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Dishan Romine (12, #18



That was the last scoring play until after halftime, but it was enough to sway the crowd’s opinion. Local media predicted Male would win by ten points, but the duPont boys were determined to prove to doubters that they could bring the Barrel home for a third consecutive year.

“I think we just went in more confidently than they were. We were fired up,” Nelson said. “We

came out more game-ready than they were. We were saying ‘we might have had a bad season, but we can make our season go from bad to good if we win this game.” Photo by Yazmin Martinez


The temperature dropped as spectators bundled up in red hoodies and

Northfaces. However, heart rates rose—and so did the score. It was the turn-around the crimson-clad students, alumni, and fans had been waiting four quarters for. By halftime, the scoreboard read 10-14, with Male in the lead, but Nelson wouldn’t let that last. He recovered a fumble, allowing Romine to score. The tables had turned, and the scoreboard read 17-14, not to turn back. Photos by Tara Steiden


The Crimsons scored the initial points of the game in the first quarter, after Juwan Gardner (12, #14) intercepted the ball

and Dishan Romine (12, #18) made it to the end zone. Gardner and Michael Nelson (12, #20) played a game of switcharoo to make that first touchdown. “Me and him knew what we were supposed to do,” Gardner said, “and sometimes we would switch because we knew it would work better. We trusted each other like that. This year I was a whole lot more aggressive than Nelson, not that Nelson didn’t attack it, but sometimes I would be the first person down to the play. We practice it like we’re supposed to, but during the game we would switch.” Photo by Tara Steiden

One Last Rally

“I think the seniors did a really good job with the theme. I am happy we got to see a final win for my fourth year.” Elizabeth Coleman (12). “I thought it was a great pep rally and a lot of fun, like always, but it was really kind of bittersweet to think that it was my last Red/White week pep rally.” Cassidy Hale (12). “At first I was really dreading it, but after everyone ran out and started cheering there was more energy and it was exciting. It was our last year to make an impression, and I think we did the job.” Kaitlyn Vissing (12).

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