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Neighborhood Improvement Team Meeting General Meeting, Marina Vista Elementary May 7, 2013, 6:30pm

City Staff Present: Joe Sbranti, Garrett Evans, Dana Hoggatt, Keith Halvorson, Don Buchanan, Laura Wright, Janis Glover, Officer Sarah Spires, Myla Rivers City council Member: Nancy Parent PUSD Staff Present: Linda Rondeau, Abe Doctolero, Dorothy Epps, Matthew Belasco, Mike Adras Contra Costa Times: Eve Mitchell Approximately 11Residents Attended INTRODUCTION – Joe Sbranti, City Manager • • • • Welcome Ongoing meetings since February 2004, this is first meeting of 2013 Thanks for coming Questions for all segments will be answered at the end of the presentation, except for PUSD which will be answered immediately after their presentation

PUSD – Superintendent: Linda Rondeau, Director of Child Nutrition Services: Mike Belasco, Athletic Program Coordinator: Mike Adras • • • 3rd Annual College Acceptance Banquet, grown to 105 college bound student, in the Creative Arts Building Presentation to be made by Matt Belsco & Mike Adras in regards to the “Whole Child” Enhancements will be made to nutrition program in next 3 years o Program lacked pizzazz o Program was assessed for the first 6 months o Old equipment in facilities o Revolutionize the kitchen environment:  solid surfaces  LED lighting  Retrofit  chefs to train school cooks  make more foods from scratch  healthier foods in schools like salad bars  Harvest of the Month program – introducing students to new fruits and veggies  Outreach – wellness policy

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Nutrition Program includes: breakfast, 2nd chance breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper Summer Feeding Program – all children under 18 years old, check out website for facilities involved and times District has a great catering program Mike Adras in this district for 8 months, was Athletic Director at California HS Nutrition Department packs pre-game lunches for students participating in sports Jr. High Schools compete in life competition sports after school, looking to bring back weekly competitions for Track, Soccer and Basketball Stoneman Elementary does lunchtime competitions Number of students in the school district is rising

Q and A for PUSD (answers marked with ** in blue) • Is there a schedule of information/menu for Summer Feeding Program?

**Will be uploaded onto District website – go to Departments then choose Child Nutrition Services **Will include dates and facilities for the program • Have they considered Home Ec programs for the Jr. High Schools?

**There are some Home Ec classes and they are considering expanding them • “Old School Restaurant” in San Francisco which is a culinary program for high school students, do they for see this type of program at Pittsburg High School?

**No Culinary Arts program currently, but that could be a possibility • Do students work in the cafeteria?

**Special Ed students are taught to work in the cafeteria, lots of collaboration with Special Ed students

ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER – Garrett Evans • • Redevelopment no longer exists Oversees Economic Development – especially in downtown area o Approval for Kite Board shop on Marina  Has become an Olympic Sport  One of the best Kite Boarders in the world lives in Pittsburg/ranked 2nd in World  Most kite boarders go to Sherman Island Lincoln Child Care Center Sheriff’s Academy renewed lease Coffee Shop at Library to open soon o Pete’s Coffee Bakery/Cupcake shop to open at previously Old Towne Pastry o Has shops in Folsom and Carmichael o Name will be unveiled at City Council Meeting on May 21st o Mid-July should be up and running o Cakes/wedding cakes o Owner was asked to be on Cupcake Wars Working with State to utilize tax credits for more hiring Employee hiring program o Solar Energy Construction and Trades training program o 2 Classes per year Century Plaza – Target signed new lease and will put approx. $4 million into facility to add grocery section Pittsburg Power Company/Island Energy – on Mare Island: trans-bay cables supply 40% of San Francisco’s power – trans-bay cable helped turn power back on to Candlestick Park during the power outage Gun buy-back took $60,000 worth of guns off the streets Farmer’s Market starting back up Car Show and Culinary Crawl coming on Thursday evenings o Culinary Crawl – buy a $5 passport at Railroad Book Depot, gets you into timed appetizer tastings at certain restaurants, ends up at host restaurant for a meal – drawing for coupons/gift cards if attend all 6 Trying to coordinate events with California Theater so people can see facility (Joe Sbranti ) 5 Waterfront businesses have teamed with City Council to provide July 4th Fireworks

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Joe Sbranti introduced Mayor Nancy Parent

PLANNING – Dana Hoggatt, Planning Manager • Works with new developers to make sure they are following Zoning laws o Helps in the design of the buildings’ façade o Enforces certain conditions Works with new businesses o Helps to find locations consistent with Zoning laws Also works with home based businesses Assists in new constructions projects from large subdivisions to individual homes o Makes sure they’re compliant with city codes Brings plans/projects to Planning Commission – discretions for land use applications Pittsburg-Antioch Highway – private developer interested in constructing a Solar Farm on the vacant lot o City Council approved – supports sustainable energy o Planning makes sure it’s consistent with Zoning laws Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery Park – east of future Solar Farm o Transfer station o Will change operation to incorporate food waste & other operational changes o Planning will evaluate potential impacts to bring to City Council Found grants for infrastructure projects o Pedestrian improvements around future Pittsburg Bart Station on Railroad Ave. o Park in downtown plaza  Pedestrian improvements  Parking  Sidewalks  Lighting San Marco o Horizon year 2020 – extended to 2032 in exchange the developer will build a park on W. Leland Rd./San Marco Blvd – looking to public for suggestions of amenities at the park, let Dana know your wish list Planning can be reached by phone/email/counter clerk (lunch 12:00-1:00pm)

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ENGINEERING – Keith Halvorson • • Engineering works closely with Planning and Building Departments Helps implement projects o Development o Sewers/storm drains/water lines o Makes sure all are designed and built right Projects for City o Designed and built by contractors – assured by Engineering

o o o o o o

Herb White Way traffic circle California Theater 3 pavement projects underway Library close to completion Traffic signals Highway 4 is not our project but we work with them to make sure everything is safe  BART to be completed by 2017  Bridge on Loveridge Rd to be completed in a few months

Joe Sbranti • Hillcrest should be built by 2017 (Joe Sbranti) o Looking to get Railroad Station Built at the same time o City has contributed $2.3 million in funding for the Railroad Station/need $15 million/$1.3 million alone for parking & walk to BART • Development to go back up – 150 building permits pulled for last year, 250 pulled for this year • Pittsburg is up 5,000 people in last 5 years

PARKS AND RECREATION/STREET MAINTENANCE – Don Buchanan • • Mentioned handout with important phone numbers Street and Sidewalk maintenance o Landscaping to include parks – 22 of them o Upkeep of street lights o Street sweeping o Facility maintenance o Street tree maintenance o Graffiti clean up o 2 Soccer Fields on school grounds 2 new parks coming – looking for a spot for a Dog Park Brochures for Senior Center, Facility Rentals o Swim center opened May 4th, will be open every weekend until school is out, then hours will extend o Small World Park Junior Giants Program – free non-competitive baseball program for kids

• •

Joe Sbranti • Staff for Parks and Recreation has been reduced but everything is still well maintained, to include graffiti abatements

ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS – Laura Wright • • • We learn from residents – 64,000 residents vs. 250 City employees Household Hazardous Waste Program NPDES, Storm Water Program – we monitor to make sure it’s just rain water o Engineering and development o Outreach programs o Don’t want any other discharge into the Delta o Changing your behavior is the hardest job  Kids for Today program/Partners of the Watershed – Delta water awareness program for 4th graders  Creek clean up  Adopt-a-Spot Green Footprint Festival – Small World Park Pittsburg LivinGreen - Facebook Energy Conservation/Efficiency o Cut costs on PG&E bills o Lighting Change-out – ½ PG&E, ½ City to LED lighting o HVAC system Local Enforcement Agency – solid waste inspection Safety Programs o Works with Public Works Dept. for Life Guards o Environmental Compliance inspections Look for announcements to come on Channel 24 Facebook Pages: Living Green, and Neighborhood Team

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PITTSBURG ARTS COMMISSION – NON-PROFIT FOUNDATION – Janis Glover • Downtown Bookstore – Railroad Book Depot o o Tries to help lessen the burden of local government Beginning in June on Saturdays from 10:00am-12:00pm they will host children’s activities    Bricks for Kids Story telling “What I want to be” – guest speakers

o • • • • • •

1:00-3:00pm – local artists will be at bookstore

Facebook Page for activities Housing Grant, Target Grant, Los Medanos Community Hospital Foundation Grant Poker Tournament and Casino Night helps support Arts Program There will be a home buyer education class and home improvement class at bookstore All money made is spent at bookstore and stays in the community See’s candy is being sold at bookstore right now as well as other gifts, books, can order off of EBay and Amazon Summer Reads – “Reading is Delicious”, working with library When books are donated and the store cannot use them , they’ll pass along to library and to Juvenile Hall

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POLICE DEPARTMENT – Officer Sarah Spires, Community Resource Officer • • PD works on long-term solutions Code Enforcement is a division of the PD o Handles blight, weeds, abandoned vehicle complaints o Changes = more investment into the City o Questions/concerns can be entered through GoCities on the City website o New special detail – assigned a Parking Officer, CSS R. Ramirez, at Century Plaza and Wal-Mart shopping center  Parking enforcement  Extra “eyes” and patrol in those areas  Working on cleaning up signage in the storefronts of those areas so that officers can see what’s going on inside Budgeted for 72 officers 3 new officers hired/2 in backgrounds 3 K-9 officers – 2 brand new ones Traffic Unit/Motors o Speed trailers o Cites o Monitor school areas o Commute hours SCU – Street Crimes Unit o Strictly pro-active

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o Guns and drugs cleanup o 2 different teams for Summer o Aides in decrease in crime rates 3 SROs (School Resource Officers) – talking about possibly a 4ths SRO CASE officer – works with Department of Justice to recover stolen firearms all over Contra Costa County 9 Beats in Pittsburg to include El Pueblo County Housing Anonymous tip line/ Anonymous email tips PD Facebook Page o Community Announcements o Crime Prevention Tips o Suspect Info Gun buy-back program City Cameras – 80 of them o Parks o Major intersections o Officers have an application on their smart phones which allows them to access/review the taped information instantly for suspect info, etc. – can also help in Child Abduction cases o Adding cameras to shopping centers

QUESTIONS/ANSWERS (answers marked with ** in blue) • What plans are in store for the dirt fields on 3rd Street and along the Delta

**Redevelopment Agency owns what used to be the John Mansville Property on 3rd Street/Harbor Street, Tesoro cleared their facility that had been there for decades, area is zoned for marine commercial/industrial/residential – no plans or proposals as of yet • Citizen is concerned that above area is being used as a dump site/ also used for “mudding” and doing donuts

**call PD if dumping is actually seen or is in action, otherwise call Code Enforcement or Don Buchanan for clean up. PD will always have some type of response, although response time is priority based. GoCities is a good tool for concerns, responses are documented, department receives a “progress report”. • What can be done about the speeding on E. 3rd Street?

**PD can do special enforcement with speed trailers and extra patrol with Traffic Unit. Engineering Department may use traffic calming measures by reconfiguring the roadway and taking it from 4 lanes to 2 lanes • Can projects still be found on the City website? Will PA Hwy ever go from 2 lanes to 4 lanes, with turn lanes?

**topographic survey completed – looking to see what can be configured long term and short term, should be able to fit right hand turn lane going east bound. There is a list of projects on the website to include water-line extension. • With all of the new construction on and around Hwy 4, there’s been 2 new roads added – one by Staples and Big O Tires and one by Winco. Can we cut out one of those roads and add one between Costco and Target?

**No, these roads are only for temporary convenience and will be closed soon. The stoplight at Loveridge Road and California Extension will remain. Railroad lines are not use very often but there are plans for using them again. • Tell us again the great news about July 4th Fireworks!

**Funds from the waterfront businesses (Dow, US Posco, Energy, Marine Express) will pay for the fireworks, other funds raised will be used for something else, hopefully. So far it will only be fireworks, no other events scheduled for that day.

Citizen had a concern about crime but was going to speak to Off. Spires after the meeting.

**Joe Sbranti re-iterated that the City won’t know about things if the citizens don’t tell us. The City has no tolerance for property crimes to include graffiti. Code Enforcement can be contacted or the Graffiti hotline, also the PD is very proactive. 1 year ago the City had the lowest crime rate in 50 years. This year we are able to increase staffing, call us to fix neighborhoods. • Will there be more places to shop?

**Downtown is growing with a new bakery and offices coming in, there is also more eateries. **Target threatened to leave Century Plaza but City is working with them and got them to extend their lease and invest $4 million into the store. **No guarantees this city will look like Walnut Creek, but we are trying to do façade improvements with $1 million going into Food Source center. City/PD wants you to feel good and comfortable shopping those areas. • Maya Theater improvement is very nice. This citizen is a 12 year resident on W. 9th Street and even that street has improved. Citizen likes that the PD is friendly.

**Joe Sbranti stated we want to prove we’re doing a good job, not just say it. Tell us what we’re doing wrong so that we can fix it. City wants you to shop in Pittsburg. PetSmart just did a $1 million upgrade to their store. New Island Pacific Seafood store on N. Park Boulevard shopping center – beautiful store/Asian groceries & seafood **Increase tax rate passed for more policing and economic development. • Do we have Law Enforcement Reporting on-line – near real time reporting on incidents you can see online?

**Some cities have a pin map of crime online, our PD feels it makes people think crime is higher than it really is. We don’t want to alarm people with possible misinterpretation. Also, it would be hard on staffing because information would have to be manually entered into online reporting system. **We do post Police Calls in Contra Costa Times. • Do the City’s improvements create an increase in home value?

**Janis Glover spoke about real estate home values. When Vidrio originally sold they were asking $100,000-$195,000 – resale of the units now go for $219,000-$275,000, a 40% increase from 4 years ago. Currently there are only 30 previously built homes for sale. Houses are selling for 10-20% higher than the asking price. Janis Glover would like to look for ways the City can help with home improvement loans or “buy-up” loans. **The new Toscana development sold 23 homes in 1 ½ hours, with homes starting at $412,000