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•Also statutory requirement yearly in presence of the boiler inspector. for 250 MW boiler is 263 Kgs.•PURPOSE : To check the reliability of the boiler at higher pressure. •Recommended hydro test pr. 2 ./cm2 and that for Reheater circuit is 70 Kgs./cm2.

03 SV .01 SV .02 VENT Gauge Glass Hydra Step VENT DRUM Drain Drain DOWN COMMER Front Water Wall Right Side Water Wall Ext. Water Wall Left Side Water Wall Rear Water Wall DOWN COMMER Chemical Dozing line CBD EBD To IBD tank CBD sample line LEFT F R O N T FURNACE RIGHT R E A R ECO O/L HEADER E 024 c ECO I/L HEADER BOILER DRAIN HEADER FEED CHECK VALVE FEED WATER SAMPLE LINE From Feed Control Station Eco Filling Line 3 .To LTSH w w w SV .

IBD and EBD valves. Spring loaded header supports. 4 . b) Open filling line valves at low point drain for water wall and economizer .PROCEDURE •Boiler Filling (using boiler fill pump) a) Line up boiler fill pump. close sodium phosphate dozing line valve. e) Isolate all the transmitters and instruments except drum pr gauge (range 400kgs/cm2). Isolate Gauge glasses and Hydrasteps. c) Open Drum and super heater vent valves d) Close CBD. f) Gage the drum and super heater safety valves.

PROCEDURE g) Close the boiler outlet Valves along with their Equalizing valves. 5 . j) k) l) m) Gradually open the discharge valve fully and control valve slightly. i) Ensure that all men and materials are removed from boiler and also record clearance from concern erection/maintenance executive. h) Close the drain valves of all the Super heaters headers. Ensure sufficient water level in CST. allow the water to enter to the boiler slowly. allow to stabilize. vent the pump completely. Open suction valve and close the discharge valve of the fill pump. Start fill pump.

q) As soon as drum pr. pump performance. p) As soon as the water comes out of the vents of economizer. and drum. r) Line up the reciprocating pump and start it. 6 . close them one by one. Close suction and discharge valve. super heaters. Reaches around 10 KSC stop the fill pump.PROCEDURE n) While filling the boiler intermittently check CST level. o) Meanwhile connect Reciprocating pump with Low point drain header with discharge valve closed and fill the water tank completely.

x) Drain the boiler completely. Stop the reciprocating pump and check the boiler pressure parts thoroughly. super heater economizer. v) Reduce the pressure gradually by opening some drain. LTSH vents. w) Open drum. u) Any major/minor leakage should be marked. 7 .PROCEDURE s) t) Gradually increase the pressure up to the prescribed limit (263 Kgs/cm2).

2 Less than 0. 2.QUALITY OF WATER A. PH at 25oC Elect. 8.02 ppm NIL Less than 0. D M WATER SPECIFICATIONS 1.2 ppm as on average Clear. 7. Conductivity Total Hardness Total Silica Chloride ppm as Na Cl Sodium ppm as Na Organic matter General appearance heziness 7+_ 0.003 0.2 micro mho NIL Less than 0. 5. 6. 4. free from odour. colour and 8 . 3.

02 ppm in drum leaving steam 9 .8 0.B. C. Elect.1 – 9. QUALITY OF TREARED DM WATER OR TREATED CONDENSATE The DM water or condensate treated with 10 ppm of Ammonia and 200 ppm of Hydrazine to have pH value of approximately 10. Conductivity at 25oC •Phosphate residual ppm •PH at 250C •Silica 25 ppm 50 micro mho 5-10 9. QUALITY OF BOILER WATER • Total dissolved solids •Sp.

D.02 Not allowed 10 . QUALITY OF FEED WATER •Hardness •PH at 250C NIL 8.01 – 0.005 max NIL 0.02 •Sp.01 0.007 0.3 micro mho 0.8 – 9.2 •Oxygen (max) ppm •Total Iron ppm •Total Copper ppm •Total CO2 •Total silica ppm 0. Electric conductivity •Hydrazine residual ppm •Oil 0.

WATER VOLUME •Generating Surface 130 M3 •Drum •Super Heaters •Reheater •Economizer Total 35 M3 95 M3 50 M3 25 M3 335 M3 11 .


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