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Change of Command Reference U. S. Coast Guard Leadership Development Center
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Energy and Enthusiasm will mark your command from the bottom to the very top of the chain of command and effects the lives and ideals of your personnel for our future Coast Guard. No assignment demands more responsibility. Deviations from formality and naval custom should be avoided. Ideals. Command is a special trust and a privileged responsibility that is not given lightly. guest and the community at large the opportunity to recognize the achievements and service of the OINC while at the same time welcome aboard the Prospective OINC (POINC). not given to all.Introduction The change of command ceremony of the U.S. Muster and formation of unit personnel. diversity of skills or gives greater satisfaction. Regardless of size and duration of the ceremony. time-honored ceremony conducted before the assembled officers and enlisted persons of a command that formally restates the continuing authority of that command. Aside from legal implications the change of command ceremony affords personnel of the command. Elements All change of command ceremonies must include the following: • • • • National Anthem Invocation and Benediction (no benediction for afloat units). The change of command is a transfer of total responsibility and authority from one individual to another. Naval Services is a formal. OIC CHANGE OF COMMAND REFERENCE . Arrival of POINC and official party. it should be a formal and solemn occasion that makes a favorable and lasting impression on all in attendance. It should be an occasion that dignifies the Coast Guard and reinforces respect for the authority of command. Your Leadership.

posting and retirement of the colors. Intro of members of official party by master of ceremonies (MC). COMDTPUB P1500. piping the side and parading side boys are not considered appropriate. I will briefly highlight some of the things all of us need to look at for unit preparation. A formal statement by the MC. Additional Elements The following additional elements are traditionally included at shore station: • • • • • • • Presentation. except that manning the rail. See Command At Sea Orientation Manual. Honors Arrival and departure honors are rendered for members of the official party at shore stations IAW regulations for vessels. OIC CHANGE OF COMMAND REFERENCE . Reading of official orders by OINC/POINC before the assembled personnel of the command.17 For additional ceremonies that are appropriate during the change of command ceremony. there are a number of details to look at. Such honors may be rendered when the senior officer present feels they may serve a definite purpose. concluding the ceremony.• • Personnel Inspection. Remarks by the OINC and POINC. Often a reception is held after the ceremony is concluded. Presentation of speeches by one or more members of the official party. Preparing Once notification of relief is pending. both OINC/POINC establish a mutual target date for the event. see the above reference. Presentation of a momento to the OINC by the crew. Pre-Relief Period During the pre-relief period. and the official physical act of relieving command with the exchange of salutes.

reports for all departments of the unit is not easy. resources. Some reference guides are: • • • Directives. Keeping up with all files. Establishing work lists will help you prepare the crew and the unit. The Coast Guard Directives System. BTM. Administrative Matters As we know the administrative files aboard the unit can be vast. Have on hand a list of personnel currently qualified at all positions required by your unit. boatcrew.Now preparation of the crew. notices. Grounds and Buildings should be inspection ready for the new POINC. All Files. All boats should be ready for inspection. COMDTINST M5215. directives. Publications COMDTNOTE 5600 And Reports Index (DPRI). Pubs. Ensure that there are enough trained personnel to comfortably meet requirements such as fatigue standards. etc.6 Paperwork Management Manual.12 Other areas of concern are: • Personnel Health Records OIC CHANGE OF COMMAND REFERENCE . and facilities begin. Not only interior/exterior. Ensure the crew wears nametags on their uniforms so the POINC can put faces with names. but also insuring the allowance lists are up to date and the CSMP's are submitted. OOD.) Have a list of personnel breaking in for these positions as well. publications. Notices. (B/O. COMDTINST M5212. Material/personnel inspections are the best way to find any areas in need of attention. on file and ready for reference during the joint inspection of the boat. Several references are published to give you a hand with this. Be sure all SSMR's are submitted and are on file for future reference. Instructions should be purged and in order. Personnel Ensure the crew is well trained for all the mission requirements you have.

records. OPTAR. If the pre-relief work lists were accomplished. A joint inspection of the unit by the OINC/POINC should always be done. Engineering records and files Commissary records and reports Property records: • • • • Current unapproved surveys Current allowance Current allowance on hand Custodians inventoried. During this week you must ensure to give all the information you possibly can. ammunition & pyrotechnics accounted for There is no hard and fast rule concerning proper relief time.• • • • • • ESO End of Course Tests inventory Personnel Training Record CG-5285 Supply Administration . files. etc. Have department heads along to share information and get to know the POINC.. Due to PCS orders. A list of current SSMR's/CSMP's on hand will give the new OINC a first hand OIC CHANGE OF COMMAND REFERENCE . etc. the normal relief is usually one work week. up to date with sheets signed and dated (or letter) (have property ready/available in a known area for inspection) • CMS/CMCO: • • • Relief Week Inventoried & audited Accountable hardware (same) All weapons. Be sure to inspect interior/exterior of all buildings and boats. a quick check of any item can be accomplished due to "being ready".

bills. Some items of interest you will deliver to the POINC for their review are: • • Unexecuted orders All orders in effect (standing orders. County. Community relations are a big part of the job. Park) Hospital Doctor/Dentist Offices (contract) Schools (all) Chamber of Commerce / Media Sources Group Visit Always make arrangements for the Group Commander to meet with the POINC well before the ceremony. Arrange a meeting with the Group during the relief week. etc. Some of the areas you may want to visit are: • • • • • • Mayors Office / City Manager Police / Fire / EMS (State. If not possible.) Deliveries OIC CHANGE OF COMMAND REFERENCE . The POINC can also establish faces with names for future communications with them. the opportunity to meet your relief but also allows the Deputy Group Commander and the Operations Officer the same. At least a vehicle can let you see some of the area. If possible to go by small boat. but you win also be able to see where they are located. A meeting not only enables the Group C. Drills Demonstrate proficiency of the crew at: • • • • The Local Area General Quarters Fire Drill Rescue & Assistance Any other drill you feel appropriate Point out /show your area of responsibility. Not only can you have a face-to-face visit and get to know them. a fly over might be arranged.O. do so.view of problem areas with corrective action documentation at hand. City. Try to arrange for a visit to local officials.

beyond what has already been discussed. Here is an idea of some of the personnel assignments you may want to use: • • • • • • • Parking Attendants Ushers Color Guard Music Director (cassette deck/stereo) Set up . test all gear. OIC CHANGE OF COMMAND REFERENCE . First. Here delegating authority to personnel can get out of hand if you don't know who is doing what. One hour (1) before.break down crew Duty Boat Crew (Auxiliary Boat?) A communication room watchstander and OOD who can do the job without interruption to ceremony Schedules Weekly meetings of committee progress will let you see if intervention is needed. Let them get information and report back to you as progress is made. A detailed work list can be generated once the time frame is in place. set up. Arrange time schedules for the committees. 5 The unit inspection logs "Make sure to have all papers requiring signature for the change of command in one place. This section is a guide for the XPO to use. • • Three (3) hours before ceremony. the day before" The XPO actually is the person who organizes and runs the logistical end of the change of command. Start committees to handle the area of responsibility you assign them. start a log or check list.• • • • • • Pre-Ceremony Tasks All correspondence/information about the unit & personnel All documents required to be kept by the OINC All unit and magazine keys (combinations) Provide a statement of Property as listed on pg.

should be available. Coffee. Always have an alternate plan for arrangements. Arrangements An outdoor ceremony at the unit is always the best. "Where" is a topic you need to brief the official party with if there are any special directions such as seating arrangements or breaks in the program so no surprises arise.3 (series). Having a copy of the Program Handout available shows the official party "what and when". Separate waiting rooms allows the official party time to go over chain of events and for all to meet each other if not previously done. VIP's) Non-Reserved Area for Guest Fifteen (15) minutes before. COMDTINST M5000. In addition a message is usually required by the District. before the ceremony. Coast Guard Regulations. re-check gear. (4-1-25).. called to attention & report taken. You may state that "requirements of Ref. etc. A sample relief letter is provided for you in enclosure (1). If it is within your financial capabilities. Chapter 4. A. Be ready for foul weather by arranging an indoor area such as a Fire Hall if no place is available at the unit. Mention any UNSAT areas found: • Gear not working Waiting Rooms OIC CHANGE OF COMMAND REFERENCE . However wet weather can really put a damper on a ceremony. It will be signed immediately after the ceremony has concluded. Documentation Prepare the Relief Letter or (Report of Transfer of Command) ahead of time.• • • • • • • Thirty (30) minutes before. Have separate waiting rooms for official party and the guests. have been met" if no problems are found. rent a canopy/awning so guests are not subject to the elements. Electric Podium Speakers/Stereo Official Party Chairs Reserved Seating Area (distinguished guest. outlines general procedures. start music Ten (10) minutes before all hand to Quarters.

a senior staff officer will normally be assigned as their representative. Time Programs The actual ceremony for small commands should be formal but brief. however. Auxiliary and Reserve personnel. and they may assign an officer to assist you for the project. City & County Officials. (good for invitations too) The Program informs the guests the order of the ceremony. The outgoing OINC will respond by endorsement to any unsatisfactory conditions. OIC CHANGE OF COMMAND REFERENCE . Check format. This saves mailing time and allows you to double check for errors. It should state the order of events from start to finish including the order of official speakers. police/fire officials local prominent business people. In advance. Most District Commanders take a personal interest in these ceremonies regardless of the size of the unit. have them FAX you a copy if possible. The number of invitations you send out is your decision. The Group Commander is the person you need to keep informed. You need to check with the District on their policy or instructions for printing requests. text. Once you have the layout you want. District Commanders and other members of the official party need to know who is in the audience. etc. A notice of at least two months is required for the District Commander to enable scheduling. Invitations Formal printed invitations and RSVP cards should be mailed well in advance. This list should include neighboring units. This guest list should be forwarded through the chain of command. Some Districts have the invitations and programs printed. After the District finishes the layout. All printing must be completed by Government Print sources.• Equipment not present. etc. The Group Commander may have local or VIP's in their area they may want to extend an invitation to. it will go to the printer or District if that is the policy. spelling. Formal recognition of VIP's is important. layout and protocol. family and friends. The program format needs to be laid out in order. and should not exceed more than 30 minutes. so plan well ahead and get ‘proof’s’ to ensure quality. adequate seating should be available for all guests. the OINC prepares a guest list. Media. If they cannot attend. This list should be well thought out.

3 (series) Marine Corps Drill and Ceremonies Manual COMDTINST M5060. the XPO serves as Master of Ceremonies (MC). normally specified as Informal.17 for vessels. maintaining the proper sequence of events and keeping the guest informed of what is expected of them during the ceremony. (e. A rehearsal is "strongly recommended". Past units and biographical of both OINC's should be included. COMDTINST M5000.11 Flags. Reception The decision to hold a reception rests solely with the departing OINC.6 (series). announcements and names should be prepared for the MC's use. If held it may be jointly hosted by both OINC/POINC.Dress uniforms are ordinarily specified keeping with formality of the occasion Tropical Blue Long may be specified under certain circumstances. preferably the day before the ceremony.Try to include some history of the unit. The MC is responsible for making introductions. Uniforms • The uniform of the day is prescribed by the current OINC in consolation with the POINC at the time the guest list is prepared in accordance with the Uniform Regulations. The civilian attire should be appropriate to the military uniform. A verbatim. normally on the back. Pennants & Customs. An invitation to the reception may be a separate enclosure with the invitation or included on the invitation itself. Reception Following) Other References Complete reference guide is available in Command At Sea Orientation Publication.g. NTP 13 OIC CHANGE OF COMMAND REFERENCE . Other guides in Military Drill and Honors are: • • • Coast Guard Regulations. COMDTPUB P 1500. COMDTINST M1020. chronological script providing commands. Names of the crew can be included if room allows. • • Master of Ceremonies For an OINC.