Well-said, Sir. Dr. Gary K...Boston [Roxbury] and Jerusalem, Israel {And yes, s ir.

One of those USA American citizens at (or real close to) the very front line s.The human cost of of the reckless and inept leftist pseudo-utopia is, as you k now, leaving us USA citizens less and less protected, and the psy op of [like Ga daffi>$10K+ for each Arab Libyan you can kill...bonuses for gruesomeness of deat h/maiming, with bonus mercenary cash for killing US citizens.....] This had better a really bad "b-Movie" if a President of Our United States refus es to take a moment in his Hawaii vacation golf game..no time....too busy...that miserable day of Dec. 24, 2009, when PLO/PFLP/prepared psychopaths/& others had 3 "heroic freedomfighters" machine gun to DEATH the dear father of seven, devot ed teacher/husband/etc/ was butchered with at least 350 rounds!...Rabbi Meir Cha i never had a chance! The OhBowMore appeasement quota was met- "Paid in Full." Representative West, would you please consider further consultations with Amb. B olton and Mr. Gingrich. As a a team, we are unstoppale! STOP Obama and STOP the Islamofasct war that is happening ALL around the world.We need the military acum en and declamation skillls to handle a Koran-thumpin', smooth, slick, sweet-talk in' killer, BEFORE he kills again. Good luck, Sir! I implore you to consider those discussions. There's SO much sup port out there, just waiting to [vote!] express their repulsion at the thug tact ics, the bullying, the bowing, the false cahrges of "racism" and [you name it!]. ..the conservative, tea party, good Republicans have reached an astounding level of hard-earned credibility and influence. If we can just harness and "package " that energy and love for America, we will DEFEAT the appeaser and bring on the team that can, and will, get it ALL under control, including the un-named mass m urderers who worship death.] The statement about the reality of a failed Dept. of State, he announced that it woul;d be totally revamped and re-structured. It was a breath-taking, assertive statement of the deadly obvious and then later said that Amb. Bolton would be a n effective and life-affirming FORCE amidst a world of predotors who are treated as the prey. I PRAY that we SHALL OVERCOME , and WIN in November! With all due modesty and a rather rigorous study of the war and Word War [here i n the Middle east],I am forced to conclude that we can we (America,the shebanng] will WIN in November!!! Barbarism against civilization and impulse control. Now is the the time, Sir. Dr. Gary K..Doc...Boston (the hard way) and Jerusalem..Thank you.

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