Visit Report
Visit to Sanpak Pvt. Ltd. Plant
Kumail Rizvi 091420-147 5/1/2011

Aluminum Heat Exchangers. Toyota and Hyundai to name a few. Method and Material). Measure. Sanpak created confidence throughout the region as an OEM supplier capable of meeting stringent technical specifications of some the world's most prestigious automobile manufacturers. The visit was for academic and learning opportunity. Suzuki. (Man. Machine. After company’s introduction we had Mr. UMT-IIE Student Chapter arranged a visit to Sanpak Pvt. They are also performing Work Measurements where they are calculating Working Hours of their works and dealing with them in Work. Analyze. Their line of products in this field is MFC (Multi-Flow Condensers). We were received at Sanpak by Mr. After a brief introduction of all the students and the Sanpak staff we were introduced to GM Technical Mr. After the introduction it was the presentation session which was quite interesting. Using Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing thoughts they are improving their lines and their efficiencies. Ltd is a joint venture with Japanese Company Sanden and that they manufacture Automobile Cooling systems. management and manufacturing know-how. All Products and of Sanpak are certified by ISO: 9001. Asif who is an industrial engineer their and is working for productivity and efficiency enhancement. Ltd.e. motion study and total research. Automatic CNC Bending Machine and Automatic Paint Oven. Their customer portfolio includes every Automobile Manufacturer in Pakistan such as Honda. The first presentation talked about how Sanpak Pvt. With over 70 years of Sanden Corporation's technical. His presentation was of the Process Engineering Department. In applying Six Sigma they are using DMAIC approach i. ISO: 14001-2004. Atique Tipu who is the Operations Manager. They use Nocoloc Heat Exchanger.e. (Define. Industries and 2 . The department follows 4M as their top priorities i. The visit was of an intense educational experience and I believe for any undergraduate student such visits and hands on experience is necessary. HVAC. Receiver Driers. Nissan. Salman Butt who is also the Co-Advisor of the student chapter. The leading person of the whole program was Prof. He presented to us various methods that their team is applying their and how it is improving their productivity.Kumail Rizvi Visit Report 091420147 Visit Report On 14 April 20011. Amir. This basically comes in Ishikawa diagrams where causes of events are drawn on simple charts but they help get to the cause of events. Time ratio. Control and Implement). Hose Crimping Machine. These things help student frame their mind to understand their responsibilities that they will be expected from in the future. The visit was coupled with a tour of the facility along with a chance to work as an IE and perform Work Study and Method Engineering tools at some of the work stations. Coreless Pancake Motors. TUV CERT. Using these techniques they are keen for productivity improvement. Compressors. Using these techniques in the manufacturing of Alto and Mehran systems they have achieved 15% productivity enhancement. They also perform Method studies where they are doing process study. We were seated in a nice meeting room. It was a great opportunity as an undergraduate student to get hands on exposure to the things that we are learning in our university.

72 2. In this way understand of student can reach up to a new level where not only they are learning the techniques they are also at the same time applying them to real world problems.82 1.2 0. in this process the worker would take a fitting and then press it together and then grab another fitting and then use the crimping machine to press it firmly together.53 0.Kumail Rizvi Visit Report 091420147 Universities should combine themselves together where Students should be taken to such places and perform Case Studies then in their classrooms students should be given tasks to solve problems. 2 workers were working together on this workstation and there was also a little movement involved in it. Then we separated the process of the worker into different steps and then calculated the time for each step 3 times and calculated the average time for each step.1 0.63 0.30 0.75 0. We calculated the modapts and did time study of the whole process and then compared the modapts with the observed time.72 25. Experiment no.76 0.1 Our group was allotted the Crimping workstation. Rough Calculations STEPS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 TIME 0.71 3 . Time Study To conduct time study we first observed roughly the process of the worker and the machine and took readings roughly.

387 0. 8.516 1.548 0.032 10. 4. M4 – Issue 2 4 0.645 0. 3. press to join them Remove Cap Reach to grab another fitting (sometimes) wait for machine Reach crimping machine Place and wait for finish Crimping Take out and Place on the table by moving 3feet extra sometimes even wait for other person to move aside Reach back 5 feet from point of placement to start work again Left Hand M4G1 Right Hand Total MODs 5 Time (s) 0.095s 4 . Activity Reaching in the box and grabbing the hose Transfer it to other hand Reach to grab fitting Hold both together. 2. 5.645 1.516 11. # 1. 4 8 0.516 Total MODAPTs Time = 7. M4 – Issue 3 4 0. 9.645 0. 6.Kumail Rizvi Visit Report 091420147 MODAPTS (Modular Arrangements of Predetermined Time Standards Sr.645 M3 – Issue 1 M4G1 G1X4 G4X4 M4G1 Wait because other worker is using the same machine M4 M3P5 X4 3 5 5 12 5 7.

80 1.95 T3 0.57 1.03 Av.62 1.50 1.99 0.70 0.61 11 Reach back 5 feet fropoint of placement to start work again Total Observed Time = 39.70 0.46 2.70 1.39 1.32 1.335s The main reason for this difference in time is the idle waiting time for the machine in step 7.65 2.69 0. Element Description T1 Observed Time T2 0.83 1. T 0. 5 .43s Difference between modapt time and calculated time = 32.31 1.78 1.52 3.Kumail Rizvi Visit Report 091420147 Time Study El.5 2.52 1.67 24.31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Reaching in the box and grabbing the hose Transfer it to other hand Reach to grab fitting Hold both together.1 0.57 1.68 19.5 0.79 1.58 2.38 0.33 1.67 24.65 1.21 1. press to join them Remove Cap Reach to grab another fitting (sometimes) wait for machine Reach crimping machine 0.94 Place and wait for finish Crimping 10 Take out and Place on the table by moving 3feet extra sometimes even wait for other person to move aside 1.5 2.68 0.45 1.52 2.60 2.66 29.73 1.39 1.

. . . .Kumail Rizvi Visit Report 091420147 Process Flow Sheet Date : 14 -April. . . . it is time taking should be romoved it is time taking should be romoved computerized identification 6 . .2011 Process Symbol Sr # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Item / Activity Cutting & Marking 1st Manual insertion Crimping 2nd Insertion Angle correction via jig Inspection 2nd crimping O-ring insertion with jig Tranportation . Roller conveyor should be used to transport wip 10 Water dip leak check (1 min) 11 Tranportation 12 Drying by Blowing 13 Tranportation 14 Part No printing 15 Final Inspection 16 Safety caps 17 Bundling (5 pcs) 18 Storage 19 Placing in boxes 20 Storage 21 Sticker Identification 22 Inspection of packing 23 Storage in warehouse . . Remove loops and reduce cutting angle Both insertions should be done together and crimped at one staion . . . . . . . . . . . Ideas . .

Kumail Rizvi Visit Report 091420147 Improvement Ideas & Thoughts     2 Person Task is better because it can reduce queue length on both sides of the operating part. Basket should be added. The facility should have fresher look by increasing the amount of labels and quality in the colors and drawings of the assistance drawings etc. 7 . baskets carrying fittings and hoses should be arranged according to the workers ability of arm usage. 1st station should complete the fixture job on both sides and pass on this will eliminate 2nd crimping rather utilize it for other purpose. This will raise the energy levels of employs because of colorful fresh environment. Torn. dirty or old labels should be replaced as soon as possible because old and dirty labels add a low esteem to the worker mind. and these should be maintained.

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