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May has been a busy month for F.A. March and its students.

There has been may trips and visitors to our building. Through out the newsletter this month you will learn about: - Lee Harper, visiting illustrator - Cliff Sunower, bee keeper - Troy Hein, local author - Lakota Wolf Preserve - Quiet Valley - Egg Drop

Congratulations Little Leopards! We just met our Box Tops Goal! We set a goal of raising $1,500.00 and our school just hit $1,590.00 in box tops. What a FAME-tastic job! The money raised through the collection of box tops will help to fund assemblies, events, and FAME prizes for our entire school. Don't forget to clip box tops over the summer and add them to the special collection sheets because its HIP to CLIP!

LittleLeopard News
May 2013

Many Marvelous Activities at March Elem

Up Coming Events
March Maddness ! June 11 Last Day of School ! June 17

Message from the Principal

It has nally arrived! The end of the school year!
As we look forward to a summer break, I ask that all of our March students reect on the school year that they have had and think about those things that went well and those things that they would like to see improve for themselves next year.

I ask that parents have a conversation with their children on how they felt their academic year went and have them form a goal for the following year-either for March School or at the Middle School. Forming goals--and a plan to reach them-allows for the kind of self-improvement that makes the school experience better for all. I wish to thank all the parents who have supported their children, as well as the parent volunteers who have supported ALL of our students this year, in the many activities and learning opportunities held here at March. I also wish to thank our dedicated teaching and school staff who have worked tirelessly to provide the best school year possible for our kids-- even in the face of difculties and national tragedies. To those that are leaving--thank you for spending this last year with us. Have a safe and happy summer break everyone. I am honored to have been the Principal of F.A. March Elementary School as we approach our 100th year Anniversary. With Hope and Grace, the best is yet to come. Best Regards, Hector D. Bonilla Principal March Elementary School

Troy Hein Presents His New BookJay at Play: The Park

Mr. Troy Hein returned to F.A. March to present his newest book in the Jay at Play series: The Park to our 2nd and 3rd grade students. The book centers around the topic of bullying and specific ways to problem solve issues. After Mr. Heins presentation, the students worked in small groups with the EAHS ambassadors to discuss and brainstorm ideas from the story to real life situations. A Little Leopards thank you to Mr. Hein, Ms Capecci (EAHS ambassador coordinator) and the EAHS students for a very enriching

Dancing with the Honeybees

! BUZZ! BUZZ! DANCE! DANCE! YELLOW! BROWN!...... On Tuesday, May 28th, the students and staff actively participated in the amazing assembly and workshops program presented by Cliff Sunower. Dancin with the Honeybees using honeybees as the major focus of the presentation providing students with concepts, facts and ideas about Ecology of the natural world. Through the art of storytelling, poetry, puppetry, music and dance the students participated in the interdisciplinary educational program. The cafetorium was electric with students wearing brown and yellow to represent the working hive The honeybee presentation was reinforced in the Bee Touch Me Museum lab program where students made a beeswax candle to take home. Thank you Mr. Sunower for bringing the scientic magic of the honeybee hive to life for our school community.

First in Math
Top Five Players
Kmeya W. # 10,673 Megumi B. # 10,551 Cole L. # 9,154 Lyla V. # 7,584 Tiah F.# 7,409

Player of the Month Megumi B. + 1,561

March School is off to a good start using First in Math Online Program in grades K-4. First In Math activities employ Deep Practice techniques to rapidly increase computation, problem solving, critical thinking and essential math basics. Skills that may take months of regular practice can be mastered in a much shorter time using Deep Practice techniques and the immediate feedback online learning can provide. Children using FIM have shown dramatic increases in math scoresacross the board from the top students to the most math-challenged learners. Math24 Online Program has a twist this month. Our EASD has received from the First in Math Team additional accounts for Kindergarten and First grade students. As they learn to navigate the program. Team of the Month Keep your eyes out BE for students in K Mrs. Maczko and 1 moving into the ranks. Best of luck and fun to all of our new players. +5,761

When my class and the rest of the 4th grade went to Quiet Valley, we had an awesome time! We learned all sorts of stuff about what life was like in the 1800s. If you asked the people that worked there about their modern life or modern times, they would pretend to not know what you were talking about. We learned about how they cooked, made utensils, were schooled, farmed, and many other things. As I rotated through the different stations I was fascinated how people got along in the 19th century.

Quiet Valley By Jordan N.

In class we started learning about the Native American tribes that lived in Pennsylvania. Instead of doing the boring read, discuss, take a quiz, we took a more adventurous route! Some people picked a tribe that they really wanted to be in. Then we split up into groups of 3 and set out to learn about the tribe we chose. Each of the groups read the information in our textbooks and then went on the internet for more information. All this information would turn into a Native American talk show. Each group wrote a script and then made a background. After about 2 weeks of work, each talk show was nally done. Now to present to the class!

Were Gonna Make Music for You

! Were Gonna Make Music For You was the title of the opening number at the March Elementary Spring Vocal Concert held on May 6. One hundred third and fourth grade students made music not only with their resonant voices, but also with recorders and even kazoos! Students were able to show off their knowledge of the capitals of

PTA Scholarship Winner

This years 2012 recipient of the March PTAs J. Eric Van Arman Scholarship is Brendan Betts. Brendan Betts has not yet decided on a caollege but he will be pursuing Biology. He received his scholarship on Wednesday May 30 at the Academic Excellence Ceremony. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

all fty states by singing Wakkos America. They also learned to play themes from Beethovens Ninth Symphony, Offenbachs Can Can, Mozarts Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, and Handels Hallelujah Chorus on the most melodious and inexpensive of all instruments; the kazoo. Third grade recorder ensemble, made up of 49 students, demonstrated their note reading and performance skills playing several pieces. Hopefully, these budding instrumentalists will continue their instrumental studies in March Elementary band or orchestra next year. ! The March Elementary band and orchestra also performed this month in a District Spring Instrumental Concert for their parents. In addition to the district concert, the groups also starred in a school assembly. Not only did students perform concert repertoire, but also introduced and demonstrated each individual instrument which makes up a band and orchestra. These concerts proved to be not only entertaining, but also educational, for the audience of young students.

March Science Fair

Students and families had a FANTASTIC time at Marchs yearly Science Fair. Different grade levels had presentations on various science topics culminating in a Science Fair Night and Projects. During the day there were presentations on bacteria and hand- washing, basic chemistry, and water filtration systems. At our Science Fair Night, there were there was a chess challenge run by Lafayette Math Organization, a water table, chemistry demonstrations, and physic concepts for students to experiment with. We would like to thank Lafayette College and their student organizations for making this possible.

Dear F. A. March families, # Thank you to all the families who have been sending in their Campbells UPC labels. Please keep collecting labels throughout the summer. Keep in mind, its very important that the labels contain the product UPC code or they cannot be redeemed. The labels are worth 1, 5, & 10 points! No collection board is needed, just place UPC labels into red containers in the ofce and cafetorium. Lets keep collecting so our school can redeem the points for educational items to benet our children at march school! # If you have any questions, or would like to help with our Labels for Education collection drive, please contact me at 610-250-2531 or via email at Thank you for your support. Together with the Labels for Education programwe can build a better school for our children. Karen Pasquel, Title 1 Reading Specialist Cambells Labels for Education School Coordinator

...... Lee Harper. On May 22, illustrator and author, Lee Harper, visited our school. Lee Harper illustrated books such as Turkey Trouble, Turkey Claus, Woolbur, The Emperor Cool Clothes, and Snow! Snow! Snow!. He talked with each grade level about how he started his career as an illustrator and the process behind the creating his illustrations. The most exciting part of the presentation for students was when Mr. Harper showed the students how to draw a variety of his characters. Students had paper and pencils with them and were able to draw along, a few teachers did as well.

T urkey looked like......

Also during his visit Mr. Harper ate lunch with 12 students, 3 students from each grade, 1st thru 4th. At lunch students had a fantastic time talking with Mr. Harper and asking questions about being an illustrator. Students had a fun throughout the whole day.

Health and Fitness

! ! ! with Mr. Repasch

The school year is moving quickly and most of the holidays have come and gone. The students of March Elementary are all working hard and learning health and fitness skills that will help and last them a lifetime. We talk about getting enough rest, sleep, and exercise along with healthy eating choices and habits. We also have added discussions and handouts of the food plate and portion and servings along with bones and muscles of the body. We started the year with fitness circuit training, which included checking, and counting heart beats as well as how to do a proper warm-up and cool down with all our activities. This includes stretching for the upper and lower body, push ups and sit-ups/curl-ups for strength along with jumping jacks, jumping rope, mountain climbers, line jump and many more activities that they can do and use all year long. We moved into soccer skills activities stressing the footwork of all students and than moved into catching and throwing skills using soft baseballs and soft softballs along with foam and rubber footballs to work on hand-eye coordination skills. All classes practice and the fourth grade are tested twice a year on what is called the FITNESSGRAM by The Cooper Institute. This is a comprehensive and computerized reporting system, which allows individualized reports for each student on flexibility, cardio-vascular endurance and muscular strength. All students did a wonderful job and showed good effort. Next were basketball skills, floor hockey skills, bowling, jump rope, and tennis with an introduction to racket skills, and volleyball bump, set, service techniques, and game play. Finally we move to various track and field events such as 50 and 100-meter sprints, relay races with baton hand offs, long jump, high jump and turbo jav to work on various skills and movements and at all times teaching, showing and stressing teamwork and sportsmanship. This all relates back to our positive behavior program called F.A.M.E of having all students learning how to grow up to be healthy, successful and productive citizens of society.

Ready...Set.... Drop!
SPLAT!, is what our students were trying to avoid hearing during our Egg Drop this past Thursday, May 30. Students had to build a container to protect a raw egg dropped from various heights. This year there was the requirement that students could not use parachutes. The students came up with some very invented and smart containers. We had 78 students make projects. Students competed at grade level competitions then nalist were dropped off the top of the building by Mr. Moussa, Mrs. Ramierz and Miss Kordek. . Congratulations to all students!!

On May 10th, the Third Graders took an exciting eld trip to the Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia, New Jersey. During the PTA sponsored trip, the students learned about many types of wolves and their habitats. They had the unique opportunity to view the wolves at close proximity. The students were even encouraged to howl with the wolves, which was a fun experience. In addition to wolves, the Lakota Wolf Preserve is home to bobcats and several foxes. These animals, while they may be smaller to size, certainly are strong animals. They are known to exhibit this strength when living in the wild. ! After a picnic lunch, many students visited the Camp Taylor gift shop, where they bought small souvenirs to help remember their trip. The students really made themselves proud throughout the day, showing the pride of F.A. March School. ! Third grade would like to thank the PTA for making this unique eld trip possible, and the parent volunteers who shared in our day.

Lakota Wolf Preserve

! The Kellyn Foundation visited 3rd grade to teach the students about planting pepper and tomato seeds. Each student planted his or her own seed and cared for it for several weeks, providing a sunny location and adequate water. The students noticed that the tomato plants sprouted about a week before pepper plants. The tomato plants also seemed to be faster growing. ! Each third grade classroom experimented with self-watering planters made of recycled soda bottles, and string. When comparing the growth of the plants in the regular cups and the self-watering planter, the plants in the cups seemed to grow faster. ! Dr. Maegan from the Kellyn Foundation returned last week to pick the hardiest tomato and pepper plants to transfer in the raised beds built earlier this spring. The remaining plants were sent home with the students, so they can continue to care for them at home. Third grade is anxious to see the tomatoes and pepper on their table this summer.

Growing Green Plants!

Staff Interviews
Each month different staff members will be interviewed by 3rd and 4th grade students.
Mrs. WIlcox 3rd Grade Teacher Interviewed by: Giovanni 1) When is your birthday? ! September 20 2) Do you have a son or daughter? ! I have both 3) What book do you like? ! Books about taking hikes and taking ! pictures. Mrs. Costello 3rd Grade Teacher Interviewed by: Sara 1) When is your birthday? I was born on June 4 2) Do you have a son or daughter? I have one son and one daughter. 3)What books do you like? I like the book, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler 4) Where are you from? New Jersey

Staff Interview
4) Where are you from? ! Montrose, P.A. 5) What is your favorite food? ! Mashed potatoes 6) What did you do before working after March Elementary? ! I was a teacher 7) What books do you like to read? ! Poems books 8) What is your favorite movie? ! Disney movies 9) What is your favorite country? ! U.S.A.

5) What is your favorite food? Crab cakes 6) What did you do before you working at March Elementary? A social worker for a Hospital. 7) What books do you like to read? Mysteries 8) What is your favorite movies? Parent Trap land Lincoln 9) What is your favorite country? Mysteries

Mrs. Orwan 3rd Grade Interviewed by Edwin

3) What books do you like? Junie B. Jones 4) Where are you from? Easton, PA 5) What is your favorite food? Pizza 6) What did you do before working at March Elementary? I taught at Cheston and Paxinosa Schools 7) What books do you like to read?

1) When is your birthday? November 27th 2) Do you have a son or daughter? No children

8) What is your favorite movie? The Wizard of Oz 9) What is your favorite country? USA

Reading Olympics
On May 8 we had our 5th Annual Reading Olympics Competition with an approximate total of 230 students at the nal event from all seven elementary schools. Throughout the year 3rd and 4th grade students read books off a specic list chosen by the district librarians. After reading the books they then write questions which will be used in the culminating event. Students compete in teams against each other. We a one team, 14 students altogether, who participate from March. They did an AMAZING job and had fun doing it! We are all so proud of their hard work. Way to go Little Leopards!!


District Art Show

Articles Contributions:

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M. Kinney C. Kordek N. Niosi J. Brunetti M. Williams

! ! ! ! !

H. Mazcko E. Costello H. Bonilla K. Pasquel PTA

! J. Repasch !

Compiled By: M. Kinney and C. Kordek

Kindergarten Kickoff Carnival

June 14th 4-6pm Paxinosa School 1221 Northampton St., Easton
Food, Games, Prizes & Tons of Free Fun!
k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k

Juggler/Comedian Karen's School of Dance Storytelling from the Easton Area Public Library Police & Fire Departments Meet School Staff & Community Partners Carnival Snacks, Mike & Ikes, Ice Cream Face Painting Balloon Animals Gym Time Therapy Dogs Learn the Lunch Line School Mascots Music & Line Dancing Carnival Games FREE Boys & Girls Bike Raffle!!! Come one come all! Any Easton family with a child entering Kindergarten is welcome!

For more information, contact Maryanne West at 610-250-2551 x24324 or


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Family Connection of Easton Your partner for school success!

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