UGC Sponsored National Seminar On

Dynamics of Development and Discontent

27th & 28th September, 2013

Organised by:
Tufanganj Mahavidyalaya Tufanganj, Cooch Behar Website

In Collaboration with:
University BT & Evening College Cooch Behar


Together with the systemic problems of implementation plaguing the development programmes. About 2-3 percent agricultural growth is boding evil to and helping immiseration of lower strata in rural (real) India.ABOUT THE SEMINAR Indian development initiatives and programmes— often infused with holistic approach. the benefits of economic development are not trickling down and the weaker and vulnerable sections in particular tend to remain as pauperized as ever. it is also causing physical. v) Status of universal elementary education. basic education. if not destabilizing trend relates to the escalating incidences of civil unrest. conflict and socio-political movements. researchers. do not commensurate with the avowed objectives and expectation. academicians. it is also undeniable that the outcomes evinced so far. health care facilities. i) Paradigm of development: nature & appraisal. iv) National Rural Health Mission: an evaluation. improve resources deficit and to diminish myriad types of divides. The gut issue in this context is whether and how far the proliferating discontent is an outcome of development deficits. ii) Dimensions of poverty & the account of alleviation. the proportion of people living below the earmarked poverty line is not shrinking at least to that substantial extent required urgently. Though there is no dearth of policies and interventions and some achievements including structural breakthroughs. vii) Nature of discontent: engagement with & response from the state. occupational and cultural trauma specifically to the ‘submerged humanity’ (tribal). inter-region economic disparities are not petering out. iii) MGNREGA: outreach and efficacy. . encompassing methodology and inclusive strategy with concerted thrust on growth with equity and participation— endeavour to harness socio-economic growth. fairly and squarely. vi) Gender discrimination and depravity. Consequently. drinking water. Development induced displacement is not only massive. inter-state. developmental practitioners and activists on any of the specific Sub-themes of the Seminar. Appalling is the overall scenario concerning basic facilities/amenities like shelter. employment. are certainly indubitable. literally. another ominous. viii) Association of discontent with deprivation or/and displacement. SUB-THEME Investigative/analytical/empirical research papers are invited from the scholars.

Officials from Development Departments. No TA and DA will be provided to the participants.Level of Participation Academicians from Universities & Colleges. However.  Softcopy of the abstract typed in MS Word with12 size font. Social Workers. Logistics Free boarding & lodging and local hospitality will be provided to the Full Paper contributors. Research and Training Institutions. should accompany the deceleration from the author(s). email ID & contact number. to the effect that the paper is the original work & has not been published elsewhere and it should be submitted in both soft ( to email ID ) and hard copy ( to the Organising Secretary). a maximum of 35 outstation participants may finally be short listed.  Submission of Full Paper is one prerequisite as we have the intent to publish in book form few selected full papers. Registration Fee There will be no Registration Fee for the paper contributors. in view of the limited accommodation facilities at disposal. Representatives of Voluntary Organizations/Civil Societies. Accommodation for outstation participants may be arranged if and when required. (with Reference style in APA format) not exceeding 5000 words excluding tables and diagrams. How To Reach Seminar Venue? . Pick & drop in Cooch Behar/ Alipurduar Railway Station/Bus terminus may be arranged on prior request. 2013 ►Last date for submission of Abstract of paper: 20 July 2013 ►Acceptance of the Abstract will be communicated via e-mail within 27 July 2013 ►Last date for submission of Full Paper: 14 September 2013 Guidelines for Authors  Abstract must be within 300. It is expected that the participants from college and university will get TA and DA from the UGC grants.400 word limit. DATELINES ►Date of Seminar: 27-28 September. & 1.5 line spacing be sent to email ID.  The Abstract should contain a brief resume of the author.  The full paper.

The college has been assessed and accredited by NAAC with Grade B. . mandal.T & Evening College On 25th August University BT & Evening College was established with a view to earning their first of the local youth. one Sub-division of Cooch Behar district.Com with Honours and General. if not directly. Buses (both public and private mode) to Tufanganj or Cooch Behar are readily available from Siliguri. Chanchal Kumar Mandal –Contact +919475549934. B. Dr. All correspondence should be addressed to: For further information etc. The college has also previously organised few UGC/ICSSR sponsored seminars SeminarTC 2013 About University B. is located at north-eastern part of West Bengal.chanchal@rediffmail.Contact +919434208480 About Tufanganj College Email- Established in 1971this is one degree college having under-graduate courses on BA BSC BCOM with honours provision in “Charaibeti” or ‘moving forward’ being the motto. The locale is connected. please contact the following phone numbers: Dr. Murshidabad. The nearest railway station is New Cooch-Behar and New Alipurduar/ Alipurduar Junction and all Trains going to Assam/Guahati have their designated stoppage at those stations. just at the threshold of Bengal-Assam border.Tufanganj. Krishnanagar and Kolkata. This institution also has the credential of holding UGC sponsored seminar. Sidhartha Sankar Laha. teachers and staff within the purview of available infrastructure including technology.A.. Malda. by rail and bus services. leaves no stone unturned in its longish course— to enhance the soft skill among the taught. From the railway stations Tufanganj can be reached by bus/ hired car/ taxi. the college strives to developing academically— more The NAAC assessed this college in terms the projected and fulfilled goals and objectives and accredited the colloge with “ B+ ” Grade. The nearest airport is Bagdogra. Now the college is offering under graduate programme like B. 190 kms from Cooch Behar.

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