Week 15: September 2


Warm-up Dynamic activation 7min Easy ride 6min Break 2min 0:15

Physical, Skills, Riding Sense Integrated skills and group riding 40min


Post Ride

Session 1: NO CLINIC

Easy ride 35min

Session 2: INTENSITY

Session 3: RBC GranFondo Whistler


Coach's Comments

0:55 1:30 Do one Dynamic 15min all-out activation effort. Make Easy ride 10min sure it’s 40min Easy ride before 10min Thursday 0:20 0:35 1:15 Long slow Easy ride distance aim Easy ride for 122km in 10min 10min 4:30-6:00hr 0:10 4:30-6:00 4:50-6:40 Take time off the weights this week to allow the body to recover. Stay on the yoga, but leave it down to one class this week. Plan to build up again starting next week with group or self-challenge. The time is now to realize your main goal for the season. All benchmarks have been reached by now and placed you squarely on a path for success. The process has built you to a new level of lifestyle change where fitness is just a part of life. The GranFondo ride is a challenge, but not an obstacle by any means. All the training has led you progressively to a position where you can make the final goal. The bigger quest now will be to follow up next week with a new set of plans for ongoing health and wellness.

18 My First Fondo Training Guide  2013 Powerful Good Society

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