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Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

Romans 1:16

The Gospel is the message that God has left for His church to
proclaim. It is the most powerful message in the world, it is the only
message that can save, transform, heal and deliver.
When preached under the anointing of the Holy Spirit there is
nothing in this world that can compare to the power of the Gospel.
No power in hell can withstand it, nuclear power or the power of
the army or the power of the mighty dollar, cannot and do not
come close to the power that the church has been left with. The
Gospel has everything to do with Jesus, the cross, the
resurrection, the blood of Christ and the entirety of the word of God

Given that the Gospel is the power of God and the only answer for
a dying world, it would be correct to state that the number one
reason for the existence of the church is to be the mouth piece for
God in the proclamation of the Gospel to a hurting and lost world.

The question must be asked, what is the message that the church
is proclaiming today? And why in so many churches is the
proclamation of the Gospel not evident at all?

Sadly today the church has become so caught up in being

relevant, accepted, hip and cool, that in the process it has
compromised the proclamation of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.
What hope is there for a dying world when the church has lost its
meaning of existence and the only desire of the church is to be
relevant? We are not called to be relevant, we are called to preach
the Gospel of Jesus Christ without fear or intimidation no matter
what society or the culture deems as current or relevant.

The apostles of the early church would go into a city and care not
for the culture or the opinions of man, they just turned up and
preached the Gospel in all its power and authority, therefore we
see a powerful church that was causing havoc on the devils
kingdom, time and time again you read that they went into a city
and preached the Gospel, we must urgently come back to this if
we are to see what they saw.
Enough with trying to fit in and be the flavour of the month, it is
time for preachers of the Gospel all over the world to rise up and
cry out ‘thus says the Lord’.

You go into so many churches and you would be forgiven for

thinking that you were in any other place but a church. The simple
reason for this is because everything under the sun is done and
the true Bible Gospel never gets a mention. Oh yes there is the
odd and I mean the odd mention of Jesus in the songs and in the
talk (No longer are they sermons) but that is as close as they get,
there is no repentance, no mention of the cross and of the reality
that a person without Christ is lost, in sin and in need of a saviour
and His name is Jesus. Many would say that Gospel is to

They want to make sure the music is attractive and entertaining,

for this to happen they have to incorporate more and more worldly
and extreme styles of music and rhythms to keep the people
happy and to satisfy the flesh, and I say that what you bring people
in to church with is what you will have to keep them with.

The preacher or motivator as they are now called, makes every

effort to not offend any body or sound to preachy, in doing so the
Gospel is evidently absent from his message and even as in many
places the reading of scripture, given that the Gospel and the Bible
in its completeness will offend people.

Why is this happening? I believe it is one reason and one reason

alone; many are ashamed of the Gospel. They suggest and think
that it is not a cool message, it will not draw the crowds, they are
ashamed to say that Jesus and Jesus alone can save and set
people free.
The church is ashamed of the Gospel and therefore the church
has lost the power.

The Apostle Paul says in the text for this article “For I am not
ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the POWER of God unto
SALVATION to every one that believeth”
The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. If we want the
power to flow, the Gospel must be our message; if we want
salvation to be real, then the Gospel must be our message. This
verse is not just talking about salvation to the lost whom are
without Christ, it talks also about a salvation for the Christian in
need in his or her journey, this is health, deliverance, breakthrough
and provision. For the word salvation means, rescue, safety,
deliver, health, wholeness and restoration. In coming to this
realization so much of what goes on today in the church would be
stopped, people go here and there, convention after Convention
and Method after Method looking for an answer to their bondage,
struggles and needs, all the while the answer is in front of them.
We must understand that what saved us will keep us saved and
that is the power of the Gospel.

It is time for the church to not be ashamed of the Gospel and to

understand that our greatest business and ministry is to proclaim
and present the Gospel just as it is, not watered done and no
added to, in doing this the power of God will be manifested and He
will complete the Gospel with signs, wonders and miracles, for the
only message that God anoints and backs up with all His power is
the message of the Gospel.

Preachers, get alone with God and allow this Gospel message to
saturate your whole being and for God who is the giver of the
message to burn His word in you, then you will get up to preach
the Gospel with such power, passion and conviction, that will give
every opportunity to those listening to receive salvation. People will
either receive the message or reject it, but they will know that they
have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached through the lips
of an earthen vessel.

May the Lord help us to never be ashamed and to never

compromise the Gospel, and when people walk into our churches
they are immediately aware that they are in a church that has the
proclamation of the Gospel and the lifting up of Jesus as its main
desire. If people like it good, if not they must understand that they
are in a church and in a church we lift up Jesus, we sing to his
name, we lift up our hands and we preach the Gospel.

God bless
Evangelist Esteban San Martin

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