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Make a timetable Set the best time for studying. Write and post your schedule. Choose a place conducive for studying. Make flashcards and other visual aids. Device Mnemonics. Stick your schedule. REWARD YOURSELF.


1. Read each question/ case carefully and determine the key elements in the question (patient, age, sex martial status). 2. Pay particular attention to words such as best, most, first, and not when reading the question. 3. Do not add to the questions. 4. Reread the question and understand what is being asked. 5. Try to predict the correct answer before making the choice. 6. Avoid choices with answers all, always, never or none. 7. Look for the answers that appear different from the rest. 8. follow your first intuition. 9. When faced with a question that focuses on unfamiliar topic, remain calm and try to recall clients with problems similar to that in question. 10. Take the necessary time each question without spending to much on any one item. 11. Don't pay attention to how quickly other candidates complete their exam


1. Your answers must be the "IDEAL" practice of nursing based on textbooks and theories not on experiences. 2. For beside nursing, imagine that you are actually taking care of the patient as you go about answering each question. 3. Utilize the nursing process when determining the correct response to the situation. 4. Care of the patient is always priority over equipment.

5. Avoid passing the buck. Consider all other options before making any referral . 6. Be familiar with normal laboratory values. 7. When dealing with questions regarding Therapeutic Communication:

ELIMINATE choices that evoke authoritarian response questions answerable by "yes" or "no" "why questions" questions that probe don't worry response nurse- centered responses.

8. With questions regarding positioning, ask yourself the question' "is this prevention or promotion?"Consider anatomy and physiology next. 9. In prioritization questions, use Maslow's Hierachy first. Then consider the use of ABC's. 10. Do not delegate assessment, teaching, judgment, or evaluation. 11. Learn to recognize expected outcome. 12. Pay close attention to words such as "first," "initial," "best"

DURING THE REVIEW Know When to Relax Do not punish yourself i.e. reading or reviewing all day and all night. You are human, not a machine or even if you could be a machine, just imagine a machine which is overused. It will overheat and eventually bog down. Avoid reviewing when you are not in the mood- its useless! Do not force yourself. Willingness is the key (and determination). It would also be very helpful to know the time of the day when you function well or when you are at the highest performance. That would be the best time to study. Unwind and exercise. Engage in games that stimulate the mind and improve critical thinking- like doing crosswords, bookworm, text twist (the authors favorite pastimes). Exercise your body. Try swimming, basketball or any sport you like. It keeps the body alert and the mind sharp. Dont Just Read, Read and Read Try to understand what you are reading. Train yourself to analyze and not to memorize. Make your own example, code and pneumonic- this will help you recall lessons easily. Example: Maslows Hierarchy of Needs- P.S. Lea Physiologic Needs Safety/ Security

Love/ Belonging Self-Esteem Self-Actualization Know How to Rationalize Know the What, How and Why of each option/ answer Eat Nutritious Foods Glucose is the brains food. Eat a well balanced diet. Get Enough Sleep Rest the mind and body well for optimum function Know the Nursing Process Questions are usually based on the Nursing Process Always remember ADPIE A- Assessment D- Diagnosis P- Planning I- Implementation E- Evaluation Know the Priority In M.S. its ABC: Airway, Breathing, and Circulation In Psych, its Safety Example: A man slipped because of a banana peel. His head is bleeding and he became unconscious. What will you do to help? Help the patient right away? No. The answer? Remove the banana peel first. Why? Just imagine what will happen if the banana peel isnt thrown away. Someone else might slip or in the process of helping the man, you slipped also. It could then be worse than the original situation. Besides, throwing the banana peel wont take too much time. Always Pray Dont Lose Hope Positive thinking will do wonders. TAKING THE TEST Pray Try to do your best and God will do the rest. Dont Get Nervous It will make you more confused and out of focus. Relax Take a deep breath before answering questions Read the Directions carefully Not following instructions/ directions will invalidate the answer. Understand what is being asked Take note of the items/ words that are underlined, italicized or in bold letters. Be wary of the words least, not included, except. These words can be misleading.

Questions can be very tricky. Be Alert Rationalize why the other choices are wrong If you do not know the answer, at least make an intelligent guess Keep telling yourself: I know more than I think I know. I will not only pass, I will be the top 1 in this exam You began in prayer, so end in prayer also.