from rad rides to gadgets and clothing Tech will make us superheroes 87 How to become a real-life Man of Steel/Iron J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 7 . But we’re gonna make it even easier with sunlovers’ essentials from cameras to speakers It’s time to upgrade the telly.Contents July 2013 / Issue 217 ON THE COVER Feel-good tech of the summer 56 Your new TV tested Tech life: bike special 109 Summertime. Make the wise choice. with a bigger screen and flashier features. Does it beat the HTC One or Sony Xperia Z? Pick your cycling tribe and get kitted out. pick one of these super-smart sets 74 Samsung Galaxy S4 99 The latest Android superphone has landed. and the living is easy.


splashing the carnage up your walls Need list 18 Eat a killer fish. build a Steam Box PC RATED 360 review: Samsung Galaxy S4 99 Obsession: tattooing This month’s gadget musts. from Bitcoin to goal-line tech. faster processor. from waterproof cameras to barbecues to booze. Plus the ultimate garden-party paraphernalia Drive 80 Silicon Valley’s high-tech houses: desirable areas. white noise for babies Upgrade 72 73 74 A crowd-funded flying machine and more Kickstarter/IndieGoGo success stories 4K’s big players 24 Wireless multi-room audio going cheap. anchors… None of those things are here Tech Dad 70 The sizzling cans that should be gracing your ears this holiday season Concept: PSH-M1 personal chopper 22 Bigger screen. speeding MAMILs and middle-of-the-roaders Home 77 The first ultra-HD media players are here. hot headphones 20 Spiderwebs. from TomTom’s latest satnav to Samsung’s Galaxy Mega Hot. Lincoln and more… Music The Child of Lov’s electro-stoner soul Apps.Contents July 2013 / Issue 217 Editor’s letter 11 OPINION Insight: Luke Lewis Silicon: Mark Prigg Truth: Duncan Bell Future: Peter Firth 51 52 53 53 TECH LIFE Gadget of the month: KitchenAid kit 67 RADAR Most Wanted: Microsoft IllumiRoom 15 The new Artisan small-appliance range mauls your wallet but lifts your kitchen How to… 68 69 Gaming breaks free of your screen. games. websites & ebooks Updates on the biggest tech stories of the last two years. hobby-horse bicycle. Scorchio! Become a Superman 87 From zombie apocalypse in The Last of Us to retro revival in Donkey Kong Films 48 48 49 Remove that mild-mannered alter ego and start leaping buildings. Are Sonos and Cambridge Minx sweating yet? Group test: sports earphones 106 The best sunglasses money can buy Pulse Pulse: bike special You just got served. and this interplanetary cam will spot it Viewing recommended 28 Twin-tuners. retro-tinged Honda superbike Fitness tech meets GPS. Is this the best Android yet? Our verdict is in… Review: Pure Jongo 104 All-seeing toddler monitors. make it hotter with T3’s 50+ summer essentials. good investment opportunities Spend: TomTom Multi-Sport 30 32 35 42 Free your music from headphone shackles with these pool-party essentials Review: Bowers & Wilkins Z2 120 Cyber-enhanced Porsche Cayman. by way of the Dreamliner and a mission to Mars Shutdown 138 ON THE COVER JESSICA @VISION MODEL MANAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHED BY RICHARD GRASSIE STYLING BY MICHELLE KELLY MAKE-UP AND HAIR BY JOHANNI NEL @SUPERNOVA Touchfit: GSP gets you cage-fighting fit Ten techy things we do before going on hols J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 9 . films and events of 2013 FEATURES Feel-good summer tech 56 PLAY The Essential: Daft Punk are back! 45 We remove our helmets to listen to their new album. stay-put fitness ’buds Supertest: smart TVs 109 No. Feel the burn Stuff Designer AirPlay dock is an Apple fan’s dream – and Android fans can come too (sort of…) Review: TomTom Rider 120 THE GUIDE Smartphones Tablets Cameras Computers Gaming Televisions Home entertainment Home audio Headphones Accessories 124 125 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 Tech-related impulse purchases The Buzz & Stats Incoming The motorcycle satnav that straps to your chopper for an easy ride T3’s inbox and updates on the big stories The tech. improved interfaces and access to more content than ever before… Group test: Bluetooth speakers 118 Robot mowers evolve. Random Access Memories Games 47 Wherever you’re heading on your holidays. flying and doing whatever a spider can. by a robot tennis coach Bikes. Check them out. But there might be on other planets. in VERY vivid detail Life on Mars? 26 Soundtrack your workout session with these sweat-proof. courtesy of tech T3 investigates… Revisited 93 Zero Dark Thirty. more features than you can shake a stick at. clobber ’n’ tech for hip kids. hearts enscribed with “Mum”.


Now.Editor’s letter July 2013 / Issue 217 Gameland is about to change. the sun has returned. This month he’s been using them as a force for good. check out Microsoft’s IllumiRoom concept. Random Access Memories. now it’s the turn of the big M… By the time you read this. or flick to p83. The fun begins on P87 Editor of Official PlayStation Magazine’s website. in a fit of nostalgia and to prove just how bang on we were first time around. P51 Mark has superhuman illustrating skills. no sun lounger has been left unturned. much more) in our tablet editions and online at T3. Leon has been a pro video-game journalist for eight years – a veteran. point your browser at myfavouritemagazines.co. We think you’ll be amazed at what you find there. donned our shades and squeezed into our tiniest Speedos to set out in search of the best tech for your summer lovin’.com has previously won awards overseeing the digital arms of both NME and Q.com {CONTRIBUTORS} 1 LUKE LEWIS 2 MARK MITCHELL 3 LEON HURLEY The new editor of the zeitgeisty UK wing of Buzzfeed. At the time of going to print. T3 investigates the scientific discoveries that could turn you into a Man of Steel. Sony has already showed its hand by teasing the PS4’s new abilities.uk. it’s launched a couple actually – check the Galaxy Mega on p19 – but strewn across billboards. He goes hands-on with Sony’s newie The Last of Us on P46 To subscribe to T3. Want more? We’ve got it. Fully kitted out in biking Lycra it’s now time to learn how to become a superhero. Microsoft will have announced its all-new Xbox. saddle up on p74 for the T3 cycling special and find out which tribe you belong to – are you a hipster rider or an all-out MAMIL? Whatever your taste. Elsewhere. it can’t have escaped your notice that Samsung has launched a new phone. T3 was also given up-front access to what could be the soundtrack to your summer – Daft Punk’s new album. Finally. of course – should be on your music wish list.peters@futurenet. But do its new features and bigger screen live up to the unbelievable hype? Read our 360-degree review on p109 and then see how it fairs against its fellow Androids in the T3 Guide. We can’t be sure how long it’ll stick around. the threads and the tech for you. Well. It’s a super-powered issue of T3.com. From Bitcoin’s rise and the growing threat of cyber warfare. rumours were that it would redefine what a games console should be. Here he looks at how the meme became mainstream. editor Twitter: @lukepeters / Email: luke. we’ve got the bike. In other news. inking the drawings for our guide to how tech can turn you into a superhero. From the best poolside cameras (p56) and portable Bluetooth speakers (p118) to robo mowers (p77) and the finest garden tech (p78). The next T3 is on sale June 20… J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 1 . Enjoy! Luke Peters. The return of everyone’s favourite robots – aside from Johnny 5. p124. A true game changer. you’re likely to have noticed the Galaxy S4’s arrival. Read our album preview. It promises to be a shift unlike anything we’ve seen since the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox first equipped their then next-gen consoles with features well outside of the traditional gaming remit back in the early noughties. so to speak. digital advertising hoardings and global media outlets worldwide. previewed on p15. To get a taster of what’s in store. to space tourism and goal-line technology. then download immediately. so we’ve quickly lotioned up. we’ve updated nine of our biggest T3 investigations of the past two years. there’s a lot to catch up on. You can read all about the launch (and much. It aims to take your living room to the next level.

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getting you deeper into the game than ever before… Warn the kids and the dog.Radar ESSENTIAL NEWS FROM TECH’S FRONTLINE { A L S O M A K I N G WAV E S } The month’s coolest tech p18 Summer’s hottest headphones p20 4K media players arrive p24 NASA’s tech search for alien life p26 Silicon Valley real estate p28 Edited by Andrew Wooden M OST WA N T E D {MICROSOFT ILLUMIROOM} YOUR SOFA’S UNDER ATTACK! Testosterone-fuelled Kinect add-on sprays the action all over your room. we don’t want any friendly fire accidents… J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 5 .

First. but with some very significant bells on. Kinect’s camera is used to map the dimensions of your lounge.COM. £TBC. Grenades will bounce out of the telly. or David Cronenberg’s surreal perv-orama Videodrome spewing its choice brand of weird all over your living space. RESEARCH.com for details – and you’re looking at the future. extending the action around the room. IllumiRoom. Not only does the widened viewing area allow you to spot things creeping up in your peripheral vision. or give the impression of explosions literally sending shock waves up your walls using lighting effects – what Microsoft charmingly calls a “radial wobble”.M OST WA N T E D « MICROSOFT’S KINECT MAY ALLOW you to interact physically with games. you know. but the big M’s latest concept. but don’t move your furniture around without recalibrating. TV and film hope to get in on the act. breaking the fourth wall. All you need to bring to the party are reasonably light-coloured walls for effective image projection.. this could have applications for more than gaming. something for the kiddies. or radar indicators bleep in the corner of the wall giving you directional info and turning your lounge into mission control. if you’re walking down the dank corridors of a tense. OUT TBC THE BIGGER PICTURE IllumiRoom can extend the on-screen action to fill the room. coffee table. adding to the feeling of claustrophobia.MICROSOFT. It’s a little like Philips’ Ambilight tech. You can tinker with what’s projected too. Once it’s cased and calibrated your gaff. will take it one step further: making the game interact with not just you but your walls. a wide-field projector goes to work. Selective elements of the game can also be thrown out into the real world. sofa and beyond. furniture. noting the position of furniture and knick knacks. say. Currently in the early stages of development. Or. Imagine that lank-haired goth woman from The Ring actually crawling out of your tellybox and across your lounge floor towards you. It’s even possible for objects to “leave” the screen and interact with your soft furnishings. the room can be transformed into a grid layout that moves as you do. jungles and post-apocalyptic landscapes across your walls and furniture 1 6 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . with the BBC’s R&D department already working on its own ‘surround video’ tech. roll across your Ikea rug and come to rest menacingly against your sofa – resisting the urge to duck and cover may be tough. painting rooftops. IllumiRoom extends the game world beyond the confines of your TV screen. Pair it with the new Xbox – check T3. Clearly. so rather than extending the action. bleeding it into your living space. your room will become the corridor.. first-person shooter. So tracer fire streaks across the room straight at you as enemies attack.

IllumiRoom takes a different approach. £POA. would game devs need to code additional information.NEWS BLIP ADOBE PLANS TO MAKE CREATIVE SUITE CLOUD-BASED AND AVAILABLE ONLY VIA SUBSCRIPTION Radar SHOOT TO THRILL {EXTR A} Instead of projecting the entire gaming landscape across your walls. Based on videos and images we’ve seen so far. Also. just turned on a coloured bulb in time with what appeared on screen. of course.COM. by the way. with a 180-degree wraparound screen that places you in the middle of a 7m-pixel driver’s paradise. DISCONTINUED. £2. But these are just carefully staged examples. Project your game of choice onto the back of this gaming bubble and you get a wraparound view that fills your peripheral vision – especially good for racing sims. roll along the coffee table and tumble onto the floor. they weren’t good. with a windscreen-like look. Time to evacuate What’s better than a flat projector screen? A convex one. PHILIPS AMBX “Immersive gaming” is a term that’s over-used in the gaming business vernacular. It consisted of two large LED lights attached to the top of a surround sound speaker system that pulsated in time with on-screen action. If you’re going to have grenades flying out of your TV it’d have to be a smart lighting trick or it will look awful. How well it actually works out of the lab is key. as they did with Philips’ AmBX? Technology which.COM WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3.COM. Remember to check your mirrors. Made with help from car manufacturer Ariel. the TL1 is the last word in driving simulation. spreading the game over your locale. SHOP. It’s often associated with virtual reality headsets that never really caught on Philips experimented with it back in 2005. it could be a big ask and might be the deciding factor in whether you ever get to see Microsoft’s concept tech in your room. you can pick certain elements of the game to break free of the screen – gun fire and explosions for instance More gadgets that put you in the game… JDOME INCOMING! Objects can leave the game and interact with your living room. well. OUT NOW {SPEAK} T3’s Andrew Wooden ponders IllumiRoom’s consumer future… because. so a grenade could bounce out of the screen. it looks like it could do it very well. PHILIPS.COM J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 7 .111. MOTIONSIMULATION. If there is extra coding involved. Although discontinued.JDOME. OUT NOW MOTION SIMULATION TL1 They don’t have these down your local arcade. Philips is now working to integrate its Hue system with live TV content.

11. Rip the detachable.CO.UK. £TBC. HDMI and an SD card reader all feature.COM.1 helps with the Virtual Surround. TOMTOM.COM/UK. while an integrated orientation sensor works to optimise sound performance depending on its position in the room. TOSHIBA.UK.CO. OUT JUNE {1} DRIVE TIME CLASSIC TomTom Go 2013 Those preferring a dedicated satnav over roadside fumbles with Google Maps will surely lap up the refreshed TomTom Go 2013 range. but the Z10t does feel reassuringly businesslike. Philips has loaded its Double Bass tech into this Bluetooth-connected soundbar. PHILIPS. The wing-shaped profile has been engineered for either wall or table-top mounting. guys: this Windows 8 Pro Toshiba is the latest hybrid device offering a bit of both.9mm. while a 2W speaker provides a certain amount of sound. A redesigned user interface offers quick search options – your live map is shown in the background – and clearer traffic information. while Dolby Digital 5. £529. OUT NOW {4} TO PROJECT AND SERVE Asus B1M Projector How can you make your PowerPoint presentation more impressive? One answer is star wipes. An Intel Core processor – precise model unconfirmed as yet – two USB slots. £250. ASUS. all with a lifetime sub to TomTom’s real-time traffic service. Dual 60W speakers pump out soundtracks with aplomb. even after you leave the car. with its LED light serving up 700 big lumens of brightness and a 1280x800 image resolution. You can also send traffic info to your smartphone via Bluetooth – ensuring safe journeys. OUT TBC {3} RAISING THE BAR Philips HTL5120 On a mission to improve your TV’s sound quality without adding any cable mess. but for even greater classiness. Sexy it ain’t.6-inch touchscreen tablet from the splash-resistant keyboard dock and input switches from backlit keys to ten-finger multi-touch accordingly. Are your Luddite colleagues not equipped to go wireless? The inclusion of a USB port and SD card slot means they can still get involved. tablet or smartphone and turns them into 51-inch images. A three-month speed camera trial will help you avoid the need for Chris Huhnetype fraudulence. there’s this wireless projector. full-HD. It can also play as part of a surround-sound speaker team.3-. five.or six-inch screen sizes. £TBC. while a solidstate drive keeps moving parts to a minimum and the thickness to just 19.M O S T WA N T E D PA R T 2 NEED LIST The tech that’s causing a disco inferno in T3’s pants {2} PORTABLE HYBRID Toshiba Portégé Z10t Tablet or laptop? Lablet? Taptop? Quit your arguing. OUT MAY 1 8 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . It comes in 4. It collects files straight from your network-connected laptop.

KOBO.COM/UK. including a 20. plus Android Jelly Bean OS. Basically.7GHz chip and 1. storing them in the 4GB provided. OUT JUNE {5} TIME IS FLUID Ressence Type 3 Forget regular watch faces. but it does offer a cheap musical fix. or adding them via the miracle of microSD.NEWS BLIP WINDOWS 8 UPDATE – CODENAMED BLUE – TO ARRIVE BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR Radar {7} HOME HUB Acer Aspire ZC-605 This all-in-one PC wants to become your family’s new multimedia hub. 1600x900 LCD screen and Dolby Home Theatre surround sound. £130. OUT NOW {8} GET MASHUP! Numark Mixtrack Edge This portable controller for DJs who prefer to travel light is the size of an iPad and festooned with jogwheels. so it’s compatible with most existing PC and Mac DJ software. OUT NOW WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3. integrated graphics and up to 16GB RAM it may not exactly challenge Deep Blue.0 and NFC.5-inch display not big enough for you? Samsung’s latest “phablet” or “tablone” – the Galaxy Mega – has a 720p. £350. but it does have mum-like multitasking powers. a 19. while a dualcore 1.5GB of RAM should deliver splendid performance.5-inch. overlaid with Samsung’s beloved TouchWiz. OUT T NOW {6} THEN THEY LIVED HAPPILY IN HI-DEF… Kobo Aura HD Kobo’s latest ereader comes with a built-in backlight. £140.EU.5 million e-tomes. putting it in direct competition with the Kindle Paperwhite.8-inch e-ink screen boasting a crisp.3-incher. it also includes tech borrowed from Sony’s high-end RX range. You can connect directly to speakers and also via USB and MIDI. with hours. so you can now choose from a selection of 2.COM. ACER. with Windows 8 home screens for everyone. this is the first compact camera to feature a 30x optical zoom. With Intel Pentium or Celeron processors. Also on-board: an eight-“mega”pixel camera. NUMARK. A thermostatic valve system allows for the addition and removal of liquid so the dome is always totally – but not overly – full. so you can mix Black Sabbath into Chrvches using just a laptop and the very smallest of trestle tables. faders and two FX dials. SONY. SAMSUNG. Not content with above-average eyesight. while a dedicated EV dial on the back lets you fiddle with exposure compensation like a pro. seconds and days displayed as if you’re looking into an amphibian’s bulging eye. Bluetooth 4. 4G.COM. OUT JUNE {9} VA-VA ZOOM Sony Cyber-shot HX50 Go on. so you can forget headlining the Ministry with this.UK. it’s a watch whose face is filled with fluid. $35. what you want is a liquid-filled dome. £TBC.CO. with its 6. It also shoots 50fps full-HD video.4-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor and Wi-Fi for uploading your long-lens shots of Prince Harry cavorting directly to social networks. 6. or Note II’s 5. 1080x1440 resolution. So you’ve learned something today. RESSENCE. EQ controls have been mysteriously abandoned. £TBC. Kobo has been busily filling the shelves of its online bookstore. and costs this much because that’s much harder to maintain than you ever dreamed. OUT NOW {10} ABSOLUTELY PHABLETULOUS Samsung Galaxy Mega What? The Galaxy S4’s five-inch screen. and a hotshoe means you can add an external flash. It’s easy on the eye. take a closer look.COM.000.COM J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 9 .

with no charges if your sale falls through. dual-layer diaphragm to deliver good vibrations. T3 SAYS Low seller charges and the promise of doing all the boring paperwork for you make this an attractive alternative to eBay. ONBUY. armed and dangerous.COM. including small businesses. while our management team will do all the hard work for our sellers. £329. while their 40mm custom-designed drivers with angled neodymium magnets fire audio straight down your canal. They look good. Audiophiles will appreciate the 6N oxygen-free copper cable.CO. £180. Allied to a sweat-resistant memory foam headband. UK.COM. 40mm neodymium drivers with a copper-clad aluminium wire ensure top audio. OUT NOW Harmon AKG K712PRO Developed for owners of studio tans. IN-EAR ’PHONES? TRY P106 FOR SIZE… {UNEARTHED} ONBUY WHO ARE YOU? WHAT YOU PEDDLING? I’m internet entrepreneur Cas Paton.UK. Downright filthy bass levels are summoned by 40mm titanium drivers. these have a thinner. WHY WILL IT SUCCEED? Because the world is lacking an online buy-and-sell solution that makes both sellers and shoppers happy. AFTER SPORTIER. with bass reflex subchambers situated behind. but usurping such an iconic rival is a big job. straight from Onkyo’s home-audio component stockpile. makes these ideal for when you go “on the road” to promote your latest “waxing” . now living down south.COM. We have a uniquely simple design and a bespoke filter system that will make shopping a breeze. OUT NOW. too. £250.Radar NEWS NEWS BLIP A 3D-PRINTED GUN HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY FIRED.UK 2 0 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3. OUT NOW Onkyo ESHF300 The home cinema specialist’s first set of cans are foldable. Importantly. OUT NOW KEF M500 Having won 2013’s Red Dot design award before they were released. a better range of sound and less distortion. A detachable cable and lightweight design. affordable. with an additional cable and carry case. I’m working on a new marketplace website that’s going to take on the big boys when it launches this summer. from Manchester. KEF. in aluminium and leather. 28. no messing. £379. these cans from the high-end speaker purveyor pack a smart hinge to rotate on two axes. BEOPLAY. it’s cheaper for sellers. OnBuy is an online marketplace based in Britain – we pay our taxes and they stay in the UK – combining eBay’s range of products with the slick user experience of Amazon. this means they’ll fit any bonce this side of Joseph Merrick.ONKYO.C O M .CO. an in-line remote lets you take calls and it folds up into a smart case when you’ve heard enough. BLUEPRINTS ONLINE CANNED HEAT The sun shines brighter when you take your music with a stylish side of audiophile-grade headphones {THE KIT} B&O BeoPlay H6 Designer Jakob Wagner has been studying the geometries of the human ear to ensure these Bang & Olufsen cans leak as little sound as possible. SOUNDTECH.


NEOTERICHOVERCRAFT. one-chap ’copter? Well. AR gaming and security.Radar CONCEPT NEWS BLIP ORIGINAL IPHONE WILL BECOME OBSOLETE IN APPLE STORES BY JULY {EXTR A} The three highest-funded tech projects 1 Robot Dragonfly Micro Aerial Vehicle Campaign goal: $110. The rest of the details are sketchy as the Netherlands-based design team iron out a few thornier details. That we know. The headlights look like a … human iris.000 Amount raised: $846. you may be in luck if this IndieGoGo-funded concept gets off the ground.000 Amount raised: $1. calories burned and more.000.COM. HYUNDAI.000. Lost your phone too? There’s nothing we can do for you… 3 MisFit Shine Campaign goal: $100. INDIEGOGO.C O M . £TBC. while sensors placed around the craft will warn you if you’re veering near obstructions such as buildings. Designed by Oakley.675 Part of the recent surge in fitness tech. etc – onto the windscreen. GET TO ZE CHOPPER! Up. $50. 2 StickNFind Campaign goal: $70. Well.COM 2 2 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3. up and away in our beautiful. with a top speed of 18mph and room for one person – if we were driving a car that looked like this. altitude. powerlines or childrens’ soft heads.140. obviously… £TBC. with club-space in the back.000 Amount raised: $931. this is now being built on the reals. this titchy metal puck can be pinned to your sports kit and synchs with iOS and Android devices – just tap it to begin tracking distance.COM Bubba Watson’s BW1 hovercraft Originally created for a viral marketing campaign.975 A palm-sized robot that flies like a bird and hovers like an insect.COM Hyundai E4U The battery-powered “egg car” concept is designed for urban driving. EXPECTED (IF FUNDED) 2015 {FOCUS} More unconventional forms of transport Renault Twin’Z concept car British designer Ross Lovegrove added an ed iridescent blue body. but it will make for a flash arrival in the Morrison’s car park. it’ll do 50mph down the fairway. Apparently it’s designed for aerial photography. RENAULT. So far they’ve vowed that it will run entirely on electricity and be capable of an hour’s flight at a speed of 178mph – so you won’t be crossing the Atlantic in it. It’s called the PSH-M1. then track them via an app on your smartphone. you fanciful devil. but we mainly like it because it reminds us of the micro-drones in Iain M Banks’ sci-fi Culture novels. Stick it on your favourite tech. Operated by joysticks. it’ll have a headsup display to paint relevant info – speed. Operation of functions such as cruise control via an iPad is also on the cards – what could go wrong with that? €200. covered in green LED lights to this carbon fibre motor. crowd-funded flying machine… EVER DREAMED OF OWNING YOUR own Jetsons-style.970 A tiny sticker loaded with Bluetooth technology. keys or child. we’d want to be able to get away faster than that.


this is the first 4K player to hit shops. $1. Miracast tech. 2-3 BULLS = SLIGHT WHIFF.450. ultra-HD bad boys Panasonic P i DMP-BDT330 DMP BDT330 Finally. plastic casing styled somewhere betwixt iPod Classic and iPhone 3GS. with 4K titles from other studios promised. Case-maker Tactus has “leaked” an image showing a white. it’s already ordered parts from Asia. It comes loaded with a starter pack of 4K content from Sony Pictures Entertainment – classics such as Bridge on the River Kwai. OUT SUMMER {RUMOURS} TECH CHATTER WIRED TO T3’S BULL-O-METER* BUDGET IPHONE BIO-PASSWORDS WINDOWS WATCH TIME TRAVEL INVENTED This one won’t go away.COM. but it does have a 1TB hard drive ready for you to fill with whatever 4K content you can find – 7. It’s not pretty and it sure is pricey. RED. Further connectivity comes in the form of a brace of HDMI ports plus ethernet. like Battle: Los Angeles. says the Wall Street Journal. so you’ll get roughly 100 hours on there. say University of California boffins. intelligently adding extra pixels in the same way that existing players upgrade DVDs to 1080p. Google boss Larry Page said in a recent interview. OUT NOW Sony FMP-X1 Sony is now complementing its 4K TV sets with a puck-shaped media player.5MB a second. Apple. Brainwaves will identify who we are. There are six HDMI ports.CO. YouTube-style distribution service Odemax. Microsoft is working so hard on a smartwatch. OUT NOW Redray R d 4K Ci Cinema Player Pl Winning the race. A “fee-based distribution service” – or “shop” . two of which are 4K-compatible and Red is putting finishing touches to its better-than-HD.C O M * 1 BULL = NO BULL.UK. Turn visuals up to 11 with these 4K. It’ll follow the hefty 920 with a full-on Galaxy Note-style phablet. Panasonic gets round the current lack of 4K content with a 3D Blu-ray player that upscales existing discs to 4K. “with knowledge of the company’s plans. PANASONIC.1 sound and 4K visuals take up 2. $699. It’ll also stream content to your TV from an Android device using Wi-Fi-direct. We don’t predict a good outcome. £252. 4-5 BULLS = STEAMING! . according to someone. Wearable tech will make text-based passwords redundant. Taxi Driver and not-quite-so-classics. MOTOROLA’S PHONES TO TOUGHEN UP NOKIA GOES PHABLET The next Moto wave will be ruggedised and waterproof with long-lasting batteries.” in the FT. be warned… Iranian inventor Ali Razeqi’s machine lets you see up to eight years into the future using “complex algorithms”.UK. if you prefer – is coming in time for autumn. SONY. USB and an optical digital audio out.Radar NEWS NEWS BLIP NEW “MICRO-BATTERY” TECH PROMISES 10X MORE POWER THE BIGGER PICTURE Hi-definition? Not-hi-enough-definition more like. 24 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3. Samsung et al.CO.


densities and geographies of these new orbs and try to work out where any life might be.000. that could be by sparking a galactic war with the Thrargians of Betelgeuse IX. I believe we will be able to send a human being to another planet. all-sky transit survey”. out to be the passive. close enough to allow high-speed data downlink rates. tentacled gentleman looking straight back up at us with a pair of binoculars appear on NASA’s screens. It aims to find exo-planets – those from solar systems outside of our own – from Earth-sized bodies to gas giants. as they’re technically not known. TESS will analyse the atmospheres. {SPEAK} George Ricker. Further investigation can then take place from ground-based jumbo-scopes. If a probe could travel at ten per cent of the speed of light. TESS is the successor to Kepler. Boldly looking where no one has looked before. bulbous-of-head. or generously toothed. according to NASA. The TESS mission is cost-capped at $200m and work has already begun.Radar NEWS NEWS BLIP AMAZON HAS LAUNCHED AN ANDROID APP STORE IN CHINA NASA’S EYE IN THE SKY I can see your planet from here… THE SEARCH BEGINS T he Transiting Exo-planet Survey Satellite (TESS) is a whole new type of observational space tech. The boffins behind the project were able to devise a new “Goldilocks” orbit around the earth and the moon. with potentially habitable planets.000. Ultimately.C O M . s-withwilling-to-share-their-hoverboards-withooledus types. with habitable. be thanking or cursing them for that. that would mean 500 years’ travel time. An array of wide-field cameras will allow TESS to conduct the first “spaceborne. tooledrds. Or it could be by identifying celestial bodies with atmospheric conditions that could support life. they’re 1. It will contribute to answering the age-old question. such as the James Webb Space Telescope. we’ll either hat. but far enough away from the Earth’s harmful radiation belts.GOV. £200. scanning for Earth-like planets in order to “accelerate our chance of finding life within the next decade”. thus providing a set of excellent targets to study for evidence of molecules such as H20 and CO2 in their atmospheres. OUT 2017 SAY “CHEESE” ALIEN SPOTTING As well as general mapping and data gathering. Now. As a result. the chances of discovering “aliens” within the next decade will be accelerated. by accidentally sighting the Thrargian King just as he settles down for a space-dump on his hyper-toilet. By comparison. even if it’s just single-celled organisms.200 and 2. NASA. Kepler 62 and Kepler 69. up. rns depending on whether said life turns head. Minithrusters help the vessel do a mechanical double-take should a picture of a green. Without the TESS discoveries. Of course. the over-arching goal of TESS is to find organic life on other planets. 2 6 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3. “super-Earths” a particular focus. At any rate. a space-based curtain-twitcher that’s pinpointed more than 100 new worlds.700 light years away respectively. It’s focused on locating the transiting planets orbiting nearby bright stars. “Are there other worlds where life might exist?” and point out the best places to look more closely in future. overtly aggressive space bastards. as technology improves. the sensitive cameras stay within a stable temperature range that is “just right”. conceived at MIT and funded by NASA. It will watch the stars. known targets are 30x to 100x too faint for such studies. TESS’s mission is to seek out new life and new civilisations. the closest star systems for which TESS will identify transiting planets should be less than 50 light years away. senior MIT research scientist and principal investigator While the Kepler mission has recently reported two solar systems.


0 00 1. four -floor buildings come fully furnish ed in Google’s uniq ue style. coffee shops. Ea ch of the nine.500 ots S EE OY PL EM 144 bicycle sp 45 spaces.100. THIS T EN V IN G IN D other Nature FOR BUD e wonders of M th gs in g br re nt R&D ce t trees. . decidedly non-bijou accommodation in sought-after locations – well. California – designed for the world’s biggest brands to help them keep and acquire staff. tre en c te ss da ne roof. to de insi ies for up eational facilit ies double paths and recr s parking facilit ou er en G .NEWS THE HOUSES THAT TECH BUILT Unique. Sa illion COST $300 m sq ft 00 . offe ring workers the chance to unwi nd in the sun. of ng ce lli ur ne so pa a up as e of solar structure mad and vehicle-storing noramic views pa de vi o pr s w do in w Giant glass fice spaces. ts e is nt ie f sc entire roo of th Samsung ergy. with camping facilities for late-ni ght meetings and sleepo ov vers s.5 so f o et fe e and squar cafés. One building hosts a roof garden. campin g facilities and vie of San Francisco w Bay CONSTRUCTIO N COMPLETE 20 15 Google Bay View San Francisco B . runnin rden floors spor ga 0 ee 50 hr 2.000 sq ft BUILDINGS Nin e four-floor structu res EXTRAS Gardens on the rooftops. r numerous of natural light fo $POA SIZE 1. pavilion EXTRAS 94. fit s planted to . T . Can we interest you in a viewing? n Jose Samsung.5 . with the en . ay COST THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OP PORTUNITY to own a fantastic piece of San Francis co’s stunning Ba B y View area. We’re expecting jelly-bean and prim ary colours to feat ure heavily.1 ZE SI 2. elevated bridges connecting each building. plus lar panels on car park PARKING 1. with as-yet-undisclose d themed rooms. 2 8 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . with 310 tree forest spaces fo MPLETE 2015 O C ON TI CONSTRUC C EN-STOREY TORS.

499 EXTRAS Undergr ound tunnel con necting new and old Facebook bu ildings.5 00 PARKING 3. A gia nt. th t look.045. with enough tually save money tech city will even ely selftir en t make it almos solar panelling to und the rro su lls ent glass wa sufficient. as are the walls. onnecting platform s that link the two floors and va rious offices and labs CONSTRUCTIO N COMPLETE 20 15 A SCULPTURED ROOF OF INTERCONNECTING polygons covers th is R&D powerhous e.296 panelling – enou lar so of ft sq 0 um EXTRAS 700. TH E ARCHITECT behind the Guggen b heim in Bilbao. Cold-b s completing ed. while a rooftop forest runs the entire length of the building should you need to walk off heavier lu nches. state-of-the-ar t caféteria is complemented by an array of mini-k itchens.0 A s.000 charging points .8 00 PARKING 1. Standout features include a f central glass roof co re. Replete wi the expensive donu rium. power 4. ilding as a corporat is not so much a bu Facebook West . APPLE’S NNING OVER BU CURRENTLY RU . with curv R&D labs. bu t is still incredibly in novative. Palo Alto COST $POA SIZE 433.00 corporate auditori at -se 00 1.800. curtains are pr ovided for those who prefe fo r a computer-screen glow. m aking setting up and destroying office spaces for pr ojects and meetings easy. plus 279 electric gh to PARKING 2. this to di au at and a 2. So-called “world’s largest room” and a rooft op forest CONSTRUCTIO N COMPLETE 20 15 DESIGNED BY FR ANK GEHRY.000-se rs be am ch ng sti te e citadel.60 0 spaces EXTRAS Built in an innovative tes sellating pattern with huge inter-c . filling th build bu i ing with natural he e light. where the next generation of grap hics cards and mob ile processors will be built to ultim ately power everyth ing from games consoles to Hollywood special effects. Santa Clara COST $POA SIZE 1. this space has a more restrained look.555 sq ft EMPLOYEES 2. .440 sq ft EMPLOYEES 2. concrete ceiling building.NEWS BLIP THE UK RELEASE OF SONY’S XPERIA TABLET Z HAS BEEN DELAYED UNTIL THE END OF MAY Radar Nvidia. J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 2 9 . Apple Campus 2 Cupertino COST $5 billion sq ft SIZE 2.000 home a fitness centre and for presentations C N COMPLETE TB CONSTRUCTIO DGET. The desks are movable d .

TOMTOM MULTI-SPORT In the school sports day of life. TOMTOM.Radar SPEND NEWS BLIP INSTAGRAM HAS NOW ADDED A FACEBOOK TAGGING FUNCTION 10 REASONS TO BUY. this new wrist-based activity tracker from the GPS kings wins every race and boasts about it online. distance. OUT SUMMER {WHY TO BUY} TRACK AND FIELD 1 UPHILL STRUGGLE 3 LOOKING HOT 5 ACCURATE GPS 7 TOUGH GUY 9 Keeps tabs on your speed. your heart rate Pesky elevation making things tough? MultiSport’s altimeter knows and notes the difficulty A range of colours and a large touchscreen provide aesthetic pleasure when “down the gym” TomTom’s GPS and GLONASS satellite tech make sure you won’t get lost on your weekend jog With scratch.. Here’s why you should join its team… £TBC. strokes. so distance is still recorded Multi-Sport analyses your stats and shares successes and personal bests across Facebook.COM.and impact-resistant glass.. it goes for up to ten hours. cadence and. Twitter et al With GPS activated. via Bluetooth-compatible sensors. Multi-Sport will withstand a (light) scrape ON YOUR BIKE 2 DIVE IN 4 GYM BUNNY 6 SHARE YOUR PB 8 GO THE DISTANCE 10 A dedicated mount straps it to your handlebars so you can check your stats with but a glance Waterproof to 50m. enough for three marathons if you get a bit of a shift on 3 0 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3.C O M . time and speed when you’re taking on the local lido Prefer running on a treadmill to the park? Sensors track strides. it tracks laps.





TWEETS AND POSTS about Microsoft’s latest innovation. That moment when T3’s #GalaxyS4Party is trending Take a look at our preview of IllumiRoom (p15) to learn more The Powerskin PoP’n case attaches. limpet-like.528.ch/hypertext/ WWW/TheProject.857 Average burn 10.295 Calories 46. effective worldwide. free of charge.950 kcal Nokia’s new Asha 210 phone features a dedicated WhatsApp button for instant messaging.725.614 Average burn 9. everyone… WHATSAPP WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? {INTERNET} {LEGA L} {MOBILE} CERN recreates first ever webpage Then: 20 years ago.000 times from Google Play. £52. to the back of your smartphone for a 100 per cent battery boost.040. direct layout – reminds us of the new gov. for Nokia by STMicroelectronics.220 kcal BlackBerry Brigade Recruits 1. made by LG. Will the new Xbox match it? Have a Powerskin PoP’n battery case while you wait to find out… and I’m still here rolling on Galaxy S2.908 kcal WP Warriors Recruits 1. with the tantalising promise of 20Mbps download speeds.223 entrants have burned 192. debates and harsh lessons igniting the tech world this month THE BUZZ A simple.cern.202 Calories 11. London.850. Fancy buying one? The 55-inch model will cost you £8.778 kcal Symbian Squad Recruits 697 Calories 6.960 calories.COM J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 3 5 .755 Calories 12. How many Galaxy S4 phones would it take to crush a midget? @JAMESLOCKWOOD9 VIA TWITTER The social hub has been downloaded 500. Fingers crossed. SEND MAIL.5 billion! Rubbish! FACEBOOK HOME Our in-depth review is on p99. Now: High contract costs and limited availability in the UK’s rural expanses mean EE has so far lured just 130.509 Average burn 9. TV LICENSING VIA EMAIL Are the Galaxy S4’s software tweaks just a gimmick or do they have a real-world use? @IAINTHEORACLE VIA TWITTER The big A’s reported quarterly profits have dropped for the first time in a decade – to a piffling $9. which prevents the mics being sold to HTC. POWERSKIN. @LALACOMFIIE VIA TWITTER Nintendo has sold more of its – now a bit of a bargain – original Wiis than its new GamePad-toting Wii U consoles this year. 2 Balcombe Street. WIN THIS The Galaxy S4 lands… Awkward. NW1 6NW I N B OX Radar Online stories. He then gave it to the world. less shipping fees. {WINNING} What’s going up and down in the land of tech {FA I L I NG} WII U THE T3 WINDEX YOUR MAILS. Are you 4G connected? Then: EE announced its first-in-the-UK 4G service last year. not just in the Netherlands. created the world wide web.CO. First step to challenging the Facebook phone? CURVY TECH The world’s first curved OLED TVs. Now: Nokia has secured an injunction from the Amsterdam District Court.000 users from other networks.752.331 kcal Team Apple Recruits 4. I would like to add that a Licence is required if you use a set top box to watch or record shows at the same time they’re shown on TV.Email T3@futurenet. netting a not-sogood average review score of 2. Can Mario save them? APPLE STAR LETTER Microsoft vs Sony It makes me laugh that whilst Sony is experimenting with touch-sensitive areas on its controller. Android Army Recruits 12.670.2.274 Calories 114. Microsoft is toying with the amazing IllumiRoom concept and previously released Kinect. *Sighs*. ahead of network competitors.238. Now: CERN has made the first ever webpage available to the public – info.UK WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3.html Nokia vs HTC One Then: Nokia discovered that HTC’s flagship phone uses microphone components designed. are now on sale in South Korea.uk site THE T3 ENDOMONDO CHALLENGE Which OS has the fittest fans? 20. it believes. now home of the Large Hadron-Collider. Sony is seriously losing out in the gaming tech wars! DEAN WEBLEY VIA FACEBOOK FYI… In issue 216 you correctly advised readers that you do not need a TV Licence if you only ever watch shows downloaded from the internet.com Tweet @t3dotcom Facebook /T3mag Letters T3 Magazine. Tim Berners-Lee. a researcher at CERN. and the results are in… T3 We’ve been nominated for Consumer Media Brand of the Year at the 2013 PPA awards. however they are received.932 Average burn 7.048 Average burn 8.


COM/AWARDS T 3 AWA R DS 20 1 3 Radar The T3 Gadget Awards 2013 are coming… Make your voice heard! VOTE AND WIN AN iPAD MINI! Vote for your favourite tech In association with Vote now at T3.VOTE NOW AT T3.com/awards Official media partners WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3.COM J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 3 7 .

having five-on-five multiplayer running so smoothly in a live environment was also very impressive. Part Pokémon. after all). Games industry gurus such as Sensible stalwart Jon Hare. the five-on-five. Above: the judges included gaming legend Peter Molyneux. Epic Games’ Mike Gamble. this Theme Hospital meets Farmville chicken-rearing sim by Bournemouth’s Static Games had free-to-play iOS glory in mind but fell short. UKIE CEO Jo Twist. has been won by Sweden’s Dead Shark Triplepunch. which is now set for a full release. Of course. extended over the week of Gadget Show Live at Birmingham’s NEC. Lucid Games and Splash Damage. Bournemouth’s Static Games and the University of Abertay’s Team Summit. Based on the competition’s theme of Mendelian genetics.Radar NEWS NEWS BLIP PIZZA HUT’S NEW XBOX APP LETS YOU PICK TOPPINGS AND BUY VIA KINECT Left: Epigenesis in award-winning action. The most strictly Mendelian game (his name’s in the title. the unique combination of Unreal Tournamentstyle first-person shooter chaos and Speedball-like futuristic fun is sure to capture the imaginations of LAN parties and e-sports enthusiasts. 3D platforming and basketball that has you marking your territory literally by growing strategic defensive or offensive flora.COM/MAKESOMETHINGUNREAL T3’s Matt Hill reports from the MSUL judging room in its approach (read: hardcore) and rewarding experimentation. Below: Epic’s Mike Gamble hands Dead Shark Triplepunch the prize EPIGENESIS IS THE FUTURE OF E-SPORTS Dead Shark Triplepunch takes the Make Something Unreal Live crown as T3 joins Epic Games in celebrating the best student games makers {SPEAK} M ake Something Unreal Live. Epigenesis was the one that I wanted to take back to T3 Towers immediately for some in-office multiplayer. The Wellcome Trust’s Iain Dodgeon. Nvidia’s Phil Wright and T3 deputy editor Matt Hill. and could be commercially viable in time and with polish. 3 8 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3. even though its science was a bit lacking. FACEBOOK. Epic says it will take care of introductions. T3’s Matt Hill and Nvidia’s Phil Wright. The final judging decision was fairly unanimous. part Tokyo Jungle. Climax Studios. the international student game-making competition organised by Gears of War maker Epic Games. Uncompromising {FOCUS} MAKE SOMETHING UNREAL’S PLUCKY RUNNERS-UP POLYMORPH MENDEL’S FARM BEINGS Kairos Games from Staffordshire’s very professional 3D platformer nabbed second with its excellent Avatar-esque visuals and impressive presentations. this cutesie ‘breed to survive’ curiosity from the University of Abertay’s Team Summit could be at home at Nintendo with a bit more focus. Grand Theft Auto creator Dave Jones and Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson also aided the teams’ development. The live final. multiplayer-only game is a mix of first-person shooting.C O M . The fantastically titled team from the Blekinge Institute of Technology nabbed the top prize of commercial Unreal Engine 3 and 4 development licenses for its unique sports game Epigenesis (pictured above). with the teams taking on feedback from the public and mentors including Ninja Theory. While all the games had real promise. The judging panel included Populous and Theme Park creator Peter Molyneux. in which the Swedes saw off Staffordshire University’s Kairos Games. It’s practically ready for a beta release as is. across both the panel and the public vote.




August 8 O SO N W NO Drive’s Gosling and Winding Refn bring the stylish ultraviolence to Bangkok. but there we go… 4 2 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3. August 23 {THE HIGHS A ND LOWS OF T3’S COMING MONTH} T3 rolls up to Los Angeles en masse for annual gaming expo E3 wondering if there’s anything left to reveal after all the next-gen console leaks and pre-event events. October? Anchorman: the Legend Continues Ron Burgundy is back. and heads out to mud-drenched fields to “have some” YEAH! MEH! June 21 is the Solstice. that’ll keep us going for a week… As festi-season begins in earnest with the Isle Of Wight on June 13. Q4 Only God Forgives 300: Rise of an Empire More expansively pec’d Spartans fighting Persians. toilet roll and hand sanitiser. 2014 TE LA R? Killzone 4 PS4 launch title will feature human-hating foes and eyepleasing graphics. more blowing sh*t up. July 19 Nike Fuelband 2 Updates could include waterproofing so you can track swims as well as runs. this time at sea. As such. Oh yes: 3D Mario on Wii U. It’s bad news for the intern.Radar INCOMING NEWS BLIP LOVEFILM NOW OFFERS HI-DEF FILMS AND TV SHOWS FOR THE PS3 Revelation and speculation for your edification over the next 12 months… WHAT’S ON YOUR RADAR? Oculus Rift 3D and VR headset backed by gaming ledge John “Doom” Carmack to hit shops? Q4 Transistor Action-packed. Will he stay classy? December 20 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Cap’ and Black Widow fight evil in Washington. sci-fi arcade-style slasher from the makers of Bastion. 2014 Tech Films Games Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist Less sneaking about. Team T3 gears up with summer tech (p56). June 24 is the start of Wimbledon (see p73).COM . we’re off to Stonehenge to sacrifice a virgin. Q4 iPhone 5 nano Low price and iMac G3-style translucent colour design? Er… Maybe (no). to appease the tennis gods and end the UK’s barren run in SW19.



hinted towards a disco revival. Now. first teased Random Access Memories. and it’s a belter. their full-length follow-up to 2005’s Human After All.EDITED BY MATT A T HILL This month… Last of Us at last/ t/ Zero Dark Thirty: Bin Laden huntin’ huntin’/ ’/ Child of Lov’s funky electro soul / Apps to get cage-fighting fit Play TH E CONTENT FOR YOU R K IT THE ESSENTIAL RETURN OF THE ROBOTS Daft Punk conquered social media in spring. featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers. becoming the most streamed track ever on Spotify and topping the iTunes Store in 50 countries. While single Get Lucky. 80-minute glory at Sony’s London offices. Daft Punk’s comeback has been as sleek and tech-fuelled as expected from two robots done up in Saint Laurent. the album’s more prog-rock journey than dancefloor-filler. “That’s not what artists are supposed J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 4 5 . Their next target: your summer… T WO RDS MAT T H ILL rending across Twitter for days. via shorts on Saturday Night Live and live at California’s Coachella Festival.” Bangalter told Rolling Stone recently. T3’s heard the album in its full. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manyel de HomemChristo. the men beneath the masks. “Electronic music right now is in its comfort zone and it’s not moving one inch.

COM. though. “These are songs that travelled into five studios over two and a half years. rather than wading in nostalgia.” This shunning of their digital past could have tripped up lesser duos.” as Bangalter puts it – and the endless remixes it will clearly spawn. £9 MP3. THELASTOFUS. We wanted to do what we used to do with machines. cover appearing or ammo running out ut {BEST OF THE R EST} Memory loss. with some proper tricky bits thrown in. What lifts this above trad zombie fare. tongue-in-cheek shooter. DJ Falcon and dazzling percussionist Quinn. Uncharted developer Naughty Dog knows how to tell a story and this grim tale is more akin to The Road than Dead Island. clicks and barks that chase you through dark corridors is Grade A nightmare fuel. Happily. There’s real experimentation here. with our hero Joel having to transport her safely across a postapocalyptic America full of infected mutants and opportunistically murderous survivors. with a downbeat weariness weighing down the atmosphere. IT’S NOT THE SAME” overlap. ’70s and ’80s music-tech excesses THE LAST OF US Not just another zombie game. £30. The combination of whistles. £38. then rewind their memories to change the course of events. with only the last track. {FOCUS} Then there are the Clickers. OUT MAY 31 Intuitive platforming meets excellent visuals and nostalgic audio. Anyone after another jaunty Nathan Drake adventure is in for a shock. £10 CD. the former a broadway tune referencing Bowie and The Beatles before a choir-packed climax. shooting.Play GAMES It was Pharrell’s dream to sing with The Power Rangers « to do. PS3. is the pedigree of the studio and the monsters it’s created. from Frampton-esque voiceboxes to “world” drum wigouts and slap bass. It’s also harshly violent in a way that may surprise – get caught and Joel’s throat is torn out in close-up before a black screen abruptly silences the screams. eh? Even after the fall of man they still cause trouble. The sure-to-be-a-single Instant Crush with Julian Casablancas sounds like Air remixing The Strokes covering Last Christmas. Beat characters up.COM. containing any samples – The Sherbs’ We Ride Tonight – the rest built around an ever-shifting roster of musicians. the feast of online multiplayer innovations on offer is equally attractive. UK.UBI. but with people. DAFTPUNK. by DJs travelling.” says Bangalter. as ’60s. OUT NOW Codemasters’ high-octane racing game is graphically gorgeous.” Daft Punk have stayed good to their word. masterfully told story £40. OUT JUNE 7 Ubisoft pastiches its own franchise with this ace. CAPCOM. OUT NOW ON COLUMBIA eenagers. but those looking for a y should be first in line.COM. X360 Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D 3DS Big Brother-isms and action combos collide in this striking future thriller set in Neo Paris. COM.UK. At its most lightweight. Panda Bear. Dragons. It’s not the same vibe. X360 Grid 2 PC. while insistent clap-along Lose Yourself to Dance includes Pharrell’s falsetto rising over a chorus of digital “Come ons”. cyborgs and Michael Biehn feature. RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES BY DAFT PUNK. Once human. fungus has grown from their faces turning them feral and leaving them to hunt using echolocation. OUT MAY 24 4 6 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . but it actually keeps the album new. GRIDGAME. X360 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon PC. before Oscarwinning composer Paul Williams takes on the OTT double-header of Touch and Beyond. NINTENDO. RAM is just plain catchy. “Today. Contact. including Gonzalez. OUT JUNE 14 ON PS3 The “Balance of Power” AI system has computer enemies adapting in real-time to shifting situations – such h as characters becoming isolated. Giorgio by Moroder features the titular Italian music legend talking for nine minutes. electronic music is made in airports and hotel rooms. FC3BLOODDRAGON. it’s the techiest musical comeback of the year.CO. PS3. With the PC-referencing title – “drawing a parallel between the brain and the hard drive.COM. speed and retro thrills… Remember Me PS3. FROM £12. FROM £22. In the case of The Last Of Us it’s 14-year-old Ellie getting into a scrape. too. Uncharted creator Naughty Dog’s crafted a post-apocalyptic pleaser I only nipped out to the corner shop for a Cornetto… T “ELECTRONIC MUSIC IS MADE IN AIRPORTS AND HOTEL ROOMS.COM.

£24 BD. from Navy SEALs to CIA interrogators. the excitement is reduced by the fact we know perfectly well how this story pans out: a raid. Damon Albarn and MF Doom guest. OUT NOW MOUNT KIMBIE LINCOLN BLU-RAY. HD DOWNLOAD THE LAST STAND BLU-RAY. reality. do ring absolutely true. £15 CD. Ralph and… Bang! Re-Mit The righteously slurring Mark E Smith is back. a brief shootout and the cold corpse of a dangerous man being “buried at sea”. Arnie. H ZERO DARK THIRTY Troubling examination of the hunt for Bin Laden is somewhat more enjoyable than being waterboarded I n the post-Homeland world. His music is a jacking mix of horny horns and synthy bass. £8 MP3. £10 HD DL. and he is funky. OUT JUNE 10 Arnie looks older than God here. the way CoL bakes them in his Dutch oven is hella fresh.” then melts into a trite puddle of “be yourself/ follow your dreams” clichés. Their shtick’s still entertaining. £15 BD. Along the way. tense despite the outcome being literally a foregone conclusion {BEST OF THE R EST} Old punks. and while the ingredients may be familiar. OUT JUNE 1 « J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 47 . £14 HD DOWNLOAD. with the mastery of director Spielberg and super-thesp Day Lewis shining bright. Sweet! £14 CD. £14 DL OUT MAY 27 This wants to be “Toy Story with video games. SD DOWNLOAD Blowout BLU-RAY Cold Spring Fault Less Youth Do you remember and cherish 90s Essex experimentalists Disco Inferno? Then you’ll like this. OUT JUNE 10 THE FALL {BEST OF THE R EST} Abe. but this makes 18th century politics seem urgent and contemporary. alien pop. the action scenes and the everyday details of people doing extraordinary jobs. young guns. but ZDT is nowhere near deep enough a film to make that feel like anything more than an incidental detail. £8 MP3. As ultra-motivated yet conflicted Carrie. sorry Osama Bin Laden. as always with Bigelow. sorry Maya (Jessica Chastain). strictly speaking. He is The Child of Lov. £16 BD.FILMS MUSIC New “parallel parking fail” video causes mirth outbreak on YouTube CHILD OF LOV No (spelling) mistake about it: this is the funkiest Dutchman ever e’s straight outta the Netherlands. OUT MAY 27 EMPIRE OF THE SUN Ice on the Dune The synth duo FROM THE FUTURE – okay. Expect grinding. there’s a lot of “enhanced interrogation” (torturing people). as a small-town cop leading a rag-tag. perhaps. replete with barked instructions and gargled slogans from MES. £9 CD. However. £10 SD DL. non-understated style. File alongside Jamie Lidell in your “electro-soul” collection. {HD MOMENT} £8 CD. OUT JUNE 17 £15 BLU-RAY. searches desperately for terror leader Abu Nazir. nothing more or less. OUT JUNE 3 This ’81 classic stars John Travolta as a sound tech who accidentally records an assassination. future men SIGUR RÓS Kveikur Just in time for the summer solstice. A Western updated efficiently enough. What’s that. £8 MP3. £7 MP3. plucky bunch against heavilyarmed baddies. Director Brian De Palma pushes the “style and referentiality” meters deep into the red. OUT MAY 27 Overlong. Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar-winning War-on-Terror treatise suffers somewhat from being rooted in that boring old place. here’s just shy of an hour’s-worth of the sensitive Icelanders’ usual brand of soaring melancholy. His voice is like Prince being impersonated by Grover from The Muppets. Sydney – return in usual. OUT NOW The raid on Bin Laden’s house is brilliantly handled. £9 MP3. £16 BD. HD WRECK-IT RALPH BLU-RAY.” but after a bright start devolves into “Cars with video games. £10 CD. you don’t? Shame on you.

COM . All iPad.COM Badland iOS 4. Canadian beefcake Georges St-Pierre is the mixed martialarts welterweight world champ. being fit enough to defend yourself from facial pounding whilst locked in a cage isn’t bad. FREE.3+: iPAD.3+: iPAD. but now you have to feed two monsters by dragging sweets through six time periods and inter-dimensional gates. FREE. iPHONE. We suggest you leave actual cage fighting to the pros.0+. download and get gaming… BIT. com THE SHOW A new kind of gaming series from the ex-Inside Xbox team that splices Brookerlike satire with game-like functionality. Also available as an iOS app. SHINEONRAW. So it follows a bloke who’s won multiple cage fights is a good fitness role model. TOUCH A social network for crafty types. iPhone and iPod Touch users rocking iOS 5. iPHONE. TOUCH A s routes to well-being go. or full tracks via Spotify – it’d work better if embedded in the latter. For one. too. head here.COM ArtHunter iOS 4. FREE. While this will reap major rewards for serious gym bunnies with an unwavering focus on rock-hard legs and core. it’s sorted. FREE. with 500 video exercises. unlocking extras as you view.com THE GAME Taking on in-app purchase big cheese Clash of Clans.LY/XZSXPO 4 8 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WWW FOR MORE NEWS GO TO T3. NATIONALGALLERIES.APPS {IOS} Apple’s latest little gems Sportstream iOS 5. £2. TOUCH Combining puzzles and local multiplayer. As in no cooking. light on substance. BADLANDGAME. iPHONE. Sega’s Godsrule: War of Mortals is a real-time strategy MMO with a plan. or even heating.COM FREE THREE WEBSITES ROCKING T3’S BOAT A free premium app every month! Playgodsrule.0+: iPAD. sir. FREE. iPHONE. with the app responding to real-time user feedback and “tailoring each individual workout to your current level of fitness. It does a pretty good job. Cannon Fodder-esque strategy shooter from Angry Birds publisher Chillingo. the exercises mostly require minimal equipment. this Limbo-meets-World of Goo adventure has you floating through a trap-littered forest.com THE TUNES Twitter’s music-biz foray is big on fanfare.and gymnastics-fuelled success into a rounded workout for you. there’s more to this than celery sticks. With hundreds of recipes to browse.DO Cut The Rope: Time Travel iOS 4. with everything stored in the cloud for easy access. iPHONE.twitter. covering everything from supplements to stock up on to recovery routines. Music. so you won’t need to buy an entire home gym to feel the burn. ZEPTOLAB. You “play” the Kickstarter-funded show’s world. there’s also plenty here for the casual user. the excellent. First up is Tiny Troopers.0+: iPAD.COM Shine On Raw iOS 4. TOUCH The latest food craze: raw.3+: iPAD. Whether it’s a family reunion or a work merger. Thank-you-for-playing. TOUCH App of the month Scottish T3-ers: admire art.COM HowDo iOS 5. MOXTRA.3+: iPAD. Listen to clips of music suggested by mates or trends. Manage and share your projects. SPORTSTREAM. then get off your arse and head to the gallery to unlock bonus content including hi-res images and extra info. Cross-platform play across web browsers and iPad is particularly applaudable. £0. HOW. though.0+: iPAD. iPHONE. where users share guides.ORG TOUCHFIT: GSP Want to get cage-fighter ripped? Reigning UFC champ Georges St-Pierre has an app for that… Moxtra iOS 5. tips and tricks to making all their latest creations. plus input from trainer Patrick Beauchamp and nutrition coach Dr John Berardi. iPHONE.” as St-Pierre explains it. Will soon cover Premier League football. TOUCH You are the candy man again. from athlete/pundit tweets to play-by-play commentary. TOUCH Sport-related social media chatter.49.69. and this smart app channels his plyometric. All beautifully presented. T3 are pleased to offer a full priced app every issue for no money at all.

0. OUT JUNE 18 One protagonist. Zeebox is the perfect mix of interactive TV guide and social media hub. SPLASHPADMOBILE. NEATLY. The option to share all that info via BBM is a nice touch.00. £9. FREE. turning your home screen into a social hub and collating all your Facebook and Twitter activity. FREE.0.ID Libon ANDROID 2.0+ Round-up of all the latest golfing news and results from around the world.0+ Not strictly an app. FREE. including scoreboards.5+ 360 Panorama BLACKBERRY 5. FREE. Napster has the song catalogue and features to match Spotify. too.CO. with added points bonuses. Decent love story.COM It’s Boggle for BlackBerry. GOOGLE. FREE. NAPSTER. Currently in beta.0+ Keep up to date with this summer’s Lions rugby tour.0.0+ SO.HO Social Launcher ANDROID 4. £1.5+ eBay BLACKBERRY 10.49. MATT HILL. BOOKS: CLARE SARTIN. no tablets – but there’s hope it will be on all Android devices soon. APPWORLD.COM The camera on the Z10 is more than good enough to pull off a panorama shot. then analyses it and creates pie charts and graphs to track your progress.1+ Gorges on sleep pattern and activity data from your Fitbit device. Get the power and angle just right on your grenades to blow up your enemies.COM Fitbit WINDOWS PHONE 8+ Zeebox BLACKBERRY 4. as well as the latest news come match time. WINDOWSPHONE. It’s not customisable to the extent of TweetDeck or HootSuite.F16APPS. As a result you can favourite. APPELLO. OUT JUNE 6 The male equivalent of The Vagina Monologues or a grand compendium of penis gags? It’s a bit of both… £7. voice memos or good.COM Customisable Twitter client. Now available on BlackBerry handsets. MINICLIP. FREE. FREE. but it looks elegant and is simple to use. FREE. or a slicker alternative to Facebook Home.COM App in-depth Wisepilot WINDOWS PHONE 7.Play {ANDROID} {W INDOWS PHONE} {BLACK BER RY} Google’s pure gold Live tile treasures Lions Official WINDOWS PHONE 7. £8.COM Google Keep ANDROID 4.0. with customised voicemail greetings for different callers an added bonus. plus the option to share tips on social networks. two settings: 18th-century Paris and 21st-century America. Save your favourite recipes for future boozing. WINDOWSPHONE. OUT JUNE 6 The Boys in the Boat DANIEL JAMES BROWN Napster VARIOUS Talking Cock: a Celebration of Man and his Manhood RICHARD HERRING Faster and more dashing than ever.3+ The Big G’s answer to Evernote. This is his story. Colourcode updates from certain accounts. Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! FREE. Get your torch out and locate relics scattered around the woods before something finds you… FREE.BLACKBERRY. for quick note-taking using photos. beginning a run of bad luck.COM Info on this year’s drivers. LIONSRUGBY.2+ GAMES AND WEBSITES: LEON HURLEY.0+ Slender for Windows Phone. Not at all bad for an Android port.5+ Ruzzle BLACKBERRY 10. FITBIT. RUDYHUYN.UK Joe Rantz left Depressionera America to row with his friends and win gold in front of Hitler at the 1936 Olympics.16. MUSIC & MOVIES: DUNCAN BELL. and get exclusive behind the scenes content. INQMOBILE. £2. INSPIRIA. this one has a dose of horror.COM T3’s App of the Year in 2012. complete with total control over everything you’re buying and selling. PETER DREYER Free messages and calls to other Libon users is great. basically.5+ Neatly for Twitter BLACKBERRY 10. but makes up for the attitude with great 2D and 3D maps. currencies and commodity prices. OUT MAY 31 J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 4 9 . SO. social sharing and even players’ Twitter feeds. An exploration of fate vs free will.0 and up. qualifying and race results. fixtures and commentary for all major Euro leagues plus integrated BBM chat. FREE.00. EBAY. homemade liquors and hot beverages. RUZZLE-GAME. ZEEBOX.COM Fragger WINDOWS PHONE 7. FREE. teams and cars as well as rankings. LIBON. it’s only compatible with a select few devices – Android 4.2+ Widen your alcoholic horizons with thousands of cocktails. ETORO. filter out the riff-raff and get the tweets you need. Good thing this photo app is now available on BlackBerry.COM Wikipedia WINDOWS PHONE 7. FREE.COM eToro Social Alerts ANDROID 2. tweet and like without switching apps.COM The ultimate backseat driver tells you when you’re in the wrong lane or going too fast.5+ Berry good apps F1 Connect 2013 BLACKBERRY 10. CAMERONHIRBODI. A lodger steals the family car and commits suicide in it. FREE.2+ Live updates on major share indices.WEB. all saved to Google Drive. FREE. £11.HO is more like BlinkFeed. You can take on your mates at speedy wordplay via Wi-Fi.0+ 300 levels of explosive insanity make this a great time killer.COM Live footie app with stats.5+ Soccer Ticker BLACKBERRY 10.64.COM The Ocean at the End of the Lane FOUR EBOOKS TO READ NEIL GAIMAN Jacob’s Folly REBECCA MILLER Swizzle Drink Recipes ANDROID 2. old-fashioned written words.6.COM 1 3 2 4 Like all good fairy tales.0. FREE.0+ The winner of Windows Phone’s Next App Star contest finds articles relevant to your location and lets you share them via NFC.COM Everyone’s favourite e-marketplace makes the jump to BB10. £2. Superb. then. rankings and video highlights. FREE. Very neat indeed.COM Acedia: Indie Horror WINDOWS PHONE 7. APPS: MATT HILL. also benefiting from tighter curation.COM Golf Live WINDOWS PHONE 7.


Peak Balls was reached on April 28 – now to be known as Ed Balls Day. You could argue this was nothing but a weak joke stretched beyond breaking point. usually a photo.Opinion TA L K IN G T EC H W IT H T 3’S E X P E RT AL L IES {THIS MONTH} Luke Lewis is a meme master Mark Prigg’s early adopter envy Duncan Bell debates in-app policy Vote Peter Firth to live on Mars Edited by Matt Hill LUKE LEWIS {INSIGHT} MEMES FOR THE MASSES Buzzfeed UK’s editor reckons the geeks have inherited the earth. with news delivered via internet sound bites becoming the social norm… here was a moment. The MP’s face was crudely Photoshopped on to endless pictures. that can be endlessly remoulded for comic purposes. meme is a slightly annoying word. and you’d be right. Celebrities piled in with gags. the triumph of LOL-laden web culture. specifically. The Guardian launched a liveblog to chronicle the silliness. a few weeks back. This kind of playful creativity has always been popular on the web. Ed Balls. It was such a popular reference. and the moment memes went truly mainstream. It actually predates the internet – Richard Dawkins coined it in 1976 – but it’s come to mean a reference. when it seemed like the whole of the internet was talking Balls. Now. The whole thing’s too daft to explain in detail – it started when the Shadow Chancellor tweeted his own name accidentally – but what began life as a Twitter in-joke snowballed into a collective obsession. but it has become « T ILLUSTRATION RYAN GILLETT J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 5 1 . while maintaining its underlying structure. but it also represented something quietly profound. Namely.

Mailbox. It’s a social phenomenon. they got it very badly wrong – but the point remains. more vaulting the whale. if not coding expertise. or Ned Stark from Game Of Thrones. Remember the Harlem Shake? It went from “hottest thing on the planet” to “lamest cliché imaginable” in the space of two weeks – or two seconds. Apps such as Tempo. is the current king of the early-adopter jungle. and one advertising execs are very keen to jump aboard. keeping up with the latest tech trends isn’t just a matter of financial survival.M A R K P R IGG « super-charged in the social-media age. The meme has become democratised. we’ve set up a brand new hub at T3. trying desperately to create one from thin air rather than letting them gestate naturally. depending on your tolerance – with the Question Of Sport crew’s version less jumping the shark. too. depending on where you frequent – as only Google employees and a select few developers have a pair. A series of very public beta tests. with a small portion of the public happy to pay to become devs just to get hold of the latest kit. Nowadays sites such as Quickmeme enable you to pick a photo and type in your gag. US President Barack Obama submitting to an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) interview with the site in August 2012 was effectively its mainstream coming-out party. In the case of Google Glass. where brandishing the latest. been a relatively underground cult. It’s not even a phenomenon reserved for hardware. have followed suit. There’s still a way to go before the site achieves broadsheet-style respectability – when Redditors “identified” the Boston bombing suspects. part marketing masterstroke. a tease for your wallet. but it’s still going to be next year before the rest of us can pretend we’re in Star Trek and boldly go reading Groupon email alerts without taking our phone out of our pocket. a new email organisation service.com/t3mag and “on the Twitter” @t3dotcom… . It used to be the preserve of nerdier corners of the web. as tech firms harness the power of being first n a city full of well-paid geeks. the web’s biggest repository of memes. Both Apple and Google are clever in dripfeeding beta versions. greatest and yet-to-be-fully-released smartphone. Until recently. and in Google’s case final software. Every agency dreams of harnessing the runaway quality of the “viral”. Reddit. as ever. to select devices.com/uk 5 2 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 to its true commercial potential. openness is just another part of a tech firm’s marketing arsenal. Sure. Memes now travel at such breathtaking velocity. too. on facebook. app or gadget is as status-worthy as the password to a pop-up bar or having Larry Page’s personal secretary’s au pair on speed dial. When chancellor George Osborne joined Twitter with a smug photo update. is evolving into a news outlet. While this has. these lucky few have already. it’s tough keeping up with them. with furtive showings-off confined to certain bars and restaurants. Last year. somewhat harshly and perhaps a bit jealously. Just as traditional media is becoming more {SILICON} NO POINTS FOR 2ND Early adopters are no longer a secret cult. San Francisco is a city inhabited almost entirely by those muchreferenced-on-sales-sheets “early adopters”. 4chan and its British counterpart B3ta. at least some skill with Photoshop. but of course the truth is very different. Luke is editor of Buzzfeed. putting your own spin on a meme required. Google’s Glass AR specs are still well away from a consumer release. It might already be yesterday’s meme. but then the operating system under the hood is important. Sometimes they reverse-engineer this. Even apps are having a go.com/opinion for you to comment. communities such as Reddit. Since then it has become ever more central to the social-media conversation around breaking news. You can also remark. Being the earliest of early adopters now grants street cred – or gets you banned from bars. but social and cultural. Apple employees developing the latest version of iOS are rumoured to have been given special screen filters so they alone can see what’s on their displays. the meme that arose was stoked by contributions from Metro and the New Statesman. implementing a queue system that’s part democratic admin. So next time you make a point online by referencing Grumpy Cat. With all this openness it would be easy to believe that there are few secrets left in Silicon Valley. it’s all about shareability. Mark is technology editor for the Daily Mail {G E T I N VO LV E D} HAVE YOUR SAY… Are you an early adopter? Would you be happy to be used as a tech guinea pig in the name of beta testing and bragging rights? Or. waiting lines and orchestrated leaks have used the world’s ever-tech-focused glare I INTERNET MEMES ARE BREAKING FREE OF THE WEB AND INTO MAINSTREAM NEWS meme-friendly. they’re becoming walking billboards. Sure. yet are arguably the most talked-about gadget on the planet. But there’s an interesting paradox here. it’s a ploy that’s likely to reap big rewards. it’s now well and truly out in the open. while many firms refuse to say what they’re working on. until recently. Virgin Media billboards appeared around the UK that showed a baby clenching his fist – he was already known to millions online as Success Kid. been dubbed “Glassholes”. a calendar replacement. too. requiring users to wait their turn – and rewarding those who hear about it first. claiming to be in “stealth mode”. do you prefer your gadget releases with a bit of mystery? As part of our drive to get even more of your views into the hallowed pages of T3. be careful. After all. your phone better not be a day out of date.

Facebook. Inevitably. crucially. Or are they just EVIL and deserving of immediate banning? Put down that Freemium game for five minutes and let us know your thoughts at T3. This month’s involved a rather miserable-looking. Comments are free. thanks to the Dutch. this story was. Rastafarian banana. and be incapable of returning to the Earth’s much stronger gravity. the colonists’ bodies will have irrevocably changed. As you probably read. curved. The top prize? A Kinect… Worth about £100. reality TV is going to select two would-be space colonists from a crowd of hopefuls and fire them at Mars. re-animate a dead career and pretend to be a cat. attempting to win on a fairground game. to my mind. That’s odd. “This is due to the total physiological change in the human body. say. Having a mechanism to extract repeated payments from players that can eventually total large amounts is pure. became determined to “complete” it. dreadlocked fruit after burning his entire life savings of about two grand.000 people have paid the necessary $30 to be considered for the first two available spacesuits. but there’s a catch: they’ll never return. USA – though let’s not kid ourselves that this couldn’t happen in Hampshire. Games can put people in an altered state where their judgement is flawed. muscle strength and circulatory system capacity. the fact they’re allowed to be sold at supposedly reputable app stores beggars belief. the competition winners will just have to hop in a space capsule and arrive at the pre-fab. J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 5 3 . the response to this was the kind of exaggeratedly straight-faced reporting that newspapers ONLY employ when conveying a story they know to be piss-your-pants funny. com/t3mag and @t3dotcom on Twitter. 30. At the time of writing. as smart people. because apart from the Jah-worshipping. Not only would it be far too complicated to re-launch a return mission from the surface of Mars. Like payday loans at 3. However. But now. Sounds easy. and spent a ludicrous amount of cash doing so. Just kidding. It’s bananas. I’ve got to admit I take a different view on “freemium” games. Nobody penned any thunderous editorials calling for the banning of fairgrounds. spivvy exploitation. this is THE most thought-provoking story involving a ganjaliking plantain and a fat man in a vest that I have ever read. Read more about space tourist on p96 O nce in a while. we can all have a good laugh at dumbos wasting vast sums of dosh. Someone got momentarily. despite being generally opposed to nanny-state meddling. optional way to get more out of a game? Or should there be a cap on how much you can spend on them.” Even Ant and Dec announcing that in their cheery. but you’d probably watch… e’ve seen reality TV give people the chance to eat live bugs. £20 during the entire time you own a game shouldn’t be allowed. “The human body will have adjusted to the 38 per cent gravitation field of Mars. yellow chap. the news network for tech trend agency The Future Laboratory. Henry Gribbohm of New Hampshire. a news story comes along that perfectly captures the zeitgeist.000% APR they’re designed specifically to exploit vulnerable people whilst pretending to empower them. but what are governments and bodies such as the OFT for. Duncan hosts the T3 Podcasts every Friday {G E T I N VO LV E D} HAVE YOUR SAY… Are in-app purchases just a fun and. No blogger demanded the fairground folk be forced to pay the hapless mister Gribbohm back his life savings. That’s why. Many will take the view that adults should be allowed to spend their money on whatever they like. UK – won this slightly sinister. By crowd-sourcing colonists in a Britain’s Got Talent-style show it will generate the interest and funding needed to establish the first permanent settlement on Mars by the year 2023. in essence. holding a wildly cheerylooking. but you will be charged for likes. Yes. Now sure.” Mars One’s website warns. the people who suffer most are generally stupid. Unmanned drones will be sent up to build the beginnings of a home in the years before the manned mission. Pete writes for LS:N Global. in fact that this story is different to the in-app W purchase stories because it involves an adult and not a child using their mum’s credit card. which includes reduction in bone density. but after a few years in the planet’s reduced gravity. Mars One is a not-for-profit organisation that’s devised one of the most ethically questionable media events ever conceived.com/opinion. tattooed man in a Rab C Nesbitt vest. and it’s this: they are a disgrace. After that. insanely hooked on a game. The game? Something to do with chucking a small ball in an evidently not-much-bigger box. if not to protect stupid people from themselves? In-app purchases that make it possible to spend more than. Geordie accents won’t make it any less terrifying.DUNCAN BELL P E T E R F IRT H Opinion {TRUTH} {FUTURE} MUGGER IN MY POCKET People wasting hundreds on “free” games may be funny but should it really be allowed to happen? It’s consumerism gone literally mad… LIFE ON MARS Would you apply for a reality show handing out one-way tickets to the little red planet? Maybe not. exactly the same as the flurry of reports over previous months on in-app purchases. score a record deal. droidmade Big Brother space house.



Feel Good Tech of the 40 essential gadgets for owning all occasions now the sun’s decided to put a shift in… Photography Richard Grassie Styling Michelle Kelly Words Joe Svetlik. £170. ukbeatsbydre.com . Rob Temple Tech Beats By Dr Dre Pill.


They stick together when not in use.co. the aforementioned mower.com 1 Urban Ears Baggis Creed Virgin Island Water £87. creedfragrances. £25. urbanears.ESSENTIAL SUMMER GADGETS SUMMER Makes scents to us… Colonia by Acqua Di Parma £50. hanging round your neck rather than getting tangled in. givenchy. for instance.co.uk Givenchy Play Sport £41. jomalone.com .com Jo Malone Oud and Bergamot £95.uk Has your neighbour beaten you to the punch and got a Robomower (right) before you? Block out its jealousy-inducing sound with these noise-isolating buds. selfridges.

ensuring perfectly pearly whites for summer. then return to its base and charge itself. gardening. unguents and scents safe during well-earned weekend escapes.com 3 Nikon 1 J1 This chic. uk. nikon. aspinal oflondon. colgate.uk 4 Damson Oyster A curvaceous body.2 Gloster Fusion Sling Four back positions make this ideal for chilling out in style. dermalogica. Ten-meg stills and 1080p video are superb for the price and size.com 4 Colgate ProClinical A1500 An electric toothbrush with built-in sensors that adjust the speed and direction of the strokes depending on how you’re holding it. BMI. T3-style. simple. compact system cam has no viewfinder. will you? £1. gloster.com « J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 5 9 .699. steel blades reach to the borders of Want more Bluetooth its base for precision edging. including a £2. £180.damsonaudio. speakers. helping you get your style just right for some summer lovin’ . £100. but a built-in flash means you can snap away after dark.co. £350.co. in no uncertain terms. and fat percentage as the season’s barbecues take their terrible toll. Even better.com grenade-shaped one? P118. uk. £29. then… 1 Remington MB4550 Control Touch The world’s first touchscreen beard trimmer – yup – has 175 length options.com 5 Robomow RS630 This will mow your lawn while you relax. this elegant “sac de toilette” will keep your gels. £40. robomow. gut-punching sound from four amps and Bluetooth for wireless playback mean this brings the party-funk to your yard. so a few afternoons in the sun won’t ultimately leave you looking like a Cuprinol’d Ronnie Wood.remingtoneurope. it auto-shares your physical decline with online chums.com 2 Aspinal of London men’s hanging wash bag Water-resistant yet leathery.com 3 Dermalogica After Sun Repair This repairs damage done by UV rays.500. The hardened Further sward-tending robo-slaves are on p77.uk 5 Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Lets you track your ballooning weight. Pass us another G&T and fire up the barbie (p60). No artificial fragrance or colour is used in its creation. Smile! £165. fitbit. £175.

com 4 Bodum Bistro electric table grill One side does crêpes and bacon. basically.uk 2 Gallotti & Radice Milano Finish options are natural ash. all served up. josephjoseph.com 3 Joseph Joseph Rinse and Chop Plus A space-saving. folding chopping board that doubles as a colander. apple. £1. non-slip.com 6 0 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . the Get your grub sorted other meats. Sporty in-earphones are £130. It’s like the iPad Mini. fcilondon. exactingly. £2. salterhousewares. From £3. while a huge range of adjustments suit any body shape. it’s not ready. amazon. £10. dyson. fish.uk 4 Apple iMac The 2013 model drops the DVD drive to slim down to the same depth as an iPhone 5. The 15mm glass top adds boardroom class to your spare room and could double as a ping pong table at a push. viola: mains and dessert. veg. Compared to a laptop it offers more screen and less microwaving of your scrotum. 20-inch from £1.499.420. black or tobacco stain. if blood spurts out and hits you in the face. refreshing air rather than web browsing and time-passing apps. As well as keeping your deskspace free of midges. herman miller. 27-inch from £1. it doubles as an LED lamp.co.900.co. bodum. over on p106 1 Dyson AM02 Mini This may look just like Dyson’s much-loved tower fan but it stands only 87cm tall. $75.uk 3 Herman Miller Aeron Executive The office classic’s mesh back keeps you cool in every sense.099.com/uk 5 Inadays InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer The best-looking bug zapper around.com 2 Salter Heston Blumenthal precision meat thermometer Not sure if your meat’s ready? Pierce it with this silicon-gripped analyser. £300. weber. this resembles a mushroom designed by Philippe Starck. Our favourite feature? A sear station that ensures your meat looks as good as it tastes and vice versa.113. Et indoors with the kitchen tech on p67. At last! £15. except with cool.1 Weber Summit S-670 Gas BBQ Six gas burners and an infrared rotisserie are just the start of the good things on offer here. at your table.com reviewed.co. so you won’t be a hunchback by the time you retire.

5 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
The ebook market-leader’s eight-week battery life will keep you in pages to turn, while the e-ink screen is readable in the bright sun of backyard barbies or the cool darkness of man sheds alike. Wi-Fi £109, 3G £169, amazon.co.uk

Danger: overly hot, hot sauce

Pure Capsaicin $89, hotsauce.com

Pepper Palace Hottest Sauce in the Universe $15, pepperpalace.com

Blair’s 3AM Reserve, $47, firehotsauces.com

Pain 100% £5, hotsauceemporium.co.uk


1 Olympus Tough TG-2
This 12-megapixel, 4x zoom snapper is waterproof so you can dive into the pool with it, as this lady has here, without fear of knackerage. It’s also freezeproof, although that hopefully won’t come in handy. £350, olympus.co.uk


Tipples, snifters, boozes

Pimm’s jeroboam £100, anyoneforpimms.com

Jacques Selosse Brut Rosé £126, selfridges.com

Old Raj Dry Gin £26, wmcadenhead.com

Aperol £18, aperolspritzuk.co.uk

2 Aqua Sphere K180
Swim more freely and keep tabs down below with these goggles, replete with “red clear” lens. A 180-degree viewing angle forewarns you of flanking shark attacks. £17, proswimwear.co.uk

3 Sony Xperia Z
You can dunk this in the drink for half an hour and it’ll still work. It’s a slice of next-gen Android loveliness in many other ways, to boot – see its high ranking in our Guide, p124, for proof. £500, sonymobile.com

4 Speedo Aquabeat 2.0
Music for swimming, courtesy of this 4GB, waterproof MP3 player. Party playlist not doing it for you? Dive to the bottom of the pool and listen to Ween’s The Mollusk. £100, store.speedo.co.uk

5 Riemann P20 Once A Day
Don this in the morning and it’ll shield you from the ravages of UV for up to Use the fear of physical pain to get you fit and ten hours, even if you go swimming. improve your game with Which is quite likely, at a pool party. the pro-level, ball£25, p20.co.uk propelling robot tennis
coach on p73

1 Mountain Hardwear Way2Cool
This T’s “Cool.Q ZERO” tech means it actually lowers your body temperature as you sweat, while wicking moisture and being all antimicrobial and that. £50, mountain hardwear.com

2 GoPro Hero 3
This tiny, light action cam now has Wi-Fi for remote control and easy upload. It can capture every bone-crunching fall in excruciating detail not just in HD but also at perhaps excessively vivid 4K resolution. £360, gopro.com

3 Camera Demon
GoPro a touch outside your price range? The budget alternative is this, which fits any compact point-andshoot you fancy to your helmet, ready to film your summer adventures in an only slightly ungainly way. £25, camerademon.com

4 Adidas Boost
This trainer’s midsole is thermoplastic polyurethane, offering excellent energy return, so impact is reduced and you can run longer. Alas, it looks a bit like the stuff your hi-fi came packed in, but results are king. £110, adidas.co.uk

5 Jawbone b Up
This had a few teething troubles on its original launch, but now it’s back, and it’s bad in the hip-hop sense. It tracks your movement and sleep quality, Nike Fuelband-style, with the usual associated app and social gubbins. £100, eu.jawbone.com «

J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 6 3

we think you’ll agree. too. rapha. and more into even the most bijou manbag. From £269. £155. and let us tell ya. £980. £80. You’ll never go back to full size. we’ve got these in.85-inch screener is the perfect commute companion. £79. firebox. sennheiser. apple.com/uk 6 4 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . There’s also in-built Wi-Fi. hamilton watch.com 2 Urth Hydra Therapy After eight hours on a plane. without losing any of its executive panache. breathable. Three pages of cycle gear. They let you take calls hands-free. £54. top up with H2O and enjoy instant refreshment of the citrus kind. games. gingham-style fabric keeps you cool as you power uphill. £15. too. you need never lose juice halfway through a film or Skype chat again. Wiggo-style.com 5 Knomo Padstow slim satchel briefcase Made of cotton canvas twill with a raw-edge leather trim. With 6.com 3 Rapha Short Sleeve Shirt This cycling shirt’s lightweight. selfridges. while back pleats prevent unsightly over-stretching. from “reality trainers” to a tweed cap. £80.com/uk 2 Citrus Zinger water bottle A built-in juicer gives your water a more sophisticated. from laptops to mobiles. barnes andnoble. mophie. replete with a logging function to record details of up to 20 flights. This moisturiser’s calming gel formulation works a treat. movies.com 4 Nook Simple Touch This ereader bargain gives you two months of reading on a full charge and you’ll get a glare-free experience when you finally hit the beach. fitting apps. knomo bags. subjecting your skin to cholerainducingly hot air laced with recycled flatulence.000 big milliamp hours. lemony taste – just squelch a fruit.co.uk Summer’s coolest sunglasses are on p72. should you crash into the sea – reassurance. start on p74 1 Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo Charges two devices simultaneously via USB. It’s also waterproof to 100m.1 Apple iPad Mini 1 This 7. £120. you’ll want to freshen up.cc 4 Sennheiser CX890I What’s that? Can’t hear you mate. this will withstand being chucked about. continental.com 3 Hamilton Flight Timer Quartz Pilot’s watch. the noise isolation is epic.

99 The Facebook Effect David Kirkpatrick. £12. while the nose pads adjust for schnozz sizes from Carey Mulligan to Gerard Depardieu.com Information is Beautiful David McCandless. £8 . £4. don’t all magazines have a vintage Vespa in their stationery cupboard? £140. £5. revo.ESSENTIAL SUMMER GADGETS SUMMER Tech eb books for the trip Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip K Dick.98 The New Digital Age. Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen.99 5 Revo Windspeed sunglasses Moisture and dirt roll right off the oleophobic lenses on these stylish shades. The bike? What.


They’ve got a big flavoursome armful of tech touches. kitchenaid. I am knocked out by this kettle. cordless hand blender and food processor. The Mona Lisa of blending stuff. They’re iconic. blender £139.. AL FRESCO DINING ESSENTIALS P77 DRIVE CYBER-ENHANCED PORSCHE CAYMAN.] Toaster £169. RETRO SUPERBIKE P80 PUTTING THE KIT IN KITCHEN KitchenAid launches mastercheffing.co. MEDALLION SILVER. mate! [Grins like idiot. Luvverley. CANDY APPLE RED AND FROSTED PEARL! THE KETTLE HAS ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL FROM 50°C TO 100°C! THE HAND BLENDER HAS ACCESSORIES (COSTING AN EXTRA £60) INCLUDING THREE BLADES. toaster. processor £389. from the temperature gauge on the kettle to the food processor’s ExactSlice system. (20CM & 33CM) AND WHISK! HOW TO PREPARE KILLER FISH.uk J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 6 7 . SELECT YOUR SHADES P72 PULSE NOW A ROBOT CAN BEAT YOU AT TENNIS P73 PULSE: CYCLING SPECIAL TECH AND ATTIRE FOR ALL CYCLIST TRIBES P74 HOME ROBO MOWER. JUSTIFY THE KITCHENAID COST TO YOURSELF… THE TOASTER MECHANICALLY LOWERS COOKED TOAST TO KEEP IT WARM! THE FOOD PROCESSOR COMES IN EMPIRE RED. TWO BLENDING ARMS. BUILD YOUR OWN STEAM BOX PC P68 OBSESSION: TATTOOING SAY IT WITH INK P69 TECH DAD ALL-SEEING BABY MONITORS P70 UPGR ADE SUMMER’S HERE. ALMOND CREAM. small-appliance assault Mate! We know the KitchenAid Artisan range has cracking stand mixers in it.Edited by Duncan Bell YOUR MONTHLY EXISTENCE ENHANCER TECH G A D G E T LIFE OF T M O NTH HE M A N UA L f y i This month.. ONYX BLACK. which lets you cut veg like a pro. But what about smaller appliances? Cooking equipment retail sectors do NOT get more pressured than that! [Annoyingly long pause] Mate. kettle £119.

It contains naturally-occurring electrolytes and more potassium than a banana – “Don’t tell the monkeys!”. Then put the knife into its mouth and eviscerate all the offal. Ideally. YOU GENUINELY FEEL LIKE YOU’VE BEEN DUNKED IN WATER AFTER DRINKING IT. One-hour quick-charging and a soft grip mean you can cut. Deputy Editor MY GIRLFRIEND GOT ME INTO VITA COCO. Alternatively. Look twice. 500GB.9m wide and 30cm deep. 4/ To cook.com 7/ Power supply Cooler Master Geminii M4. “correct” 5 POW ER-UP OF THE MONTH Vita Coco f y i I TRIED THIS! Matt Hill. so put the poisonous parts on a different tray. WIDE-MOUTHED.200rpm Western Digital Blue.HOW TO U HACK YO UR LIFE WITH TE CH 3 PR EPAR E PUFFER FISH WITHOUT KILLING YOURSELF Kaoru Yamamoto of SO (sorestaurant. Go steady. not the offal or the ovaries. fins. Free. kingston. you’ll need mouth to mouth and gastric lavage (stomach pumping).co.com) ensures no FUBARs when it comes to fugu 1/ Cut off the fins using a deba boho knife (£55. £80. $50.2m high. £25.com 6 8 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WORDS JOE SVETLIK ILLUSTRATION MARK MITCHELL . critically. 1 BECOME TOP OF THE TOPIA R ISTS Bosch Lawn and Garden’s Geoff Hodge offers advice on trimming your bush 1/ Use a drawing as a guide.fm Beyonce! – fetches CD art. or put chunks of it in a miso soup. make your own. just kidding.uk 4/ GPU Zotac Nvidia GT 640 2GB. 0. intel. uk. 7.com 2/ Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H61M-HD2 – it’s got USB 3. buy a wire guide to prune around to get an exact shape.com/gb 2 4 BUILD YOUR OWN “STEAM BOX” PC Don’t wait for Valve’s gaming rig. PARTLY BECAUSE IT DOESN’T HAVE A STRAW. SO YOU’RE FORCED TO GORGE ON ITS SLIGHTLYTOO-BIG OPENING.2v. Move your Windows licence from another PC to your makeshift Steam Box. try fugu chiri (hot pot) or hire shu (sake served with grilled fins). dremeleurope. Newbies may struggle with more. no less. Free. etc. iOS N7Player Zoomable tag editor allows for tweaking on the go. They’re both thick with small leaves. Needs no external power. so it’s chewy. people. 2/ Fugu poison is a thousand times more toxic than cyanide and has no smell or taste. hence easy to shape. 3/ Serve raw as sashimi. 5/ Fugu season is from October to April. sub-£300 one – prices aren’t RRPs. but is half the cost and has a more nostalgic name.com) and strip the fugu of its skin. prune once.com 3/ CPU An Intel Pentium G840 dualcore performs very similarly to the Intel Core i3. shape and engrave in comfort for hours. shows lyrics. kinknives. and can taste bland at first. so your rig stays cool. Vita Coco’s promotional material sagely counsels. 3/ Craft a pyramid shape by holding your pruners at 45 degrees and go straight up to take a little off at a time. £26. From free. £18 for 12x 330ml pack.gigabyte. coolermaster. £43. don’t rush. £70. Otherwise it will die. WITH ITS LACK OF BIG CHUNKS – A COCONUT WATER NO-NO – AND ULTRA-HIGH REFRESHMENT LEVELS.uk 8/ OS Linux! No. not Scan CD barcodes to add to your Bloom. 6/ Remember the base of the bush needs to stay wider than the top. basic and cheap.FM Fixes names – it’s Beyoncé. See p78… insert here TOOL OF THE MONTH DREMEL 8100 This 7.com 6/ Hard drive Go for the reliable. have it battered and deep fried as tempura or karaage. If you are poisoned. £34. microsoft.co. 2/ Stand back to get a full view before cutting. 5/ Ideally sized bushes are 1. but its umami is quite strong. Excited? Buy yourself a hedge-trimmer. Fugu has an elastic texture. meat and milt. FINISHING IT IN ABOUT FIVE SECONDS. 4/ Privet or buxus bushes are best.uk TuneUp Bloom.com 5/ RAM Kingston Value 4GB DDR3 1066 Low-Profile does the job here. zotac. THEN YOU WANT ANOTHER ONE. shop around TECHQUATION Organise your music collection 1/ Case Antec’s New Solution VSK-3000E is black. Android What a (smug) feelin’! Your tunes are now omni-available and. wdc. OS X. vitacoco. This fat-free “natural coconut water” is thirst-quenching and health-giving.co. Windows playlist. £42. cordless multi-tool’s “EZ Twist” action means you can switch accessories without tools or wrist-sprains. You can eat the skin. £55. deep-signal. Serve with warmed sake and enjoy safely.

50 for 50. make sure you do an apprenticeship with a professional tattooist – see below.co.CO.uk #22 TATTOOING All a man needs to create his own body-art studio. anglepoise.com 3/ Saturn Digital power supply Runs two tattoo machines at once. with an LCD viewer that lets you fine-tune speed. £220.com f y i INSTANT INK: GET STARTED NOW… THE UK OFFICIAL TATTOO ACADEMY IN ESSEX OFFERS INTENSIVE. this versatile steampunkesque light can attach to desk clamps. this throne has swing legs.. 4/ In my experience.com 2/ Diablo Rotary Swiss tattoo machine With a Swiss-made motor this offers near-silent operation. IT ALSO HELPS FIND YOU A SUITABLE APPRENTICESHIP TO FURTHER HONE YOUR NEW SKILLS.UK WORDS MATT HILL J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 6 9 . TWO-WEEK TRAINING COURSES COVERING EVERYTHING FROM MECHANICAL OPERATION AND HEALTH AND SAFETY KNOW-HOW TO DESIGN SKILLS AND SKIN PRACTICE. Producing a quality of light similar to sunlight. £1. get a tat TECHlife N IO SS SE OB F. Please note: a sound grasp of hygiene and actual artistic ability are also generally required if you’re to advance beyond knuckle-based invective… 1/ If you’re serious about tattooing as a profession. £164. Tattooists require as unique a portfolio as any designer looking to be noticed in a highly competitive industry.. £749. AS WELL AS CERTIFYING YOU. with smooth ink flow. UKOFFICIALTATTOOACADEMY. diablorotary. wall brackets or floor poles. WHAT YOU’LL NEED… 1/ Tattoo Ink Chair Full Flagship V2 From chair to bed in seconds. duty cycle and voltage. tattooinkchair.uk 4/ Powerline sterile tattoo needles Vacuum-sealed for single use and fully disposable. iamvagabond. £100. tapered backrests and a 360-degree base for inking those hardto-reach areas. Intenze inks (intenzetattooink. powerlinesupplies.co.co.Eat killer fish. 2/ Work hard on a body of work that establishes your own style. these give a beam equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb from a 25W one and are a necessity when working in fine detail on skin.999.uk 5/ Anglepoise Type 1228 table lamp Designed by Kenneth Grange. They have a wide variety of colour options and stay looking vivid on the skin for much longer. This usually takes three years. powerlinesupplies. O G IN K E OME TH BEC O GET INKED! Expert advice from Paul Hill.com) are the best quality in the industry. owner of Vagabond tattoos. 3/ Always tattoo under Ecozone Biobulbs. so you and your customers can relax. £8.

samsung. TECH DAD SELECTS More baby monitoring gadgets… I’LL ONLY TELL YOU ONCE! With decades of gadget experience. hippychick. letting baby follow you anywhere. £130. Micro scooter’s G-Bike Plus takes just that approach. with each cam promising to be interference-free up to 300 metres. Just kidding. Help! I’m having serious trouble getting my new-born to go to sleep.com The sound of a consistent noise. 4/ Surveillance state You can connect up to four cameras at a time for full. obvs. 2/ …And also heard Switch to Vox mode and the screen will switch off if all’s quiet. round-the-clock coverage.uk Dear Tech Dad. £0.BABY’S ON VIDEO Samsung’s latest hi-tech toddlersurveillance system trains an unblinking eye on your offspring… The Samsung SEW-3037 with 3.com/uk D DA DS . A two-way radio with talk-back lets you and your other half argue remotely over whose turn it is to change Junior. ERIC.5-inch. It keeps a watchful 2x-zooming eye on your babe. £170. 3/ Even a one-year-old could use it The screen isn’t a touchscreen.org. snuza. FROME Snuza Hero Concerned about baby’s breathing? This monitor gently rouses the child if no chest movement is detected for more than 15 seconds. the screen switches itself back on. Alternatively download White Noise Baby from the iTunes store and let its selection of soothing sounds – including car noise and the sound of a conch – do the trick. We are looking for something our twoyear-old can scoot around the house on. ALEX. the best way to teach a youngster to ride is by removing the pedals and turning the bike into a hobby horse. When lights go out the unit automatically switches to black-and-white. As soon as the wailing begins. £80. £60. with adjustable seat and handlebars. but the menu system is easy to navigate and allows access to all camera options and sound settings. HUGH & DIANE. HTH C E KI TTE R O T ’S F NES I HO THE TECH Samsung’s SEW-3037 in detail 1/ Babies should be seen… Resolution on the “parent hub” monitor is only 320x240. A looped handle lets you pluck ’em from the path of mischief. micro-scooters. ladybird-shaped vehicles fitted with multidirectional casters.com WORDS DEREK ADAMS 7 0 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . ST IVES Watch & Care A278 Poor hearing or heavy sleeper? This pillow tech vibrates when baby stirs. but it’s clear enough even in low light.uk Normally. night-vision mode.co. £67.69. such as a Hippy Chick’s Wheelybugs are colourful. I’m looking for a good-quality beginners’ bicycle for my four-year-old. colour LCD is your baby’s new Big Brother. while pan and tilt will check twins or scan the playroom for hidden axe-wielding madmen. THETFORD ST CLEMENTS vacuum cleaner has been proven to emulate the ambience of the womb. Apple App Store Dear Tech Dad. Tech Dad has the solutions to all your pedagogic conundrums Dear Tech Dad. actiononhearingloss.


Oakley styling and functionality. £5. FOR AN ENTIRELY CHIP-RESISTANT FINISH THAT’S 100 PER CENT BEACHREADY. Classic Persol. A polycarb sweat at bar – mmm – mops ps yo your brow as you roar do dow wn the dusty high hways of Arizona. Prescription lenses? It’s big into them. £18. £216. with electric blue lenses s for a stare that’s literal blue steel.uk 4/ Oakley Fast-Jacket XL A blend of typically aggressive. £149. thanks to oversize teardrop lenses and frames that manage to be simultaneously bright red yet not frightful. spitfire-design. n. the iconic teardrop frames get a hip twist. £285. Here e. £135. HIS HAND-MADE FRA A MES MES ARE TAILORED TO YOUR MEASUREMENTS. complete UV protection.com design. mauijim. persol. too. stopping glare whilst attracting stares. FACE SHAPE. just as long as you’ve got time… to get sharp p 1/ Gucci Young Aviator You can’t go wrong with Gucci.com/uk 2/ Persol PO3047S Plastic frames and metal earpieces combine for sunnies that are light yet sturdy. with lenses that can be easily switched in and out as lighting conditions ns change.com f y i TOM DAVIES BESPOKE WANT SPECS TO YOUR EXACT SPEC? LONDON-BASED BASED TOM DAVIES IS YOUR MAN.com/uk 6/ Orgreen Carter 350 0 with Transitions lenses es Orgreen’s titanium frames look the bollocks s. titanium Aviator variants. USING LUXURY TECHNIQUES SUCH AS COLOURING THE METAL WITH ELECTRIC CURRENTS.co. £190. sporty. These specs are loud and proud.com/uk 3/ Maui Jim Hideaways PolarizedPlus 2 lenses offer excellent colour and contrast enhancement. ray-ban. gucci. oakley. while the lenses go from clear to dark in the blink of an eye as you saunter from beach-hut shade to sun-drenched sand. including these razor-sharp.ADE UPGR UP.COM 7 2 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WORDS DUNCAN BELL . or Nantwich.000. From £309.com m 5/ Ray-Ban RB3025 The vintage Aviator is a wonderful thing and still ll the exact same shape as s those issued to US fighter ter pilots in the 1930s.com 7/ Spitfire Techtonic Strikingly retro biker shades offer UV resistance and d leather eye-shields for or maximal sun protection. modern yet timeless. FIX T LOOK SMAR SHADY SUMMER It doesn’t really matter if it’s raining or it shines. transitions. COLOURING AND EVEN PERSONALITY. TDTOMDAVIES. Maui Jim has umpteen well-executed frame styles.

though presumably not while it’s powering the ball at you at 80mph.com 2/ ROGER FEDERER Wilson BLX ProStaff Six. 1/ NOVAK DJOKOVIC Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro £185.co. from “power baseliner” to “the grinder”. £3. wilson. built-in Wi-Fi means you can control your robot coach with your Android or iOS device.. head. head.com 2/ LAURA ROBSON Wilson Blade 98 £170. It can recreate anything from ponderous.uk HRO PUT T S TECHITS PACE PU L S E UGH PRO R ACQUETS Arm yourself like the world’s top men..com/uk WORDS PETE DREYER PHOTO PIXELEYES J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 7 3 .uk 3/ Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour £125. adidas. red bucket). wilson.com 3/ RAFAEL NADAL Babolat AeroPro Drive 2013 £190. babolat.com 3/ HEATHER WATSON Dunlop Biomimetic M3. dunlopsport.com …or get patriotic with the racquets of Britain’s top stars 1/ ANDY MURRAY Head YouTek IG Radical Pro £175.co. Its Phenom 2 is as close as you’ll find to an automated tennis coach (that resembles a large. apolloleisure.0 £160. dunlopsport. As a final tech flourish. time-defying moonballs to fizzing passing shots. WIMBLEDON STYLE Oh. and is programmed with drills to simulate every type of opponent.com 2/ Adidas adiZero Bermuda £36. Smash! TECHlife YOU GOT SERVED Robo tennis coach that ruthlessly exposes your feeble backhand Lobster tennis ball machines are widely used by tennis pros and facilities around the world to “groove their ground game” and what have you. nike.Sunnies.One 90 £180. I say! 1/ Dunlop Biomimetic six-racquet thermo bag £59.com ROCK IT.995.

74 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 .

J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 7 5 .

REVOLIGHTS. bikegotham.COM 1/ Suunto Ambit2 S Stylish GPS watch offers analytics and customisation via 1. From £275.com. £90. abus. SO ALTHOUGH YOUR WHEELS ARE MOVING THE LIGHTS DO NOT. elite-it.com 2/ Lezyne Alloy Pump CFH Effortless manual or really effortless CO2 inflation.co. knog.000s of apps and supports cycle-friendly ANT+ gizmos. 76 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WORDS DUNCAN BELL . clad in industrial silicone rubber. LITERALLY BRILLIANT.350. the ultimate bike training app… £45. from pro-level training to fixing a flat… f y i REVO LIGHTS THESE BLAST LIGHT THROUGH YOUR TYRES. suunto.com 7/ Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 85cm of locking. folds down to easily-carried rectangle. £45. £1. with video. SENSORS MEAN THE LIGHTS ONLY SHINE WHEN THEY’RE POINTING DIRECTLY IN FRONT OR BEHIND.au 6/ Gotham Defender Aluminium. thinkbiologic. Looks sci-fi fly.99). hardened steel. FROM $139. Analysis is beamed wirelessly to your PC.G OU HR T T CE S U H P PA TEC ITS E S L PU H RIDE-ON KIT LIST Picked your cycling tribe? Now add some innovative technology.com 3/ Elite Realpower CT Trainer Simulates rides with gradients up to 20 per cent. perfect for canny riders of every type. $85.uk on which you really should have Cycle Meter (£2. evanscycles. warding off opportunist thieving toe-rag bastards.com 4/ Biologic Bike Mount Plus Well’ard case/mount for your iPhone 5. $65. 50-lumen light screws on with unique tool. 70 lumens rear. $60. That’ll do you.com 5/ Knog Blinder Road 2 and Road R A massive 200 lumens front.

com 3/ Medici Chair £810.uk WORDS DUNCAN BELL J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 7 7 . philcuttance. just allowed to mulch back into the soil.UK OBJETS D’ART A couple of future classics from the Design of the Year 2013 exhibition (until July 7. It moves quietly.org) and a terribly tasteful radio 1/ Ruark Audio R1 MKII limited edition £180. and should be let loose on your greensward a couple of times a week. £1. THE INDEGO CUTS IN PARALLEL LINES.co.235. robo gardener TECHlife MOWER DROID The best-looking lawn tamer to date takes the effort out of fighting summer’s turf war The Honda Miimo HRM500 is visibly – and audibly – influenced by its ASIMO robot. UNLIKE IT. honda.co. BOSCHGARDEN.299.uk/garden E M HO BE TT E IV RL IN GT H U RO GH TE CH f y i FANCY A CHEAPER ROBOMOWING ALTERNATIVE? LIKE ITS HONDA RIVAL THE BOSCH INDEGO DICES YOUR GRASS INTO FRAGMENTS SO IT GOES BACK INTO THE TURF AS COMPOST. in a random pattern – so as not to plough furrows into your lawn – returning obediently to its charging base when juice runs low while you get on with setting up the barbecue – see next page… £2. cutting little but often.Bike tech. it doesn’t so much mow the grass as shave it.CO. conranshop. producing 2mm-3mm grass cuttings that don’t need to be raked or collected. designmuseum. Using a fan to suck the grass towards its flexible steel blades. ruarkaudio. IT’LL KEEP GOING FOR UP TO 50 MINUTES ON A SINGLE CHARGE BEFORE HEADING BACK TO ITS BASE FOR A BIT OF A SIT DOWN.com 2/ Faceture vases £POA.

grandhall. these outdoor speakers do come in pairs.com 8/ Cuisinart GR4CU The rain’s a-comin’ down horizontally and there’s talk of flooding. cook. so long as they can stomach its admittedly “eccentric” stores. 8. fibre-glass. It makes good.uk 2/ Weber er digital pocket thermometer the £18. weberbbq. £190. Gazebo £160.CO.uk weberbbq.uk 3/ GrandHall T-Grill Titanium Is this gaspowered BBQ the sexiest you’ve ever clapped eyes on or what? It’s also packed with bleedingedge tech.com 6/ Ikea Klasen What’s that? John Lewis is also a bit out of your price range? Yeesh.com 4/ Moon Chair Great value. position chair £36. £999. infrared burners. engineeringwithlight. head back to your favourite Swedish vendor of furnishings and food that only rarely has horse in it.com 7 8 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 .co.co. orange and bronze. £429. The tweeter is liquid-cooled. but the units as a whole are impervious to liquid and cool. £349. modernist design available to everyone. fine gazebo will shelter you. Cos there ain’t no party like a garden party… 1/ Ikea Ammerö gazebo and seating.UK BAR BECUE ESSENTIALS It’s time to flame up that barbie. blocks 97% of UV rays and is machine washable. Multiple finish options are available. From £95. Okay. they offer the potency of charcoal with the cook. Also in black. for this excellent. your guests and your tech from summer showers.com 5/ John Lewis JL4-2013 GrandHall a bit out of your price range? This compact gas barbie is a typically understated.HOME R LIV BE T TE IN G T HRO U GH TE CH THE GREAT OUTDOORS Get your food. armchair with pad £70. ikea.uk 7/ Hunza NPS Outdoor. al fresco. Arholma seating From Fight Club upwards. dimmer-compatible. wall or tree mount as you desire. weather-resistant orb seats you in considerable style. charcoal-burning ovenette. Best retreat indoors. johnlewis.co. reliably well-built product from the nation’s most middle-class store.co. with “flame tamers” evenly dispersing heat from its four burners.co. made. Add either a spike. while the gas bottle lurks behind the cabinet doors. chefn. £100. LED spot-lighting. easy-clean plates. including ultraefficient. but let the barbecue-style fun continue with this four-way griddle and grill with removable. Ikea takes a lot of stick but its best stuff is unbeatable for the price. Arholma outdoor seating and table/stool from £40 2/ KEF Ventura 6 Yes. Vertically mounted for a uniform cooking area. Isn’t it ironic?! (No). 3/ Chef’n salad spinner £20. kef. cuisinart. This fine. zippo.uk IMAGE COURTESY OF IKEA. cookability that is the beauty of gas. £300.co. music and stylish lounging on. probe that steak for done-ness and spin off a few token lettuce leaves for the unfortunate vegetarians present 1/ Zippo Flex Neck £18.

you want to be mixing outro beats over intro beats and nowt else. J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 7 9 . Then execute the mix over either four or eight bars.Garden tech par-tay TECHlife HOME IMPROVEMENT #19: GAR DEN-PARTY DJING FOR BEGINNERS Mix and mashup your choons professionally adequately. then just randomly twiddle knobs to give a “live” feel. 2/ Don’t mix vocals over vocals. Nothing sounds worse. Or just crash-mix it. with minimum effort 1/ Line up your next track tempo-wise before you start mixing – use a software or hardware BPM counter. premix your set using Ableton Live or Traktor. 3/ Alternatively. or do it by ear if you’re hardcore. Ideally.

MANUAL POWER 271BHP TORQUE 214LB/FT FUEL CONSUMPTION 34. NATURALLY ASPIRATED GEARBOX SIX-SPEED. we filled the valleys and mountain passes with a flat-six symphony. It’s a car to please both the purists and the PlayStation generation and we love it… f y i PRICE OF TEST CAR £44. Not a bad afternoon. but also takes the “anal” out of analogue.320KG ROUTE MASTER The hills are alive with the sound of Porsche. Car: stunning. From sunny Inverness to Loch Torridon on Scotland’s west coast.7 SECONDS ENGINE 2.E DRIV H TO TEC YO U E TAK ACE S PL GR ANDER TURISMO Porsche’s new Cayman delivers digit to digital. Roads and scenery: quite possibly the best in Britain.4MPG CARBON EMISSIONS 192G/KM WEIGHT 1.360 TOP SPEED 165MPH 0-62MPH 5. overly-smoothed-out driving.706CC FLAT-6. all told… 1/ Inverness 2/ Loch Torridon 8 0 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 .

Pretty much everything from the gearbox and suspension to the rear differential can be optionally enhanced with cyborg powers. too. The most anal of driving purists will approve. but the Cayman’s THE TECH INSIDE 1/ Touch me Porsche Communication P Management – PCM.694. available with a dual-clutch robot transmission and active everything. RENAULT. Don’t forget.UK 2/ Renault Clio RenaultSport 200 Turbo The new Clio has come over all digital: robot gearbox. harmonious package that flatters your driving.6GDi Do the Koreans now make the best-looking mainstream cars? This three-door hatch is a picture.UK WORDS JEREMY LAIRD J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 8 1 . e-diff. £17.7 is a 271bhp. KIA. with gamesconsole-style force feedback. EVERYTHING FROM GEARBOX TO REAR DIFFERENTIAL CAN BE CYBER-ENHANCED array of digital tricks pull together in a seamless. stiffen t suspension. A-ha! FROM £39. As Alan Partridge would probably not put it.775. 2/ Feeling feisty? H Hit the Sport Plus button to unleash sharper t throttle response. If that isn’t enough. synthetic engine sounds. itself recently refreshed.CO. 3/ Force feedback If a single feature sums u the new Cayman. you can still option one with a manual gearbox and passive suspension. Result: nearly 50mpg on the extra-urban cycle. if you will – is based on a seven-inch touchscreen s in the centre console.UK 3/ Kia Procee’d 1. grab your string-back driving gloves for extra purchase. too. 165mph car. It’s a 165mph digital-to-analogue converter. It’s like the “magic realism” of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It’s a purist’s nightmare. that soulful.CO. naturally-aspirated flat-six engine is the real analogue deal. this is very cool indeed.495. those little wriggles and writhes you get through the steering wheel rim are. Likewise. £19. the works.995. From the hybrid steel-andaluminium construction. Porsche’s tin-top take on the open-air Boxster.8 seconds and does 78mph on electric alone. and perfect your Alan Partridge impression: the all-new Porsche Cayman can still be had with a manual gearbox and classic flat-six petrol engine. with a theoretical 155mpg. it’s up t software-generated the steering feel. If you’re any kind of car enthusiast.Porsche Cayman TECHlife Slip on your stay-creased action slacks. PORSCHE.4 with big wheels and all the kit and the result is a motorised missile. simulated by software. and whatever the car’s digital enhancements. firm up the t engine mounts and – the yes! – log lap times. Spec up a 321bhp 3. in part. It’s astonishingly rapid. the high-rev howl will plunge deep into your chest and shake your heart to bits. Even the little 2. Go with the dual-clutch PDK gearbox and you get both start-stop and a sailing mode that disengages the clutch on coast-down. with an extra screen in the instruments. which shaves about 30 to 40kg from the old model to the panoply of active drive-enhancing systems. is also a technological tour de force. Want active engine mounts that soften or stiffen according to your level of driving arousal? It’s got ’em. yes.CO. £48. The car is the bitch and you’re the queen. Is this cool? Well is it? IS IT?! Actually. The warranty is best-in-business. the new model does it all while significantly improving fuel efficiency and emissions. But hang on. this hits 60 in 5. in automobile form. Porsche purists are aghast but the simple fact is that t the new car’s helm is as smooth as honey.COM/UK THR EE TO TEST DRIVE Summer’s zappiest run-arounds 1/ Volvo V60 Plug-In Probably the quickest diesel-electric you can buy. VOLVO.

Honda had to come up with a new manufacturing method. In the real world it’ll rub out all but the quickest modern supercars.” says VW £TBC. has been designed to be just narrow enough to give the rider a tantalising glimpse of the chrome-clad.TECHlife E DRIV H TO TEC YO U E K TA ACE S PL GREASY LOVER Honda’s CB1100 disguises some very modern machinery as a two-wheeled retro throwback With its 50s-style look and feel. £8.5kWh lithium pack means it’ll hit 60mph in 12 seconds 3/ Net result is 21g/km carbon emissions and 127mpg 4/ May or may not be named after Pete “Buzzcocks” Shelley’s 1983 solo LP. old-school feel when running. Goes into production “later this year.950. with cooling fins so closely stacked.8 seconds.co. four-cylinder engine below. hellair! What’s this? An air-cooled engine? In the harsh.uk Brand new. The cooling fins on the four-pot engine measure a super-slim 2mm because that’s what you need to achieve those characteristic pings and ticks as the engine chills after a good thrashing. unforgiving future-world of 2013? Yup. One thing that’s not so old skool: 0-60 in under five seconds. this cruising hunk of burning chrome cranks out 85bhp thanks to quad cams and four valves per cylinder – enough to zap the CB1100 to 60mph in just 4. honda. Actually. LOW-CAR BON CRUISER Obliterate the 100mpg barrier with VW’s diesel-electric XL1 1/ Carbon-fibre two seater weighs just 795kg 2/ Two-pot diesel engine produces a measly 27bhp. the inlet valves are carefully engineered to give the motor a lumpy.co. on a bike air-cooling isn’t that crazy and for the CB1100 it’s been given a modern makeover. you’re retro 1/ Air. retro cool. for instance. man. The fuel tank. 2/ Details. details Break out the magnifying glass and tweezers: Honda has gone to a lot of effort to achieve such effortless. 3/ Historic performance Don’t be fooled by the throwback threads. Honda’s CBR1100 is like photographing a modern sports bike with Hipstamatic. but 5. Right on. volkswagen.uk 8 2 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 .

YOUR ACCESS TO ANY FUTURE DIGITAL ISSUES WILL BE CANCELLED BUT YOU WILL STILL BE ENTITLED TO DOWNLOAD THE DIGITAL ISSUES YOU RECEIVED PRIOR TO CANCELLING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.30pm weekdays and 8am-4pm Saturdays Live outside the UK? For fantastic savings visit myfavouritemagazines.uk/T3AP18 CALL US 0844 848 2852 QUOTING CODE T3AP18 Lines are open 8am-9. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD THE DIGITAL VERSIONS OF ALL PRINT ISSUES PUBLISHED WITHIN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TERMS FREE OF CHARGE. plus a tablet keyboard dock With T3’s All Access subscription you get every edition delivered to your door AND directly to your iPad or Android tablet for £10. .uk/T3 YOURS WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE! TABLET KEYBOARD DOCK TERMS AND CONDITIONS: YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WILL START WITH THE NEXT AVAILABLE PRINT AND DIGITAL ISSUE AND YOU WILL RECEIVE 13 ISSUES.99 every three months or £43.co. Bluetooth-connecting keyboard dock for tablets. OFFER ENDS JUNE 26 2013. And. FUTURE PUBLISHING RESERVES THE RIGHT TO WITHDRAW ACCESS AT ANY TIME. Subscribe today! GO ONLINE myfavouritemagazines. you’ll also get this splendid.99 for the year.co.T3 PROMOTION T3 IN PRINT AND ON YOUR TABLET FOR ONE GREAT PRICE Hot T3 in p offer on you rint and r tablet just £10 . IF YOU ARE DISSATISFIED IN ANY WAY YOU CAN WRITE TO US OR CALL US TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AT ANY TIME AND WE WILL REFUND YOU FOR ALL UNMAILED PRINT ISSUES.99 evefor three m r onths y The latest and best gadget news and reviews. for a limited time only. £5 OF THE ANNUAL PRINT + TABLET SUBSCRIPTION PRICE COVERS ACCESS TO OUR DIGITAL EDITIONS.

The science in your bathroom
Looking good isn’t an art. It’s a science. Take your grooming routine to the next level with these hi-tech bathroom essentials
1) Brushing: Shift up to 100 per cent more plaque than manual brushing with the Oral-B TriZone 5000. It looks and feels like a manual brush but the clean is a whole lot better. “Sweeping” bristle tech pairs manual motion with power pulsations, while three separate areas on the head take on everything from hard-to-reach back teeth to interdental cleaning, while adapting to your own, individual style of brushing. The wireless Smart Guide acts as a dental satnav, ensuring you never miss a sector of your mouth.
RRP £199.99, ORALB.CO.UK

2) Wet shaving: All told, you spend 32.5 days of your lifetime on facial deforestation. Let the Gillette Fusion ProGlide SilverTouch, endorsed by the British Skin Foundation, help you out, there… With 60 per cent of men claiming to have sensitive skin, it’s good to know this shower-safe stubble slayer is fortified with carbon and Teflon for strength and shaving comfort. The Thin Uniform Telomer coating process means hair is removed with less tug and pull*, while Gillette’s largest ever Lubrastrip boosts glide and a streamlined Snowplough Comfort Guard keeps blade contact at optimum pressure levels. How precise is the construction? Well put it this way, Gillette uses more welds in its blades than many car manufacturers do in their motors.

Designed specifically for uncompromising grooming enthusiasts such as yourself, sir, the 3-380 is waterproof, so you can use it with foams and gels or even in the shower. With an improved Triple Action Free Float system, with two SensoFoils and one middle trimmer all working independently, it’s proven to deliver better performance on three-day beards – great if you prefer a shaving break at the weekend. Improved ergonomics and a soft elastomer grip make it a doddle to get to grips with, while the Precision Setting Switch offers greater control and less irritation.

4) Hair cleaning: Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care 2in1 Shampoo analyses levels of histamine in the scalp, helping to reduce itchiness more effectively. This daily conditioning shampoo is full of tech, partnering its signature HydraZinc formula with ProClean technology and H&S’ anti-dandruff nous. Result: you look your best and feel more confident. Easy.

3) Dry shaving: Within 18 months, you’ll cut an average of 6,000,000 hairs with a Braun Series 3-380.

5) Fuller, thicker looking hair: 83 per cent of people concerned about thinning hair were satisfied that the tech in the Nioxin Hair System Kit 1-6 protected their barnet from damage. Getting a tad thin on top? Nioxin cleanses, optimises and treats, making hair look and feel thicker so you make the most of what you have.




USE YOUR HEAD Shampoo and condition your hair daily, obvs, but remember to massage your scalp as you wash to stimulate blood supply and clear dead skin cells. Rinse with cool water, then use a squide of conditioner about the size of a five pence piece and work it through to the ends of your hair. Bonce fact! Longer hair – more than 6cm – will be at least six months old, so keeping it in good nick is a must.


TAKE IT ON THE CHIN As beard hair can have the strength of copper wire, soaking first is a must, but no need for a bronze, Edwardian brush; a bit of soaping and a splash of warm water is fine. Use a fresh blade with a sensitive gel to keep your skin hydrated and lubricated. Rinse with cool water and pat dry to close pores, then add a balm to help restore moisture levels. Beard fact! Whiskers grow at an average rate of 6.35mm per month.


ALL SMILES Floss first – no moaning, now – then apply a thin strip of fluoride toothpaste to your electric brush. Divide your mouth into quadrants – upper-left, upper right, lower left, lower right – and concentrate lef on one at a time exclusively, gently mov mo ving the brush head up towards the gum line at a 45-degree angle. Don’t brush your gums as such – let Don’ the brush do the work. When the brush vibrates, move on to the next quad ant until all four are done. quadr Bristle fact! 75 pe per cent of people in the UK cur currently brush incorrectly.



These rays then scatter at different levels of intensity according to the different materials they come into contact with and the result is a reasonably detailed image with the look of a chalk drawing. the California Institute of Technology believe you could have it on your smartphone in no time. and has already been used by the US military. “The technology could be perfected within five years. or up to ten feet underground. POTENTIAL PROBLEMS The only thing that can stop the Man of Steel is Kryptonite. So effective were they in being able to see through things. ADDITIONAL POWERS: LEAP SMALL BUILDINGS The US Army’s R&D wing. a Caltech electrical engineer. they raised privacy issues. It’s because of these safety concerns that the next generation of X-ray vision devices will instead rely on terahertz radiation.” explains MIT electrical engineer Qing Hu. “but they are exceptionally sensitive to chemical structure so the images they create would be more detailed and defined. too. or T-rays. However. The weapons boffins have registered a patent for a device that can shoot SWAT teams and emergency workers on to the rooftops of tall buildings. so there is a cumulative cancer risk. allows you to see with X-ray vision in real-time through glasses.” a DARPA representative boasts. making them safer for humans. “We have developed a silicon chip that can operate at nearly 300 times the speed of a microchip found in a regular phone or tablet.” adds Hajimiri. which when sent out from a handheld sensor can form an image based on how quickly the waves bounce back. which are sensitive to the rays from a light source emitting X-ray radiation. As for Superman’s super sight. the tech employed in such scanners. This speed means the microchips are able to emit terahertz signals more than 1. THEN JUMP OVER THEM IS IT POSSIBLE? X-ray technology already exists and caused controversy when it was introduced in the form of airport scanners in the US.” says Ali Hajimiri. the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). and you are able to direct the signals to focus on a particular area. X-ray goggles: for Men of Steel in search of Tins of Beer 8 8 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 .” There is also the option of wideband radio waves. has been working on that. we earthlings have regular radiation to worry about and although the levels from backscatter are minimal – less than you would be exposed to when flying at altitude – each exposure is additive. “Backscattering”. “T-rays are not energetic enough to strip electrons from atoms.” reckons DARPA.000 times stronger than past methods. It can see what’s on the other side of an eight-inch concrete wall. “A four-metre launcher could put a man on the top of a five-storey building in less than two seconds.SUPERMAN’S X-RAY VISION & HOUSE LEAPING SEE THROUGH WALLS. HOW LONG UNTIL WE HAVE THESE POWERS? “The launcher is still in development but a possible operational date is five years’ time. a radioactive element from the planet Krypton. in 2009.

A DARPA-funded team at Cornell University is developing an electrically POTENTIAL PROBLEMS “At the moment. each hole in the SECAD is ten microns across. The electrical field created by the battery forces water through the three layers until droplets are squeezed out of the minute perforations. “This would give the user the ability to administer a powerful explosive charge. However. SPIDER-MAN’S WALL SCALING & STRENGTH WHEN WILL YOU BE ABLE TO DO WHATEVER A SPIDER CAN? IS IT POSSIBLE? Two separate research teams at SRI International and Stanford have already succeeded in putting robots on the side of buildings.” explains Steen. the beetle can carry a load 100 times its own weight. theoretically. we haven’t reached James Logan’s mutant ability to recover in seconds from any flesh wound. leaving him unable to move his leg without swinging it bodily forward. once again it’s DARPA’s tooled-up brainiacs that have come closest to giving humans Spidey-like climbing ability. laboratory mice bred without the p21 gene were able to regrow damaged tissue in their ears within weeks. the patient’s scar tissue must be removed. BUT WE WANT TO SURVIVE ANY SCRAPE IS IT POSSIBLE? Well. THE SUPER POWERS WE’LL NEVER SEE SCIENCE WILL ALWAYS STRUGGLE WITH THIS LITTLE LOT FLASHBACK’S TEMPORAL DUPLICATION The ability to summon up past or future versions of yourself. Made up of three layers and a nine-volt battery. using a combination of electrostatic charges and minute sticky hairs that mimic the way a lizard crawls.I. anyway? INFINITY’S OMNISCIENCE The ability to know absolutely everything will remain out of reach. J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 8 9 . WOLVERINE’S HEALING POWERS ADAMANTINE CLAWS ARE COOL. despite the best efforts of Google and other search engines. And sorry. “The surface tension created when you pack millions of holes into a very small space is enough to create a huge electrical charge. stopping cells becoming cancerous.” By our calculations. It uses microscopic pores in its feet to secrete a fluid that creates extreme surface tension. SECAD pads that would allow you to climb a building could be perfected in two to three years. “It’s the same principle as when you take two wet glasses from a dishwasher that are stuck like glue.” Wolverine’s shaving nicks: more frequent but also quicker to heal. give you the ability to smash through doors and split solid rock. HOW LONG UNTIL WE HAVE THESE POWERS? “With unlimited funding. In order to work. and scientists are now using matrices taken from pigs to remodel replacement tissue in injured US servicemen. would concentrate on a human subject. this trial could be up to ten years off. The matrix can also stimulate the body to grow and repair tissue. but to the Floridian leaf beetle.” adds Steen.” explains Professor Paul Steen. GHOST RIDER’S SPONTANEOUS FIREBREATHING We’re not talking circus-act fire spouting. but instant fire balls. this is very difficult. SUPERMAN Spidey-sense… tingling… Should have gone to loo… before starting job… charged pad. which separates humans from amphibians able to grow limbs at will.” HOW LONG UNTIL WE HAVE THIS POWER? According to Wistar. Would you really want your ’80s self back. bonding to any surface. Swings and roundabouts… Those hoping for more spontaneous healing have been thwarted by the p21 gene. the university’s biomolecular engineer. creating surface tension. in 2011. p21 prevents DNA damage. stock up on plasters. Till then. An IED blew out most of his upper-left thigh. but it is now possible to regrow muscle using the “extracellular matrix”: the structure that positions the cells which make up muscle tissue and organs. that means four of DARPA’s Spidey pads would easily affix a human to any surface.” Steen assures us. Philadelphia. called a Switchable ElectronicallyControlled Capillary Adhesion Device (SECAD). To do so they looked not to spiders. being carried out at The Wistar Institute. “Five years max. POTENTIAL PROBLEMS ADDITIONAL POWERS: SUPER STRENGTH Not content with the ultimate windowcleaner’s CV entry? The SECADs could also. One early beneficiary was a US Marine wounded in Afghanistan. The adhesion is so strong. then the matrix implanted surgically into healthy tissue to expose it to the bloodstream. but the ability to break wind on demand does not qualify. However. using just a standard 9V battery. The next stage of this research. even if it was possible. Even after ingesting a lamb phall. the pad’s top layer is filled with microscopic perforations. turning off the p21 gene in the area around the wound during healing. Soon after matrix surgery he was able to take a full stride without exaggerating his movement. You then need to get active. “If we can further shrink this to one micron across then each pad could support a weight of 280lbs. about the size of a red blood cell. In normal adult cells. AMELIA VOGHT’S SUBLIMATION The ability to morph into a gas.

It doesn’t make you fly. the sensor moves the exoskeleton and exaggerates the movement. HAL 5’s battery is still a lumpy 10kg and lasts a maximum of three hours per charge. He avoided the clink by penning a letter of apology to the city. the person inside HAL 5 has a sensor attached to their skin. Ken once left a car thief tied to a lamp post and “has developed a special roaring war cry to help disperse crowds of youths” . “To operate a suit that sophisticated Stark uses a chip implanted in his skin which enables him to control it using his central nervous system.You can’t get better than an Iron Man-suited tyre fitter… IRON MAN’S ARMOUR A HIGH-TECH. PHOENIX JONES AKA BENJAMIN FODOR Wearing a black and gold suit and a bulletproof vest. In contrast.” reveals Dr E. but when caught himself faced a 15-year prison spell. “and we’re still trying to understand how to mine all that information. tried to catch thieves.” POTENTIAL PROBLEMS? Our Tony has the super-lightweight ARC reactor in his chest to power the XLII suit. Somerset. “There are more than 100 billion neurons in the human brain. so we’re a long. Right now. At the moment we can probably only record the information from 500 neurons. The XLII manages to get all the information needed from Stark’s brain to control the suit’s many different functions. Zehr suggests: “I think we’re looking at a 40-year timeline before we have a suit like Iron Man’s. enabling first responders in earthquake-hit areas to lift heavy objects. HAL 5 is actually an anti-disaster suit. the closest thing we have to a suit that thinks for itself is the Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) 5. this MMA pro took to crime fighting after his car was broken into. dressed like a ninja. MIND-CONTROLLED. “issues”. AIRBORNE POWER SUIT FOR ONE? IS IT POSSIBLE? When Tony Stark suits up in Iron Man 3 it’s with the XLII upgrade that allows him to command the suit using his billion-dollar brain. Paul Zehr. which sends biosignals from the brain straight to the user’s muscles. He pepper sprayed two women in 2011. 9 0 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . slightly less superheroically. This level of sophistication presents a further range of. from flight to emitting electromagnetic pulses. long way off. SHADOW AKA KEN ANDRE A martial artist who patrols the streets of Yeovil. made by Japanese tech firm Cyberdyne. Just like Stark. shall we say. Using a power unit. batteries can be made only so powerful before effectively turning into a bomb – not something you necessarily want on board when flying at Mach speed. At present. Michigan’s Dark Knight.” says Zehr. professor of kinesiology and neuroscience and author of Inventing Iron Man: The Possibility of A Human Machine.” REAL-LIFE SUPERHEROES: WE FEEL SO MUCH SAFER KNOWING THEY’RE OUT THERE THE PETOSKEY BATMAN AKA MARK WAYNE WILLIAMS Petoskey. but it does increase your strength tenfold. HOW LONG UNTIL WE HAVE THIS POWER? Don’t hold your breath.

VIDEOHEAD HELMETS. but microscopic objects are generally n t they? quite hard to see anyway.UK HOW LONG UNTIL WE HAVE THIS POWER? ER? “Large-scale invisibility is still l 35 re’s years away. This bad boy gives the wearer a 2m. TITANIUM UTILITY RING Put the bling into your vigilantism by wearing this ring made from titanium plates that folds out into a straight blade.” the University of Leicester is whether Batman would ever be able to survive the landing if he flew using just his Batcape. you’d need some hefty Bat armour to survive that. JTT CHOBI CAM PRO 3 Evil lurks in the darkness. but there’s ific always the chance of a scientific breakthrough.” she says. saw. It e r reduced the cape’s night-vision profile but. n a adds Westgate. pocket-sized torch will light up the bad guys to the tune of 400 lumens. called “mantle cloaking” . bottle opener and handy comb. £69. we’re not quite there yet. You’re a superhero without pockets? Good job it’s got a belt clip. rigid wingspan and a glide ratio of 5:1. When completed.7 metre one with a glide ratio of 2. we need to wait another 20 years. TORCHDIRECT. physicist at the University of Texas.NE. HIGH-TECH KIT TO MAKE YOU A LITTLE BIT SUPER: HOLY INEXPENSIVE ACCESSORIES. member of the production design team. pioneered by Alu.” Now. lights or mirrors. It uses an electrical charge. $110. the Gryphon will be fitted with AR navigation and automatic guidance for a smooth landing. so our eyes never see the returning light rays. BATMAN! BATMAN’S FLYING CAPE GLIDE INTO BATTLE – OR YOUR OFFICE. “Current techniques work best with objects of comparable size to the wavelengths they’re trying to hide from. Based on calculations taken from the Dark Knight’s memory cloth cape.CO.” says Alu. which lo looked great but was also light enough to be able to li c catch the air beneath it” . a research s scientist at Bayer Material S Science. There are alternatives. none more so than Bruce Wayne’s cape made of “memory cloth” . uses an ultra-thin metallic metascreen to cancel out the waves as they are reflected off the cloaked object. it was calculated that the impact of hitting the ground would be similar to hitting a car travelling at 50mph. claims its e Quantum Stealth camouflage nvisible can already render a wearer invisible d them.COM J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 9 1 . so night vision is essential. These man-made fabrics work by interrupting the flow of light so that waves are bent around objects. In real life. a new method. This thumb-sized camera can take 11-megapixel stills and record full 1080p video in the pitch black. her invisibility rival. COOLMATERIAL. JTT. £32. Hyperstealth ts Biotechnology Corp.” says t P Peter Hutton.33:1. Its built-in camera will capture the moment you take down the bad guys in 1080p at 60fps. For the last six years the Special Parachute and Logistics consortium have been developing the Gryphon. according to Stephen Westgate. says that “the people ks that need to know that it works e have seen it” .” says Professor Andrea Alu. However. SUPERMAN SUE STORM’S INVISIBILITY HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT LIKE THE FANTASTIC FOUR’S HEROINE IS IT POSSIBLE? The Invisible Woman’s power is down to her ability to bend light waves with her mind. equating to a 350m glide from the top of a 150m building. it look really cool” “Currently.COM HOW LONG UNTIL WE HAVE THIS POWER? POTENTIAL PROBLEMS? P “At last.JP POTENTIAL PROBLEMS? The difficulty comes when you try to disguise larger objects. CEO eople Guy Cramer. aren’t LED LENSER F1 FLASHLIGHT This lithium powered. correct us if we’re wrong.000 feet using the Gryphon they could glide for around 30 miles at an average speed of 60 miles an hour. then. The production team b borrowed a technique pioneered by the Ministry p o of Defence.Current flying-cape tech lets you fly like a real bat (that has just been shot dead in mid-flight) I. material cape into a rigid flying suit. “also made . scientists are trying to do something similar with “metamaterials” and “metascreens” . “The make up of light waves means that only microscopic objects can be rendered invisible. “was a hybrid mix of parachute-grade nylon and velvet pile. but do those people know they’ve seen it…? ? VIDEO HEAD HELMET CAM Protect your do-gooding dome with this crash hat. However. Professor Alu admits. called electrostatic flocking. a new type of fabric was invented which. “The polymers f form a thin material that r reacts in five milliseconds t to electrical current and c can expand or contract b based on how much charge r runs through it. the very latest thing in wingsuit technology. For Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight franchise. If someone was to jump from 30. Ah. serrated blade. which compares favourably to the Caped Crusaders’s 4. “The only reason we are able to see an object at all is because of the light rays bouncing off its surface. EO batteries. the use of electroactive polymers is e t the closest thing we have to memory cloth. up to a distance of 1m.” laments Hutton. £TBC. which makes it instantly stiffen so that Batman can glide from tall buildings. OR ODDBINS – LIKE THE DARK KNIGHT IS IT POSSIBLE? The Applied Science division of Wayne Enterprises is always coming up with cool new toys for Batman. by bending light waves around gles fooling even night-vision goggles without the use of cameras. I can shop in Lidl without shame…” O of the questions One concerning researchers at “For electroactive polymer techniques that could turn a soft. however.


Of the 11 million Bitcoins currently in circulation – 10 million shy of the total number there will ever be. but little availability. the mysterious inventor/s of Bitcoin. If you’d bought just one Bitcoin back when T3 looked into it in December 2011. woah boy. T3 follows the virtual paper trail…” THEN A LICENCE TO PRINT MONEY? NOW STUCK IN A BOOM AND BUST CYCLE iDOCTOR J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 9 3 ILLUSTRATION PETER CROWTHER SPACE TOURISM Although we’re no nearer to finding out the identity of the enigmatic “Satoshi Nakamoto”. The e-currency has climbed to heights not imagined by financial forecasters. due to the mathematically created currency’s selflimiting nature – more than three-quarters are stockpiled by investors. This panic buying inflated the currency’s value. And fall. it was down to $144 (£93). it would have set you back $15 (about £10). it was worth an incredible $260 (£170). And rise. is it unpredictable. The recent financial meltdown in Cyprus sparked fears that high-earning.T3 INVESTIGATES I N V E S T I G AT E S Revisited UPDATING YOU ON NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN THE IN-DEPTH TECH STORIES WE BROUGHT YOU BEFORE ANYONE ELSE WORDS JON AXWORTHY BITCOIN DREAMLINER IN-APP PURCHASING KICKSTARTER THE DUQU VIRUS THE RISE OF VIRTUAL CURRENCY First covered in T3 December 2011 GERMAN TECH CENSORS GOAL-LINE TECH “A revolutionary electronic currency is shaking the global money tree. In April 2013. outperforming market expectations but. In May 2013. with . which potentially faces similar problems – punters began trading Euros for Bitcoins. its value has continued to rise. domestic bank accounts would be raided. creating a classic bubble: suddenly there were plenty of Bitcoin buyers. however. It began as a toy for geeks but is now making millions for investors – and criminals. In Cyprus – and in Spain. One of the main reasons for this virtual currency hitting headlines is the failure of traditional ones.

stored in a virtual wallet. Yet it is a currency that remains exciting because it is not controlled by any government. Gox. This would almost certainly have worked. where there is still serious distrust of government-backed money. both of which operate long-haul routes to the US and Europe.« the most high-profile hoarders being Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook foes. Bitcoin may still have a way to go before it makes an impact on the established stock exchanges.” read a Mt. too…” . the only place that Bitcoins are being spent in any great number is on the gambling site SatoshiDICE. bent investors would have needed to cash in their chips promptly as this new-found popularity sparked a market crash in April – the second in the currency’s four-year history – and its value on Mt. it’s so different to existing aircraft that multiple elements of its construction are needing to be reworked. people started to panic. Gox plunged 70 per cent. The 787’s biggest customers to date have included All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines. The new holes in the wall will convert your cash into Bitcoins.” The computer glitches provoked frenzied selling that forced values to plunge. A study by Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science found that 78 per cent of Bitcoins are being kept under a virtual mattress. while British Airways ordered 24 and THEN THE GAMBLE THAT COULD BREAK BOEING “It’s the carbon-fibre superplane built to revolutionise air travel. That IN-APP PURCHASES UNDER INCREASED LEGAL SCRUTINY First covered in T3 Christmas 2012 THEN PUSH THE BUTTON? “It’s not just kids who are blowing more than they should on in-app purchases. so they could buy up cheap Bitcoins before waiting for the currency to recover and cashing out. Former Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya has described it as “Gold 2. taken out of circulation as investors hold on to them rather than exchange them for services. It can fly intercontinental routes over water. which handles much of the worldwide Bitcoin trade. FUTURE REMAINS IFFY The 787 is unique because it is a twin-engine craft made from composite materials rather than aluminium. huge deal”. without incurring huge losses. app addiction could swallow you. United Airlines has taken delivery of 787s. resulting in an increase of trade that ultimately froze the trade engine. As long as the currency remains difficult to spend.0… a huge. 9 4 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 DREAMLINER REMAINS NIGHTMARISH FOR BOEING First covered in T3 March 2012 means that it’s lighter and can operate on long-distance routes. attracting a flood of new investors. huge. media entrepreneur Jeff Berwick plans to install Bitcoin ATMs in Los Angeles and Cyprus. “The rather astonishing amount of new accounts opened in the last few days made a huge impact on the overall system that started to lag. even when demand is down. brace for a bumpy take-off…” NOW FLEET GROUNDED. However. This void in availability has encouraged a surge in cyber crime as hackers target private investors and the online exchange Mt. but it’s certainly no longer just funny money for the geeks. it will continue to follow a boom and bust cycle. “As expected in such situations. According to the currency’s online transaction log. sometimes ranging up to three hours away from the nearest airport. For the same reasons. However. Ladies and gentlemen. who hold one per cent of the global supply. The Tokyo-based platform was hit by a cyber attack in April 2013. CEO of Nyaruka – a company that focuses on bringing software expertise to developing nations – sees it helping developing-world businesses thrive. but safety worries and the recession have caused turbulence. Problem is. Gox statement. In one attempt to get the currency moving. In the States. with hackers WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC INSTABILITY LED TO SPEEDY INVESTMENT IN VIRTUAL CASH seemingly bent on encouraging “panic selling”. all under the unflattering glare of public and regulatory scrutiny. Bitcoin rallied and at the end of the most eventful week in its life stabilised at around $100 per unit – still six times its 2011 worth. selling Bitcoin en masse. because Bitcoin was suddenly earning mainstream media column inches. Nicolas Pottier.

with Scrubs star Zach Braff getting $2 million funding for a new movie within a few days. Because of the Dreamliner’s construction. in the US. even Facebook likes have fallen foul of one of the world’s most heavily restricted states. the FAA grounded the entire fleet of 50 planes worldwide. powered by Raspberry Pi and called the Picade. this allows the plane to fly routes three hours away from the nearest runway. it seems we’ve only scratched the surface of Kickstarter’s potential uses. or partner with an existing firm across the pond – a fairly formidable bureaucratic barrier. Before the European launch. Apple has already refunded two parents from Bristol after their eight-yearold spent £980 buying virtual donuts in Simpsons: Tapped Out in January. Boston.” It appears that the FAA will allow the Dreamliner to keep its original three-hour ETOPS. “We have had to scramble in planes we hadn’t intended and keep ones we hadn’t planned to.” says Beech. the only way to get funding on the site was to set up a business in the US. “We were successfully funded with £74. Mortyr. “You can understand their thinking.000 – double our funding goal.T3 INVESTIGATES CYBER WORLD WAR: STILL A THREAT First covered in T3 April 2012 KICKSTARTER PHOTOGRAPH REX FEATURES. RICHARD GRASSIE THEN DUQU THE DESTROYER First covered in T3 December 2012 “A computer worm with the power to take down governments. Mortal Kombat 1-3 and Wolfenstein 3D.” The majority of that funding is from overseas – of the 50. Meanwhile. The firm had 16 Dreamliners lined up for delivery from summer 2014. “It seemed right that we should be supporting another very British project.000 people that backed a UK project in the first month of trading only 39 per cent were from the UK – and it’s this global reach that is the main cause of Kickstarter’s success. “The loss of a battery to other planes isn’t critical.” Boeing began working with the FAA in February to fix the problems and in April revealed that the testing of a redesigned battery system had finished and was nearing full approval. However. things were looking rosy for the 787 after its lengthy gestation. Apple’s handing over £66 million in compo to parents who brought a successful class-action suit against it when their kids ran up massive in-app bills. For a time. with £2 million already pledged to UK inventors – about £48 per minute. and the issue is deemed serious enough for Nato to have requested a convention on the threat of cyber war. Then. but the highly electrical make-up of the 787 means that if there is a battery fire you would need to land that plane immediately. letting it fly less crowded skies. video games. the Pi. NOW OPEN FOR UK BUSINESS AND TAKING ON HOLLYWOOD NOW CALL YOUR LAWYER! The Office of Fair Trading is currently investigating the legality of purchases that lurk inside free-to-play apps aimed at children. The first British Kickstarter project was a retro-arcade machine. One of those airlines hit hard was Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic. « J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 9 5 . Later that month. Now you’ve got an idea. WE’RE GERMAN… “Tablets. such as those above the North Pole. and greatly increasing the value of the plane to long-haul airlines.700 on ammo in Zombies vs Ninja and similarly received a full refund. at an estimated cost to Boeing of $450 million in lost income and compensation to airlines. spent £1. It’s all great news for retrogaming Deutschlanders. analyst at aerospace consulting firm Leeham Co.” says co-inventor Paul Beech. flames were seen licking the undercarriage of one as it sat parked at Logan International. It warns of the possibility of future attacks on hospitals and nuclear plants. global exposure for a fledgling product.” says Scott Hamilton. at least in the short term. “That’s very attractive to someone looking to get wide.” hoped to be operating four of them by the end of the year.” said Branson at the time. The FAA was all set to change this to five and a half hours. Even so. North Korea is accused of using malware to target South Korea’s banks and media outlets. Within a month of Kickstarter’s high-profile arrival on these shores. That’s where crowdfunding comes in… And Kickstarter is leading the charge.” THEN START ME UP! NOW NORTH KOREA GETS INVOLVED The Dreamliner shrouded in smoke. GERMANY BACKTRACKS ON GAMES CENSORSHIP First covered in T3 Christmas 2011 THEN NO TECH PLEASE. bringing the world closer to the brink of cyber warfare. the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) was even considering lengthening its Extended Range Twin Engine Operational Performance (ETOPS) certification range. for once not due to a battery fire “You’ve had the light bulb moment. but no money to make it happen. Meanwhile. “The 787 has been an unbelievably painful experience. Normally. it looks like it’s going to remain disappointed. Duqu has thus far failed to destroy the world. if Boeing was expecting an end to the turbulence that’s dogged its revolutionary craft since its conception. also from Bristol. many analysts believe that the 787 will now not receive an extended ETOPS certification. but state-sponsored cyber skirmishes continue. more than 400 projects had set up shop. Days later. an ANA 787 bound for Tokyo had to make an emergency landing after error messages and smoke in the cockpit indicated a problem with the plane’s batteries.” NOW SEVERAL BANS LIFTED Games that have joined Doom in having their bans retrospectively lifted by censors include Harvester. In the same month a five-year-old. in January 2013.

The German system will now be trialled at the Confederation’s Cup in Brazil in June.” NOW “EYE PHONE” TRIALLED IN KENYA THEN THE REFEREE’S A SENSOR! “With Euro 2012 on the horizon. “After that it would be more economical. Reps saw how GoalRef and CAIROS used magnetic fields around the goal line and a chip inside the ball to determine whether it had crossed the line. and plans to send a married couple on a 501-day round-trip in 2018. Hawk-Eye. “I’m currently training a team of 15 to use the world’s leading hospitalbased equipment to test the 5. Any takers? . but Lansdorp hopes the main source of funding will be from broadcasting rights. This time it wasn’t a disallowed goal by England’s Frank Lampard that helped the Germans limp to a 4-1 win. PayPal supremo Elon Musk has already declared his. According to Lansdorp. who funded his own trip to the International Space Station in 2001. as he moves between villages. The fight to be the official goal-line tech provider began in February 2013. before getting the final stamp of approval. as well as a plant production unit. Germany has come out on top after a dispute over the goal line. but a decision by FIFA. how many more ghost goals do we have to put up with before technology is introduced? We nearly received a second yellow for demanding an answer. P MARS! First covered in T3 March 2013 THEN PREPARE FOR-LIFT OFF! “Virgin Galactic plans to make space tourism a reality. probably no more than four astronauts. NOW HOLIDAY ON THE RED PLANET dream of colonising Mars by 2028. breaching the Karman line and offering regular people the chance to experience zero-G. the British company bidding to provide goal-line tech for football’s big matches. Lansdorp and Musk aren’t the only players in the trip-to-Mars biz. Gary… 9 6 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 You don’t need tech to tell you this one went over the line The EYE phone. costing $4 billion per crew. He believes we can bring people back. Can it silence critics of its cost and reliability? It’s a game of two halves.” reveals Lansdorp. For anyone thinking of hitching a ride on the Mars One project. when all four companies involved made presentations to international football’s governing body and demonstrated their systems at some of the Brazilian World Cup stadiums. meanwhile. Now. you’ll soon be able to receive diagnosis and treatment via your phone. as he plans to turn the entire project into an interplanetary reality TV show (see p53). has announced a venture called Inspiration Mars Foundation. “To land the advance party. while GoalControl and Hawk-Eye both used multiple cameras and 3D imaging to plot the location of it at any given moment.000 patients. a small ophthalmoscope fitted to a smartphone.T3 INVESTIGATES PHOTOGRAPH MARK LEECH / REX FEATURES SMARTPHONES HEAL THE WORLD First covered in T3 January 2013 GOAL-LINE TECH IN FOOTBALL GETS THE GREEN LIGHT First covered in T3 July 2012 THEN THE iDOCTOR WILL SEE YOU NOW “Rather than going to hospital. but attention is now shifting its ass to Mars. Despite only receiving a licence to tender a month before the final rounds of testing. Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp intends to establish his settlement on the Red Planet five years earlier. is already used at Wimbledon and in cricket test matches. charged using a solarpowered backpack. “We will then compare the results against that of a non-medically trained healthcare worker using the EYE phone. and has now been selected by the English Premier League for the 2013-14 season. some would say ambitious. is part of a five-year eye-health study of 5. GoalControl was the winner.” SPACE TOURISM: NEXT STOP.” reveals EYE phone inventor Dr Andrew Bastawrous. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Xcor’s Lynx still plan to make astronauts of multimillionaires and celebs by early next year. we have the know-how to get paying pioneers to Mars. impressing FIFA with its tech. there’s just one catch: it’s a one-way ticket. which would sustain future astronauts. but we got one…” NOW PREMIER LEAGUE AND INTERNATIONAL FOOTIE GETS TECHY Once again. on the surface of Mars would take around seven to eight months and cost an estimated $6 billion.” The Moon and suborbital space is so 2012.” Mars settlers would erect inflatable domes compartmentalised into living and working spaces.000 people in Kenya. has lost out to German challenger GoalControl4D. Mars One is currently looking for capital. we just don’t have the means to bring them back. Dennis Tito. which employs seven high-speed cameras per goal-line. Hawk-Eye.




In fact. FRONT CAM 2-meg/1080p meaning the phone creaks CONNECTIVITY N Wi-Fi. which wraps the phone and closes over the screen with a magnet. The HTC One’s screen is marginally sharper. Despite that. vivid. for a start. It’s the new. the screen delivers rich. There’s a window in the front cover. {SPECIFICATION} especially high-end ones. 4G. If you felt the S3 looked too plasticky.8 inches – and it now boasts a full-HD resolution.9GHz wasting space on the cases quadcore/2GB removable batteries need STORAGE 16GB REAR CAM 13-meg/1080p – but not the Galaxy S4. either. Thanks to Samsung’s skill with Super AMOLED technology. WIDTH 70mm where the front-facing DEPTH 8mm camera monitored your WEIGHT 130g eyeballs and dimmed the screen when you weren’t looking directly at it. Many smartphones. has « 1 4 1 0 0 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . with the screen displaying the time and other important information through the gap. is a very gentle upgrade to last year’s Galaxy S3. but who does that? {DIMENSIONS} There’s another benefit to the removable back: you can replace it with an S Cover. Bluetooth 4. this is one of the best phone screens yet. So far. innovative features that really make this phone stand out. since the hype machine for the Samsung Galaxy S4 first revved its engine. NFC. Last year’s HEIGHT 136mm Smart Stay technology. Can the S4’s innovations help it wrestle back its crown? Time to find out… The design. prefer sealed battery units DISPLAY 5-inch. It’s at 30fps stuck with a removable back. It’s the same height and 0. you can GPS.0. but that’s because it’s packing the same number of pixels into a smaller space. but with straighter lines and a subtle texturing effect beneath the glossy plastic. so safe. it’s not a bad looking phone. – you can squeeze in more Super AMOLED OS Android Jelly Bean power when you’re not PROCESSOR/RAM 1.7mm thinner than the S3. bright colours – those colours don’t look as over-saturated as they can on some other Samsung screens. 1080x1920.It’s here: the most anticipated smartphone of the year. microSD slot swap batteries for extended BATTERY LIFE Not quoted use. when flexed. Yes. IR sensor. we’ve seen new Android upstarts – the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z – shoot to the top of the T3 charts (see p124). However. you’re unlikely to be impressed. there’s a bigger screen – it’s five inches instead of last year’s 4. though.

emails or missed calls you have before turning off again. Pass your hand near the phone when it’s in standby and the screen gently wakes. there are features galore.COM J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 0 1 . It’s efficient. squeezing a tiny headshot into your panoramic vistas.9GHz Qualcomm quadcore chip manfully handles anything you throw at it. a builtin pedometer tracks your steps. Smart Pause stops playback until you look back again. Just download a universal remote app and get zapping 4 DESIGN Superficially similar. or cluster a burst of action shots in one picture. really thrives in low light. With your hands now free. better five-inch Super AMOLED display using all of Samsung’s knowledge to deliver vivid. it’s a nice (non) touch. only the HTC One. shows a speckled background with motes floating through light. As with all heavily used smartphones. punchy colours 2 CAMERA The 13-megapixel sensor on the rear cam doesn’t have the low-light shooting prowess of the HTC One. It’s all part of a new wave of features that mean you don’t have to touch the touchscreen. You can also add a short audio clip to photos. If you use your phone when cooking. but sleeker than the Galaxy S3. if you’re watching video and your focus strays. This is called Smart Scroll and. including the ability to shoot with the front and rear cameras simultaneously. though. Now. not the Gmail one. It’s handier than opening individual mails and gives you a six. you can also use the S4 with gloves on. The S4’s 13-meg camera delivers strong shots and is easy to use. with its “fewer-but-better pixels” strategy. Again. more details are revealed. tilting your head prompts the phone to scroll back up for you. running or climbing stairs and there are temperature and humidity sensors. though it is more gimmicky and jittery than Smart Pause. You can also turn pages by waving your hand over the screen. It works splendidly and the same principle is used. in conjunction with the accelerometer.or seven-line preview of communications. at which point it smoothly restarts. to control scrolling on web pages – when you reach the bottom of the page. but is still an impressive snapper 3 IR BLASTER With this built in the S4 now functions as a remote for your telly. There’s also S Voice – Samsung’s slower sister to Siri – and S Translator where you speak a phrase at the phone to hear it parroted back in another language. Like some Nokia Lumias. or any other AV kit. It’s all part of S Health. A good data connection is needed for this and clear diction helps. sending a notification reward when you reach a set goal. too.360° R A T E D been enhanced. if you hover your fingers near an address book contact. a nightly « {DETAILS} 1 SCREEN 2 A bigger. The 1. too. no matter how many programs you have running at once. although it has familiar struggles shooting in low light – of its smartphone rivals. Similarly. To this end. The battery keeps going for the whole day with ease. Samsung wants you to get active. on the beach covered in sun tan lotion or just have an extreme aversion to screen smears. although only in Samsung’s Email app. It knows whether you’re walking. never slowing down or hesitating. it’s still fun to use. and calculates how many texts. It replaces scooped curves for straight lines and a textured back 3 WWW FOR MORE REVIEWS GO TO T3.

Samsung claims a choice of 16GB. Still a champ. It copes with apps. A big. The Android Jelly Bean OS again helps with smooth running. Struggle beyond asking for “Dos cervezas. A big phone with room for a 2600mAh battery.R A T E D 360° {KILLER FEATURES} THE S4’S INNOVATIVE TOUCHES (NO TOUCHING)… 1 SMART SCREEN 2 AIR GESTURE 3 S TRANSLATOR A removable back makes the Galaxy S4 more creaky than its competitors The S4’s screen demands your attention. friendly screen and gesture controls leave us in no doubt that this is Samsung’s best yet. Bluetooth and an IR sensor. games and Samsung’s new features without slouching. It’s not the first app to do this. but the difference is barely noticeable. but it is well executed. it can’t topple the HTC One. but it’s also slim. New camera tricks HATE Plasticky design. now… Hover your finger over a picture gallery and it pops open. swipe through the pages of an ebook or online recipe without touching the screen. but only 16GB is currently available in the UK – not much for £600.COM . glossy and manages to feel premium despite the removable back. discreetly solid and helpfully waterproof. it’s plasticky. CAMERA DESIGN STORAGE T3 VERDICT Great screen. Connectivity is up there with the best. SAMSUNG. Just four megs. but there’s still no denying its wow factor. Don’t be fooled. Only the 16GB model is currently available in the UK A 1. The S4 has an incredibly responsive touchscreen. RATING LOVE Spectacular. but the slowest here at 1. Point at a contact’s name and it shows speed dial numbers. even if it’s no longer the best Android money can buy {THE FINAL WORD} LIBBY PLUMMER. superphones. a killer camera and strong strong trinity of Android a formidable Android force. which also boasts waterproofing. matched three. is this the best Android smartphone yet? Its combination of power and innovation certainly puts it amongst the Android elite. SAMSUNG. deliver the best shots here. Careful how you look at it. which means you can use the S4 as a universal telly remote. So. por favor?” The S4 can help. It’s still quick. Not good at pronunciation? It will speak the phrase for you.5GHz.7GHz quadcore chip. In a year of unparalled Android success – Android phones now hold the top six places in the T3 Guide – the Samsung Galaxy’s star has faded slightly. It’s a whole new approach. Android owners are spoiled for choice right now though. with no discernable slowness. which sports a slightly better camera.COM THE S4’S A FIVE-STAR SUCCESS. REVIEWS EDITOR The S4 had a lot to live up to but its speedy chips. but average low-light shots. but Samsung is very eager for you not to touch it. It will easily last an entire day. that’s for sure. HTC. Cool gesture-control features. but it’ll still keep going by clever eco settings that while the sun’s up. There’s only a 16GB version. This one uses Sony’s Bravia TV tech to great effect. Better phone cameras exist T3 SAYS Samsung’s finest smartphone yet. with an all-aluminium back and edge-to-edge screen. Smart Scroll flicks through web pages without you touching the screen – great for people with mucky jobs. it’s still a class act. look keep the One on top. 13-megapixel sensor and plenty of camera features. The words appear in English and your chosen language. Touch the microphone icon and speak. PROCESSOR BATTERY The worst longevity of these Decent battery life. narrowly beating the S4. tank-like build quality and – call us shallow if you will – just looks sexier. Another five-inch screen. Features are sometimes more gimmicky than essential. screen means more detail. powerful smartphone that’s not afraid to innovate.9GHz quadcore is plenty fast and powerful enough.COM/UK £520. SONYMOBILE. 1 0 2 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WWW FOR MORE REVIEWS GO TO T3. £600. innovative Despite a challenge by the Bringing up the rear in this features and power. However. Premium styling.COM/UK This Super AMOLED screen The same resolution as the is the brightest and sharpest S3 packed into a 4. while its camera is bested by the Xperia Z. BUT IT’S NO LONGER THE KING OF THE ANDROID PHONES upcoming 4G networks – plus NFC. Look away from a video that’s playing and Smart Pause freezes the action. slowly and clearly.COM DISPLAY SONY XPERIA Z £500. Still a quadcore processor. The 1. in a case that’s slim. and eats up data. but it has a microSD slot. Almost Apple-like aesthetics. Smart Rotation switches the screen to landscape when your head lolls. big. but they Also has a 13-meg sensor. 32GB or 64GB storage. further eke out battery life. this isn’t as lightning-fast as Samsung’s processor. The S4 is S4. Yes. This is Sony’s best-looking phone to date. high-resolution display.7-inch five-incher around. including 4G – ready for action on any of the PRICE/URL THE ULTIMATE ANDROID THREE-WAY SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 HTC ONE £600. Choose between 32GB or 64GB. {RIVALS} « recharge is essential. with the clarity of shots Amazing results in dim light. it’s a five-star wonder. with no microSD slot. but for our money it falls just short of the HTC One.


Unlike Sonos you’ll need multiple devices running Pure Connect to play different music in each room. creating an ad-hoc.R A T E D Review 1 HEAD OVER TO T3. Bluetooth via USB dongle. but Jongo also comes in black.5W + 10W CONNECTIVITY G Wi-Fi. Multi-room via iOS only T3 SAYS With looks. Decent battery life HATE Fiddly Wi-Fi syncing. the Jongo S3 is a great introduction to multi-room audio 1 0 4 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WORDS CHRIS HASLAM PHOTO PSC PHOTOGRAPHY . multi-room setup. It also gifts you more than 20. WIRELESS JAPES VIA WI-FI OR BLUETOOTH. 2 3 {DETAILS} 1 SONIC ARSENAL 2 WORK THE LOOK! 3 INFO SCREEN The Jongo’s compact body is stuffed with four 0. but it beats the “Press twice. DISPLAY 1-inch LCD POWER 4x 2. PURE. sound mode and source input. with speaker grills in yellow.5mm audio in FORMATS WMA. the battery life is good enough to ensure the party won’t end abruptly. brains and better-thanaverage sound quality. £170. plus multi-room. with Android compatibility “coming soon” – see bottom left – allows you to control multiple Jongos. but costing nearly £100 less than a Sonos Play: 3 it is a sound option for those wanting wireless tunes. AT A PRICE THAT’S SEXIER THAN ITS LOOKS Colourful. green. Jongo may not offer seamless setup. MP3. black or white – they’re £13 each if you like to swap about Hidden around the back. without breaking the bank. Connecting via Bluetooth and the bundled USB dongle is much simpler. Setup is fiddly over Wi-Fi. well connected and able to form a wireless multiroom set-up: the Pure Jongo S3 is more than just a bizarre name.25kg with battery pack LOVE Good sound for the cost. via the Pure Connect app for iOS. Pure Connect also lets you play music on multiple Jongos. hold for three seconds” approach {PURE JONGO S3} POINTS OF INTEREST {SPECIFICATIONS} {SIZE/WEIGHT} {FOCUS} Pure Connect app At the heart of Pure’s multi-room plan lies the Pure Connect app. letting you stream music stored on your phone or tablet over Wi-Fi. the Jongo S3 has the flexibility to play content from just about anywhere. AAC. More importantly. it shows battery life. Splash out on a £5-a-month subscription to the Spotify-rivalling. It’s currently only compatible with iOS.COM 131x139x135mm/ 1. The choice of four audio configurations. The five-speaker battery packed into the Jongo’s miniature casing delivers a solid sound that punches effectively at volume and beats the majority of similarly-priced Bluetooth speakers. requiring you to enter a lengthy URL into your mobile browser before navigating the Setup Manager. If you want the same tune everywhere – and you probably will – this’ll do the job. It’s not huge. including an “Outdoor Boost” one for garden parties – see p78 – adds a bit of versatility. but will support the A2 and T6 Jongos when they hit the UK.5-inch neodymium midrange driver. Feel the bass kick! A bit! No. Pure Music and access a further 15 million tracks. Streaming over Wi-Fi. reviewed on p120. Pure Audio QUOTED BATTERY LIFE 10 hours With both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.75-inch tweeters and one 3. MP2. 3. although it can’t compete with something like Sonos’ Play: 3 or B&W’s Z2.COM FOR AN EXTENDED REVIEW Jongo unchained PURE’S JONGO S3 OFFERS MULTIROOM.000 free internet radio stations and an impressive selection of podcasts. ethernet. nor audiophile-grade sonics. it’s not the sexiest device ever.


silicone surface picks up scum like nobody’s business. It’s okay: these sporty headphones will keep you company on the long road to fitness. However. a quick wash under a tap cleans them. but now it’s time to liberate yourself from this musk-soaked arena and take your workout outdoors. SPORTSFRIENDLY EARPHONES KEEP YOU MOTIVATED IN MID-SUMMER 01 FOR CARDIOAND DANGERLOVING CYCLISTS FOR MONTHS YOU’VE BEEN PACKED INTO a gym. The bass remains lacking. but the frequency response has improved. offering – so we hope. T3 SAYS Slimmer and better sounding followup to the 680i 02 FOR GOING THE DISTANCE YURBUDS INSPIRE DURO £50. THEY’RE YOUR BRAINS 1 0 6 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WORDS MICHAEL SAWH PHOTOGRAPHY BARRY MAKARIOU . though the fit doesn’t always feel secure. Despite the streamlined look.AND DANGER-LOVING CYCLISTS SENNHEISER ADIDAS PMX 685I £60. YURBUDS.COM Using “TwistLock” technology Yurbud claims these will not fall out and. but the buds do stay put.Summer’s hottest sounds SWEAT-FIGHTING. we couldn’t argue with that.UK We were big fans of Sennheiser and Adidas’ neckband-style PMX 680 in-ears. As the remote is connected to the left side of the headphones. anyway – decent sound. a fit that stands up to the vibration and bumps of running and resistance to your ruggedly. which can be a tad off-putting. after testing. giving a richer. T3 SAYS Good if you favour safety over audio fidelity 02 FOR GOING THE DISTANCE *WE DON’T RECOMMEND CYCLING WITH EARPHONES IN BUT HEY. The shape of the flexible buds apparently means they “avoid nerve-rich areas” – so that’s good – but their sticky. SENNHEISER.CO. On the sound front it’s the same 120dBs of power as before. you might notice a bit of a pull if you thread them underneath a jacket. Unlike many of its rivals. so with a slimmer frame and remote this update feels even lighter as well as being easier to use under a cycling helmet*. manly ear-sweat. However. 01 FOR CARDIO. though. which is good if you like to know what’s going on around you. more detailed sound. it still feels very durable. the trade-off is that the audio can lack vibrancy. the Yurbuds let in ambient noise.

Sound is even better than before. They’ve been designed with extreme sports enthusiasts in mind – hence the rugged build and suction-like grip – but they’re also suitable for a jog around the park. but with added detail and clarity. anti-microbial coating and sealed housing.UK 03 AEROBIC AUDIOPHILES TEST WINNER On these excellent buds lasso-style hangers adjust around your ears. ARGENTINA. yet are comfortable at the same time.COM 04 LONE RUNNERS Yes. CHAMONIX. lakesides and past the River Plate football stadium HONOLULU MARATHON. DECEMBER 15 Escape Xmas shopping with a run by the Caribbean seaside. OCTOBER 13 Sweat your way through forests. T3 SAYS Sporty headphones with high quality sound – result! 04 LONE RUNNERS MONSTER ISPORT VICTORY £130.COM J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 107 . Along with a choice of four sizes of silicone bud. HAWAII. clear sound with strong vocals and bass that doesn’t distort even at higher volume levels. SONY. MONSTERCABLE. these are pricey. they’re easy to keep clean and sweat free. but in our view you get enough features to warrant the extra investment. JUNE 28-30 UPCOMING RUNS… Three days and 42km of trail-running and hill-climbing will make your calves wish they were never born SPARTATHLON. Weighing just 10g. SEPTEMBER 27-28 05 FOR THE EXTREME SPORTSTER Emulate original Marathon man Pheidippides and his feat of running 153 miles from Athens to Sparta in under 36 hours BUENOS AIRES MARATHON. with a hygienic. this provides a secure fit during intense running seshes.UK Pioneer’s “skull fit” design lives up to its billing: these earhooked ’phones clamp around your ears with no intention of letting go until you’re ready to take them off. making them ideal for uptempo workout music. intense bass of yore.Sports earphones R A T E D 03 AEROBIC AUDIOPHILES SONY XBA-S65 £79. producing a crisp. keeping the excellent noise isolation and deep. PIONEER. have a chat to the locals about tax WWW FOR MORE HEADPHONE REVIEWS GO TO T3. T3 SAYS Adhesive and bassy. although part of the reason they’re so light is that there’s no remote control included. they’re barely noticeable in your lugs. these are great for adrenaline junkies {FOCUS} MONT BLANC MARATHON. T3 SAYS These great sports ’phones live up to their steep price 05 FOR THE EXTREME SPORTSTER PIONEER SE-E721 £40. The narrow earpieces use armature drivers instead of dynamic drivers. The tangle-free cord actually lives up to its billing – many don’t – and while the SportClip design has been modified from the previous model. The adjustable buds mean you have control on the fit and the amount of sound that fills your eardrums. The 9mm speaker units produce a supremely bassy sound. Some of the bestsounding sports headphones around.CO. GREECE. DECEMBER 9 Run amidst volcanic craters in this scenic sprint VIRGIN ISLANDS MARATHON. Last but not least. it still offers a secure fit even when worn under a cycling helmet*. When you’re done.CO.

Smart TVs R A T E D

Tellies with talent

This year’s must-see TVs are smarter than ever, with catch-up telly, on-demand shows and apps given centre stage. But which is the smartest investment?
To find out we’ve gathered the five most promising panels for an audition. They range in size from 42 to 47 inches, and in price from a grand to two. We appraised the amount of web TV content available, the sharpness of the picture, the accuracy of the motion handling, the effectiveness of their 3D performance and their ability to sing a Jessie J track with conviction. The talent on offer this year has been incredibly high, but we believe we’ve found this year’s big TV star. Read on. «


Five screen stars, but only one can scoop the award for best picture…



SONY BRAVIA KDL-47W805A £1,399

PHILIPS 42PFL6188S £1,000

SAMSUNG UE46F8000 £1,999


J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 0 9

£1,995, LOEWE.TV

{SPECIFICATION } SCREEN 46-inch 1920x1080 edge-lit LED LCD TUNER Freeview HD, DVB-S2 3D Active, no specs included WEB TV BBC iPlayer, Daily Motion, Vimeo, TuneIn Radio, Box Office 365, Cartoon Network AUDIO 40W CONNECTIONS 3x HDMI, WLAN, Ethernet, 2x USB, digital audio, VGA




The Saville Row suit of the telly world, designed for you…
The Loewe Connect ID is the world’s most customizable LED TV – the ID stands for Individual Design, don’t’cha know. Beautifully built, it comes with a choice of cabinet, wraparound and grille finishes that can be mixed and matched, from glossy black or white to silver, orange, green or beige. Loewe reckons no fewer than 4,320 different design options are possible. For an extra, bespoke touch you can add an integrated 500GB PVR, although this adds £300 to the price. Picture clarity is high, with rich colours and a pleasingly naturalistic look. Contrast is also good, with deep blacks. Motion resolution, however, is limited, which doesn’t make this telly a top choice for sports fans or action movie addicts. There’s active 3D shutter tech onboard and it does a fine job; very little ghosting on display here. No specs are included, so you’ll need to fork out an extra £90 for every viewer. The Connect ID’s audio performance is another highlight. Forward-facing stereo speakers are backed up with shouty amplification and excellent woofer support. There’s a Freeview HD tuner built-in, plus a satellite alternative which gets you all the

HEIGHT 674mm WIDTH 1064mm DEPTH 78mm WEIGHT 21.9kg


The Connect ID’s controller is as well designed as the set, with a metal look

There’s a comprehensive choice of Freeview HD or Freesat channels, with the option of adding a motorised satellite dish

{SMART TV} Freesat channels, albeit without the ease of either Loewe Media Freesat or Freeview’s simple Portal Scant on-demand and UI. Instead you get Connect catch-up available on this ID’s interface, a much set, with only BBC iPlayer, blander affair than you’d Daily Motion and Vimeo worthy of your attention. expect. There’s built-in Wi-Fi You can access streamed for on-demand content, but content from your PC and so far only a very limited USB downloads here, too choice – BBC iPlayer, Daily Motion, Vimeo and TuneIn, but no YouTube. On the plus side, multimedia file compatibility is excellent, with all key formats playable from both USB and across a network. With top image quality and audio chops the Connect ID doesn’t trade entirely on its looks, but more on-demand content is needed for this to warrant its high price tag.

Pick and mix the colours of your Loewe telly; there’s an estimated 4,320 colour combinations

LOVE High-end design. Audio is class-leading, with quality stereo speakers and generous amplification HATE Limited on-demand TV and no YouTube. Motion resolution not ideal for sports/action T3 SAYS Bespoke TV tailoring, but a choice of colours doesn’t excuse a lack of on-demand

1 1 0 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3


Vimeo AUDIO 18W CONNECTIONS 3x HDMI. 3D is of the passive variety. SD 1 2 {DIMENSIONS} The big screen television that moonlights as a PVR Check out the futuristic features on this tellybox: voice interaction via a Bluetooth remote. Ethernet. DLNA. Looks stylish HATE Lacklustre blacks limit cinematic appeal. recording to an external USB hard drive whilst watching a different channel. Great! Now we just need more content… A narrow aluminium bezel makes the screen the star « J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 1 1 . It also supports a new version of Swipe & Share. too. at 35mm. DailyMotion. Bluetooth. the set’s black levels aren’t You can even choose the as profound as we’d like and. 2x Freesat tuners 3D Passive. Wi-Fi is built-in.UK 3 {SPECIFICATION } SCREEN 47-inch 1920x1080 edge-lit LED LCD TUNER 2x Freeview HD. so significantly more affordable – four sets of specs are included – and works well. However. and twin tuners that turn it into a PVR of sorts. composite video. with just BBC iPlayer signed up. component AV. Ethernet. Phwoar! The set’s star turn is My Home Screen. USB. or watching on the go via the VIERA Remote app 3 DESIGN LOVE Customisable smart TV interface. Back panel connectivity is less radical.0 variant. Alternatively you can stream TV shows to a smartphone or tablet running Panasonic’s VIERA Remote app for Android and iOS. but it’s good to try new things. plus all your particularly terrific. an SD card slot and a trio of USBs. With two TV tuners you can watch one channel whilst recording another to USB. comprising three HDMIs. filtering out the stuff you don’t want and making the bits you do more accessible – catch-up is limited at the moment. digital audio.699. 1600Hz BLS (backlight scanning) is used. The screen itself is a looker. 4x specs WEB TV BBC iPlayer. an entirely new style of userorganised TV interface. The dual Freeview HD or Freesat HD tuners mean you can make do without a separate PVR if you wish. a customisable interface that you can theme or personalise with your favourite apps and streaming TV services. Multimedia file support is solid from the USB reader. BBC News. Limited catch-up TV selection T3 SAYS On-demand TV organised the way you want it.CO. Thin. Panasonic’s DLNA content-sharing tech. it also has a distinctive aluminium trim. PANASONIC. smart TV apps with this user-organised interface. WLAN. HEIGHT 627mm WIDTH 1067mm DEPTH 35mm WEIGHT 15kg {DETAILS} 1 REMOTE The tablet-like Bluetooth Touch Pad remote features an integrated microphone to control the TV using the sound of your voice 2 TWIN TUNERS {SMART TV} Picture quality is impressive. provided you sit square on to the screen. Netflix. YouTube. one of which is a fast 3. Sport Acetrax.Smart TVs R A T E D PANASONIC VIERA TX-L47DT65 £1. with all key formats playable. background wallpaper to improve motion resolution. Twin tuners let it work as a PVR. Audio could be improved and some of the features are gimmicky. with scads of My Home fine detail and high contrast Screen Personalise your – HD TV channels and on-demand and catch-up Blu-ray discs look TV viewing.

UK {SPECIFICATION } SCREEN 47-inch 1920x1080 LED LCD TUNER Freeview HD. unlike Samsung and Panasonic’s sets. but it’s outsmarted by rivals. though 3 DESIGN {SMART TV} avid viewers of both action movies and sport. but any NFC-enabled smartphone can get in on the action. Aside from the online content you also get the choice of a Freeview HD or satellite tuner. The Sony’s circular base is sturdy.49 depth but are extremely – catch-up TV and apps directional – any wriggling from Google Play all in one giant content casserole around whilst watching and you’ll experience a bit of pesky ghosting.99 per month – Video Unlimited – films from images on offer have real 99p. SONY. so you’ll still need a set-top box. component. out goes dusty. They’re single tuners. With great picture quality and a wealth of web TV this is a great TV. but it’s what’s happening on screen that’s the big change here.6kg {DETAILS} 1 REMOTE There’s this plain ’mote or a One Touch one which enables NFC sharing between the main screen and a mobile device 2 RECORDING One USB port is designated for recording to an external hard drive. Ethernet. graphical menu tree. 3x USB. Sony has dramatically overhauled its user interface. DLAN. Single tuner makes a separate set-top box essential T3 SAYS Outstanding motion handling makes this a great telly for action junkies 1 1 2 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WWW FOR MORE TV REVIEWS GO TO T3. Jam-packed internet TV portal HATE Interface is a jumble of content. Sony’s KDL-47W805A is distinctive. and the set mashes Video Unlimited ships with four pairs of and Music Unlimited – glasses. involving picture that’s great for action and sports. too. YouTube. Wi-Fi. LoveFilm. it’s one of the most contentrich sets on test. 4x specs WEB TV BBC iPlayer.R A T E D Smart TVs SONY BRAVIA KDL-47W805A £1.CO. Sony has refined its smartphone interaction.COM OR HEAD TO P130 . optical digital 1 2 3 {DIMENSIONS} Sony’s ditched XrossMediaBar and added a whole lotta content With a loop stand and bezel that glints emerald green. Netflix. but it’s all a bit of a jumble. The new TV SideView app is a handy EPG extension for your phone – check your evening’s viewing on the loo – while Screen Mirroring wirelessly apes your mobile screen – it’s optimised to work with the Sony Xperia Z. holding up one of the chunkier TVs on test LOVE Crisp. with motion resolution a particular strength. One thing that hasn’t changed significantly from last year is picture quality: this Bravia still offers outstanding HD clarity. Crackle AUDIO 20W CONNECTIONS 4x HDMI.399. There’s loads to explore. There’s only one active tuner. DVB-S2 3D Passive. blockbusters £3. Sony Internet 3D is of the passive TV This new do-it-all hub persuasion. It mixes catch-up services – including BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 – with games and apps from Google Play and streamed content from Sony’s ondemand Entertainment Network. clear images that make the set a winner for HEIGHT 639mm WIDTH 1083mm DEPTH 64mm WEIGHT 14. The stereoscopic £9. Sony’s X-Reality Pro picture engine delivers crisp. Viewster. composite. old XrossMediaBar and in comes a swish.



You can use it dynamically. 4x specs WEB TV BBC iPlayer. but used sparingly does have a certain appeal. Philips is also continuing to plug its Ambilight mood lighting system. Ambilight trickery. 3x USB.COM 2 {SPECIFICATION } SCREEN 42-inch 1920x1080 edge-lit LED LCD TUNER Freeview HD. but confusing array of picture options T3 SAYS Fantastic design and an Ambilight glow.5kg {DETAILS} 1 REMOTE Flip the remote over to discover a full QWERTY keyboard for searching web-TV content 2 AMBILIGHT Philips two-sided XL Ambilight floods your room with coloured light. Basic EPG. rather than the lightshow going on around it. letting adult content services you stream photos and vids – Hustler. Wi-Fi. sadly – and a smattering of IPTV services. Acetrax. Ethernet. company is based in Amsterdam. but all settings do tend to contribute motion artefacts. the video formats playing. the 3D effect works well. The set also offers passive 3D and comes with four pairs of glasses. Philips’ 6000 Series LED TV is a 42-inch feast of edge-toedge screen – plastic. DVB-S2 3D Passive. You’ll find four Miracast is included. iConcerts AUDIO 24W CONNECTIONS 4x HDMI. blue or green glow. Blinkbox. High quality audio system. the picture menu offers a baffling amount of options. black level performance is noirish. with all key for with porn – well. Concentrate on the screen. That said. and the 42PFL6188S is no exception to that rule. Relatively affordable HATE HD can look overly processed. digital audio. YouTube. It’s a little MTV Cribs. Viewster and iConcerts. component. not glass – with almost no picture border to interrupt your view. primarily BBC iPlayer. but a greater selection of content would give this set more to shout about. but more online content is needed « J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 1 5 . Perfect Natural Motion mode needs to be enabled to obtain a reasonable level of motion clarity. Blinkbox. Via adaptor: Scart 1 3 {DIMENSIONS} This Philips set glows. PHILIPS. but its online content fails to shine Minimalist and understated. Brazzers. Edge-to-edge glass and a frameless look make this a classy TV set LOVE Edge-to edge glass. A 24W sound system boosts your TV’s audio and the price tag is affordable. Viewster. There’s a choice of a Freeview HD tuner or DVB-S satellite connection – a single tuner means no recording one channel whilst watching another. Private from tablets and phones and Forno straight to the TV screen. HEIGHT 953mm WIDTH 562mm DEPTH 32mm WEIGHT 12.000. with shadow held in detail. mimicking the colours displayed on screen.Smart TVs R A T E D PHILIPS 42PFL6188S £1. and you’ll be treated to images that appear preternaturally crisp. Netflix. Provided you sit square on. making your screen appear larger than 42 inches 3 DESIGN {SMART TV} Nothing you fancy watching on either of those? Philips Multimedia file support from Smart TV What this set lacks in both local USB and across catch-up TV it makes up LAN is good. Philips TVs tend to be complicated to set up. or fix a permanent red. While the main interface is reasonably intuitive. YouTube.

with is also surprisingly clean and catch-up from BBC iPlayer and ITV and on-demand bright. despite being tutored to comprehend conversational English. you’re rewarded with sharp. too included pairs of specs it will cost you dearly. All the main IPTV providers The set’s 3D performance are on hand here. It may still struggle to understand what you’re asking it. LoveFilm and Acetrax. DailyMotion. Outstanding HD and 3D picture HATE Striking but impractical design T3 SAYS Samsung’s slickest smart TV yet. but we think you’ll make room for it.999. Picture quality is equally terrific. It uses active shutter from Netflix and Lovefilm. but takes up a lot of space in your lounge LOVE Smartphone apps. Extra content from web sources is treated kindly. ITV player. contrast rich HD. but its Smart Portal interface. Lovefilm. It links with smartphone apps. now in version 2. YouTube.0 watching 21:9 movies. Netflix. Wi-Fi.0 mean it’s easy to watch what you want. with Dual View and Smart Mirroring. ITV Player.COM OR HEAD TO P122 . 2x Freesat 3D Active. though. The screen also boasts twin Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners – take your pick.0 really impresses.COM/UK TEST WINNER 2 {SPECIFICATION } SCREEN 46-inch 1920x1080 edge-lit LED LCD TUNER 2x Freeview HD.0. fantastic picture quality and plenty to watch 1 1 6 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WWW FOR MORE TV REVIEWS GO TO T3. DLAN. Ethernet.SAMSUNG UE46F8000 £1. the F8000 packs a quadcore processor for faster browsing and better interactivity. 2x specs WEB TV BBC iPlayer. tech. With simplified graphical icons and a new S-Recommendation engine. component 1 3 {DIMENSIONS} This Samsung set is smarter than your average connected TV This is Samsung’s second generation voiceand gesture-controlled Smart TV. the F8000 has a crescent-shaped stand that takes up more than its fair share of space. We particularly HEIGHT 599mm WIDTH 1033mm DEPTH 35mm WEIGHT 14kg {DETAILS} 1 REMOTE In addition to this trad zapper there’s a Bluetooth Touch Pad remote that allows you to swipe through listings and issue voice commands 2 CINEMA BLACK {SMART TV} like the Cinema Black mode Samsung which turns off the top and Smart Portal bottom edge-lighting when 2. is vastly improved. Netflix. Acetrax. Spotify AUDIO 40W CONNECTIONS 4x HDMI. SAMSUNG. 3x USB. Internet TV support is wide and includes big hitters like BBC iPlayer. Switch the Cinema Black mode on to prevent backlight intrusion when watching 21:9 ratio movies 3 DESIGN The crescent stand looks cool. twin tuners and the new Smart Portal 2. The end result is a properly smart TV. once you’ve invested time playing with settings – none of the presets make this screen sing. Beneath the hood. The design may cause some users a little consternation. and the TouchPad remote makes it easier than ever for you to find what you want to watch. which suggests shows based on your monitored viewing preferences – think of it as Tivo without the Virgin Media subscription – Smart Portal 2. so if you The new S-Recommend require more than the two feature picks out things it thinks you’ll like. Chores done. with all popular codecs playable from NAS and USB.

Wi-Fi. twin tuners and the new Smart Portal 2. optical digital 674x1064x78/21. £230. Sleek and minimalist. Ethernet. 1920x1080 LED LCD Freeview HD. DLAN. component audio. which is getting a letter sent home to its mother entitled “must do better” . TuneIn Radio.000 PHILIPS.Smart TVs R A T E D SPEC SHOT MAKE AND MODEL PRICE WEBSITE SCREEN LOEWE CONNECT ID 46 £1. if you want to upgrade to the brand’s latest multi-core processor. It’s a built-in PVR. DailyMotion. iConcerts 24W 42-inch. USB. Acetrax. ITV player. It’s a close call for second and third place.CO. Acetrax. Limited catch-up TV selection 639x1083x64/14.COM/UK 46-inch. component. DEMOPAD. YouTube. composite video. viewing habits and suggests shows. Vimeo 18W 47-inch. {FOCUS} Universal remotes HARMONY ULTIMATE DEMOPAD DEMOCONTROL IR-TOUTING PHONES DEDICATED REMOTE APPS Sits in a networkconnected dock.0 mean it’s easy to watch what you want The design is striking but also a little impractical TUNER 3D WEB TV AUDIO CONNECTIONS 3x HDMI. 4x specs BBC iPlayer. 3x USB. £28. RF and Bluetooth mastery. Ethernet. involving picture that’s especially good for action and sports. YouTube.995 LOEWE. {FINAL WORD} T3’S PREMIUM TV GUIDE… All of these TV sets have an above-average IQ and membership to MENSA. DailyMotion. Audio is class-leading. LoveFilm. catch-up TV and apps. Come 2014. composite. 1920x1080 LED LCD Freeview HD.9kg High-end design. Great! Now makes this a great telly for Ambilight glow. LOGITECH. YouTube. For non-IR smartphones there’s still the option of controlling your TV via WiFi using the set’s branded remote app. WLAN. 7 5 3 The most developed content portal out there. 4x specs BBC iPlayer. With a re-organised content portal that picks out shows it thinks you’ll enjoy and dual tuners. but it needs more on-demand and catch-up content to compete with other sets. 4x specs BBC iPlayer. you can. but again a dirth of on-demand content and apps leaves it bottom of this bright class. The chance to customise the colour of the set is attractive.CO. 1920x1080 LED LCD Freeview HD. Feed it a good Blu-ray and the results are cinematic. Our favourites are Panasonic and Sony. 1920x1080 LED LCD 2x Freeview HD. digital DLAN. Blinkbox. confusing picture options 46-inch. Samsung’s new eye-candy menu makes onscreen navigation much more intuitive. Spotify 40W 4x HDMI.5kg Edge-to edge glass makes for an attractive look. Wi-Fi. DLNA. Ethernet.6kg Crisp. with quality stereo speakers and generous amplification Limited on-demand – no YouTube! Motion resolution not ideal for sports/action Bespoke TV tailoring. Looks highly stylish Lacklustre blacks limit cinematic appeal. but only one of them can be top of the class. DVB-S2 Active.COM SAMSUNG UE46F8000 £1. Ambilight trickery Overly processed hi-def image. Box Office 365.TV PANASONIC VIERA TX-L47DT65 £1. Expect new apps to follow soon. fantastic picture quality and plenty to watch RATING {REASONS} Why Samsung’s UE46F8000 is our top telly… 1 Offers astonishingly sharp HD imagery. Ethernet. Lost for something to watch? Samsung’s S-Recommendation engine learns your Samsung offering buyers a hardware upgrade path. component 599x1033x35mm/14kg Smartphone apps. 2x Freesat Passive. DLAN. with a massive choice of catch-up from the main channels and ondemand extras too. Viewster. YouTube. Wi-Fi. Cartoon Network 40W 4x HDMI. its shown real innovation and potential. Wi-Fi.699 PANASONIC. Picture quality is great and the design is eye-catching. but more we just need more content… action junkies online content is needed Samsung’s slickest smart TV yet. 3x USB. Netflix. there’s the Philips 42PFL6188S. BBC News. Viewster. SD 627x1067x35/15kg Customisable smart TV interface.999 SAMSUNG. this 46-inch screen looks every bit the future-proof television. 3x USB. Via adaptor: Scart 953x562x32mm/12. J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 1 7 . Netflix. with the Panasonic set offering dual tuners and a great interface – worryingly short on content at the moment – and the Sony showing off its outstanding range of ondemand content.UK PHILIPS 42PFL6188S £1. Lovefilm. Finally. Netflix. 1920x1080 LED LCD 2x Freeview HD. Basic EPG. 6 2 4 Twin tuners means you can record one channel to an external USB drive while watching another. Daily Motion. but a choice of colours doesn’t excuse a lack of on-demand 47-inch. no specs included BBC iPlayer. Vimeo. Add an optional IP2IR blaster (£100) and you can control other AV kit too. Twin tuners lets it work as a PVR. 2x Freesat Active. The class award for best dressed goes to the Loewe Connect ID. Single tuner makes separate set-top box more essential DIMENSIONS LOVE HATE T3 SAYS On-demand TV organised the Outstanding motion handling Fantastic design and an way you want it. component. Sport Acetrax.COM The HTC One and Galaxy S4 both arrived with builtin infra-red. This year that television is the Samsung UE46F8000. and offers swipe and tap touchscreen control as well as IR. DVB-S Passive. DVB-S2 Passive. Bluetooth. 3x USB. 4x HDMI.COM Control Wi-Fi-connected devices via this iPad app. digital audio. allowing them to function as remotes for all your AV kit. Jam-packed internet TV portal Interface is a bit of a mess. Good audio and reasonable price tag. Ethernet. Crackle 20W 4x HDMI.399 SONY. 2x specs BBC iPlayer.UK SONY BRAVIA KDL-47W805A £1. allowing you to record one channel to a USB hard drive and watch another.

CO. it’s a good-looking. shall we say. travelling companion. it wants for a bit of sonic polish but it’s solid enough. But hey. lasts all night. if overly discreet. fire up the coolest holiday hits and quite literally “ring-rang-a-dong for a holiday” as you enjoy “senoritas by the score” and “push pineapple” . with the clear mid-range making the most of vocals. Hey. as the decibel count is more boutique hotel than Benidorm bender. though never to an extent that’s outright unpleasant. T3 SAYS Decent value Bluetooth box does the job respectably enough 02 JAMMBOCKS 1 1 8 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WORDS CHRIS HASLAM PHOTOGRAPHY PIXELEYES . by Jawbone’s Jambox. wireless speakers with surprisingly punchy audio. For the price.Journeys through sound IF WE TOOK A HOLIDAY (WITH THESE PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS) IT WOULD BE SO NICE YOU CAN’T WEAR YOUR HEADPHONES FOR two weeks in the sun – just think of the tan lines. Still. Just lie back. Lego-brick of a Bluetooth speaker boasts a 14-hour battery life. but lacks a bit of va-va-voom 02 JAMMBOCKS KITSOUND HIVE £75. hands-free calling. with a tendency to sound a little shrill. in a choice of five colours and with the option of a high-gloss finish. KITSOUND. now you don’t need to. even if it’s also hard to get in a pre-Disney World-style frenzy of excitement about it. Macarena! 01 STYLISH SOUNDS 01 STYLISH SOUNDS NATIVE UNION SWITCH £130. the Hive is hard to knock. this is a rubbery brick with a natty honeycomb finish. Not entirely surprisingly. thanks to the growing army of portable. especially considering the relative size of it.UK “Inspired” . and it costs £45 less than the Jambox. simple. It offers wireless music.COM/UK This elegant. Those who demand volume will be disappointed. NATIVEUNION. T3 SAYS Stylish. It lacks a bit of warmth musically. the battery lasts for up to ten hours per charge. USB charging and better-than-average hands-free chat. stylish. even if the bottom-fired bass won’t unduly perturb the pensioners in the room next door.

Designed for devotees of dance music. exceedingly lightweight and. with charging via USB. we’d venture. with support for hands-free calling and a respectable. That’s not really meant as a criticism. Bluetooth boombox is just the job. grenadeshaped. this excellent. PHILIPS. this is the best of this fine bunch of holiday-makers. while it also offers Bluetooth connectivity. T3 SAYS Great VFM. T3 SAYS Super-rugged build and decent sound make this a holiday hit PHILIPS SBT30 £40. All of its physical connectors are safely sealed behind a big screw cap. it’ll ensure good vibes on whatever your party island of choice happens to be. for staycations. if you’re someone who likes to get totally on one. it does have a price-defying punch and plenty of volume. Sound is solid. hands-free compatibility and up to 05 THE BOMB! 12 hours of life. being small. BRAVEN. However. Balearic-bound bassbin brings the boom 04 TOUGH AND TINY BRAVEN BRV-1 £150. provided you can front the high entry price.UK 04 TOUGH AND TINY And the award for the most inappropriately shaped travel speaker goes to… We seriously don’t advise trying to take this through most airports. giving it plenty of boom at the expense of anything resembling subtlety. too. while the single-driver audio performance won’t drop any jaws. T3 SAYS Bulbous. However. splash-proof.Portable speakers R A T E D 03 THE BEAT MEISTER DAMSON OYSTER £180.COM The musical equivalent of an over-sized flyer who has to pay for a second seat. hard-as-nails music player. but it can’t be faulted when it comes to pumping pool-side playlists. It may lack the room-filling projection of the Oyster. Most importantly. A very portable. the Oyster is a bit on the chunky side.CO. matey.COM OR P132 J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 1 9 . light (38g) and cheap. DAMSONAUDIO. so it pretty much fails at the first hurdle as a travel speaker. somewhat easier to get through security than the Philips “grenade” . the Oyster’s 3D speaker configuration pushes the bass right up in the sound mix. portability and price… Shame about the look TEST WINNER {CONTENT} MISERABLE SUMMER PLAYLIST 05 THE BOMB! Who Loves the Sun? The Velvet Underground Summertime Blues Eddie Cochran God Damn the Sun Swans Every Day is like Sunday Morrissey There’s a Riot Goin’ On Sly and the Family Stone Cruel Summer Bananarama Ain’t No Water in the Well Hüsker Dü Rain The Beatles Buckets of Rain/A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall Bob Dylan Here Comes The Rain Again Eurythmics I Can’t Stand the Rain Ann Peebles Mosquito Yeah Yeah Yeahs Too Darn Hot Cole Porter WWW FOR MORE SPEAKERS GO TO T3. this is what holiday sound should be like. eight-hour battery life.EU 03 THE BEAT MEISTER Drop-proof.

waterproof to one metre.0. AirPlay. mind. with simple-to-use AirPlay streaming. Volume is also plentiful – with a total of 40W on offer. at least Built for bikers. all told. More importantly.3-inch. B&W has added a Lightning connector for hooking up your iPhone 5 – there’s no iPad compatibility.3-inch touchscreen has a serviceable. the Rider is good.0 QUOTED BATTERY LIFE Up to 6 hours SIZE/WEIGHT 130x101x53mm/353g The 4. with a baseball cap-like peak to keep sunlight reflections off the screen. Battery life is six hours. an added Lightning connector and. Tasteful aesthetics and compact footprint HATE No Bluetooth or iPad docking T3 SAYS AirPlay nuts will love the simplicity of the B&W Z2. Generally you’ll want to stream your iDevice over the very reliable AirPlay connection.CO. bike-specific features. A time-saving power up/down function turns the Rider on when you twist the ignition. G Wi-Fi. weatherproof build. LOVE Well thought-out. if you roll that way. {SPECIFICATIONS} POWER 2 x 20W CONNECTIVITY Lightning connector. bedroom. LOVE Simple operation. What’s that? You insist? Okay. The Z2’s connectivity might be a little idiosyncratic. relatively low-res screen T3 SAYS The best satnav for two wheels rather than four. There are niggles – the top notes don’t sing with the clarity of the bottom ones – but anyone looking for a simple. 3. Two fullrange drivers provide clear mids and highs. Bluetooth connectivity sends turn-by-turn instructions to your headset or helmet intercom and you can make and receive calls too. you can use it wearing gloves. {SPECIFICATIONS} SCREEN 4. or you can hook it up to your bike for constant power.5mm jack SIZE/WEIGHT 180x320x100mm/2. if a little primitive FOR THE EXTENDED REVIEW HEAD TO T3. borrowed from the Zeppelin Air. but its audio quality is very hard to quibble over. so if you don’t have an iOS device you’re not invited to the party. such as the Jawbone Jambox and the Bluetooth speakers reviewed on p118. with a simplified interface keeping buttonpressing to a minimum – anything beyond basic commands is a tad awkward.Reviews R A T E D BOWERS & WILKINS Z2 £330. little upstart.COM This designer speaker dock is a diminutive relative of the Zeppelin Air. Comprehensive mapping HATE No Live services. for whatever reason. Android rockers do get a line in. effective and stylish AirPlay/Lightning dock for the kitchen. It’s ready for the open road. BOWERS-WILKINS. a reasonable price tag. there are no Live services for realtime traffic updates. It’s a nifty little device. orangery or saloon could do a lot worse than this noisy.UK TOMTOM RIDER £349. it’s got impressive lungs for such a compact speaker. there is a 3. Map services from TomTom are reliably accurate.COM FOR THE EXTENDED REVIEW HEAD TO T3. updated map every year. Bike-specific features include the option of taking routes with more corners so you can really “get your knee down” . ethernet. 480x272 resolution. at least by B&W’s standards.5mm line-in tucked around the back. while the same patented B&W Flowport tech that you find boosting the bass in the Zeppelin Air adds depth. Excellent bass.COM WORDS DAN SUNG AND DAVID JONES J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 2 0 . TOMTOM. but you do get a free.6kg Steering away from the wireless-only route of many competitors. Bluetooth 4. but your attendance will be frowned upon. There’s no Bluetooth. Rugged. 480x272 STORAGE 4GB CONNECTIVITY USB 2. this satnav is tougher than an old-skool courier.


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Prices We scour the web for the best prices we can find at trusted retailers.COM THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 2 3 . check the most up-to-date deals before getting out your Solo. we will re-rate older products to reflect the current market. For an even more up-to-the-minute snapshot of our latest wish lists. Even so. Scores The products featured in The Guide are reassessed regularly against what’s new. AVAILABLE ONLINE @ T3. Access or Diner’s Club card.TheGuide {THE BEST OF EVERYTHING} Smartphones p124 Tablets p125 Cameras p127 Computers p128 Gaming p129 Televisions p130 Home entertainment p131 Home audio p132 Headphones p133 Accessories p134 Top tens THE place to start researching your next gadget-buying jaunt. As a result.com/best-gadgets. hip and happening. check out t3.

COM. Just 8GB or 16GB.COM. bold and big screen. £55. full-HD display.Smartphones {BUYING TIPS} Bluetooth call kit for drivers 1 SUPERTOOTH BUDDY 3 PARROT MINIKIT NEO Links to two smartphones for in-car conference calls and hooks to your visor. 1280x768 CAMERA 8. HTC. 1920x1080 CAMERA 13-meg/1080p STORAGE 16GB PROCESSOR A6 SCREEN 4-inch.2-inch. A fantastic. New camera tricks HATE Plasticky design. TESTED JANUARY 2013 LOVE Smashing.5-inch screen.COM/UK 2 BT EASY BLUETOOTH CALL KIT 4 JABRA CRUISER 2 Very basic. 4. No expandable memory T3 SAYS A thing of beauty with brains to match. microSD 5 05 HTC ONE X+ £470. amazing screen and strong battery. Reasonable price HATE Bulky body. £20. SUPERTOOTH. TESTED JANUARY 2013 0 10 NOKIA LUMIA 920 £529. great feel. TESTED JUNE 2012 LOVE Chic metallic design.4GHz quadcore SCREEN 4. 32GB storage.NET Announce “Minikit” at any time to wake this slinky-looking. but no longer the best Android money can buy RY LOVE Bigger screen. but eight hours’ talk time and a budget price tag add appeal. quadcore processor ensures smooth operation LOVE and gaming. However.COM/UK.7-inch. Bright. Excellent touchscreen keyboard. it’s also less fully featured SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS NEW E PROCESSOR 1. Slightly plasticky build T3 SAYS S A mighty phone that’s powerful.5GHz quadcore SCREEN 5-inch. LO of innovative features. iOS 6 very smooth HATE Battery life could be better. 1280x768 CAMERA 8-meg/1080p STORAGE 16GB.GOOGLE. colourful.5GHz quadcore SCREEN 4.COM/UK. Better front-facing camera for video. Lacks features of other OSs T3 SAYS The best iPhone to date and iOS is still slicker than Android. but you’ll still need to charge every day T3 SAYS The HTC One X’s smarter. the Nokia Lumia 920 is easily the best Windows Phone handset to date SPECIFICATIONS PROCESSOR 1. Average battery life T3 SAYS Bigger and brighter. Sony’s best smartphone yet and a top Android SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Nice ’n’ low price. Great styling. innovative camera.COM THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE 1 24 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . Android Jelly Bean HATE Incredibly dull design. SAMSUNG. no microSD slot T3 SAYS LG and Google serve up cutting-edge specs at a price that’s very hard to beat SPECIFICATIONS PROCESSOR 1.COM/UK.7GHz quadcore SCREEN 4. TESTED AUGUST 2012 9 09 BLACKBERRY Z10 £480.7-inch.BT. Fluid performance.7-inch. Bright screen E HATE Average camera. 1920x1080 CAMERA 13-meg/1080p STORAGE 16GB. TESTED JANUARY 2013 LOV Fast. TESTED APRIL 2013 08 8 GOOGLE NEXUS 4 FROM £279. 1280x768 CAMERA 8-meg/1080p STORAGE 8GB or 16GB 04 SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 FROM £393.8-inch 1280x720 CAMERA 8-meg/1080p STORAGE 16GB or 32GB + microSD PROCESSOR 1. The 4. Massive 64GB storage. TESTED APRIL 2013 LOVE Bright. 4G capability – if you’re on an EE contract. Long battery life.5GHz dualcore SCREEN 4. Features more gimmicky than essential T3 SAYS Samsung’s best smartphone yet.COM Two mics and Noise Blackout technology make for clear phone calls. 1136x640 CAMERA 8-meg/1080p STORAGE 16GB.5GHz dualcore SCREEN 4. Speedy and slick HATE Big screen might make it too bulky for some users T3 SAYS Stunning design. UK.5GHz quadcore SCREEN 4. It’s the new Android champion SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Really strong. Very solid build. TESTED JULY 2013 07 APPLE IPHONE 5 FROM £529. HTC. SAMSUNG.COM/UK.7-inch screen is tasty indeed. JABRA. SHOP. thoughtful design. Cheaper than the One X+ (below left) SPECIFICATIONS PROCESSOR 1. Very handy Nokia Maps app.COM/UK. Not different enough to really appeal T3 SAYS BB10 is a move in the right direction. TESTED DECEMBER 2012 LO LOVE Spectacular high-resolution display. feature-packed an and very desirable SPECIFICATIONS LO LOVE BlackBerry Hub and improved BlackBerry World. Fiddly waterproof connectors T3 SAYS Stunning and waterproof. 32GB or 64GB NT 03 3 SONY XPERIA Z S £500. HTC. 1280x720 CAMERA 8-meg/1080p STORAGE 64GB PROCESSOR 1.7GHz quadcore SCREEN 4.7-meg/1080p STORAGE 32GB AVAILABLE ONLINE @ T3.9GHz quadcore SCREEN 5-inch. SONYMOBILE. £70. Superior camera. NOKIA. longer-lasing brother is the power user’s HTC phone SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Slick. microSD PROCESSOR 1. PARROT. with front-facing speakers HATE Average battery life. Wireless Charging. Power aplenty Fine selection s HATE It I really is fairly big. Comparatively cheap a HATE Bigger battery. customisable OS.COM.COM 01 HTC ONE £520. 1920x1080 CAMERA 4-meg/1080p STORAGE 32GB or 64GB PROCESSOR 1. PLAY. £45. voiceactivated hands-free kit. even if the Z10 is more competent than exciting SPECIFICATIONS PROCESSOR 1. Overall lack of apps.BLACKBERRY.COM. L Immaculate display.COM. Cool gesture features.7-inch. 1280x720 CAMERA 8-meg/1080p STORAGE 32GB 02 2 SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 £600.5-inch. TESTED JUNE 2013 06 6 HTC ONE X £379. APPLE. Great audio. Excellent performance all round HATE It’ll be too big for some.

Book store rivals Amazon’s. TESTED NOVEMBER 2012 LOVE Superb VFM. Plenty of content on offer. 7.COM/NEXUS. Tasty trophy gadget. with iOS 5 and apps galore HATE Rear camera is poor.0 PROCESSOR 1. Keyboard dock. Jelly Bean OS is L excellent. with plenty of power. Plenty of storage plus a microSD slot. Wi-Fi only T3 SAYS In terms of bang for your buck. though SPECIFICATIONS OS Android 4.1 PROCESSOR 1GHz dualcore SCREEN 7. UK. 2560x1600 STORAGE16GB or 32GB S 03 3 GOOGLE NEXUS 7 FROM £159. 32GB or 64GB 5 05 AMAZON KINDLE HD 8.9-inch.COM. TESTED CHRISTMAS 2011 09 9 t LOVE Decent battery. the Nexus 7 is by far the best Android tab on the market SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Sharp full-HD screen.7-inch. full-sized tablet market SPECIFICATIONS OS Android 4.2GHz quadcore SCREEN 7-inch.7-inch. New iPad is better T3 SAYS Slimmer and cheaper than the new iPad. and it’s e excellent value to boot SPECIFICATIONS S OS iOS 6. 1024x768 STORAGE 16GB or 32GB. TESTED NOVEMBER 2012 LOVE Very sharp 8. now a little bit better – make sure you get enough storage for that Retina-ready gear… SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Outstanding.7 £139.1-inch. this is still a mighty alluring tablet in its own right SPECIFICATIONS ASUS TRANSFORMER PAD TF300T SP SPECIFICATIONS £428.UK 2 4 KOBO EREADER TOUCH BARNES AND NOBLE NOOK GLOWLIGHT Great. GOOGLE. Google Play access HATE Single core processor T3 SAYS A rare. New A6X processor bolsters speed. 64GB or 128GB OS Android 4. Solid build e H HATE Lack of dedicated tablet apps. 1280x1200 STORAGE 32GB/64GB.2GHz A8 single core SCREEN 9. 1024x768 STORAGE 16GB.Tablets {BUYING TIPS} T3’s top four ebook readers 1 AMAZON KINDLE PAPERWHITE 3 AMAZON KINDLE The best ereader screen around.2 PROCESSOR 1.7-inch.7GHz quadcore O SCREEN 10. WHSMITH. UK. APPLE. Heavy on storage HATE More expensive than the equivalent iPad. 2048x1536 STORAGE 16GB. 1080x800 STORAGE 8GB or 16GB OS Android 4.ASUS. power and graphical oomph.COM/NEXUS.0 PROCESSOR 1. Smooth operation.9-inch.COM/UK.9 FROM £229. customised by Amazon PROCESSOR 1.6GHz quadcore SCREEN 10. AMAZON. TESTED JUNE 2013 10 GEMINI JOYTAB 9. non-expandable storage.UK The cheaper. as upgrades go.COM/UK. b lack of tablet-specific apps makes it less desirable but SPECIFICATIONS S OS iOS 6. carousel-style interface with Lovefilm and Amazon content HATE No 3G option.2GHz dualcore SCREEN 7-inch. Reduced battery life T3 SAYS Beautiful full-HD screen aside. shining gem in the manure pile that is the budget. this takes the world’s best tablet and proves that smaller is even better SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Amazon’s simplified Android is extremely user-friendly. APPLE.COM. Limited app selection T3 SAYS The best Kindle yet.3 PROCESSOR 1. faster and sharper. Great screen HATE Processor can struggle.COM/UK. Easy to use. there’s no reason to buy this over a Prime. now backlit for late-night edification. but not quite as portable as its seven-inch sibling SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Matches the iPad 2’s screen resolution. light and now even cheaper.UK.CO. AMAZON. 32GB or 64GB OS Android 4. £69. FROM £109.9-inch screen. AMAZON. AMAZON.UK.CO.0. Average screen H T3 SAYS Sibling of the Prime. More affordable. Battery life could be better T3 SAYS Full-sized version. 4G LTE version available HATE Pricey.1 Jelly Bean PROCESSOR 1. TESTED JANUARY 2013 LOVE The pocket-friendly.0. GEMINIDEVICES. super-HD display.COM THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE 1 2 5 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 .1-inch. microSD AVAILABLE ONLINE @ T3. lighter Kindle with an improved screen is a nailed-on bargain. No USB charging. £109.COM. Features like Google Now add excitement HATE Limited. microSD 04 APPLE IPAD 2 FROM £329.CO. 1280x800 STORAGE 16GB or 32GB 02 2 APPLE IPAD (4TH GEN) FROM £399. TESTED JANUARY 2013 07 GOOGLE NEXUS 10 G £319.CO. 1920x1200 STORAGE 16GB/32GB OS Android 4. No Google Play store T3 SAYS A great tablet for media consumption. backlit screen. 32GB. customised by Amazon PROCESSOR 1. TESTED JULY 2012 LOVE Fantastic price with keyboard dock included HATE Flimsy keyboard. microSD OS iOS 5 PROCESSOR 1GHz dualcore SCREEN 9.ASUS. TESTED JANUARY 2013 06 0 6 AMAZON KINDLE FIRE HD £159. TESTED JANUARY 2013 08 A ASUS TRANSFORMER INFINITY £599. £80. a premium build and great screen.3GHz quadcore SCREEN 10.1 PROCESSOR 1. 1280x800 STORAGE 32GB.COM A top quality e-ink screen with added touch control. 128GB and 4G LTE models now available HATE Pretty minor.4GHz dualcore SCREEN 9. plasticky build. GOOGLE.CO. No 3G option yet T3 T SAYS Like the Nexus 7 this gives power on the cheap.UK 01 1 APPLE IPAD MINI FROM £269. BARNESANDNOBLE. 1024x768 STORAGE 16GB. plus access to one million free ebooks and libraries.0. Thin. Optimised apps are lacking.9-inch screen with ultra-slim bezel looks fantastic and works great. Screen resolution is not the best T3 SAYS Slim and stunningly designed.1-inch. less sexy OS Android 4.5GHz dualcore SCREEN 8. APPLE. TESTED JANUARY 2013 LOVE Retina Display looks stunning.


UK. A champion travel zoom SPECIFICATIONS SPEC SENSOR 18-megapixel/1080p KIT LENS 18x55mm SCREEN 3-inch WEIGHT 570g M MEGAPIXELS 18. TESTED DECEMBER 2012 07 SONY ALPHA SLT-A37 £320. Video Snapshot recording mode HATE Jerky autofocus that’s audible on video T3 SAYS With excellent results across stills and video.COM/UK.CO.COM THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 2 7 . Superb shots. Sony’s not-a-DSLR is a fine camera vi SPECIFICATIONS S MEGAPIXELS 12. animal kingdom – and get stuck in. Sharp shots achievable at maximum zo zoom. The overall winner receives a full-time. Exceptionally good video recording HATE Reduced quality at high ISOs T T3 SAYS Consistent performance across stills and video. so choose carefully. but you need to be over 18. SONY. TESTED SEPTEMBER 2012 LOVE Superb still image quality.7-inch WEIGHT 506g (body only) 03 SAMSUNG NX300 £600. TESTED CHRISTMAS 2012 LOVE Fast autofocus.CO.COM Choose a category – nature. Wi-Fi or built-in flash T3 SAYS Canon’s first compact system cam delivers A-grade results that justify its high-ish price SPECIFICATIONS MEGAPIXELS 16 SCREEN 3 inches LENS 24-360mm ZOOM 15x VIDEO 1080p at 30fps WEIGHT 217g SENSOR 18-megapixel/1080p KIT LENS 18-55mm EF Mount SCREEN 3-inch WEIGHT 298g AVAILABLE ONLINE @ T3. Decent stills.CO. SHOOTTHEFACE.CO. which delivers broadcast-quality video and fantastic stills SPECIFICATIONS SENSOR 18-megapixel/1080p KIT LENS 18x55mm SCREEN 3-inch touchscreen WEIGHT 575g SENSOR 18-megapixel/1080p KIT LENS 18-135mm zoom SCREEN 3-inch WEIGHT 820g (body only) 02 2 PANASONIC LUMIX LX7 £355. manual aperture ring HATE High ISO performance could be better. Cheap as chips HATE No touchscreen. Entry is free. Built-in Wi-Fi HATE No viewfinder or built-in flash T3 SAYS Cutting-edge camera features in an attractive. A wealth of compatible lenses HATE No handgrip. SAMSUNG. Smaller sensor than rivals. plus plenty on offer for pros. Pro-quality manual controls.213.{THE BEST OF EVERYTHING} {FOCUS} TheGuide 2 Cameras Photography competitions 1 SHOOT THE FACE INTERNATIONAL PORTRAIT COMPETITION MONTHLY 2013 LONDON SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ENTER BY SEPTEMBER 8 Compete 12 times a year for the chance to get your shot featured in art-snap magazine Blur.7 SCREEN 3 inches LENS 24-90mm ZOOM 3.31-inch AMOLED touchscreen WEIGHT 284g MEGAPIXELS 12. TESTED JULY 2011 09 SONY CYBER-SHOT HX20V £233.295.1 SCREEN 3 inches LENS 25-500mm ZOOM 24x VIDEO 1080 at 50fps WEIGHT 221g 05 FUJIFILM FINEPIX F660 EXR £92.UK.UK.CO. Manual controls aplenty. people. Lightweight yet solid build. TESTED APRIL 2013 LOVE Wide. LSPAWARDS. Pricey for a point and shoot T3 SAYS Hefty feature set and rock-solid build plus con consistently sharp results.UK. Controls could be simpler T3 SAYS The best camera in the £100-£150 price bracket delivers an awful lot of functionality for not much money SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Large sensor. No touchscreen T3 SAYS Easy to use for beginners.COM 01 CANON EOS 650D £567. compact package – a winner SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Dashing metal build and larger-than-average sensor that comes into its own in low lighting. easy-to-use set of features HATE Price will put off less serious snappers T3 SAYS A workhorse of a DSLR. FUJIFILM. professional photography course worth £3.UK.UK. SAMSUNG. with a solid.COM/UK. TESTED JUNE 2012 LOVE Superb image quality and great low-light shooting thanks to fine high ISO performance HATE The RRP is quite high.4 SCREEN 3 inches LENS 24-80mm ZOOM 4x VIDEO 1080 at 48fps WEIGHT 286g 04 CANON EOS 600D £449. A point and shoot with class SPECIFICATIONS SENSOR 21. CANON.6-megapixel/1080p KIT LENS 18-55mm SCREEN 3. 15x zoom. the 600D remains an excellent choice SPECIFICATIONS L LOVE Broad zoom range. CANON. TESTED CHRISTMAS 2012 LOVE DSLR-quality photos. Solid build. for obvious reasons. plus $300 towards your next bit of camera gubbins. touchscreen control SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Brilliant 1080p video and sharp 18-megapixel shots. TESTED JUNE 2013 08 8 SAMSUNG EX2F £300. PANASONIC. CANON. TESTED JANUARY 2013 10 CANON EOS M £500. The most advanced compact around SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Semi-transparent mirror means faster shooting and focusing. CANON.1-megapixel/1080p KIT LENS 18-55mm SCREEN 2. Versatile mode dial and features galore HATE HA Minor issues with stills. excellent pictures. viewfinder. Tiltable AMOLED touchscreen. Smartphone-style controls HATE Need to dial down exposure in bright sunlight T3 SAYS Near pro-quality shots without the bulk of a DSLR. patterns.CO. SONY.UK.CO. so shop around T3 SAYS An impressive DSLR with great image quality and swift. TESTED OCTOBER 2012 06 CANON EOS 7D £1. It costs $10 to enter a photo.8x VIDEO 1080p at 50fps WEIGHT 298g SENSOR 16.CO.UK. with good low-light performance and smooth 1080p video.

Requires web connection T3 SAYS Incredible cheapness makes this a good second machine. 2560x1600 PROCESSOR/RAM Core i5 2.COM/UK.CO.449.CO. What it lacks in power it makes up for with style and portability SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Core i7 processor and 256GB solid state drive create a quick performer. HP.UK.4GHz/4GB STORAGE 500GB HDD QUOTED BATTERY 7hrs 04 APPLE MACBOOK PRO WITH RETINA DISPLAY 13-INCH £1.COM/UK. or one for undemanding users ma SPECIFICATIONS SPE SCREEN 13. Solid spec. although admittedly not outstanding HATE Relatively poor battery life T3 SAYS Attractive and powerful.7GHz/4GB STORAGE 500GB HDD QUOTED BATTERY 6hrs 02 ASUS ZENBOOK UX31 £800. 1366x768 PROCESSOR/RAM 1.3-inch.7GHz/4GB STORAGE 128GB SSD QUOTED BATTERY 5hrs 03 APPLE MACBOOK AIR 13-INCH £1. now with next-gen power. 1440x900 PROCESSOR/RAM Core i5 1. 1366x768 PROCESSOR/RAM Core i7 1. 100GB of cloud storage p H HATE Chrome OS lacks support.CO. Beats Audio. AVAST.9GHz/8GB STORAGE 256GB SSD QUOTED BATTERY 8. No longer the thinnest laptop T3 SAYS Same great design with even more remarkable performance. 1366x768 PROCESSOR/RAM Core i7 1. but added peace of mind. TESTED APRIL 2012 07 APPLE MACBOOK AIR 11-INCH £929.1GHz dualcore/2GB STORAGE 320GB HDD QUOTED BATTERY 3hrs 05 HP SPECTRE XT £685.5GHz/8GB STORAGE 128GB SSD QUOTED BATTERY 7hrs S SCREEN 11. Ultra-fast SSD storage HATE Expensive T3 SAYS Amazing screen and a sky-high price tag SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Incredible price tag.3-inch. UK. APPLE.5hrs SCREEN 13-inch. APPLE.1GHz/8GB STORAGE 1TB HDD QUOTED BATTERY 8hrs SCREEN 13. Decent screen and acceptable processor. Screen could be better T3 SAYS The smartest ultrabook. making repelling viruses more pleasing. Apple has improved its winning formula SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Slimline design matches the Zenbook UX31 at #2. TESTED MARCH 2013 10 DELL XPS 13 FROM £999. Seriously thin and portable.UK. The power of an ultrabook with the added brilliance of OS X HATE Lacks storage and connections T3 SAYS Of the new ultra-portable breed this still has the best design and the most fluid experience SPECIFICATIONS SCREEN 13. 1600x900 PROCESSOR/RAM Core i5 1. Top performer thanks to powerful processor and graphics card. MALWAREBYTES.8GHz Core i7 processor and 256GB solid state drive.COM/UK.6-inch.5hrs AVAILABLE ONLINE @ T3. 1366x768 PROCESSOR/RAM Core i5 1.ORG 01 DELL XPS 15 £695. TESTED MARCH 2013 09 ACER C7 CHROMEBOOK £199.COM No real-time protection. Comfy keyboard HATE Fewer connections than our #1. the XPS 15 T3 SAYS With its slinky aluminium case. TESTED APRIL 2012 LOVE Attractive and sturdy all-metal design. this is another credible.6-inch. good-VFM option that also has a touch of style SPECIFICATIONS SCREEN 13.CO. 1.249.3-inch.3-inch. 1600x900 PROCESSOR/RAM Core i7 1.3-inch. ACER. even if style and battery life suffer a bit as a result SPECIFICATIONS SCREEN 15. Good VFM HATE Weighty. TESTED NOVEMBER 2012 LOVE Elegant design conceals a throbbing. ACER. Windows-based MacBook alternative from Dell SPECIFICATIONS SCREEN 13. Quick boot-up to boot HATE Slimline build means no optical drive T3 SAYS The king of the ultrabooks to date combines plenty of power with spunky aesthetics SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Same slimline.CO.UK.8GHz/4GB STORAGE 256GB SSD QUOTED BATTERY 5hrs SCREEN 11.ASUS.3-inch. UK. 1366x768 PROCESSOR/RAM Core i5 1. Reasonably priced HATE Tricky touchpad. TESTED APRIL 2012 LOVE Amazing screen. TESTED NOVEMBER 2012 LOVE Classic Air design. DELL. APPLE. Top screen HATE Middling battery life. aluminium looks. Chunkier than other ultrabooks T3 SAYS High-end processing power at a low price.COM. TESTED OCTOBER 2012 06 ACER ASPIRE S3 £475. Great battery life. TESTED MARCH 2013 LOVE Best laptop screen around. 1920x1080 PROCESSOR/RAM Core i7 2. ZONEALARM.COM.COM THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE 1 2 8 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 .UK. Excellent build quality. TESTED OCTOBER 2012 08 ASUS ZENBOOK UX32A £700.7GHz/4GB STORAGE 128GB SSD QUOTED BATTERY 7.COM Won’t unduly drain resources but does provide protection from phishing.8GHz/4GB STORAGE 256GB SSD QUOTED BATTERY 7hrs SCREEN 13.3-inch. 256GB SSD for the same price as many 128GB ultrabooks.Computers {FOCUS} Free security for your Mac or PC 1 3 FOR PCS FIREWALL AVAST! 8 ZONEALARM FREE The interface has been improved.ASUS. Gorilla Glass screen. No SSD T3 SAYS The best designed and most powerful laptop in its price range gives any MacBook a run for its money SPECIFICATIONS LOVE A speedy Core i7 processor and meaty 500GB hard drive at a very affordable price tag HATE Short battery life.UK 2 FOR MACS SOPHOS ANTIVIRUS 4 ANTI-MALWARE MALWAREBYTES Runs in the background for low-key protection. SOPHOS.COM/UK. DELL. this Zenbook is a very solid.

Blu-ray reader STORAGE 320GB BLU-RAY/DVD Yes/Yes CONNECTIVITY HDMI. AV out PROCESSOR Core i5 4.CO. EDGE-ONLINE.COM THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 2 9 . FREE. TESTED JANUARY 2013 07 ALIENWARE M17X R3 SPECIFICATIONS £1. NFC BATTERY 5 hours SCREEN 4. 5x USB. NINTENDO. SD. 3. ethernet 02 2 SONY PS3 SUPER SLIM £229.CO. though the high running costs may put off less hardcore fraggles SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Bigger screens look great and the 3D sweet spot is much larger.COM 01 MICROSOFT XBOX 360 25 250GB £190. 16GB RAM and a cooling chassis to keep it running at full pelt HATE Little to grumble about at this price T3 SAYS Solid specs and decent gaming at a fair price SPECIFICATIONS STORAGE 4GB BLU-RAY/DVD No/Yes CONNECTIVITY HDMI. It’s not cheap. APPLE.8GHz and Nvidia GTX 680 graphics deliver fast. TESTED OCTOBER 2012 LOVE Quality five-inch OLED touchscreen and quadcore power. ethernet. bolder Retina Display.415. Battery life only fair T3 SAYS The best. A5 processor and iOS 6 HATE Pricey. FREE. 4x USB.PLAYSTATION. G Wi-Fi. Heft makes it cumbersome. DVI. £2. ALIENWARE. most powerful handheld yet. TESTED JUNE 2012 LO A Blu-ray player. N Wi-Fi. NINTENDO. No AC adaptor T3 SAYS Big screens and range of games impresses.6GHz GRAPHICS 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX670 RAM/STORAGE 16GB/1TB HDD and 120GB SSD CONNECTIVITY 8x USB. ideally exclusive ones T T3 SAYS Nintendo’s again reinvented the way we play. G Wi-Fi AVAILABLE ONLINE @ T3. TESTED NOVEMBER 2010 LOVE Powerful i5 processor overclocked to 4.CO. eSATA. Manages 3D gaming at up to 32fps HATE A bit light on storage and RAM T3 SAYS Gaming fanatics wanting 3D graphics on the go need look no further. 3x HDMI. Great for exclusives. with some very good exclusives HATE Horrid plasticky quality to new model HA T3 SAYS Great film/gaming option if you can bear the build SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Fantastic screen. 854x480 BATTERY 3-5 hours SCREEN 4-inch.88-inch 800x240 3D/4. 960x544 OLED touchscreen CONNECTIVITY N Wi-Fi.COM 2 4 ATOMIX SWIPE Clever iOS-focused read pools content from 52 sites. ATOMIXMAG.UK. PCSPECIALIST.{THE BEST OF EVERYTHING} {CONTENT} TheGuide 3 Gaming iPad mags to get your game on 1 EDGE GAME INFORMER T3 ’s sister title is the games mag where you’ll most often see the word “tropes”. Outgunned by the Wii U T3 SAYS This underpowered cutesie is still a hit for family-friendly gaming.PLAYSTATION. especially for the 64GB model T3 SAYS A modern gaming portable that’s spawned a new generation of games and gamers SPECIFICATIONS STORAGE 32GB CONNECTIVITY N Wi-Fi.UK. but for those with a 3DS there’s little incentive to upgrade SPECIFICATIONS SCREEN 5-inch.6GHz i5. UK. though needs new issues. useful GamePad. and cheaper than ever SPECIFICATIONS STORAGE 512MB SSD BLU-RAY/DVD No/No CONNECTIVITY 2x USB. 1136x640 touchscreen CONNECTIVITY N Wi-Fi. TESTED CHRISTMAS 2012 LOVE Genuinely revolutionary platform. but needs games SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Beautifully designed and newly colourful. ethernet. 40 hrs (audio) 04 PLAYSTATION VITA FROM £217.COM US retailer GameSpot’s monthly is the biggest games mag in the world. No HD graphics. About level pegging with PS3 for classic titles. too. 2x HDMI.CO. Good games.0 BATTERY 8hrs (video). Boosted battery life HATE Looks cheap. CHILLBLAST. VGA. 2x USB.COM/UK.99. VGA. GAMEINFORMER. Too many overly simple party games. Tactile. £2. and you supp can play pl games on it.5mm audio BATTERY 4 hours 05 CHILLBLAST FUSION FIRESTORM £1. A few really classic titles HATE No Blu-ray or even DVD. XBOX. ethernet LOVE Cheap.18-inch 320x240 touch CONNECTIVITY G Wi-Fi. Dual analogue controls. including a 4.CO.UK.UK. PS4’s new best-pal? HATE Pricey games and memory cards. DVI. media server that’s 3D-ready and LOVE supports the rather nifty Move controller (£24). Bigger. TESTED MARCH 2012 09 NINTENDO 3DS XL £165.UK. NINTENDO. Oh. eSata. Bluetooth 2. though P PROCESSOR Core i7 2GHz GRAPHICS Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M RAM/STORAGE 4GB/256GB CONNECTIVITY 4x USB. Curved design is very ergonomic.2-inch. Affordable.COM. About 97 in gadget years T3 SAYS A slick and powerful games and media machine SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Incredible specs for under a grand.8GHz GRAPHICS 2x Nvidia GTX 680 RAM/STORAGE 16GB/2TB HDD and 240GB SSD CONNECTIVITY 10x USB.UK. NFC GAMEPAD Touchcreen 6.COM.49. USB. fluid gameplay HATE Expensive… but worth it T3 SAYS Bone-crushing specs for serious PC gamers SPECIFICATIONS PROCESSOR Core i5 4.CO.199.COM This Mexican mag is beautifully designed. TESTED DECEMBER 2012 10 NINTENDO WII £129. fun and truly innovative. AV out 03 3 NINTENDO WII U PREMIUM FROM £249. HDMI.1. Full-HD graphics at last for Mario and co HATE Needs more games desperately. 4 HDMI. SWIPE-MAG. Also has the T3 Awardwinning Kinect to play with and great XBLA budget gaming hub HATE No Blu-ray drive. TESTED CHRISTMAS 2012 0 08 8 APPLE IPOD TOUCH FROM £249. Bluetooth 4. Well-considered interactivity nowadays. TESTED NOVEMBER 2011 06 VANQUISH ECLIPSE 670 MKII £999.UK. UK. too.CO. TESTED DECEMBER 2012 LOVE Xbox Live remains #1 for online gaming.

optical digital audio NT 03 SONY BRAVIA KDL-47W805A £1. 3x USB. Price also somewhat cumbersome T3 SAYS An astounding plasma telly with a feature set and picture quality worth shouting about SCREEN 50-inch. SONY.COM/UK.Televisions {CONTENT} Catch-up TV on Blu-ray 1 BREAKING BAD S1-5 This drugs epic is almost at an end. but im image quality could be improved SPECIFICATIONS SP SCREEN 46-inch.COM/UK. 2x USB. 1920x1080 CONNECTIONS 4x HDMI. 1920x1080 CONNECTIONS 4x HDMI. 3x USB. component. SD DL SCREEN 47-inch. component. SD. Well stocked and laid out web portal.392. Louis CK’s The Thick of It.UK. Ambilight trickery HATE Overly processed HD. component. WLAN.390. TESTED JULY 2012 10 LG 47LM660 £1. A proper Wi-Fi media hub. Ethernet. OUT JUNE 3 01 SAMSUNG UE46F8000 S £1. scart.CO. SD slot. Blacks are a little crushed T3 SAYS A thoroughbred performer. £19. Entertaining net portal. Basic EPG T3 SAYS Fantastic design and an Ambilight glow. beautiful build.UK.CO. optical digital audio SCREEN 47-inch. SONY. Wi-Fi. Bluetooth 3. divorcee. USB.COM THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE 1 3 0 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . Superb file support. composite video. DLNA content sharing HATE 3D crosstalk.650.COM/UK. so what better time to get all but the last half-dozen episodes on Blu-ray? Or maybe wait.002. 3x USB. 1920x1080 CONNECTIONS 4x HDMI. anytime RY LOVE Pristine high-def images. Seven pairs of 3D glasses included HATE Over-stressed black levels. PANASONIC. component. TESTED SEPTEMBER 2012 09 PHILIPS 42PFL6188S £1. optical digital audio NT 02 PANASONIC VIERA TX-47DT65 £1. digital audio out. FROM £14 PER SERIES. Wi-Fi.UK. High-quality audio system.519. fantastic picture quality and plenty to watch. digital audio. VGA. 3x USB. Strong 3D.CO.399. scart.0 mean immediate content is abound HATE The design is striking but also a little impractical T3 SAYS Samsung’s slickest smart TV yet. Ethernet. digital audio. Reliable multimedia streaming. too SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Content-rich internet portal and excellent multimedia playback.COM.UK. Bright. Wi-Fi. Attractive looks HATE 3D specs not included. 3x USB. TESTED CHRISTMAS 2012 LOVE Crisp picture quality courtesy of powerful image processing. DLNA. Limited catch-up TV selection T3 SAYS On-demand TV organised the way you want it. PC. 1920x1080 CONNECTIONS 3x HDMI. component SCREEN 55-inch. offering superior HD and 3D image quality and strong smart features SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS SP NEW E SC SCREEN 47-inch. Series 2 hits Sky Atlantic this month… £22. Twin tuners lets it work as a PVR. PHILIPS. Fi Ethernet. composite. component. SC Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi.999. stand-up comic – ie: him in real life – is a very funny mix of awkwardness. DLAN. 1920x1080 CONNECTIONS 4x HDMI. Single tuner T3 SAYS Outstanding motion handling makes this a g great telly for action junkies RY LOVE Bold design. component SCREEN 55-inch. 1920x1080 CONNECTIONS 4x HDMI. OUT JUNE 3 meta-comedy about a middle-aged. sharp 3D HATE Voice and gesture control are nice but inessential y T3 SAYS A beautifully made smart telly capable of really excellent pictures.CO. TESTED AUGUST 2012 ction LOVE Crisp. Slimline and stylish design p HATE Picture processing artefacts and visible crosstalk H T3 T SAYS Attractive. Excellent networked features HATE Bulky design. feature-packed slimline set. Jam-packed internet TV portal HATE Jumbled interface. TESTED JULY 2012 LOVE Customisable smart TV interface. scart. It’s also bloody expensive T3 SAYS A real looker with a great content hub but there are a few issues with LG’s pursuit of contrast SPECIFICATIONS S SPECIFICATIONS S NEW E S SCREEN 47-inch. Wi-Fi. in the USA: essential. Outstanding motion resolution. but more online content is needed SPECIFICATIONS S E SPECIFICATIONS S SCREEN 42-inch. Bluetooth. LG. component. scart.000. DLAN. Looks highly stylish HATE Lacklustre blacks. TESTED JULY 2013 06 SONY BRAVIA KDL-55HX853 £1. 3x USB. PC. ethernet AVAILABLE ONLINE @ T3. TESTED JULY 2013 LOVE Outstanding HD image quality. sharp edges and pathos. Mediocre audio and file support T3 SAYS A great looking hi-def LED TV that offers phenomenal 2D images and loads of great web content SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS NEW E SCREEN 46-inch. Fi. PANASONIC. Wi-Fi. Sophisticated design. SAMSUNG.COM/UK. TESTED JULY 2013 07 PANASONIC VIERA TX-L47DT50 £1. 1920x1080 CONNECTIONS 4x HDMI. 1920x1080 CONNECTIONS 4x HDMI. OUT NOW 2 3 VEEP S1 LOUIE S1 The new Curb Your Enthusiasm. 3x USB. S 3x USB. Excellent Smart TV content and app store. involving picture that’s especially good for action and sports. SAMSUNG. 1920x1080 CONNECTIONS 4x HDMI. LG. 1920x1080 CONNECTIONS 3x HDMI. Via adaptors: scart/component t RY NEW LOVE Edge-to edge glass makes for an attractive look.CO. T G Great! Now we just need more content… RY LOVE Excellent HD and 3D visuals. TESTED JULY 2012 LOVE Smartphone apps.0. PC. Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 3 NT 04 PANASONIC VIERA TX-P50VT50 0 £1. PANASONIC. TESTED JULY 2013 08 LG 55LM960V £1.699.UK. PC.900. . Via adaptor: Scart 05 SAMSUNG UE46ES8000 NT £1. twin tuners and the new Smart Portal 2.

TESTED FEBRUARY 2013 L LOVE 4K upscaling means amazing HD visuals at an affordable pr Built in Wi-Fi leads to a stack of web content price. 2x USB. TESTED DECEMBER 2012 07 YOUVIEW HUMAX DTR-T1000 £239. audio. and “a bit” pricey T3 SAYS A good-looking. Tivo’s intelligent programming. YOUVIEW. ethernet TYPE Freeview HD HD CHANNELS 5 TUNERS 2 STORAGE 500GB/125hrs HD recording 03 SONY BDP-S790 £199. SD SIZE 430x179x38mm 05 VIRGIN MEDIA TIVO £199. USB. future-proof B Blu-ray deck at a reasonable price SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Neatly designed. optical out. Interface not completely intuitive.UK 4 EPSON EH-TW8100 Another high-end classic with splendid 2D and 3D picture and quiet operation. EPSON. Slick interface. EPSON. composite. HDMI. TESTED NOVEMBER 2012 LOVE Five satellite speakers. coaxial digital audio out.1 cinema system and Blu-ray deck for £400? That’s a bargain in anyone’s book… SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Retrospective EPG mixes catch-up and live telly. ethernet SIZE 430x193x42mm CONNECTIONS HDMI. fast-loading deck offers great HD and 3D visuals plus handy web apps at a budget price HATE No built-in Wi-Fi T3 SAYS A great value Blu-ray deck. Worth the entry fee… SPECIFICATIONS TYPE Satellite HD CHANNELS 65 TUNERS 2 STORAGE 2TB/350hrs HD recording POWER 2x 35W + 80W CHANNELS 2. digital. unlike some rival receivers T3 SAYS A polished multichannel AV receiver with all the modern trimmings.250. TESTED APRIL 2013 09 PANASONIC DMP-BDT220 £191.CO.UK 01 SKY+ HD 2TB £149.CO. TESTED FEBRUARY 2013 08 LG BP420 £100. composite. 2TB hard disk. £939. Wi-Fi via dongle CONNECTIONS Wi-Fi. SONOS. 3D Blu-ray player with great performance.1 CONNECTIONS Analogue.CO. high-end 2.000W CHANNELS 5. £3. ethernet. FOCAL. despite slight lack of black detail. on-demand aplenty and great apps SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Powerful stereo sound that’s crisp. PANASONIC. TESTED OCTOBER 2012 LOVE Bombastic. £870. optical.COM.COM.UK. wireless Kleer connectivity 02 SONY BDV-N590 £399. Excellent image quality and ease of use.UK Bargain projector that punches above its weight in 2D and 3D.COM. SONY. Tricky NAS streaming H T SAYS Unimpeachable. All the big UK channels on board HATE No integrated Wi-Fi. Noisy running. Slick operating system and a comprehensive set of connections HATE Limited web content. HATE Full internet browser is nice. a huge content library and three tuners SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Simple design looks stylish parked under your telly. LG. 4x digital audio. Now includes BBC iPlayer and 4oD HATE Subscription cost is high T3 SAYS Still the best PVR choice with a slick interface.UK. at an affordable price SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Exemplary hi-def pictures in 2D and 3D. a sub and net-connected. but awkward to navigate HA T3 S SAYS A feature-packed. Recommends shows you might like HATE Expensive. 2x USB. at a groovy price HATE Satellites are a touch on the small side T3 SAYS A full 5. VIRGINMEDIA. A decent all-rounder SPECIFICATIONS TYPE Cable HD CHANNELS 36 TUNERS 3 STORAGE 1TB/250hrs HD recording CONNECTIONS Wi-Fi.5TB storage.UK 2 SONY VPL-HW50ES Motion resolution is best in class for stunning action sequences. Can upscale images to 4K resolution HATE No AirPlay. audio out. 2x USB.COM THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 3 1 .CO. SONY. 2x HDMI. Delivers a real boost to TV sonics HATE Pricey.600. plus 500GB for on-demand. composite.1 CONNECTIONS 2x HDMI. Eight HDMI inputs. TESTED DECEMBER 2012 LOVE Unbeatable content. 3D. TESTED NOVEMBER 2012 0 10 SONOS PLAYBAR £599.COM.UK. 130W-per-channel oomph. especially if you’re not bothered about Wi-Fi connectivity SPECIFICATIONS CONNECTIONS Wi-Fi.ONKYO. BENQ. 5x composite. line out. no matter what it’s playing. 4K-ready.COM.000:1 contrast ratio doesn’t hurt.COM/UK. ethernet SIZE 430x188x41mm 04 ONKYO TX-NR515 £249. TESTED MAY 2013 LOVE Built-in modem. The 100.COM. ethernet.{THE BEST OF EVERYTHING} TheGuide Home entertainment {BUYING TIPS} T3’s top projectors 1 EPSON EH-TW5900 3 BENQ W1070 Great video + high contrast + engaging 3D = plenty of bang for your buck. 80W subwoofer and a high-end finish HATE No surround sound. Massive 1.CO. Virtual surround effect could be better T3 SAYS An excellent soundbar with added streaming skills. UK. 2D and 3D picture quality T3 places this Blu-ray deck amongst the top decks SPECIFICATIONS POWER 130W per channel CONNECTIONS 8x HDMI. Pricey T3 SAYS Making this much content available without a subscription is a winning deal SPECIFICATIONS POWER 1.CO. optical digital audio out.CO. TESTED JANUARY 2013 06 6 FOCAL BIRD £800. £2. Occasional buffering and box glitches T3 SAYS State-of-the-art hardware. optical audio in SIZE 85x900x140mm AVAILABLE ONLINE @ T3. SKY.1 system with stunningly pure sound quality. 5x analogue audio. SONY. Wi-Fi. 2x USB.

3. Multi-room via iOS only T3 SAYS Looks. Bluetooth HATE USB playback is hit and miss. USB. AirPlay SIZE 265x410mm RY NEW LOVE Good sound for the cost. PHILIPS. SONOS. BRAVEN. CAMBRIDGEAUDIO. an iPod dock. brains and better-than-average sound. AllShare Play. effective and classy way to pump well-rounded audio into every room SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Superb sound.5W + 10W CONNECTIVITY G Wi-Fi. small. 3. 3. ethernet (Sonos proprietary streaming). TESTED FEBRUARY 2013 LOVE Powerful. TESTED DECEMBER 2012 LOVE AirPlay and DLNA streaming. ethernet. plus excellent audio quality HATE Not much of a looker T3 SAYS A no-nonsense slab of audio power. TESTED FEBRUARY 2013 LOVE Denon’s ditched the original Ceol’s CD player but kept AirPlay.5mm out SIZE 300x180x120mm 02 £244 WITHOUT SPEAKERS. iOS/ Android dock. Bluetooth.COM. New app makes iTunes syncing easy HATE Bass wobbles at higher volumes T3 SAYS Elegant audio executed excellently.0. RCA SIZE 520x218x155mm POWER 100W CONNECTIVITY AirPlay. A fine alternative to the one-box streaming norm SPECIFICATIONS POWER 2x 65W CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi. optical in. multi-room sound. SAMSUNG. TESTED JANUARY 2012 08 PURE JONGO S3 £170. light and good for 12 hours of poolside play. line in.CO. Android/Apple docking. 3. brightly coloured and great sound quality.COM.5mm in SIZE 300x210x350mm 03 PHILIPS FIDELIO SOUNDSPHERE £450.Home audio {BUYING TIPS} T3’s top portable speakers 1 JAWBONE JAMBOX 3 DAMSON OYSTER Small. JAWBONE.COM 2 4 BRAVEN BRV-1 JABRA SOLEMATE The trainer-like design won’t suit all tastes but this is one LOUD mini-speaker. DLNA. digital optical. Ethernet. digital coaxial.CO. analogue. TESTED MAY 2013 06 BOWERS & WILKINS A5 £454. Spotify and Last. 24-bit support and web radio H HATE Very dull looks T3 SAYS Multi-format mini marvel at a decent price SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Six high-class drivers deliver outstanding sound quality.5mm SIZE 354x182x118mm POWER 4x 20W CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi. wireless multi-room system HATE Fiddly Wi-Fi syncing. Wonderful ease of use and simple wireless setup. Winner. Rugged.UK.CO. Great.UK. Ideal for rave dads on the Costa. punchy sound quality with built-in valve amplification.COM. TESTED JULY 2013 LOVE Powerful and articulate 100W sound. PHILIPS. TESTED MARCH 2010 10 ELIPSON PLANET LW £1. Bluetooth via USB dongle. Bluetooth pairing is easy and reliable. £149. £160.UK.UK. Handy web radio buttons HATE Multi-room is less straightforward than on Sonos T3 SAYS Sounds great and packs more features than any other wireless speaker system on the market SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Unfussy design and highly impressive sound. the Jongo S3 is a great introduction to multi-room audio SPECIFICATIONS E SPECIFICATIONS POWER 4x 2.COM THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE 1 3 2 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 . while the wood veneer speakers look classy HATE DLNA set-up needs to be made simpler T3 SAYS Buxom chunks of wireless sonic bliss. Add the free Fidelio app and you get internet radio. £150. You can control it all using your smartphone HATE Go properly multi-room and the costs pile up T3 SAYS A simple.200. Can be linked for an easy. detailed sound quality. PIONEER. Decent battery life. Pricey T3 SAYS Stunning sound quality without Apple or Android prejudice.UK. A wireless dock everyone can enjoy SPECIFICATIONS POWER 40W CONNECTIVITY USB.CO. well-rounded look HATE Expensive. See more on page 118.COM This 3D speaker pushes the bass to the fore. AirPlay. DAMSONAUDIO. auxiliary analogue. sleek design.5mm out SIZE 180x90x234mm POWER 100W CONNECTIVITY N Wi-Fi. TESTED JUNE 2013 LOVE Superb. USB media playback and internet radio. line in SIZE 217x365x123mm POWER 2x 50W CONNECTIVITY Proprietary wireless streaming via 30-pin or USB dongle SIZE 290mm circumference AVAILABLE ONLINE @ T3. ELIPSON. Bluetooth 3. £319 WITH. 3.FM support. PURE. audio in.5mm audio in SIZE 131x139x135mm NT 04 PIONEER X-SMC3 £138. USB SIZE 450x148x240mm 05 SONOS PLAY:5 £321. £180. RCA.COM. easy wireless streaming and great audio go some way towards justifying the LW’s high price SPECIFICATIONS POWER N/A CONNECTIVITY Wireless. splash-proof. AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity. AirPlay. BOWERS-WILKINS. with a massive dose of features for not much money SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Crisp. Can’t be linked to other hi-fi kit T3 SAYS Bold design. a classy design and a strong wireless connection for AirPlay streaming. AirPlay.COM 01 CAMBRIDGE AUDIO MINX AIR 100 £330. too HATE No LCD display means setup is awkward T3 SAYS Quality speakers with added AirPlay? Love it POWER 2x 50W CONNECTIVITY Line in.COM/UK. too. AirPlay. DENON. The A5 is the little black dress of speakers SPECIFICATIONS S POWER 100W CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi.COM Drop-proof.CO. TESTED FEBRUARY 2013 DENON CEOL PICCOLO 07 7 PHILIPS AW9000 £320. Wi-Fi. ethernet. TESTED JANUARY 2012 09 9 SAMSUNG DA-E750 £499. JABRA.

7m NEW IMPEDANCE 24 Ohms FREQUENCY RANGE 6-24.CO.2m 03 3 PHILIPS FIDELIO L1 £200. £80. colourful design and great value for money HATE Sound is powerful rather than subtle T T3 SAYS Bold audio and an equally punchy look at a an affordable price. matt black design HATE Overly laid-back treble at times T3 SAYS The team behind these cans consulted 25 top DJs to get them sounding right.UK.3m CO 04 4 BEATS BY DR DRE EXECUTIVE £269. AIAIAI. The sign of a true audio gent… SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Good noise isolation and crisp. £249.DK. it worked SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Lasso-style hangers keep buds securely in your ears.UK Another excellent. branding-free.COM.000Hz CORD LENGTH Wireless IMPEDANCE 32 Ohms FREQUENCY RANGE 17-23.CO. FROM £249. even at higher volumes HATE No remote control T3 SAYS Sporty headphones with high quality sound – exercise just became more enjoyable SPECIFICATIONS E IMPEDANCE 32+/-15% Ohms FREQUENCY RANGE 20-20. but when the batteries run out the music dies SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Fetching.000Hz CORD LENGTH 1.000Hz CORD LENGTH 1. A muso’s delight SPECIFICATIONS L LOVE Outstanding audio with good noise isolation HATE HAT A E Bested by the cheaper P3s at #1. apps and games oozes quality each time it’s redesigned. with punchy.36m IMPEDANCE 85 Ohms FREQUENCY RANGE 20-20. TESTED SEPTEMBER 2012 06 6 URBANEARS PLATTAN £39. ideal for pop and rock. Lightweight. TESTED NOVEMBER 2010 LOVE Clear. transparent audio with meaty bass and nicely retro retr stylings.000Hz IMP CORD LENGTH 1.2 Slightly better than the Touch on audio. with T3 SAYS swanky sound quality to match SPECIFICATIONS SPECIF IMPEDANCE 26 Ohms FREQUENCY RANGE 10-25 000Hz CORD LENGTH 1. URBANEARS. Play-Doh-like design. SONY. Now only available as 16GB model. Crisp sound. TESTED JULY 2013 LOVE Sensitive speakers.2m C 02 2 PARROT ZIK DESIGN BY STARCK £280. full-bodied audio. TESTED FEBRUARY 2013 09 9 URBANEARS ZINKEN £80. TESTED SEPTEMBER 2012 LOVE Loud Lo but precise sound quality.CO.COM.COM/UK 01 B&W P3 £169. PARROT. Great noise isolation from snug in-ear fit. properly punchy bass and a stylishly rugged. A great hipster’s choice SPECIFICATIONS S IMPEDANCE 34 Ohms FREQUENCY RANGE 10-20. PHILIPS. Comes in huge colour range: black or white HATE Head grippage could be overly firm for some T3 SAYS Highly refined headphones with stunning sound quality. Extremely Extrem effective noise cancelling. Minimal commuter-perturbing leakage HATE Maybe a bit pricey for in-ears T3 SAYS Consistently good sound quality and noise T iso isolation make these perfect for the daily slog SPECIFICATIONS SPE IMPEDANCE 32 Ohms FREQUENCY RANGE 10-20. slightly worse on everything else. Well-rounded sound with plenty of bass and the ability to block out most noise HATE Plasticky ear cups can cause clamminess T3 SAYS Striking design in a wide spectrum of colours. doesn’t come particularly cheap HA T3 SAYS Super comfort and the highest audio quality lity justify the higher price tag. though only 8GB storage.000 Hz CORD LENGTH 1.2m IMPEDANCE 60 Ohms FREQUENCY RANGE 20-20. SAMSUNG.COM THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE NT RY J U LY 2 0 1 3 T 3 1 3 3 .BEATSBYDRE. APPLE. An anti-tangle cord adds further niceness HATE Luxury.UK. URBANEARS.COM/UK New. bass-loaded audio SPECIFICATIONS IMPEDANCE Not quoted FREQUENCY RANGE Not quoted CORD LENGTH 1.2m AVAILABLE ONLINE @ T3. as ever.CO. Evidently. The looks are self-consc self-consciously “premium” and consequently a bit naff Y The T P5 has a high-end look. UK. £129. BOWERS-WILKINS. Excellent on-ear touch controls HATE Battery life not brilliant. TESTED SEPTEMBER 2011 LOVE Looks better than the P5 below.000 Hz CORD LENGTH Not quoted 05 05 AIAIAI TMA-1 £163. TESTED JUNE 2012 0 08 8 B&W P5 £249. On the heavy/expensive side T3 SAYS With innovative controls and excellent sound these wireless cans are a bit of a tech design classic SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Copes well with all genres of music. SONY.000Hz CORD LENGTH 1. Swift.UK.UK. Android-powered PMP.{THE BEST OF EVERYTHING} TheGuide Headphones {BUYING TIPS} T3’s top four PMPs 1 3 APPLE IPOD TOUCH APPLE IPOD NANO This combo of music. more compact and lighter.1m IMPEDANCE 26 Ohms FREQUENCY RANGE 10-20.COM. reliable Bluetooth pairing and active e noise-cancelling.COM. and is cheaper.CO. feel and price.CO.COM/UK 2 SONY WALKMAN 4 SAMSUNG GALAXY S NWZ-Z1060 WI-FI 4. Foldable design HAT A Noise cancelling requires AAA batteries HATE T3 SAYS Exceptional sound quality. TESTED NOVEMBER 2012 07 07 SENNHEISER CX 890I £119. APPLE. BOWERS-WILKINS. TESTED CHRISTMAS 2012 LOVE Great audio.000Hz CORD LENGTH 1.UK. larger 2. SENNHEISER. A simple.5-inch touchscreen. TESTED JANUARY 2011 10 SONY XBA-S65 £79.

TESTED SEPTEMBER 2011 SCREEN 4. $30.3 inches CONNECTIVITY USB 2. Vista. INCIPIO. Reliably stable HATE Lacks height T3 SAYS A solid yet flexible tripod for every imaginable surface. £27. XP. TESTED JANUARY 2012 LOVE A pedometer on steroids with added sleep assessment and compatibility with other apps and Aria scales HATE Not one for pro athletes. reliable and won’t steal your boiled sweets SPECIFICATIONS LOGITECH K360 WIRELESS KEYBOARD SPECIFICATIONS £23. sleek. Mac.COM. TESTED CHRISTMAS 2012 07 LOVE Top-notch audio quality with Dolby 7. EPSON. MOBILEFUN.3. a two ways of charging it There are HATE A little expensive HAT T3 SAYS A versatile mouse that’s built like a tank SPECIFICATIONS IMPEDANCE 48 Ohms FREQUENCY RANGE 20Hz-20KHz REQUIREMENTS Windows 7. if a little primitive SPECIFICATIONS E SCREEN 5 inches CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth SIZE 143x88x19mm NEW SCREEN 4.COM 01 GARMIN 3490LMT 3490LM £235. Comprehensive mapping HATE No Live services. TESTED SEPTEMBER 2011 09 NIKE+ FUELBAND £129. PS3 and Xbox 360 SPECIFICATIONS LOGITECH PERFORMANCE M MOUSE MX £50. JOBY. TOMTOM.COM.COM. Xbox 360 players s will have to wire it to their controller d T3 SAYS THE accessory for gamers. this grips and bends to suit your needs SPECIFICATIONS LOV LOVE Free iPhone app. TESTED AUGUST 2012 06 LOVE Slim. ASTROGAMING.CO.0.COM/PLUS. LOGITECH. One year of TomTom’s Live services free. FITBIT. Ups your activity all-day. noise-cancelling headset HATE The cost may cause a little anxiety.CO.UK Doubles the battery life.4kg 4 04 JOBY GORILLAPOD SLR-ZOOM JOB £42. 2x AA batteries 02 0 2 ASTRO GAMING A50 £249.COM 2 SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 FLIP COVER 4 GALAXY NOTE 2 MUGEN BATTERY & COVER Slimline bumper-and-flip job protects your S4’s bountiful. clearly T3 SAYS Growing app support gives the Fitbit the edge over its equally sporty competitors SPECIFICATIONS LOVE High-quality prints from six colour ink cartridges.COM THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE 1 3 4 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 NT RY . Good key spacing and battery life L HATE Some might find the designs a bit garish HA T3 SAYS Place the USB receiver in your desktop and type from anywhere on this comfortable keyboard REQUIREMENT USB port.COM OTTERBOX DEFENDER Protection against drops and dust without too much excess bulk. USB. ethernet RESOLUTION Up to 5.0 SIZE 130x101x53mm AVAILABLE ONLINE @ T3. MUGENPOWER BATTERIES. Crisp menus.0 BATTERY LIFE 5-7 days SIZE 48x19x10mm WEIGHT 8g CONNECTIONS Wi-Fi. £30. slick.1 surround sound from a wireless. giving you motiv motivational Fuel to burn HATE Not as good as Fitbit. the Rider is good. TESTED MARCH 2013 LOVE Flexibility adds creative freedom. Simple-to-navigate maps and a responsive touchscreen.CO.0 BATTERY LIFE 4 days SIZE 147-197mm circumference WEIGHT From 27g 05 TOMTOM GO LIVE 1005 £260 + £47 PER YEAR.UK. LOGITECH.9 or later 03 03 FITBIT ONE £80. there’s little to dislike here T3 SAYS The ultimate co-pilot. Rugged. five-inch screen.COM. Pow! £73. smartphone-like design. TOMTOM. OTTERBOX.COM/UK. this is small.UK. TESTED JULY 2013 LOVE Larger screen. Easy Wi-Fi setup and simple printing from iPhones HATE Prints are more expensive than average T3 T SAYS It’s not cheap.3 inches CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth SIZE 122x74x9mm LOVE Works with PC and Mac. with excellent sound quality across PC. GARMIN. Very comfortable. Mac OS X 10. relatively low-res screen T3 SAYS The best satnav for two wheels rather than T fo four. weatherproof build. Adds a kickstand. NIKE. bike-specific features. Free traffic updates HATE With map updates gratis. but for more demanding photographers this provides top quality prints SPECIFICATIONS CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 4.0. TESTED MARCH 2011 10 0 TOMTOM RIDER £349. Accurate mapping HATE Live subscription adds to the cost after year one T3 SAYS Mapping and IQ is more accurate than ever and everything looks stunning on the big. although arguably more “blokey” T3 SAYS This snazzy bangle does exactly what is says on the tin: reminds you to be more active on a daily basis SPECIFICATIONS SUPPORTS Up to 3kg SIZE 250x60x60mm WEIGHT 241g CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 4. Lightweight L enough to carry anywhere.760dpi SIZE 465x458x198mm WEIGHT 11.COM. TESTED JULY 2011 LOVE Great build quality. five-inch screen SPECIFICATIONS LOVE Well-thought-out. Customisable. USB 2.COM. TESTED MARCH 2013 08 EPSON PX830FWD £348.TheGuide {THE BEST OF EVERYTHING} {FOCUS} Accessories Android cases and covers 1 3 GOOGLE NEXUS 7 INCIPIO SLIM KICKSTAND HTC ONE Fitted leather folio case props up your beloved ’droid tab for video viewing. Bluetooth 4.

com .com/3dworldmagazine www.3dworldmag.THE BEST OF THE CG INDUSTRY 2013 CG AWARDS WHO SHOULD WIN? Make your voice heard! 3D World invites nominations for the only awards to celebrate the year’s best CG work in effects. www. animation. games and arch-viz Last year’s award winners ran the gamut from independent animators to Hollywood giants THE CATEGORIES Send us your nominations for as many categories as you like Only products or work released between 1 May 2012 and 30 April 2013 are eligible Technology Awards New Application of the Year Software Update of the Year Plug-in of the Year Software Innovation of the Year Hardware Innovation of the Year Creative Awards CG Animated Feature Film of the Year CG Animation Short of the Year VFX Feature Film of the Year VFX Film Short of the Year CG Commercial Campaign of the Year Arch Viz Still of the Year Arch Viz Animation of the Year CG Videogames In-Game Award CG Videogame Promotion Award 3D World Hall of Fame Award Make your nominations now! Closing date: 14 June 2013 @3DWorldMag #3dwawards www.3dworldmag.com/cgawards Brought to you by 3D World.facebook. the magazine for CG artists.



where you find the only seat without a suspicious stain. While the glass scales in your bathroom don’t seem to want to recognise your suitcase. portable phone charger and spare portable phone charger before heading to bed. including the ouzo and that bottle of mint-flavoured grappa you’ve had for 12 years. toothbrush. first photo of the holiday: sat on a slippery brown sofa throwing a double thumbs-up over a £16 full English (lukewarm. 3G stopped working as you passed through security. Happy holidaying… 7/ Take a photo in The Red Lion Sure. every evening. Kindle. it’s the departure lounge’s soulless pub. shaver. only to find in the morning that you didn’t turn any plugs on. at night. Now. served with a side order of regret) and an 8am pint of Carling while a group of football enthusiasts sing a rude song about Ashley Cole. for the tenth holiday in a row. so long as they accept that you’re the kinda guy who likes to hang out in his hallway all evening. 4/ Try to outwit burglars… …by setting a timer light to turn on and off randomly. 10/ Switch to Airplane Mode And declare. 8/ Hunt for Wi-Fi Fancy a pre-boarding check on the early kick-off or last-minute insults from the office? Well. This always dupes everyone. so if your luggage weighs more than two bags of Monster Munch you’ll have to hand over a month’s salary. The only thing for it is a trip to the local internet café. phone. and develops edges sharper than a Stanley knife when finally penetrated.53 The 10 tech things… you only do before a holiday 1/ Charge every single gadget you own You plugged in your camera. your shoes in the other and your trousers hanging on to your arse for dear life. exactly? 9/ Use a travelator It’s only 20m to your gate. but you’re damned if you’re going to be the social outcast seen strolling alone when there are these genius walking aids. 3/ Weigh your suitcase In a moment of belttightening frugality you decided to fly with Ireland’s best budget airline. the fact that they shatter on impact at least indicates that you should probably remove another T-shirt. 5/ Buy an SD Card at an airport And then immediately shred your hands to 6/ Forget to clear your history With your belt in one hand. your home printer hasn’t contained black ink since 2011 and you don’t trust that boarding pass app. so you’ll have to sign up for 12 months with a provider called something like ¡Hola Télécommé! at a cost of roughly £50 per goal/ email. anyway. like everyone the night before a trip to the airport. laptop. as your phone has barely enough battery to last the Heathrow Express journey. next to a bloke who smells of a thousand B&H and who clearly sleeps under the desk.SHUTDOWN NO. If you’d paid attention to Home Alone you’d know you’re better off placing all of your old Micro Machines by the door. But hey. which have been very slowly gliding millions to their destinations for the past 53 years. how does Windows 95 work again. you caved in to the overpowering urge to drink every last drop of booze in your house. Airports have multisockets. 1 3 8 T 3 J U LY 2 0 1 3 WORDS RO B TEMPLE IL LUSTRATION MORTEN MORLAND @ DEBUT ART . right? and anywhere that delivers your meal to your table before you’ve returned from ordering it at the bar is unlikely to be featured in the Michelin Guide. start as you mean to go on… 2/ Visit an internet café You forgot to print off your boarding pass at work. that you think it should be called “Aeroplane Mode” as this is Britain. damn it! Yep. The thrilling moment of danger as you adjust between normal and assisted walking modes when you get on and off can be the highlight of some breaks. which is somehow harder than steel. You soon regret that when security spot it on the X-ray and open it up to reveal to the family of holidaymakers behind you the last website you visited last night after all that ouzo… oh dear. still funny. F*ck it. pieces attempting to rip apart its plastic casing. you neglect to remove your laptop from your carry-on bag. The reason? Because.

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