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March 3068 Shaunavon, Federated Suns Nadir Jump Point Lurking at the nadir jump point, the mercenary

jumpship Tradewind waiting as a tramp freighter made passage down to the jump point and the sails recharged the core. The four dropships aboard the Star Lord were a bee hive of activity as damaged war machines were repaired, reloaded or in some cases rebuilt. Even the civilians on the chartered passenger ship Star Caravan had been pulled in for the rebuilding effort. Aboard the Mountain Rose, the largest cargo hold had been cleared of lower ranking personnel had gathered the Highlander's command council, field grade officers and non-commissioned officers. Only Lieutenant Colonel Campbell and Sergeant Major von Klaus wore a dress uniforms, the rest had gathered in civies, duty uniforms or work clothes. Campbell floated out to the middle of the gathering after von Klaus called the group to at ease. "To start, rumors are getting out of control but they have some truth to them. The HPG network is experiencing problems, which means its hard to find out what is going on across the Sphere. We all remember Outreach was burned and Northwind is cut off. But other worlds have dropped off the grid as well. We are also getting a lot of rumors of mercenaries going rogue to attack their employers, steal supplies or even one report that some merc took a world and declared himself king! What was left of Olson's Rangers showed us it was the truth. Duke Hasek's offensive against the Capellan Confederation has stalled from what we can find out. Yvonne is not going to back him up, he is already loosing and thank the deities our contract is up. The two nearest hiring halls are closed to us, the nearest employers are at war with the one just hiring us losing badly. The Council has a couple of plans, but with all the chaos . . . we felt the need to open this discussion. "Let me tell you what the Council has decided we need. We need somewhere to put down so we can get all the equipment back online. Gravity works better for that than microgravity, and we can get people healthy again. We need some place we can disappear but get fresh food and other basic supplies, I do not expect it to be a high tech producing world. We also need to be in a position to pick up work when we can without traveling too far from where we set down." The gathered personnel burst into conversation, some with questions others with suggestions. None of the assembled members of the unit was trying to take the floor though Campbell remained quietly floating in the middle waiting. Then the hulking sergeant major of the infantry, Orson Caldwell, spoke up to cut through the chatter. "I know somewhere, but we need to talk about it elsewhere." Orson Caldwell floated on the nearly empty bridge of the Claymore. The Fortress class dropship had the best astrogration facilities. Campbell called up the local star map as the rest of the Council waited. The infantry drifted forward, reaching out to use the

controls and shift the map down towards the Taurian Concordat the the 'bottom' of the Inner Sphere. He halted once Detroit and Herotitus appeared on the map. Campbell had sort of forgotten about Herotitus, a wannabe mercenary hiring world which handled the less reputable contacts for Periphery realms. Caldwell tapped the empty space between Detroit and Herotitus. "Here is Bakunin," the infantry NCO said with his finger on empty space. "Well, somewhere around there since this ship does not have it in the library. It is a forgotten world, intentionally left alone by the Capellans, Canopians, Taurians and Reaches after a few early disasterous invasion attempts." He spun slowly to face the Council. "It is also not a world such as you are used to being on, even after the Chaos March. No single government runs the planet, instead it is divided between ten cities and over two hundred communes depending on the wars. The cities are open each run in individual manner from the corporate owned Proudhon to anarchic Godwin. The communes are much the same way, but smaller and each one has its own code or philosophy that it pushes. While the cities are larger with the average resident heavily armed, the communes are the orders more armed than you find in the Chaos March. Depending on the size of the commune, it may field anywhere from a company to battalions of infantry and armor. Mechs are pretty rare since Proudhon generally does not allow them on planet, and they control the access to space. "Pay Proudhon and you can land anywhere on the planet provided there is not someone already there who objects. Treat it as hostile territory where any group may decide to declare war on any other, which includes travelers like us. Its dangerous. And its home," finished Caldwell as he turned back to the star map.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1- Background
1.1 History 1.2 Geography 1.3 Culture 4 6 8

Chapter 2- Demographics
2.1 Cities 2.2 Communes 2.3 Nomads 9 12 12

Chapter 3- Entities
3.1 Military Industries 3.2 Places of Interest 3.3 Military Schools 3.4 Independent Military Force 13 18 19 20

Chapter 4- Bakunin Military Production

4.1 Tracked Armor 4.2 Wheeled Armor 4.3 Hovercraft 4.4 Conventional Fighters 4.5 Aerospace

Chapter 5- GameMaster Notes


The world of Bakunin is a strange world in all the planets of the Inner Sphere or Periphery even though it lies but a single jump from Herotitus, Detroit, and the Fronc Reaches. Supporting a large population, the world has no single government and fiercely resists joining one of the neighboring nations. While an anarchy, piracy never established any roots on the planet and the increasing actions of first the New Colony Region Marshalls who later became the Fronc Reaches removed the few who had survived on the planet. Bakunin has been used by the Capellan Confederation, Taurian Concordat and Magistry of Canopus to dump political dissidents and exiles. Capellans of the servitor class have been known to flee to Bakunin, though stowing away has its own perils in the Periphery. Today it is a hub in the Periphery due to its lack of laws, on planet manufacturing and ready availability of weapons and the mercenaries to use them.

Chapter 1


History No one is quite sure when Bakunin was first settled, or by who originally. Like many worlds in the Periphery it absorbed refugees during the chaotic days of the fall of the Star League and the Succession Wars that followed. The first city was definately Proudhon, established in the shadow of Proudhon Spaceport to support the official portal to the stars. Proudhon Spaceport has maintained their control of orbital traffic, and the fees they demand, by maintaining the largest body of armed personnel- Proudhon Spaceport Security. They also maintain the largest number of combat craft with a few dropships and the only aerospace fighters on planet supported by a wing of combat small craft. Proudhon also maintains a minor station on one of the planet's moons as well as a

small orbital station which is used to collect landing fees from dropships and small craft which are not dropping to Proudhon Spaceport. The station also is the primary link from groundside to Proudhon's network of satellites and maintains watch on other corporations and communes satellites. As Proudhon grew, keeping their eye on the skies and establishing their orbital control, another city started on the far side of the planet's only mountain range. Positioned at the mouth of the pass across the Dierdot Mountains, Godwin was the nexus for road, rail and water transport moving goods to and from Proudhon for the western cities and communes. Cities continued to form at the nexus of transportation, either moving raw resources or transferring finished products to consumers. Before, and outside of, the cities other communities of various sizes had formed by groups of like minded individuals. Called communes by the inhabitants of the planet, some formed around philosophical or economic ideals, but all were independent of each other operating like ancient city-states of Terra. The communes formed trade deals, alliances and waged war on each other over resources though the only thing that could unit them would be some force trying to create a planetary government or join a neighboring nation. The fierce independence and desire to fight against invaders has kept this world from being annexed even with its large population and moderate industrial base. In the 3030s, rumors flew around the planet suggesting the commune of Mo Tzu was attempting to offer the planet to the Capellan Confederation for controlling considerations. The rumors sparked a massive alliance of dozens of communes which laid siege to Mo Tzu and reduced it to nothing. Few of the members of that commune managed to escape the slaughter. No evidence of such a plan was found in the commune's computer network or among the leaders of the meritocracy. Mo Tzu was just the most recent in the approximately twenty communes that have fallen to their enemies' military. Many more have failed to bad planning, drought, hunger or abandonment. Bakunin's settlers faced the same technological decline as the rest of humanity with the fall of the Star League but have been slightly faster than other Periphery planets to recover. For example, a few years after the end of the Clan Invasion the dozen or so weapons grade armor fabrication plants began to produce ferro-fibrous armor when the Great Houses were struggling to ramp up their own production. This led to many of the competing armor designs on planet to use the advanced armor composites over standard armor when even Inner Sphere producers have not converted at this time. Geography Bakunin deviates from normal planets in that it is a supercontinent on the world though the ocean covers over 40% of the planet. Scientists are unable to explain why Bakunin is even able to be settled in a 'shirt sleeve' environment with most putting it down to Star League era terraforming. Despite numerous treasure hunting expeditions for such equipment, nothing has ever been found. Running southwest to northeast the planet's only mountain range, the Dierdot Mountains, form a ridge dividing the eastern third of the continent from the rest. Situated on the eastern side of the Dierdots rain shadow and on the southern edge of the Great Northern Desert is the city of Proudhon. Due to the barren nature of the eastern side of the Dierdots, Proudhon has no access to the east coast outside of a road and rail link to the Aquarius Commune and Sartre. Very little

of the land on the east side is arable, the communes and Sartre on that side of the Dierdots providing most of their food from aquaculture of native and terran species. On the west side of the mountains, the land is generally well watered and more fertile until it gets into the polar regions. Godwin is the primary city of the west side of the Dierdots, with the Godwin River flowing miles to the ocean. Godwin Transit Authority owns the toll roads which link Godwin and Proudhon through the High Vale Pass Road as well as the West Dierdot Highway. Both poles are covered in icecaps which both extend to cover portions of the supercontinent eventually giving way to tundra. To the west of the mountain ranges are forests of native tree-analogs and actual trees planted by settler's attempts at terraforming. The area also has a few rivers as well as swamp regions that modern geologist say are settled lakes. The coasts have extensive deposits of petrochemicals though only a few island chains in the ocean.

Bakunin's culture is best described as varied and fiercely independent, the nearest example would probably be pre-space Terra with its multitude of nations. What you will not find is pacifism and rarely any Marxist-Leninism or communism- which is ironic as the planet's population refers to the settlements outside of the city as communes. While the planet as a whole could have its government described as anarchy, many of the communes and a few of the cities are governed by a code of law which is not arbitrary. Peace rarely exists across the planet as communes fight each other over territory, resources or philosophy. Sometimes a commune or communes also fight a city. Political theorists are unable to explain how the planet has avoided attracting too much attention from neighbors or falling under a single government.

Chapter 2


Proudhon- A city built around a spaceport, unlike the other cities which have no or very loose governing bodies the Proudhon Spaceport Corporation rigidly controls the city as well as the spaceport, making it a company town. Proudhon also tends to be the home for many of the individual and very small mercenary commands on planet since it gives them quick access to leaving the planet's spaceport facilities. Most interplanetary traffic is forced to go through the company owned spaceport due to the fees imposed for off-site landing. Failure to pay results in visits from Security or the orbiting LINAC (Linear Accelerator) satellites decelerating a iron bar on the site of the landing. Godwin- Largest city on the planet, loosely run by an alliance of the largest corporations and most influential individuals who call the city home. Godwin also hosts the Bakunin Mercenary Collective, a local version of the MRBC with a few unique twists such as Lucifer Contractual Services. Many of the military equipment producers at least have a office if not a headquarters located near Godwin. Aside from aerospace equipment, any used or salvage quality gear can also be had from various arms dealers in the city. Population- 36,431,100 RousseauA coastal city, Rousseau is home to the majority of the planet's petrochemical industry and a center of industry. Several large cartels run the petrochemical business, and as such provide ground and naval forces for protecting their drilling, pumping and refining sites. As part of the industrial complexes, many of the refined products used in manufacturing across the planet come from this city. Rousseau also the largest source of ferro-fibrous armor on planet with three companies specializing in producing FF and standard armor for armored vehicle production. The second largest business sector in Rousseau is fishing, supplying most of the western continent with seafood. PopulationTroyTroy is an odd city, run by an oligarchy representing various sectors of business and industry. They are not voted upon, but instead selected by the oligarchy and business leaders of the different sectors. Troy also broadcasts much of the entertaining channels 30,048,000

for the planet with Proudhon Spaceport Corporation's Alpha Channel being the only real competition that is tolerated. Troy is also home to some of the more barbaric customs found in the Periphery- slavery and human mortal combat. Resurrecting the Roman arenas, modern gladiators die to the roar of crowds and have their combats broadcast across the world. As such, the gladiator schools and slave houses of Troy tend to raid communes that the oligarchy has not intimidated into exclusive and ruinous trade contracts. The also attract the odd pirate force landing to sell captures. Population- 29,120,000 WilsonWilson is primarily known as the center of farming on Bakunin, much of the production of food comes from the relatively flat plains that surround the city. Wilson processes, packages and ships most of the food produced from the communes to the other cities. Some of what is shipped to Proudhon across the World Ocean via Sartre is also sold to offworld concerns. MilRat of Wilson is the primary producer of emergency food stores and military rations of various qualities for most of Bakunin. Half of their business is shipping long term rations to Proudhon for purchase and use by mercenaries. Wilson also claims to be the largest city on Bakunin though this is primarily because of 'urban sprawl' which spreads the city across more square kilometers than any other with a population density lower than two-thirds of the planet's cities. Population- 28,647,000

SartreThe only city on the same side of the Dierdot Mountains as Proudhon, it is nearly dependent on Proudhon as much of the food from the communes comes from the city. It does have two unique aspects, it hosts the second largest fishing fleet on the planet and is the naval port for Proudhon. As the other passage for goods brought down from orbit, or

going up, Sartre is linked to Proudhon by a heavy rail system. The Proudhon-Sartre Railroad & Port is one of the largest employers in Sartre. Population- 24,720,000 New LeninStarted as a tribute to Marxist-Leninism, the original commune failed spectacularly leading the survivors to embrace free market capitalism to a degree that makes the rest of the planet look tepid. The city is run by a council made up of the nine persons with the greatest value of assets in the city. One of the members of the council is generally the CEO of Bakunin-Quikscell, as the headquarters of the company on planet and its main factory is located here. One of the planet's sources of ferro-fibrous armor, GalTech Protection, operates a large fabrication planet to the north of the city. New Lenin is also the second greatest transportation node on planet after Godwin due to the city's free market philosophy centered on energy, transport and production speed. Population- 22,611,000 New ParisBakunin's second center for food processing, New Paris also moves a lot of goods on the system of canals they built in their area. The network rivals Godwin Transit Authority in the area, connecting several communes as well as Celine and Sinclair to the more central Godwin. The city's residents also generate a decent tourist income though are viewed as snobs by much of the rest of the planet. Population- 18,244,000 CelineCeline has spent much effort in terraforming their area, introducing terran species of animals and trees while logging off much of the native whitewood to be shipped to other places. Mining is also a heavy industry in Celine, working in the foothills of the Dierdots to produce various metals used by factories in Rousseau, Godwin and New Lenin. The Celine School of Engineering produces graduates that are much sought after for large scale building projects such as expansions of the Godwin Transit Authority highway system. Population- 15,387,000 SinclairSinclair is thought of as a backwater, while the city's economy is as robust as many of the others on planet they have nothing to set themselves apart from the other anarchic cities on planet. Population- 9,642,000 JeffersonFollowing a constitution and a bill of rights from some classical Terran nation, Jefferson could be considered a commune grown to city size. However, calling it such is a deadly insult to the citizens of Jefferson. Jefferson is one of the few cities outside of Godwin to have a major arms production facility and headquarters located with in its boundaries. Jeffersonians have been known to involve themselves in the struggles

between the communes and have occasionally been directly assaulted by opposing communes. Population- 5,623,000 Military14 brigades, 2 VTOL wings, 1 battalion armed IndiMechs

The absolute number of communes has never been registered, especially as it varies to the wars they wage between themselves. Roughly two thirds of the population of the planet is on the communes however, as is most of the agricultural production. As the majority source of food for the millions in the cities, it gives the communes some leverage when interacting with the cities. Name a philosophy except most sorts of pacifism and you will probably find a commune, former or attempted commune that followed the philosophy. Communes generally come in two flavors, open or closed. Another common feature to communes is that those who wish to join them have to buy their way in, either in goods or cash. Open communes would be along the lines of Nanak (Punjab), a Sikh stronghold, or Ovidon, a bastion of followers of the Unfinished Book. Open communes give a guarded welcome to travelers and offer opportunities for trade with other communes and the cities. They also tend to have a larger population than closed communes. The best example of a closed commune would be Synthesis, which has a exclusion zone around the commune facilities of half a kilometer. At one kilometer the commune begins warning away any approaching vehicles or aerocraft, stating they would be fired upon if they crossed the exclusion zone. The only exception are those who broadcast that they are pilgrims seeking refuge, those vehicles are met at the edge of the zone to be escorted inside. Synthesis is the subject of many rumors, supposedly connected to ComStar or the Word of Blake depending on who you ask. Some say the commune is really a secret Star League library or science facility, many are speculative fantasy. Long range observation shows nothing special about the buildings in the shadow of the Dierdots, nor has any thing special ever been seen operating within the Synthesis Exclusion Zone. Approximate Commune Population614,300,000

Though the overall number of bands is few, Bakunin does have nomads who wander the Great Northern Desert, Dierdot Mountains and the Southern Polar Cap. Existing outside of cities and communes, some are exiles, some are from destroyed armies and some are from communes who lost wars. Generally xenophobic, each band has a few communes they consider allies they will interact with regularly. Finding a band of nomads is difficult due to the nature of Troy's entertainment always sending out groups of Hunters to capture fighters. The nomad fighters are preferred by the arena organizers due to their hardy nature and willingness to fight.


Military Industry
Godwin Arms & Ammunition (GA&A) Godwin Arms & Ammunition has a facility to the north east of Godwin, well outside of what anyone recognizes as the city though it takes it name. GA&A pays a small yearly fee to Proudhon Spaceport Corporation to allow it to land dropships on its private pad for picking up purchases. While Bakunin has no laws governing the export of anything, While Bakunin has has no laws governing the export of anything, or taxes about it, many buyers appreciate the discretion such a policy grants them as no one outside of GA&A knows about the details of any deal. ProductsLaser Rifles & Pistols, Demo charges, ammunition, Light/Medium/Heavy Rifle guns and anti-tank gun carriages, Merkava VIIIB, Korvin Tank

Artist rendering of a Korvin Tank in action.

Bleek Munitions Limited (BML) One of the main competitors to Godwin Arms & Ammuniton as an all round producer of military equipment. Rather than have a centralized location like GA&A, Bleek Munitions Limited has smaller factories and warehouses spread throughout Godwin and Rousseau to produce and transship products. They also are not as vertically

integrated as GA&A, quite willing to buy parts from smaller suppliers or even larger ones like Quikscell-Bakunin for a LB-10X autocannon or Royt Transports for wheeled suspensions on Light SRM Carriers. Corporate headquarters are located in Godwin adjacent to the mansion of the majority stockholder and CEO Ezra Bleek. A few years ago CEO Bleek suffered some health problems and has since become somewhat of a recluse in his mansion only allowing top aides to visit. For the regular Controlling Board meetings, his oldest daughter wields his proxy voting for the family interests. ProductsBallistic weapons, ammunition, Light SRM Carrier, Light SRM Carrier (Impr), Gladius Med Hovertank (Impr), Marsden MBT II & IIA1 Dierdot Holding Company (DHC) The Dierdot Holding Company is primarily a joint venture of the two Sikh communes Nanak and Punjab, Jewish Masada, and minor parts producers in Godwin. Each of the three communes supplies raw materials, components, compounds and finished modules which are mated with the parts in the Godwin assembly plant. The Godwin assembly plant was a compromise between the communes so that no one party could 'nationalize' finished product if the temptation presented itself. It also allows the finished products to be present in the largest and best market for the weapons, Godwin. DHC products are generally considered to be very well built and have a good reputation on the open market by users. The company has also fended off several attempts at hostile takeovers by Quikscell-Bakunin. Dierdot Holding Company supplies many of the communes on planet with their defensive equipment.

ProductsComputers, communication systems, targetting systems, guidance packages, Katyusha Light Vehicle, Tiger T-12 Medium Tank, Tiger T-12A Medium Tank, Brutus Strike Tank (Periphery), Light/Medium/Heavy Rifle Anti-Tank Guns Quikscell-Bakunin The largest weapons manufacturer not based in Godwin, Quikscell-Bakunin produces slightly better equipment than the parent company's Inner Sphere reputation. They are the only Bakunin weapons company that sells any advanced equipment in a 'assembly required' state, which makes them popular with distant or difficult to reach communes.

ProductsComputers, communication systems, targetting systems, guidance packages, ammunition, Vedette (Impr), Scorpion (Impr), Hetzer (Impr), Wheeled/Tracked/Hover APC & Heavy APC, Condor Heavy Hovertank (Davion/Impr), LRM/MRM/SRM Carrier, Po Heavy Tank, Po (Impr) Heavy Tank, AC/5, 10, 20 AntiTank Guns, Medium Rifle Anti-Tank Guns, SRM/MRM/LRM Anti-Tank Guns
Artist rendering of a Condor Heavy Hovertank in urban setting.

Bakunin Motors Corporation BMC is the main competitor for Royt Transports in the civilian use vehicle market, one of the few providers of hovercraft technology. Bakunin Motors Corporation zealously guards the exclusivity of their products, having been known to raid other corporations who have attempted to bring their own hovercraft production online. The exception to this is Quikscell-Bakunin, which is not challenged since they are a larger corporation with more assets. While BMC produces a solid line of hovertanks for consumers, their heavy tracked design is considered rather second rate. ProductsHoverbike (MG & RL), Flatbed Truck (SRM), Blizzard Hover APC, Harasser Missile Platform (Impr), Saladin Assault Hovertank (Impr), Saladin (LBX), Condor Heavy Hovertank (Impr), Bulldog Med Tank, Bulldog Med Tank (Impr), Bulldog Med Tank (LRM), Bulldog Med Tank (AC/2)

Jefferson Vehicles & Arms (JVA) The primary heavy weapons producer for Jefferson, JVA products are kept by the Jefferson Territorial Militia, sold to their commune allies or sold to offplanet mercenaries who are not staying on planet. Jefferson's government has no desire to face the equipment they produce on the battlefield. JVA specializes in heavy tracked armor with a few supporting light tracked armor designs and a small subsidiary for conventional aircraft. ProductsStriker (Impr), Galleon 100 (Impr), AC/2 Carrier (Impr), Pike Support Vehicle, Pike Support Vehicle (Impr), Zhukov Heavy Tank, Zhukov Heavy Tank (Impr), TAV-1 (Ice), Thumper Towed Gun, Boeing Jump Bomber, Mechbuster (LB-20X)

Dittrich Electrics Dittrich Electrics of Rousseau is nearly the only company on Bakunin that produces any railgun type weaponry. DE's factories build products from small arms all the way up to heavy armor's larger light gauss rifles, using technology stolen from a broken mercenary company that landed at Proudhon. Hiring mercenaries to supplement DE's security force, Dittrich Electric's R&D divison was able to acquire enough light gauss rifle examples, manuals and technicians to be able to produce their own copy. Recent mercenary groups who have been on planet have been extremely reluctant for anyone to know what advanced technology they possess. Rumors have been spread that Dittrich learned of the equipment from Proudhon sources in exchange for upgrading some of their equipment. ProductsNeedler & Guass small arms, missile guidance packages, targetting systems, communication systems, Gauss Rifle AT Guns, Po Heavy Tank (Light Gauss) & (LGR Impr) Royt Transports Royt Transport is a multi-division company which produces a variety of ground and aero based vehicles, some of which are militarized. Only on Bakunin are armored vehicles carrying light weapons not considered 'militarized' by the producers. Royt Transports' primary factories are in Godwin, Rousseau and New Lenin with some satellite facilities in other cities or a few communes. Royt Transports has sales locations in every city though the larger cities of course have larger inventories and selection. Royt Sales also sells products from a few of the other companies they have made arrangements with over the years.

ProductsFlatbed Truck, Wheeled/Tracked/Hover APC & Heavy APC, Bailey Armored Car, Longshoreman Air Transport, FB-335 Longhaul Cargoplane, Brunel Dumptruck Royt Military Supply- Augustus A3, Augustus A4, Light & Medium Rifle AntiTank Guns, armed Industrial mechs Royt Industrials- agromechs, loggermechs, miningmechs, constructionmechs Royt Airframes- Torrent Heavy Bomber (-SC, -IC, -FC), KC-5 King Karnov, MSF-42 Bluehawk, Hurricane Strike Fighter, Mechbuster (AC/20)

Tesla Advanced Electronics Tesla is the major supplier of the military-grade computer systems on planet, though each commune seems to have its own small workshop building shielded electronics. Located in New Lenin, they ship parts to every city and most communes depending on the conflict status. Like many of the other Bakunin companies, they reverse engineer products from the Inner Sphere, but they are responsible for a few of their own breakthroughs in various fields. Tesla has two primary links to communes, Academia and Massada, which perform some R&D functions as well as field testing of new product. ProductsComputers, communication systems, targetting systems, guidance packages, reactor controls, primitive fusion reactors, small craft avionics, dropship avionics, conventional fighter avionics, com & observation satellites

Mikoyan Aircraft Design Located in Proudhon, Mikoyan holds a special relationship with Proudhon Spaceport Corporation, falling outside of Proudhon's embargo of battlemech, aerospace and small craft technologies. They build limited runs of small craft, the combat ones are mostly sold to PSC. Occasionally other buyers purchase a few, though mostly they are from off planet and exempt to PSC restrictions and fees.

ProductsASF-23 Protector, Crane Light Fighter, Roubvogel Bomber, Karnov VTOL series, Cavalry VTOL series, Ferret VTOL series, Aquarius Escort Craft, TIG-15 Tigress patrol boat

Places of Interest
Like any other planet, there are a few places that will be of interest to travels, either for business or pleasure. Bakunin has very few sites for any traveler to see, rather its the diversity of cultures the communes represent. Either revivals of old Terran cultures or architecture as interpretations of philosophy could be of interest to travelers. The following locations will be more of interest for those pursuing business purposes. Void Sucker- Located just off the spaceport in Proudhon, in the district called The Annex, Void Sucker is a bar dedicated to pilots of aerofighters, small craft, and dropships. Locally famous pilots selected by the bar's owner, a retired smuggler, have an engraved mug behind the bar. No one else is entitled to use the mug except the engraved owner and when the vacuum finally claims the owner the mug is flipped over so the mouth rests against the board it sits on. Generally the Void Sucker caters to spacers and aero pilots with most others discouraged to look else where for a drink. The one exception to this rule is that Malcom recently allowed Proudhon Spaceport Corporation Security's Marine Battalion to come in. They are still second class citizens to pilots. Mofasa's Salvage Yard- Run by a tinkering former spacer, not much is known about Mofasa except that he has the largest collection of used and former spacecraft on the planet. Kept somewhat preserved by the dry climate around Proudhon, Mofasa's Salvage Yard is south of the city and spaceport proper. No matter how old the production model, Mofasa probably has a part that can keep your small craft or dropship running, and the programming code or software for working around any hardware difficulties. Bakunin Mercenary Collective- The Bakunin Mercenary Collective is the only formal hiring hall on Bakunin after the fire and gas main explosion bankrupt a cooperative start up that was located in Proudhon a decade ago. While offering private meeting rooms,

record keeping, arbitration services, equipment auction services, and a for-hire listing the true draw for those looking for mercenaries is the Command Battle Simulation program. Employers can test the prospective hires against simulations of their choice, be it defense or raid of a facility, invasion of someone's territory, or even pit two hire's units against each other to check performances. A mercenary commander loads his offer into the Simulation, then taking control of his force as he would in the field so that an employer can evaluate the mercenary command's performance. The Command Battle Simulation is a joint venture between the Bakunin Mercenary Collective and the Academia commune. Arena of Troy- The largest and most prestigious of Troy's gladiator arenas, many of the top businesses in Troy retain audience boxes with private entrances for entertaining clients. Other seating arrangements can be had for all potential viewers though the facility attempts to be a high tech replica of Roman arenas. Unlike many of Troy's others arenas, the Arena of Troy is able to modify the floor of the arena even occasionally flooding it for special events such as ancient naval combat like galleys and boarding actions.

Military Schools
School of Military Arts- The commune Academia specializes in educational fields and research. Positioned closely to Godwin, it is sometimes confused for a suburb of that city by newcomers to Bakunin. SMA's training cadre forms the core of the defensive formations for the commune though it has been decades since another commune has seriously tested their defenses. Corporate raiders are however a different story as some companies would rather steal Academia University's research than pay for it. SMA specializes in technical training for the students, represented by the level of advanced equipment the SMA Cadre field. SMA trains enlisted, warrants, officers and technicians. Nalwa Martial Institute- The Sikh communes military school, the Nalwa Martial Institute is open to members of other communes as well as city dwellers if they can pay the tuition. Inability to pay the tuition is not a barrier however as Sikhs believe in the work ethic, thus they offer the education for six years service in the Sikh infantry or armor battalions. Those who chose this path start off as enlisted even if they may have trained for a specialization or as an officer. NMI specializes in jungle and mountain warfare with an emphasis on cavalry tactics to get the troops to the vital points. NMI oversees training for both Sikh enlisted, warrants and officers. Washington Military Academy- Jefferson Territorial Militia's officer training facility follows a very traditional four year program that creates officers with a standard educational background to supplement their military education. WMA focuses on a very technological way to wage war, primarily as part of a combined arms approach mixing infantry, armor, artillery and air support all in the 'battlespace.' Cadets are instructed in the theories of armored, air mobile and amphibious warfare though Jefferson is nowhere near the ocean. Washington also supports a technical training program in cooperation with Jefferson Vehicles & Arms, source of a large portion of the planet's technical labor.

Midgard Training Facility- A facility that trains a civilian in the basic combat skills, MTF trains many of the militia for various communes as well as operating opposing force exercises for on planet mercenary companies. The school does not offer technical or officer training, rather it aims to take drafts and turn them into finished platoons and companies for the customer's use. MTF is a very physically demanding program, which does cover modern technological contributions to warfare but focuses more on the individual soldier. The one concession MTF makes to more technologically advanced training is in regards to their Battle Armor training program. Battle Armor fits the Midgard ideal of each individual soldier's contribution to the overall unit. Markus Flight School- Located in Proudhon and partially sponsored by PSC Security, the Markus Flight School trains most of the pilots for Proudhon's patrol boats and conventional fighters. MFS also trains pilots for the three shipping companies based off Bakunin and even draws candidates from other Periphery worlds. The school was founded by Gene Markus, a former Outworlds Alliance aerospace fighter pilot who was forced to retire after publicly embarrassing his chain of command.

Independent Military Forces

Proudhon Spaceport Security The ground forces are primarily concerned with securing the spaceport and its city with two armored brigades where all infantry is mechanized. The aero forces are tasked with patrolling orbital space, intercepting any smugglers (basically those who do not pay PSC's fees), and the orbital station. Possessing the only four aerospace fighters on the planet as well as a wing of patrol boats (armed small craft) allows PSC to enforce strict adherence to the flight regulations which are a source of their profit. The conventional fighter squadron offers close air support to the ground forces or can supplement some interdiction efforts.

2 Armored Brigade 1 Infantry Brigade Marine Battalion Patrol Boat Wing Aerospace Lance Conventional Fighter Squadron

GAA Security Heavy Infantry Battalion, Armored Company

Bleek Munitions Limited Protective Force Mechanized Infantry Battalion, 2 Armored Companies, VTOL squadron Quikscell-Bakunin Security

Dierdot Holding Company Guards Godwin Transit Authority Patrol The GTA uses the Patrol to ensure bandits and would be pirates do not raid the paying customers on Godwin Transit Authority's superhighway network. Usually operating in mechanized troops, the Patrol is also available for contracted escorts on the superhighway. Rarely is the whole four squadrons assembled in a single location as it leaves the road open to the raiders. The GTA rarely comes into conflict with the communes though it has happened occasionally when pushing a new spur into a commune's territory- usually a closed commune objecting.