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alter Treser was chief o f Audi's compe; tttton department (and headed the origi~ a Quattro l development) from 1977-1982. when he quit and went into business m d i lying and tuning Audi products. He's seen success in that venture in lngolstadt (just i o w n the road from Audi) and is movIng on to bigger things while maintaining his relationship with his former employer. The Treser Roadster is a two-seater of his .)wn design based on V W GTI mechanicals and slated to debut at this September's Frankfurt Auto Show. Probably using the Ibvalve 1.E-liter engine of the GTI (the 20-valve five-cylinder Audi version of that engine has also been mentioned) and the accompanying transaxle and suspension pans. Treser has fonned a stunning "hardtop convertible" with the roof retracting

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into a compartment behind the seats by means o f an electric motor-operated mechanism. He already does a conversion using a similar Ford retractable-type rm)f on the Audi Qudttn) c o u p . Our illustration i s a heavily retouched spy photo of m unfinished prototype roadster in Treser's shop. The car will be built in Berlin in a factory already established by Treser with assistance from the city government. The plant will build six cardday for an annual volume of about l5OO cars Price in Germany is projected at 50.000 D-marks. or just under I3O.MO at cumnt exchange rdtes. U.S. sale is not a certainty, but V W mechenicals would make certification easier (since V W already meet, EPA requirementsl, and Treser is preparing a launch of his Audi business into N~1r1hAmerica.

Airbag sales deflate, Ford tries a $520 rebate
Few takers for Tempo option
ah only the U.S. government and insurance companies showing interest in its driver side airbag option for TempoITopaz, Ford slapped a $520 rebale offer on those can to eet retail customers to buv them. The rebate offsets some of the $815 option price and applies to can bought after April 24 lhrough B e end o f the '87 m d k l year. I t applies only to retail sales (meaning fleet buyers must surrender their larger volume discount to get the rebate) and i s in addition to the $600 rebate/low-interest rate financing offered on the model line. Ford had ambitiously projected selling 10.000 airbag-equipped can this year. The tally since autumn: 2889 c a r s to fleets, only 1453 at retail. Dealers have complained that the airbag option i s tough to sell, not only due to its price. but also because buyers of such cars cannot gel a tilt steering wheel. cruise control or manual aansmission.


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TmPo" airb.Q 'low uka Among loyal customem i s the U.S. government. The General Services Adminisua. lion (GSAI ordered 1500 airbagcquipped 1987 Tempos. repons the Insurance lnstilute for Highway Safety. an airbag propnent. With fleet discount. the option cosl GSA $668 per $7835 car. Delivery i s set fo! June. GSA bought 5000 airbag-equipped Tempos in 1984. They've been i n 71 acci. dents in which the device deployed. Therc were no inadvenent deployments. GSA requires all riders in i l s 93.000-vehicle fleet tr use safely belts. but credits airbags alone with saving lives or reducing injuries in those accidents. 8

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