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What i would've said if i were erik erickson is this: the ideal way for kids to be raised that gives

them the best chance to succeed is for the mom to stay at home and the dad to work. However, a mom can be the breadwinner and sti ll successfully raise kids, as long as she's able to work at her job and still g ive her kids the love and attention they need, and instill in them the values th at they need to be good and successfull men and women. What the working mom lac ks in time she can make up for in intensity. She can still affirm her kids and give them the foundation they need to succeed, perfect example is Ben Carson's m om. The most important thing is not the amount of time the mom spends with her kids, although that's important, it's the example she sets for them and the foun dation she gives them. That being said, feminists have changed our culture to t he point where women who stay at home are looked down on and young women are dis couraged from putting their kids first. They're told to always put themselves f irst, and that's not right because they end up neglecting their kids. Bottom li ne is this: a woman should have kids knowing her kids must always come first, a nd if she can do that while working, more power to her, but if she can't put the m first while working, she should make the sacrifice of staying home. Cause if you dont wanna put your kids ahead of your own goals and desires if necessary, t hen you shouldn't have had kids in the first place. The most important point i s that a kid needs a father and mother and the reason there are more moms who ar e the breadwinner than ever before is because there are more single moms than ev er before, and that's due to the breakdown of the family. The real problem we'r e dealing with isn't moms who work while raising their kids, it's moms who have to work and raise kids without a father. Sometimes this is their fault for havi ng the kids out of wedlock with a father they knew wasn't gonna stick around, so metimes it's the father's fault for abandoning them after convincing the mom he would be there for her. But more often than not, especially in the minority com munities around the country, it's the fault of both the mom and dad who both are n't ready to raise a kid and either have one unintentionally, or have them for t he wrong reasons like giving them a sense of purpose when their life wasn't goin g anywhere, or having someone who will love them when no one else does. You s hould only have a kid if you're physically and emotionally ready to raise them a nd willing to make sacrifices for them. To me, whether or not the mother in a t wo parent household works is a side issue, with the main issue being the breakdo wn of the nuclear family and how feminists have poisoned the minds of so many yo ung women who are now afraid of having kids or at least having more than one bec ause they think it will take away their freedom and ruin their hopes and dreams. The women who either stay at home all the time, some of the time, or take a jo b or career that wasn't their first choice because it gives them more flexibilit y to raise their kids, these women deserve praise and should be used as examples of what a mother should be like. Instead, they're looked down on and mocked in our media and culture, and this hurts both the women and all the kids who don't get the love and attention they need because of the choices their moms make bas ed on the feminist ideology they were influenced by. This ideology says that me n and women are equal and interchangeable, when that simply isn't true. They de serve equal respect and opportunity, but they aren't equal and never will be. T here are some things only men can do, and some things only women can do. Denyin g that is simply denying reality due to one's own selfishness. We need to go ba ck to the way things used to be when it was ok for men and women not to be equal , but to be complimentary, meaning they compliment each other, or make up for ea ch other's weaknesses. This is how we were created and why we are attracted to each other. If all men and women were equal there'd be a lot more gay people ca use a man being attracted to a man would be the same thing as a man being attrac ted to a woman since the man and woman would be seen as equal. Women who embrac e this complimentarity and the traditional role of a man as the breadwinner and the leader of the family shouldn't be mocked, but rather be seen as just being w ho they are and embracing their femininity. I believe this virulent strain of feminisim is what has feminized so many men in this country. Men don't wanna b e men and don't wanna be leaders anymore because they figure there are so many w omen who wanna have the dominant role, so why should they make the effort? It's

a lot more tempting to be a partying bachelor with no responsibilities when man y of the women you meet aren't looking for committed relationships and just want a one night stand. When a woman shows you she's interested in a long term rela tionship and wants to have a family, that gives a man the signal that it's time for him to be a man, to step up and fill the leadership role he was meant to fil l. So the men who use the changing culture as an excuse are partly at fault, bu t imo the primary blame lies with the women who have bought into the feminist id eology that tells them to put themselves above any man they might be in a relati onship with and above any kids they might have. Their behavior provides an ince ntive for men to wanna avoid having kids because the potential mom isn't showing an interest in being their primary caregiver, regardless of whether or not she' d be working. In other words, it's "feminist" women who are making it more like ly for our men to remain boys and avoid all the responsibilities that comes with being a man and the leader of a family. That brings us full circle back to the breakdown of the family and having so many single parent moms. Those feminists got what they wanted, independence and equality with their male counterparts, b ut what they lost was much greater: their feminity and nurturing role, and the ability to provide a solid upbringing for their kids since they're doing it with out a father who will teach and show the boys how to be men. Makes me think of what it says in the Bible, " what does it matter if a man (in this case a woman) gains the whole world but loses his soul?" Single parent moms have to be the father and mother in the family, and by trying to be both at all times and in al l situations, they lose a lot of both. All the times that mom is trying to play the role of the father, she's depriving her kids of the mother they need, and a ll the times she's trying to play the nurturing role of the mother, she's depriv ing them of the father they need. This is why a mother and father is needed in every family, cause they each do for their kids what the other can't do, and by complimenting each other, provide their kids with the proper male and female rol e models they need in order to be strong, moral, and stable men and women.