Week 2: June 3



Session 1: CLINIC

Start up and review last week 5min Safety guidelines and bike handling 10min 0:15

Dynamic activation 8min Easy ride 5min Break 2min 0:30 Dynamic activation 10min Easy ride 12min 0:22

Physical, Skills, Riding Sense Re-check bike fit 5min Ready position including pedal clips 12min Mechanical 8min 0:55 Brisk ride aiming for 20km OR 45-50min


Post Ride

Easy ride 30min

Questions, discuss upcoming week 5min

1:25 Easy ride 10-18min


Session 2: INTENSITY

Session 3: LONG RIDE

Other Training

Coach's Comments

1:12 1:30 Long slow Easy ride Easy ride distance 10min 10min 1h30min 0:10 1:40 1:50 Strengthening the upper body in the muscles to support the opposite movements from riding will help with posture and overall recovery. Standing pulls at the cable, shoulder exercises with dumbbells, pushups and pull-ups will all improve fitness. Focus on the backward bending movements from Hatha yoga. These first few weeks are about building capacity and introducing the body to pace. The sessions aren’t long, but they’re critical to lay the foundation for the second round of training weeks. Set your intention at the start of each day to make the distance and put in the effort.

5 My First Fondo Training Guide  2013 Powerful Good Society

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