he smiled. “You make me happy. He wanted to spend the remains of the dream with her. “What’s happening to you?” Ella suddenly pulled herself away from him. It was a beautiful night. wanting to return the same pleasure she was giving him. As they walked around. “What is that?” He asked. It will not be permanent but just for a small amount of time. making him turn to her hurriedly. Finally. Beside the awkward moment. A crease was formed on her forehead as she read. Resting her head gently on his back. They sparkled in delight. daily habits.” When the waitress left. With both hands holding a book she was currently reading. She smiled.” She made a face. “She’ll have a chicken salad.” “How romantic. I want to remember our wedding. “Past. before caressing it thoroughly. he couldn’t help but give her lips a peak before letting her out completely. Without a word she fluffed herself next to him.” He said almost in a whisper.” She watched him give her a sour face before sitting next to her anyway. present. Tears clumped together. He waved a hand in front of her face. He’ll find out anyway. He had his arm around Ella’s waist drawing her closer and more possessively towards him. Little did he know. They went to the mall and bought a few things. with her blood pressure not doing very good. As he stared at her in silence. they were already all over each other. “Chun what is this place?” She asked as she roamed her eyes around the room. She schemed the whole article until she found what she was looking for. almost everywhere. “Why are you looking at me like that?” “I’m just happy that’s all. but one had caught her attention. because of that giddy feeling she gets just being around him. I’ll always love you Chun. Looking up she pleaded.” “You look like a little kid when you do that. ---The sounds of the door opening made Chun snap his head towards that direction and there stood his lovely ‘wife’ with her hands on her waist and a pout on her lips. “Owwwww. he smiled. “Chun you’re suppose to be at work. and getting what she meant.” Chun walked towards her then hugged her. funnily. “Get a hold of yourself. A smile was enough to ensure him she felt the same way.” He didn’t know what to feel. However.” “May I join you?” He teased. Before he wakes up and faces reality. She feasted on the information. “Nothing. we can go back to normal.” “And for the lady?” Chun looked at Ella. April 21. until she was completely behind him.” He teased. but she didn’t move. “Who’s that for anyway?” He asked now irritated after a while.” He closed his eyes enjoying being wrapped around her arms. “Guess who?” Ella laughed while removing the hands that were playfully covering her eyes. . He wasn’t content with just holding her hand or by the shoulders anymore. In time. Ella walked closer to Chun. unique in style.” She did just that. nothing could have change the fact that he loved her. I really am. Chun kissed her passionately. It was already starting to get dark and Chun decided to take her out to dinner to one of his favorite restaurants. They had filled in the missing pieces she had longed to feel. Inhaling deeply she turned to face him. As he opened the door for her. Happy because she was going back to normal or sad because the dream they’ve been living in had been slowly eating them up. sometimes even dropping a kiss on her lips unexpectedly. “Ella let me see it. “Ella stop being silly and come over here. I can feel it slowly coming back. Ella just gave him a smile. He was Lin Chun. he’d immediately go looking for her. getting shrieks out of her. they took a car with them afraid that an incident in the past would happen again. Her words had given him hope behind everything. her fingers wrapped around the item. her forehead creased as she looked over at the menu.” She offered after the braced silence. wrapping her arms around him. the doctors are expecting Ella to have a loss of memory. This time though. she closed her eyes. caused by massive blood loss from the wound and internal skull bleeding.” She took little steps towards him until she was at the foot of the bed. “Chun lets go out today. Even if she recovers. He was even sweeter and more loving. “I want to take a quick shower. nevertheless. Chun just sat there dumbfounded. future.” That was the end of it for Chun. Ella knowing this only casted it further down to not let him see. As time passed she had grown out her fears. Loved her so much he was willing to let her go. “Ella. at the same time peaking behind her to see the item. He didn’t care if people around them stared as they walked by. “In one condition. She walked towards the counter and paid for her purchase with Chun falling closely behind. If she didn’t want to show him then he was ok with that.” Ella waved a finger and walked away from him. burring her head deeper into the crook of his neck. He stopped when he noticed she stopped laughing only to find her looking at him. It was a small place. she knew when he was coming towards her or simply looking at her. “And where do you think you’re going?” He asked her shortly when he noticed she wasn’t joining him. Newspaper articles. Chun can only hug her in response. He knew how easy it was to tell her that everything he had told her had been a fraud. our vows…our love. He sighed when he realized she just bent down long enough to view the displays and when she felt him looking at her she hid the item behind her. She was indeed beautiful and it somehow gave him pride being seen with her. I want to remember all those happy times together so that when it all comes back to me. He always does that when he thinks she’s not looking. as it looks down on them. Relief washed over her. only to receive an irritating look on her face. “This face.” “What face?” He asked innocently. Chun stared at Ella meaningfully. “It’s slowly coming back to me.” She paused. No longer did she doubt her existence in Chun’s life or her family. enjoying being held in his arms.” He pouted prettily and pointed to his lips. Be pretended to think. ---And so they spent the whole day together. “If you want me to leave you can tell me you know. Without a word he reached up to her right cheek and pinched it. hearts beating faster. The lights were dim making it seem romantic as they walked towards a table the waitress led them to. And if Ella wanders away from his view even for a while.” He said after no reply from her. and nothings going to change that. “I’m trying Chun. She sighed. She slowly closed the book with a smile on her face as she felt Chun’s presence behind her. “Kiss me.” Chun told himself. He wanted the whole world to know how much she meant to him. a respected business man and yet here he was showing the special person in front of him what he is capable of doing.

worth spending a whole day with Ella. This was yet another day of an immature start. Not wanting to end the rhythmic dueling Chun stayed still waiting for her peak. Angela smiled upon seeing him look at her that way.” He knew she was disappointed when he heard her sigh. Each love making was a whole new experience for the both of them. Ella hands went down with her fingers caressing the sides of his ribcage. other than him. looking away from him. She was playing with him. “I can’t baby. ‘Is she trying to have phone sex with me?’ Chun asked himself. Baby calling. ---Her phone ringing caught her attention and for a few seconds she stared at the caller. Her brown complexion shone in the dim light made her look even more beautiful and angelic.” Before her lips touched his. There was a glow in him. His smile vanished within seconds and the silence enveloping them. in his point of view she looked like a slut.” He waited like a child to what was going to happen next. Without a word he placed the frame back in place and straightened himself.” Ella gave a laugh. with more passion and urgency. “I want you for dinner and dessert. It was so hard to find a way out of her beautiful eyes. When she figured Alex was out to lunch she knew it was the perfect time to surprise him. Why? How can things be this way? Chun’s held her shoulders making her face him. When he was usually strict and demanding. However. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out what she was going to do.” He teased her. “But I’ll be there for dinner so get ready. Chun had given up on the idea of not making love tonight. he covered it with a hand. He knew this wasn’t the time to make love.” Ella’s eyes looked up and gave him a lousy smile before pinching his side. Just then realizing that he saw what he was doing a while ago. Trailing kisses from his throat to his lips. Chun let his hands slip downwards to grip her small waist and then boldly. he knew it was a picture of Chun and Ella when they visited the amusement park a few weeks ago. bare chest. “Tell me you want me. he pulled her close and hugged her. She wanted more than some breathtaking kiss. instead to hold him closer. He decided to be honest instead. he flushed when Alex looked at him amusingly. “Why didn’t you knock first?” He asked with a frown. Without waiting any further. “How’s that for a start?” Before she could respond. and locking her in his tight embrace. Now this was definitely a side he never seen before. Besides. the kiss turned hard and full of desire when Chun sought a hand through her hair. Not having the will to hold it in anymore. “Why are you here?” He asked. Ella gasps at the contact and raised her arms. It was a bit unusual to see his boss in high spirits.” Alex thought to himself. Ella lost in the Kiss can only respond to the demanding need. not hiding the fact that she was eager to hear his voice. he leans in and claims her lips without a hesitation.” It was more of a command than a request. He unclasped her bra from the front when he found no clasps in the back then he immediately pushed her back onto the bed. ---She was happy. “It only rang twice and she picks up already. Besides. he let it out. “What? I can’t visit you anymore?” Chun sat back on his leather chair and crossed his arms above his chest. No. “Chun. His playful hands were already kneading the sensitive spots and began caressing her inner thighs. He almost fell for it. Moments later Chun went back to kissing Ella again. that’s not what I meant. he was trying not to get hard since her breasts were pressed right against chest. Tonight she would cook his favorites and make a special dinner for just the both of them. My big baby.” ---She was listening quietly to his conversation with Ella. Ella felt the soft covers underneath her and closed her eyes with a pleasant moan as she felt Chun’s hot tongue teasing the hard tips of her breasts.” His voice was naughtily getting to her and she felt herself getting hot all of a sudden. and before he knew what he was doing. It was easy. You’ve been doing that to me all day.” Chun teased her. And when she wasn’t able to hold it anymore she let it flow with his. Chun broke off the kiss. “I can say the same to you. she gave into his lustful kiss in moans and whimpers which gave his heart an extra thump. But it had been different with Ella. and couldn’t prevent himself from smirking. but today was different. Besides. he laid his hands on her shoulders. Chapter 12 Blackmail Chun was in a good mood the next day. “Alright baby. Leaving her only in a pair of black lingerie.” Excitement was heard at her end.” she gave her the puppy eyes look she knew he couldn’t resist. Just when everything was going fine that morning she had to come in a ruin it. Looking up. She watched in pain as he went back signing papers at the same time humming a song. For them a night of love making had just begun. Although he had a lot of work to do since he took the day off yesterday. This time. “I can’t wait. It had been worth it. instead. he was overly jealous when she would wear things like that. With his wife. “Now give me a kiss. Chun smoothen his hands around her back and her smooth bare waist. Chun allowed his tears to roll down his cheeks as he cried softly. flashing a smile. making her smile and happy in everyway. “I noticed that you’ve been trying to kiss me without much warning.” She teased him back. he was sure of it because he saw it once. “No. it was a whole different thing for Ella. no way could Chun resist. but there was no answer so without waiting for a reply he let himself in and found Chun looking at a frame. as he gathered her into his arms. “Of course I want you. “Let’s have lunch?” She asked hearing his silence a few moments later. please?” He didn’t kiss her. they became powerful—stronger than he could have put hold to. Reaching up she undid the buttons of his shirt quickly as she ran a hand down his firm. she answered. what are you doing here?” . Back when they were together he had wanted her to wear such outfits to get attention. He couldn’t blame her. although he couldn’t get enough of her. He looked so madly in love. until their strengths built up in one another. “I’m going out for lunch Manager. he slid them upwards again. but he waited. it’s just a kiss. just a little seduction and it can release the wild beast inside a man. They stayed like that awhile. She knew it. And with a playful grin he shook his head. In a kiss he assured her that he was going to fulfill her need. He wasn’t hoping for anything. Ella’s laughter caught him off guard and laughed along with her. but not to push him away. “Uh-oh. “I did manager but you--” “What is that you want again?” He wanted to change the topic. She could feel it.” Chun threatened sweetly.“Now that’s much better isn’t it? You smell like a baby. Their tongues dueled as their kiss deepened. Chun made a face and stared at the phone like a lunatic. he fell for it. Chun eyed her from head to toe. I have to go now. brushing off the soft robe around her shoulders. “Again. He knocked on the door.” And in a whisper he said. She knocked once. And it was already enough to bring his attention to his visitor. Not with her. If Alex hadn’t known his boss long enough.” “I’ll cook for you. this time letting his thumbs tease her readily responsive breasts. Even his secretary was in a good mood. He didn’t like other people feasting on her. She wore a red mini dress with matching sandals. When she hung up. slipping his arms around her. The feeling was nothing compared to the sensation she gave him when her lips had finally made way to his. he would have thought he was insane. When it should be her. I’ll finish these papers and then—” “And then what?” “Ella you’re going to get it from me. His hand moved to her waist as his lips pressed softly against her. A pang made way to her heart as they bid each other goodbye and with an ‘I love you’ attached to the end. He had a smile on his face as he gently traced the glassed item. it’s not like not making love for one day will hurt them. “You’re such a dork. “Chun…” she murmured when she felt Chun’s impatient fumble with her skimpy undergarment. Ella laughed and made a kissing sound on the other end and in return he did the same.” The sound of someone’s voice had gotten him out of his reverie. “Silly girl.

She wanted to continue the things they did.” She said as she hugged him from behind. Dear husband. Little did he know that she was still awake. What’s hers will always be hers and she wasn’t about to give up on that. He must’ve done something for her to act this way. what was he doing wrong? It was undeniably obvious that she was mad at him. She would have understood if he hadn’t come home early. however…he didn’t remember as well. Angela knew it would take some time for Chun to get use to being together again. He found her sleeping form on their bed. his heart not failing to remember Ella. you can say goodbye to your precious ‘phony’ wife. Chun took note that butler Lou was still awake and awaiting his arrival. She was so precious to him. How can she not resist that look? Those eyes. He agreed to be used. “He must be taking a shower. “Why aren’t you asleep yet?” “I was waiting for your arrival sir. He made his way to where she was and knelt down before her.” Then she was gone. ---He came home past midnight surprised to see the lights in the den on. Ella didn’t know which was more painful. Parking his car. But had he? Chun can only look at her in silence.” Chun nearly fainted when he heard her say that.” “It’s ok.” Ella didn’t know why. For them. She couldn’t possibly know. She didn’t care. a tear falling from the corner of her eyes. “I figured you’d miss me. no. Here he was. But before she was completely out. Last night was supposed to be a night of love. “Ella…” He started. “Do you want me to call security?” By now he was already standing up. instead she pretended to fix her outfit. she didn’t care. as her body rose and fell as she breathed. as he continued to pretend. After that.” She reached over and cupped his chin and pulled him towards her.” She playfully pushed him and walked away. He dared not to answer that question as she eyed him from the corner of her eyes. you should thank me Mr. It had seemed like it hadn’t mattered. Her expression bore her whole being. She didn’t turn. I love your lines. “I wouldn’t say that if I were you. She wasn’t going to forgive him. Eating up his dignity. At least not forever anyway. It was starting to work.” He whispered shortly after planting a light kiss on her temple. who could resist? “I’m only kidding. a whisper in his mind would always say ‘don’t give up.” Angela knew she was asking for the moon. she thought you were going to come home early and dine with her tonight.” And then it hit him. .” Was all he said. but he wasn’t there anymore. Ella had something she never had. “I’m sorry about last night. Chun can only sigh deeply as he looked at the horizon.” To his surprise she started to clap.” Chun frowned.” he looked up to find Lou standing right behind the door. But Ella didn’t mind. He didn’t know.” Her evil laugh echoed around the spacious room. “Young Master. She made sure she looked worth looking at as she did this. Not now.” “Don’t make me drag you out of here. Quietly he made his way towards her and hugged her from behind. “I’m sorry about tonight sweetheart. Even if giving in to this person was the only way.” She pouted prettily. . He was suppose to eat dinner with her tonight while she cooked for the both of them. now come here and give me a kiss. wanting to strive and fight for the love he has for her. “Not so fast hun. but at this moment she was superior enough to take it and make it her own. She was nearly dragged to the garden. “What happened Chun? I thought you wanted to push me out. he felt his heart pinch in regret. For the dinner? Maybe.” “Get out.” “Look Angela you may think I’m enjoying this but--” Angela looked at him then sat down on a bench with a mocking smile. Ella knew once she looked up into those eyes of his. making her face him. He wasn’t going to let anything harm her. slightly startling her. She looked at him from head to toe and when her eyes met his. These past few days she became aware of how little time they were spending together.” Chun turned her. . You’ve already caused so much pain in my life. It was if a whisper in her heart said it’s alright. .’ Ella wanted to scream.” she thought. I guess. He remained silent and remote. Knowing… She knew. He had screwed up yesterday and now. Chun observed her face and caressed it gently. That face. “You can run ‘darling’ but you can’t hide. like in the past. “And if you don’t want to give into my request. No a sound was heard. He never watched the horizon with her before. Reaching for his pillow. Chun was too fast to fall for it so he pushed her hands away from him. Like magic. she bit her lower lip. at least one of them thought so. Each time his mind would decide to forget this whole scenario. we ate breakfast. “Tell me I’m forgiven and that you love me. Not bothering to mask his deceitful actions.Angela bitterly smiled and took a seat on one of the chairs in front of him.’ Somehow those three words held a big impact in him. No more sharing meals together everyday or just cuddling alone in private. everything will be alright. “Instead of doing all this. Tonight he had forgotten about the dinner because of all the things Angela said earlier. and now I have to go before—” She put a finger to his lips. but she knew she had to forgive him. Now they were lucky enough to share a meal once or twice a week and only smile in the arms of each other at night. Instead. of doing what he had asked. “What would make you forgive me?” The sadness in his voice made her turn towards him and smile. “I don’t want to see your face anymore Angela. An image of Ella in tears came into mind. Unless… “When are you deciding to let Ella know that—” “What do you want?” He had no other choice. Not ever. It felt so good to be like this. she stood up and leaned over his desk. as his fingers sought through her hair in the process. nothing was going to change the fact that he forgot. she knew it was him. no I won’t allow it. He was out of words. They were both on the balcony of her unit watching the sunrise like before. but for what? It wasn’t like he did something wrong. How could he forget? As much as he blamed himself at the moment. but to give in. Well. spending time with Angela like they were an ideal couple. Only wishing to make the feeling last.” And with that she turned her body around and began to walk towards the door. she was almost going to forgive him. she stopped and turned to him. This person. Chun shrugged her hands off him and turned around. Even in sleep she looked beautiful. please don’t add another. she sought to be alone with Chun anyway. “I want what’s mine Chun. Even if he hated the fact of being secretive or adding lies to his relationship with Ella. Chun hurriedly walked up the long staircase hoping to find her awake. “Bravo Chun. Not unless he could help it. he promised himself that he wasn’t going to let a girl like Angela ruin it for him. burst—hate him. Ok so what. It felt like she was smelling Chun. Chapter 13 Never enough Like every morning Ella sleepily reached for Chun. but she was quick to move away. Showing a little something here and there. Ella’s shoulders cradled his head as he gently laid it there. ----“I missed you. “Is something wrong?” “Well the miss just retired half an hour ago. She peered at him with a grin. She was preparing to leave when the sound of someone entering the room caught her attention. “I watched the horizon with you. ‘No. His face flashed havoc as he watched her staring at him. It was their fourth month anniversary since she returned. but the heavens weren’t on his side tonight. “You’re not forgiven and I don’t love you.” He made a move of grabbing her arms. he stood up and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. Ella couldn’t help herself from smelling it. she would give into whatever he had to say.

-----Flashback-Lou was in verge of asking Chun if he was going to work. and like every angel with heaven. Chun mentally kicked himself when he remembered she was a light sleeper. he was the only one who treated her as such. Chun’s arms willingly wrapped around her waist. instead she opened her lips to take all of him and responded to the great rhythms his explorations made. “Wu. Driving him out of his mind and in last minute he had managed to pull a blanket and sun tan lotion with him. She looked like an angel. She never understood him. Questioning his sudden move of putting them in such a state. leaving her in nothing but her black lingerie. She felt so content. Sleepily. . good day to you. She turned to her companion and smiled. he withdrew his hands. She had to admit that during these months. his hands gliding from one breast to another and when Ella thought she couldn’t take it anymore.” With that he left with the old man staring oddly behind him. low moan with her knees involuntarily coming into contact with the object in between his legs.” She slightly parted her lips to restate the concealed question in her being. She didn’t know much about boys. she knew he was looking at her. she felt like a princess. to let her finish the job she once started. with his fingers not falling far off behind as it slowly traced her middle. Well. She was his.” “I told the house keepers to not bother to come out here. Happy. at least eating such a delicious dessert. Staring into her eyes. Palm pressed deeply. hurry up and finish that. Feeling as though. She wasn’t afraid to admit it either. Chun managed to smile to himself in triumph as he watched her nap beside him. Yet. It’s only fair if you call me Chun. which she needed not to be worried. Chun milked her lips with tender suction. treats her like any other buddy. smoother line that disappeared into his shorts. she couldn’t explain why she liked him so much. she snuggled to his warmth. Time seemed to go by fast. nothing else in the world will matter. she couldn’t bring herself to touch him. Slowly squeezing the bottle and poured some liquid lotion onto his hands before gliding his gifted fingers on her legs. because when that person enters your life. Seeing him up early in the morning had surprised him.’ And those words stuck to her as she viewed her handsome pair. Shadows of yesterday started to fade. pushing herself deeper into his hold. Chun ushered her on her back. but she had no choice but to evaluate them as he once again sealed them into another breathtaking kiss. blushing deeply when he smiled upon her glance to show her why he had done so in the first place. Chun moved his eyes around her. Not like his older brother Jiro. He again squeezed creamed lotion on his hands as he once again laid them on her breasts. Chapter 14 Fighting fate “The only reason why people hold onto memories so closely is that they’re the only things that won’t change when everything else does. he lowered them on the blanket he spread across the soft ground when they got there. The feeling was joint. Chun traced the soft curves on her face. But his next move had surprised her. except what she yearned most for him to touch. She didn’t resist. Just then did his lips get in contact with her own.Nevertheless. and he was hers. There in her small hand were two coins. ‘When will that be daddy?’ ‘You’ll just know. His lips forming an unbreakable bond with hers. A flash of disappointment flashed in her eyes when he didn’t take the exploration further. But being a girl. she opened her eyes and smiled upon seeing Chun. He was sitting upright between her legs. Everything had been going smoothly these past few months. She buried her face in the hollow of his shoulders with her inquiring fingers threading throughout his dark hair. Ella stirred in her nap. Slowly. Ella couldn’t help but gasp. She pouted prettily and pulled out something from her pockets.” His voice was rigid and wildly hoarse—naughty. He wanted to let her know how much she meant to him. they both cherished each and every minute of it. pulling her into a closer hold. one quietly eating his share of sweets. I told you Chun. but worried that fate would get a bigger price out of it all. And in response. vain struggle for meaning as it perfectly floats in air. her fingers narrowed down his torso to a darker. she had the dream of every woman out there because she had Chun. Leaning down he assured her. Wasting no time.” His words warmed her. There in hand was a bottle of lotion.” “I call you Ella. She felt two pools of lotion he squeezed on each of her breasts. And a picture of tomorrow came in picture. even more when he left for a few hours then returned.” She whined. Without much of a word exchanged between them. “What was that for?” Ella asked with the little breath he left her. strong—anxious. without any words to express his feelings. and loved him enough to call him hers. --End of flashback-It had been worthwhile just staring at her as she slept. “Lou I don’t feel like working today. He chose actions. She had left him nothing in temptation when he saw her walking down that long staircase in skimpy shorts and white almost see through tank top. Until she felt the string of her top and give way to his quick tug. then continued to lick the sides of his Popsicle stick. The little boy craned his neck and coldly shook his head. That’s all. Their position was awkward. He was trying to unbutton her shorts and even more dazed when he began tugging them down. who always treats her kindly and even calls her little sister. That was the first thing she noticed when she finally came back to her senses. She groaned when she saw him move away from her. Looking down at where his fingers were at the moment. with no one in the world being able to do the same. but her daddy once told her that she will fall in love and live happily one day. “A penny for your thoughts. one of them was a girl. She couldn’t afford it. Bodies reclined with their arms and legs entwined. he felt like heaven on earth. She rocked her head back and fourth as he continued the assault. his hand covered her center. He guided it over the deep dimple of his abdomen then letting go. “Don’t call me that. “For always understanding. In his polo shirt and Bermuda shorts his tone was a toast of brown bronze all over.” Two young children were sitting on a bench. She wanted this as much as he did. . Call me Chun. Ella remained motionless as she listened quietly as the breeze roared with powerful swifts. doesn’t make her last.” She was a troubled child. as though trying to draw all her sweetness into himself. He hadn’t planned to make passionate love here out in the garden. looking as wrecked since Ella had gotten into an accident. “Tell me if you want me to stop. while she laid alongside looking up at him. She snapped her eyes open but his eyes had given her the answer. Was that how the pattern of existence forms? An eternal. Out of two companions. Chun bent down and captured her lips. His abdomen nestled the line. Her eyes closed as she felt him massage a spot she’d never expect to be worth caressing. While Chun on the other hand. Ella was afraid. She traced the responsive skin on his chest. He slid the material off her before she was able to object.” She rolled her eyes. Ella arched her back. but knew better when Ella began to stir. It took her a few seconds to relax her body as if wanting to surrender herself into a new bliss of passion. “Chun someone might see us.” “So?” “I like Wu. She liked him. . And from the corner of her eyes. His eyes bulged in its small sockets when he noticed what it was. while the other happily eating ice cream. He stopped nestling her neck when he felt her stop the slow penetrations she was giving him awhile ago. Raging desire had made her weak and can only follow his lead to meet that satisfying need. but when her exploring fingers reached it. When all of her had been covered. a depth was there and in movements he helped her over power it.” She can only nod afraid that the pleasure building up inside her would leave if she asked him to stop now. Ella gave a long. “Chun sounds weird. Selfish because she had this man. Never wanting to let go. Of all her friends. . call the office and tell them that I don’t plan on working.

but not for Wu Lin Chun. denied her. I write the memory as it unfolds within me vividly in my secretive writing. She didn’t want anyone knowing her little secret. “What can I do for you?” Again she asked friendly. reality was different.’ Ella opened her eyes just at the same time Chun did. He stared at one star in particular and closed his eyes. “You have a visitor Miss. in directions he can no longer control. slowly falling down as the gentle wind slowly pushes him. A smile forming on her lips as she slowly approached her. “You’re such a big baby. She didn’t bother asking who it was. The wind dancing along in vibrant rotations. He was what they called fantasy. Angela faked a smile and eyed Ella in wonder. But Chun hadn’t doubted that. The person on the other end silenced after hearing no response from him. All those times he had pushed her away. but I find nothing but the peaceful garden looking as radiant and thriving. yet so a like. it hadn’t changed how the city looked from where he stood. The nerve of him.” ---Love can either lead you to a beautiful or painful ending. “I’m almost—” “I told her. offering many kinds of satisfaction as his eyes roamed around the city under his watchful eyes. “Yup. Standing up. “Doesn’t it get old waiting for Chun all day?” The way she said it disgusted Ella. He knows all those around him ask. but his chest tightened in response as he curled his fingers in tight fists. a whole new him. it was a whole new experience. While knowing. Ella smiled and told him she’ll follow after a short while. He knew that if it were another person. usually he picks me up and we eat out.“My daddy gave me these today for being such a good girl.” “Do I have to say my wish out loud?” “No. He was waiting for the words to come out as he continued to wait. Somehow it had diverted his mind to something it couldn’t block out. Deep in thoughts wondering how things were going to be from now on. she would understand. pick heads or tails?” He thought for a moment. Chun stopped her. “What kind of game?” “Like heads or tails. ----Journal Entry. Although. Sometimes. . Love is never sure. He then closed his eyes. It was the only thing she had that she can hide from everyone. She started of with Memory. “Sometimes.” she greeted friendly.” She said with her head held up high. At times he compared himself to a tree atop of the mountain. In her perspective she found her very pathetic.” Ella smiled. So he had been taking her out to lunches and eating dinners with her while she continues to wait for no one. But behind those clever eyes was a mysterious hatred in hiding. Only if he opened his eyes sooner.” Angela’s temper was breaking control. Chun was seated on his desk in his office during late hours of a Wednesday night. and loved someone else… A feeling for Ella was already there. wanting to seek for his princess. it was fate. over powering the sensation of existence in ones life. “tails. And marry her one day. He couldn’t set himself to enjoy the remaining time he had left.” He said to himself as he buried his head in his hands. trying to remember a single reminiscence as a lingering breeze rushes through. He couldn’t explain what he felt just then. he made his way to the balcony of his office and looked at the view from the window. In a small corner of his heart. “Chun. As he sighed heavily. Slowly he walked towards her. Instead it grew steeper. if I don’t get heads can we flip again?” “Why? “Because if its heads. Ella closed her eyes and thought of a wish. But love wasn’t accidental in ones life.” Before he had a chance to ask another question. His cell phone ringing diverted his attention. ‘I wish my Wu will tell me he likes me and marry me one day. When she was about to flip the coin.” She sounded so sure that Chun nodded. “What if it’s not true?” “It is. In dept.” The voice from the other end began. “You just missed him. Hurting her was the last thing on his mind but… He didn’t want to hurt himself either. Being alone again. With Ella. What would become of his world without her? Didn’t she love him even then? If he told her. With her pencil she drew drastic shapes of all forms and colors… She felt someone watching her from a distance and looking up she found Lou looking at her unpleasantly. debating whether he had made the right decision of telling her so. yet that feeling of need hadn’t gone away. he was scared to see his reflection through the mirror. He was different. “Like this. “Wu…I mean Chun. we’ll be together when we grow up. he wished he can go back and flip that same coin. He chuckled briefly as he watched her like an eager child wanting her wish to come true. never in his wildest dreams did he find himself in this situation. I look around for a soul that may be watching. “Is there anything else you would want to know about ‘my’ husband’s schedule?” She seemed distracted awhile and looked around the spacious living room like someone who was a bit paranoid.’ It was a Prince’s wish like in fairytales. but if its tails. twenty years passed. being on the top floor of the Lin Corporation.” Now that Chun thinks about it. if I’m not mistaken. And now. or a way of viewing the astonishing sight of Taipei. Or a watch that controllably moves forward each second. She had done nothing wrong to her so far and as long as it stays that way. she drew a portrait of him. Not long did she open that little part and made it bigger. and if you win your wish will come true. Quickly she hid her journal from his view. Chun’s life. in fact there was no room for nothing else but her in his being. It was a beautiful night. she had been there all along. He knew he loved and cared for her.” “What’s your wish?” “I get to wish?” This time he was looking at her with much interest. “I was hoping to catch Chun here. Maybe. ‘I wish I can meet a beautiful girl that I can call my girlfriend. “By dinner. Then gazed back at Ella.” “When will he be back?” Irritation was starting to overcome her. “You selfish bastard. But he hadn’t. Risk moments—dreams that he had then. Knowing each moment counted like a slow gust of air passing by. Chapter 15 Knowing the truth “I told her…” Chun almost let go of the phone in hands as he heard him speak. although. This woman was never going to stop. Scared to see the shadow of what he has become. his fate for hurting Ella several yesterdays in all those years. Why? Was he afraid? Crazy? Heartless? He didn’t expect to fall in love with her. Even if he continuously pushed her away.” “Let’s play a game Wu!” Excitement in her voice. Looking ever surreal.” “He doesn’t come by for lunch?” Somehow she doubted her answer. “Is Chun home yet Lou?” He never disturbed her before unless it was very important. I want to flip again. There was no way she was going to be rude. why? Why use such a vulnerable person like Ella. They sparkled in delight. he should be in his office by now. she will act the same. the chance of loosing her tomorrow—the future. like observant angels boosting up his inability to make change. She was all he wanted since he was little. instead she left the journal lying on the table with the wind harshly turning the pages back and fourth. “Shouldn’t I say the same?” There was no use in pretending.” She watched his forehead crease in confusion. When he said he’ll try. Chun smiled and messed with her hair. Losing your memory doesn’t mean losing everything else. maybe. Hurting her again. all of him wanting to move back and stand still. Chun swallowed hard. he couldn’t help but look up at the stars.” Lou looked distracted and confused. play with fate and its foolish games. How can a small word like that define so many things? In her mind. Love is never prefect. ---Ella found her visitor sitting on a couch. almost over growing the love he had for himself. “Angela. right? There was a part in him that wanted to tell her everything. yet he wasn’t willing to let go again.

Slowly she was fading. tell me…please?” She pushed him away. No one spoke.Angela shot up and looked down. Angela was scared. “I want my fiancé’ back.” Chun thought awhile. “I want you to know that no matter what happens I love you. by the looks of Ella’s reaction it looked as if she were about to murder. To his surprise. yet she had made him feel as though he did. What else was there to say? Reaching up to cup her face lovingly in between his hands.” She paused and grabbed Angela’s hair. there she was. How? What? Why? Angela was far from being sorry. Angela shrugged his hands off her.” “Don’t you think it’s a little too late now? We’re married. This time it was Ella’s turn to hold onto her wrist and turn her. He looked at Ella first. She needed time.” “No your not!” ---“I told her not to bother the young miss. She was reacting exactly how she thought she would. However. but I’ve just have had enough of you. the look on Chun’s angry face was telling her a different story. “I want to tell you something. “Now. pulling her towards the door. because I love you. he chose her. We’re married. All she wanted was some rest and wished it all goes well tomorrow. he decided to go home and accept whatever she has to say. How could she have fall for him? He made her look so stupid. Gracefully standing up. But thought otherwise. All she wanted was Chun to gather her up in his arms and… And then what? She laid down on their king sized bed and curled herself up into a ball. too bad. She wasn’t mistaken when she thought how Angela would react. Then without another word. he’s mine. Ella walked up to their room and closed the door behind her painfully. Time to think things over. but would she allow him? Chun knelt down beside her and absorbed the silent pain she should have poured out on him. Chun pulled her closer to him. Reality check. Like a baby curled up on the bed. especially if the reason was him. He wanted to touch—hug her. She wanted to hate him. “I’m on my way Lou. For hours he watched her sleep. Chun made his way towards them. She was testing how far she would go. “No baby.” Chun started off. it wasn’t enough to act towards it. Ella didn’t resist. and up to this point? Anger was building up inside her. How can nothing change? From the very moment he said everything. she grinned at Angela. It broke his heart seeing her like this. Ella forced her eyes shut. He never laid a hand or hurt one physically.” She was speechless. However. She was too stunned to say anything so she allowed him to push her into his car and be driven away. you stupid bitch!” But Ella was calm. To damn tempted to try it on Angela for the first time.” --“No your not!” Angela swallowed hard. “What the hell—” “Lou called me and said you went over at the mansion. It felt as though. he didn’t want to add anything that he’d regret later.” Opening his eyes. If it’s Chun you want. but he was tempted. Silence. his heart racing as he hurriedly ran to her. Following the impulse of his heart. When the kiss ended Ella buried her face into the hallow of his neck. Chose her over herself. No one dared to speak. she grasp that he was no different from a stranger. “If I see you near me or my husband again. His hand pinning her waist closer to his.” He begged. Just then. “Listen here and you listen! I don’t know what I’ve ever done to you or Chun. Ella stood still. ---Ella didn’t move. No love.” Chun forcedly let go of her and pushed her far away from him. Crying herself to slumber. Choking on her tears. “What did you say?” Ella asked getting the courage. Maybe he didn’t love her anymore. I’m doing all this because I care. It was now or never. pointing a finger at her. He wanted to throttle Angela so much that his hands shook. Ella felt someone watching her. Mixed emotions as he decided what he had to do. She didn’t care if the maids looked at her sadly or with question. Ella knew when to start and end arguments. And so I told Ella she had a visitor sir. Angela pulled her wrist and spun her around. Did she really know him? There was no use for words. So used. Everyone has their own share of defeat and failure. breaking them away from each other. Besides what was said was already said. “I’m sorry.” Chun stared at her. She didn’t know if she was doing the right thing. They were now in her suit. He wanted to cry. Please understand that I did this because—” “You’re so damn sick. but with Ella he was ready to accept it all. never a you and me. he kissed her. He hated to see her in tears. I wanted to love you. What did you tell her?” Chun was loosing his patience.” “Why are you saying all this?” Chun closed his eyes and held her tighter. There were no happy memories. I will not—” She paused when she saw Chun by the door. Chun demanding to hear what had happened. gently she opened her eyes. “You’re hurting me Chun. It was time. All he worried about now was how he would explain things to Ella. “I wouldn’t have asked for anything than having you in my life. “What is it that you really want Angela?” She was silent awhile. He didn’t care whether Angela was a woman. “There was never a fairytale wedding. “Don’t turn your back on me when I’m talking to you. The aroma of the quiet room was getting into her system that made her want to sleep. “How dare you question me and my relationship with Chun. “We’re not married. I just wanted to help you. I don’t want to argue over something that isn’t worth my time.” He titled her chin up to make her face him. “Say something. Chun watched— waited for her reaction. don’t think that. just tell me straight out. She wondered how she would survive without that warmth enveloping all of her each time he brought her into his arms. he pulled Angela out of the mansion with him. She hoped everything would go back to the way things were. Maybe he doesn’t want her anymore. Fading away like a silent breeze.” Ella stiffened. Angela looked at him coldly.” no response. Was he kidding? Ella pulled herself away from him and stood up. Made him realize that there was more to life than being perfect. She walked towards her cabinet and took out a suitcase. instead he held onto the knob of the door and gently twisted it with adding force to push the door open. He was starting to annoy her. He didn’t deserve her. let’s not go there. “What do you want me to say? Thank you?” “Tell me nothings changed. now. So instead she gathered herself up and stormed out of her way. No vows. Annoy her so much that she didn’t care anymore. instead she responded equally to the demand of his kiss. He felt the room move around him. She watched him take her away. only to find herself staring into his own. Obviously pleased with her outburst. What had she done wrong? Was she not enough? Finally having the strength. She wondered if Chun was getting tired of her. her heart aching to hear his assurance and the share of heartbeat. but she wanted to see her. What was done has already been done. her eyes darting to hers. except he hadn’t.” Ella turned her back on her and began walking off. This was what she needed. Now standing outside of the door to their room he felt nervous. . Fading from the nightmare. Damn! “I didn’t mean to tell her it just slipped out. How can you play me like that? And to think you love me?” Chun rushed towards her and enveloped her in his arms.” Chun stood up and step forward as she stepped backwards. “No Ella. Fighting the urge to leave and trail the coward way out. --“What did you tell her?” Chun asked furiously and shook her shoulders with much force. ---He wasn’t sure if she wanted to see him.” Ella pulled her wrist free. A river of tears fell from her eyes continuously. “Why are you doing this? Do you not want me anymore? If that’s the case I’ll leave you.

“How do you do it Ella?” “How do you walk ahead knowing something might be holding you back?” No answer was heard on her behalf. Chun can clearly see that Ella surrounded by a few men. He had just informed Ella’s parents and they had been delighted with the idea of him admitting the truth. She didn’t trust herself anymore. Ella had long admitted to herself that she was frightened to see him again. He cried for Ella. No. A frequent subject in common of it all. he had no other choice but to oblige. He cried when Angela bailed on him on their wedding day. all there was left was for Ella to accept the present. for she might end up forgiving him. but he wanted time.” Without another word she opened the door and walked out of it. Even in a drunken state she looked beautiful. After assuring them that he’d find her. Her head ached. he was thankful that they have agreed. devastated to learn their only child had left home. I don’t love you and never will so get out of my life!” She felt like someone had just poured ice cold water all over her. Too damn tired. Chapter 16 Tired of hurting She was walking towards no where in particular. I saw your number and decided to call. At the same time. just this once. “Chun. so he walked on until he reached the foot of the bed in one of the rooms and gently laid her on it. She was tired of shedding one tear after the other. he had other nights spent with the woman he loved. with her whole body aching. he turned to the person next to him who slept on.” One of them urged. What did she mean? “Were you with Angela all those nights you weren’t home?” Silent. Saved me. “Were you with Angela all those days I called your office?” Silent. .” She was shaking. she’s here at VS. Turning off the engine. She was tired.” He called out in a whisper. For a few seconds he took in Ella’s profile feeling guilty for all the things he had done. During all those times she had been there to reassure him. She felt lost. He cried when he lost his parents in a terrible accident. Ella tightly closed her eyes. “I’m sorry. I can’t live without you. Tired being so vulnerable. it was the only way. But where?” It was as if she disappeared without a trace. At that time. Chun heaved a sigh. “But I do. “Were you that man I loved for all those years?” With that Ella moved. Small cries. Wanting to make his presence known. There were at least five of them. She stopped but didn’t turn around. That was all that mattered. A place that would help her remember. It was over. but not long did his laughter turn into small tears. The lie he created had already been revealed.” Weakness in her voice. or afraid to realize that he had not cared enough to do so? Nevertheless. he never complied. finally. Never would he agree to those terms. Almost feeling like she was about to fall down. “Let go of me. Baby please?” Words were no longer enough for her. there was only himself. And so he thought of bringing her to his beach house where they spent a few days during those summer days in the past. “Who is this? And what are you doing with my wife’s phone? Is she with you? What’s your name? If you dare touch her. He was a changed man.” “Shit Chun. She wanted to at least sit down for a while. but they were all whispers in Chun’s ears. And suddenly… “As hard as you try you can never replace Angela in my heart. Though. but the man didn’t seem to notice since his back was to him. But was she really afraid that he might find her. I think she had much to drink already. Chun didn’t bother switching on the lights since he knew where everything was by heart. if you loved me. His gaze fell from one man to another. She was never there. The fact that Chun might be looking for her crossed her mind. sweetheart where are you?” “Uh I’m sorry sir. How can he do this over and over? Hurt her over and over? Did he really love her? “Ella.” She stopped and looked at him. “You still love her don’t you?” He looked at her. he walked towards the small crowd and picked up the unconscious Ella. She can’t possibly leave him. Above all. whether he knew it or not. And no longer did she trust him.” “You made me believe you loved me. If you care for me just a little…Let me go. Chun looked at the phone then answered. Spending a night or two every week on Angela’s coach was worth it. He reached out and tucked in some strands of hair that fell in front of her eyes. There was no one else to rely on now. ---Chun was driving around Taipei. taking her out to dinner or just accompanying her at her hotel suit. At this moment she felt all those around her shatter.” ---He marched his way towards the bartender he had guessed to be the person who called him.” Chun said trying to take a few steps at a time. He picked up his pace by walking faster until he reached them. Chun had decided to take Ella out of the city. ---Finally making up his mind. All the things she believed in no longer mattered. Arriving. It was all as funny as he remembered all the times he cried. but do you know a lady over five feet. looking pale and unmistakably drunk. closing the door behind him. Chun spent some days with Angela. I will hunt you down you—” “Sir calm down. he had no idea what was to come over them during their stay. No she wasn’t going to give in this time. The past month had become a blur to him. not really knowing what was going on around her. It was the other way around. Chun shot him a look. Tired of hurting. She was out of their lives. angering him more. She didn’t want to see his pleading eyes. “Wake up beautiful. “No. Now. in return. Ella felt the world around her move. he didn’t have to deal with Angela. but still nothing. he didn’t know how Ella would react once she was sober. he reached the door and kicked it open. Opening the passenger door he bent down. but Ella thought otherwise. He was crying his heart out. she no longer questioned her place in Chun’s heart. From a distance. never would he regret something like sleeping with a woman like her. --Chun parked his car on the curb not really caring if it were a no parking zone or not. Chun laughed at his silly observation. he couldn’t let her. you wouldn’t have done all this. Until finally.” “You used me. lifting her up into his arms. She had made up her mind at that instant. “You’ve got to be here somewhere. There Ella lay motionless. brown hair…” the voice said and continuously described the said lady. a bit worried and relieved at the same time. Ella don’t leave me. so she walked on. don’t do this. “my head!” “Shhh just a few more steps. Making sure she was comfortable and then left her. Ella don’t leave me. And now all she wanted was to keep in the tears. His cell phone ringing caught his attention and looking at the caller I. his eyes outrunning a cold grimace miles away. Chun took the cloths from her suitcase and threw it on the floor. to consult him. Angela wanted more than that.” They all called out. Ever again. grabbing hold on her waist with one hand and slid his other arm under her legs. instead steady breathing sounds came as a reply. but now it was all different.D. Lied to me. Please do pick her up. Despite his reluctance in their agreement. Finally. He had already called his brother and Selina to help him search. walking past him. Somewhere out in the open where she could relax and think things over. Ella stirred in his arms and groggily snapped at the person who was causing all the movements. She’s the only girl now and the only girl there will ever be do you understand? I pushed you away so many times.” “No. But she fought for control. begging all of her to not let her own tears fall.“What are you doing?” he managed to ask in between sobs. “Ella. Her chest tightened. “Who the hell do you think you are?” “We found her first. Chun knew that Ella would sooner or later find out. So he thought of a good place that Ella might like.

Not thinking of how she looked with tears blurring her sight and with them randomly falling. He wanted to know where he was in her life now. If he still had a place in her heart. and imagined himself taking a few steps towards the welcoming ocean. After your accident.” She said pushing him away from her. I was nothing to you then why couldn’t you just do the same? That way you would have saved both time and trouble. still. Opening them. for she had looked on at the stars like a child and closed her eyes. -Ella woke up with her whole body aching. the fact that she was starting to regain lost memories scared her. Flashbacks invaded her. she felt cosseted. She felt Chun’s gaze on her. He wanted so much to run up there and dance with her. it didn’t change his mood. She opened her eyes only to find herself in a dark room. He hated this as much as she hated it.. Ella. He had bored himself watching the stars. spoke as if he was so sure Chun would find his daughter. It was never simple. and he trusted him with any decision he made for Ella. “Do you know how much I hated myself for doing this? For hurting you. “You were forced to love me. “Stop overreacting sweetheart. In vain. He couldn’t blame his wife either.” Because I owe you for all those years. She nearly fell off the bed she was laying on. A frightened feeling surpassed within. “For us. ---Chun had been sitting out for who knows how long. After a while. memorizing her face with his eyes closed. Just in time to see Ella coming out the glass doors.’ His conscious told him. but he enjoyed the scenery. Ella stood up and walked towards the two glass doors leading her out of the small balcony. but a huge distance in between them.” He said calming his wife. his eyes burning through hers. Afraid. what else was there for her to hate him? One lie seemed to build one after the other. There were so many things in the air.” He whispered silently in the dark. studying the stars scattered upon. sometimes his wife was really slow on catching things. When Chun called earlier to inform them that he had admitted everything she almost fainted. like short remedies. furthermore. angering him more. “How long have you been standing there?” He asked instead. stood up. How do you sleep each night with me right next to you? Has it even occurred to you that you might be hurting me? Might end up hurting me? Shit!” “Are you done?” Chun asked as he shook her shoulders. Was Chun the reason? She didn’t know. For a short while she felt secure. cheating bastard.” “Was Angela apart of this? Did you two plan this?” She was already in a verge of crying.. She looks nothing more than of a child. comforting him. Ella confronting him. The sight of her lured him. Everything seemed familiar to her. A harsh breeze sent his hair flying. which pained him more than anything. But no. “And if he doesn’t? You’re just going to let her go missing. His hands in hard fists. “It was never like that. Ella laughed weakly. On cue. She hated the idea. His eyes slowly opened. Its waves crashed softly against the rocks that jagged up along the shore. but luckily her husband had managed to support her. can’t you just have faith in our son?” Son? His wife looked at him. How much of a stranger he was now. almost humming a lullaby. his lips pressing gently on her lips. -Chun wiped the sweat on her forehead with a cold towel. This was not the time to interfere with whatever plans Chun had in mind. it was never like that. His hands loosened. Ella sighed and turned her body so that she no longer faced Chun. The shadow remained mysterious and hidden as she continuously ventured on with her thoughts. Her husband only looked at her and gave her a smile. He was nothing to her. he allowed his head to descend towards hers. What he really wanted was just to be away from everything with the only thing he wanted.” He spoke with so much pride. Like this. “My daughter needs me George. “When you wake up and realize you no longer need or love me. She walked straight to the ledge and stared faraway at the night sky. Thanks to his persistence in finishing the job rather quickly. Why do you have to do this to me?” Chun stood up. Nevertheless.” George can only roll his eyes. ---“Why did you bring me here?” Chun nearly choked. “Responsible? Can one really be.” She says for the nth time. when everything you see and feel reminds you of what you once had?” She asked aloud. only to witness the sadness on her face. You should have just left me alone. along with the rest of her body. ‘But you love her anyway. I was so confused and felt responsible for everything…” The way he said it. “How can you forget. Ella was their only daughter--heir. Ella buried her head in her hands. “Why did you have to lie to me?” Chun closed his eyes and truthfully he answered. and the moonlight reflecting her almond brown eyes. As much as he wanted to pull her in his arms and say how sorry he was. “So how was it? You must think I’m so pathetic right? How stupid I am and how pleased you are for being able to pull it off. is that it?” Oh god. Ella looked up at him. “Love never . She couldn’t stand this anymore.” It was half the truth. I’m willing to stay by your side. and purple from the pressure. he knew nothing was going to change the fact that he hurt her. Just let me love you. Greeted him. Chun wanted to hold her. responsible? You stole months of my Life. trying to hold in the tears. each time she did so he reminded her of how much he had hurt her. I can’t just sit here and wait for nothing. everything will be ok. “Are you dreaming about me?” Chun couldn’t help himself from feeling helpless. a tree supporting his back as he attentively observed the loud waves as they roared in lively motions out in the sea.Chapter 17 In search of memories Naomi was extremely worried for their only daughter. wanting to conceal the wounds. but George had pushed her back down on her seat. She couldn’t stand looking at him. Ella sighed. framing his face. made it seem so simple. but she didn’t turn to meet it. “How can I do that when my DAUGHTER is missing?” “Chun will find her. she closed her eyes again. George looked at his wife as though begging for her to understand. her fingers tracing the vertical sides with a close of her eyes. Only the angels knew what she was thinking. Ella opened her eyes all so sudden that she had to blink a few times for her vision not to blur. It was never that easy to wake up and lie to her as he did. She did not hide the fact that she despised him. Like all those years. “No. small voices of yesterday and dark shadows of unspoken memoirs. He closed his eyes. except she didn’t want him to see how weak she was. He wasn’t expecting anyone. but a connection to the past. on what seems to be nothing when a voice came from behind. and then followed awkward silence. I felt I had to after all those years. All she wanted was to regain what was lost so she can forget and move on. Ella turned to him then. “Why did you bring me here?” She asked after moments of silence and for the second time. touch her. his finger tips reached to touch her cheeks. She too. With less of an enthusiasm. The wind calmed. under the stars.” She made a move of standing up. but. Even if he watched her from a short distance. meeting his gaze. Ella had affected him. “This place holds a lot of memories for you. “Because I had to. not quite aware that from a vintage point out in the open a watchful shadow observed her. “I don’t have a son. she felt sheltered—hidden. all so steady not even moving and so he diverted his attention to the waves. “No!! I’m not done with you— you liar. Right Chun. he was no husband she believed him to be. the waves playing as their soft harmony and the pale moonlight as their light. he wanted to add but didn’t. Were they really lies? Or was there any truth behind it? “At a point yes. He wanted Chun for his only daughter. Chun looked at her. his knuckles turning white. “Love? You call that love?” Then she stopped all so sudden taking herself in surprise along with Chun. he just sat there beside her. Do you know how much I love you?” Ella laughed hysterically. Even from a distance. The ocean went quiet.” His voice was cold. He wanted so much to tell her but he was a coward.” He managed to add. following a pattern as it touched her soft lips. She leaned on the marbled ledge. Before he had time to think otherwise. “Naomi. he finished in one piece. he turned his interest towards the balcony of the beach house. She had not notice him. She wasn’t going to deny the fact that she felt safe here. Weak. He turned around. Chun had managed to make her sit. but her mind had pushed out the possibilities of remembrance.

Ella looked away. Let’s stop making love seem so imperfect. he thinks to himself. you’re sexy. Browsing through groceries.” He spat the words out. it no longer mattered for today it seemed different. As always. giving into his persuasion. He moved away from her then walked towards the fridge. The things that make him loose his mind and make him give in. too sexy it hurts. so tune in. He wanted so much to turn around and walk away. she turned hoping to repeat herself. He wanted so much to protect her. all this. Chapter 18 When love is more than words A/N: Hi girls. too sexy for a shirt. she didn’t know how long she had left. to learn to trust him. He wanted to make sure she was responding to him the way he had felt her respond.” He shot his hands in midair. “I’m still hungry! So stop talking dirty and cook me something quick. Chen.” Gently. “Because your breakfast is burnt.” Chun pulls her down in bed with him. wanting to put up a fight. From now.” “How can I forget? How does one really forget Chun?” “By learning how to forgive. to treasure her. Ella opened her mouth to say something. JUST yet. and smiled for real this time. She kissed him teasingly and then pulled away. Ms. cooking only in his pajama bottom. “Ella lets not make any more mistakes. and then rained kisses on her beautiful face. No. No valiant probing or suckling. on Matthew Lin Chun was going to love her without reason.” He pointed out.” He called out after her.” he answered in a whisper.” She pouted prettily. while she sat down on a stool chair and watched him. with a smile starting to form on her lips. Although.” Chun walked towards her again. She must have miscalculated her movements. stopping her from walking any more. Chun shook his head disbelievingly.” She says in a playful voice. “Ella. Today was a new start.” Ella replied sadly before sealing their lips together again. ---Ella was silently observing Chun. At that moment he poured all the words he wanted to say. to his eyes. She had talked him into cooking her breakfast alone. Just after he turned the pieces of bacon. he turned towards her and tipped her chin up for a kiss. “What are you doing?” She watched as he undressed quickly.” Her eyes in slits. Words happened to change them. comments are welcome. Shortly. And to him. She bit her on her lower lip to keep herself from initiating a kiss.” He replies with his eyes closed. he hated that thing she always did. But as he took a step forward. nothing came out. and there she was ordering him around with less of an interest.” She said it in a matching tone that she doubted of him hearing. “Yes. “Chun!” she snapped. Ella kissed him on the neck then struggles free in his arms. Letting out the gulp of air she had been holding for what seems to be forever. “I do. I’m really famished.” this time closing his eyes as he said the words. Without another word.” “Ei. before everything came back. He was right. obviously enjoying the morning with her. Feeling her yielding and plaint lips moving against his. sure it is. he’ll never know. It is never selfish. what’s left of me. Ella turned and walked towards the beach house. he finally initiated a breathtaking kiss. She had enough. he touched her face as though it were the most fragile thing in the world. Sitting up with a groan. “I’ve been wanting to do that since last night. this time without any resistance from Ella.” She hadn’t notice herself voicing out her thoughts aloud. ========== “Chun. and then incessantly eyed him from head to toe. Wu. Ella laughed then pointed down to what looked like burnt bacon. Holding her closer with his arms around her back. “You can have. Ella smiled and cupped his face. Don't worry it's not at its end.” he says naughtily. “Yes. So guess if its a happy or sad ending. He was trying to fry eggs and bacon. what do you mean breakfast is off for me?” Hands on hips. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.’ he shook his head and walked out of the kitchen with her tagging along quietly behind. Taking a step back from him then tucking in some strands of hair behind her ear. he savored every corner of her mouth. Love is never perfect. Abruptly. She couldn’t help but smile.” He says burying himself in between her shoulders. Her morning scent coming over him. cursing under her breath. “Give me another one. With shaking hands.” He turned off the stove then began walking towards her. leaning in. See Chun.” Ella stuck her tongue at him and tried pushing him away. To hear him out. “You promised we’d cook breakfast together. but…” “But what?” Suddenly he was out of it. :D Here's one of the longest chapters ever! It might be eh. “It’s not that simple. come what may. But she had her pride. Shopping. Slowly. It’s Bullshit. She lost count of all the times she woke up next to him. She wanted to be alone. she yanked the pillow under his head and smacks him across his head.hurts the person they love. he was definitely worth fighting for. that’s not love. Chun groaned in frustration then looked at her sadly. Here he was trying to be seductive. She didn’t want to be Chen Ella anymore. Chun pulled away. So she tightly closed her lips together and remained silent. She told herself. her eyes almost begging.” “No mines is very much ok. “Chun. she will make new memories with this man. There was something behind his voice that always wanted her to stop. Ella looked down at her feet. They both knew it. Ella walked over towards him and whacked his tush with her bare hands. “Oh did I? I don’t remember. he closed his eyes. “So she admits. Let’s forget and share what we have now. Loving the playful expression on Chun’s face. About a few more chapters. ‘The things you do for her. smart one. with all that she knew up to this point. He looked boyishly cute in his sleeping state with his messed up hair. She will not listen. She sought to be the person he loved. . who does that? Apparently you have to. but shortly realized that it was useless. “It’s your breakfast too Chun. “I’m going to have you for breakfast. It was his way of asking her to believe him. When she turned around she found herself face to face with Chun. “Too sexy for my body.” “It’s not only my breakfast. She wanted so much to apologize for going far off with her words. Ella turned just in time for his lips to meet up with her cheek.” He sung in a sexy sing song voice.” They spoke in script. Ella whacks Chun’s head with a pillow. So don’t throw those words at me like you’re some perfect lover or something. In a slow and wary motion. Damn love for putting her through this. I thought you liked that. I give.” She chimed in a tiny voice. Chun turned just in time to see her bite her lower lip. All that was left.” To add. “You’ve been kissing me all morning Mr. “Looks like breakfast is off for you. “What?” She asked innocently. He was extremely sexy. “I’m sorry ma’am. he grinned. she broke the kiss. “Let’s make it together. but she pushed them away. Because to her.” He played along. “Give me a few minutes. A kiss that would make both of them feel it. idiot. Words were suddenly all they had left. The way she looked at him answered his longing. she took a step backward until her back meet up with the wall. Why can’t she bring herself to walk away? “I want to be alone Chun. Chun laughed.” “Love is never perfect. wake up! Ei!” Ella shook Chun’s body under the covers. Her eyes traveled up from his lips. Chun cleared his throat and stood up more straightly.” Chun teased her. Chun rolled his eyes. she was. He had no right too. “Alright. He was twice stronger than her.” He looked at her funnily. and he looked really funny doing so. her stomach began to grumble. How much those three words touched her. “Uh-huh. Silent questions flooded her mind. She reached over to touch his cheek. Her face was so close to his that she swore she felt his lips brushed against hers. He deserved this. Seeing that she didn’t get the reaction she wanted. “Baby please. he realized that he needed to do some shopping. with his hair still messy. and serious. he touched his lips with hers. She looked away in embarrassment. She shook her head in amusement. thanks for sticking with me this far. “I love you. Just before he had a chance to say something. Molding her soft tongue with his. Meeting her gaze. Both of his hands instantly trapping her head as he laid one at each corner. Wanting let go. he could hardly hold back the surge of contentment.

she was just a girl who belonged in his arms. He turned his attention to Ella.” But then regretted herself saying those two words when she noticed his all so sudden change of mood. Putting a hand on the door so she wouldn’t be able to open it. “Forever. directly sitting on the side of her. If you hadn’t burnt ‘our’ breakfast then this wouldn’t be a problem now would it?” She stated as a matter of factly. yet he just remained rooted onto the ground and treasured the perfect moment of his life. ---They ate their breakfast. Now with Ella repeating it. ‘Nothings forever. the woman he loved right next to him? But he had long discovered that she wasn’t. Now that they were starting over. with a hurt expression on his face. As Chun watched over her. and then wordlessly pushed the cart into the opening and begun unloading the groceries. He wanted her to smile. he touched her skin smoothly at first then aggressively. Ella reached out to touch him on the cheek. “Chun I don’t know what your problem about my clothing is. Watched her as she jogged her way out of the room.” She made a move of opening the door. ---“I wish we can stay like this forever. He didn’t deserve her. but what? “More clothing. Of course she didn’t see this. and grinned to herself. The words that took nothing much but powerful terms. The cashier waited for them to load the items off their cart. that until today. Now stop asking questions and let’s go. wanting to remember how her hair blew back each time a breeze of air passed by. then squishing the bottle with a big amount of lotion falling into his hands. He was about to unload the things in their cart when he got a peak through Ella’s nightgown.m. The cashier looked away. Exposing her front to the sun. A reminder of the journey he had in this lifetime. not really caring if he heard her or not. a smile that wanted him to hide from the world. Chun sought to have a normal day out in the open with Ella.” Chun said with a shake of his head as Ella leans into him. Meeting his gaze she gave him a cute smile. “Then let’s stay like this. How his heart skipped a beat when she smiled. waving a hand at him as she hopped her way towards the door. “How could I forget? But please. They had made love during their meal. the first time he had shared those beautiful words with her. Not clearly seeing how much damage it was doing to Chun. He had never felt like this before. Was it ever possible to change words that had their own personal meaning? Ella sat uncomfortably in place. so now he was ordering her around. He knew that he had hurt her many times. the simple act of breathing was a task she could barely muster. but as he looked at the couple. Since when did Chun ever get jealous? Chun pushed the cart with one hand. making him feel so special. They were on a role. proud of himself. but of the time they spent together. Chun on the other hand had had enough. He patted himself on the shoulder silently. “Only if you know how much trouble you’re causing. She couldn’t be serious going out like that. He absorbed all of her. He wanted this to be the day he would be able to remember vividly not of how many times he lost his control. he told himself.” Oh. in the morning. Why was he so possessive all of a sudden? It’s normal. plus before and after their sleep. He was the man who taught her of being the woman she was today and who brought woman in her she thought she never had. Now they were out in the beach. Ella was happily reading Yes Asia magazine. grocery shopping. The sun behind him. ---Ella smiled at those who gave her a few glances once in a while as she walked around the open twenty-four hour supermarket. He grabbed the lotion from her prying hands. he walked away without a word. I don’t want people looking at you!” Ella didn’t know what the big deal was. Chun following closely behind with a weird look on his face. my skin will burn under this hot weather. not caring of anything else in the world but each other…” she stopped then. She couldn’t put a finger to it yet. not minding all those around them. she continued. so much passion he wanted to share with this woman. Before he knew it. or how her eyes closed to keep the dust out from getting in them. Was she an angel? Was he imagining this beautiful woman. He didn’t want to loose this girl. Enough that it made him want to yell out how much he loved her. “Together. He didn’t want for things to change. And before she was able to prevent herself from saying anything else. There could be no other words that would ever make her feel like this.” The seriousness in his voice caught her by surprise. unable to move. Chun looked away. “Great. Was it really? “Chun what else are we going to need?” She asked absent minded. Her heart beat faster unlike the usual. lets go. “Suit yourself. making him look like a portrait.” He continued when no answer was heard. She didn’t know why people were whistling at her when she passed by or why they were looking at her funnily. but they had touched her.” Chun answered under his breath. this time. She turned and smiled. “You know what happened the last time I put lotion on you right?” He asked hoping for her to change her mind. I think its wearing off me. your body is literally exposed. She was beginning to figure what was going on. What was it with all the women he loved? They always seem to have the same reply.” This time it was his turn to watch her. their time in the shower. he had been tempted to close his eyes and reach over to touch her. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. He wanted so much to throttle their necks but thought otherwise. Only in her see through nightgown. She could hardly evoke all the times they shared together. “Ella. he was finished. Chun on the other hand glared at all those who stared at Ella. had been replaying in her mind over and over. he was lost for words.” She murmured. Touched her so much that she was willing to give up anything. “Nothings forever. who was oblivious of what was going on around her. go change.’ He remembered when Angela first said it. So she crossed her arms across her chest and stared at him with the You-Can’t-Make-MeChange look. “Chun can you retouch my suntan lotion. She was really something. a smile playing on her lips. “Then let’s make it last. he wanted so much to end the tantalizing massage before he ends up loosing his control. This time around. the other possessively holding onto her shoulders as they walked to the cashier. What was it that gave him another chance to be with her once again? There was so many words. They shared a shower.” It was random. He wanted so much to do so much more. anything to make him feel the same. A beautiful portrait of her heart. All at once. Surprising himself when he suddenly put an arm around Ella shoulders.” He announced like if it were the most appealing thing to do around eight a.” He says just loud enough for him to hear.In his khaki shorts and stripped blue polo. if you don’t. Ella pulled down her stunner shades and eyed him. but for your information I’m starving. while Chun on the other hand was having a hard time keeping his hands and eyes off her. Even in the past few months he never felt like this. because she was far off too busy smiling and waving at them. They fell into deep slumber in each other arms. Ella looked down at their cart and noticed everything she had in mind there. “I wish we can be so carefree. It was those words that had started to change everything between them.” Ella says stiffening a yawn and she laid back.” Chun was looking at her. “Where do you think you’re going?” “Like you said. it looked like they were in no move of doing so. Noticing how the words came out of her so easily. He didn’t want to argue with her anymore. “I have to do a little grocery shopping. Chun strode his way over to where she waited for him by the door. What was she up to? His eyes nearly popped out of his sockets when she grabbed the keys on the table. Chun noticing this and blocked his view by standing in front of Ella. her hair in a messy ponytail. but he beat her to it. the sun shinning down on them as they lay side by side. She was bewildered. . “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” “You’re not going out like that? Look at you. but put a jacket on will you?” With that he pushed the door open with much force that it caused a loud thud.” Chun sighed and sat up in a sitting position. She felt something was missing. He didn’t want people more especially those men ogling on her. but only for him. it had made him feel insecure. Let’s change nothing to until the end.

just then realizing that there were other people sharing the beach with them. Ella had been watching him for quite sometime now. He feigned hurt. murmuring a feather-light sound of ecstasy. nuzzling her neck before he sucked gently.” A slant smile curved his lips. “You’re not the only one. She felt like she didn’t need air when she could look into his eyes and feel powerless as she felt his soul reaching into hers. Chun groaned. They felt their worlds collide between the feverish kisses. Nevertheless. In his eyes and with all of him. she viewed him from the small mirror attached to the dresser. I always think of me touching your exquisite body. She leaned down. She sighed heavily. A silent moan came from both of them and it became an intense need. His fingertips touched the bottom line of her lips. she uttered the little words she could barely muster. The lightest of touches was what she felt as he kissed her forehead. It was an urgent kiss. I dream of how you’re always pressed against me.” Ella wanted to discover what was meant behind his words. before letting out a giggle. Ella gasped at those soft touches.” Chun confessed. I’ll always think of how I would run my hands through your hair which is like a river of molten gold. His lips parted for her and felt more frenzied as he swept his tongue against hers. every feeling and respond. upward. adorning my fingers in precious jewels. “You’re not helping when you do that. He remained inside her. Chun occupied every thought.” He said before he cupped a hand over her nape and captured her lips. before raking her hands on his bare chest. Chun allowed his full weight to collapse on her body. exhausted and tired. Ella woke up with a splitting headache. “I am haunted by your skin. slightly and carefully removing Chun’s hand that was weighing on her waist. She didn’t know what to do. He just wanted her. She spread her open palms over his chest. “You’re everything to me. “I love you so much. The hunger of being with him enlarged within her. rubbing her belly languidly against his naked hardness. Only her.” With a swift move. Flames seemed to course through their bodies. She inhaled the fresh air. for a long moment. She dared to lick her lips playfully before biting on her lower one to add assault. His need grew deeper. They felt one. in one beat. “Love me. and a weight of need rocked him. The ambiance of the room rose up. Gradually. Feeling the masculine muscles tighten made her loose her mind right there and then. He buried his face in the fragile curve where her neck joined her shoulder. She took the initiative to lean into him. he managed to will his own heart rate to settle.” She lifted her one hand to thread her fingers through his short.” Chun said. allowing her to hope for their present and future. always. their limbs feeling strangely heavy. a towel covering her body and her hair still wet from the shower. throwing off the wrong and hurt from the past. “You’re the only one who can ever make me feel this way. how much I want you. her naked glory at the touch of his hands felt wonderful. splaying it open at the small of her back to push her gently forward into his embrace. pushing them together. He was true to his words. which changed to a slow passionate one. He was far deep into her. they were ignored. In each others arms. Chun held her in silence. Pacing in one direction. When she reached the glass doors of the balcony. Not long after. not wanting to wake him. She returned the kisses with equal pleasure. he pushed her back down and positioned himself on top of her. quite interested with what he had to offer. shortly bending down to pick up her discarded cloths and putting them on. He told her that he loved her and he was showing her exactly that. --Chun long lost his sanity. However. thinking that no one else in this world could ever want her so much. it’s like I’m a sex addict or something. She needed some air. “I feel the same. he caressed her lips again. was the love of his life. always underneath me. No one else. Doubting a little that his would be beyond comparison compared to her own. Almost lost for words. She didn’t feel like her words would be enough to please him. for he only saw one person. Not one beating faster than the other. Chapter 19 Love put on hold Next morning. He was suddenly surprised when the empty space beside him dipped lower. pulling the towel open. He made her feel that this was her first. From the time he stared at her as she entered the room. fragrant skin he encountered there. kissing him lightly on his lips. her mouth firm. Ella pulled it open and slipped her way out quietly. She smiled. he didn’t want to close his eyes. The desire for this man strengthened. emotionally. nose. He wanted to wait for her. he couldn’t bring himself to sleep. Her own hands touched his lower back. a reason in treasuring her more than life itself. so carefully. Her mouth moved feverishly against his. His nearness was too much for her to handle. He rested his head on top of her forehead. and then lopsidedly kissed her lips. The other looping around his neck to hold him near. Ella was abruptly pined underneath him. but she didn’t pull herself away. she was being taken away. “I can’t stop thinking about you. kiss. soft curls. Ella moved her body. just as she to him. It was a wonderful feeling. direct and mobile as it touched his impatiently. they drifted to sleep. To now. his heart hammered wildly at the gentle thrust and fluid motion of her soft breasts against his chest. He appreciated her. wanting to be inside and beside her. his eyes alluring hers to stay with his. closing her eyes in process. ---Later that night. And she was with him every step of the way. The very second he covered her mouth with his and plied her lips lovingly with his own. She didn’t want to breathe. nuzzling the soft. With a little bit of lifting and moving it was easily taken off. and suddenly she could feel the hot breeze of desert against her skin. ---One the other hand. with each brush of her mouth over his kiss. the person that gives him reason in living. The hand he’d distance them with still lay between them. thankful that it didn’t wake him. Since the first time we made love. closing the doors behind her. Chun lay half naked on their bed. and he pushed forward. She walked away from the bed. Her playful gesture was put aside as she concentrated on his words and actions. When she looked into his eyes. Ella lifted her head from his shoulder. Ella walked over and leaned over. The hand he had pressed to her back fell to the curve of her bottom.” He choked on his words silently. He slightly distanced his lips from hers. Chun. Just being held like this in his arms felt beyond anything. a moan escaping her lips as she arched her back to be closer to his.” He caressed her hair soothingly before skimming his fingers along the line of her cheek. “The feeling of your lips on me. A steeple of desire flooded him as their bodies met. Ella felt like she heard those words for the very first time. Wordlessly. her first everything. In response. His insistence became fierce. When she came. His hand roaming around her body before it slid slightly. The only thing that was on their way was his silk boxer shorts. holding him closer wanting them to meet—become one. During this time. applying lotion on her skin. which is softer than satin. there was an expression she had never seen before. He wanted to touch her naked body and leisurely touch her everywhere. Slowly. intoxicating. . Chun groaned in her mouth with pleasure. Only visible in his eyes. from him. drawing them ever closer. he made her feel what he meant. with her lips whispering in his ears. Ella’s hair framed her face just as easily and he tipped her waist. he saw Chen Ella. ---“What’s wrong?” He didn’t answer right away. Ella. Roaring thrill was what she felt. afraid she’d disappear—leave him. It felt right.” Was his hoarse reply. It’s all your fault!” She was not taken back with his chosen words. It was way too soon to let go. “This isn’t funny. Their hearts played in rhythm. She hid her face at the hollow of his neck. the last thing she needed was for him to stop. With absolute gentleness. She could feel the heat of her body above her own. The three think words brought her to stillness. His right arm perfectly sealing his eyes shut as it lay above them. Ella shivered. His hands wondering off further down her body.He looked around. for the stayed in place. He was dead tired. driving her mind insane.

this place Misused. Without thinking twice. Burying it tightly in his fists was her ring. “I’m asking you to not look for me. the ring still inside it. he found himself walking towards the balcony in realization that she was gone. trying to push the past.” This time. Standing up slowly he made his way towards it.’ Just one chance Just one breath Just in case there’s just one life Cause you know… ‘I’m here baby. was someone different. “What are you doing here Ella?” He asked not bothering to mask his emotions. It was just too early. ---*Flashback* “Chun. She was not in the bathroom. from her heart shaped lips. Slowly. Watching the sunset was the kind of thing you shared with the one you loved. she walked ahead. Past. his tears starting to blur his sight. Just then realizing that she can never walk ahead. I want this. She had left the only thing he had given her. of the past. He felt himself loosing his control. colors of bright light started to spread from the horizon. Why? Awkwardly smiling up at him she responded with a level voice she never thought she had. you know ‘I love you.Somehow she felt suffocated. mistakes Too long. her fourth finger. she was at stillness. --*flashback* “Chun.” It was slowly killing him. beating of the heart.” With the sheer thought of her voice he turned around. Ella no longer accompanying that empty space next to him. The wooden floor squeaked with every step that Chun took. Chun guessed she was crying. The woman he loved. Assuring him. No! It can’t be. This time for good. I’m sorry. She didn’t want them anymore. He walked forward and picked up the thing. The symbol of their relationship. But where was his? ‘Let’s change nothing to until the end. Ignoring the headache that was at the momentarily taking all of her. red and orange started to be painted across the sky. his heart. It was all coming back now. Furthermore. I’d withstand All of hell to hold of your hand ‘Let’s make it together.” *End of flashback* ---Ella stared at her left hand.” Still. he almost felt her presence again. the sun reflecting into the ocean out before him. Having the time of their lives.m. I wouldn’t have kissed you if I didn’t feel sorry for you. Let’s forget and share what we have now. like every other couple out there. Why was she suddenly unsure? Didn’t she prove to herself that she didn’t care anymore? That today and tomorrow was all that mattered? Then why? ---Chun opened his eyes alarmingly when he realized he was alone in bed. you know. “Because I can’t stand seeing you like this. I’ll always love you Chun. Chun still remembered that very day they recorded it together. she felt trapped. She’s the only girl now and the only girl there will ever be do you understand! I pushed you away Ella.” Ah yes. You know that feeling? Like you don’t know what you want. Almost feeling her next to him. Suddenly. She left without a word. he clearly read the time. randomly. her hands cradling her head lightly. It was something more than words. You should know that this is only temporary. and in the atmosphere the palette of light pushing away the unwanted darkness. Whispers in the wind. “It’s the Wu’s leave a message. “This will always be yours baby. The snarl of the wind dancing along in visualizing rhythms she can no longer can keep up with.. Chun smiled. He closed his eyes and leaned onto the wall for support. without going back. Hearing the whisper of the calling of his name. he didn’t know. he whispered.” On my knees I’ll ask Cause with you. He watched carefully as colors of pink.” She gently whispered. The wind luring her in self seeking gentleness. too late ‘I wouldn’t want anything more than just stay like this with you. “When you get this. twice. out of reach. creating a trail of color from the horizon to the dark ocean with its thriving waves. or balcony. Almost hearing the heartbeat they shared.. their recorded message. Then slowly the sun itself started to climb. With or without you. Just think of it even for all these years. she pulled it off and threw it. Moments later. wrapping the blanket around his waist and pulled it along side of him. Glancing over the night stand. Ella never thought loving can be this painful. her ring flashing in brightly. behind the dim Chun. you can never replace Angela in my heart. kitchen. Laughing.” So far away Been far away for far too long So far away Been far away for far off too long But you know. Turning his face towards the sky he watched. and found it a bit weird that no lights were on. The sparkling of an item on ledge of the balcony caught his attention. I’d maybe be on the next flight out of town. thrice…Yet it was if nothing else was heard. She knew Chun was using her to mend his heartache but she didn’t care. Slowly. Even from far away. as though made of crystals. *End of flashback* --Tears started to fall. without a goodbye. I’m so confused. almost silent. but his painful heart beating half heartedly in his chest. Her voice became softer. Where was she? Panic began to build up inside as he now jogged his way around the cabined beach house. wherever you are. It was only 6 a. She didn’t need them anymore. His face reflected the intensity of rather a missing part of him he craved for. you did accompany just now. he stood up from bed and walked out of the room. I need to know if I can live my life again. She had left him. Unable to push. without a take care. The sun taking up almost half of the sky with its splendid reddeningorange color. After all.” “As hard as you try. I need to find myself again.’ He held up his fist to the top of his heart. It sparkled with beaming lights. All that mattered was making him forget Angela.’ That I love you I have loved you all along ‘Let’s stop making love seem so imperfect. pushing her away. Was it goodbye? . There was light now. pulling all of her in movements and traces. The kiss left them breathless and when they pulled away Chun looked at her and then looked away. The darkness that also began to fade around him. *End of flashback* --Ella shook her head from side to side. Opening his eyes. “I can never love you Ella. It was never hers to start with anyway.’ ----The phone rang once. There was no way for her to be cooking breakfast around this time of day. when just the second before you were so sure of something? I know I love you. His head descended down to hers until his lips were on hers. Her voice calling him. she doesn’t deserve you. “You’re probably still sleeping…” Chun snapped his head to the sound of her voice coming from the answering machine. not being able to take it anymore she broke down. but…I don’t know if that’ll be enough.” How his hands made it to the sides of her face. I don’t want you to search for me Chun. --*Flashback* “How can you still be here after what I’ve done to you over and over again?” She stopped and froze for a moment. Painfully. When he did so. Who would have thought the two of them would end up like this. other than all of him. he couldn’t bring himself to answer her call. present. This was it. in him. Without thinking. questions in the air. and caressing the thudding of its beating. without him. A tear fell from her eyes. smiling that wonderful smile that never failed to overshadow the love in her eyes. future. She bent down on her knees.

It was enough for him. His face growing pale. He was unable to do anything. It was over. It wasn’t enough to give him the courage to reach up and answer. Follow your heart. and buried his head in his hands. just to hear her voice. He was alone. but apparently. so lost. almost hearing her murmur those words again. For him it was more than enough. He had tried to control all the feelings he felt.” Those words kept echoing in him. “Follow your heart…” “It’ll only remind me of what I don’t have. He rocked his head forward and wept. he could not hold onto it any longer. feeling that the blood had been seeping fading away.” He whispered in the quiet stilled room. Her voice was breaking down. His chances were gone. because I’m following mine. “Remember the time when you asked me how I can walk ahead with knowing something holding me back…” Silence. he lifelessly laid himself down on the bed.He didn’t bother wiping the tears as he silently listened. Chun heard her inhale deeply. “By following your heart. He sat himself down on the edge of the bed. he almost imagined her standing right before him. . with the close of his eyes. She was gone. As he looked up. Never in his life had he felt so pained.

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