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Reconciliation SAP FI, CO with CO-PA

SAP ICR_002-Add-on (Tool-kit)
Fast Month-End-Closing, Process reconcile SAP FI, CO <-> CO-PA

Nick Scherer, M: +41 79 833 22 33

Closing Process Without ICR-Add-on Reconciliation
Company 1300 Company 1200 Local Closing Process Company 1100 Local Closing Process Company 1000 Local Closing Process Local Closing Process
Goods Issue (COGS) USD 3.000

Company 2300 2200 Local Company Closing Process Company 2100 Local Closing Process Partner COPA Local Closing Process Local Closing Process
i.e. COGS USD 3.500

• Analysis of differences is very difficult • Many different ways of excel lists must be created to find the differences • Missing processes cannot be showed • No communication and traking support between controller and logistic • Posting Period closed • Processes partly reversed, • Currency differences • Cost estimation differences 2 • FI-GL, UKV, Reported by cost element

Local Closing Find differences not easy
Wehre are the wrong documents?

000 Payables USD 3.000 • Navigate all relevant documents document USD 2.Closing Process with ICR_002-Add-on.500 1000: 5. FI/CO <-> CO-PA Company 1300 Company 2300 Company 1200 Company 2200 Local Closing Process with Local Closing Process Reconciliation ICR-tool-kit Company 1100 Company 2100 Local Closing Process Local Closing Process Intercompany Reconciliation • Enable analysis early in Local the Partner Company 1000 Company 2000 COPA Local Closing Process Closing Process Reconciliation FI with CO-PA Communicate with responsible closing process Local Closing •Process Local Closing Process Local Closing Process • Find differences easy as part of accountants • Avoid differences altogether closing process Receivables 2000: EUR FI-GL-Account 5.000 USD 3.and Tracking function available • Reconcile any time in the month • Monitoring value flow Local in Closing Processes • Reconcile local currency • And Elimination much more of Differences Goods issue EUR 5.000 EUR 3.500 3 .500 • local Post corrections Navigation to the source Characteristic/Valuefields PayablesElement CO-Cost 2000: USD 3.500 Invoice in CO-PA EUR 5.000 per mouseclick • Communication.500 3.000 Receivables 1000: USD 3. Recon.000 USD 3.

Reconciliation Process flow with ICR_002-Add-on Data Selection (1) Data Matching(2) Post Corrections * Data Presentation & Analysis(3) Communication(4) 4 * Available through programming interface (BAdI) or Online posting in case of errors .

see the last slide – FAQ: – Is this tool replacing the Account-based CO-PA? yes – Can all postings in FI.and tracking support – Availability – Technical aspects – Implementation.New Reconciliation Functionality with ICR_002-Add-on Agenda: – Single Steps of ICR_002 Add-on – Supported Business Processes – Data model – Data selection – automated matching and storage – Data presentation and reconciliation – Communication. CO-OM. CO-PC be reconciled automatically with CO-PA? yes 5 .

e. same reference. same document date.CO can be overtaken Online and in Batch into the Special Ledger – Postings in CO-PA can be overtaken in Batch or start the TC: FBICS2 . and so on) – Access central system (local or group accountants. Materialnumber.g. CO-OM and CO-PA – Store relevant data in central system Global Special Ledger – Assign documents automatically based on customizable business rules (hard rules.Steps of Reconcile FI/CO with CO-PA – Retrieve relevant data from FI. local currency. e. posting of correction documents in operative and/or reconciliation system) – Posting from FI.g. Sales Order. 6 .GL Accounts: Select Documents into the Ledger. and amount) – Assign matching documents – Communicate with other users by e-mail and workflow – Enhancement of functionality possible through BAdI (e. controller) – Find matching documents using customizable business rules (soft rules.g.

Supported Business Processes – Reconciliation of Open Items at key date – GL accounts with open item management – Customer/vendor accounts with open item management – Reconciliation of documents according to posting date – GL accounts with posting in FI.CO-OM and CO-PA on IRC_002-Add- 7 .

Data Model Mandatory characteristics – – – – – – – Company Partner company Document Number Transaction currency Amount in transaction currency Local currency Amount in local currency Additional characteristics – Any additional document characteristics – – – – – Material number Sales Order Sales Order item Purchase Order / Item … – Any customer definable characteristics 8 .

Data Selection with SAP-Integration SAP Integration – Data selection across SAP systems – Access via RFC (Remote Function Call) – Function modules for data selection are available for – 4.6C – R/3 Enterprise – SAP ERP – Components for data selection – – – – FI – Documents FI – Open Items on GL accounts FI – Open Items from sub-ledgers BAdI’s to select Data from outside of FI and SAP-System – Automatic derivation of – Company from company code – Group account from operative account 9 .

Data Selection from Non-SAP Systems Non-SAP systems – SAP provides a programming interface for the data selection of documents and/or balances – Pull principle – Data selection program calls customer specific data selection logic (BAdI)* – Data selection program stores data in ICR database – Example: Read from legacy system – Push principle – Non-SAP application calls SAP function module – SAP function module stores data in ICR database – Example: customer creates web transaction for supplying data – (*) BAdI = Business Add In in ABAP Objects 10 .

MM. ICR_002 SL Global Ledger Y2 Tables: FBICRC002A FBICRC002T Control tables • RFC destinations • Last selection Data selection process Reconciliation System Online/ U-exit CO-OM CO-PC BKPF BSEG Posting from FI. into Ledger Y2 11 . SD. CO-OM. MM. CO <-> CO-PA. CO-OM. SD. to CO-PA are extracted by TC: FBICS2 Into Ledger Y2 FBICS2 BAdI CO-PA Online Posting from FI.Data Selection & Storage: FI.

Monitoring – Storing of logs for data selection per company – Information: date. user. time.Data Selection – Further Aspects Pre-requisites – Data delivery from the source systems contains global characteristics Standard validations – Valid companies – Valid group accounts Customer specific validations – SAP provides BAdI – User-exit – Examples for customer specific validations – – Valid combinations of company/profit center Valid characteristics for any sub-assignments – . … 12 ...

Data Storage Technical aspects Documents are stored in reconciliation system using standard FI-SL functionality (2 Tables: Line-items and sum items) Standard reporting tools for FI-SL are available for reconciliation data: – Report Writer / Report Painter – Drill-down reporting – Data export to SAP Business Information Warehouse Functional aspects Changes to documents will not be overwritten by new data selection – Reconciliation of Open Items – Data selection program determines whether document has been transferred before – only new documents are added. cleared documents are deleted – Reconciliation of documents – Delta selection (only newly posted documents are transferred) 13 .

Storage. Analysis Summary – Select data from operative systems (e. matching reference numbers. Presentation.Data Selection.) – Present data to accountants responsible for reconciling differences (local accountants or group accountants – depending on organizational structures) – Using communication tools like e-mail – Store communication or process status to specific problem processes – Replacing completely the Account-based CO-PA – Accelerate closing and Reconcile process significant.. 14 .g. as scheduled background job from SAP systems and flat file upload for non SAP systems) – Store data in central Reconciliation System (ERP2005) – Assign documents automatically using customizable rules (e.g.

Data Presentation: User Interface Hide / Show the following slides depending on options: SAP iTutor available in same folder Live Demo in the system Use slides SAP iTutor for ICR_002-Add-on not available at this moment See next slides as an overview 15 .

Omya SAP-CC .

Data Presentation: User Interface Functions .

flexible layout to show any information contained in Reconciliation DB Differences to be reconciled per partner Assigned documents for selected business relationship . flexible layout to show any information contained in Reconciliation DB Unassigned documents of selected partner.Data Presentation: User Interface Layout Unassigned documents of selected company.

wrong transaction or local currency manually … Communication support Template based mails Contact person database Customer specific functions through BAdI Standard functions can be deactivated 19 . communication and processing status) Find matching documents using customizable rules Correct transaction or local currency and amount manually Correct amount.g.Data Presentation and Reconciliation Functionality Functionality Assign documents / delete assignments Set status (e.

1st. 2005. mySAP ERP 2004 is generally available as of March. Customers need a license for mySAP ERP or mySAP Business Suite. 20 .Availability The new functionality is contained in mySAP ERP 2005. This may imply a change of contract from SAP R/3 or R/3 Enterprise to mySAP.

0 (= ERP Core Component) – Functionality is not contained in isolated BW/SEM installation 21 .Technical Aspects Reporting – – – – Report Writer / Report Painter Drill-down reporting Export to BW A new FI-SL Global Ledger is a must for ICR_002-Add-on User interface – SAPGUI for Windows or – SAPGUI for HTML Assignment to component – ECC 5.

ch / Project Expericence 22 .spc4saparis. CO-OM with CO-PA. SPC Scherer & Partner GmbH dispose over 20 years of SAPBusiness Consulting experience in many different Business Processes. More see under http://www. customer/Vendor ICR-002: Reconcile FI. as an Add-on Solution with several BAdI’s ICR-001: Any matching issue with external or internal SAP Data Nick Scherer.Service Portfolio in the ICR-environment from SPC: IRC-003: Intercompany reconciliation for Customer / Vendor ICR-003: Implementation of NON-SAP companies.

SD. to CO-PA Create offer for implementation and Add-on Implementing. testing. MM. please ask – – – – – – – 23 Nick Scherer Raebeweg 8 CH-6402 Merlischachen Switzerland M: +41 79 833 22 33 E: I: ..Implementation scenario for ICR-002-Add-on Live demo with this ICR_002 Tool-kit Analyze your System environment Analyze process flow from FI-GL. training the solution and over give the documentation to the Customer For more information and question..spc4saparis.