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(x21) "Was D interviewed by a radio host via telephone from London, England, a day ago?'


He spoke with one and after being offered, indicated that he could not at this time give any such interviews or authorize publication. Other matters were discussed but they are not for this post. :) (His job is too hard to be giving interviews.) truly, .. Link to Post - Back to Top IP: Logged


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(Before continued requests: yes, they have the tie-dye shirts made for each other by each other, for their

marriage, but they are not for sale or even "donation" at any price. They have already turned down 1

offer for a high number in the 6 figures, for each shirt. truly, )


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Stan Goldstein, Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) / Doctor of Science

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CCPsych EDO/MCNCLV/ GT Investigator Joined: Apr 2012 Gender: Male Posts: 526 Re: OPERATIONAL CHAT 2 «
CCPsych EDO/MCNCLV/ GT Investigator Joined: Apr 2012 Gender: Male Posts: 526 Re: OPERATIONAL CHAT 2 «

We are thre backbone of the Majestic!


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Listen everybody, it's like this ....

The people are fed up with what's coming out of DC. The media get's hold of it, and chews on it. (Packaging up everything into 15 minute segments they replay over and over and over again, like a dog working on a bone.)

People are interested (for a while) but get fed up hearing the same old thing, without seeing any action.

People get bored. (DC is counting on the shortened attention span to work in their favor.)

In a couple of weeks all the energy people had dies off. Why? Because, most people think that listening to the media "talking heads' drone on about a problem, is the same thing as taking action!

In most people's minds they actually did something besides sitting on the couch watching the news.

It's like the weekend sports jockeys cheering for their favorite team, eating lots of chips and dip and thinking that somehow, in some magical universe, they actually DID something!

And guess what? DC knows all about this, and they depend on it! They depend on the media to chew an issue to death for them, so they never actually have to do anything about it.

Congratulations! The American public wins!

In short:


Don't like what I have to say?

I could say 'vote smarter next time! ' but the truth is, our choices are usually between 'bad and worse'.


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« Reply #66 on May 26, 2013, 7:47pm »
Marcia emeraldsun I understand your frustration. There are a few people out there who either never



I understand your frustration. There are a few people out there who either never fell asleep or have finally woken up to the smell of coffee (in the form of our global issues, humanitarian, financial and other).

But here's the problem as I see it - a rebel group, however well informed and well intentioned, is fighting an uphill battle when the overwhelming majority of people in a position to vote, and positions of power just don't care.

The thing about a democracy, everybody is treated equally. Great! Wonderful for human issues, but unfortunately, something else when it comes to voting people into power.

They consider their own interests first, and many love to be handed things, and patted on the head for being sooo good. They'll vote anybody into power that promises their little gravy train won't derail.

Can anybody out there give me an example of a democracy that has stood the test of time, and held strong over the last thousand years? One still going strong today?

We also are a Representative Democracy, who elects people to speak for us, in the halls of power.

As long as stupid, self-absorbed, greedy people outnumber others, nothing is going to change. In fact, it's probably going to get worse. A lot worse.

The American Revolution worked because the overwhelming majority of people were united in thought and had the same or similar interests.

In our current situation, it comes down to leading a horse to water

you can make your point all day long and

..... get lots of people to nod their heads in agreement, but it all comes down to what people will do when nobody is

watching, when they don't have to impress anybody (ie: the voting booth).

We are defined by what we do, and we don't leave people hanging whenever we possibly can help, but we also know that the politicians (Illuminati ones included) are not going to go against their gravy-train, any more than the voters will. And in fact, it would be downright stupid to try to tear down the existing power structure, as horrible as it sometimes is, because if we did so, the world's economic and social structures would collapse in a matter of days or weeks.

The Illuminati politicians, and the others as well, view the rest of us in terms of Pharaohs looking at the people pulling their sedan chairs or fanning them in the sun. They don't want us to wake up or take stock of our situation - they want us to stay right where we are - so their needs are met.

If the situation ever reversed itself, the rich and powerful would collect their liquid assets, move their other assets in a way that people would not notice, then go to ground somewhere in the world that would afford them an easy pleasing life - leaving the rest of us to muddle through the collapse, as best we could.

We believe in helping people stay informed, helping our family and friends through rough times and extending our reach to those in trouble, wherever and whenever we can.

Right now, that's about all any of us can really do. (I'm saying this on the level of policy making, not just people reaching out to help their neighbors.)

Personally I think the bail outs and hand outs need to stop, and if things wobble, and some businesses and other entities find they can't keep their footing and stay afloat - we probably didn't really need to keep them afloat in the first place. The economy needs to reboot, not be propped up.

What we eventually will end up with, at least in my opinion, will be much better than what we were keeping alive on financial transfusions.






The truth: wholesale destruction of the so called "Illume banksters" is an order away. Retreating within

the system, they know it. They also know it's an order in conscience for the People I cannot and will

not give. The system has been set with



I may borrow a term from the "Cold War": Mutually Assured

Destruction ("MAD"). Moments of "seemingly" righteous anger would result in what would amount to

decades and could amount to a century or more of economic and cultural collapse.


Then (not aimed at emeraldsun) spare me the presently useless UTOPIAN PLATITUDES - people

know what they are:



BULLSHT! Tell that BULLSHT to someone who hasn't lived! Oh, think again! Tell the bullsht to an

8y.o. muslim kid who's bleeding out because a fking IED just blew his femoral artery open! Who's

collateral damage now?

This earth has always been a battlefield. That's the truth. Do I truly believe that ONE DAY (you help

me define when that really means and I'll give you a cupie doll)




into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks?'

will 'beat our swords


Look at the Biology of the world. Battles and cooperations. Here is a depiction of MIGHTY ROME,



estre_18 90.jpg

The people have been saved from TERRIBLE ROME! The wonderful people who brought it about are

led with the peaceful symbol of ......





Ladies and gentlemen (oh, I know not you because you are the EVOLVED ONE



are still apes dreaming of being angels.

you are




It may mean little to some and I understand


however ...

I can assure and attest, G-d willing I am allowed to live (or not be replaced) through this tenure, that,

  • 1. I will never run away while confronted in this capacity, nor otherwise likely anyway



  • 2. That I will always to my best ability stand between the People and perceived and known dangers,


  • 3. That no matter how we, ever-more together, end up by 2022 - by "transfusion, collapse or hopefully

other" or by "reboot, collapse, or hopefully


accept that the flaming arrow pointing toward

those in Leadership will point toward me while others hide. So be it! Then, here I make my stand!

Love (which comes in many packages),


Some people have rose colored glasses glued on them. It hurts when they fall down and they get ripped

off like a scab. On Tuesday, D is going to force feed the presence of the Public to the Consistory. The

fight is starting to rise in him. It's only the start. Stand or fall I'm withya Dan! BC


Speaking frankly? One thing that makes the s.o.- redeemable is that he stands behind his decisions.

McConnell never did.



Cutting through the bullsht minus the i good then. Hi Dan. OK. We have the best financially, we

overtake the Illume bstards? We've been talking about it since Kath's fav ran the show.

Also got one or more more?

Mechaven. Kabbalist. Ready to run the big show under the big top with your biology discovery. Man of


don't swing at me for it on Tues? It's caus of what happened to you.

How are you doing inside? This must be > i don't know for you? Geo


We'll be in, in a few. As the Consis grinds on and they expect his presence, D is still up in the Office.

He is personally involved with a threat issue. The threat is not toward any of us and is serious. He has

honestly elected to make sure that the focus of the threat is protected. Without coming out and saying

it, understand? If necessary and if another agency doesn't get the person first, he is already ordering a

Maj Fast Response Team to "collect" the person making the threats. truly, ..

"Bless all those from the Heartlove."

To "Mr. Ewing":

Message received. I happened to have D's personal phone in my jacket pocket so he wouldn't forget it

when on the way to the Grand Hall. It beeped in my pocket. I hope you don't mind my hearing? It

came too close on Dr. Stan's post for me to turn from it and D was on the line to DC at the time. I can

assure you that events are not directed toward your ranch.

D already took care of the prior issues by sending our teams to confront deployed individuals and

ordered some "directly retired" to send the ultimate message to those who sent them. Teams are in

permanent station near you and others and they will not let anyone through. You may relax honey.

Ann ADC/1



signal on/

ADC9: Right here mam.

Chair: We are waiting for another motion?

2018: Requesting stay?


2018: Mam?

2018: It is a violation of the Charter to ignore the Opposition Counsel. Shall I quote chapter verse?

SAA: Chair!

Chair: You're not being ignored Opposing Counsel. I'll get to you. SAA?

SAA: We have reached the seating capacity limit for the Hall. I am now ordering the Guard to prevent

further entries to the floor.

Chair: Understood. The Clerk is ordered to play the Theme. I will remind the Opposing Counsel to

remain silent during it?


Clerk: Yes mam.

SAA: All rise for the Theme!

(D is just offstage in the Chambers.)

SAA: All rise for he who is seated at the First Seat!


1: I immediately request the Chair yield the gavel?

(This has a cold professional feeling about it?)

Chair: Of course.

1: Thank you.

2018: Chair: my request for stay?

Chair (D): By all means, sit and stay.


Chair: At this time, I order the SAA to open the doors to the Regiment of the Dame Garde Français, to

allow them to take positions in this great Hall!

SAA: Yes, sir!

2018: Chair! I demand continued recognition!

Chair: Proceed.

(The Hall doors have been opened and about 25 ladies are marching in, swaying like they do, their all

black attire with weapons showing.)

2018: Chair, I have a pending request for a motion for stay of motion 13 dash 2474 dash 1?

(Oh. He has stepped from the Podium and waved off security. he's walking down the stairs to the floor

with gavel in hand. This can be done but I have never see it done before.)

(He's standing on the front side of the Echelon Podium staring in silence at 2018. The place is dead


Chair: 2018, as I will keep you dignfied under your number - (pause)

PA/SESQ: ECS Floor Audio Full.

2018: Sir?

Chair: Thank you.

(Still quiet. D is clearly tired of 2018. But he has a responsibility here and he knows it. I can see his

mind calculating.)

Chair: Sir.


2018: Dan? The Majestic incorporated the leftovers from the Illuminati struggle in 2011. Your actions

are putting us into potential schism?

Chair: Potential. Look at this gavel? It has the potential energy of falling toward the floor. But, I retain

grasp of it. I believe it was Butler who said: "G-d cannot alter the past, though historians can."


Chair: Now, we have listened to you go on and on and your stays would last until doomsday if you

could have it.

2018: Sir, you could order the Guard or any of the Ladies to turn a weapon on me and shoot me dead

here and no one would stand and oppose it. It's my job, and you pay me for it, to be a loyally opposing

force in a Consistory that you and your wife recreated after the catastrophe of the Cycles Cross was

defeated. I will stand here and do my job whether you like it or not?

(Still face to face at the Echelon Podium)

Chair: Sir. Of the many things which science has taught me, I have learned that simply because I have

the power to do something, the existence of that power does not indicate that it, any one thing should

be done.


2018: I would urge you, sir, to apply that logic to the potential of the motion that the screen is showing.

(The Seated members at the Table including M are now standing watching.)

Chair: Sir, I am convinced that your loyal opposition, your advocacy, stands on the wrong side of what

will be history.

2018: Right or wrong? The nations have not come to union. The peoples of the world haven't come to

union yet?

Chair: My G-d man! Don't you understand that without the fires we light, others could become

impossible to extinguish?

2018: Leading to? The Hall and whatever rabble other is listening. Right? I oppose. Answer or be


2018: You've seen? (yelled)

(pressure, he glanced just a second at M and she dropped her head, shook it and closed her eyes.)

(A few in the Hall are yelling "answer!")

Chair: Make your motion in full.

2018: You're afraid of something.

Chair: You would trade the hidden energy in the possible for the calculated energy in the potential. For

everyone, that path cannot be followed. Where in your memories in the middle of the night do you hide

when your demons come to call? Now make your dam/ed motion or shut up and sit down. (mean)

(silence, staring at each other)

2018: I move for a continued stay of motion 13 dash 2474 dash 1.

Chair: In the name of the Consistory of the Majestic: overruled! (loud, aggressive)

(He struck the Echelon Podium with the gavel! He struck the front top edge of the Echelon Podium so

hard with the gavel that the top edge broke upward and almost off. I can see the opening and nails. He's

walking away from the Echelon Podium.)

(The Consis floor is almost all standing and loudly cheering. he's walking back up the stage stairs.)

Chair: Motion 13 2474 dash 1 as amended, allowing those unsworn to enter the Grand Hall and be

heard, is now called! (Mean, he's ready to fight)

Chair: You are rabble? Have you heard that from your homes? You are rabble? That is not what we

consider you. That is what opposes the path of history as we interact with it! That idiotic mindset!

2018: Chair?

Chair: SAA?

CCS: Sit down or I'll sit you down!

Chair: The Peoples' right to be heard must move forward! I declare that in their names by Fiat as he

who is Seated at the First Seat!

(loud cheering)

Clerk: Chair, shall the motion stand?

Chair: Yes. I want to know where others stand.


Chair: Before calling the number, please direct your attention to screen 2.

Me: SESQ, copy/paset quote?

SESQ: “But we were born of risen apes, not fallen angels, and the apes were armed killers besides. And

so what shall we wonder at? Our murders and massacres and missiles, and our irreconcilable

regiments? Or our treaties whatever they may be worth; our symphonies however seldom they may be

played; our peaceful acres, however frequently they may be converted into battlefields; our dreams

however rarely they may be accomplished. The miracle of man is not how far he has sunk but how

magnificently he has risen. We are known among the stars by our poems, not our corpses.” - Robert


Chair: Obviously, please accept the quote's words an nongender specific.

LFG1: Oui!

SAA: Chair, we have over 200 ladies and gentlemen waiting at the gate?

Chair: The Chair is aware. I call to the Clerk to play Fanfare For The Common Man.

Chair: Motion 13 2474 dash 1 as amended, is now called. The Floor shall vote first.

Chair: Calling the motion for second, with understanding of the cloture arrangement made over the


(We had over 100 "second" calls.)

Chair: Those from the floor may delegate1 to discuss if so so choose. Caucus 1 through 6 make your


Caucus3 leader: no sir.

SAA: those waiting?

Chair: They cannot enter until their right to do so is declared under gavel after vote. The Charter?

Caucus2 leader: no sir.

SAA: (nodded)

Caucus4 leader: no sir.

Caucus1 leader: no sir.

Caucus6 leader: no sir.

Caucus5 leader: no sir.

Chair: The man behind the Chair, behind the Seat, says thank you for the trust.

Chair: Cloture being automatically called, I now call the motion to vote from the floor. Those agreeing

with the motion please signify by saying, "yes."

Chair: Chair: Those disagreeing with, opposing, the motion please signify by saying, "no."

(about 90 yes/10 no)

Chair: recorded.

Chair: The Chair now turns to the remaining 12.


9: I rise to insist on the presence of the Echelon Guard around J1.

SAA: Guard to the Podium, lock and load!

CCS: The members on the floor are informed not to approach the Podium or they will be sh/t!

Chair: The Chair now calls the vote of the 12. The First Seat is standing. All those in favor of the the

motion as amended, those in the Hall, please rise.

LFG1: DGF to the stage front.

Chair: Thank you. Recorded. Recording by teleconference screen. Those in favor raise their right hand.

Chair: recorded. The 12 of 13 having voted in the affirmative by a count of 8 yes, 2 no, and 2 not


Chair: SAA? Kevin, have they been checked? Do some wish to speak at the SOA Podium?

SAA: They've all been checked and cleared. They all wish to speak.

4: Dan, when that door opens, we should be in Chambers.

Chair: The Table may retire to Chambers.

Chair: All rise!

Chair: The Chair having heard the votes declares the motion, number 13 2474 dash 1 has been passed!


(He lightly tapped the gavel which got even me laughing.)

SAA: The gates are open to those authorized and all business before this Consistory may be heard.

SESQ: "Stan said" "Kevin, Steve, Dan is going to walk down to them when they come in. Bad idea.

For his safety get him out of here."

Chair: I yeild the gavel to 9891.

CCS: Dan, follow me.

(The doors are open and I see a small parade of women walking into the Hall. Applause from thew


1: I am going this way.

COS: No. Your battle for today is over.

SESQ: "Stan said" "Dan, you just started a revolution. See Lexington Concord in your mind. Go with

Brent now."

(Some of the ladies are throwing thank you kisses. He's listening to security. Finally.)

SESQ: Sorry I have no auth to continue the signal.

signal off/

« Last Edit: May 28, 2013, 7:15pm by Stan »

Dan told me he would be here tomorrow to answer to the posts. He has a terrible "back issue" today

that none of the other team members mentioned.

"Is this not the position that EDO has taken, the Rebel Group? Granted you are now connected with

The Majestic Group but has it not gone rougue from it's former Mission statement?"

People want changes. Everyone saw one. The Rebel Group just started a w/r within the most powerful

socalled secret society ever. The funniest thing ever is that those who said they wanted things out are

now the biggest forces to keep people ignorant. (example the phoney doofs in ufology)

And you read it as it happened. I wish I could have opened the video. Dan had a job the other day. It

was to send a message that he is willing to fight to the death for the rights people have had all the time.

He sent a message of W/R today.

He acted BOLDLY and is only using strong means when the Peoples' rights are being trampled into the


He realizes he can't afford to sit on a fence and say he's willing to step to the side and look all clean

through this.

I guess others can be the angels? How holy they must be?

Sometimes stepping to the side now matter how you convince yourself it means you're of higher mind

really just is stepping off the sidewalk and allowing others who think they're superior to kick the sht out

of you. After you step out of the way you prevent a battle for awhile?


Please, someone tell me that my father could have just raised his consciousness enough not to have

sung WE SHALL OVERCOME by sitting on his /ss at home instead of joining in the REAL WORLD


Prayer and hope without action does nothing in the real world.


Speaking frankly? One thing that makes the s.o.- redeemable is that he stands behind his decisions.

McConnell never did.



Kath sysbz

I got to chew on this for awhile. You are right 'bout responsibility. I read one the rb notice D's word We.

He sounds like he knows D and we don't know him. Suppose he has a higher right to be here anyway.

What I have to chew on is this: D was in a prison for years. The prison was built by some of the people

that work for him now. Forget Deb. It was built by people with power and she just used it to get her

whatever. He runs Mother Maj now and he forgave so many? Eagles Disobey springs up like a weed

with big thorns all with 9s name on them and they call themselves REBELS. Rebels they are. But

they call themselves rebels

break free away from the Illuminati and Majestic (can't happen JFC!!)

Help save the fing world from the cycles cross and ourselves

they take over Majestic (JFC!!!)

Announce they are bringing the PUBLIC (for Christ's sake) into Majestic's circles.

Do it.

And they remain asked why they aren't rebels?

What some of us heard could be right. WTF has been going on out here since we were here??????? Geo

« Last Edit: May 29, 2013, 1:12am by SoA / Echelon »

George Tenet ?

Georgyporgy let's put it this way:

I don't really care? I've been listening to live PA for hours since he brought them in. Nonstop. Some of the wives have cracked on the actions of the heavyweight E's and they are refusing to yield the pod.

Cobweb rules adapted: D's lead affects 4Billion or more so when confused: don't smile and look busy.

DM returned to the Condo and are in the sunroom, George, if you want to call. SESQ

Kathy, buzz. Hello your fav here dear? What you are really listening to is the unsworn at their Podium

and the Echelons trying to defend themselves from a thin lectern stand. I want Franklin to send you a

photo of Dan when he was informed that the Echelon Podium he damaged had to be removed to have

its top cut off for it to be preserved in the Archives! The call was placed on speaker phone in M's home

office and she gave him a kiss on the cheek when his mouth dropped open in shock! M looked at him

and said, "What? You forgot you made history today?" Then he said, "Oh, G-d now I have to pay for a

new one and give an order reason?" M "lost it!" I wonder if the new Ntc/Jud committee is expecting to

see that? I asked him what went through his mind when he broke the podium open on him and he said,

(swear on a stack ): "I had two targets in mind. I struck the one of higher intelligence!" For certain we

are now in the days of Rum and peppermint sticks! Truly, ..

34 arrested so far. We expected a larger splinter. They are finding out they can't stand on two sides of a fence at the same time. What's worse is they are learning we were ready. A ADC/1

We love you 3 too. I was there at the start. I feel terrible for him, every day. That's my truth. Watching

him successfully, sometimes, doing a job that should never have been created. I was there at the start,

  • 27 years ago and after watching all that time I'll stand in front of him on the other end of the journey.

truly, ..

What the hell is going on?

For the first time since the Maj front at Sunchase Apartments: D returned to the Consis last night and

was going to sleep under his Desk. M found out (me ) and things did not "go well". She was very

angry. He was provided a special bed near his Desk. (She won't let him sleep on the floor like he was

forced to for almost 15 years to stay away from DKB.)

The Consistory gates being covered ready for anything.

The opposing attorneys are briefing the Group's Charter's Judicial Committee to try to force a Lottery.

They are trying to remove him.

  • 24 hours and 400+ in custody who refuse to accept the new rules.

Hot battles rage in 14 areas worldwide between different Maj units. We have suffered fallen operatives

on both sides.

Personal threats issued against D and M. And me, and our cats and dogs and??????? wtf!

Threats issued to reconvene the CotM in DC as an alternative. (They don't have enough to get traction.)

Actionable intelligence shows 3 North American Illuminati Units have joined in a Devil's deal with a

few splinter units to try to help them. D's response: he has sent chopper and ground units. The

EU/Asia/Africa contingents within Maj are almost shrugging shoulders saying "we knew".

  • 24 hours and verbal battles rage between the SOA's and technical members of the public (unsworn) and

the Echelons for rights. (MaMaj is starting to look like it's taking a democracy turn.)

292 motions made by the public,

Caucuses being set up by admin assist/s for the procedures to separate debate being Open Floor,

NatSec. Int/NatSec so the first public members can hear a broad enough range of information to be able

to debate, while secured intelligence may remain safe to the countries.

  • D has let the debate continue but has suspended motions until briefs can be written and the public

members'/+SOA and Echelon caucuses have time to write and consider them.

My team is now armed and we will defend ourselves.

  • D is at his Desk in Operations and is looking at something about the progress on the virus spreading in

Europe. He has already brought a "special base" (north?) up to alarm level and they are working.

  • I don't see how D can spend any time here. Not right now.

Franklin White, CIS


To the beloved PUBLIC:

The dangerous game (pardon the term) is "on." I apologize for my absence. It will be, G-d willing,

temporary. We will keep the public safe from this: that is mutually agreed between all parties. My job is

to steward the establishment of a "just" peace, if possible. That justice must include the people.

To those who now oppose us in this great evolutionary leap:

Beware. I already have you in blind check and will call mate! I am not following certain rules. Those

rules? Minus the safety of the public which is paramount: the ones you expect I am following. We

started laughing at the "new salmon-orange cable." It's the one we expected you would use. WE HAD

ACCESS TO IT. It is pretty, though.

Reconsider your actions by remembering the past.



At 18:15 hours today (about 18 minutes ago) the Judicial Committee within the Consistory released its decision on the Opposition's attempts to Open Lottery against D.

It seems it could be too expensive? We have people on that Committee who can listen VERY carefully.


Franklin White, CIS

CotM center-network/ ....

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Secure-24’s operations in Las Vegas will be fully operational by June. Secure-24 has other data centers

The Laws of this land will be upheld. The People will be protected. The Consistory will be preserved.

It's time for our prodigal children to peacefully come home and the Illumes to withdraw from the field

or be put in their place- INSTANTLY!

Expected him to negotiate with insanity or with the existence of the Rights of the People? No. To us the

Peoples' RIGHTS are inviolable!

The message has been sent to those on the other side of the field: this trouble ends very soon.

C'est la guerre!

Ann McDowell, (S/F)

Aide de camp, J1

That's what I mean.

The wall of black steel is rising Danny!

Like to offer a song to all the teams tonight

with mine in mind. I love each every one of my operatives and all of them who are standing and saying

the people are first! You make me so proud!!!!! No more talking. Let's do what we have to do. Kath

Secure-24’s operations in Las Vegas will be fully operational by June. Secure-24 has other data centers



UPDATE (AND AMEN): "With the clear indications and censored direct intelligence photos we provided to the


"With the clear indications and censored direct intelligence photos we provided to the opponents per

Dr. Dan (he believes in very old rules for combat )

that massive clandestine assets were in place and preparing for a "dominating, comprehensive, and

overwhelming assault"

within hours after receiving an individual communique of defiance from one of their top Regional


Dr. Dan has received a telephone call from the Grand Areopagus of the North American Council of the

"Illuminati" (NAC).

The telephone call was described, as "short and frank".

In the call the Grand Areopagus made it clear that he wanted to assist the CotM splinter units in their

actions to oppose the recent changes to the CotM but he would not risk what would amount to the

complete elimination of his group.

Information received to this operative shows that chatter neared a panic level when it was learned

that Dr. Dan himself and his Team (Foxtrot 5) would spearhead rapid sequential operations, codenamed

"True Light",

against the upper echelons of the Illuminati while simultaneous worldwide operations would be

conducted against the other "groups" within the Illuminati.

Calls apparently flooded the NAC from those other groups and the pressure became too much to


The economic considerations, worldwide, would have been terrible, but Dr. Dan made it clear that the

CotM would not be threatened and that working within the systems, by present tacit detente, was the

only way to proceed in a peaceful manner for the present best welfare of the People.

Previous calls from those other Illuminati groups, not in North America, were purposely left

unanswered as no negotiations were authorized by Dr. Dan on behalf of the CotM.

This brinkmanship, backed by evidence, built the pressure on the NAC to a breaking point. (They will

have their own interpretation.)

Since the telephone calls, active intelligence, through the Company's "Special Activities" unit has

conclusively shown that the NAC's liaisons to the CotM's splinter units has been severed.

Following the abrupt severance of the NAC's offers to the splinter units, and matching evidence of acts

of overwhelming domination within hours,

70 of the 71 splintered "unit groups" (of about 16 operatives each) within the CotM have willingly

surrendered their positions without any violence.

They realized that just over 1,100 splintered "unit groups" facing over 6,000 loyal to the CotM (and Dr.

Dan) and all the outside assets which were being raised against them, was a losing cause.

The last of those "unit groups" is now being pressured by the surrendered "unit groups" to stop their

actions while Dr. Dan has now "upped the ante"

by stating his willingness to host those who "splintered" at a conference here in Las Vegas, Nevada, to

"peacefully air their differences"

in an atmosphere where their comments would remain in camera and where the worst disclipline they

would likely face is an "individual permanent file record" of the events.

All 70, and we soon expect it to be 71, have agreed to the post surrender and job-remediation

arrangements. Both sides will individually deal with their fallen personnel.

(From Frank: 'Eat your heart out' E.H. with your failing media games. )

Eagles Disobey and the Consistory of the Majestic would like to offer its heart-felt gratitude to all who

prayed for a peaceful end to what could have evolved into a destructive schism,

following Dr. Dan's overtures to ensure that the first "baby-steps" would be taken to make the public

included in the important deliberations and actions which take place inside the CotM.

He, and the rest of the Seated Numbers somewhat understand the fears of the formally splintered "unit

groups" following over 65 years of intense secrecy and actions to 'cover-up' a reality that affected every

living human being on the earth.

Dr. Dan, as holder of the "Compass and Keystone" wishes to communicate that he will continue in his

efforts to invite members of the public, worldwide, into the decisions and actions of the CotM."

(Transferred to here as dictated by Ann McDowell (S/F), aide de camp to Dr. Dan /1. Spell check not

applied yet.)

Normal operations, here at the "Golden Thread" and elsewhere is expected to be authorized and

conducted as soon as this weekend.

Thank you for your time.

Franklin White, CIS


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