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Formula X warranty cover

Formula X covers almost all mechanical & electrical components against mechanical & electrical breakdown.
Service items arent covered and there are some components that Formula X specifically can not cover and these include, but are not limited to:
Body components such as strikers, hinges or any component which may require adjustment from time to time Body panels, including paintwork & glass. Weather strips & body seals. Interior trim, including seats & seat belts. Recharging of air conditioning, unless required as part of a valid claim. Software updates, unless required as part of a valid claim. Renewal of brake components due to wear & tear. Renewal of clutch components due to wear & tear, incorrect adjustment or misuse. Clearing of fuel lines, filters, throttle bodies & pumps and damage to components due to contaminated or incorrect fuel. Airbags, wiring & connections, fuses, batteries, bulbs & LED illumination, exhaust systems, diesel particulate filters, wiper blades, wheel balancing & alignment, tyres and water ingress (including damage to covered parts caused by water). External oil leaks, lubricants, filter elements and any damage caused by frost or lack of oil, or anti-freeze or by impact, accident or negligence. Traffic management system, telephone including Bluetooth, TV/DVD and satellite navigation system, associated equipment of all types. Non-factory fitted radio cassette, CD player or any other in-car entertainment component. Normal maintenance services and their placement of such items as, but not limited to, spark plugs and plug leads. Burnt out or sticking valves Timing belt damage resulting from failure of a timing belt which has not been replaced as per the manufacturers recommendations (proff required) Any damage or losses to components that are not directly covered within the terms of the warranty. Please note that oil, filter, gaskets, anti-freeze and brake fluid required due to the failure of a covered component are covered as part of a valid claim.

Formula 1 warranty cover

Formula 1 provides extensive cover against mechanical & electrical failure, which includes the following:
ABS internal failure of the ABS pump, electronic control unit and sensors. Brake pads, shoes or wiring is not covered. Gearbox automatic gearbox components, electric governor, manual gearbox components, oil cooler, overdrive unit & torque converter. Braking system brake servo, vacuum pump, cylinder and calipers. Central locking failure of a door lock, solenoid/motor and petrol cap locking mechanism. Clutch clutch plate, cover, cylinders and thrust bearing, including oil contamination of the clutch plate. Cooling system the internal failure of all components, except belts, hoses, core plugs & clogging/sedimentation. Engine starter ring gear, flywheel, oil pump, crankshaft & bearings, timing gears, chains & belts, tensioners, camshaft including pulleys & followers, valves & guides, pistons & rings, cylinder head & gasket, rocker assemblies, cylinder bores, push rods, con-rods, bearings and gudgeon pins. Electrics internal failure of all factory-fitted components. The battery, fuses, fuse box, lamps, bulbs, lighter, indicator lamp, ignition contact, breaker points, rotor arm, distributor cap, wiring or printed circuit boards are not covered. Drive unit drive shafts, universal joints & CV joints. Gearbox manual & automatic components, governors, oil cooler, overdrive unit & torque convertor Power steering Shock absorbers failure of shock absorbers & strut inserts. Suspension the internal failure of the anti-roll bar bushes, coil springs and self-levelling units. Fluid pipes and leaking oil seals are not covered. Turbo turbo unit & wastegate. Wheel bearings failure of the bearings. Hubs & stub axles are not covered. Casings engine, gearbox, transmission, final drive casings are covered as long as failure is a direct result of one of the above parts failing.

Formula 2 warranty cover

Formula 2 covers the following against mechanical or electrical failure
Braking system brake limiter valve, calipers, master cylinder, servo, wheel cylinders. Casings engine, final drive, gearbox & transmission Clutch cover, fork & pivot, plate, master & slave cylinder and thrust bearing. Cooling system water pump, thermostat & housing, radiator, viscous fan coupling Differential & driveline CV joints, cross shafts, crown wheel & pinion, differential, drive shafts, half shafts, pinion carrier bearings, propshaft, sun & planet gears, universal joints, washers & spacers. Electrics alternator and starter motor. Gearbox automatic gearbox components, electric governor, manual gearbox components, oil cooler, overdrive unit & torque convertor. Engine camshaft, followers, camshaft pulleys, conrods and bearings, crankshaft and bearings, cylinder bores, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, flywheel, gudgeon pins, oil pump, pistons and rings, push rods, rocker assembly, starter ring gear, tappet gear, tensioners, timing belts, timing chains, timing gears, valves and guides. You are not covered for burnt out, lacquered or pitted valves, or any damage resulting from the failure of worn timing belts which have not been replaced in accordance with manufacturers service schedule. Oil seals and gaskets any that require the removal of a major component, ie engine, gearbox and/or differential. Manual & power steering idler box, PAS pump, PAS rack, pressure pipe, rack & pinion, reservoir and steering box. Turbo unit turbo unit, including wastegate. Wheel bearings bearings only (not hubs)