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For The Year 2012-2014


It would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of them: We are highly indebted to Dr. Subha Jhori for her guidance and constant supervision as well as for providing necessary information regarding the project & also for their support in completing the project. Our thanks and appreciations also go to our peer members in developing the project and people who have willingly helped me out with their abilities.


Contents of Marketing plan

Executive summary Marketing situation Segmentation Targeting

Positioning Distribution Pest analysis Calculation of cost Marketing plan Swot Analysis Marketing strategy Product Price Place promotion Action programs Budget Conclusion References

PUMPKIN Ltd. is a manufacturer of kids clothing located in South extension, New Delhi. We are very excited about our product that they are made of top quality material. Our company sells trendy clothings and apparel for kids under the age of 14 such as casual and party wear ,sports wear, comics wear, night wear, swim suits. PUMPKIN store markets its products line has COME &GET JOY OF HAPPINESS. Our organizational structure of our business is partnership. Types of strategy that we have adopted for adjusting price of our product are: Psychological pricing(Reference pricing) Dynamic pricing Promotional pricing Such as end of the season sales, festive offers, multi- buy savings and promotional coupons will be implemented. Our competitors are LILIPUT, HADI, BARBIE, and DISNEY. Our advertisement will be through posters, banners, newspapers, direct mail campaign. We will promote our product in giving advertisement about our product in breaks of cartoon shows .we will also promote our product in kids schools and in children parks. Our brand ambassador is KAJOL. Our goal is to keep our marketing budget to no more than 10% of our gross annual sales. Slogan of our company is:-IF YOU ARE HAPPY THEN WE ARE HAPPY MISSION:-To bring a smile on kids as well as on their parents face by delivering value based product. OBJECTIVE: To increase market share. To think like a child and try to give them what they desire. To increase sales and satisfy our customer needs. To have excellent relationship with customer. To create a store image that our target customer sees as both attractive and trendy. Make a product available in all our country.


----------SWIM WEAR

----------CASUAL WEAR

----------NIGHT WEAR

-------------SPORTS WEAR

-------------------COMIC WEAR

Detail about the segment:-We have taken business to consumer in which we directly sell
to customer. SEGMENTATION:-


Demographic:For under the age of 14. For kids For parents whose income above 90,000. PSYCHOGRAPHIC:For upper middle class. BEHAVIORAL:For every occasion (casual and party wear). Benefits providing quality based product. Attitude towards product will be positive and user rates for using product are medium user.

TARGETING: Kids, fashion conscious parents. High disposable, surplus income family.

POSITIONING:Create value for targeted customers. FEATURES & ITS BENEFITS:Stylish clothes available in good quality. Material used such as silk, cotton, nylon, crape and denims etc. Unique designs, innovation and latest in trend. Eye catching colors used in our product. Long lasting apparels. Comfortable to wear. Available in different verities and sizes. Clothes available for every occasion such as festivals, birthdays, parties, fancy dress competition, sports etc. Good customer service system at our store.

DIRECT AND INDIRECT COMPETITIORS:1-Direct Competitors: - Some of the leading brands such as LILIPUT, GINNI & JHONNY, BARBIE, DISNEY, and HADI etc. are our direct competitors. 2-INDIRECT COMPETITIORS:-Some of our indirect competitors are WESTSIDE, BIGBAZAR, SHOPPERS-STOP, MOM &ME, VISHAL MEGA MART etc. These are our indirect competitors as they sell kids clothes as well as other products such as apparels for women, men etc .They also sell accessories, shoes & sandals and bags etc. at just one place so our consumers may prefer to buy their clothes as well as for their kids only. So indirectly they are our competitors which have a great effect on our business. DISTRIBUTION:- As we are following B 2 C segment so the channels we have utilized for the distribution of our product are:a. Direct distribution b. Indirect distribution DIRECT DISTRIBUTION:-ONLINE SELLING-We have a website of our store where our products which are popular is available. People can buy our product through our website directly. INDIRECT DISTRIBUTION:-We are distributing our product from our factory to our consumer through our retail shop.

ECONOMICAL:1. INFLATION:-Inflation affects C&P the same way as changes in taxes would. The lower the rate of inflation the better it is for business. As it means people can spend more and the pricing of the products will be affordable. If the rate of inflation is high people will spend less ,as their income will be less and they will not be able to buy our products. 2. ENERGY PRICES:- If electricity cost would rise this would mean it would cost C&P more to run their stores lightening ,machinery and this would lead to price increase. As a result C&P would lose out on customer due to our pricing. TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS:-Technological factors which can affect our product includes such as:-1-Shortage of certain material like leather and fur.2-Introduction of new clothing styles by our competitors.

Estimation of Cost,Selling price and profit per unit

Selling price Per unit Variable cost per unit Fixed cost per unit Profit per unit

Casual and party wear 699 (200) (85.88)

Sports wear 399 (100) (85.88)

Comic wear 499 (150) (85.88)

Night wear 399 (100) (85.88)

Swim suits 199 (50) (85.88)






Calculation of costs We will manufacture 8500 units Total Fixed cost is Rs 730000, So fixed cost per unit is Rs 85.88(730000/8500)= Rs 85.88 Total Variable cost is Rs 1229480 Total cost is Rs 19, 59,480(3000*285+1500*188.88+2000*235.88+1500*185.88+500*135.88)

The products of the retail shop will be high quality clothes for children (boys and girls) aged 012 years old. The product line will include school uniform and also some selected toys. The key clothing products will be the following:

Tops Skirts and dresses Trousers and jogging pants

Jackets Nightwear Winter wear Party wear Sports wear Indian wear

This section defines the strengths and weaknesses of the new firm and also the opportunities and threats existing within the high quality childrens clothing sector. 1-STRENGTHS

Owners and managers have extensive childrens clothing product development and marketing experience from previous work. Owners and managers have a good understanding of and a good network in the market in Crystal Palace, Bromley, and London. 2-WEAKNESSES

Non-existent brand of new childrens clothing retail shop. Untested end-to-end process from product development to delivery of products to customers. 3-OPPORTUNITIES

High quality children are clothing becoming increasingly expensive with brand as key factor driving up the prices. 4-THREATS prices have impacted on discretionary consumer spending.

Current credit crunch experienced by the financial markets coupled with the increasing oil


Marketing Programme Strategy and Tactics This section defines the strategy and tactics of the marketing programme. The 4Ps of marketing are used as the structure to present the programme.

Product line

Introduce the new range of high quality affordable clothing to the market Utilize current network of owners and introduce the product to the market Position the product as high quality but at affordable prices


The quality of the products sold will be monitored closely to ensure the high quality image of the retail store and brand. A quality assessment will be conducted regularly by the owners to ensure that the clothes meet the requirements.


Introduce the childrens clothing at above the low-priced products to reflect the high quality value of the products, Cost plus price, Reference pricing strategy


Provide pricing range that high quality clothing seekers will find affordable and attractive

Potentially, price the products at lower than planned margins in order to encourage the purchase of the products as it increases exposure in the market Provide discounts to large buyers (i.e. several items)




Establish base/headquarters for retail store to develop overall brand and image

Utilize planned retail store in Delhi as the base Develop retail store as key presence in all over Delhi for must-see visit of visitors in the state.


As the retail store will be small-sized in the first instance, the store will only occupy a one-floor retail shop. The floor plan will be defined once a retail store has been identified.



Build up the brand and the new childrens clothing product range to the target market

Work locally to promote products including in local newspapers Encourage word-of-mouth build-up of the brand and products through the initial customers Utilize website to increase exposure to the target market


The promotions programme will be dynamic and will require the use of research to validate assumptions. This will be done through data from sales, questionnaires and surveys provided to customers, and other external research. ACTIONS PROGRAMS Our company will launch in January. We will start integrated advertisements through newspapers, radio, advertisements in magazines. Work will be divided to people as area of their specialization.

Twinkle Vijwani

Firdaus jamal,

sales manager
Ajit roy, Regional sales

promotion manager
Apporva Rathi, Advertising manager Jai singh Rathore,

Advertising analyist

In budgets, we have to calculate the break-even point (BEP) is the point at which cost or expenses and revenue are equal: there is no net loss or gain, and one has "broken even". A profit or a loss has not been made, although opportunity costs have been "paid", and capital has received the risk-adjusted, expected return.

Calculation of break even sales Break even volume- Fixed costs/price unit variable cost

BE sales

: BE Vol. x Price


BREAK EVEN VOLUME 730000/(699-200)=1462.92 730000/(399-100)=2441.47 730000/(499-150)=2091.6 730000/(399-100)=2441.47 730000/(199-50)=4899

BREAK EVEN SALES 1462*699=Rs1022581 2441*399= Rs 974147. 2091*499= Rs 104370 2441*399= Rs 974147 4899*199= Rs974966

If will face the problem in future, we have decided that we will apply the New product development strategy .We will produce teenagers clothes, toys, accessories etc.We will produce more and will sell to new customers in new markets. We will diversify our stores.

Market Risks It is important that we only use quality fabrics and prices our products well. Consumers will stop buying the product if it is not meeting their requirements or is not affordable. There is lots of competition out there for the consumers to choose from. We need to start off with a quality product, create some market awareness and continue to meet the demands of the consumers. In order to do this we must work with the retailers to learn more about what they and the consumers want. It is important to have the retailers on our side so they display and merchandise our product to the maximum benefit. It is also important to know what consumers think and what changes they would like to see so we can meet their needs. Other Risks Not properly managing the production end of the business could affect costs and make our product too highly priced. It is important for us to keep close watch on both labour and fabric costs and to try and keep them as low as possible without affecting the quality of the product. It is also important to find reliable assistance, and though it may take longer to hire it is important to get the right person from the start.

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