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Position Paper University Name : Jenderal Soedirman University : 1. Dian Wahyunizar 2. Muhammad Riyaditia Danang 3.

Tiara Dianti State : Myanmar

Democracy is one of the Elements of human rights. Myanmar believes that democracy will bring significant movement to every aspect in order to develop our international relations among other countries which will impact to international development. Democracy is the thing that we cant hold after all, we have to make a behave that we accept this thing open widely. For a long time behind, we didnt applicant democracy and we know that the condition inside was going worse. Democracy come and it looks like a fresh air for us. There so many ways that Myanmar has passed to implement democracy. One of our big evidence is our government have accepted the ASEANs suggestion to improve the democracy system and maintenance of human rights. For instance, in April 2012, almost all of the position in the parliament is swept by Nations league for democracy (NLD), NLD got 40 from 45 seats in Myanmar parliament. Besides, the election in 2010 got the increasing number of the participants. Myanmar is not the old Myanmar and now Myanmar has changed to something new and fresh. We are ready to welcome the democracy and its values, proved by the visit of the international leaders and some other countries leaders to our country to appreciate the way we do the democracy itself. Myanmar believes that we can rise from the Dark Age and get a better time forward. We have been trying to guard the human rights, economic development, security and peace nationally, regionally or globally. Myanmar is welcoming the other country that want to get along fine and make a good relation for both of us, we respect the principals in ASEAN and international world that Myanmar cant be the country who close it and didnt make a relation with another countries. Myanmar is trusting, Myanmar is trying now to build a bridge that could be a good beginning for make cooperation with another rights. And in this last paragraph, Myanmar wants to clearly state that Myanmar is ready to join and take a part in guarding the global peace and security. Myanmar is a home for the inventors and other business, Myanmar supports fully for the economic development nationally or internationally. We open our gates; we are now making a right law for human rights and ready to make a good communication with another countries or international organization such as United Nations. Myanmar is ready to follow the global rule.