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Spring 2013 Best of Breed Winner 2013

CH ALEPH AMERICAN IDOL. By Ch Filagree Flashback - Ch Aleph Talk Of The Town Owner: Elizabeth Brown & Paula K Morgan, Plantersville, TX 77363. Breeder: Jacquelyn Cohen & Elizabeth Brown. (Charlotte Sandell, Agent). The Poodle Papers Photo courtesy of John Ashbey

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September 25, 2013 PCA Regional Breed Rally September 25, 2013 PCA Agility- outdoors September 26, 2013 Columbia Poodle Club P.C.A. AFFILIATE CLUB SHOWS Toy: Jordan Chamberlain Min: Chuck Arnold Std: Madeline Patterson *Note this list comes from Susan Burge Intv: Edd Biven Obedience 2013 PCA AFFILIATE CLUB SHOWS Rally Agility - outdoors June 20, 2013 Orlando Poodle Club September 27, 2013 Puget Sound Poodle Club Breed: Daryll Vice Toy: Charles Arnold Sweeps: Chelsie Pickett Min: Madeline Patterson June 22, 2013 Twin Cities Poodle Club Std: Edd Bivin Breed: Fred Bassett Intv: Jordan Chamberlain Obed: TBA Obedience June 23, 2013 Poodle Club of Hawaii Rally Breed: Debbie Campbell-Freeman September 27, 2013 PCA Agility - outdoors Obed: TBA October 5, 2013 Great Lakes Poodle Club June 28, 2013 Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club Breed: Luis Sosa Breed: Desmond Murphy Obed/Rally: Elmer Willems July 4, 2013 Poodle Club of Southern California (Back-toOctober 6, 2013 Great Lakes Poodle Club Back Specialties) Breed: Sharon Rediner AM Breed: Cecilia Ringstrom Obed/Rally: Randy Capael PM Breed: F. M. (Butch) MacDonald October 18, 2013 Poodle Club of Central California July 4, 2013 Lone Star Poodle Club (concurrent with Skyline Dog Fanciers Breed: Janice Pardue of San Mateo County) Obed: Lynn Eggers Breed: Lou Guerrero July 18, 2013 Bluebonnet Poodle Club Obed: Lora Cox Breed: Toddie Clark October 19, 2013 Poodle Club of Central California Obed: Rick Garvin & Donald Levinson (concurrent with Del Valle Dog Club) Rally: Bonnie Lee Breed: Tina Yuhl July 26, 2013 Greater Milwaukee Poodle club Breed: Lora Cox Breed: Terri Lyddon July 31, 2013 Greater Pittsburgh Poodle Club November 9, 2013 Poodle Club of Alabama (as part of Decatur Breed: Robert D. Ennis Alabama Kennel Club) August 2, 2013 Creole Poodle Club of New Orleans (concurrent with Louisiana Kennel Breed: TBA Club) December 14, 2013 Poodle Club of Lehigh Valley (concurrent with Breed: Michael Dachel Lehigh Valley Kennel Club August 10, 2013 Poodle Club of Mohawk Valley (as part Breed: TBA of the Southern Adirondack Kennel December 15, 2013 Poodle Club of Lehigh Valley (concurrent with Club) Delaware Water Gap Kennel Breed: M. Purkheiser Club) August 16, 2013 Columbine State Poodle Club Breed: TBA Breed: Thomas Carneal Puppy/Veterans Sweeps: Ronald Horn Obed: Susan Oviatt-Harris August 22, 2013 Western Reserve Poodle Club Breed: Dana P. Cline September 20, 2013 Quinnipiac Poodle Club (Back-to-Back Specialties) AM Breed: Luis Aizcorbe PM Breed: Ray Stevens REGIONAL INFO Please note: the Host Affiliates are Columbia * Note: If your show is not listed, please contact Susan Burge, Poodle Club and the Puget Sound Poodle Club September 21 & 22, 2013 PCA Hunt Test September 21& 22, 2013 Working Certificate/Excellent September 24, 2013 Tracking Tracking Excellent

the 2nd VP. at pcaaffiliateclub@yahoo.com I list only the shows that she sends me the information on. If the listing is not complete, please contact Susan. Leslie

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President’s Message:
2012-2014 Officers & Committees
President:Dennis McCoy 1st Vice Pres.:William Cunningham 2nd Vice Pres.Susan Burge Corres. Sec.: Mary Olund cabpudel@pacbell.net Record. Sec.: Joyce Carelli Treasurer: Jack MacGillivray Variety Representatives Toy:Joan Scott Mini: Nancy Hafner Standard.: Joan McFadden Publicity: Janet Lange Moses AKC Delegate: Mary Ellen Fishler Show Committee Chairperson:Barbara Furbush Assistant Chairpersons: Johnny Shoemaker Companion Events Obedience & Rally- Chairperson-Ann Mandlebaum Agility Chairperson-Debbie West Working Certificate Program - pending Public Education Coordinator Committee Judges Education Nancy Hafner Affiliate Club Council: Susan Burge PCA Foundation: Exec. Director Tom Carneal PCA Foundation: Coordinator- Joan McFadden PCA Poodle Rescue Foundation Cindy Crawley poodleclubofamerica@yahoo.com Poodles in America: Editor: Beverly Jean Nelson Breeder Referral: Co Chairs-Mary Olund & Leslie Newing Poodleclubofamerica.org PCA Home Page Joyce Carelli pcaupdateinfo@yahoo.com www.poodleclubofamerica.org PCA Information Peggy McDill infopoodleclubofamerica@yahoo.com The Poodle Papers Layout & Graphic design Editor: Leslie Newing Email:pcanewsletter@yahoo.com PCA Email list pca_on_line@yahoo.com PCA on line List Peggy McDill Mary Olund

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Dear Friends, Another great Poodle Club of America is behind us. It’s always great to see so many old friends and to make new friends every year at our show. Poodle lovers everywhere are grateful to all of the volunteers who gave so much time to making our National Specialty the best – and there is a multitude of you. But I must give special thanks to our hostess with the mostest, Barbara Furbush, Ms. Salisbury herself, (who probably won a Miss Salisbury contest way back when even if I’m unaware of it). Barbara worked many hours behind the scenes, before, during and after, not only with PCA, but also with the town of Salisbury and the civic center, and many times turning to Salisbury Kennel Club members to help too, to bring everything together to create a glorious event. It takes a special kind of person to make an ideal show chairman, to be able to work with all the different kinds of people and personalities and yet remain open minded to all. It takes someone with great organizational skills and a lot of wisdom to get the job done right. Thank you, Barbara, on behalf of myself, the Board and everyone who attended PCA, for a job well done. Thanks also to Barbara’s assistant, Johnny Shoemaker. The town of Salisbury could not more be welcoming to Poodle fanciers during PCA week. They started off by giving us a barbecue gala on Tuesday night, with great food and a band, which everyone who attended really enjoyed. I’d like to personally thank the town of Salisbury for this welcome. Representatives from the town came to the show throughout the week to be sure everything was going well and to find out if there was anything they could do for us. They make us feel appreciated. I also want to thank the staff at the Wicomico Civic Center. They go way out of their way for us. Stacy, Marvin, the security people and the rest of the center’s staff always want to help make things better for us while we’re there. Once again this year we had winners from around the world, making us a great international show. But in the end it was our own American-bred Poodle that took the whole thing. Congratulations to Simon’s breeder/owner Betty Brown, co-breeder Jacquelyn Cohen, co-owner Paula Morgan and his Swedish handler, Lotta Sandell. Our AKC Good Sportsman award this year went to Leslie Newing. Leslie is our newsletter – without her there may not be one! – and it was a well-deserved award for the many years she has devoted to Poodle Club of America and to the fancy. cont. on page 4 The Poodle Papers

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For others who would like to be more involved in the Poodle club, we have a new Volunteer Coordinator. Johnny Shoemaker is now the person to contact if you want to volunteer to help in any capacity. This includes PCA members and non-members. If interested contact Johnny at dssup@cs.com or 702-834-6557. Now we get to look forward to the regional, this year in Salem, Oregon, on September 25 through 27. Salem is less than an hour south of Portland, and we look forward to seeing you all there! I hope you all have a glorious summer, safe for people and dogs, with many wonderful wins to those who are showing. Your president, Dennis M. McCoy

Poodles in Paradise!

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From The Poodle Papers Editor
Please note the deadline for the next Newsletter. Please send your articles to this email account: pcanewsletter@yahoo.com Thank you!

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Leslie Newing PCA Newsletter Editor

Poodle Papers! Deadline for the next newsletter is August 16th. Please get your articles to me by that date. Anyone who has an interesting topic that they would like to see in the newsletter, please feel free to email me at pcanewsletter@yahoo.com Please remember I will not print any copyrighted material without permission no matter what the topic is. Deadlines February 16th May 16th August 16th November 16th

The Poodle Papers all issues are on line at Poodleclubofamerica.org

For members who do not have an e-mail address on file or internet access, copies will be automatically printed and mailed. For those members who do have e-mail/internet access but need a printed copy, You can by request have the Poodle Papers mailed to you. By e-mailing pcanewsletter@yahoo.com 4 weeks before the next issue. Thank you for helping the PCA continue to “Be Green.” The Poodle Papers

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Roster Update Form
First Name ______________MI ___Last Name___________________ Home Address: __________________________City_______________State___ZIP___Work Address: __________________________City_______________State___ZIP___ Phone: H: (__) ___-_______ W: (__) ____-________C: (__)___-_________ Fax: (___) _______Email:___________________________________ Kennel Name: _________________________________________________________ Affiliate Club ______________________ Variety(s) S T M Other ____________________________________________________ “I prefer to conduct Poodle Club of America, Inc., business by electronic Mail.” Signed: ________________________________________________________ Return to: Mary Olund 12 Elkin Court San Rafael, CA 94901-1630 The Poodle Papers

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2013 AKC National Agility Championships by Debby DuBay Variety Representatives Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation Working Poodle Poodle Club of America Health Foundation In Memorium PCA Membership News

“PCA receives submission of articles from its contributors. PCA has not confirmed the truth or accuracy of and is not responsible for any statements or claims made in articles submitted by its contributors. Written permission must be received and granted by PCA in order to reprint any editorial material. Contributors reserve all rights to their articles and permission must be granted by the author for reprint purposes. © 2013 Poodle Club of America. All rights reserved.”

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National Specialty
Save these dates!!! PCA National Dates for the future
2013-April 22-26 2014- April 21-25 2015- April 20-24

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Obedience/Rally at the PCA National Specialty
Tuesday was a fine day in Salisbury, MD! A total of 157 Poodle entries competed in Obedience and Rally, showing off their training and intelligence - and sometimes their Poodliness! Thanks to our judges who were able to keep classes moving briskly while welcoming each exhibitor and to our volunteer stewards who provided the support to make the rings run smoothly for all. Again this year Chief Obedience/Rally Steward Linda Howard gathered the crew of stewards and made sure we had good coverage for each ring and that each steward knew his or her assignment and was supplied with a distinctive t-shirt , name tag and lunch ticket. Seeing to everyone’s comfort (and hydration!) as well as running an airport taxi service was only a part of Jan Hopper’s roll as Hospitality Chair. My heartfelt thanks to you both. By my count 23 of the 82 Obedience entries were breed Champions this year, including the white Toy Poodle, High in Trial CH OTCH Saratoga’s Sophia UDX5 OM8 AX AXJ OF bred by her owner Abigail Cooper. They won the Open B class with a score of 199 ½. High Combined went to the Standard, Tudorose Coal Dust UD GO RE GN and his owner William L. Cox with a score of 385. In Rally, with 18 breed Champion entries out of a total of 75, High Combined was won by Miniature Poodle Hillbrae Songbird Sandstorm CD

RE and her owner, Laura G. Weingardt with a score of 199. This completed the trifecta - all three varieties were represented among the top awards in Obedience and Rally Trial competition – very neat! A last word. No one who isn’t involved in helping to put PCA together can begin to realize the huge job the Show Chair undertakes! Beginning even before the close of this year’s show, planning for next year begins. There are literally thousands of things to think about from major decisions to the most minute of details. My personal salute and thanks to Barbara Furbush for her good humor and generosity throughout – you’re the best, Barb. Ann Mandelbaum, Obedience/Rally Chair

Thank You!

Thank you to Grant and Peggy Myers. Since Kay Tripp did not feel like coming to PCA 2013, I was there trying to fill her shoes. Grant and Peggy were there when I needed them throughout the week. I cannot thank them enough. With Kay only a phone call or text away, I want to thank her for her faith in me to handle her job. I have told her that I will help her next year, with her sitting beside me. Dennis, Barb, Toni, Staci, with the Civic Center and many others were so helpful and supportive and patient with me. Thank you, Thank you. Luann Wilkinson

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Last year, when Dennis McCoy first approached me to take the Floral and Ring Design Committee Chair I was so thrilled to see how the entries for both position, I told him I really needed to think about it parades had increased this year. The Performance Pa- before accepting the position. This is a lot of work, rade had more entries than ever before and the Parade and I needed to be sure I could manage it and do a of Champions entry was close to the the anniversary spectacular job for PCA. I thought about it and came up show. I just hope all participants know how much we with a design idea to help me manage it. I ran it through all appreciate the work that goes into bringing an extra Dennis and it was a go with one exception. I wanted dog each year so we can have one more look at all these the theme to be “Poodles in Paradise”. This would give great dogs. me the opportunity to bring back my original idea of For me a lot of the organizational work begins my initial PCA trips; that is, to share the unique and several weeks before PCA, however, at the show I have beautiful tropical flowers of our islands but on grandeur the unselfish help of my two great friends, Vicki Bal- scale. It was a lot of work planning, coordinating and lantyne and Dr. Elly Holowaychuk, both have been especially, putting it together at the Civic Center. there helping me from the first Parade I have been responsible for and my gratitude to them is endless. Without the help of the volunteers, this would not be Again this year the Performance Parade is se- possible. I would like to extend my deepest appreciation cretly run by Joyce Miller. who, not so secretly, man- to the hard working volunteers who pitched in to help ages everything from signing in to announcing. I will create the ambience for “Poodles in Paradise”: never be able to thank her enough for all she does after what I know is a long day working in Obedience. Richard Bohannon It has never ceased to amaze me how, on Wed. Bill, Dorothea and Karen Grace afternoon during the auction everything comes to life Michael Lamb and automatically the ring is cleared and made ready Mary Lebet for the parade. Stewarts amass at the ring and everyone Sandy Marshall is ready to go. (Thank you Brad and Bill) My appreci- Claude Martin ation to Andy Kress for announcing, Christine Nethery Bradford Noyes for her help inside the ring and Kay Pieser, each year Jim Owens taking the last dog into the ring and expertly leading Johnny Shoemaker everyone out to our song FAME. Can’t wait until next year. Last of all, to our Show Chairman Barbara Furbush and Jo Ann Geramita Parade of Champions and Performance Parade Chairman husband Jack who really did a lot of legwork for me to make things happen.


Page 9 CHAMPIONS AND our island specialty for the PCA banquets, which is the delicious chocolate macadamia nut clusters.

For those that attended and stayed to the very end, you Floral and Ring Design Committee had the opportunity to take home these flowers that would last for weeks. Some of the tropical arrangements Chairperson: Bradley Odagiri were given to special people and offices to show PCA Attending my first PCA National Specialty show at appreciation for hosting and welcoming our club into Ludwigs Corner, PA many years ago, made a huge impact their community. on me that I have not missed a single national specialty show since then. For several years, I would bring boxes Again, thank you to everyone for making “Poodles in of tropical flowers to create huge floral arrangements. Paradise” a reality and a huge success. This was my way to express my appreciation to PCA for putting on this awesome showcase of Poodles. “Mahalo Nui Loa –Thank You Very Much”, Every year, I would also bring and share another part of Bradley Odagiri Floral and Ring Design Committee Chairperson The Poodle Papers

We would like to thank the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center Staff for working with us to make this process more efficient. We also wish to thank Nancy Murray and Gail Wolaniuk who assisted us in getting the motor homes moving and parked. A big thanks to all of the The pre-staging and parking of the motor homes went motor homes owners for working with us to make this smoothly and quickly this year. Everyone was parked process work! in three hours versus six hours last year! Due to the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center’s event schedule, Sincerely, no motor home parking is allowed on their lots until Donald L. Adams, Jr. and Judy C. Cooksey Sunday afternoon just prior to the start of our show. Chair, PCA 2013 Motor Home Parking Committee Don and I discussed the parking process with several of the motor home folks last year in an effort to organize and park the motor homes in a more efficient manner and then strived to put procedures in place that would be fair to all. The Wicomico Youth and Civic Center Staff must park the motor homes on their lot to ensure PCA Agility 2013 is over and was so much fun again. they are complying with the rules and regulations of the I have already started working on next year. Our High state and local governments. Arrangements were made In Trial from the Masters division was toy poodle with the civic center to pre-stage the motor homes in MACH2 Susan’s Ult-Radar-ing MXF TQX, Radar to the lot adjacent to Civic Avenue. In order to get the his friends was bred trained and run by Susan Gross. motor homes parked more quickly, they agreed to let us This little guy is 10 and he is still a speed demon. complete all of the required parking paper work, a time was established to park the motor homes on the civic Debby DaCosta came down from Canada with some center lot, and they agreed to let us direct the parking on talented poodles and captured the High in Trial in the Sunday afternoon. Pre-staging and parking information Open Division with Lemuria’s Kallista Wanna B U CD was posted in the outgoing PCA Premium List and motor RN NA NAJ. She also captured the High in Trial in home pre-staging parking signs were placed along the the Novice Division with Palman Mystic Phantom du roads around the civic center that directed the motor Opera. Debby is a trainer and handler of great talent. homes into the pre-staging parking lot. Motor homes The beauty of our poodles is their amazing ability were lined up for parking according to their arrival to play our games with such great skill and panache. time; each motor home was given a parking number; This makes agility at PCA so much fun to be a part of. all required paper work was completed; and everyone We have a saying, train don’t complain. This year for was notified of the time we would be parking on the PCA I let too many things get in the way of working civic center lot. The fire marshal complained last year with my girlie and helping keep us in the condition that the motor homes were blocking the fire lanes while that it takes to play this game at the level I expect of us. they were waiting to be parked so in order to comply I have to keep telling myself that this is a game I play with the fire marshal rules, we moved ten motor homes with my dog. I have to make sure my ability to be too at time and kept the lines moving. The only issue that competitive doesn’t rear its not necessarily nice head. occurred was it still took longer than anticipated for the I pushed too hard for speed and Dusty knocked a bar civic center parking staff to actually park each motor in two out of three runs. It is so important in all we do home. This was due to cut back on staff - only one to put in the time to get the results we desire, and have parking attendant was on duty to park and direct each fun while trying. motor home to their parking site on the grounds. We have discussed this issue with the civic center and they Debbie West have promised they will have two parking attendants on duty for 2014.

Poodle Club of America 2013 Motor Home Parking Committee Report

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News from Agility:

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Catalog Advertising Committee Mary Lebet Cathy Catelain Sandy Marshall

Many thanks are due, once again, to the members of the Poodle community who’s beautiful and creative ads in the 2013 Catalog delighted our eyes, informed our minds and made us laugh out loud. We had four winning categories in this year’s Contest: Grand Champion, , First, Second and Third Places.

Champion winner is Judy Leister and her new Mini, Brinkley, with “Ridin’ a Wave”, designed by Cathi Winkles on Page?? . First prize winner is Charlotte Mitchell and Barclay with “Agility – Paradise Found” on Page 356. Second Place goes to Affiliate Club Heart of America P.C. “Poodles & Palm Trees”on Page 114. Third Place goes to Claudette Boudreaux and her clever “Paradise Cross Word Puzzle” on Page 275. A round of applause goes to those readers who persisted in solving the puzzle despite the printing error which distorted the puzzle boxes – and for those of us of a certain age who remembered that when Zimbabwe was called Rhodesia the capital city was – wait for it - SALISBURY!!! Ads were judged on originality, creative use of the “Poodles in Paradise” motif and artistic merit. A big thank you to our resident PCA Cartoonist, Roger Brucker for doing it again – coming up with those “out of the crate” Poodle cartoons - they make us laugh – and even the Catalog Ads group at Moss Bow looks forward to what Roger will come up with this year. Roger’s featured Poodle reminds me of one of my own, and I call her by my gal’s name – but here’s a thought – perhaps next year we can figure out how to run a contest for the most appropriate name for our own PCA “Peanuts” On a more serious note, the support from the Poodle community for Catalog Advertising is gratifying for the Committee, and a tribute to your appreciation of the many elements required to produce what many believe is the best Breed Specialty Show around - and pay the bills!! The Ad Committee page in the catalog concludes every year with a word of appreciation for all of YOU – the Breeders, Exhibitors, Hunters, WC/WCX, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, (and maybe Herding?) who make PCA the Greatest Show On Earth. It is you, and your support, that makes it happen!!!!

I would like to Thank my set up committee (Kaz, Gail, Karen, Lori, Betty,Paul, & Katie) for being there early and helping with the taping off of the grooming areas. I know it is hard on the knees and back and I do appreciate all your help. It does seem to go faster every year as we all know what we are doing and work well together. Thank You All Terri Meyers

Does your Affiliate Club take pride in mentoring new people to the Breed? mentor someone new to the Breed today!

The Poodle Papers

Page 12 would be impossible. I loved working with each of Thank You! you. Each committee has different situations and needs that sometimes require attention or problem solving. I would like to thank Aileen Tobias for her excellent help in working with the vendors at the Poodle Club of By working together, hopefully each of my committees felt that we had a great year and together we were able America national. to solve anything that needed attention. She is always on top of the details, whether it is making signs for the booth, keeping track of the assigned vendor bingo numbers for each vendor or, most important of all, helping to make the vendors feel that we recognize them as an important part of the show. Aileen your work is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to doing it again next year. Jean Lazarus Vendor Chairman I cannot begin to name everyone that helped for fear of leaving someone off my list. I can only hope that each committee chair was able to send in a personal tidbit for the Newsletter. My week started on Thursday April 18th with the setup of the tracking events. There was not one spare minute until the very end on Friday April 26th, I worked with so many wonderful caring people and together hopefully we have continued to make PCA the Poodle Event known all over the world. The two people I would like to mention are Dennis McCoy and Brad Odagari. Dennis helped so much with small details and it certainly made my job easier. Brad Odagari, Chairman of Floral Decorations did such a fantastic job. He selected and arranged for the shipping of the tropical flowers from Hawaii to Salisbury. With the help of PCA members and friends, the arena was transformed, as if it had been moved to Hawaii; it was truly Poodles in Paradise. Somehow, someway, as if by magic PCA is a “Show Stopper”. I know first hand it is not magic, but the hard work that truly goes into making our specialty shine. It is the dedicated hard workers that come together for our wonderful breed: “Poodles”! When someone was needed to help on any committee or booth, there was always a volunteer there that day to offer a hand. This year, we had a lot of new members and new faces that helped where needed and for that we thank you. Remember, by you volunteering, it helped lighten the load for the others. We shake our heads and say “how can we ever top this”? PCA members and friends, YOU ARE THE BEST! Again, thank you for entrusting me with this job. Fondly, Barb Furbush, 2013 Show Chairman

Note from the Show Chairperson:
The 2013 Poodle Club of America National Specialty is now in the history books. Memorial Trophies have been engraved with the new winners’ names and put away waiting for 2014. Each year brings new ideas, new winners and new breeders who are looking forward to what the next year will bring. It is what keeps all of us working for the common goal whether it is breeding that perfect Poodle, looking for the perfect Poodle and/or looking forward to seeing our friends. Each year we meet and pick up where we left off the year before. We come with high expectations and hopes that involve all of the above. Being the Show Chairman for the Salisbury Kennel Club Dog Show for 28 years and our Cluster Coordinator for 4 years, still does not totally prepare one for being Chairman of a National Specialty, but it helps. It was an honor to be asked by the PCA Board to be your Show Chairman. It is quite an undertaking to work with committee chairmen that live in cities so far away. I want to thank Johnny Shoemaker for being my Assistant Show Chairman. He was always available when I needed him. I would call him in a panic about something and he would calmly reassure me that all would be fine. When he arrived in Salisbury, he quickly went to work helping where needed!

Without the committees in place, that have done their jobs tirelessly for many years, a show chairman’s job The Poodle Papers

P.C.A. Publications

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The Poodle Papers

1. FROM THE WHELPING BOX TO THE SHOW RING A panel of three breeders discuss their methods in preparing a Poodle puppy for the show ring. Panelists Mrs. Arlene Scardo, Miss Betsey Leedy, and Mrs. Kadelia Hamilton. Panel is moderated by Mrs Debby Cozart. $20.00

Page 14
27. 2001 “ BREEDING STRATEGIES” Dr. John Armstrong and Dr. George Padgett discuss “Type” casting, establishing a line, role of DNA mapping in making breeding decisions. $20.00 28. 2002 PCAF SEMINAR -- WHICH PUPPY TO KEEP Mrs. Pat Hastings leads us in an interactive seminar in solving the puzzle of “Which Puppy to Keep” $20.00 30. 2003 PCAF SEM. “RAISING THE SHOW PUPPY” Mrs James Edward Clark leads a panel of prominent Poodle Breeders who express their views on “The Successful Raising of a Show Puppy” $20.00 31. 2004 “ GENETICS FOR POODLE BREEDERS” Dr.Jerold Bell discusses how breeders should use the advances in dog genome research in making breeding decisions. $20.00 32. 2005 “Anne Clark on POODLE PEDIGREES” Mrs. Edward Clark discusses various aspects of poodles and their pedigrees. $22.00 33. 2006 “POODLE DISEASE UPDATES” Dr. Thomas Graves discusses the research, testing, treatment & management of key genetic diseases. 22.00 34. 2010 PCA FOUNDATION SEMINAR – (Combo DVD Set) 1.Vaccines & vaccination-Dr.R. Schultz 2. Canine Genetics Update-DR. M Neff 3. Estate Planning For Your Dogs— Ms Charlotte Mitchell $25.00 (Please circle the DVD desired) 1 4 6 8 10 12 13 14 16 17 21 22 23 24 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE WITH ORDER: $ ____________ NAME ________________________________________ ADDRESS _______________________________________ CITY ______________________STATE____ZIP_________ METHOD OF PAYMENT: CHECK___VISA___M/C____ ACT. #_____________________________EXP._____ Signature_____________________________________ Make all checks payable to: PCA FOUNDATION US FUNDS ONLY FOREIGN ORDERS ADD $3.00 PER DVD MAIL ORDER TO: ALLEN KINGSLEY E-MAIL 3311 KINGFISHER LN. AJKFISHER2@AOL.COM DENTON, TX 76209

4. 1990 DOG JUDGES ASSOC. PRESENTATION ON THE POODLE: An exciting presentation on the Poodle from the judges perspective. Presented by Mr. Frank Sabella and Mr. & Mrs James Clark. $20.00 5. 1990 DR. ELAINE ROBINSON on PINPOINTING OVULATION: This video tape will be exceptionally valuable tool in any serious breeding program. $20.00 6. POODLE TEMPERMENT PANEL: A discussion on improving Poodle temperament. Panelists include John Fowler, Mrs. Joan Scott, Mrs. Pat Deshler, Mrs. Glena Carlson. Narrated by Del Dahl $20.00 8. THE POODLE POSITIVE: A Judge’s Workshop with Mr. & Mrs. James Clark. You do not have to be a judge or aspire to be one to gain a lot from this tape. $20.00 10. PROGRESSIVE RETINAL ATROPHY: Dr. Gustavo Aquirre discussed PRA in Poodles $20.00

12. BREEDING A GREAT POODLE (TWO TAPES) Dr. George Padgett speaks on Poodle traits; comparing inbreeding to out crossing and line breeding; risk factors in picking up faults; calculating good and bad genes; helping each other with our breed. $35.00 13. POODLE TYPE: Dr. Jacklyn Hungerland and Mrs. James Clark discuss what makes a Poodle. $15.00 14. ASPECTS OF REPRODUCTION: Dr. Edward Feldman discusses reproduction and the Poodle $15.00 16. HEREDITARY DISEASES IN POODLES : Dr. Fran Smith speaks on hereditary diseases in all Varieties. A breeders guide to genetic diseases. $15.00 17. ORTHOPEDIC PROBLEMS IN POODLES: Dr. E.A. Corley, discusses orthopedic problems in hips,stifles and elbows as they relate to all varieties of Poodles. $15.00 21. CANINE MALE REPRODUCTION: Dr. Autumn Davidson discusses reproduction semen collection and managing the high risk delivery. $15.00 22.SUCCESSFULLY BREEDING THE INFERTILE BITCH Dr. E. Robinson discusses breeding the infertile bitch.$15.00 24. 1998 SEMINAR -- GENETIC DISEASE ANALYSIS Jerold Bell discusses genetic disease analysis. $15.00

The Poodle Papers

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AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award
AND THE WINNER IS: The first time I met Leslie Newing she was about 20 years old. At that time, she was in college doing her thing and her mom was doing her thing - “Poodles”. Leslie and her mother met me at Jordan Chamberlain’s to evaluate a litter of puppies sired by a dog my daughter and I bred, and owned, Ch. Bevanton Mischief Maker. Leslie, was an avid horsewoman, judge and trainer who traveled with her friends and horses to shows from Maine to Florida during weekends and summer breaks. We all know that when we make friends through our dogs, even when you do not live close-by the person, most likely you will become engaged in their life and activities in many aspects. Leslie taught high school history loved and showed her Doberman Pinschers as well as her horses. It wasn’t long before she began enjoying the poodles and working with them alongside her mom. About 13 years ago, this June, when I was on the PCA Board of Directors as Publicity Chairman, PCA needed someone who could help bring the Newsletter to the next level. While at that Board Meeting in Upper Marlboro, Leslie’s name came to my mind as she was very active on the computer and I felt she had a lot to offer PCA. You might say “untapped youth and knowledge”. We called her and she agreed to become the PCA Newsletter Editor. The next year, Annie was looking for someone to take over the PCA website from Hal Kinne as Webmaster, and again, Leslie’s name came to mind. She agreed to redesign the PCA website with the help of Lisa Croft Elliott and then later Mia DiBenedetto. Leslie, Lisa and Mia successfully managed our P.C.A. website for 6 years. Ten years ago, AKC asked Parent Clubs to design a pamphlet that AKC could send out to new puppy owners when they registered a puppy giving important information for that particular breed. This pamphlet is very informative giving grooming tips, health care and other things that are pertinent to that breed. Annie Clark, Leslie and I worked tirelessly on this pamphlet for quite some time, as the main goal was to make certain it would be educational for the “pet owning Poodle people” more than anything. After that was finalized, again we tapped Leslie to help with a brochure on “How to manage your Stud Dog and Brood Bitch” as well as a variety of other pamphlets for Meet the breeds and other things for PCA All of these jobs were a challenge, but we really didn’t think of them as “jobs”! We were all working together for the common goal of making the public aware that Poodles are indeed the best! When I was unable to write the article for Dog News for our National, I knew I could count on Leslie to step up to the plate and help me. She has been the person to call for PCA Breeder Referral for the region east of the Mississippi for 3 years. Leslie fought hard to bring awareness to health challenges for our poodles. She has worked hard with Dr. Mark Neff on his dwarfism project and has also brought awareness to Canine Active Hepatitis in the standard poodle. She generously donates her professional photographs for all Poodle Club of America projects some of which are: Meet the Breeds; our website; magazine articles in Dog News; The Canine Chronicle and Dogs in Review. That first meeting in 1980 at Jordan’s started a friendship that has endured everything one sees pretty much in a lifetime; birth, death, vacations, happiness as well as sadness. Through the years, I know first hand, Leslie Newing is truly deserving of the AKC OUTSTANDING SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD Barbara Furbush 2013 Poodle Club of America National Show Chairperson

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Affiliate Club News
The PCA National Specialty was spectacular. Great weather, unbelievable flowers (thank you Brad Odagiri – PCA member and President of the Poodle Club of Hawaii -- and his team), gorgous animals; what could be better! I had a great time finally meeting so many of the individuals I have interacted with on the phone and by computer over this year. It is so nice to put a face to a name. The Affiliate Club Council meeting was again a success this year. We held the meeting in the Hospitality Room, with snacks(!), and we knew in advance to have extra chairs; plus we stayed within the time frame I had promised. The meeting was very interactive, with presentations from Mary Ellen Fischler (PCA Delegate to AKC), and Johnny Shoemaker (Chair of the 2013 PCA Regional) and Jeff Nokes (President of Columbia Poodle Club, with LuAnn Wilkinson graciously volunteeingly to take minutes.. Put those September 2013 dates on your calendars! As you doubtlessly are aware, the PCA Regional can only take place with your continuing support, both of time and money. Local affilliate clubs can consider having ongoing fundraising activities so when the inevitable requests for help come, clubs have money available for ads, trophies etc. One nice thing about this year’s event is that there will only be one catalog. Additionally, I can guarantee that anyone who feels moved by the spirit to voluneer at the show would be welcomed with open arms by the Columbia Poodle Club, Puget Sounds Poodle Club and PCA . Putting on a Regional is a massive task and we all need to support those brave poodle clubs taking on the challenge. In addition to Conformation there will be a full venue for Obedience, Rally and Agility plus Hunting, Working and Tracking. In response to questions regarding procedures from our affiliate clubs, the PCA Board, as allowed by AKC rules, will support any club which sponsers an allbreed agility trial that chooses to only allow pure breed dogs to compete in their all-breed agility trial. Additionally, AKC allows a poodle to be shown in Junior Showmanship in any clip – including shaved down. Now for a purest like me, the full show coat

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is part of the conformation experience, but AKC rules trump all discussion on this issue. One consideration that has been suggested for the future, is that Juniors showing in Open Classes might be required to follow conformation standards, but that is presently not true. Despite this whole discussion, all the juniors who showed at PCA this year had dogs that were very nicely groomed and in appropriate conformation clips. Finally, Mary Olund, the Corresponding Secretary for PCA,will publish any specialty result on PCA Facebook. You can send the results to her at cabpudel@pacbell.net. As promised, I gave an brief presentation of the results of the Affiliate Club Status Survey that we mailed to all clubs in late February,March and again in April. Did I mention I can be persistent ? 91% (43 out of 47 clubs) responded. In some cases an individual officer filled the survey out,but several clubs used this as an opportunity to include information from members gathered at regular meetings. 84% of clubs are incorporated. One recomendation for all clubs is to consider being incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - which allows all contributions to the club to be tax deductable. Incorporation requirements differ from state to state, so check with your state; and 501(c (3) registration is controlled by the IRS. It may be beneficial to speak with a local attorney or CPA (or so says my son, the lawyer!) Membership numbers: 8-20 = 10 clubs (23%), 21-35 = 17 clubs (40%), 36 + = 18 clubs (42%) Increased 8 (18%), Decreased 17 (40%), Remained constant 8 (42%)

Over the past 10 years has your membership:

86% of clubs reported have a web site – Mary Ellen Fischler noted that AKC has a program to help clubs develop a web site for those interested cont. on page 17

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cont. from page 16 30% of clubs reported being on Facebook

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· Consider a clip that allows the dog to actually be


· Upholding our code of ethics

6% of clubs have a Formal Mentoring Program, while · Offer support in educational programs 51% have some form of informal mentoring · Give local clubs new ideas for heirt activities 30% of clubs have a member offiically responsible to keep the club informed on legislative issues, while another 30% have an member who informally does this task
· Rotate the national specialty throughout the country · Have a legislative watchgroup thatkeeps tabs on

what is happening throughout the country (I would suggest clubs join the group, pcaaffiliateclub@ 63% of the clubs have an active Rescue Committee and yahoo.com which gets contains legislative info, all clubs reported doing rescue referral and working membership is open to all!) with local rescue groups We also recieved a several well thought out comments 56% of clubs contribute to the PCA Health Foundation – which does not include individual contributions 30% of clubs contribute to the PCA Rescue Foundation – and many clubs reported that they have their own rescue programs and questions that have no easy answers. One of the best questions was:

“In our club conformation showing is dying out. There is so much political garbage that there are no ownerhandlers. PCA and AKC seem unwilling to recognize I asked clubs what the greatest challenges they this and hair is out of control. Our members are older and new members are discouraged because the cost of faced were. The responses varied, including: a professional handler is prohibitive.” · Recruitment of new members, and the aging of And another club asked: existing clubs with a smaller membership. · Keeping members active, helping new members “The parent club has established criteria. Why can learn the goals of the club and training them in how to AKC countermand the Parent Club’s guideline for their particular breed? Stand up to AKC in their “softening” run a show of rules. A disqualification is a disqualification. A 4 to · Getting younger people to join and stay because of 6 month multi colored poodle with NOT change colors group dynamics to solid at the 6 month birthday. PCA developed the · Educating the public about buying pets from breed standard and AKC should honor that decision.” dedicated breeders, while at the same time monitoring I wish I had an answer for these great questions today, those members which seem to produce an usually large but all I can do is assure local clubs thath the full PCA number of “accidental” breedings Board is taking up these and all questions, and intends Maintaining fiscal viability while putting on 2 to ensure that individual breeds and their national independent conformation specialties each year with clubs have and keep the responsiblity for maintaining breed standards, with an eye both towards the past obedience · Legislation that affects our ability to own, show and and tradition, and moving forward along a path that encouranges and shows our breeds to the greatest breed dogs possible audience. In response to the question of “How can PCA assist I will be emailing the final survey results to all the your club,” responses included: affiliate clubs soon, and will be responding to some · Be more visable locally. questions in my next article. Anyone who wants an · PCA should hold its members accountable for individual copy of the survey results also just needs to particiapating in their local clubs; as some PCA members ask. use their local clubs for breeder referral purposes only cont. on page 18
· · Consider upholding the rules about dyeing, no

“wiggies” and a reduction of massive hair

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cont from page 17

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REMEMBER THE UPCOMING REGIONAL IN THE NORTHWEST AND DON’T FORGET TO SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW AFFILIATE CLUBS Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, concerns or comments about the upcoming meeting or any other issues. Phone: 440-526-2382, or email: msstb@aol.com. Susan Burge 2nd Vice President Affiliate Club Council Chair

Does your club have an outstanding member you want to recognize? Someone that has given over and over to your club? If so send us their story.We are happy to review it for the next issue of the Poodle Papers.

Poodle Club of Central California
Chance for 5 majors in 3 days!!!
For many years, our specialties have been held in Pleasanton, California, in conjunction with the Del Valle Dog Club & Skyine Dog Fanciers prestigious shows. That ‘Harvest Moon Classic’ weekend is eliminating the days devoted to specialties only, so P.C.C.C. is making changes to our specialty schedules by offering ‘concurrent’ specialties on two of the all-breed show days Friday, October 18, 2013: P.C.C.C. Judges: Lou Guerrero, Conformation & Lora Cox, OB Skyline Dog Fanciers: Poodle Judge:  Robert E. Hall; Toy Group Judge:  Robert E. Hall; Non-Sporting Group Judge:  Mrs. Monica Canestrini; BIS:  Suzanne Dillin Saturday, October 19, 2013: P.C.C.C. Judges: Tina Yuhl, Conformation; & Lora Cox, OB Del Valle Dog Club: Poodle Judge:  Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy; Toy Group Judge:  Mrs. Suzanne Dillin; NonSporting Group Judge:  Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy; BIS:  Joan P. Anselm Sunday, October 20, 2013: Del Valle Dog Club Poodle Judge:  Shawn James Nichols, Maple Ridge, B.C. (pending AKC approval) Toy Group Judge:  Dr. Gail Forsythe; Non-Sporting Group Judge:  Robert E. Hall BIS Judge:  Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy Show Supt: MB-F (www.infodog.com). Entries close Wednesday, October 2, 2013 Show Chairman: Sally Vilas vilenzo@earthlink.net

Chance for 5 majors in 3 days!!!

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Nor-Cal Toy Dog Fanciers
Sanctioned ‘B’ Match - Toys only! Friday Evening, June 7, 2013 Solano County Fairgrounds Vallejo, California All AKC Rules & Regulations pertaining to Matches will apply R E C T I O N

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From 80 East or West or 37 - Take Marine World Parkway. Go Left on Fairgrounds Drive. Go left into Fairgrounds.




                        JUDGING WILL BEGIN HALF HOUR (1/2) AFTER LAKE COUNTY KC BEST IN SHOW Match will be held outside CONFORMATION JUDGE
Ms. Kathryn Cowsert: Will judge all toy breeds plus, PUPPY & ADULT GROUP.

CONFORMATION CLASSES;    Puppy Classes: 4-6 Mos., 6-9 Mos., 9-12 Mos.,   (Divided by sex) Adult Classes: Bred by Exhibitor, Open (divided by sex).  Dogs with major points must be shown in Open.  Poodles must be in regulation clip.  Professional handlers may only show dogs that they own.

***CHECK OUT THESE SPECIALTY MATCHES BEING HELD BEFORE NCTDF MATCH*** Golden Gate Shih Tzu Fanciers: contact Bonnie Prato 510-653-8883 hanashihtzu@yahoo.com Chihuahua Club of Northern California : *****POT-LUCK SNACKS******
Join us for a pot-luck snacks that will take place during the judging.  Please bring your favorite snack that will feed 8-10 people.

PRE-ENTERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY Wednesday, June 5, 2013 FEES;   $ 8.00 Pre-Entry       $ 4.00 Additional Class Entry           $ 10.00 Day of Match Entry                        $ 2.00 Junior Showmanship QUESTIONS??   Bonnie Prato, Match Secretary 510-653-8883 hanashihtzu@yahoo.com

entry form on page 20

Quinnipiac Poodle Club
We invite everyone to our September 20th Specialty in Hamden, Ct. All Judging Indoors Please Join us for a Back to Back ONE day Specialty among the brilliant Autumn colors. September 20th - QPC Specialty, A.M.Judge : Luis Aizcorbe P.M. Judge : Ray Stevens Obedience & Rally AM Judge- Nancy Withers PM Judge -Phyllis Broderick Come celebrate the Magic of the Autumn colors in New England with us! FMI- Contact Debbie West at middie76@sbcglobal.net * Note Poodles followed by a supported entry at OxRdige Kennel Club the next day! Judge: Sharon Lyons

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AKC Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines are available on the American Kennel Club Web site, www.akc.org

I ENCLOSE $ ________for entry fees

IMPORTANT-Read Carefully Instructions on Reverse Side Before Filling Out. Numbers in the boxes indicate sections of the instructions relevant to the information needed in that box (PLEASE PRINT)

Weight, color, etc. 3










AGREEMENT I (we) agree that the club holding this event has the right to refuse this entry for cause which the club shall deem sufficient. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry and of the holding of this event and of the opportunity to have the dog judged and to win prizes, ribbons, or trophies, I (we) agree to hold the AKC, the event-giving club, their members, directors, governors, officers, agents, superintendents or event secretary and the owner and/or lessor of the premises and any provider of services that are necessary to hold this event and any employees or volunteers of the aforementioned parties, and any AKC approved judge, judging at this event, harmless from any claim for loss or injury which may be alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to any person or thing by the act of this dog while in or about the event premises or grounds or near any entrance thereto, and I (we) personally assume all responsibility and liability for any such claim; and I (we) further agree to hold the aforementioned parties harmless from any claim for loss, injury or damage to this dog. Additionally, I (we) hereby assume the sole responsibility for and agree to indemnify, defend and save the aforementioned parties harmless from any and all loss and expense (including legal fees) by reason of the liability imposed by law upon any of the aforementioned parties for damage because of bodily injuries, including death at any time resulting therefrom, sustained by any person or persons, including myself (ourselves), or on account of damage to property, arising out of or in consequence of my (our) participation in this event, however such, injuries, death or property damage may be caused, and whether or not the same may have been caused or may be alleged to have been caused by the negligence of the aforementioned parties or any of their employees, agents, or any other persons. I (WE) AGREE THAT ANY CAUSE OF ACTION, CONTROVERSY OR CLAIM ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THE ENTRY, EXHIBITION OR ATTENDANCE AT THE EVENT BETWEEN THE AKC AND THE EVENT-GIVING CLUB (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED IN ITS PREMIUM LIST) AND MYSELF (OURSELVES) OR AS TO THE CONSTRUCTION, INTERPRETATION AND EFFECT OF THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE SETTLED BY ARBITRATION PURSUANT TO THE APPLICABLE RULES OF THE AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION. HOWEVER, PRIOR TO ARBITRATION ALL APPLICABLE AKC BYLAWS, RULES, REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES MUST FIRST BE FOLLOWED AS SET FORTH IN THE AKC CHARTER AND BYLAWS, RULES, REGULATIONS, PUBLISHED POLICIES AND GUIDELINES.

Do not print the above in catalog.

Page 20

Enter number here


INSTRUCTIONS 1. (Variety) if you are entering a dog of breed in which there are varieties for show purposes, please designate the particular variety you are entering, i.e., Cocker Spaniel (solid color black, ASCOB, parti-color), Beagles (not exceeding 13 in., over 13 in. but not exceeding 15 in.), Dachshunds (longhaired, smooth, wirehaired), Collies (rough, smooth), Bull Terriers (colored, white), Manchester Terriers (standard, toy), Chihuahuas (smooth coat, long coat), English Toy Spaniels (King Charles and Ruby, Blenheim and Prince Charles), Poodles (toy, miniature, standard).


The Poodle Papers
(Please Print)


2. The following categories of dogs may be entered and shown in Best of Breed competition: Dogs that are Champions of Record and dogs which, according to their owners’ records, have completed the requirements for a championship, but whose championships are unconfirmed. The showing of unconfirmed Champions in Best of Breed competition is limited to a period of 90 days from the date of the show where the dog completed the requirements for a championship.



3. (Event Class) Consult the classification in this premium list. If the event class in which you are entering your dog is divided, then, in addition to designating the class, specify the particular division of the class in which you are entering your dog, i.e, age division, color division, weight division.

ACTUAL OWNER(S)___________________________________________________________________________________


OWNER’S ADDRESS___________________________________________________________________________________

CITY__________________________________________________STATE_____________________ ZIP________________

4. A dog must be entered in the name of the person who actually owned it at the time entries for an event closed. If a registered dog has been acquired by a new owner it must be entered in the name of its new owner in any event for which entries closed after the date of acquirement, regardless of whether the new owner has received the registration certificate indicating that the dog is recorded in his/her name. State on entry form whether transfer application has been mailed to the AKC. (For complete rules, refer to Chapter 11, Section 3.) 5. Mixed Breed dogs entering classes for Agility, Obedience, and Rally trials should mark Breed as “All-American Dog/Mixed Breed.” Sire and Dam information shall remain blank for mixed breed entrants.
If this entry is for Junior Showmanship, please give the following information: JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP AKC JUNIOR HANDLER NUMBER The above number MUST be included. Should you not have your Junior Handler number, this may be obtained from the American Kennel Club. Phone: (919) 233-9767. By signing the entry form I (we) certify that the Junior Showman does not now, and will not at any time, act as an agent/handler for pay while continuing to compete in Junior Showmanship. ADDRESS___________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY_______________________________________________________ STATE____________________ ZIP__________________ JR.’S DATE OF BIRTH

NAME OF OWNER’S AGENT (IF ANY) AT THE SHOW _________________________________________________________________________

I CERTIFY that I am the actual owner of the dog, or that I am the duly authorized agent of the actual owner whose name I have entered above. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I (we) agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club in effect at the time of this event, and by any additional rules and regulations appearing in the premium list for this event, and further agree to be bound by the “Agreement” printed on the reverse side of this entry form. I (we) certify and represent that the dog entered is not a hazard to persons or other dogs. This entry is submitted for acceptance on the foregoing representation and Agreement. I (we) agree to conduct myself (ourselves) in accordance with all such Rules and Regulations (including all provisions applying to discipline) and to abide by any decisions made in accord with them.

of owner or his/her agent ■ SIGNATURE duly authorized to make this entry ________________________________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE #_______________________________________________________________________________________________

Are you a new exhibitor?



E-MAIL Address (An acknowledgement or receipt of entry may be sent to this e-mail address):


If Junior Handler is not the owner of the dog identified on the face of this form, what is the relationship of the Junior Handler to the Owner?

AEN999 (8/10) v6.5P_Edit

Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club Happenings
A Newbie to the world of poodles, the breeding and pedigree of a Volunteer

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I came to the poodle world in much the same way that most folks do. And, when I say ‘I’, I mean my husband and me. We have always been ‘dog people’. Through the process of breeder referral, I met Cathy Catelain. When I called her, she interviewed me rigorously about my situation. Through her, we adopted two wonderful black minis, Chase and Mach. It was apparent that adopting these very energetic, smart and motivated dogs was going to require some education for me. Through the experience of a breeder relationship, we have always been able to ask questions and learn how to interpret our poodle’s behavior. I learned about the intelligence of poodles, through her. She showed me ‘what they were doing’ and helped me understand how to care for their ‘psyches’. I have discovered that not only am I a good mother to our human son, I am a good dog/puppy mom. I sing to them, I tell them jokes and I let them kiss me on the lips…… I have seen the great diversity of their personalities, gifts and talents. After a year of being Cathy’s ‘friend,’ she invited me to attend a Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club meeting. In response, she and GMPC got the ‘gift’ of my writing, design and graphic talents/skills. She read my resume and knows that although I will never breed, show or groom dogs; I am a very skilled and gifted person who has served as a Volunteer all of my adult life. The new leadership of GMPC has tapped into my talents and I am now being asked to help and participate in my areas of strength. This past year Cathy worked with Mary Lebet and Sandy Marshall on the advertising for the PCA Catalog. I sold ad space, in one incarnation of my life, and, writing is an old Catholic School skill….. So, I was more than happy to help Mary/Sandy/Cathy redesign some pages and get the Commercial Ads done ON TIME! I also edited some of the In Memoriam pages for this year’s catalog. Now I am working with Johnny Shoemaker, the fine folks from Columbia and Puget Sound Poodle Clubs and Cathy on the catalog for the Regional Specialty! And, I am the Show Chair for the upcoming June Specialty for GMPC. I could NEVER be a Show Chair without my GMPC ‘Spirit Guides’!!!! I still don’t understand it all…..but in time. I am a happy Poodle Person! So, what do I bring to the breed? Only time and PCA’s willingness to allow us ‘newbies’ to participate will tell. My advice to PCA when it comes to volunteers is this: always read a resume; ask everyone who is interested in poodles, what talents and skills they have. Ask them if they would be willing to contribute through their strengths for the good of the breed. ‘Good Breeding’ is not just reserved to puppies and show dogs! Amanda DeYoung Spriegel Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club

The Poodle Papers

Page 22

Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club Hosted the First PCA Upland Working Certificate Test May 10, 2013 GMPC board member Jaci Bowman and Jacquelyn Taylor of TX have been working 8 months on developing the Upland Hunting program to certify the hunting instinct that is still so hard wired into our breed. Historical documentation of market hunters using the dogs to find flightless ducks, pre-firearm hunters using the dogs as flushers and finders for falcons, and finders of arrows that were shot at game, plus the famous truffle dogs that were used to find the special fungi, all exhibit the hunting ability of the current day upland dog. This hunting ability is not well demonstrated in the current retriever program; however is very well demonstrated in the AKC spaniel hunting program, which is what the PCA Upland Program is patterned after. A very large percentage of the hunting poodles that are currently hunted over are upland hunting dogs, hunting pheasant, partridge, grouse, and woodcock. However, we are not as of this date allowed to compete with the spaniels in their tests so we needed one of our own! So the PCA upland program began, and the first test was held at Wern Valley Sportsman’s Club in

Waukesha WI . Sixteen dogs were run, 15 standards and a miniature, in the 3 different levels. Success was had by 12 of the dogs entered - 11 standards and the miniature! It was a fun time, well supported by club members that really didn’t know what they were going to see, let alone DO. That is what is so great about this club; they are game for ANYTHING!!! cont. on page 23 The Poodle Papers

Page 23 cont. from page 22 Susanne Nash was our ‘field Marshal’ who had to make sure the dogs were ready to run and the walking gallery was safe from the live gunfire in the field. Very different from the retriever WC’s that only have blank shots in the field! Bev Duerst was our “shagger” who carries a large wicker back pack (a trapper’s basket) that the dispatched birds are put into (one or two got banked off the back of unsuspecting Bev’s head!).

Ann Helm was our winger launcher, a contraption that tosses birds for the walk up retrieve. She also turned out to be our trail layer as well having to drag a dead bird to set the trail for each of the UWCX dogs…not an easy task! Jean Lazarus was our popper gun person, shooting off blanks for the walkup, in total view of the dogs and handlers. Roberta (Pepsi) Gilson was our trial chair and food chair. All in all it was a FUN successful test, and the comments heard from all attendees, was ‘when is the next one; this was fantastic, cannot believe how close to real hunting it is!’ It was so much fun watching the dogs do what they truly love and working with their handlers. Jaci Bowman, Test Secretary and Coordinator

When is a Specialty, not just a Specialty? At the Affiliate Club Meeting, at the recent PCA National, Sue Burge talked about things that clubs were doing to help ‘draw folks in’ to the world of poodles. GMPC is doing just that with our June Specialty. Our Specialty will take place on Friday night, June 28, 2013. It will happen in conjunction with the Kettle Moraine Kennel Club All Breed Shows on Saturday and Sunday that weekend. It will occur indoors in an air conditioned exhibition center in West Bend WI. And this year, we are lucky enough that we will be offering the Sterling Silver PCA Medallion at this Specialty. This will be our second year with this Independent Specialty. We started last year in our new venue and we had a lot of fun! Everyone talks about the need to draw in new folks. Everyone talks about how to do that. The component that is needed is that the ‘hook’ must be fun and not involve anyone being vanquished by additional workload. It should occur in the midst of that competition, but it must operate alongside the competition. It should appeal to the Good The Poodle Papers cont. on page 24

cont. from page 23 Sportsmanship of alongside the ring.

Page 24

Along with the fore mentioned things, we love poodles with all the cache that they have. How about a “High Tea” to occur ringside on the afternoon of the Specialty!!!! How about having it for: 1. Our GMPC membership who rarely gathers to just have fun and have a cup of coffee together. 2. To make sure that those who have spent their time and money to compete in our Specialty, have a bite to eat before the Show when they become competitors. 3. To show others that poodle folks are hospitable, generous and not just ‘too sexy for their fur’!!!!!!! Does it matter what we have to eat and drink that day? Not nearly as much as the motivation to gather and laugh. Cathy Catelain was the one who mentioned High Tea to me. We had a good laugh and then realized that it was a great idea. I bought a packet of 5” x 8” blank index cards and made invitations. They are below this article for you to see. We sent them, along with a cover letter asking folks to consider attending our Specialty and joining us for High Tea. On the back of the invitation is a listing of our events for the year. The invitation is also in our Premium List. Cost of producing the invitation: about $3. I did them at home on my laser printer. Following is a photo of the front and back of the invitation. I hope this will give you the impetus to have some fun. Folks are always drawn to those who are happy and enjoying each other’s company. I want us all to be that group. Amanda DeYoung Spriegel Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club

The Poodle Papers

GMPC June 22, 2013 Specialty and All Breed Obedience/Rally Trials

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The Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club will be holding its annual Specialty and All Breed Obedience and Rally trials June 22, 2013 at the Western Waukesha Dog Please visit the Roy Jones Dog Shows website, www. Training Club in Ixonia, WI. royjonesdogshows.com, for more information about our show and the KMKC All Breed Show. The closing New this year is the Helen Johnson Memorial trophy date for these shows is June 12, 2013. for Highest Scoring Poodle in the specialty trial. Helen Johnson was an important member in GMPC; GMPC July 26, 2013 Conformation Specialty Show she headed our obedience program, and actually started agility way before agility was the “in” thing to do back The Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club Specialty Show in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. She won many will be held on Friday, July 26, 2013 at the Waukesha trophies over her time, and when she passed on, they County Exposition Center, followed by two Waukesha were donated back to GMPC. In her honor, for all Kennel Club All Breed shows held on Saturday and she has done for the performance poodles in the club, Sunday (July 27 and 28) at the same location, and two one of her large vintage trophies will be dedicated to All Breed shows held by the Burlington Wisconsin her and offered for High Scoring Poodle in trial. To Kennel Club at Elkhorn, Wisconsin on Monday and retain permanent possession, it must be won 3 times by Tuesday (July 29 and 30). the same handler, not necessarily with the same dog. The dog and owner’s name will be added annually The Judge for the GMPC Specialty Show is Ms. Terri to the trophy, and a plaque that Helen had won from Lyddon. Special attractions – Best Puppy Competition GMPC over the years will be presented to the current and Best Bred by Exhibitor Competition winner. Each of these plaques has the vintage GMPC logo on them with Obedience, Field, and Conformation Show Chair - Lora DeSombre – shambre@excel.net depicted on it. A very special award indeed! Good luck to all the Obedience poodles to be entered! Premium - www.royjonesdogshows.com The Judges are: Mrs. Dianne Allen and Ms. Cynthia M Pischke for Obedience; Dr Sandy Gould will judge all Rally classes. Jaci Bowman, GMPC Rally/Obedience Chair GMPC June 28, 2013 Conformation Specialty Show The Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club will hold its second annual June Conformation Specialty Show in the evening, on Friday, June 28, 2013 at the Washington County Fair Park in West Bend, Wisconsin. Washington County Fair Park is located at 3000 Pleasant Valley Road, West Bend, Wisconsin 53095. Our Judge on Friday will be Mr. Desmond Murphy. GMPC WC/WCX Tests – August 23, 2013 On Friday August 23, 2013, the Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club will again be hosting a Working Certificate and Working Certificate Excellent test to be held at Wern Valley Sportsman’s Club in Waukesha WI. A pot luck lunch, and if time and weather permits, a short Upland Workshop will be held following the WC/WCX tests. For more information, go to our club website: http:// www.greatermilwaukeepoodleclub.org/. Closer to the test time the premium and more information will be posted there. The Judges this year will be: Doug Kennedy and Dean Muehlbauer Jaci Bowman, WC/WCX Chair The Poodle Papers

This Specialty Show is being held in conjunction with the Kettle Moraine Kennel Club All Breed Show. The KMKC All Breed Show will be held on Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30 at the same location. The Judges for poodles at the Kettle Moraine All Breed Show on Saturday and Sunday will be Mr. Clay Coady and Mrs. Anne Bolus.

Regional Specialty News
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P C A R E G I O N A L 2013

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Poodles in the Northwest

Poodle Club of America 2013 Regional

Co Host Columbia Poodle Club
of Oregon and South West Washington

Co Host Puget Sound Poodle Club
of Washington

Show Chair: Johnny Shoemaker, Poodle Club of America Regional The following areas of information are available here. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments.

• • • • • • •

Grid of Events by Day and Location Greeting and Welcome to the PCA 2013 Regional Housing for the PCA 2013 Regional Judges and Locations for the PCA 2013 Regional Events Contact Folks for the PCA 2013 Regional and Email information PCA 2013 Regional Banquet and Luncheon Information Conformation, Obedience/Rally and Junior Showmanship Premium List Information • Advertising/PCA 2013 Regional Catalog • Trophy Donations for the PCA 2013 Regional

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Page 28 trails and also more shopping at the big mall you will stay busy. Putting on this regional has been lots of work and fundraising by the Host Clubs and more work is to done. We still need volunteers for all the events being held on the performance and conformation events. Please contact Johnny Shoemaker at dssup@cs.com. Other contacts are: Columbia Poodle Club: Debbie Phillips, deblonpudel@msn.com. Puget Sound Poodle Club: Nancy House, nhouse@ cooperjacobs.com or Christine Dallas, Ddallasec@aol. com. Purina is pleased to be the official sponsor. Purina ®Chosen by Champions. ® The Host Hotel is the Red Lion Inn in Salem Oregon, only a few minutes to the show site. RED LION HOTEL IN SALEM, OREGON (HOST HOTEL) 3301 MARKET STREET NE SALEM OREGON 97301 503-370-7888 REDLION.SOM/SALEM CODE TO BOOK ON LINE POOD0922 Reservations can also be made for reservations by calling 1-800-733-5466. Please acknowledge Poodle Club of America Regional and request group rates. Cutoff date for these rates is September 1, 2013. The hotel is a 100% smoke free environment. Guestrooms: King $99 plus taxes DDQ $109 plus taxes 2-Wirlpool $139 plus taxes Feature either one King or Queen Size bed or two Queen Size beds with a sitting area and working desk. All guestrooms are equipped with cable service, minirefrigerator, microwave, coffee pot and service, hair dryer, iron and full sized ironing board. cont. on page 29

Now that the PCA National is over, Poodle fanciers are looking forward to another gathering of friends and others to celebrate the wonderful Poodle. Columbia Poodle Club and the Puget Sound Poodle Club will host the 2013 Poodle Club of America Regional in beautiful and historic Salem, Oregon. The dates are from September 21-27th. The Poodle events are as follows: Hunting Tests-WC/WCX begin on September 21-22nd in Scio, Oregon Event Chairman: Jac Harbour Tudorose72@comcast. net 503-397-5578 Tracking and Tracking Excellent will be on September 24th in Independence, OR Event Chairman: Holly Thau Htraindogs@gmail.com 503-982-8808 Conformation Classes, Rally, Obedience and Agility: Oregon State Fairgrounds, Jackman Long Building, Salem, Oregon. Judges for the three days will be: Charles Arnold, Edd Bivin,Jordan Chamberlain and Madeline Patterson. Junior Showmanship classes for the three days will be judged by Dennis McCoy, Edd Bivin and Jordan Chamberlain. Obedience and Rally judges for all days will be Susie Osburn and Allan Immerman. Superintendent: Conformation, Rally and Obedience: Onofrio Dog Shows Agility Trial Event Secretary: Lori Sage, lksage@aol. com Regional Showman: Johnny Shoemaker at dssup@ cs.com 702-834-6557 Assistant Showman: Jeff Nokes 503-658-3733 As you can see you have a free day on Monday, September 23rd to explore beautiful Salem, Oregon, the State Capital of Oregon. From unique coffee shops to historic building including the Capital Building to local wineries, antique shopping to beautiful nature

The Poodle Papers

cont from page 28

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Show Chairman: Johnny Shoemaker, dssup@cs.com 702-834-6557. Columbia PC Show Chairman: Debbie Phillips deblonpudel@msn.com Puget Sound PC Show Chairman: Nancy House, nhouse@cooperjacobs.com Christine Dallas, Ddallasec@aol.com Some of the Regional Committee Members are: Vendors: Nancy Schmidt adarapoodles@gmail.com Debra Ferguson-Jones debrafergusonjones@gmail. com Catalog Advertisement: Amanda DeYoungs Spriegel dogfolks@aol.com and Cathy Catelain catlin012001@yahoo.com Trophies: Barbara Curry silveradomp@tds.net We will have Raffle but we need items for the Raffle. If you would like to donate to the Raffle please contact Jeff Nokes at 503-658-3733!! We can use anything Poodlely…or anything you can live without… Each day we will have a lunch buffet with beverage that you purchase tickets for at a price of only $16.50. The PCA Regional Banquet will be held the evening of Wednesday, September 25th at the Host Hotel -Red Lion Inn in Salem, Oregon. Tickets for the banquet are $45.00….two course meal with dessert and coffee. For tickets for both the luncheon and banquet contact Barbara Curry at silveradomp@tds.net. As you can see you will have lots of FUN and EXCITEMENT and ADVENTURE when you start your adventure….at the POODLE CLUB OF AMERICAN REGIONAL! SEE YOU THERE………………………MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS! Johnny Shoemaker Show Chairman Poodle Club of American Regional dssup@cs.com

Summer Safety 101: Barbecue Season with Man’s Best Friend
(Friday, May 17, 2013) Warm weather and barbecues seem to go hand-in-hand. With summer right around the corner, you and your family may be getting ready to fire up the grill. There is one member of the family, however, that you need to watch out for—the dog. Your pooch can be invited to the barbecue, but there are important things you need to remember in order to keep her safe. The American Kennel Club® offers the following tips on safely including your canine family member in your summer barbecue fun. Secure the yard. If your dog is going to be outside with your guests, make sure to secure the area with a fence so your pup does not get out. You may want to have a family member or friend stand by the gate when guests are coming and going to ensure your dog does not accidentally run away. Barbecue food is for humans. Remind your guests not to give your dog any people food. Barbecued food, especially, can be greasy and upset her stomach. Keep an eye on the food tables to make sure your dog does not grab anything. More importantly, certain foods such as onion, avocado, grapes, and raisins can be toxic. Safety first. Keep your dog away from the grill while you are using it. The open flame is very dangerous. Your dog should be kept away even after you have finished with the grill, as it still stays hot for a while. Sunscreen. Dogs can get sunburned too! If your barbecue is during the day, don’t forget to put sun block on your pup’s nose to prevent a burn. © American Kennel Club

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A.K.C. Delegates Corner
Due to illness there will be no Delegates Corner this issue. The most pertinent information from the last meeting was the AKC Board election and I posted the results on the yahoo list. The Patent Club Committee Meeting responded positively to PCA’s request for their support in our endeavor to have the rules changed regarding the 4-6 month puppy class so we will not have to worry about parti colors in the ring at our Nationals. They agreed. This is not just our issue, but a problem for many other breeds with color restriction. Also, the Delegate from the Basengie Club of America brought forth an proposal on e balloting which the AKC is investigating. Presently, no club can e ballot for elections or By Law changes but this is the 21st century and now there are bonded firms that handle this. Depending on the laws for the state a club is incorporated within and if it is allowed, clubs can opt to e ballot other balloting projects. Mary Ellen Fishler Delegate, Poodle Club of America


AKC Helps People Be Responsible Owners
(Friday, May 17, 2013) Puppies are adorable, but those cute and cuddly puppies are totally dependent on their owners to help them become happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult dogs. Because adding a dog to your home is a major commitment, the American Kennel Club (AKC®) offers the following tips to help people become responsible dog owners. Be sure to socialize your dog by exposing him to new people, places, and experiences. Always provide the proper amount of exercise and mental stimulation that is appropriate for your pet’s age, breed and energy level. Take care of your dog inside AND out with regular grooming, quality food, and trips to the veterinarian. Keep all vaccinations current. Identify your dog with a collar tag and tattoo or microchip ID. If you use a microchip, make sure to enroll your dog in a pet recovery service like AKC Companion Animal Recovery (www.akccar.org) and keep your contact information updated. Provide basic training to your dog by teaching a reliable “sit,” “stay” and “come.” Make sure your dog is regarded as a good citizen by your neighbors and the community. Adhere to local leash laws and pick-up and properly dispose of your pet’s waste when out on walks. © American Kennel Club

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By: Debby DuBay

The 2013 AKC National Agility Championships 15 March -17 March in Tulsa, OK

Poodles ruled! 65 Poodles & their handlers qualified & showed at the 2013 AKC Agility Championships.

The Poodle Papers

cont on page 32

cont fom page 31

All heights were represented at the 2013 AKC National Agility Championships!
Maggie Schoolar & Jagger, Cindy Glover & Summer & Ravin, Nancy Lewis & Snafu, Debby Pascal & Tucker, Joann Neal & Saki & Chick, Cassandra Schmidt & Bliss, Janet Metzger & Shaker, Suzi Cope & AB/ Raya, Vivian Vidoli & Peeka Boo, Pam Rogge & Fleurette, Rosemary Nero & Penny, Nancy Lewis & Fritz, Donna Hedrick & Bentley, Kathy McNamara & Flip, Susan Gross & Radar, Marty Calden & Kit, Anne Platt & Noodle, Linda Gower & Chase, Vivian Vidoli & Rippin, Linda Harper & Fever, and Christine Conatser & Casper represented the 12” height.

Page 32

Rebecca Petrozzi & Tessa, Michelle Cash & Me-Me!, Michelle Wnek & Dominic, Betty Carter & Bongo, Teresa Janssen & Taz, Rhonda Gibbs & Touché, and Vickie

Tillman & Haylee represented the 8” height

Gail Kendrick & Dani, Shirley Russell & Miss Harlie, Anne Platt & Getti, Debbie West & Dusty, Gail A. Kendrick & Emmett, Deb Schulman & Spencer, Diane Propst & Tango, Kitty Bradley & Sting, Beth White & Nina, Jan Downey & Kendra, Rebecca Petrozzi & Tater, Kim Johnson & Hobie, and Geri Hernandez & Switch represented the 16” height. Brenda Weitzel & Megan, Dora E. Brown & Ryah, Markene Jurkovich & Trip, and Bonny Baker & Babe represented the 20” height. Christopher Denny & Sammy, Kim Kane & Caesar, Debby DuBay & Lincoln, Judy Harris & Desi, Dandra Edson & Luke, Erica Gurley & PACO, Margaret Jane Beckmann & Kiri, Judy Harris & Moni, Gene Downing & Hemi, Donna Batdorff & Ginger, Marlene Jurkovich & Tia, Russell Thorpe & Ganesha, Victoria Goffman & Cochise, and Nancy Borga & Kasha represented the 24” height. The Poodle Papers

cont on page 33

cont. from page 32

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During three days of trials - the dog & handler ran three runs: a Standard run, a Jumpers with Weaves run and a Hybrid run. The scores from all three runs were totaled. Using a formula - the top percentage of the dogs in each height - were calculated & qualified for the Finals. The following poodle teams made it to the FINALS: Betty Carter & Boo: placed 2nd in the 4” (preferred) height class. Cindy Glover & Summer: placed 7th in the 12” height class. Marty Calden & Kit: placed 18th in the 12” height class. Jan Downey & Kenda: placed 9th in the 16” height class. Bonny Baker & Babe: placed 17th in the 20” height class. Russell Thorpe & Ganesha: placed 3rd in the 24” height class. Congratulations to these finalists!

Congratulations to the record number of poodles that qualified for the 2013 AKC Agility National Championships! The 2014 AKC Agility National Championships dates are 27-30 March 2014 in Harrisburg, PA. To qualify for the Championships a dog must achieve: 20 Q’s, 4 DQ’s, and 500 MACH points during the qualifying period of 1 Dec 2012 - 30 Nov 2013. A dog running in a preferred height must achieve: 20 Q’s, 4DQ’s, and 500 PACH points during the qualifying period of 1 Dec 2012 - 30 Nov 2013. Note: The above information was collected from the official AKC website. The Poodle Papers

Variety Representatives
Standard Variety Report
Can’t believe it’s been only a month since PCA. Hope everyone had a great time….always a highlight to everyone’s year it seems. If you are a poodle lover there’s no better place to be in April. Nothing much new with the Standard variety since then. We had lots of breeders and poodle owners stop by our Health Table on Tuesday and Wednesday…it’s always good to say hello and we so appreciate how many of the standard breeders come up just to ask “what’s new” and find out how our research projects are going. Now we can all look forward to the Regional in Oregon . The reports we are receiving from the show committee for the Regional are exciting…looks like they have lots planned for us out there It’s nice to have two opportunities to see our wonderful poodles in the ring both conformation and performance twice in one year . And our ever enthusiastic Working Poodle group are fired up about Oregon it seems. So hope to see you all there. Hope everyone has a great summer……stay cool! Joan McFadden

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Toy Variety Report
From the Toy perspective, Happily Toy Poodles have improved greatly since my first black female in 1963 and they have improved without the addition of more disease related issues. I feel the majority of breeders have kept healthier stock to breed thus reducing problems in this variety. We do need to put more effort into mentoring newcomers in our breed as the lack of young people coming along is becoming more obvious every year. Wishing everyone a great summer of dog shows! Joan P. Scott, Toy Representative

Miniature Poodle Report

The Poodle Club of America’s National is now in our HISTORY BOOKS. Once again a good entry of lovely Miniature Poodles in a ray of Colors to be exhibited from all over the world.This for Scott Wolfe first time to judge his first National assignment. What a great entry of Miniature Poodles and he seemed to enjoy everyone of them.

Contact the Variety Reps:
Toys- Joan Scott wissfire@verizon.net Miniature - Nancy Hafner nancyshafner@aol.com Standard-Joan McFadden Uniquejoan@verizon.net

This year a big push on the dwarfism swaps at PCA from the Health Foundation to take advantage for them to be tested. Hope everyone was able to take advantage this year. This was my Thirty Seventh PCA in attendance and missing so many that were there to welcome all “US” newcomers in those earlier years of the 70’s. Now in 2013 its our turn to welcome and encourage the new exhibitors to our “Greatest Show of Poodles on EARTH, The Poodle Club of America’s National 2013”

Hope to see a big turn out for the Regional in Salem cont on page 35 The Poodle Papers

cont from page 34

Page 35

Washington. They have so many fun things planned for us to enjoy their part of The POODLE World in the Northwest.. Lots of Miniature Breeders out there so get on the band wagon and start planning to go to the Regional from Saturday Sept 21 thru Friday Sept 27.. 2013. You each need to start thinking about your advertisement for The Poodles In America, Inc. next issue. You will be hearing about deadlines for Ad’s... This is how you can always be up-to-date on Pedigree’s and Your Great Dogs to be in our HISTORY BOOK of POODLES! Travel Safe and IF I can be of any assistance to you PLEASE let me know. Enjoy the summer and HOPE to see you at The Regional... Nancy Hafner, Miniature Representative. https://www.

Judges Education
The Judges Education this year started earlier for the time needed to meet all AKC’s requirements with the written Tests and hands on evaluation sheets for all three varieties. Wish to Thank all those who help in this task with bring dogs to present for our student judges to go over and place in each of the classes and those who brought dogs to be moved outside and placed. This is a newly approved requirement to be able to apply for each breed. With Poodles having three varieties and each student must do all three varieties in order to apply for our Breed. Our attendance was less this year, however great enthusiasm was shown with those who were able to attend this year. We have year after year those who live within the couple of hours driving over to again to enjoy our National. Many only plan to judge BEST IN SHOW and want to see the best of the best in competition at the National’s level. We appreciate their interest in our Breed. While several were already approved for Poodles but had not be able to attend the National. They stayed all three days to see the very ending. Many enjoyed watching the Best Puppy, Best Bred By, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch and of course this was good this year with Best of Breed being held after all the non regular classes had been judged. Thanks to all those who came in and mentored at ring side again this year. IT takes everyone to make this process work and for more than just one opinion about our breed to help them understand the importance of the Breed Standard in which they will be one day be judging. We will have Judges Education at The Regional in Sept and in Orlando Fl in December at Eukunuba AKC Show.. Hope to see you soon. Thanks again, Nancy Hafner

The Poodle Papers

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Pro Club members join hands with the Purina Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) by declaring the PCA for the Purina PPCP donation!


THE DONATION IS 10% OF THE DOLLAR VALUE OF YOUR WEIGHT CIRCLES SENT IN TO YOUR PRO CLUB ACCOUNT. This donation comes from the Purina coffers and goes to the PCA and the Canine Health Foundation for bringing solutions to the health issues of your breed and related programs.

This is what has been done from Jan. 11, 2012 thru Jan. 10, 2013

717,912 lbs. redeemed

PPCP earned $6,566.47

Total Pro Club members redeeming: 1,108

Total overall PPCP members: 2,742

Need some 'how to help' for sending in your wt. circles? Visit http://www.silverhairedlady.com/circlehelp.html

The Poodle Papers

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Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation
Officers : President: Cindy Crawley 1st VP: Sally Poindexter Mary Olund , Melanie Mensing Chris Scruggs, Sheree Melacon Stone, Randi Plotner, Jane Carroll Jeanne Phipers, Clay Williams

PCA Rescue Foundation
Please consider a tax deductible donation to PCA Rescue Foundation. One hundred percent of your donation goes to support the efforts of volunteers all over the United States to rescue Poodles from abanonment and find them permanent, safe loving homes. Return this form to the address below. Name : Address: Amount: Please send this form and your check to: PCA Rescue Foundation, Inc. Sally Poindexter 4409 West Ithica Broken Arrow, OK 74012

The Poodle Papers

PCA Rescue 2013

Page 39

Woods. The high bidder for this item became a character in the book. At the close of the Auction, Misty interviewed the winning bidder so as to be by: Cindy Crawley able to add some specific individual characteristics PCA Rescue once again held our annual ‘friend’ of this person to give a personalized touch to the and ‘fund’ raiser at the National Specialty in novel. The name of the winning bidder will be Salisbury, MD. In addition to our wonderful revealed at PCA 2014. New this year for our fundraising effort was the shoe recycling project. We were very pleased to see that some PCA attendees embraced this project, which involved nothing more than donating worn but wearable shoes. We left the show on Friday with our shoe boxes filled to capacity. This project, which we will continue throughout the year, will generate much needed revenue for Rescue. So save your shoes for us for next year! The Parade of Rescued Poodles was held on Tuesday, April 23 during the Obedience/Rally

white elephant tables of fabulous donated Poodle memorabilia, our Silent Auction featured several items of great value donated by generous friends and supporters. Among these donations were two pairs of 10” Black Diamond scissors (curved

lunch break. We were pleased to welcome several returning rescued and adopted Poodles as well as some newcomers. In total, 14 Poodles of all three varieties, received their ribbons and trotted around the ring to the tune “Walkin’ on Sunshine.” For anyone who has not seen this Parade, it is truly and straight), a lovely basket of Poodle necessaries a sight to behold; proud and happy owners – for from Lainee, and a brand new, in the box, 4GB iPad. the most part, pet people – showing their beloved Misty Reddington, author of the evolving Molly Poodles. Often, tears of joy are shed by the ringside Tinker Poodle murder mystery series, donated a group. Notable participants in the Parade this year ‘character’ in her upcoming novel, Murder at the cont on page 40

The Poodle Papers

Page 40 helped organize the participants of the Parade. cont from page 39 Huge thanks to PCARF Board members Melanie included a Roman Catholic nun who adopted a Mensing and Randi Plotner for their help in the white female toy Poodle who came into Rescue as booth throughout the week. And as always, thanks a stray, dirty and matted and frightened. She was to “multi-tasking” PCARF Board member Sheree named Tinkerbelle due to her diminutive size and Stone, and Nancy and Mary and the rest of the tee indomitable spirit. Sister Anne takes “Belle” with shirt booth sitters for helping out throughout the week as needed.

her to school every day where the little Poodle is a favorite among the high school girls where Betty Lou and friend with Spice and Jonah Sister Anne teaches. Daryl Masone, the President of Poodle Rescue of Connecticut, brought her Finally, sincere thanks go to our donors, supporters rescued Standard, Madeline. Daryl was very and patrons for their generosity. Too many times, people took away the treasure they picked up in the booth and did not take change back for their purchase. We are humbled and so very grateful. Quite simply, with more, we can do more. Poodles everywhere thank you.

proud to include ‘newly certified therapy dog’ to Madeline’s Parade bio. Thanks to the Obedience and Rally stewards who The Poodle Papers

Dawn and Ben cont on page 41

cont from page 40

Page 41

Little Rescues Sue with Penny, Gee and friend Photo credits as followsRescue booth Photos by Cindy Crawley Parade by John DaCrema All other photos by Steve Surfman

The Story of Crackers

They called him “Firecracker Baby” and for two months, he stayed at the clinic. Every day brought painNo one knows how long he lay there suffering before a ful treatments at regular intervals. He didn’t want to be Good Samaritan found him and brought him to a veteri- touched, he didn’t want to hurt any more - snapping and nary clinic in Oklahoma City. The smell of burned hair snarling at his caregivers. The Good Samaritan, whom and flesh was unmistakable. He had blisters on more we’ll call “Ann,” did not abandon Firecracker Baby. than half his little body. It was July 2009. The tiny She frequently visited him at the clinic and paid for his toy poodle had been a victim of unimaginable cruelty care and medication. when someone tied a package of more than 50 small firecrackers around him and set them fire. Unable to They continued his treatments, regardless of his comescape as the explosions burst all around him, he ran plaints, using gloves to gently remove him from the – terrified of the noise that followed him and the pain crate and administer salve and antibiotics. It took time the fire inflicted. Finally dropping from exhaustion and and patience but slowly, his wounds began to heal. The physical pain was decreasing, little by little. However, agony, he was all but dead. the distress of his injuries had left its mark on his young With evidence of the cruelty still clinging to his fur, life. the veterinarian held out little hope for a complete recovery. The damage was extensive; 3rd degree burns and at least two broken ribs. The vet knew that if the little dog survived, it would take much longer for him to overcome the trauma he had endured than to overcome the wounds. He was young, estimated to be about a year old and previously neutered. Attempts to find his owner failed. No one stepped forward to claim the small dog. Ann and the veterinarian started an extensive search to find a place for the dog. They were looking for a rescue organization that specialized in poodles. They knew it would take very special treatment and compassionate rehabilitation before he could become a suitable companion. cont on page 42

The Poodle Papers

cont from page 41

Page 42 to being handled. He was very fearful of the doctor and it took several trips and repeated attempts before he could be taken into an examination room without stress. Grooming him was nothing short of a nightmare. With his splotchy coat, Jane had to scissor off the longer portions and try to clipper around his face. After a number of sessions over the course of two or three days, she could finally finish one complete grooming session. It was a challenge, but in time, her careful gentle persistence began to pay off. Crackers became more trusting toward both Jane and Joe. Now, he was out of his crate more than he was in. He had found a new safe place in Joe’s lap.

The Rescue Sally Poindexter was a longtime member of the Poodle Club of America. She was active in the local Tulsa Poodle Club, a breeder of standard poodles, and involved in the club’s rescue efforts. She, along with Caren Reiman, also a member of the local Poodle Club of Tulsa and a professional groomer, had discussed forming an independent Poodle Rescue organization. They had not yet found a reason to start. When Sally received the call from Ann and heard the story of Firecracker Baby and his current condition, her heart melted. If ever there was a need to rescue a member of her beloved breed, this was it. She called her good friend Caren and together they began planning the logistics of retrieving The Rehab Caren and Sally were in constant contact with Jane, the tiny victim who was over 90 miles away. checking on Crackers’ progress and assisting with a Sally and Caren had developed many friendships with- supply of dog food and doggy medical attention from in the poodle community, several of whom were suit- what they hoped would be their newly formed rescue able and possibly willing to foster a special needs dog. organization. All three ladies were single minded in However, one couple’s name stood out above the oth- the idea that they wanted to find Crackers the perfect ers in their minds – Jane and Joe Ruyle. The Ruyles forever home. It was true that he was healthy again, but had fostered displaced poodles before and had adopted he was not ready to be adopted. Although his behavior three of the small breed into their family already. How- within the Ruyles’ house was somewhat normal, he was ever, nothing could have prepared them for Firecracker still terrified of the outside world. Baby. Jane began taking him to the dog school. She didn’t In their home, the crate was his “safe place.” He did not sign him up for classes at first. His time was spent in want to come out. He just wanted to be left alone. But his crate, so he could see the other dogs taking classes. Jane was patient and duly warned. She wore gloves People and their pets, would stop by his crate and visit. when reaching into the crate to take him to the potty He slowly adjusted to this part of the socializing plan. pads or administer antibiotics. His disposition was sur- After three to four weeks of watching, Crackers was ly, his ribs were still tender, and his coat was uneven, ready to start classes. growing in some places and not in others. As suitable companion animals go, this poodle was off the scale on At first, he was apprehensive, but soon he began to enthe wrong end of the spectrum. Although the door to joy learning and interacting with other dogs. With evhis crate stayed wide open, he remained inside, huddled ery class he became more relaxed and playful with the people and dogs around him. He would easily walk on in a corner, as far away from everyone as possible. a leash and could perform all of the basic commands he It took several days before “Crackers” would venture learned in school. He repeated both the Beginners class out of his crate on his own. Jane credits her crew of and the Advance Beginners class three times. There is three “nurse” dogs for helping him overcome that first no shame in repeating classes in the dog world, for each hurdle. He still snapped at them sometimes, and he class brought new experiences. Jane, Caren and Sally still preferred his crate, but Crackers was slowly, very could see that Crackers was finally ready to go to his forever home. slowly, starting to join the family. Jane continued to work with him for weeks. She began socializing him at her local veterinary clinic where they would trim his nails and try to get him more accustomed The Poodle Papers cont on page 43

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The Result More than a year had passed since the incident that brought them all together. When fireworks were once again lighting up the sky, Crackers would still tremble at the noise but felt safe and secure in Joe’s lap. Although, the fear of loud noises would probably never go away, it was now manageable. By this time, Caren and Sally had formed a new independent poodle rescue organization, based in Tulsa, and aptly named Oklahoma Orphaned Poodle Services, or O.O.P.S. Rescue. Crackers had been their catalyst. Through contacts and word of mouth, they recruited volunteers, raised money, took in orphaned poodles and applied for their 501c3 tax exemption for charitable organizations. What about Crackers? Well, he finally found his forever home. It wasn’t the first family that applied for the job, but it was the last. Christie Green showed an interest in Crackers and came to the Ruyles’ home to meet the little guy. At least three people had shown an interest before, but none of the applications had been approved. It turns out, the ladies at OOPS were very picky. Christie visited twice and both times, Crackers was very taken with her. He chose her as effectively as she chose him. On the final visit, Crackers made a point to approach Jane, Joe and each of his three little dog friends for a final goodbye before he jumped into Christies arms and made his choice known.

Today, Crackers is a certified therapy dog and seizure alert companion for Christie.


Story by O.O.P.S. member, Linda Hess PCA Rescue is a network of dedicated Poodle Rescue organizations across the United States including Rescue Chairs of the Affiliated Poodle Clubs of Poodle Club of America and many independent Poodle Rescue Organizations like O.O.P.S. Every year, thousands of Poodles of all three varieties are rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed.

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Working Poodle
AKC Hunt Tests at the Poodle Club of America National Specialty, April 20 and 21, 2013
event represented Florida to Rhode Island, St. Paul to Maryland. The weather ‘gods’ shined down upon us again, and helped to make the two-day event a success. An enthusiastic gallery cheered on the poodles and gave the handlers an ‘extra’ boost in confidence. Spectators were treated to some excellent work by

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Mia DiBenedetto

The Poodle Club of America National Specialty held the dogs and handlers. And members of the Board of its annual AKC Retriever Hunt Tests and WC/WCX Directors and officers of PCA were on hand to help and performance event on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, watch this special event as well. April 21, 2013. All of the AKC Hunt Tests and WC/ WCX events were held at Anatidae Farm in Rhodesdale, The Master Hunt Test Maryland. AKC Junior, Senior and Master Hunt Tests
Judging the Junior, Senior and Master Stakes this year were Scott Wilson of Upper Black Eddy, PA and Roger Everett of Elkton, MD.

On Saturday the Hunt Test competitors were judged in three divisions: Junior, Senior and Master levels.
Seventeen poodles were entered into the AKC Hunt Tests this year, equaling last year’s entry and equaling the largest Hunt Test total in PCA history. A remarkable 5 dogs competed in the Master level test, which is quite an achievement for this breed. The breakdown included: 6 Junior dogs (one Scratch in this division). 6 Senior dogs and 5 Master entries. At the end of the day, 10 poodles earned qualifying legs—a record number at PCA! Four poodles qualified in the Junior test and two poodles earned qualifying legs in Senior and four dogs in the Master test! It’s great to see so many competitors each year at the Hunt Test. I think this shows the field sports are of interest to some poodle owners, and it’s terrific to see more handlers moving into the Hunt Test game from basic field work. A great deal of hard work and dedication goes into the training in the event but for those who put forth the effort, the poodle as a breed has shown it can compete with the best in the field! Entries into the

Five poodles took the challenge and entered the Master Hunt test which consisted of a land, land/water and water series.  The first series was a land triple and a double blind.  The first bird was a flyer thrown right to left and angled back about 65 yards. The middle bird was left to right with a hard angle back and the go bird was a right to left. The blinds did cause some trouble for handlers and dogs. The right blind presented a special challenge because the dogs were sucked to the woods with the smell of the bird crates and the lure of the woods causing some problems for the dogs. The second blind was up the middle between the middle mark and the flyer station. The flyer station certainly created suction for the dogs at this one.

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The second series, a land-water test were triple marks in the back pond. First bird was a left to right bird landing on a peninsula, so dogs had to go in-and-out of the water on the retrieve. The middle bird was thrown out onto another peninsula and behind the first bird, right to left presenting another in-and-out for the dogs. The third bird was a right to left onto the first peninsula. There was also an honor on this series. The third, water series was a walk-up double with water blind. The flyer on the left was thrown at the end of pond followed by an in-throw left to right. Dogs had a severe angle into the pond on the flyer, and if they squared their entry into the water, it really took the dog off-line to the bird. Tudorose Abby Girl SH owned and handled by Denise Herman of Standfordville, NY , Dreamers Kickinaz Jake, owned and handled by Ann Marie Duncan of Bay City MI, Bibelot’s Tolka Hands Up MH MNR THD owned by Jack Combs and Mia DiBenedetto and handled by Jack Combs; and CH Lemerle Silk Tie SH CD owned and handled by Lin Gelbman of St. Paul MN earned qualifying scores and received Master Hunter qualifications. The PCA test was especially sweet for “Ten” who earned her sixth consecutive master leg during the current hunt test season, qualifying her for the 2013 AKC Master National event to be held in Kansas in September.

mark, the first one thrown onto a peninsula left to right and the second mark a right to left throw. The mark had a fairly significant angle entry into the water causing some problems for the dogs. The water blind was a traditional channel blind. Only two poodles qualified in Senior, but tests presented at this time of year often do not allow for owners to have their dogs in the water and trained by our early April date. The move from Junior level to Senior represents the most difficult transition for dogs. Congratulations to Tudorose Preacher HEB 12:1 owned and handled by Dale MacKenzie of Cairo GA and Valentine’s Sly As A Fox CD JH RN owned and handled by Margaret Fox of Raleigh, NC. on an excellent performance.

Junior Hunt Test Five dogs competed in the Junior stake. Junior dogs ran a land series consisting of two single marks thrown from right to left and then left to right in an open field. In their second series, the first water mark was thrown right to left and the second water mark was left to right. Four poodles earned qualifying legs in Junior. CH Carlyn’s Charismatic JH owned and handled by Joyce Carelli of Henderson NC, CH Carlyn Song

Senior Hunt Test A record 6 poodles were entered into the Senior Hunt Test. The first series was a double land mark with a blind similar to the right blind run by the Master dogs. These marks actually were more difficult than they appeared because they are thrown into an open field, with no background for the dogs to reference the fall of the bird. The water series for Seniors consisted of a double

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It takes a great deal of setup for the tests and kudos need to be sent out to Joe Quinn and Gary Boyce for supplying all of the ducks and with working so hard to setup and breakdown all of the tests. Joe and Gary are there every year to support us—and we want to say a Big Thank You! Special thanks also go out to Kim Tyndall. This poodle owner didn’t even run a dog at the event, but made the most delicious chili in the world! Thank you Kim, your hospitality help was greatly appreciated by all. And still more thanks, especially to all of the unnamed ‘worker bees,’ who manned the stations and worked tirelessly in making this double-event a tremendous success. It takes a great deal of coordination and hard work to host a Hunt Test and WC/WCX and as the event grows each year, it takes more and more volunteers to keep this great weekend going. Kudos to everyone involved on another successful performance event and a wish that we see everyone next year!

of the South UD NA NAJ, owned and handled by Suzanne Fairbairn of Belmont NC, Alzia’s Sterling Blue owned and handled by Bill Carrigan of Macon,

GA and Tudorose Ruger’s Lady owned and handled Denise Herman of Standfordville, NY all earned qualifying ribbons and duck bands! Our Sincere Thanks! Thank you again to our wonderful judges, Scott Wilson and Roger Everett. Your expertise and encouragement

was invaluable to us!

We also need to thank landowners Frank and Terri Durham of Anatidae Farm. What a treat it is to be able to run on such a wonderful piece of property. Frank is always so gracious in helping everyone and he’s always there with an encouraging word for poodle folks wishing to train their dogs.
And thank you to all of the Board Members and Club Officers of the Poodle Club Of America Inc., who were present to help and support the participants. Now that’s dedication to the promotion of poodles. Thank you also to the AKC Hunt Test Chairperson Linda Miller of Newark, DE and to Test Secretary Joyce Carelli and Assistant Test Secretary Susanne Nash. And a thank you to Hunt Test Chief Marshal Margaret Fox for keeping us all in line and moving! And added thanks to PCA Test Committee members; Barbara Furbush, Gina Weiser, Terri Myers, Dennis McCoy and Joyce Carelli.

Photos by Jon Carelli @2013

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house and sent our judges, gunners, set up and bird wranglers to the big field. I had thought the judges would use the side with moderate cover of cane and mixed grasses and to my surprise they were using the more challenging cattail marsh side! OK,so here we go, testing the ‘original water spaniel’ in the marsh setting that they historically hunted. The test was set for the walk up first. The elements of the tests (Upland Working Certificate Excellent walk up with honor, quartering and flushing, hunt um up find, and trailing; Upland Working Certificate walk up, quartering and flushing and hunt um up find) were split and both the UWCX and UWC run together on each element, so both the walkups were done first, then both sets of dogs were taken to the field for flushing, then both sets to the find, then the UWCX to the trail.

PCA’s Inaugural Upland Hunting Certification Test, hosted by the Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club, was held at Wern Valley Sportsman’s Club, Waukesha WI on May 10th 2013. The day started out raw, wet and cool, 42 degrees with a wind chill of about 35 and light rain. The test began about 8:30am. We were in what is called ‘Pit field’ adjacent to a gravel pit on the farm which overlooks a lower level field of mixed grass, cane and to the left, a cattail marsh area with more mixed grasses, and an island of shrubs, trees, marshy muck hole in the center of the field. I was finishing checking in the folks at the club

The judges had the option to do this and selected it as that is how a good portion of the AKC spaniel tests are run as well some of the Hunting Retriever Club (UKC) upland tests. The walk ups went well - one dog was dropped for breaking and selected not to continue on, although the option was given. We went on to the flushing field. A test dog was run by one of the judges; it was a CH MH UD national specialty winning Field Spaniel. Taxi demonstrated her style in the flushing field. You would never have known she was a 10 year old girl either! Then the Poodles were called to the field. The judges briefing stated ‘once you tell us you are ready, the field is yours. You and your dog run the test, the guns are working for you and you are directing them where to go with your movement; they will not go faster than you and you may go as slowly or quickly as you wish or need to’, which is a big change for most of us running the test. You could almost hear the entire group breathe a sigh of relief. It was about us and our dogs - what a wonderful feeling that was! The birds were planted on the edge of the cattails, and into the mixed grass, one to the left, one to the right and one down the center. The bird to the left was the closest about 45 yds out and about 30 yds to the side cont on page 48

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historically, and this trait is alive and well! of the center line, the second bird to the right was about 60 yards out Many dogs had to have birds added to the field in order and about 50 yds to the right of the center line, and the to get the two flushes that were required by the test. One center bird about 90 yds out down the center. quick little dog cleaned the field TWICE before she had her 2 flushes! The UWC dogs ran next and they all a did wonderful job of producing birds, and a couple showed good control with quick call-offs on missed shot birds. Then came the hunt-um-up find, all dogs of both levels aced that portion, and the area the bird was placed had several cover changes and a cattail muck hole to avoid. At that point the UWC dogs were finished and the trailing portion for the UWCX dogs was next. That proved to be challenging, with a maximum length trail with 2 turns. The dogs had to really work to separate the trail layer’s scent, the cross tracks of the dogs…and hold the trail through strong wind and cover change Flushing fields are divided by a center line and the bird not an easy task! placement can vary according to the center line. The dog is ideally supposed to quarter and cross the centerline After that we went on to the Upland Instinct Certificate passing across the path of the handler and the guns. The entrants; 4 dogs, 3 standards and a miniature. The handler ideally walks in the center between the 2 guns gunfire test bird was hand tossed 15 feet with a gunner and the guns stay about 20-25 yds on either side of the in the field 30 yds out; a single bird flush with one gun handler. In a spaniel test, the dog is expected to quarter in the field; then the hunt um up find with the handler the entire sweep of the field across the paths back and following the dog into the find area. forth in front of the handler and guns, sweeping past each gunner’s side 10 to 20 yds. It is the handler’s 3 dogs got through the instinct test, and all showed responsibility to keep the dog in gun range. If the dog great promise for future field work! is sweeping too wide, you whistle in, and if you want the dog to change direction you whistle and give an arm The judges had NOTHIING but good things to say about sweep to direct the dog. It is all done in as quiet a the dogs, the quality of dog work, talent and desire that manner as possible, to avoid spooking the birds in the is still in the breed for this work. They said in fact a few field. Upland birds (chucker partridge in this test) are of these dogs would easily give the spaniels a run for very sensitive to noise. their money in the field now, and with a little polish, would easily be at Master level spaniel work. We ran the UWCX dogs first, and they did very well. All of the UWCX dogs were personal hunting dogs, most However, the handlers need to learn to trust their dogs were used to only hunting with one hunter and kept a more, and will need to work with multiple guns in the close quarter to their handler. The handlers, instead of field to be really successful in a spaniel test. As with the ‘game’, were used to hunting their dog and following anything else, there is a learning curve for this “game”, their dog instead of directing the dog across the field. but when you have the quality of dogs they saw here it All dogs produced birds. However, a large percentage would be a very short one! of the birds were trapped on the ground. Trapping is considered to be the ‘hardest’ or ‘strongest’ flush and When the dust cleared we started 6 UWCX dogs, 6 the desire is highly valued in the flushing dog. The UWC dogs and 4 UIC dogs. We wound up with 3 dogs dog gets the bird so quickly it doesn’t have a chance to cont on page 49 fly, and apparently our Poodles are excellent ‘trappers’ The Poodle Papers

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Page 49 In Disguise Andrea Nepras ( 3rd UIC)

passing the UWCX, 6 dogs passing the UWC, and 3 Thanks to all who helped: Roberta (Pepsi) Gilson, passing the UIC. Chairperson and food chair; and the committee - Bev Duerst (shagger), Susanne Nash (field marshal), Jean The qualifiers are: Lazarus (popper gun), Ann Helm (winger launcher, UWCX in order of run Josie Tudorose Great and trail layer), Andrea Nepras (dead bird planter), and Anna Stewart JH WCX, our guns and planters, Pete Radnek, Mike Warsala, Antony Newman First and ‘crazy’ Mike; and especially our judges Becky HPCX (Hunting Poodle Jo Hiershy and Bruce Warnimont, who helped us immensely throughout these tests with their direction Excellent) Rider Swags Runs Smooth and feedback. As Silk UD SH RN WCX, Libbe Erickson Second HPCX, First HPX with UD, SH Driver Paragon’s In the Express Lane NA OAJ WC, Jo Swanto First Hunting Poodle (HPC) Special thanks to Steve Williams and Wern Valley Sportsman’s Club for the use of their wonderful facility for our tests.

UWC in order of run Remmy Deaux Rey’s Remington Steel Silk Erickson Tye CH Lemerle Silk Tie SH CD WCX Lin Gelbmann Jaci Bowman GMPC Board member (first bench Champion with HPC title; 2nd HP title) Upland test Secretary and Coordinator Rider Swags Runs Smooth As Silk UD SH RN WCX Libbe Erickson Josie Tudorose Great Anna Stewart JH WCX Antony Newman Woodie CH Autumn Hill Oakwind Express JH BN MXJ AX WC Jaci Bowman ( 2nd bench Champion with HPC title, 3rd HP title) Driver Paragon’s In the Express Lane NA OAJ WC Jo Swanto UIC in Order of run Cash Paragon’s The Man in Black Mary Scott & Carol (first UIC certificate) Monty CH Refinne The Full Monte RN BN CGC Kay Gunnerson (first Miniature with UIC, first bench CH with UIC, 2nd UIC) Clark Paragon’s Superman The Poodle Papers

For more information on Upland Poodles, please check out the web site www.uplandpoodles.com. We encourage anyone with interest in training for Upland work to join the Hunting Poodle group on Yahoo. Libbe Newcomers always welcome!!

PCA WC/WCX Tests at the Poodle Club of America National Specialty, April 21, 2013 by Carol Stone

Page 50 The passes for the WCX were: CH Lemerle Silk Tie, CD SH WC WCX; Tye; Owner: Lin Gelbmann; St Paul, MN. Tudorose Ruger’s Lady; Ruger; Owner: Denise Ford Herman; Standfordville, NY. Valentine’s Sly As A Fox, CD RA JH WCX; Sly; Owner: Margaret Fox; Raleigh, NC. TUDOROSE PREACHER HEB 12:1, OFA34G WCX; Buckshot; Owner: Dale MacKenzie, Cairo, GA. Dreamers Kickinaz Jake, SH WCX WC; Jake; Owner: Ann Marie Duncan; Bay City, MI. Unicorn’s Rare and Radiant Maiden “Nevermore”, VCD2 GN RE JH AXJ CGC VCX WC WCX; Raven; Owner: Kevin J. & Carol L. Stone; Seymour, TN, 37865; Handler: Beth White. There was one new WCX Title earned by Ruger. WC The WC land consisted of two single marks of 40 – 50 yards. These dogs had a bit easier time on land, with 12 of the 15 dogs running passing on land, even with the wind since they were released to their birds one at a time and got to go immediately after the bird landed and they were released by the judge. Some were still pulled off of the first bird by the wind as it blew across the blind where there were MANY ducks waiting their turn in the slingshot.

The Poodle Club of America National Specialty Working Certificate and Working Certificate Excellent Tests were held on Sunday, April 21, 2013 at Anatidae Farm in Rhodesdale, Maryland. Our judges this year were Scott Wilson of Upper Black Eddy, PA and Roger Everett of Elkton, MD. We had an impressive entry of 31, with 18 WC and 13 WCX entries. There were three scratches leaving 28 entries running in the event and 14 qualifiers; 8 in the WC and 6 in the WCX. There were two miniatures entered with one of them qualifying in the WC. While Mother Nature didn’t jinx us with the downpour of last year, she did challenge us with a chilly day with blustery winds which created a challenge for the dogs on land and water. WCX The WCX ran land first. There was a double consisting of two marks of 66 – 75 yards. The dogs are required to wait until both birds land before being released. The first bird to land is called the “Memory” bird and the second the “Go” bird. The preferred method is for the dog to pick up the “Go” bird first and then retrieve the “Memory” bird. The wind was blowing hard from the direction of the “Memory” bird causing some dogs to be sucked off course by the scent of the “Memory” bird as they headed for the “Go” bird, but most persevered and found their birds with 9 of the 13 dogs passing land. Of the four that did not pass land, three were a bit too eager to get the birds and broke.

The WC water consisted of two single marks directly in the water of 25 – 35 yards. The winds proved challenging for some of the dogs they were initially reluctant to enter the water by moving their birds much farther away than they had initially landed. The more experienced dogs were able to meet the challenge with The winds presented a similar challenge for the WCX 8 of them passing. water. The weather was chilly, the water cold, and with the cold winter and spring, many of the dogs had not The passes for the WC were: been in water until PCA. This caused some reluctance Tudorose Ruger’s Lady; Ruger; Owner: Denise Ford to immediately enter the water for several of the dogs. Herman; Standfordville, NY. Even those that went in immediately and returned with Tudorose Abby Girl, SH WC WCX; Abby; Owner: the “Go” bird had a challenge with the “Memory” Denise Ford Herman; Standfordville, NY. bird. By the time the dogs swam to the “Go” bird and CH Lemerle Silk Tie, CD SH WC WCX; Tye; Owner: returned with it and swam out to where the “Memory” Lin Gelbmann; St Paul, MN. bird had landed, it had drifted from its initial landing place in Maryland, to somewhere in Montana. Six dogs were up to the challenge and returned with the bird. Cont. on page 51 The Poodle Papers

One day we may convince them to get a poodle….. TUDOROSE PREACHER HEB 12:1, OFA34G   WCX; Buckshot; Owner: Dale MacKenzie, Cairo, Kim Tyndall once again proved to be an outstanding hospitality hostess. This year assisted by Dale GA. Dreamers Kickinaz Jake, SH WCX WC; Jake; MacKenzie they supplied up with a welcome hot meal with Dale’s outstanding sausage biscuits and Kim’s Owner: Ann Marie Duncan; Bay City, MI. Alzia’s Sterling Blue; Radar; Owner: Judith H. to-die-for chili among many other great foods. Tom Harding also sent us some Subway sandwiches and Carrigan, Macon, GA. CH CARLYN’S CHARISMATIC, JH WC; Crystal; cookies. Owner: J. Carelli; Hendersonville, NC. CH OTCH MACH Barclay Lyca Masterpiece, The toughest job on the planet has to be that of Chief UDX2 OM4 RA MXB MJB OF;Ren; M; Owner: Marshal which this year was handled in a superb manner by Beth White. Thanks to Beth and all of the Lisa G. Harrison; Atoka, TN. Paragon’s In The Express Lane, NA NAJ WC; countless volunteers that manned the blinds and helped to marshal. It was quite a challenge with having to Driver; Owner: Jo Swanto; New Berlin, WI. swap out workers since so many folks had dogs entered There were three new WC Titles earned; Ruger, in both the WC and WCX. Buckshot and Ren (mini). A big thanks to Beth White, who helped me organize These events would not have been possible without the the raffle baskets and to Kim Tyndall and Cynthia hard work and efforts of many. First and foremost we Anderson for helping man the raffle table and sell want to thank our gracious hosts, Frank & Teri Durham tickets and to all of you who were so generous in both for welcoming us once again to their beautiful Anatidae donating items for the raffle and in buying raffle tickets. Farm. Frank goes above and beyond to help in any way Through your generosity we were able to present the possible from helping us all out on training day and PCA Foundation with a little over $600. You should be getting in the water with the young dogs, dizzying and proud that so few can make such a big difference. planting birds for our Upland Demo and this year even served up the most tasty venison tenderloin imaginable. Most of all, thanks to all of our wonderful poodles, both past and present, for giving us a reason to be at an event Thanks to all of the PCA Officers and Board Members such as this, catching up with old friends, making new who came out to help and support the participants. We ones and enjoying life. appreciate your continued support of poodles in the And a special thank you to John Carelli, who tirelessly field. photographs each and every dog, no matter that the Thanks you to Joyce Carelli, our Test Committee Chair weather, giving us beautiful photographs to carry our and her test committee consisting of Carol Stone, memories with us forever. Assistant Committee Chair & Event Secretary, and members Dennis McCoy, Janet Lange Moses, Jack MacGillivray, Linda Miller, and Mary Olund. PCA Herding Certificate The hard work getting judges and arranging for birds, use of the site and countless other details, once again fell to Linda Miller, who did an outstanding job, as always. All of the setup and breakdown for the tests as well as supplying all of the ducks and providing manpower during the tests was done by Joe Quinn and Garry Boyce who have been there every year to support us.

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Have a herding title on your Poodle? Kindly contact Joyce Miller at poodolls@comcast.net to apply for a certificate.

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2013 PCA Tracking Report 5 Tracking Dog and 4th Tracking Dog Excellent Tests Friday, April 19, 2013 By Joyce A. Miller, 2013 PCA Tracking Test Secretary

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The 2013 PCA Tracking Event was held on Friday, April 19 at historic Pemberton Park, in existence since 1741. For the second year in a row, the entry was full, with 4 TD tracks and 4 TDX tracks. Handlers came from 5 states, including California and Tennessee. Although there were no passes, these 8 dogs had proven themselves in other events, with an accumulated total of more than 25 titles, including an AKC breed championship.

Ed Harper and Fever from El Cajon, CA, on their TD track in front of Pemberton Hall Photo by Beth White

The efforts of many made this event possible:  PCA and the Board of Governors for their continued support of performance events in general and tracking in particular  Test Chairman Dennis McCoy who graciously stepped up to chair this event  Event Committee Members Joyce Carelli, Linda Miller, Aileen Tobias, and Gina Weiser cont on page 53

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 Show Chair Barbara Furbush for her help and enthusiasm  Judges Terri Everwine and Jeff Whitsitt  Pemberton Park  Judy and Ron Thomas for generously offering the use of their property for three TDX tracks  All the entrants  Sponsors Oster and Purina  Judy and Tom Harding, Carol and Kevin Stone of Schwartzpudel Farm, and Joyce Miller for their support of the event along with donations  Track Supervisor Tom Harding  TD tracklayer Maria Perez-Mera and Tom Harding  TDX tracklayers Pat Killilea and Phil Kirby  Chief Cross-tracklayer Thomas Mattingly  TDX cross-tracklayers Pat Killilea and Joyce Miller  Driver Terri Meserole  Flag pounders Judy Quillin and Joanne Ronning  Beth White, Carol Stone’s traveling companion, who kindly took many pictures of the tests and shared them with the participants  Annette Shepard and Rebelstar Kennel for the lovely plates used as draw articles  Carol Stone for the leather gloves on which she placed the PCA logo  past Judge Carol Pernicka for her help finding this year’s judges  Oriole Dog Training Club in Baltimore for the loan of tracking flags  Joyce Miller on behalf of the Poodle Obedience Training Club of Greater New York for the judges’ gifts and judges’ dinner  Singus Enterprise, for donating delicious food and beverages  Loretta Mattingly for her delicious vegetable soup  Judy and Tom Hardy for donating the workers’ gifts  Judy Harding for the start articles PCA was again fortunate to have such a hard-working and diligent Track Supervisor as Tom Harding, who is once again the MVP of this year’s tracking event. Tom made it a family affair with the cheerful help of his wife Judy, mother-in-law Loretta Mattingly, and brother-in-law Thomas Mattingly. Tom was not only the track supervisor who searched (and searched!) the Salisbury area for this new site but was also the TD tracklayer. All the food and beverages were donated by his company, Singus Enterprises, with enough left over to be served at the Hunt event. Annette Shephard, the breeder of his dogs, made and donated the unique draw items. Tom and Judy donated the workers’ gifts, which were embroidered tracking aprons. Loretta headed up hospitality and served her delicious vegetable soup. She also made the cloth start flags, which Tom and Judy silkscreened with the PCA logo. Judy donated the pink Poodle fleece start articles. Thomas was the Chief Cross-tracklayer. Many thanks to all, but especially the Harding and Mattingly families for personally making sure this was such a great event!

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Track Supervisor Tom Harding, showing the plate used as draw items given to all the handlers. This plate commemorates Sharon Fesmire and Ella, the team who earned the first title earned at the debut PCA Tracking TD test in 2009.

Health Implications in Early Spay and Neuter in Dogs

02/25/2013 Recent results from research funded by the AKC Canine Health Foundation have the potential to significantly impact recommendations for spaying and neutering dogs in the United States. Most dogs in the United States are spayed or neutered, and for years the procedures have been completed prior to maturity. The study, published in the prominent, open access journal PLOS One, suggests that veterinarians should be more cautious about the age at which they spay and neuter in order to protect the overall health of dogs. A team of researchers led by Dr. Benjamin L. Hart at the University of California, Davis has completed the most detailed study performed to date that evaluates incidence of cancer diagnoses and joint problems in one breed -Golden Retrievers -- by neuter status: early (before 12 months old), late (12 months or older), and intact. Consistent with previous studies on the topic, the results showed increased likelihood of hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma, mast cell tumors, and canine cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture in neutered dogs. The most profound observations were in hip dysplasia in male dogs when comparing early and late-neutering. The risk of development of hip dysplasia doubles, and disease occurs at a younger age in the early-neuter group compared to both the intact and late-neuter group. No occurrence of CCL disease was observed in intact male or intact female dogs, or in late-neutered females. In early-neutered dogs, the incidence of CCL was 5.1 percent in males and 7.7 percent in females, suggesting that neutering prior to sexual maturity significantly increases a dog’s risk of developing CCL disease. With respect to cancer, cases of lymphoma were 3-fold greater in the early-neutered males. Interestingly, incidence of mast cell tumors (male and female dogs) and hemangiosarcoma (female dogs cont on page 59 The Poodle Papers

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Poodle Club of America Health Foundation
Officers President:Thomas W. Carneal Vice President: Patricia S. Forsyth Secretary : Doris H. Grant Treasurer :John R Shoemaker Miniature Representative: Janet D. Collins Standard Representative:Missy Galloway Toy Representative : Ray Stevens Member at Large: Jordan Chamberlain

From OptiGen
During the 1st quarter of 2013 (January 1-March 31, 2013) OptiGen tested 33 Dwarf Poodles, 95 Miniature Poodles, 7 Moyen Poodles and 87 Toy Poodles. Note: we have added Standard Poodles to those that we test and we will be supplying you with statistics from that variety starting next quarter. The breakdown is as follows: Total Dwarf Poodles tested this period - 33 Normal - 20 Carrier - 13 Affected - 0 Total Miniature Poodles tested this period - 95 Normal - 72 Carrier - 22 Affected - 1 Total Moyen Poodles tested this period - 7 Normal - 5 Carrier - 2 Affected - 0 Total Toy Poodles tested this period - 87 Normal - 65 Carrier - 16 Affected - 6 Countries testing this quarter include....Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Servia-Montenegro, Sweden, UK and US. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Sincerely, Becky Iddings Administrative Manager OptiGen, LLC Cornell Business & Technology Park 767 Warren Road, Suite 300 Ithaca, NY 14850 phone: 607-257-0301 fax: 607-257-0353 email: genetest@optigen.com web: www.optigen.com The Poodle Papers

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Breeders Care Program

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PCA Foundation at PCA 2013
Samples Needed for Cancer Research

There’s still time left to be a member of the Breeders The PCA Foundation Board of Directors would like to Care Program! The Breeders Care makes it possible thank all the volunteers who made our PCA seminar for the Foundation to continue its work for the health and health clinics run smoothly. We couldn’t have done of our poodles. it without you! Many thanks also to all who support the Foundation during PCA week and throughout the year The cost is the price of a puppy---whatever you charge with your donations--Peabody Haircut donors; Breeders for one of your puppies. It’s a small price to pay for the Care Program members; Joe and Regina Genarella, tremendous strides that have been made for our probwho are donating proceeds from pins and their book on lems specific to poodles. eg. patella luxation, SA. the corded Poodle; everyone who bid on the beautiful Poodle tapestry donated by Tom Carneal for the fundThe donations made it possible this year for the Founraising auction at PCA; and the many many others who dation to distribute 400 FREE minature poodle dwarfmake our work possible. ism testing kits. It’s valuable and exciting work. We hope you agree by sending us a donation the value of These are exciting times in Poodle health research. At a puppy. Tuesday’s PCAF seminar, for example, leading cancer researcher Dr. Matthew Breen told his audience about Send Checks to: today’s advances in the fight against canine cancer and Johnny Shoemaker how purebred dogs are helping researchers understand 517 Federal Street cancer in humans.  Using the wonders of modern Henderson, NV 89015 DNA technology, scientists are teasing out what goes wrong in cancer cells and how they might design Make Checks to: “smart bomb” treatments that target only the cancer The PCAF cells without damaging normal tissue. As Dr. Breen pointed out, our role in this work is as important as that of the scientists. To move forward in their research, they need DNA samples from dogs with cancer, so we Have Questions About Mini Poodle and our Poodles and our veterinarians can help. If you Dwarfism and New DNA Test? have a dog diagnosed with cancer and would like more information on providing samples for research, contact During PCA week, the PCA Foundation sponsored Dr. Breen’s research team at info@BreenLab.org. availability of free DNA test kits for the mutation causing Miniature Poodle Dwarfism. In a tremendous response from Poodle people, we gave out all we had-hundreds of kits! Of course, you can also obtain kits from projectDOG, www.projectdog.org. If you have questions about Miniature Poodle Dwarfism (osteochondrodysplasia) or the DNA test, please e-mail the Foundation (go to www.poodleclubofamerica.org/ pcaf.htm and click “Contact PCAF” in the menu at left). We will get answers from Dr. Mark Neff, leader of the research team who discovered the mutation causing Mini Dwarfism and developed the DNA test that now allows breeders to avoid producing puppies with this stunting and crippling disorder. Watch for an article in the next issue of Poodle Papers.

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In Memoriam
Dorothy Hall Loki Miniature Poodles
Miniature Breeder Dorothy Hall Passes

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Dorothy remained active on several fronts after she quit actively breeding dogs. In Florida, she actively supported the Society for Cat Rescue and was an honorary member of the Clearwater Ostomy Group. Her last Miniature was Telain Loki Talk of the Town who remained her companion through Dorothy’s later years. Dorothy’s death came after a long period of suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Submitted by Del Dahl

Dorothy Hall, breeder of Loki Miniature Poodles, died April 23 at her home in St Petersburg, FL. She was 86 and is survived by her five children, 11 grandchildren, 10 greatgrandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren. She and her husband, Arthur, who preceded her in death, retired to Florida after raising their family and establishing an effective Miniature breeding program in Griffith, IN Dorothy’s initial interest in Poodles started with Toys and she bred one Toy champion. But that ultimately proved to be just the foundation for her interest in developing a Miniature breeding and exhibiting program. She acquired Ch. Vanart’s Star Spangled Girl from Diane Artigues and Cathy Catelain in the early 70s, and with the later acquisition of Ch. Delnor’s Chairman of the Board, she had a lasting foundation for her breeding program.

Bill Cunningham Dacun

Anybody who knew Bill Cunningham well also knew that despite his easy-going, happy-go-luck manner, he was about as passionate and caring about all aspects of In all, Dorothy bred the one Toy champion and 15 Miniature the sport of dogs—and particularly the aspects related to champions. One of her favorites was the black bitch, Ch. Poodles—as anyone could be. His more than 50 years Loki Heavens To Betsy, a well-known Midwest winner who of involvement with Poodles and purebred dogs saw an won Best of Variety Miniature at the 1978 PCA Regional evolution that while typical in some ways was excepshow in Chicago. tional in others.
Dorothy was almost always a part of the “Poodle mix” at the Midwest shows while she was active. If she had an entry, she’d most often be with Diane Artigues and Cathy Catalain. Sometimes she worked with them, but she always found time for a chat. Other times she would travel with Bob and Jean Walberg with whom she was neighbors.

His first Poodle—registered as Our Miss Priss—was as important to him in later years as his most recent winner or Top Producer. In 1971 he became a professional handler with Tim and Elaine Ross (Manorhill Kennels) as his first client. And he was particularly proud that he and his first clients remained friends for the rest of Dorothy was long an admirer of both the Surrey and Dassin his life. One of his first employees as a handler was families of Miniature Poodles, and ultimately she and Annie John Thompson who also remained a life-long friend Clark became friends and both incorporated the other’s lines into their own family. That didn’t happen with the Dassin with whom Bill spoke almost daily during his last three family, but Dorothy’s great admiration of Joe Vergnetti years.
did influence how she defined the classic Miniature, and influenced choices she made within her own breeding effort.

As part of his preparation to become a handler, Bill apprenticed with Buddy Dickey at Dassin Farms, and Her Loki line continues today on many fronts—though in partial payment for his work there he acquired Ch. generations back—and is still an important factor in lines Dassin Black Beri Brandy who launched his career as such as those of Cathy Catalain’s Telain Kennels, and some a breeder.
parts of the greater Surrey line.

The Poodle Papers

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Page 59 He was a positive mentor to so many in so many ways…loyal to his friends, his dogs, and to Philip and his sons, William III and Troy, and their families which include the boy’s wives and his five grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His friends are legion and they will miss him. I am proud to have been one of them.— by Del Dahl cont from page 54 only) were highest in the late-neuter group. “Dr. Hart’s landmark study is the first to provide evidence for when to spay or neuter dogs. For years the veterinary community has been aware that early-spay and neuter may impact orthopedic health in dogs. Through a very detailed analysis and inclusion of body condition score as a risk factor, Dr. Hart was able to show that timing of spay and neuter does indeed have health implications,” said Dr. Shila Nordone, Chief Scientific Officer for the AKC Canine Health Foundation. “CCL disease is painful, debilitating, and costs dog owners $1 billion annually to treat. The AKC Canine Health Foundation is committed to funding research, like Dr. Hart’s study, that can lead to evidence-based health recommendations. Armed with prudent guidelines for when to spay and neuter dogs we will have a significant impact on the quality of life for dogs,” continued Dr. Nordone. Importantly, the task at hand is now to determine if the observations in this study are indeed true across all breeds and mixed breeds of dogs. Dr. Hart is interested in continuing his work by studying Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs, and Dachshunds. Additionally, gaps in knowledge continue to exist concerning the complex relationship between sex hormones and cancer.

Her first litter produced Ch.Dacun’s Blu Mascara of ArJon and Ch. Dacun’s Blu Mecca who were a source of great pride to him and co-breeder Philip Daily who was his lifelong partner of 47 years. They were sired by Ch. Dassin Blue Chip, a son of Jocelyn Marjorie, and their dam, Brandy was a result of a breeding of half-brother and half-sister—with the dam in common Ch. Annveron Bacardi Peach. Obviously his work at Dassin also provided him an excellent foundation of breeding strategies. His success as a breeder continued throughout the rest of his life. But in 1995 he retired as a handler at the Regional PCA show in Baton Rouge, LA. He and Philip has moved to Oviedo, FL, and continued breeding Poodles as he worked on developing his judging career. One of his favorites was Ch. Dacun’s Star-ing Role O’ Jamellle (Corrine) who for many years was the No. 1 Top-Producing Standard Poodle Dam. Bill became a most popular judge within the United States and was equally popular in other countries. He had judged in Australia and Brazil various times and was well received in Canada. He judged on the Westminster Kennel Club panel, and was particularly pleased to judge the Standard Poodle entry at the 20?? Poodle Club of America. He was especially pleased that his sisters could be with him to share that experience. For many years, Bill was the Poodle Club of America’s go-to guy for judges education. With few resources at his disposal, and no expense money for lodging and travel, he crisscrossed the country helping judges and potential judges better understand our breed as they pursued their judging careers. His efforts laid the ground-work for the current judges education program of which he was part.

In recent years, he decided to explore the opportunity to serve on the PCA Board of Directors. He was elected by the membership and has enjoyed his involvement in that role. He has continued his Standard breeding pro- Last summer the AKC Canine Health Foundation regram which is well represented by the top-winning dog leased a podcast interview with Dr. Hart on his earlyand emerging sire, GCh., Int./Su./Dk./Fin. Ch. Dacun spay and neuter research as part of a series dedicated to Kaylen’s He’s A Heartbreaker. Only a few weeks ago the health of the canine athlete. To listen to the podcast his recent venture into Brussels Griffons produced ta puppy that went Winner Bitch at the National Specialty cont on page 60 show. The Poodle Papers

P.C.A. Membership News
Dear PCA members,
Below are the names and information about our two new Poodle Club of America members who were voted in on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. A gentle reminder to add them to your directory. Let’s all welcome them to PCA. Mary Olund/Corresponding Secretary Judy C. Cooksey & Donald L. Adams, Jr. 3266 Hunting Ridge Road, Winchester, VA 22603 Tel: 540.888.9056 Kennel name: Seamist email: adamscooksey@gmail.com variety: standards cont from page 59 visit www.akcchf.org/canineathlete The publication “Neutering Dogs: Effects on Joint Disorders and Cancers in Golden Retrievers” is available online through the open access journal PLOS One. The work was funded by the AKC Canine Health Foundation with sponsorship from the Golden Retriever Foundation, Schooley’s Mountain Kennel Club, the Siberian Husky Club of America, and the Vizsla Club of America Welfare Foundation. Press: http://www.akcchf.org/news-events/news/health-implications-in-early.html

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Assistance Available for Pets Affected by Oklahoma Tornado
(Tuesday, May 21, 2013) Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the recent tornado in Oklahoma. The AKC CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund can provide resources, support and other assistance to notfor-profit animal shelters and similar not-for-profit organizations providing care for pets displaced as a result of natural or civil disasters like these tornadoes. If you are an organization in need of assistance or know of a group that could use help, please let us know at sxs2@akc.org or 212-696-8228. If you’d like to donate to the AKC CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund to help companion animals affected by the tornado, go here. We hope you, your family, friends and pets are safe.

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