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Actually, I recommend they all become "FRIENDS" on FACEBOOK as they are BIRDS of a FEATHER and really SHOULD in their veritable NOSE-DIVE just FLOCK TOGETHER! … ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok, My Friends, I will SHOW you all HOW this WORKS - LIVE & REALTIME! It's like this: I have purposely left the slanderous comments from 419-er / scammer / fraudster / con-artist, Adams Andani on my Facebook wall (dated Wed, May 15th - 25th 2013) and as long as he does not delete them, they will remain there as a LIVING TESTIMONY AGAINST HIM) and others - for YOU to see JUST HOW these fraudsters and haters work! ...........ALL of THEM!!! . . And at this point, I should like to heartily thank Adams for being so dutiful as to supply me with his very own last name, which I had plum forgotten, and the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) of the Republic of Ghana kept asking me for that! So, suffice it to say: “THANK YOU, ADAMS”. . . .

Photograph of Adams Andani, then National Security Officer in the Republic of Ghana, who is currently threatening my life, vowing that I will suffer in his hands when he meets me one on one, stating I will die like a fowl or a goat, will vomit out blood, and that he will kill me the next time he sees me. . . .:

“Now, I’ve seen that u r a big fraudster. I am going to deal with u in a legal way, mark it on your *facebook+ wall. I swear and I swear, I will arrest u. I know where I will get u: mark it on the wall. You will suffer in my hands. You are a criminal. We shall see…” (SMS sent by Adams to my mobile: 18th December, 2012 at 14:12) ~~~> Actually, paraphrased: this means that Adams is beside himself because I figured out he is a fraudster, I have evidence of it, I discovered his whole convoluted game, filed a case against him, dared to go on the offensive, didn‟t succumb to his manipulations and threats, and because of that, he knows that his days are numbered; so instead of repenting for HIS being the fraudster, he tries to point the blame on yours really, dearly and truly…. ~ Voila! And so the same scenario plays itself out over and over again with different players in different countries, but the same thing all over again. . . . C‟est la vie.

NOW, Adams is…. excuse me, WAS a National Security Officer here in the Republic of Ghana, until he went ROGUE big-time, and decided to commit FRAUD as a means of making a living! So, BECAUSE I KNOW Adams is a FRAUDSTER - and, incidentally, I NEVER ALLOW FRAUDSTERS ONE INCH IN MY LIFE; I ALWAYS EXPOSE THEM in order to PROTECT OTHER PEOPLE, as THAT is WHO I AM: A DEFENDER OF HUMAN RIGHTS WORLDWIDE…. he desperately tries to turn the tables around, pitching ME as the “FRAUDSTER”, attempting to destroy me, so that he will not be revealed or pay the price! Voila! And BECAUSE I EXPOSE FRAUDSTERS (worldwide): Adams (and other such fraudsters like him) continue to threaten my life again and again and again, calling and harassing me umpteen times a day, sending me nasty death threats via sms, and posting vulgar slanderous comments on my Facebook wall or on the internet, in general! But this, I leave as EVIDENCE for you all to see this veriest process at work – as I have had to deal with this phenomenon over the years throughout my business and Mission worldwide, and consider it extremely erudite for people to learn how to discern the truth! For today, all that is superficially laid out before you is a definitive lie, concocted by Satan, his emissaries and followers, and whoever believes such rubbish will in fact, end up living a lie, and fall into the devil’s snare hook, line and sinker! Rather, today, one must delve deeper in order to get to the truth, as it is buried under layers of lies! Who does not take the time to do this will be caught by the evil one in his veritable clutches, believing his lies, and will, inevitably, act upon them…. people such as my very own „family‟, for instance, so let us see how this all develops, as it is truly an eye-opening experience, to say the least . .

“MY SISTER PLEASE JUST TELL HER TO WAIT. IT’S BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER IN THE USA SO THINGS WILL BE OKAY ON (the) 20TH (of) FEBRUARY SO SHE SHOULDN’T BE WORRIED AT ALL. SHE WILL SURELY GO. ANY QUESTIONS, SHE WILL ASK YOU, JUST TELL HER THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE DONE ON (the) 20 TH (of) FEBRUARY. MY SISTER, PLS DO AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE TO CONFUSE HER FOR ME. AFTER, I CAN MEET YOU AND GIVE YOU SOME MONEY. OKAY, HER NAME IS JOESPHINE 027 … ….” (SMS sent to my mobile: 30 DEC, 2012 at 15:58) ~~~> I better help you with this one: for such personae HATE being HONEST about the situation, so you would be at a total loss to figure it out: So, NOW, all of a sudden, you will notice he is calling me “MY SISTER”! Nice play!. . . So here, he is asking me to call a certain woman, named Josephine, whom he stole $2,000 USD from (and another $3,000 he still expected from her) for a U.S. visa which he vowed he - pretending to be still working for National Security - could procure for her. But of course, he couldn‟t deliver, as that is not in his domain. He is merely a 419-er, making a living off of defrauding people! He asked me to tell this Josephine that I was from the American Embassy, which I let him know in no uncertain terms I would NEVER do that as I am NOT a fraudster! But he wanted to TAKE ADVANTAGE of MY AMERICAN ACCENT to get himself out of the mess he got himself into, and needed to buy some time so she would cool off and not call the police on him, so he was banking on me being foolish enough to cooperate with him. So, that is it, in a nutshell!. . . .

You see, Adams KNOWS FULL WELL he will lose his job …. correction: he already did…. and not only that, but he will serve a very long prison sentence, in fact, he will get LIFE IN PRISON, for ALL of his MYRIAD of shenanigans, but THIS, he will NEVER admit – NEITHER TO YOU, NOR TO HIMSELF, NOR TO GOD, and CERTAINLY NOT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES he will be answering to very shortly . . . So he is in a REAL PICKLE just about now, and is trying to INTERCEPT THAT ALL by doing me some SERIOUS HARM BEFORE he gets himself into some SCALDING HOT WATER, and literally destroys the rest of his life! So, YET AGAIN: he is trying to SET ME UP to say that I OWE HIM MONEY (when I do not), so that he might turn this whole escapade around, turning it into a charade! . . . So just LIKE Adams, and ALL THE OTHER FRAUDSTERS this country is ONLY TOO FULL OF....... well, ok……..other countries in the world have them, too, to be quite frank and fair, but somehow, they are far more prevalent here: SO, WHAT DO THESE FRAUDSTERS THEN DO ONCE you EXPOSE them for WHO they are in order to PUT A VERITABLE HARD CORE STOP TO THEIR OUTRIGHT FRAUD? - THEY, in turn, will try and pitch YOU as the FRAUDSTER! THAT is what they DO in 100% of the INSTANCES, with NOT ONE SINGLE, SOLITARY EXCEPTION!!! OPA-PA-PA!

“Don’t pick up my calls? - You will see what will happen to you. Adams” (SMS sent to my mobile: 3rd of May, 2013 at 15:37) ~~~> Self-Explanatory.

But ALL they can REALLY DO, folks - since there is no truth to the matter - is to POST their HOGWASH ONLINE, and HOPETY-HOPE-HOPE people will JUST BE THAT GULLIBLE, THAT FOOLISH, THAT NAÏVE and THAT PROGRAMMED to BELIEVE them and their outlandish claims, and SWALLOW THEIR LIES WHOLE hook, line & sinker! Indeed: they try to TURN THE TABLES AROUND so that they can cause YOU HARM BEFORE THEY GO DOWN! And THIS is ALWAYS their PLAN OF ACTION and ATTACK: LET IT BE KNOWN! For they remain in TOTAL DENIAL of their TRUE NATURES, DENYING ALL OF THEIR FRAUD, SCAMS, LIES and THIEVERY! They are 100% UNREPENTANT and have a TOTAL D DO OU UB BL LE EM MIIN ND D!! THIS is the M MIIN ND Do off a aC CR RIIM MIIN NA AL L!! And this supposed „BIG, BAD ANGELINA‟ they keep blaming and harping on, who is NEVER FRIGHTENED BY THESE BUFFOONS, goes on the OFFENCE AGAINST THEM; thus, they try to PULVERIZE and DISCREDIT her, SHAME and DESTROY HER FULL FORCE with ALL of their WICKED, UNCONSCIONABLE MANEUVERS! Time after time after time after time! . . . . . Quaint, isn't it? - But WATCH THIS! The show‟s NOT OVER YET! . . . . Because, YES, NDEED: FOOLS WILL BELIEVE THEM! . . . . WHY? - Because THEY VERY MUCH WANT TO! . . . But even FOOLS can NEVER make such skewed notions TRUE just because THEY, THEMSELVES believe it! So, THEY, TOO, will be EXPOSED in the end, in all their EXPOSED IGNORANCE! So be it – as well, they should! . . . So let me be CLEAR: FOOLS can be supposed “friends” or business colleagues or even your VERY OWN FAMILY MEMBERS, who LOVE TO HATE YOU, and are SEETHINGLY JEALOUS OF YOU they cannot SEE STRAIGHT!........ OR…. they can be your OWN EMBASSY OFFICIALS, who are positively CLUELESS, and FULL OF THEIR OWN EGOS they cannot ASCERTAIN WHAT SHEER NONSENSE goes on in the very country they find themselves based in - as they bring their own first world notions into a third world country, where corruption and fraud run rampant, and virtually EVERYONE is involved in it – from those doing business to law enforcement officers to government officials to directors of non-profit agencies to pastors, reverends, bishops…. and the very archbishop! So, they are NOT HELPFUL in the least, when you are ATTACKED by these LOW-LIFE: rather, they will only ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE, thinking they are O, SO RIGHTEOUS, and have SOMETHING TO SAY, REPRESENT, DECLARE and CONCLUDE about the matter, that they have LESSONS to TEACH YOU, and that they are O SO FAR ABOVE YOU and need to make their COMMENTS to you of WHAT

THEY BELIEVE TO BE THE CASE when they are, in fact, TOTALLY, UTTERLY SELFDECEIVED, MIS-INFORMED and DIS-INFORMED! OPA-PA-PA! . . . . You see: there are THOSE who WANT to believe the WORST about you, and even that which is IMPOSSIBLE of you - as their SCATHING JEALOUSY and HATRED of you has gotten the BETTER of them, so they VERY MUCH NEED the work of these petty, insidious, pathetic little fraudsters, who LOVE TO POST THEIR SLANDER ABOUT YOU! THIS is what the SEETHINGLY JEALOUS, HATEFUL and SPITEFUL L LIIV VE EF FO OR R:: TO SEE or HEAR SUCH SLANDER about you! They literally ACHE for this! And, THIS, they will GOBBLE UP, SWALLOWING WHOLE, without even METABOLIZING IT - INSATIABLY, GLUTTONOUSLY, LICENTIOUSLY! . . . . O, YES! . . . But the Truth REMAINS what it, invariably IS: UNADULTERATED, PURE, INVINCIBLE, and UNTOUCHABLE, in the most MESMERIZING, AWESOME and PROFOUND CHARISMATIC, REAL SPIRITUAL PHENOMENON, where God simply adds upon you GRACE UPON GRACE! +++ To be FAIR: S O M E T I M E S ........... I said: SOMETIMES………. when you work long and hard enough, some very, very members of that "OTHER" SIDE MAY JUST COME TO SEE THE LIGHT: i.e. THAT YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT... that YOU were the one WRONGED... that you are “RIGHTEOUS”, and not at all a FRAUDSTER , as some were feverishly trying to brand you as, and that they were VERY MUCH WRONG to have BELIEVED THEM, and in their trying to CONDEMN YOU, INDICT YOU, CONVICT YOU! Amongst these are law enforcement officials, who STILL have a CONSCIENCE. Ask me: I know . . . .

“U r not a God-fearing human bean.” (SMS sent to my mobile: 3rd of May, 2013 at 11:40) ~~~> No comment necessary . . . . And actually, beans are hardly, in fact, God;-fearing. . . . .

But for MOST PROUD FOLK and HARD CORE CRIMINALS like Andani, the ILLUMINATI, and the SEETHINGLY JEALOUS FOLK who simply LOVE TO HATE YOU, THAT is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE and UNHEARD OF for them to SWALLOW, ACCEPT or SUBMIT TO!. . . For they are GUILTY STRAIGHT UP of DESPERATELY wanting your DEMISE! SO THEY TRY THEIR HAND AT VARIOUS MANEUVERS TO MAKE YOU OUT TO BE SOMETHING MUCH LOWER THAN YOU ARE, and certainly MUCH LOWER than THEY ARE! So they have a VERY HARD TIME in life, indeed, and can find NO PEACE within themselves day or night as they JUST CAN'T SHOVE YOU DOWN THAT LOW NO MATTER WHAT ALL METHODS THEY TRY and HOW MUCH EFFORT THEY PUT INTO IT over the years! . . . . “It is hard for [them] to kick against the pricks” (Acts 9, 5), Christ says……. Indeed, it is verily, verily so. . . For God has put you on a PEDESTAL to be the LIGHT OF THE WORLD and TO SO SHINE YOUR LIGHT BEFORE MAN! But those who are full of VICE; ie. envy, jealousy, hatred, spite, who love to gossip, backbite and slander you; who lie, deceive and concoct scathing stories against you in order to try and discredit, decapitate and destroy you, CANNOT STAND YOUR BRIGHT LIGHT or BRILLIANCE, YOUR INEFFABLE JOY or CONTAGIOUS ENTHUSIASM, YOUR GOD-GIVEN BEAUTY or TALENT, VIRTUE or KNOWLEDGE, SUPERNATURAL WISDOM; or maybe it‟s YOUR FREE SPIRIT or POPULARITY, YOUR LIVING YOUR LIFE TO THE MAX in ALL YOUR AMAZING ADVENTURES WORLDWIDE, ACHIEVEMENTS, VICTORIES and SUCCESSES or WHATEVER IT ALL MAY BE, and maybe all of the above! … … So, ALL they can ever do is to conjure up MORE GOSSIP against you, to try and OSTRACIZE YOU, BAN FORCES TOGETHER to make it seem like THEY CANNOT ALL be WRONG and YOU RIGHT! For outside gossip and slander about you would illegitimately gain them some momentum, and this is what they desperately seek, as they CANNOT sustain their SCATHING LIES all their LIVES; they NEED OTHERS‟ INPUT or NEW RECRUITS! OPA-PAPA! And thusly, they create for themselves a decadent sub-culture they have all subscribed to in order to make it seem like THEY KNOW SOMETHING others don‟t, and if the newbie DID KNOW THIS, they would certainly BAN FORCES together with them! And THAT is ENOUGH for the newbies, who are equally full of vice to immediately subscribe to this ploy and initiation into their decadent cult and subculture, and so, they accept that base thinking in this occultic society – as please note: “occultism” means hidden, and the most important priority for such low-life is to keep their jealousy and hatred of you HIDDEN, or they would be EXPOSED for WHO and WHAT THEY REALLY ARE, which they must never allow at all costs and odds! OLAY! Now, please note: such low-life can invest a whole LIFETIME into their ANIMOSITY of you and perpetuating their SCATHING JEALOUSY of you, YOU CANNOT BELIEVE the EXTENT THEY WILL GO TO! . . . . But THAT is THEM, and so, THEY LOVE IT WHEN THE ILLUMINATI or FRAUDSTERS HIT ON YOU because they will MOST WILLINGLY and IMMEDIATELY JUMP ON THAT BANDWAGON to SWALLOW UP WHOLE WHATEVER VILE they have SPEWED AGAINST YOU! It is MORE than WELCOME by them! In fact, THIS is WHAT they needed all along to SOLIDIFY their OWN CONCOCTED ALLEGATIONS against YOU so NOW, they FIGURE, it is taking on some REAL FORM, which will FINALLY ALLOW THEM to COME OUT OF THE CLOSET, and SPREAD THIS NEWS far and wide about you, and they can MORE EASILY GET OTHERS ON BOARD WITH THEIR PROGRAM TO HATE YOU, TOO which is their REAL long-term END-GOAL! Besides, it requires WAY TOO MUCH EFFORT on

THEIR PART to FOREVER HIDE their ANIMOSITY of YOU, so ANY supposed REAL EVIDENCE from outsiders - and SLANDER by others to FREE THEM of their PLIGHT of HIDING will do PERFECTLY FINE - as they have NO PROBLEMS BELIEVNG WHATEVER THEY SAY and EMBRACING IT PRONTO, FULLY and MOST, MOST GLADLY! In fact, it is a RELIEF for them! So, you see: THEY ALL SERVE SATAN, and are VERY HELPFUL to EACH OTHER‟S CAUSES! They, in fact, NEED each other! OPA! . . . Thus, they will ALL end up with the VERY SAME FATE, as their modus operandii are very similar, their vice are one and the same, their intentions synonomous, and their eternal abodes will be one and the same, where they will end up being one big, happy family……..… well…. family, at any rate . . . . As for me: I see them ALL on ONE SIDE of the FENCE, in the VERY SAME CAMP, with SIMILAR NATURES, all LANDING THEMSELVES in the VERY SAME ETERNAL ABODE: EVERLASTING FIRE. . . . Now back to these fraudsters like Andani: let it be known: they have a DOUBLE MIND, living in SHEER, UTTER DENIAL! They PLAY (especially) WOMEN FOR FOOLS, thinking they are SMARTER than them, SUPERIOR to them, BETTER than them, whatever all NONSENSE they dream up in those skewed minds of theirs! . . . . For they could NEVER GUESS that a woman could be „ONTO THEM‟ and DISCOVER THEIR SHENANIGANS or would ever DARE REPORT THEM, moreover! They think women should just PUT UP WITH their SHEER NONSENSE, be AFRAID of them, RUN AWAY and HIDE, and DO WHATEVER they COMMAND THEM TO DO! – “H O G W A S H!!!”, I say! They think a woman would just be too afraid, too stupid, too vulnerable, too pathetic, or whatever all nonsense is in those convoluted minds of theirs, to go on the offensive and PUT A VERITABLE STOP TO THEIR OUTRIGHT FRAUD!!! THIS, they could NEVER GUESS, FATHOM or BELIEVE! And THAT is their DOWNFALL . . . .

“U don’t worry. I know where I am going to get u. Around …… Royale Hotel. I swear to God when I meet you one on one, I will never spare you. Now, I got to know that u r a serious criminal n’ a very big lie. If I were to be a bad person to u, I wouldn’t have come forward to help u out of that stupid mess u were in. Today, I’ve turned to be a bad person to u. Remember: I am a Ghanaian. Mark it on the wall. Adams.” (SMS sent to my mobile: 3rd of May, 2013 at 11:38) ~~~> Actually, Adams is very crafty, indeed, as are ALL fraudsters and the devil‟s emissaries! In fact, Adams took advantage of a vulnerable situation I was in when OTHER 419-ers and an ILLUMINATI INTELLIGENCE AGENT set me up so as to deflect blame on themselves. I had again EXPOSED THEM for WHO THEY WERE, so they tried to maneuver a situation to frame me for fraud. I was in a very precarious situation which I will share with you in my “Heart-to-Heart with the World: On Trials & Tribulations” (in my upcoming DVD). So, they got me arrested and Adams thought to PIGGY-BACK on that , bail me out, to get a girlfriend out of me, thinking he will have leverage over me, and because I adamantly rejected him, he got me RE-ARRESTED! …… And THIS he calls “HELPING ME”. . . . Voila! The picture of Adams‟ „virtue‟ and how much I really owe him…..

AS FOR ME, thought, FRIENDS and „NON-FRIENDS‟: I NEVER TOLERATE FRAUDSTERS IN MY MIDST, AND ALWAYS EXPOSE & REPORT THEM! SUCH HAS CAUSED ME GRAVE HARDSHIPS HERE, THERE, and EVERYWHERE in Life, but I do not STOP doing what is RIGHT, as I subscribe ONLY to GOD, HIS WAYS, and HIS PRECEPTS; and DETEST THEIR PRESENCE ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH! And ANYONE who REALLY KNOWS ME KNOWS THIS ABOUT ME, and if they DON‟T, THEY DON‟T KNOW ME, IN THE LEAST! But THOSE who DON‟T KNOW ME and WANT TO BELIEVE EVIL OF ME, as THAT is WHERE their heads and hearts are at, THEY WILL JUMP to BELIEVE THESE BUFFOONS in an INSTANT! And that is how the world turns today for people are far, far below par, and not at all real Christians, as they feign to be. . . . I, though, do NOT ENSLAVE MYSELF to these PITIFULLY SMALL statures of fraudsters, the illuminati or those full of vice, who are only bursting with jealousy, spite and hatred! Therefore, the first two may try to SUE ME, coming up with the MOST BOGUS LAME INCRIMINATIONS against me, it is literally PREPOSTEROUS! But they think their SCARE TACTICS with me will work! They think they can PROGRAM and INTIMIDATE ME! They believe they can BULLY and ARM-WRESTLE ME! And they have a NETWORK of LIKEMINDED FIENDS – who have all vowed to keep silence and back up their „brothers‟ whom they turn to for the support they need to try and undermine and destroy [me] as well! So, IF TRUTH BE KNOWN: here, we have an ILLUMINATI INTELLIGENCE AGENT trying to RECRUIT ME, and I REJECT HIM FLAT OUT, so what does he do? - He ARRESTS ME! …. Then I HAVE A NATIONAL SECURITY AGENT BAIL ME OUT OF JAIL (while on remand), thinking he can RECRUIT ME AS HIS GIRLFRIEND, thinking he now has LEVERAGE over me! And HIM, TOO, I FLAT OUT REJECT - so what does he DO? - He RE-ARRESTS ME!.... Then I have a FAMILY AS PITIFUL AS CAN BE, BELIEVING I COMMITTED SOME SORT OF CRIME, or I wouldn‟t be in jail, thinking I‟m some sort of CRIMINAL, and THEY DON‟T EVEN COME TO THE RESCUE! Actually, my brother would have sent me the funds to squash the case, but demanded I give him my passport; stay offline, relinquish my phone, and whatever all outlandish stipulations he placed on that, that I flat out REJECTED HIS „HELP‟, too! The Prosecutor and Judge never saw anything like that, but neither is Integrity a common phenomenon here in Africa, so they were perplexed up the wazoo with that one!. . . So, I hope you are seeing how these creatures ALL FEED on each other as PARASITES! And in the end, worms will eat them all, without ever consuming them . . .

“You can run but you can’t hide. U r a big fraudster n’ international criminal. The next time I meet you, I will kill you. Everybody is here n’ you are running away. Osu police are here, too. I have your family contact. I know what I will do to you. We’re coming back to the hotel with the police. “ (SMS sent to my mobile: 20th of May, 2013 at 17:21) ~~~> Actually, this needs some serious paraphrasing: In fact, Adams came with a police officer and another gentleman (I‟m sure, an assassin, as he would not answer me when twice I asked him WHO he WAS) to my hotel, and wanted to whisk me straight away to the Osu Police Station. I told them: “O no! We are going STRAIGHT TO CID HEADQUARTERS!” The police officer wanted to go in my car so I told my business partner I had NO PROBLEM with that whatsoever! On the way, though, when I started to ENLIGHTEN the OFFICER on the REAL STATE of affairs, he literally JUMPED out of the car before we reached Police Headquarters! I waited for them to come and waited and waited some more. I even returned yet again to see if they finally made it, as they promised to come. And still, they never arrived. Then after 5 pm (CID HQ closes at 4pm, but the Inspector in charge was still in the office, unbeknownst to them), Adams calls me to come outside; and I told him to come INSIDE, rather! He said I was NOT there and that they are standing there IN FRONT of the door, but in fact, they were only LYING, wanting to subvert things, playing a trick to get me arrested at ANOTHER police station so this message, too, is TOTALLY bogus! In fact, had they taken me there, the Inspector informed them to IMMEDIATELY ARREST Adams at THAT police station, too, and detain him for them. Sheer, utter, pure nonsense, but THAT is the GAME, and THAT is what they DO EACH AND EVERYTIME WITHOUT FAIL or EXCEPTION: TO TRY AND TURN THE TABLES AROUND! . . .

It is interesting to note, is it not?.... it is the VERY SAME HIDDEN CRAFTINESS, and SOLIDARITY TO KEEP SILENCE that they all subscribe to and implement! They are either INITIATED into an OUTRIGHT CULT, VOWING SECRECY…… or it is an INDIRECT CULT – where everyone just KNOWS to HIDE their craftiness! – It is the VERY SAME THING!!!..... And

BOTH TYPES, in essence, then become “WITCHES” on a WITCH HUNT, to try and destroy the OBJECT of their GREATEST ENVY: YOU! First, they do so via CHARACTER ASSASINATION, banding forces together to SLANDER and DISCREDIT YOU to try and bring you down a few notches, then, as their HATRED of you GROWS IMMENSELY to UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS, they seek your OUTRIGHT RUIN, DEVASTATION and DEATH: LET IT BE KNOWN! So, here it is again, in case you missed it: sometimes what will happen along the way is this: law enforcement officials will in the beginning BELIEVE THESE VILE REPORTS OF YOU (at least, in the beginning)! And sometimes, your VERY „OWN „family‟ will BELIEVE these reports, and EXPOSE themselves UP THE WAZOO how much they HATE YOU, and have ALWAYS LOVED TO HATE YOU…. and ALL THEIR SEETHING JEALOUSY OF YOU COMES TO THE SURFACE, as they feel they have FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING THEY CAN NOW PIN ON YOU that is LEGIT, REAL, EFFECTIVE and INCRIMINATING! . . . . . Only to discover later THEY WERE FOOLED by the EVIL ONE and his EMISSARIES, and have only succeeded in ultimately EXPOSNG THEMSELVES, having fallen HOOK, LINE and SINKER for the DEVIL‟S BAIT! ... Now, ASK ME HOW I KNOW! . . . One SUCH FOREX COMPANY, whose CEO I exposed for the fraudster that HE IS, hired the LARGEST LAW FIRM IN AMERICA, and came up with 76 BOGUS INCRIMINATIONS against me when ALL THEY WERE REALLY OBLIGED TO DO was to KISS MY FEET for what I DID for their Company BEFORE I DISCOVERED that the CEO was a SCATHING FRAUDSTER! But as stated: THIS is WHAT THEY ALL DO: AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN! . . . THEY COME BACK TO POST LIES ABOUT ME (usually, on the internet, as that is the EASIEST POSSIBLE THING they can DO, as HARDLY ANYONE WILL EVER EVEN BOTHER to DO ANY REAL RESEARCH on the matter how much people have Attention Deficit Disorder today), and how AVID and READY they ARE to BELIEVE EVIL about YOU, that they will just PLUM BELIEVE IT, and JUMP ON BOARD – no holds barred! They JUST want to BRING YOU or ME DOWN, instead of TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for their: OWN HIDDEN STREAK OF WICKEDNESS, THEIR OWN FRAUD, THEIR OWN DECEITFULNESS, LIES and PURPOSEFUL SLANDER OF YOU, THEIR OWN THEIVERY, AND THEIR OWN VILE NATURES! So, ALL I have to say to that is: ““R RE EP PE EN NT T,, A AD DA AM MS S,, and ALL THOSE LIKE YOU! R Re ep pe en ntt,, IIL LL LU UM MIIN NA AT TII - ever intent on trying to R E P E N T : repeatedly RECRUIT ME; and YES, REPENT: my very own ever shameful, sorry excuse of a ““F FA AM MIIL LY Y””!! Thank you for giving that TESTIMONIAL, Adams (as if I were to say that my own family “REJECTED ME”, they would just PRETEND I CONCOCTED SUCH AN OUTLANDISH CONCEPTION and HOW DARE I EVEN THINK SUCH A THING – as THEY, TOO, play GAMES, just like you! OLAY! . . .



“ R E P E N T !”

THAT is the CYCLE! THAT is THE GAME! THAT is the PHENOMENON! THAT is the DEAL! And I just watch it play itself all out OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN, as each of them EXPOSES THEMSELVES one by one for WHAT and WHO THEY TRULY ARE! And here, in the domain of SLANDER, they ALWAYS MEET EACH OTHER HALF WAY! The ONE feels the OTHER JUSTIFIES THEM and the OTHER feels they MUST be RIGHT in HAVING WENT AFTER YOU all this time for they SEE it PLEASES THOSE who ALREADY LOVE to HATE YOU! Thus, all such BLACK PARTIES feel that THEY, THEREFORE, MUST BE EVER RIGHTEOUS, and in fact, RIGHT beyond their WILDEST DREAMS and EXPECTATIONS, so they REVEL in IT! They feel they are FINALLY EXONERATED and VINDICATED, REWARDED and JUSTIFIED, ELATED and INVIGORATED that they can FINALLY BRING YOU DOWN, DOWN, DOWN to WHERE they DESPERATELY WANT YOU TO BE, and in NO WISE were they able to SUCCEED all by their lonesome by their very own EFFORTS! OLAY! And throughout it ALL, is the ROOT CAUSE of their HATRED: MARK MY WORDS, whether they REALIZE IT CONSCIOUSLY or NOT, as their DENIAL is SO UTTERLY INTENSE, their EGOS EVER EXHORBITANT, and their HELLBENT EFFORTS on HIDING THE TRUTH EVEN FROM THEMSELVES SO INGRAINED and DEEPLY ROOTED that they will HARDLY EVER BE ABLE TO ADMIT THIS VERIEST TRUTH - EVEN TO THEMSELVES!!! O P A – P A !!! ~ In fact, THEY are the ONES who need to REPENT and COME CLEAN in order to SAVE their poor DECREPIT HELLBOUND SOULS! BUT THIS, THEY HIDE FROM YOU. . . Yes... THEY MUST HIDE THIS AT ALL COSTS! And SO, they MOST DEFINITELY DO - as they RETREAT to their DUNGEONS with their SINISTER SPEECH, GOSSIP, SLANDEROUS LIBEL and PACT to HATE YOU ALL OF THEIR SMALL, PETTY, DECREPIT LIVES . . . . So there you have it! ~ Here, My Friends... and Non-Friends, alike: you can watch it play itself out . . . . as I leave the EVIDENCE behind . . . and have NO IMPULSE to DELETE IT, WHATSOEVER! O, NO!


LET IT BE. AND LET IT REMAIN AS A LASTING TESTIMONIAL, just as they will HEAR their VERY OWN SLANDER & GOSSIP REPLAYED BACK TO THEM IN HELL, for them to know VERY WELL HOW and WHY they ended up there! In fact, they will be held accountable to REPEAT IT INAETERNUM so it is WELL INGRAINED WHY they found themselves where they will inevitably land! But as for ME: I am FREE! And I REVEL in MY GOD-GIVEN FREE SPIRIT, JOY and PEACE as GOD FILLS ME UP for I DO HIS BIDDING! VIVA LA VIE! . . . . By and by, My Friends: THERE IS A LIVING GOD WHO SEES ALL AND WHO WILL JUDGE ALL AND WHO WILL RETURN TO ALL RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE: A REWARD to WHOM REWARD IS DUE, and PUNISHMENT to WHOM ETERNAL PUNISHMENT is MOST DEFINITELY VERY SOON DUE! . . . Voila! ~ So Be It. Thanks Be to God Almighty for All Things under the Sun! As for ME: I Shall Always Rejoice in Him, My Maker & My Saviour, My King & My Groom! I Leave it ALL in His Holiest Hands to Both Avenge & to Justify ME Always & Everywhere as He Most Certainly In Each & Every Instance Does: P PR RA AIIS SE EB BE EH HIIS SH HO OL LIIE ES ST TN NA AM ME E:: H HO OS SA AN NN NA A IIN NT TH HE EU UT TM MO OS ST TH HIIG GH HE ES ST TO OF FH HIIG GH H,, A AM ME EN N A AM ME EN N A M E N AMEN + ++ ++ + x o ~ A xo~A

Angelina Lazar
Defender of Human Rights WORLDWIDE + +Q QU UE EE EN NO OF FT TH HE ES SO OU UT TH H .. .. ..