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PhD THESIS CATALOGUE Year Student Thesis Title

@ 20/08/2012

1994 W Ahn 2008 A S al Hajri 1959 J A Allen 2010 O N Alshroof 2005 R Al-Waked 2003 S Amornsawadwatana 2005 M J Andrewartha 2008 M Anityasari 1988 A Ariel 2000 N A Armstrong 2004 A Aschner 1983 F R Ashe 1998 G Atashbaz 1993 C K Au 1972 1986 1975 1989 1975 2000 2002 1982 A M Aziz Ul Huq K N Badia J E Baker F T Balzer H Bao T Barber A Basu P Bath

1999 J Bau 1980 J Baxter 1996 M Bazargan-Lari 1989 D R H Beattie 1994 M Behzad 1973 P R Bell 2002 C Benjapiyaporn 1964 G Bennett 1987 B Ben-Nissan 2009 C C Beves 1980 Y P Bhasin 1998 D F Bicleanu 1996 B Bigdelli 1972 O Bils 1976 C J Bird 1983 A J Black

Tool Breakage and Tool Wear Monitoring in Milling using the Methodology of Time Series Analysis Logistics Technology Transfer Model Experimental Studies of Drying Grain Under Conditions of Low Heat Input Computational Study of Laminar Flow Heat Transfer Enhancement by Dimples and Protrusions Development of Performance-Improving Structures for Power Station Cooling Towers Risk Management in Multi-Site Concurrent Engineering Projects Application of Hydrofoils to Improve the Performance of High-Speed Catamarans Reuse of Industrial Products – A Technical and Economic Model for Decision Support Towards an Innovative Integrated Management System for Overseas Distribution of Dry Bulk Edible Commodities On the Viscous Resistance and Form Factor of High-Speed Catamaran-Ferry Hull Forms Planning for Sustainability through Cleaner Production Errors of Prediction in Markov Chains with a Superabundance of Possibly Irrelevant Data Investigation of Asymmetry of Vortex Flow over Slender Delta Wings The Acoustic Performance of Plane Laggings and Similar Multi-Layer Acoustic Structures A Study of Bubble Formation and Departure Causes and Prevention of Occupational Repetitive Strain Injuries Studies in Instantaneous and Full Cycle Mobility of Linkages An Optimization Model for Defence Budgeting An Investigation of Built-Up Edge Formation in the Machining of Aluminium A Study of the Aerodynamic Characteristics of Ground Effect Flight The Finite Volume Analysis of Damaged Boiler Tubes Optimal Strategies for Regional Energy Systems Evaluation using Linear Programming Residual Stress and Fracture Toughness Determination Applied to Aluminium Gas Cylinders Non-Linear Modelling of the Automobile Driver in the Presence of Minimal External Disturbance An Integrated Approach to the Intra-Cell and Inter-Cell Degrees in a Cellular Manufacturing Environment An Extension of Single Phase Flow Turbulent Pipe Flow concepts to Two Phase Flow Transfer Matrix Analysis of Rotor Systems with Coupled Lateral and Torsional Vibrations Detection of In Core Boiling by Neutron Measurement The Effects of G-Jitter on Mixing, Convection and Solidification The application of Probability Theory to the Allocation of Engineering Tolerances Three Dimensional Modelling and Finite Element Distribution Analysis of the Mandible An Investigation into the use of Low Aspect Ratio Spherical Wells to Reduce the Flow Separation on an Inverted Wing in Ground Effect An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Deformation in Plane Strain Wedge Indentation Experimental and Theoretical Investigations into the Laser Cutting of Metals with a Pulsed ND:YAG Laser An Investigation of C*-Convergence in the Finite Element Method Noise Propagation in One Dimensional Systems A Branch and Bound Approach to an Aircraft and Maintenance Scheduling Problem A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Interaction of Model

and Two-Phase. Selection and Use of Non-Powered and tools (Tool Expert) The Numerical Study of Bubble Growth Dynamics Thermo-Mechanical Modelling of Reactor Fuel Elements Enhancing the Heat Transfer Performance of Compact Heat Exchangers by Minimising the Contact Resistance between Fins and Tubes High Order Accurate Numerical Method Study and its Application to Simulation of Air Motion and Thermal Distribution in Air Conditioned Space Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Blind System Identification for Operational Modal Analysis using the Mean Differential Cepstrum (MDC) Waste Impact Assessment of Manufacturing Processes for Product Design Evaluation Dual Fuel Combustion in a Quiescent bomb with Natural Gas and Distillate Injection A Knowledge-Based Engineering System for Estimating Weight and Manufacturing Cost for Conceptual Design of Composite Structures A Study of a Fluidic Oscillator A cybernetics Framework for Aggregate Inventory Management in the Royal Australian Air Force Intermittent Gas-Liquid Flow in Horizontal and Inclined Pipes The Design of a Manually Propelled Wheelchair Manually Propelled Wheelchair Design: A User Survey and a Proposed Design Design. Steady and Unsteady Flows through Internal Combustion Engine type Inlet Valves Management for the Amelioration of Occupational Accidents . Predicting and Optimising Laser Cutting Quality Finite Element Application of Fluid Flow in Axisymmetric Nozzles A Numerical Study of Air Conditioning Usage in Office Buildings Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Gear Transmission Error for Gearbox Vibration analysis Multi-axial Weaving for Composite Applications Optimum Resonance Changer for Submerged Vessel Signature Reduction Towards Immunization of Complex Engineered Systems: Products.1986 J Blackwell 1960 S E Bonamy 1975 P J Brockhurst 2004 G Brown 2005 1970 1970 2009 1997 I Budihardjo D R A Budney A Cabelli M Caresta A A Cenna 1994 K C Chan 2001 N Charoenchai 1977 L Chen 1974 P Y P Chen 2006 W W Cheng 1980 H F Cheung 2007 W L Chia 2001 A C K Choi 1994 I-S Choi 2006 J W Choi 1970 A E Churches 1990 M C Coles 1998 M C Cook 1991 T J Crick 1992 T J Crick 2005 J Cronin 1996 A S Dadgostar 1974 L Davidson 2009 N S Diasinos 2010 L P Djukic 1995 1981 1987 1997 P Di Pietro T Doan E W Donnelly S Du 2001 A Durie 2007 P G Dylejko 2009 M Efatmaneshnik 1998 A Eghlimi 2006 M El Hayek 2005 Z El Kurdi 2010 R Ekanayake 2003 D M Ellerman 1988 B N Emerson Asperities in Metallic Sliding Friction Propulsion Performance of a Lifting Flapping Wing An analysis of the Otto Cycle Taking into Consideration the Effect of Varying Operating Parameters Design of total Hip Prosthesis . Construction and Control of an Industrial Scale Biped Robot A Decentralised Reactive Fuzzy Scheduling System (DRFSS) for Cellular Manufacturing Systems An Analysis Method for Ship Structural Optimization The Aerodynamic Interaction of a Rotating Wheel and a Downforce Producing Wing In Ground Effect Effects of Thermal Residual Stresses on Static Strength and Fatigue Life of Welded Carbon-fibre/Epoxy Composite Joints Characterising. Processes and Organizations Dilute Gas Particle Turbulence Modelling Optimising Life-Cycle Maintenance Cost of Complex Machinery using Advanced Statistical Techniques and Simulation Monitoring and Control of the CO2 Laser Cutting Process An Experimental Study on High Speed Milling and a Predictive Force Model Single.the Femoral Stem A Generalised Rail Vibration Model for Wheel-Rail Rolling Noise Prediction with Application to a Non-Standard Rail System Evacuated Tubular Solar Water Heaters Reinforced Openings in Plastically Deformed Plates A Numerical Study of the Benard Cell Structural and Acoustic Responses of a Submerged Vessel Theoretical and Experimental Investigations into Laser Cutting of Composite Materials Intelligent Control Techniques for Feedback Controller Tuning Applications Development of a Knowledge-Based System for Design.

An Approach to Product Planning under Environmental Considerations 1981 B Fungtamasan Two Phase Flow at a Junction and its Intermittency 1994 F O Gaa Numerical and Experimental Study of 1994 Y Gao Extraction of Modal Parameters from Response Vibrations 2003 Y A Gharbia Nano-Grinding for Fabrication of Microlenses on Optical Fibers Endfaces 1996 M Ghazanfari Multi-Objective Hierarchical Production Planning Model Under Stochastic Demand 1992 A Ginting An Investigation into Muscular Fatigue for Constrained Work Postures 2005 K W Gock Neural Network Prediction of Multi Variable Processes 1977 V K Goel Stress analysis Associated with Total Hip Prosthesis 1997 G R Greenhalgh Factors Influencing the Firm's Propensity to Develop a Unique Manufacturing Strategy: An Empirical Investigation 2004 N K Groenhout Design and Optimisation of Advanced Solar Water Heaters 1966 E J Hahn Thermal Effects in Thrust Bearings 2001 S D Hall An Investigation of the Turbulent Backward Facing Step Flow with the Addition of a Charged Particle Phase and Electrostatic Forces 2007 D Hanafi Automated Metal Spinning: Visual Tracking and Force Control Methodologies 2008 J Hanafi Modelling of Collection Strategics for End-of-Life Products using Coloured Petri Net 2006 D Hanson Operational Modal Analysis and Model Updating with a Cyclostationary Input 2006 A Harman Optimisation and Improvement of the Design of Scarf Repairs to Aircraft 1965 J Y Harrison The Design of a Universal Ergometer and its Application for Determining Human Power Output 1975 W F Hastings A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Machining Process 1975 B J Haydon The Behaviour of Systems of Finite Queues 1989 J R He Computer-Aided Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Process Operation Planning 2002 Henmaidi Integrated Multi-Stage Inventory Management for Perishable Materials in Aerospace Industry 1973 R A Herringe A Study of the Structure of Gas-Liquid Mixture Flows 1999 D Ho Bearing Diagnostics and Self-Adaptive Noise Cancellation 1976 K Hoang A Study of Gas-Liquid Flow in Return Bend 1968 Z J Holy The Influence of Non-Uniform Surface Heat Transients on Temperature and Thermal Stress Fields in Nuclear Reactor Components 1959 F H Hooke The Effect of Mean Stress and of Preloading on Fatigue 1980 J D Hooper Fully Developed Turbulent Flow through a Rod Cluster 1996 H Hosseini-Toudeshky Creep Life Assessments of Components Containing Stress Concentrations under Uniform Loading and Temperatures 2012 B D S Howarth Real time 3D mapping for small wall climbing robots 1992 B Hu Phenomenological Modelling of the Combustion Processes in a Dual-Fuel Diesel Engine using Combustion Bomb 1988 M Hu Mobility Studies in Multi-Loop Spatial Linkages 2004 W Hu On the Identification of the Configuration State in Rotor Bearing Foundation System 1965 C T Huey A Study of the Flow of Bubbly Mixtures in Horizontal Pipes 1970 O F Hughes Wedge Penetration of a Free Surface 1992 S P Hur Efficiency of Simulated Annealing Schedules for a Class of Optimization Problems .2005 H Endo Simulation of Gear Faults and its Application to the Development of Differential Diagnostic Technique 1994 M H Esteki A Numerical Study of Natural Convection from Discrete Heat Sources in Enclosures 1971 L E Farmer An Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Effects of Work Hardening on the Slip Line Field Solution for Plane Strain Extrusion 2012 N Findanis Asymmetrical localised synthetic jets in three-dimensional flows over bluff and streamlined bodies 1983 W E Fisher A Kinematic Study of the Human Hindfoot 1993 T F Foong Selection of Manufacturing Technologies based on Business Strategies: A Possibilistic Linear Regression Approach 2010 G L Forbes Non-contact Gas Turbine Blade Vibration Monitoring using Internal Pressure and Casing Response Measurements 2002 F Francis Environmentally Conscious Quality Function Deployment.

Engine Intelligent Scheduling and Control of Automated Guided Vehicle Considering Machine Loading in a Flexible Manufacturing System: Using Hopfield Networks and Simulation Exploring Deeper Structures in Manufacturing Strategy Formation Processes: A Qualitative Inquiry The Efficiency of Series Production Lines Simulation of Air/Fibre Conveyance within Confined Channels A Study of Bubbly Two Phase Flow Development of a Predictive Theory of Machining for Aluminium Alloys using Materials' Variable Flow Stress Properties Machining: An Investigation into Frictional Conditions and Tool Life for Coated and Uncoated Tools Spatially Reconfigurable and Non-Parametric Representation of Dynamic Bayesian Beliefs Numerical Methods for Finding Zeros and Extrema of Functions Numerical study of heat transfer enhancement in micro-channels using synthetic jets Models of and Results for Randomly Driven Rattling Systems Stochastic Analysis and Robust Design of Stiffened Composite Structures Numerical Study of Buoyancy-Induced Air Flow/Heat Transfer in Doubleskin Facades An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation for the Machining of Hardened Alloy Steels A Study of Power Station Cooling Ponds Teamwork in Cellular Manufacturing A Numerical Study of the Effects of Fluid Properties on Natural Convection Energy and eco-efficiency of manufacturing processes Diagnostics of Planetary Gear Bearings .1991 E S Hwang 2006 S Ilic 2001 J Iqbal 1999 M N Islam 2012 A P Jackson 1986 I S Jawahir 2012 J Jelwan 2011 P W Jones 2011 M W Joosten 2006 S P Kang 1990 T S Kang 1999 S Kara 2011 P D Karningsih 2011 A Karpour 2002 2008 2010 1977 2012 J Keanton D C Kellerman P Khemavuk H Khorasanizadeh R Khumboon 2006 K M Kiang 1995 D Kibira 1994 C H Kim 2007 D S Kim 2009 S B Kiridena 1967 1996 1971 2003 A D Knott L X Kong E M Kopalinsky B Kristyanto 2006 S S Kubsad 2008 B M Lavis 1984 D Le 2011 A Lee 1993 C H Lee 2009 M C W Lee 2008 S R Lee 2007 T H Lee 1976 2010 1984 2012 1995 T S Lee Y A K Lejtman E Leonardi W Li Y J Li A Finite Element Algorithm for Modelling Stable Crack Growth and for Predicting Rapid Fracture in Post-Yield Fracture Mechanics Methodology of Evaluation of In-Service Loads Applied to the Shafts of Automatic Transmissions Parametric Studies in Evaluating Machine Learning Paradigms Functional Dimensioning in a Concurrent Engineering Environment The development of efficient and robust composite structural elements for energy absorption An Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Effects of Tool Restricted Contact on Chip Breaking A macroscopic model for predicting life of components subjected to elasticplastic-creep deformation Prediction and optimisation of the acoustic performance of mufflers for sleep apnoea devices Experimental and numerical investigation of triggered composite energy absorbing structures Virtual Human-Machine Interfaces and Intelligent Navigation of Wheelchairs Layered Desiccant Dehumidifiers for Air Conditioning A Simulation Approach to Project Planning in a Multi-Project concurrent Engineering Environment Development of a knowledge based supply chain risk identification system An Experimental Investigation of Mixed-Mode Fracture I/II/III of PMMA and aluminium 7075-T6 Anistropy and Natural Convection during Solidification and Melting Strongly Orthotropic Continuum Mechanics A model for warehouse performance measurement A Numerical and Experimental Study of Rayleigh-Benard Convection Economic and environmental impact of product service system: A leasing case Natural Feature Extraction as a Front End for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Interactive Reactive Scheduling of an Unbalanced Production Line by Human Learning and Machine Induction Modelling of Mixed Gas Generation Processes in a Fuel Injection System of an S.I.

Vol 2: Appendices Lifetime Monitoring of Appliances for Reuse Problems Related to the Combustion of Gaseous Fuels (Natural Gas) in Diesel Engines A Study of Algorithms for Industrial Scheduling Problems An experimental rocket model and numerical plume boundary studies for under-expanded flow Engineering Properties of Hay. with Particular Reference to the Hay Bale Passive and Active Control of the Sound Radiated by a Submerged Vessel Anistropy and the Bauschinger Effect in Cold-Worked Metals Fundamental Studies of Combustion Phenomena in Dual Fuel Engines Application of fracture mechanics to predict the growth of single and multilevel delaminations and disbonds in composite structures (CTIMS) Computerised Thickness Inspection Management System and (ITEM) Integrated Thinning Evaluation Modules A Posteriori Error Estimates in Computational Fluid Mechanics Shock Wave Motion and Focusing in Area Contractions An Automated Micro-Grinding System for the Fabrication of Precision Micro-Scale Profiles Investigation of Various Maintenance Strategies in a Manufacturing Environment Analysis. investigation and design of flexible universal pneumatic industrial manipulators involving Cartesian and joint control in the basics of economic feasibility and appropriate technology Computer vision Techniques for Finished Hide Inspection Analysis and Modelling of Membrane Heat Exchanger in HVAC Energy Recovery Systems Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Noise Generation from the Expansion of High Velocity HVAC Flows on Board Ocean Going Fast Ferries An Experimental and Numerical Study of Stratified Gas-Liquid Flow in Horizontal Pipes Switching Robust Adaptive Control in Nonlinear Mechanical Systems Parallel Plant Heat Exchangers On the Supersonic Blunt Body Problem by the Method of Integral Relations A Numerical Study of Bubble Growth Computational Prediction of Turbulent Flow Using a New Algebraic Reynolds Stress Turbulence Model A Study of the Abrasive Waterjet Micro-machining Process for Amorphous .1968 S G Liddle 2010 S J Lien 2002 A Liew 2009 S H Lim 1998 S Limnararat 1972 G C I Lin 2006 1969 2008 2011 2005 X Liu B J Lowe G I Lucas D Mackay L Maguire 2009 L C Mak 2009 H M Man 2007 S Manmek 1984 M B Manyindo 1975 R H Marshall 1988 H Mawengkang 2012 H Mayer 2006 M I Mazhar 1998 M Mbarawa 1971 G B McMahon 2011 Y M McPhail 1970 2010 1970 2001 2008 D R Menzies S Merz R Metcalfe H Miao Z Mikulik 1999 L D Milanovic 1987 R J Mills 1971 B E Milton 2006 G E Milton 1996 M Molla-Hossein 2012 S M Munshi 1997 A Nachimuthu 2008 M S Nasif 2007 J R Neale 1997 C H Newton 2006 1980 1980 1979 1998 Q C Nguyen T V Nguyen V N Nguyen L G Nhan N J O'Shea 2011 K L Pang A Study of Fluid Flow in Nozzles Aerodynamic Performance Investigation of Wind Driven Rooftop Ventilator A Study of a Rotor System with Ball Bearing Induced Non-Linearities and the Development of Transfer Matrix Techniques Suitable for Analysing such Systems Calibration-free Image Sensor Modelling: Deterministic and Stochastic An Investigation of the Feasibility of using an Expert System for Assessing Surface Flatness with a Coordinate Measuring Machine A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation into the Mechanics of Orthogonal and Oblique Machining Blind Source Separation Methods and their Mechanical Applications Knee Mechanism Performance Amputee Details Vibrational Characteristics of Structures with Uncertainty Experimental and numerical studies of compartment fires Implementation of a Multi-Faceted Design Approach to Overcome Cooling Problems in High Power Electronics Non-Line-Of-Sight Localisation of a Sound Source Implicit Coupled Constitutive Relations and an Energy-based Method for Material Modelling Economic Evaluation of Impacts of Industrial Products An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Forces and Chip Geometry as a Basis of Machinability Assessment when Machining Various Materials An Integration Scheme of the Solution of Viscous Compressive Flows Nonlinear Integer Programming Mitigating the effects of design errors and error rates on the outcome of design processes: Vol 1: Thesis body.

and Remedial Action for. Auto-ignition Feasibilities Novel Aerodynamic Techniques applied to the Study of a Rotating Turbine Ventilator A Study of Diabatic Two-Phase Flow in Tubes Biomechanics of the Leg Analysis and Simulation of Diameters and Centre Distances Measurement Using a Coordinate Measuring Machine System Modelling of the Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector Effective Micro-Hardness of Coated Surfaces in Relation to Contact Heat Transfer Failure analysis of composite top-hat-stiffeners using acoustic emission and embedded fibre bragg gratings The Suspension of solids in Horizontally Flowing Fluids A Thermal and Hydrodynamic Model for a Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector-Type Solar Thermal Collector Analysis of Non-Linear Systems with Application to Squeeze Film Dampers An Investigation into the Performance of Grain Augers An Investigation of the Electrostatic Collection of Particular Fission Products and Their Contribution to a Scintillation Detector Signal An Experimental and Numerical Study of Mantle Heat Exchangers for Solar Water Heaters Analysis of Flow Around a Tool Cutting Edge Neutron Transport in Boiling Media An Integrated Methodology for Assessing Physical and Technological Life Products for Reuse Effect of Aging on Flutter Characteristics of General Aviation Aircraft Shared-CIM System Implementation and Management Structure IDEF Modelling of Distributed Concurrent Engineering Strategic Product Evaluation using a Stage-Gate Real Option Framework Energetics of Muscular Activity Diagnostics.1970 1973 1967 2000 2002 R P Parlour W L Passlow J P Paul N C Paul N C K Pawsey 2008 R M Payne 1998 D A Peacock 2009 G M K Pearce 1981 T D Phu 2002 K Pianthong 2004 A J Pisasale 1972 A C Pittas 1973 V Z Poulson 2002 N Pumhirun 2008 J D Pye 2001 V Rajamohan 2011 Raju 1974 J A Reizes 2005 D J Reynolds 1994 M A Rezvani-Baboli 1961 A W Roberts 1971 R Rosen 2000 G Rosengarten 1970 R N Roth 1972 G P Rothman 2008 F Rungrungruang 1999 1995 2000 2002 1984 2007 1973 1998 S A Safi T M A A Samadhi R M Sanchez T Sangthean V A Sardana N Sawalhi R B Seeger G J Seil 1999 D J Sharman 2008 A Shen 1982 E W Shimmin 2002 2012 2008 1975 1974 1982 1980 2001 R G Simpson A Sinclair M B Skeen G Smith W K Soh F I Soliman C K Somasundaram D Soodphakdee Glasses The Mechanics of Granular Flow Optimal Fuel Management in the Approach to an Equivalent Reactor Core Forces at the Human Hip Joint A Methodology for Assessing the Recyclability of Engineering Products Development and Evaluation of Passive Variable-Pitch Vertical Axis Wind Turbines A Knowledge-Based Engineering Tool for Aiding in the Conceptual Design of Composite Yachts Decision-Based Hydrodynamic Design of Displacement Monohulls High Strain-rate Behaviour of Bolted Joints in Carbon Fibre Composite Structures Water-Hammer in Bubbly Pipe Flows Supersonic Liquid Diesel Fuel Jets: Generation. Residual Stress in Gas Cylinder Necks Optimised Reduction of the Radiated Noise from the Casing of a Constant Speed Gearbox A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Deformation in Plane Strain Rolling and Drawing Through Circular Dies An Investigation into the Aerodynamic Effects of Coanda Wingtip Blowing Steady and oscillatory flow in the entrance region of microchannels An Investigation of Energy Flow Through Coupled Plate Structures Computer Solution to a Class of Scheduling Problems Development of Vortex Sheets in Unsteady Flow and Applications Optimization of Piping Networks Direct Solution to Nozzle Flow using the Method of Lines An Assessment of CFD Capabilities for the Design of Electronic Cooling Devices . Shock Wave Characteristics. Prognostics and Fault Simulation for Rolling Element Bearings A Study of Muscular Action in Human Locomotion Computational Fluid Dynamics Investigation and Optimisation of Marine Waterjet Propulsion Unit Inlet Design Measurement of.

2007 Y C Soo Too 2001 V J Soriano Innovative Heat Exchangers for Solar Water Heaters A Simplified Assessment Approach for Environmentally Sound Product Design 1972 R M Spencer Classification of Tool Materials 2003 E Spong A Numerical Simulation of Adaptive Electromagnetic Flow Control 2000 R Spyker The Application of Fracture Mechanics to the Fatigue Analysis of Aluminium Ship Structures 2012 C Stanley Experimental investigation of cavitation in a cylindrical orifice 1970 M C Stevenson A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Strain Rate in Machining 1975 K J Stocks Mathematical Modelling of Reactor Strategies 1999 G J Storr Experimental and Numerical Investigations into the Spontaneous Triggering of Jets in Vapour Explosions 2004 M Sun Integrated Environmental Assessment of Industrial Products 1994 P J Sweeney Transmission Error Measurement and Analysis 2008 M Tadros Performance and Safety of Centrifugal Chillers using Hydrocarbons 2005 L H Tan Numerical Study of Phase Change with Marangoni Effects 2012 V Tangwarodomnukun Towards damage-free micro-fabrication of silicon substrates using a hybrid laser-waterjet technology 1990 C G Tapia The Use of Preference Criteria in Interactive Multiobjective Mathematical Programming 1980 I Tas A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Incompressible and Compressible Manifold Pipe Flow 1973 A O Tay A Numerical Study of the Temperature Distribution Generated during Orthogonal Machining 2002 N C Temperley Optimisation of an Ultrasonic Flow Meter Based on Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flow and Ultrasound Propagation 1976 N T Thang A Study of Two-Phase Flow Through Venturis 1998 A D Thomas Power Steering Valve Noise ACCESS RESTRICTED .NOT ON SHELF – NOT FOR LOAN 1970 R W Thomas 2001 C C Tiangco 1999 M W Tosh 2003 A W L Turner 2007 R Ujjin 1967 R W Upfold 1965 P van der Werf 1999 E J van Voorthuysen 1967 E P Villanueva 1973 M N Viswanathan 2007 T R Vittor 2010 J W Vogt 2012 Z Vulovic 2001 1969 2003 2008 2009 2012 S M S Wahid K J Waldron L M Wallis P Wangphanich J R Ward N Watanasakulpong 2009 D J Watman 1984 2010 2012 2008 A R Watson I Watson D Watt S S Webb Finite Difference Computation of Heat Transfer by Natural Convection Design of a Kalina Cycle System for Geothermal Power Generation An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Fibre Steering in Composite Structures A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Stress Distribution and Remodelling of a Femur Implanted with a Femoral Prosthesis Prediction of Bearing Failure in Pin-loaded Laminates A Study of Unsteady Flow in a Reciprocating Compressor An Investigation of the Thermodynamic Characteristics of Power Cycles for Combustion Engines with Particular Reference To the Hybrid Engine Cycle Process Capability Improvement using Large Volume Data Acquisition and Path Analysis Thermal Contact Conductance Heat Transfer from Cylindrical Fuel Elements with Non-Symmetric Nuclear Heating Modular Decentralized Control and Design of a Reconfigurable Redundant Manipulator An Examination of Ground Effect Phenomena and the Development of Ground Effect Induced Flow Separation on a Downforce Generating Wing Methodologies for using satellite-based positioning systems in determining vibration parameters of aircraft structure Gas Gap Conductance in Contact Heat Transfer The Mobility of Linkages A Comparison of Bi-Directional Disc Brake Rotor Passage Designs Simulation Model for Quantifying and Reducing the Bullwhip Effect Motion Planning of Bipedal Wall Climbing Robots Thermal buckling and elastic vibration analysis of functionally graded beams and plates using improved third-order shear deformation theory Analysis and Optimisation of Passive Flapping Wing Propulsion for Micro Aerial Vehicles The Theoretical Prediction of Torque and Thrust in Drilling Spatial Verification and Validation of Datasets in Fluid Dynamics Critical contractor selection factors for major projects Belief driven autonomous manipulator pose selection for less controlled .

1976 B M Whan 1980 J F Whatham 2006 T R White 1976 J C Whitehouse 1968 R A Williams 1972 H M Williamson 1986 D J Wilson 1979 H Winarto 1981 L A Wood 2009 G Wu 2007 Q Yang 2012 2008 1973 1992 2010 Q Y Yao T Yaqub B P Yeo G H Yeoh H Yokohama 1986 H T Young 1998 R K K Yuen 2002 S Zakrzewski 1997 H Zhang 2007 Q Zhang 2009 J Zhao 1997 L Zhao 1994 T F Y Zhu 2011 R Zimmerman environments Quantitative Management Models for a Sugar Cane District The In-Phase Deformation of Flanged Pipe Bends Simultaneous Diesel and Natural Gas Injection for Dual-Fuelling Compression-Ignition Engines Investigations into Guided Boiling A Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Mechanics of the Drilling Process The Prediction of Plastic Anisotropy in Rolled Sheet Metals from Crystallographic Texture A Theory of Neutron Moisture Probes and Interpretation of Measurements in Complex Soil and Water Systems Turbulent Density Structures of Jets and Flames Analysis of a Noise-Generating Random Repeated Impact Process The Impact of Inter-company Network Technology on Correlations between Supply Chain Drivers and Performance Measures The Development of an Integrated Design System and its Embedded Framework for Information Handling. Perception and Environment Modelling A Study of Optima Control Methods Applied to Manipulator Systems Natural Convection in a Solidifying Liquid Investigation of Nonlinear Contact Problem in Pneumatic Tyres Interacting with Road Surface Application of Predictive Machining Theory to More Complicated Processes Including Single-Point Oblique Cutting tools with other than Single Straight Cutting Edges and Milling and Experimental Verification Pyrolisis and Combustion of Wood in a Cone Calorimeter A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of High-Speed Liquid Jets: Their Characteristics and Dynamics Advanced Boiler Tube Life Assessments A Study of High Performance Twist Drill Design and the Associated Predictive Force Models Stereo imaging and obstacle detection methods for vehicle guidance Computational Study of Radiation and Mixed Convection in Enclosures A Novel Finite Element Algorithm for Model Crack Growth and Predicting Rapid Fracture in Post-Yield Fracture Mechanics Novel micro solar collector for portable hydrogen production . Design Space Characterisation and Problem Solving An investigation of rock cutting: towards a novel design of cutting bits Mobile Robot Motion.