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Use the Best Mapping

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Software to Visualize Your


by Golden Software, Inc.

The software of choice for
creating contour maps!
Powerful – Simple – Proven
Surfer is the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use contouring
and 3D surface mapping package available. Surfer easily and
accurately transforms your data into spectacularly colorful con-
tour, surface, wireframe, shaded relief, image, post, and vector
maps in minutes! And best of all, Surf er is affordable!

Since 1984, over 100,000 scientists and engineers worldwide

have discovered Surfer's power and simplicity. Surfer's outstand-
ing gridding and contouring capabilities have made Surfer the
software of choice for working with irregularly spaced XYZ
data. Over the years, Surfer users have included hydrologists,
engineers, geologists, archeologists, oceanographers, biolo-
gists, foresters, geophysicists, medical researchers, climatolo-
gists, and more! Anyone wanting to visualize their data with
striking clarity and accuracy will benefit from Surfer's powerful
Options for creating informative maps are endless! The smallest details
are easy to apply and modify with Surfer’s extensive
customization abilities!

Superior Gridding!
Surfer provides more gridding methods and
more control over gridding parameters than
any other software package on the market.
Surfer will quickly interpolate irregularly or
regularly spaced data into a useful, functional
map. Use Surfer's default settings or choose
from twelve different gridding methods. Each
gridding method provides complete control
over an abundant number of gridding param- Surfer includes an integrated
eters to generate the most accurate map pos- data analysis tool for
Surface maps display your data as rendered 3D sible to best represent your data. Creating variogram modeling. By
surfaces. Overlay surface maps with other surface high-precision maps has never been so easy! applying the Kriging
maps to generate informative block diagrams. algorithm, the variogram
model aids in selecting an
appropriate gridding model.

Powerful Mapping!
Numerous Grid Functions!
The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!
Customize your maps so they look their best! Each of Surfer’s
ten map types has a multitude of editing options to enhance its In addition to creating surfaces, grid files allow you to perform
appearance. Change line colors and thicknesses, edit point a variety of functions. Just a few of the possibilities are calcu-
shapes, sizes, and colors, or add gradient color fills and color lating volume and area, subtracting or adding grid files, or
scale bars. Contour maps allow you to manipulate contour line converting outliers to a minimum or maximum value. Grid
intervals, thickness, color, and labeling. For shaded relief maps files also enable you to apply filters to emphasize details or
and 3D surface maps, quickly change the lighting angle for a remove background variation, blank a grid file to prevent con-
realistic appearance. Create maps with multitudes of informa- tours from being drawn through specific areas (buildings,
tion by including scale bars, legends, and labels. These are just roads, or outside of field areas), or create cross sections.
some of the endless options Surfer offers to easily create the
most colorful, descriptive, and understandable maps – ready for
publication! Background image courtesy of Doug Kancler, Underwater Technologies, Inc.

Data Manipulation!
Surfer lets you massage your data in many ways to achieve the exact
output you want. Surfer includes a full-featured worksheet for creating,
opening, editing, and saving data files. Data files can be up to one bil-
lion rows and columns! You can cut, copy, and paste data within the
Surfer worksheet or between applications, and you can use Surfer’s
find or find/replace commands to search for and replace data. Sort
your data on a specified column, transform data with equations, filter
data with specified rules, and calculate statistics on your data! You can
also assign a projection to your data and reproject the coordinates to
a new projection or coordinate system! Surfer lets you get the right
answers to your questions, simple and fast!

Image courtesy of Igor Yashayaev,

Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada

Effortlessly produce vivid and stunning

maps to display an array of data!

Easily generate maps

from USGS DEM and
DLG files. Surfer has Surfer includes extensive customization options to allow
native support for SDTS complete control over all map types. Overlay or stack any
DEM and DLG files. number of maps and display an unlimited number of maps
per page. Scale, tilt, and rotate your maps for the best data
presentation possible. Customize maps by adding text,
Automation! symbols, polylines, and polygons. With Surfer's Object
Create your own scripts to automate repetitive tasks! Don’t Manager, all of the objects on the page are logically organ-
spend time doing the same process over and over again – ized and are readily accessible for editing. No other map-
write a simple script to simplify your life! Operations per- ping software makes maps as easy to create and edit and
formed interactively can be controlled using an automa- as customizable as Surfer!
tion-compatible programming language such as Visual
Basic, C++, or Perl. Surfer includes Scripter, a built-in
Visual Basic compatible programming environment that
lets you write, edit, debug, and run scripts. Why do more
work than you need when you have Surfer working for you!

Combining multiple surface and post maps is an excellent way to

compare 3D surfaces and visualize data locations.

Try Surfer® now!

Download a free demo version
Image courtesy of Dr. Rick Crawford, Prince William Sound
Science Center

from our website today!

Combine colorful contour maps with other map types to
produces the most informative maps!

Golden Software: 303-279-1021

---User Friendly
Surfer Features
Image Maps

Grid Calculus
•Easy-to-learn, modern Windows user •Create continuous solid color image •Take first or second order directional
interface. maps. derivatives.
•Download free updates automatically. •Dither bitmaps or interpolate pixels. •Use terrain modeling to analyze terrain
•Print to any Windows compatible device. slope, terrain aspect, profile curvature,
•Copy and paste into other applications. Vector Maps plan curvature, and tangential curvature.
•Select, edit, show, or hide all components •Create vector maps from one or two grid •Apply differential and integral operations
in an easy-to-use hierarchical tree view. files. including gradient, Laplacian, biharmonic,
•Multiple informative reports can be •Define symbol style, color, and frequency. and integrated volume.
generated. •Symbol color may be fixed, based on •Apply Fourier and spectral analysis to
•Customize toolbars, appearance, menus, vector magnitude or the values of an generate a grid correlogram or
keyboard shortcuts, and window layouts. arbitrary grid. periodogram.
•Use mouse wheel to zoom in/out. •Display color scale and vector scaling
•Reload data for all maps with a single legends. Variography
command. •Scale the arrow shaft length, head length, •Display both the experimental variogram
and symbol width based on minimum and and the variogram model.
General Features maximum data values. •Specify the estimator type as a variogram,
•Define custom colors, fill patterns, and •Control vector orientation, symbol origin, standardized variogram, auto covariance,
line styles. and choose from linear, logarithmic, or or auto correlation.
•Define axis attributes including titles, grid square root scaling methods. •Specify twelve different variogram model
lines, tick marks, and tick spacing for all components.
map types. Base Maps •Combine multiple variogram components
•Independent scaling for X, Y, and Z (if •Import base maps in several formats: into complex nested models.
applicable) dimensions. AN?, BLN, BMP, BNA, BW, DCM, DIC, •Use the AutoFit feature to define the
•Rotate and 3D tilt all map types and DDF, DLG, DXF, E00, ECW, EMF, GIF, GSB, parameters of selected components.
images, using either orthographic or GSI, JPEG, JPG, LGO, LGS, MIF, PCX, PLT, •Customize the variogram to display
perspective projections. PLY, PNG, PNM/PPM/PGM/PBM, RAS, symbols, variance, and number of pairs for
•Reload grid and data files for all maps. RGB, RGBA, SHP, SID, SUN, TGA, TIF, each lag.
•Display map scale bars for all map types. TIFF, VTK, WMF, X, and XIMG. •Export the experimental variogram data
•Stack and add most combinations of •Efficiently and effectively access and edit for plotting in other graphing programs.
maps. all map components.
•Display XYZ coordinates in status bar. •Calculate length and area for polylines Drawing Tools
•Solid color transparency for fills and and polygons in base maps. •Drawing tools include text, lines, arrows,
images. •Specify the image coordinate system. polygons, rectangles, ellipses, and
•Drag map layers into and out of maps. •Edit line, fill, text, and symbol attributes for symbols.
•Save and load color spectrum files. vector maps. •Rotate, move, scale, and color all
•Import georeferenced image files in their components of a map. Combine or break
Contour Maps real world coordinates. apart groups of items.
•Custom or automatic contour intervals. •Align any map component horizontally
•Control contour label frequency and Grid Utilities and vertically.
spacing. •Interactively edit nodes in the grid node •Math Text system supports superscripts,
•Apply color and fill patterns. editor. subscripts, math and Greek symbols.
•Save and load contour level properties. •Blank specified regions of the grid. •Use the reshape tool to edit areas and
•Add color scale legends. •Compute grid volumes, surface areas, curves.
•Display fault lines with custom line styles. cross sections, and residuals.
•Export contours in 3D DXF and 3D SHP •Use spline smoothing utilities. ActiveX Automation
format. •Use on-screen digitizing to view and save •Automate repetitive tasks with scripts.
your coordinates. •Use Visual Basic, C++, Perl, or any
3D Wireframe Maps •Convert binary grids to ASCII grids or ActiveX Automation compatible
•Apply custom or automatic color zones. ASCII data files. programming language.
•Display lines of constant X, Y, and Z. •Combine multiple grid files to form a •Includes Scripter, a VB compatible
•Use custom or automatic Z levels. single grid file. scripting program to automate Surfer.
•Filter grids using many pre-defined filters
Surface Maps or define your own filter. Worksheet
•Control the color, lighting, mesh, base, •Grid formats include: ADF, AM, AN?, •Import formats include: BLN, BNA, CSV,
and overlay blending. ASI, BIL, BIN, BIP, BMP, BSQ, BW, COL, DAT, DBF, MDB, SLK, TXT, WKx, WRx,
•Effortlessly layer external images on CPS-3, DAT, DCM, DDF, DEM, DIC, DOS, XLS, and XLSX.
surface maps. DT?, ECW, ERS, FLD, FLT, GIF, GRD, GXF, •Import data from any database directly
HDF, HDR, IMG, INFO, JPEG, JPG, LAT, into the Surfer worksheet.
Post Maps PCX, PNG, PNM/PPM/PGM/PBM, RAS, •Data file size up to one billion rows and
•Post proportional or fixed size symbols. RAW, RGB, RGBA, RST, SID, STK, SUN, columns.
•Add labels from a data file. TGA, TIF, TIFF, VTK, X, XIMG, ZMAP, and •Calculate data statistics.
•Specify the position, label, symbol, and ?10g. •Sort data based on columns.
rotation angle for each posted point. •Transform data using user defined or
•Post all points from a worksheet column or Gridding Methods built-in equations.
post every nth point. •Specify faults and breaklines during •Assign multiple projections to your data.
•Create classed post maps that show gridding. •Apply spatial filters.
different symbols for different ranges of •Create grids with up to 32,767 nodes in •Save your data in BLN, BNA, CSV, DAT,
data. either direction. SLK, TXT, and XLS formats.
•Save and load classes for classed post •Choose between twelve different gridding •Find/Replace in worksheet.
maps. methods, including Kriging.
•Create a classed post map legend. •Apply a generic data exclusion filter for Export Formats
•Move individual labels on post map with eliminating unwanted data. •BLN, BMP, BNA, BW, CGM, 3D DXF, DXF,
mouse. •Use powerful duplicate data resolution EMF, EPS, GIF, GSB, JPEG, JPG, MIF, PCX,
techniques. PDF Raster, PDF Vector, PNG,
Shaded Relief Maps •Use Cross Validate to assess the quality of PNM/PPM/PGM/PBM, RAS, RGB, RGBA,
•Control light position angles. the selected gridding method. 3D SHP, SHP, SUN, TGA, TIF, TIFF, WMF,
•Set relief parameters such as gradient and •Create custom variogram models. X, and XIMG.
shading methods. •Generate a report of the gridding statistics
•Specify how colors are mapped to the and parameters.
reflectance and specify color for missing •Apply anisotropy ratios and angles for
data. most gridding methods.
•Generate grids from a user specified
function of two variables.
System Requirements • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or higher • 512MB RAM min, 1GB RAM rec. • 100MB free hard disk space • 1024x768x16-bit color min. resolution
Golden Software, Inc. • 809 14th Street, Golden, Colorado 80401 U.S.A. • 800-972-1021 • 303-279-1021 • fax 303-279-0909 •
The Best Just Got Better!
Present your data
at its best! Create
one of ten
different colorful
map types and
organize all of
your maps and
objects with the
easy-to-use Object

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A Proven Solution for Creating Stunning Maps with Ease and Speed!
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The Industry Standard

in Mapping Solutions!
• Ten different map types!
• Create maps on irregular XYZ data!
• Volume and area calculations!
• Overlay vector, data, and image files!
• Import georeferenced images!
• Work seamlessly with all other popular programs!


Contouring and 3D Surface Mapping

for Scientists and Engineers!
Surfer 9 ! ®

 Quick and flexible map creation!

 Advanced map customization
 Sophisticated data manipulation!
 Twelve superior gridding methods!
 Easy-to-understand user interface!
 Free technical support!

Image courtesy of Igor Yashayaev, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada

Golden Software, Inc. • 809 14th Street, Golden, Colorado 80401 U.S.A.
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