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Academic Work History: May 2008 – present, Washington State University Adjunct Instructor – Digital Technology Communications DTC Video Production - Special Topics: Foundation digital video production. Focus on camera, lighting, and field audio recording basics. Basic filming and editing techniques for Continuity and Documentary projects. • Experimental Video – Special Topics: Advanced editing techniques and alternative storytelling analysis and production.

Aug 2006 – present, Pacific University Adjunct Instructor - Media Arts Dept. Elements of Production: Introductory digital video production. Focus on camera, lighting, and field audio recording basics. Film analysis. Editing for Continuity and Montage aesthetics. • Studio Video: Intermediate digital video production. Focus on narrative production and storytelling techniques including directing, production design, cinematography, editing, and chroma key. • Field Video: Advanced digital video production. Focus on non-fiction production techniques including interviewing, location lighting/ audio recording, and DVD authoring. Concentrate on A-roll B-roll, observational, and creative documentary approaches. • Screenwriting: Narrative format screenplay development. Focus on structure, spine, and mapping Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey”. Focus on formatting with Final Draft software. Class includes film analysis.

• Oversee equipment room and upkeep. Organize and facilitate end-of-term screening.

Aug 2005 – present, Portland Community College Film/ Video Instructor – Video Dept./ Multimedia Dept. Video Production Internship Program: Focus on all phases of the Digital Video Production process, including shooting, lighting, field audio recording, preproduction planning, interviewing, shooting a scene, directing actors, editing, and DVD authoring. Job placement, resume writing and reel development. Organize and facilitate end-of-term screening. • Digital Video Editing: Focus on high level non-linear editing techniques using Final Cut Pro. Includes continuity and montage aesthetics. • Video 2 Production: Focus on narrative production techniques including lighting, field audio recording, directing actors, and editing. • Video 3 Production: Advanced video production. Focus on non-fiction projects including interviewing, location lighting/audio recording, and editing techniques.

Aug 2005 – January 2008, Tualatin Valley Community TV Studio TV/ Field Trainer TV Studio Production: Focus on studio camera, technical directing, audio board mixing, and producing a show for TV broadcast. • Field Production: Concentrate on field shooting, lighting, audio recording, editing and producing a show for TV broadcast. • Advanced TV Production: Classes include lighting, interviewing, and advanced editing tactics. • Coordinator of classes and community volunteers

August 2004 – 2007, PCC Community Education

Video Basics: Focus on beginning video production techniques. Shooting and editing skills for creating an Independent production.

Education: M.F.A. (Thesis completion 2009) – Motion Pictures and Television Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA Certificate in Video Production (2003) Portland Community College, Portland, OR B.A. Media Studies - Video Production Tract (1993 - 1997) University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY References: Michael Annus, Staff Video Producer and Instructor Portland Community College - 503-977-4276 Beth Fitzgerald, Multimedia Dept. Coordinator and Instructor Portland Community College – 503-978-5672 Dave Slay, Community TV Manager Tualatin Valley Community TV – 503-629-8534 Ext 102 Michael Geraci, Media Art Dept Supervisor Pacific University – 503-352-2122

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