Aura's, Chakra's, Energy Fields

The information on this page is based on teachings passed on down through Indian and Chinese traditions for thousands of years. There has been some attempt in recent times to obtain scientific verification of these energy fields round the body. It will cover:
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Prana Chakra's Aura's Kundalini Body Energies Alternative Healing techniques Appendix I - Electromagnetic Radiation Appendix II - Relationship of Chakras to Tree of Life

Prana flow Prana (in the Indian tradition), or Chi (in the Chinese tradition), is often translated as breath, or vital energy. It is not breath in the sense of breathing, rather it is a flow of subtle energy. Prana is not the same as spirit; nor is it the soul, nor is it the same as consciousness. However, if there is no prana flow into the body (after death, for example), there will be no spirit or flow of consciousness. Prana conducts consciousness. If you want to raise your consciousness, generally you have to increase the flow of prana in your body. Remember the Christian cross? There are 5 types of prana described:

enables the heart to beat. etc. Experiments have been done weighing the body just before and just after death. The Sanskrit Classics. assimilation Example of function life excretion sex energy. India 1987. Ramakrishna Math. distribution outward. and the same body shortly after death? The body may still be warm. What is the difference between a living human being. the brain and nervous system to transmit electric impulses. to see if there is something which leaves the body (results not conclusive). have food and water in the stomach . throwing up food. regeneration circulating. hiccups blood assimilation of food References: Swami Satyeswarananda Giri: Babaji Vol II Lahiri Mahasaya. the stomach to digest food.but something is missing? It is the prana energy which enables the body to move.Name prana apana udana vyana samana Flow inward. appropriation downward. Prana is non-physical. . a subtle energy. Swami Nikhilananda: Self Knowledge of Sri Sankaracharya. p 68. elimination upward.

about 1000 times. and apparently some people can use the prana flow to move pingpong balls across a smooth surface. resolving to about 0. The worship of the sun (by the Atlanteans. Weiser 1989. The action of rubbing the hands together is to open up the hand chakras and increase the flow of prana. Now try to move them ever so slightly. Similarly. and transfers information back up the nerve pathways to the brain. There the prana meets the prana of the object being contacted. then holding the palms near each have a fundamental difficulty. Hold them there for a while. Mayans and Incas in South America.3 cm.] So what do you do if you want proof of prana? There is a simple technique taught in Tantra. by way of electrical nerve impulses down the arm to the fingers. or making a radiometer turn (I can't. the senses of the body are limited by the resolution of their power source.This next bit is important to be able to see prana. finer. Austria. hearing. To feel something with the fingers. touch it. where the prana in the brain interprets the information. You make up your own mind. It is subtler. This limitation comes about because of the wavelength of light . Chakra's and energy centres . Using electron microscopy. 1040 Schikanedergasse 12/13. Put your palms of your hands together as if you were going to pray. There is a limit to the degree of magnification . It is the prana which operates the physical senses. The effect is more pronounced in some people than others. It is the prana which enables all five physical senses seeing. prana is transmitted from the brain. smell it .about 400 nm (400 x 10-9 metres). Austrian-Indian Yoga-Vedanta Society. vienne. Microscopes optically magnify small objects so they are visible with the naked eye. But if your reality is the world of the five senses.01 nm. than the senses it operates. feeling.30 seconds. Sri Deep Madhavashram. and by others such as Swami Maheshwarananda. which is a much shorter wavelength. References: Frost. It operates you. 1987. There can also be pronounced flows between persons of the opposite sex. prana. Sceptics will say that you are feeling the radiation of heat from the palms of the hands. So if you are looking for physical proof . Do you feel a rubbery resistance? you may find it more pronounced by rubbing your hands together very fast for about 20 . Gavin & Yvonne: Tantric Yoga. [An interesting analogy is by way of the microscope. smelling and tasting. magnification up to about 1 million times can be achieved. Now move them apart 2 . and can vary in a person during the day. I've tried!). the Egyptians under the rule of Akhenaton) is symbolic of the Universal creator fire (or prana) from which the individual prana originates. You are full of prana. you can never know it. Swami Maheshwarananda: The Path of Consciousness. It is prana which is operating your five senses.

with the function of distributing prana to the body and bodily organs which require it.muladhara second . and the chakra's are energy centres in the body from which the prana energy is distributed. that in ( ) is the colours used by the Ascended Masters teachings. base of spine lower abdomen solar plexus heart throat between eyes crown Gland adrenals kidneys.000?). or right side . or left side) and pingala (sun.manipura fourth .vishuddi sixth . Some work has been done recently trying to verify this. and there are about 20 important ones including those in the hands and feet. The chakras are subtle energy centres.see diagram above) which criss-cross around the central sushuma.svadisthana third . but the 7 above are the most commonly mentioned as they are the major ones. Kriyananda] The word chakra means wheel. and Gregg Braden in "Awakening to the Zero Point" describes a Holographic Spectrum Analyser developed by Robert Dratch (see reference below). testicles/ovaries pancreas thymus thyroid pituitary pineal Note: the colours shown are those used to refer to the chakras. The first colour is the traditional colours.ida (moon. Chakra first .anahata fifth . Ancient teachings describe 3 subtle energy channels along the spine .[the above diagram from "The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga". In fact any nerve ending is a mini chakra (some 72.sahasrana Colour red (white) orange (violet) yellow (purple/gold) green (pink. This instrument detected rotating cones of . green) blue (blue) indigo (green) violet (gold) Location perineum.ajna seventh . There are 7 principal chakras in the body.

and self-esteem "Honour Oneself" Sacrament Baptism .to receive or bestow the grace to finish one's unfinished business not just before death. You can also use the hand experiment described earlier to feel the energy centres around the body. this may provide proof of their existence. Most systems also recognise that the heart chakra is actually in two parts. intuition. Dr Caroline Myss): Chakra First Second Lesson Lessons related to the material world "All is One" Lessons related to sexuality. I have spoken to people who have seen spinning. Naomi: The Elements of the Chakras. Lessons related to will and selfConfession .aol. is not inside the body but around it connecting the with aura. . Bantam Books. but as a daily part of one's life. where the second chakra was observed to receive or bestow the grace to make sacred one's path of service. It appears that the location of chakra's 2 and 3 are reversed from where they are traditionally drawn . http://members. The chakra. Third Fourth Lessons related to love. UK 1996. Relationship of the chakras to the Seven Christian sacraments (ref. Fifth Sixth Seventh References: Ozaniec. You may find it easier feeling someone else's Bod Dratch home page Myss. Extreme Unction .such an experience of the chakras is very real for them (but fairly rare experience). then. thus allowing a person to love in "present time". Caroline: Anatomy of the Spirit. "Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will" Lessons related to receive or bestow an expression of grace representing gratitude for one's life in the physical world Communion . Goswami Kriyananda: The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga. Try moving the palm of your hand up the torso.the receive or bestow an expression of grace that enhances one's individuality and self-esteem. personality. work and physical desire "Honour One Another" Lessons related to the ego. Element receive or bestow an expression of grace (in the form of a host) that represents holy union with God and with the people in one's life. coloured wheels (with an associated sound) whilst meditating . symbolic of recognizing and honouring the essential need to love and care for oneself in order that "Love is Divine Power" one can fully love another. The Temple of Kriya Yoga. USA. Confirmation . If you can find out more about Robert Dratch's Holographic Spectrum Analyser. forgiveness and Marriage . UK 1990. (There are lots of other books on the chakras). Other chakra centres are sometimes described above the crown of the head. and wisdom "Seek Only the Truth" Lessons related to spirituality "Live in the Present Moment" Ordination . insight. are actually slightly above the solar plexus area where the third chakra was which appeared to connect to the body near the glands through a small point a few millimetres in receive or bestow the grace to cleanse one's expression spirit of negative acts of will. receive or bestow a blessing making sacred a compassion union with oneself. about 6 cm from the skin. a personal heart and a connection to the universal heart.

which are constantly changing depending on health. Most radiation seems to be around the head area. Start by staring at the coloured card for about 30 seconds. the first chakra being the closest. The halo's drawn around angels and holy people (in India. then look at the white background and concentrate on the complement of the colour you see. which records the electromagnetic radiation from living things . see below). There are standard methods for training people to see auras. Eventually you should be able to "feel" colours around the head of the person without any card present. time of day. You can try this yourself with coloured cardboard held behind the head of a person in a darkened room with a white background. People who can see or sense these aura's say that they have colours associated with them (different people see aura's with different colours). but they may be measuring an electromagnetic property which has a direct relationship to the aura. and then with the card held behind the head of a subject in the darkened room.human beings. some claiming 80% success rates within a few hours. (Pictures of my aura. plants. try it with progressively dimmer light. etc. . mood. taken using hand imprint technique. After trying this for a while with normal light.Aura's A number of places offer aura photographs. etc. pictures of the Maharaja and Maharini included a golden disk around the head) may also be a representation of this. Kirlian photography is well understood. The 7 major chakras form 7 sheaves around the body. at different times of my life) These techniques to do directly display the aura. Some people "feel" them rather than actually physically seeing them. Some use an imprint of energy radiated from the hand (I have one of these taken some time ago.

aol.these are energy releases. You may have seen a speaker on a well lit stage. Indian traditions carefully teach methods by which the Kundalini can be made to rise up the Sushuma (the middle of the three main subtle energy channels along the spine .Looking in the gap between an arm on the hips is also supposed to be a good area. can rise with a bolt of force up the spine to the head. Indeed. Canada 1991.html Kundalini Kundalini means coiled Kundalini Research Foundation.htm Good FAQ information http://www. hatred. but not a complete Kundalini awakening (called pranatthana in Govindan's book "Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition". References: http://www.renature. Gopi: Kundalini books. based on Gopi Krishna's teachings Bob Boyd has collected some references on dealing with the unpleasant side effects of an early Kundalini awakening http://members. but does not rise up the Sushuma. Others say that it is just an optical effect generated by the http://www. The previous technique performed in darkened room is probably a more reliable test. Young yoga students are cautioned as to unpleasant side effects which can result if the Kundalini rises without the mind first being cleansed of anger. In most people in the west today the muladhara (first) chakra is already active. etc. physical pain or damage can result.crystalinks. can result in severe physical and/or mental injury. page 165). Kundalini awakening is often associated with prickly sensations on the skin. Many yoga student have experienced pranic movements within the body at times . so a topless body may be http://www. (There are lots of other books on the chakras). giving people sexual awareness.newage. References: M: Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition. Some people say that this is the first auric body. If you stare at the person for a while you may notice an outline around the skin just apart from the body. with a white background behind. Naomi: The Elements of the Chakras. Element books. One Kundalini awakening was documented in a book by Krishna Gopi. If the Kundalini energy rises.html Warnings of the danger of awakening Kundalini energy.html http://www. and/or feelings of hot and cold. and see often appearing deep violet in nature.the others are the Ida and Pingala). under certain conditions. You decide for yourself. Kriya Yoga publications. plus other Kundalini articles .aloha.kirlian. desire.greatdreams. and refers to the energy at the base chakra And most people living ordinary lives with no thought of spiritual matters are working on the 2nd and 3rd chakras preparing the way for a Kundalini awakening at some stage in the future. Ozaniec. an abrupt Kundalini awakening is not necessarily desirable and as mentioned. Clothes are said to interfere with the aura. UK 1990.

Acupuncture therapy is now accepted as effective by western medical practicioners. But (according to Lobsang Rampa. aromatherapy . is brought through the practioner into the subtle body of the patient. walk. or had a Kundalini awakening. USA 1996. as in allopathic medicine) to correct the problem at root cause. Bach Flower and homeopathic remedies . excitement. phobias.and other martial arts are designed to work with breathing (prana) and movements designed to balance the energy flows in the body (Yin and Yang). you may be able to understand a mechanism by which some of the alternative healing techniques are able to work. For example: • • acupuncture . Bantam Books. The strongest physical energy in the body is sex energy .rocks are different shapes and colours because of their internal structure. asthma. Zenith . Much stronger than the physical energy is the energy associated with the emotions . etc. It is possible that the quality of this vibration could have an effect on the subtle body of the patient. This is worth considering. fear. Alternative healing techniques At this stage. Body Energies So what is the most powerful energy in the body? We are familiar with the energy in our muscles which allows us to lift things. These remedies are effective in many people suffering from allergies. However. Tai Chi. Mirka: Discovering the Body's Wisdom. [Reference: Callum Coats "Living Energies". Chi Kung . Seichim. Western science scoffs at these techniques as there would seem to be nothing but distilled water in the remedy.these remedies are made by progressively diluting the essence of a flower or substance until there is theoretically less than one molecule left of the substance. and other problems which are hard for conventional doctors to deal is also the one we can control least well. this energy is real (check out Bob Boyd's article above). headaches. There is the energy associated with eating and digesting food.working with colours have a direct affect on the aura and the subtle body. crystal healing .anger. Reiki. which would act on the patients subtle body (rather than on the physical.the sense of smell provides another method of working with the subtle body. eating disorders. in the Rampa paperback books) the most powerful energy we have access to is our imagination. etc. run. a type of prana. . if you are open to a non-physical reality and that prana/chi may be the flow of subtle energy in the body manifesting in chakras and auras. This structure is a kind of frozen vibration. Reference: Knaster. we could now understand how an imprint of the subtle element of the flower could be left in the water.Proof? For people who have experienced energy movements in the body (pranatthana) whilst meditating or doing yoga postures.needles are inserted into the body at particular nerve points.] • • • • • aurosoma therapy and colour healing .these are healing techniques in which an energy flow.

supreme crown of God. Microwave ovens work at about 2.television at the higher frequencies.12 GHz band. the part of the divine which inspires physical manifestation. appearing as a white glow without shadows. Most commercial radio stations broadcast in the MF. at a much higher frequency than the visible light spectrum to which we are accustomed.understanding and the intelligence of God. but sound waves which are vibrations in physical matter). red the lowest vibration. HF. The Divine Mother. Appendix II .30 GHz region. as there will be a lot of talk about vibration and frequency. Most undefined.000 GHz .Appendix . ie 1 Å. etc. Anatomy of the Spirit).45 GHz. the waves in the sea. VHF. And electromagnetic vibration which is based on photon particles and a electric / magnetic / current vector which travels through the air at close to the speed of is interesting to note in A Dweller on Two Planets (which is full of other material now scientifically verified. which may have a frequency of 1 cycle per minute (ie 0. . Hydrogen atoms have a diameter of about 1 x 10-10 m.note that in this example. heat through friction. and will penetrate deep into the sea. Chakra Sefirot (Kabbalah Tree of Life) 7 6 Keter . UHF bands (0.017 Hz . The next transmitter you have in your home is at about 400.for example. There are lower frequencies to which we may be sensitive .5 MHz to 1 GHz. no specificity in this point of beginning between heaven and earth. violet the highest.infra-red radiation from heaters and conventional ovens! The range of visible light we see spans only about one octave. Binah . Beyond this the radiation is becoming progressively more energetic and in high doses may be dangerous to life. Satellite-to-Earth communications takes place in the 10 GHz . and to our eyes the frequencies appear to be divided into 7 colours. it would not be electromagnetic waves. and higher radiation. it is thought that homing pigeons are sensitive to low frequency vibrations of wind blowing over mountains.Relationship of the Chakras to the Ten Sefirot (Tree of Life) (Reference: Caroline Myss. A frequency of 1 Hz means that there is one vibration per second. Police radar and microwave communication takes place in the 1 GHz . This gives you some idea of the wavelength of gamma rays. what earthquakes are. Very Long Wave communication is used for radio transmission to submarines using antennae many kilometres in length. which is 0 Hertz (Hz). or so) . Mains power is at 50 Hz or 60 Hz (depending on which country you live in). therefore the most inclusive.5 Volt battery produces direct current (DC). but not known in the 1860’s when the book was written) there is talk about another visible band of light. The picture above is intended to put frequency into perspective! A 1. No identity. X-rays (used when you go to the doctor or dentist). and gamma rays resulting from natural radiation and radio-activity. There is little work documenting experimentation with these short wavelengths . Ultraviolet. Note that there is two types of vibration: vibration of matter as in sound waves (which is what we hear).Electromagnetic radiation This is a short digression into the electromagnetic frequency spectrum.

feeding all that is alive. Trun of the tree. 2 1 Yesod .endurance of God. 5   .Hokhmah . or mercy of God. Shekinah (or Keneset Yisra'el. Gevurah and Hesed are the right and left arms of God. also the greatness. Also known as the Righteous One. Hesed . Grounded lifeforce.feminine. Through this energy physical manifestation betins to form. 4 Tif'eret (Rahamin) .the phallus. harmony. Hod and Nezah are the right and left legs of God. or Malkhut/Malkhuth) . Hod . The contact point between the Divine mind and human thought. or heart of the tree. form preceds actual expression.majesty of God. Male energy.wisdom. and beauty. 3 Nezah (Netsah) .power. and punishment. Gevurah (Din) .compassion.

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