Questions put to VW Australia from Fairfax Media, Thursday May 30 1.

How many complaints has VW Australia received in the last two financial years (and so far this financial year) regarding the problem of VWs suddenly slowing down or losing power while driving? 2. How many complaints has VW had in the last two financial years (and so far this financial year) specifically regarding cars going into 'limp home mode' unexpectedly? 3. Why has the US recall around the DSG issue not been rolled out in Australia? 4. Has the temperature sensor recall (announced in the US August 20, 2009) rolled out in Australia? 5. In terms of campaign 23H9 regarding the diesel pump injectors: is this the same problem that, in the US, the authorities found could lead to fire? 6. Why was campaign 23H9 a 'campaign' in Australia and not a recall? 7. is is possible that the issue with 23H9 can lead to sudden deceleration? 8. What percentage of the VW Australian fleet affected by campaign 23H9 has been fixed? 9. How has VW advertised this campaign in Australia and what methods has it used to get in touch with people who may have sold their VWs? 10. What problems have customers reported in relation to the defect addressed under campaign 23H9? 11. Are there any other planned recalls or campaigns to address sudden deceleration/loss of power in VW cars? 12.Where are the DSG boxes in Australian cars made and is it the same place as the ones thought faulty in America?

Response from Kurt McGuiness Public Relations Manager VOLKSWAGEN Group Australia

Please see below our response to your questions: As we have stipulated before, as the coronial inquest regarding the death of Ms. Ryan is still ongoing, we will not comment on the investigation, except to say that we are cooperating fully and that there has been no evidence to suggest that vehicle fault is involved in the accident. Service campaigns, which are deemed to be non-safety related in accordance with federal regulations, are carried out within dealerships when vehicles are brought in for routine services. While rapid deceleration is not an issue widely observed or reported with any Volkswagen vehicles, the ‘limp mode’ function is not unique to Volkswagen vehicles and is a common feature on many vehicles, as it protects a vehicle’s engine from extensive damage in the event of an issue. However, should any of our customers have cause for concern with their Volkswagen vehicle, we urge them to contact our Customer Care team, who will be able to assist in their enquires. We are dedicated to rectify any lost confidence our customers may have in our products. Volkswagen conducts vehicle recalls in conjunction with the relevant federal government bodies. At this time we do not plan to announce a recall. Any recalls are conducted in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Recall Guidelines issued by the ACCC.

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