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Properly controlled profiles for rail and wheels reduce the risk of derailment and minimize the dynamic interaction between vehicle and track. This is also improving passenger comfort, while besides reducing material stresses and wear of track and vehicle components. Both rails and wheels are gradually wearing in service, resulting in a continuous change of profiles. Regular recording of both wheel and rail profiles makes it possible to monitor changes and control maintenance in an optimum way, in order to reduce maintenance costs and improve safety. The portable MINIPROF instrument allows to measure and control the profiles in a convenient manner. It can be used for measurements during standard maintenance of rails and rolling stock. In addition to the standard MINIPROF system there are also dedicated versions. The so-called TWINHEAD MINIPROF was specially designed to measure both wheels and both rails simultaneously for wheel/rail studies. A special version was developed for measuring multiple-profiles in turnouts, referred to as the MINIPROF SWITCH. It facilitates recording of switch blades, stock rails, frogs, as well as multiple-profiles in crossings. Applications: Rail grinding; Rail and Switch maintenance; Wheel/Rail studies (contact mechanics); Wheel maintenance. ECS is working together with Greenwood Engineering in Denmark. Version 2.3 of the MINIPROF software has been released. Customers can obtain a download key via or


PDA version for MINIPROF Rail and Switch is also available!

MINIPROF for Pocket PC is the software used for making measurements with a MINIPROF USB instrument on a PDA. The main features include the measurement, calculation of standard wear parameters on wheels (Sd, Sh and qR), on rails (W1, W2 and W3) and viewing measurements. Calculated wear parameters can be compared automatically with limits from reference profiles, displaying warnings when these are exceeded. In addition the software offers ways of transferring data from the PDA to a PC for further analysis with the MINIPROF software package. The PDA is normally delivered with a protection case that makes it water- and shock resistant. It can of course be used without this cover to minimize the size and weight.

Easy to use
Using the MINIPROF instrument with a Pocket PC is straightforward. The instrument is now easier than ever to operate for one person due to the small size of the PDA. The Pocket PC software is simple and has a user interface designed with large buttons making it possible to use a finger instead of the stylus.

Instant evaluation
Profile and wear parameters are instantly displayed on the PDA after a measurement is completed, giving the option of accepting or rejecting the measurement. Wear parameters are also compared with limits from references, including UIC60, UIC S1002 and of course customer defined references.

Setting up
The instrument is detected automatically, just as on a standard PC. Information about the wheel or rail can be entered before collecting the profile. This information is stored along the measurement and can be used later for identifying the individual measurements. The available options are configurable and extendable.

Viewing profiles
Profiles collected on the PDA can be viewed afterwards to inspect the shape, wear parameters and whether limits are exceeded. Measurements can be transferred to a PC for storage and, if required, further analysis with the MINIPROF for Windows software.


MINIPROF RAIL for rolling mill

Measured rail profile

MINIPROF RAIL for measurements in track

MINIPROF Wheel with diameter measurement MINIPROF Perpendicular Device

Wheel profile measurements by Nedtrain Consulting (Netherlands)

MINIPROF Twinhead wheel with PDA Recent MINIPROF generation High resolution and precision; No external encoder cable; Measurement of the ambient temperature Measurement of the transverse track slope Produced in titanium, so very robust. Customers MINIPROF systems are now successfully applied on the following railway administrations and industries: MINIPROF for light rail wheels

Measured wheel profile

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