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SEE - SRE MANHUAU DIRETORIA EDUCACIONAL COORDENAO DO PIP Avaliao Diagnstica de Lngua Inglesa 7 ano Where are you

u from? Tom: Look! Thats my new neighbor. Bob: Who? That man? Tom: No, the woman. Her names Mrs. Chen. Bob: Is she Japanese? Tom: No, she isnt. Bob: Wheres she from? Tom: Shes from China. Shes Chinese. Bob: And whos that man? Tom: Thats Mr. Adams. Hes English. Bob: Is he a mechanic? Tom: No, hes an electrician. Bob: And whoss that girl behind Mrs. Chen? Tom: Thats Ling, her daughter. Bob: Shes very beautiful. 1. Lets think! Where is she from? Answer the question. Susan/Washington Susans from Washington. Shes American. What about Agostina/Madrid? a) Agostinas from Madrid. Shes American b) Agostinas from Madrid. Shes Chinese c) Agostinas from Madrid. Shes Spanish d) Agostinas from Madrid. Shes Canadian 2. Read the text and answer the questions: Carla and her family are in Sydney. They are at a big hotel. Her sister Beatriz is very happy. Her father, Mr. Paulo Oliveira, is tired. Her mother, Mrs. Marcia Oliveira, is hungry. It is a sunny day! Where are Carla and her family? a) At home; b) At the beach; c) In her grandmas house; d) At a big hotel. 3. Read this comic strip of Monicas gang.

Por que a me de Smudge no quer que ele entre com os ps sujos em casa? a) porque ele no estava usando sapatos; b) porque ele gosta de andar com as mo no cho;

c) porque ela tinha acabado de limpar o cho; d) porque ele no ajudou sua me a limpar o cho. 4. Read the dialogue, and answer the question. "Are the mangoes good?" Mrs Molina: Good morning, Mr. Barton! Are the mangoes good today? Mrs. Barton: The mangoes? Oh, theyre really fresh. Mrs. Molina: How much are they? Mrs. Barton: Fifty cents. Mrs. Molina: Fifty cents? Thats too much, Mr. Barton! Mr. Barton: All right. Forty-five cents then. Mrs. Molina: Ok. Two mangoes, please. Mr. Barton: Here you are. Mrs. Molina: How about the apples? Mr. Barton: Theyre great and only 2 dollars a dozen. Mrs. Molina: Oh, come on, Mr. Barton. The apples arent very good today. Mr. Barton: But... Mrs. Molina: Just the mangoes, Mr. Barton. Mr. Barton: Ok. Thats ninety cents. Mrs. Molina: Here you are. Mr. Barton: Heres your change. Mrs. Molina: Bye, Mr. Barton. Give the plural form for these words: orange, peach, potato. a) oranges, peaches, potatoes. b) oranges, peachs, potatoes. c) oranges, peaches, potatos. d) oranges, peachs, potatos. 5. Read and understand what Maggy says

Qual a funo desse texto? a) divertir; b) informar; c) instruir; d) advertir. 6. Lets count. Read the comic and count the apples.

Quantas mas voc pode ver nas mo de Maggy? a) ten; b) eighteen;

c) eight; d) twenty five. 7. Look at this Pyramid. Food Pyramid (Suggested Daily Servings)

Quais os alimentos inseridos nessa pirmide alimentar no Vegetable Group? a) rice, pasta, bread, cereal; b) strawberry, banana, apple, orange; c) lettuce, carrot, tomato, mushrooms; d) milk, yogurt, cheese. 8. Read and answer: Woman: Excuse me, do you have vegetable soup today? Waiter: No, we don't. On Wednesday the dish is spaghetti with meatballs. Woman: I am a vegetarian. Waiter: But do you eat white meat? We have turkey and fish. Woman: No, thanks. No meat. Waiter: How about spaghetti and salad? Woman: Yes, good idea. Waiter: And to drink? The beverage list is on the menu. Woman: Mineral water, please. Waiter: Would you like some bread with your meal? Woman: No, I guess not. Is there a restroom I can use? Waiter: Sure. It's right next to the cashier. Woman: Thanks. How long should the meal take? Waiter: Not long. About ten minutes. Woman: Please bring the bill * . And some coffee. Waiter: OK. Woman: And... where can I buy stamps? Waiter: There is a stamp machine in the lobby. Woman: Thank you. O que a mulher decidiu comer e beber? a) spaghetti and salad, mineral water; b) vegetable soup and mineral water; c) turkey and fish and mineral water; d) spaghetti and salad with bread, mineral water;

9. Read the text and answer the question: Listen to the CD. Read the text. Write the answers in your notebook. Talk to your friend. Answer the questions. Work in pairs. Look at the picture. Get your books. Open your books to page 9. Close your books. Dont chew gum in the class. Dont write on the wall. Can you repeat that, please? Que tipo de informao contm o texto? a) Exemplos de linguagem em sala de aula; b) Informao sobre animais; c) Exemplos de programas de TV; d) Instrues de como gravar um CD. 10. Look at the add bellow and answer the following question about it.

What piece of clothes are they wearing? a) pants; b) sweaters; c) dresses; d) coats.