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GOV TTY (866) 544-5309 REMARKS AS PREPARED FOR DELIVERY BY U.S. ATTORNEY FOR THE DISTRICT OF MONTANA MICHAEL W. COTTER AT THE PRESS CONFERENCE ON THE AGREEMENTS WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA MISSOULA, MONT. My name is Michael Cotter, the United States Attorney for the District of Montana. Joining me here today are: Roy Austin, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice; and Royce Engstrom, President of the University of Montana. Many will recall, that on May 1, 2012, the Department of Justice – Civil Rights Division and the United State Attorney’s Office for the District of Montana announced an investigation of the University of Montana, the University Office of Public Safety, the City of Missoula Police Department and the Office of the Missoula County Attorney. First, the investigation focused on the review of the processes and procedures throughout the broad spectrum of law enforcement in the Missoula area – from the reporting of allegations of sexual assault, to the investigation of alleged sexual assault to the ultimate prosecution of sexual assault crimes – to ensure that if any gaps existed in the procedures or processes that those gaps would be closed and that justice would be done in all cases. Second, the purpose of the investigation was to determine whether the University and law enforcement agencies acted promptly, adequately, and fairly to protect the safety of individuals in the community and whether the 3 components of law enforcement – the University, the Police and the County Attorney – have comprehensive and integrated systems in place to ensure appropriate follow up. Today, we are announcing that the Department of Justice and the University of Montana have reached an agreement to ensure that the victims of sexual assault and harassment will be granted justice. The agreements, when fully implemented and integrated into the university and its culture, will be recognized nationally among other universities and colleges as the “gold standard” for ensuring the safety of those involved in campus life. During the last year and a half, President Engstrom has made several bold and difficult decisions. These decisions will change the culture at the University of Montana, particularly in

the area of addressing sexual assaults and sexual harassment. It was, absolutely, the right thing to do. As the United States Attorney, I am pleased to stand with President Engstrom, as are my colleagues in the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division to announce these agreements. President Engstrom and his staff are to be commended for the cooperation and collaboration with the Department in developing a sound plan and program which will ensure that the rights and safety of those in the campus community are protected. Because of this agreement and institutional reforms, all students, men and women, will be safer in the University community. I have the utmost respect for President Engstrom, for his thoughtful, diligent and thorough approach to solving what appears to have been an historical problem in the campus community which predated his tenure as President. President Engstrom is to be commended for his leadership, his development of solutions and reformation to solve this problem. Members of my family have attended the University of Montana – including my children – it is a fine institution – with a fine national and international reputation. The experiences and education enjoyed by my children, nieces and nephews at the “U of M” have successfully launched them all into adulthood. As parents, when we send our children off to school, whether it is grade school, high school or college, we believe that they will be in a safe and nurturing environment. The steps taken by the University of Montana, President Engstrom and his staff which are embodied in these agreements are bold and forward looking with a single goal – that is to provide a safe community for the students where they can feel welcomed, a community where they can be nurtured and a community where they can be educated, and a community where all can achieve their full potential in a safe and wholesome academic setting. Here, at the University of Montana, the framework now is in place, to attain this goal. I will now introduce my colleague, Deputy Assistant Attorney General - Civil Rights Division Roy Austin for his comments and a discussion of the agreements.