Dean Del Mastro, Member of Parliament – Peterborough

May 31, 2013 Mr. Don McDermott , President Catholic Health Corporation of Ontario 712 College Ave., West PO Box 1879 Guelph, ON N1H 7A1 Dear Mr. McDermott, I have been following the disturbing situation at St. Joseph’s at Fleming very closely over the past several weeks and share my community’s concern with the apparent elder abuse that has occurred at a trusted local Christian facility. Needless to say I think we can both agree that abuses such as these cannot be tolerated and that the consequences for those that perpetrate elder abuse must be severe. That said, I have to express my profound disagreement with your decision to demand the resignation of the volunteer board. Having had personal experience with these individuals over the past several years and having bore witness to their commitment to their fellow citizens and to our community, I simply cannot stand by while their reputations, qualifications and character are called collectively into question. I am further concerned that this will cast a very significant chill throughout my community’s volunteer base; I simply cannot imagine that good people are going to continue to want to put their name forward to help others if this hasty and seemingly expedient decision stands. I was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Peterborough, and I know full well the value of the name that the facility at Fleming is privileged to carry forward. The people at St. Joseph’s Hospital and the facility itself were very special and treasured; St Joseph’s at Fleming must strive in every way to become that same place in the hearts of every person in Peterborough. I believe that the individuals on the volunteer board represent in part a solution to the challenges that this facility faces in terms of regaining the respect and trust that it must have throughout my community. Families have been hurt and the community has been shaken but the volunteer board is simply not to blame for the disgraceful actions of the few that are in fact responsible. I ask that you step back and reconsider the ultimatum that you have put in place and allow the fullness of time in this matter to guide the appropriate path forward. Respectfully,

Dean Del Mastro M.P. - Peterborough

Dean Del Mastro, M.P. Peterborough
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