Prophetic Word from International Repentance Prayer Call: June 1st, 2013 (Australian time).

Heal My body – it is hurting! Sound a trumpet– Because, as many that are gathered (in churches),there are more that are scattered Sound a warning trumpet! I sent you out but you have stopped going! I scattered you to be seed in my land but you have huddled together. My life is in you to give you the strength to go out. If you eat of me but don’t go out – the food of my life will turn sour in your stomachs. Who told you to sit and wait (for the lost to find their own way to Me)? Who told you to indulge yourself? Who told you to preen yourselves? Hear what I hear. Love what I love. Pray, weep mourn. My body is broken yet again. You have dug your own wells. You have lifted up your own banner. Stop celebrating! Listen – the beggars, the homeless, the lonely, the lost are moaning at your doors. Hear what I hear. Turn and embrace them. You are my people. I have given you my standard – burn your banners, pull down your walls and let the people come to Me. Blow the trumpet – a great warning is being declared across the land. I change you this day to look only to Me; to take off your old worn ways And be clothed in My goodness and humility, My great power and my love. Gather to be filled, taught and nurtured And go and pour out My strength, My hope. Be My welcoming arms for this land. These people are wanting, dying and lost. Hear the drum beat. Get ready now! I, your God declare, ‘Now is the time to be clean and equipped to ARISE!’

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