Psycho-spiritual curiosity eggs me on

Provoking thought and reflection is what I think our words should do. Shaking the old patterns and our minds out of stupor is the game to play. Care to play?

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-----------------------------------Spiritual oversimplification exists in the form of generalised quotes and advice. Normally they come from people who have progressed intellectually but not realised or lived beyond their mind as yet or are backed by direct experience. They have great width of knowledge and see the interconnections more clearly than most but lack the depth of understanding that comes from intuitive contact with the Cosmos. If you have a question, I can try and reply but otherwise, I really don’t know for sure.

The arrogance is in the point that we can solve it all in our present condition. Of course we have the seed to solve all riddles but are we ready - is the question.

We choose not to learn. It is so much easier on the ego and the fabric of life we have built around us. We always have enough humor to laugh at our selves but yet do not accept that our escapades are our fault. We see our ability to laugh as part of our grand acceptance of life as it is. Yet when the finely laidout, so charmingly choreographed little dramas end in regrettable episodes, we always know that it is the lack of understanding and diligence of some other that made it so. The opportunity to learn and improve upon is not only ignored, it is vehemently pushed away. Who are we to make them see the light or take a certain path?

When will I find my bridge that will take me "there".

Life on Earth today is the result of collective inconsciousness. We are all in it with our

inconscience behavior "tamas" (indolent, irresponsible, callous). Let not moral principles cloud the path we each need to take as our personal effort. Who is living, dying or suffering is beyond our comprehension. Let’s leave these heavy matters on the shoulders of the Creator. Let us focus on the little we know, the more that we need to learn. There are many realized souls roaming this earth with the express intention of helping us all on the way. Let us ally with them, enjoy their company and partake of their presence. The Soul is orchestrating our Destiny. If we learn the lessons we need to, to advance on the way, it will be tough but with minimal misadventures. Otherwise, the Soul is not averse to organise a "skin-alive lashing" to speed up the process.

At the immature human level upto the realised person and the thousand and one possibilities between the two, the word “love” is understood in as many ways. Let us be a little more precise. Is it passion, prejudices or love or some other variation of our feelings & desires?


When uncertainty dogs you and happenings are beyond comprehension, understand this is the moment to realise that some big changes are in action. If the happenings are beyond your understanding, just remain quiet - mentally, emotionally and physically. Dont act, speak or think. But ruminate and the light will appear. The turmoil is great. Doesn't even seem sensible. Yet what am I so agitated about?

When we choose to take a path in life, “vigilance” should become our watch word. Life will throw “life” at us and we shall react and act. We need to keep a watchful and focused eye on what reasons, thoughts and emotions rise up in us and overwhelm our decision making. It becomes an interesting play to notice the game on within us. Just watch and learn with pure objectivity. Drop and reject what makes you uncomfortable. Adopt what makes you joyful. This discernment and application of will to follow this route is Sadhana. The word Sadhana means the process of living you have adopted to reach your goal and the life-style you lead in pursuance of thereof. The best way is by doing the best for existence, with compassion for life as we know it, not changing the rules of existence and the need to change the world is an absolute “No”.

Fly away Trying to better the life of others is a trap based on our sense of virtue, virtuousness. It can mask our own need for approval as well as our need to be busy with externals and avoid looking deeply into our own lives. Free yourself of a big burden - to be in the right vis-a-vis others, to be seen as impressive, to need approval from others. It is sad; the amount of energy we spend trying to relate and be seen as “correct”..

My take on all this Prachar (spread of the word) and Pracharaks (the spreaders) to enlighten the populace: Words, complicated words, these are mere words; you cant reach them thru words. I think all this need felt by many to explain and spread the word of Gurudev is a sheer waste. The main thing is that language-wise or spirit-wise people are not ready to for the next step. So the efforts to shake and wake them up goes all into the waste-bin. I would rather focus on what I have to say from my fount AND address their need of taking the next step – if I could which I am not certain I can.

Find a quiet spot by the sea shore. Spot to withdraw to. Silently reflect and re-energise. Listen to the stories that the sea has to tell from far away. Give rest to the buzzing in the head.

Where people need to be pushed to become, awareness never comes. Advising people to take this attitude or that is a waste of time. Those who see or/and are aware realise also that it is none of their business to goad and advise others. If others see their awareness or not is of no importance whatsoever. We can discuss our views but let us refrain from choosing the way for others. Our job at best can be to answer questions by the light of our knowledge but in no way can anyone be dogmatic about it. Let us all be first aware of - Do we know? What do we know? How do we know that we know? Is there anything to accomplish? Can we really accomplish anything?


They say I am capable of great things. You don’t know it but there is great potential in seed in all of us. It is just a matter of becoming more aware and wanting it. My question: By whose standard? And there is the other side: I know how great I am but don’t see myself fitting into the narrow gauge thinking of the crowd or feeling the need to. Does it really matter if they give me their approbation or not?

A good reminder. Time to be children again and revive our breath. What are you so proud of? How long will you be? Look at these structures and the sun. The sun has been peeping through these temples since hundreds of years. Who is really worthy, greater, stronger? …The Sun, the Granite, or you?

When we say “how can I help?", what are we doing? Wanting to really help because we are of a compassionate nature and detached or is it something totally the opposite? This can also take us away from our path by focusing on the others and feeling virtuous about it - increase our vanity.

My point always has been that sex is over accentuated as a "sin". From this comes the concept of cheating and rape. The whole thinking is wrong. Sex is an appetite like many other appetites. This is another hunger. Some people can’t control their urge to eat chocolates, drink alcohol, hamburgers, extra salt or sugar etc etc.. No man goes out with the intention of always raping every female they meet. The woman does not realise the havoc she plays by her wily ways and supportive suggestions that come from the world without. Once the match is lit, the conflagration cannot be contained. We need to ask, why this problem does not exist with primal communities for example let’s say in Polynesia. Additionally there are abstract questions like why only certain women attract attention. If you believe in psychology, what is it that attracts the male? Astrologically, why certain things happen in certain planetary configurations? Then finally, aren't women making it difficult for men to contain their libido? Why does the world go out to titillate yet expecting all males to be saints?


The Biggest conspiracy is the one The Creator is playing out. Ever think what He is getting out of it all?

Grow up and acknowledge the truth of your being. The operative word is "futile". That is how it all feels. Did the world shake from all the effort and changes you tried to make? Will it keel over and collapse if you are not there? If you withdraw and sulk, will anyone care or come looking for you? NO! So, how does it really matter? Grow up and acknowledge the truth of your being.

Take this sentence: Haters don't hate you, they hate themselves; because you are a reflection of what they wish to be. May be. But the effects it has on my life through the group society I live in is real. What is being said? Tell me how does it matter? And why try to explain it away? I suppose this is a compliment to me that I am superior. But then so what? Am I being told that I should not react to their jibes and vibes? Take it all

with a pinch of salt. The hurt haters can inflict is real. Who cares about their state of spirit or whatever? The question that bothers me and for which I would like a reply is how to deal with these bums. I personally believe in taking them seriously enough to avoid them. The sticks they waive around are real.

Enlightenment cannot be had for the asking. It is not a peak that can be climbed. One of the facets is that the enlightened person is never aware of it. The problem comes or rather the ridiculousness of it all emerges when we want to make a show of it forgetting that life is essentially a personal affair and everyone is relating with life only at the personal level.

Take life as it comes and go out with open arms. Yet never forget that our feelings and thoughts cannot be really, wholly shared. Words are not enough or adequate and images from minds cannot be transferred. We may feel whatever we may want – friendly, altruistic, grateful, obliged and as our Soul dictates, be there for anyone who needs us. But never forget that the world may be acting out on other parameters. Life can be sad. Life can be so ungrateful. Finally I have realised, that we are alone.

Nobody cares or gives a darn that we too may need them and for the pains we take for them. Selfcenteredness is a reality. We need to let people move on if they are happier that way.

But then we have to wake up and deal with reality. I would not waste a second on wondering of the ignoble or noble elsewhere. My hands are full with myself.

When talking of good health and medicine, I am now realising that we are wasting our time worrying about others. Certain bad attitudes are picked up, promoted and often followed for a life time. These habits and practices are so inbred in certain communities and families that nothing can really be done. They live at a level of unawareness that is stupendous. To somebody like me it is positively criminal what they do with their lives. There are a lot of factors like lack of education, income and social practices that curtail but the will also is lacking. Being satisfied with a little relief is all this mass of people is aiming for. They are fodder for the system and go to slaughter willingly. I suppose we can just watch and feed them little tidbits of info, with the minimal hope that perhaps they will pay it some attention.

The maids that work for us, for example, in 20 years, I have not been able to make them understand any of the little things I have tried to teach them. They prefer to spend small fortunes in illnesses by going to "Doctors" with established big successful looking clinics. Impossible to make think of in terms of better nutrition or even supplements or something like simple wearing of clothes in winter. We try to help by giving them things but still there is this feeling that nothing is registering and there is no real willingness. Two years ago her 20 year old son had pleurisy and is forever sick; it is so heartbreaking but we cannot help because their pride won’t let them listen. Their attitudes are determined by certain thoughts like: - we may be poor but we are living well and we know what we are doing. - sickness is happening to everybody. - it is our fate. What can you do when people abdicate their right to use their intelligence and minds?

It is internal. It is our cleverness and naive belief that we are in control and that we are virtuous and that God is on our side and finally that our wishes are made to be granted.

And then there are all these posts since the beginning of time that exhort you to be "yourself and that You can do it and that you have all it takes to achieve your desires" - it muddles you up to no end.

The I Ching is always advising me to hide my light. Even my foster father, Dr Amrik Singh advised me to keep things under wrap. In our community, the first lesson is that it is best to keep a low profile. Most wise men would rather not venture out. Will somebody elaborate?

People with a small sphere of action, specially at the mental level, can rarely calculate beyond 2+2=4 And, of course, what they dont know or immediately see within their minimal field of view does not exist. Anyone talking beyond their field of "knowing" automatically becomes a charlatan. Their judgmental tongues can be very harsh and depressive - I often wonder how human they are?

“We are not taught to be thinkers, but reflectors of our culture. Let's teach our children to be thinkers.” Jacque Fresco

Believe me this only makes you get rejected by your own and makes you a misfit. It is too much trouble and not to forget you need “the society & establishment” to make a living. But if you have the grit, certainly go ahead.

Amazingly beautiful. But I am not sure I fully understand the need of humans not wanting to die even after death and others not wanting to forget them. Only the “living” who have known someone in their lives can have lingering memories. Memories are born with us and die with us so then the chances that anyone will remember anyone after a gap of 3060 years is none. Yet we fill up the land with tombstones when there isn't enough to live on.

People first build strong, impenetrable walls around them, then pride themselves on their exclusive problems and show themselves off as "virtuous" who are ready to try everything and that they actually have. These are big mind/subconscious games people play with themselves. Are they really looking for solutions?


I am amazed at the amount of trouble and pain we are prepared to bear to prove we are better and different. Take a reality check by observing its continuous laments about the world around it. Are we interested in improving our lot?

The Lamenting Syndrome Why do we do it? There does not seem to be any need of it. It serves no purpose as experience soon teaches us. It is always the same lament but maybe in a different setting. Do we like complaining? Does it make us feel superior? Why are we not able to let bygones be bygones? Is it that our sense of hurt needs to punish the perpetrator? Perhaps it makes for a good excuse to push our own agenda?

How do we make our life difficult? Here are two thoughts to mull over: 1) We prefer living in the memories of past glories instead of worrying about the coming days. We are so busy putting an indelible stamp of greatness on everything we do that we forget we have to live with the aftermath of our decisions and acts. 2) People first build strong, impenetrable mental walls around them made of “conditions, rules,

appropriate and habits”, and then pride themselves on their exclusive problems as the world does not fit into it.

This world is a joke. The Divine is having fun. All we need to do is join Him in the fun. For The Divine created this Universe as an experiment and experience. A change from his Eternal Quiet. Optimism is energising but also a trap when we expect & hope for more and refrain from looking reality straight in the eye. Optimism without effort to change or/and improve will not take anything anywhere. What you find worthy of appreciation may precisely be what irritates others. I don't think people like their illusions reshaped and remodeled for them.

I have seen this or similar posts so often that finally I can't contain myself and need to speak out. Ok. I am "tolerated", even quite disliked where I am but show me one place elsewhere that is even ready to tolerate me, leave alone appreciate me and would

be ready to keep me as a loved one till the end of my days. These kinds of advices are so "mushy" and can take people on a sentimental journey which may only end in depression. We should be more careful when we are showing others the way.

We are all suffering from the fever of smugness; expecting that the world is there solely to take care of us, that people will think well of us and will do the best for us. We are simply not ready for reality. This is what the sages call “illusion”. Whatever gives us this illusion that doctors, priests, counselors, teachers, superiors, parents, friends and all are always working and will always act for our best? The truth = Everyone is basically kind but they have their self-interest uppermost motivating them. And they may not even know what is the best for you. But they always know what is best for them and this is always the primary “raison d’etre” of their behavior.

My heart tells me - what the heck are you doing here in this forlorn space. Surely there are more beautiful gardens waiting to receive you?

More on Understanding De-Stressing. April Fools Day is the happiest day of the year. I think intelligence is the bane. Most intelligent people are the most stressed. They simply see all the faults around them and take it upon themselves to put them right. Then blasting others and being at war with the world can be such a tiring job. I suppose there is some truth in the thinking that the fools are the happiest.

Primarily because they use their acute mental powers to see and focus on faults; this also happens to be the perfect method to unsee their own faults and they soon get convinced that they know best. They become overbearing, inflexible and like to punish others. They also take it upon themselves to ram the right thoughts down the throat of others.

The other day I met a young man who wanted to know if everything is preordained and fate runs our livees, then why bother? Age-old question; so I told him: We have met today by chance or as the believers would say by preordained fate. You asked me a question - this is not a chance encounter. This is a

subject that is on your mind and you are not satisfied by the answers you have been getting. But besides all this chancy events, the main thing will come now. Will you continue to want to meet me again or consider me worth meeting – that is your personal decision. And this is the important part. Your personal decisions are in-built into the fate’s working. How you judge, decide and act is not so preordained. Corollary: Our prejudices (idées fixes) seem to have a greater hold on our life than fate – it seems to me. Most of us judge from a very superficial point of view and lose more opportunities than we create to better our condition. Most often we are thinking linear and single-pointedly – which means that we have just one wish on our minds and once that is taken care of we have lost interest in that person/situation. No way to know what could have been. This reminds me of a story I had come across long time ago. In New York a lady and a gentleman both hailed the same cab. But then the gentleman let the lady take the cab. The lady invited him to come with her. He said “no thank you”. The lady went away telling him, now you will wonder for the rest of your life of what it could have been if you had said yes!

And I am sure, that all of us have stories of this nature hiding in the back of our minds. What if. If only!

It is the focus on imposing our minds on the body's working which is at fault. Why this need to invent new drugs & change the chemistry? We are also too much in a hurry to intervene surgically. Why not put the energies to understand how things in our body have been working till now and evolve methods to support it? I agree that the scientific process is not at fault. But the process only follows our minds; which is obviously at fault.

Let's focus on ourselves. The rest are what they are. Wisdom is in accepting. Our problem is - should be only with ourselves. Who cares if "they" learn or not. The need to teach others is stressful. The need to teach them a lesson is calamitous. The need to shove it down their throat is positively cancerous.

I firmly believe the need to be in control is coupled with excessive and continuous non-essential speech

& action which is one of the reasons for exhaustion even biologically (leading to fatigue-induced illnesses)

I prefer the intelligence of the child of 6 months to 99 years old. In contrast the human mind at its present level of development is a collector. It collects data for data's sake. It also feels very knowledgeable and can spout quotes and passages on every subject and considers itself wise.

They say “It is all encoded in the genes” Don’t agree - there is a lot of samskar( psychopsychic influences) involved and that could be called genetics of the subtle kind.

It is really one way of avoiding life. Everybody (who as Confucius would call "superior") is talking about how all solutions are in Love, how perfect and Divine we are and so forth. This becomes the perfect excuse to not do anything, bask in our own glory and laze in our inertia..


The subconscious does not accept change readily or easily rather will fight back tenuously. Whatever be the awareness of the conscious mind. At the surface level we may even end up deluding ourselves that changes are being made. Real change happens only when the subconscious is reprogrammed. It is another world and few really want to grapple with it. Nobody is blaming the subconscious. it is there - it is a matter of recognising its presence. This is the first step. But who is interested? The situation is comfortable or bearable enough so we plod on.

When somebody is putting up a show of being saintly, what is the first image he tries to create; that of a self-effacing virtuous person; never asking for anything. Refusing all offers, getting out of other’s way, always humbly grateful and voluble about it and putting a big show of not wanting to impose on anyone. But at the same time expecting to be revered for this “superior” behavior. You have to only see into their eyes and it shows that it is all a cleverly orchestrated piece of theatrical production Note: I am the pure of heart. I correct and bring order in this chaotic world. The world misreads me. When I

judge it is constructive. When others do it, it is destructive.

Do we tell the water not to fall with such weight for it might hurt the rocks below? But when one philosophises on the errors of the ways adopted by humans, there is always someone pointing out that we should not focus on what is not right - it is impolite. Everyone has the right to be! I feel there is so much politeness now that we are sinking under its weight. We cannot make jokes - somebody might be offended. We cannot speak of religion - somebody's faith is offended. We cannot comment on social practices - some group is bound to be offended. Everyone has the right to give out positive criticism and also the right to not receive any. As if we wish to suck life out and make creativity and tangential thinking an offense that offends. I ask: Is this tolerance or intolerance? Are we being nice or complacent? Is it our intelligence or our laziness at work to avoid looking at life in the eye?


Take Raj Yog into consideration. It is difficult and dangerous to do it without some sort of friendly support to clear doubts and confirmations on the way. It is easy to delude ourselves by creating a mental world and then getting lost into it.

I said my piece you can make whatever you wish out of it. We all understand things only from our own viewpoint anyway.

Questions for the sake of clarification if so desired is the right approach. But why argue - On Anything or anywhere? You can always take it or leave it.

The faculty of “listening” does not exist – the ones in control have no reason to and the others out of desperation simply don’t want to.


They are building up people to fit in with their governance and to serve them. We are equally to blame by quietly accepting it all. It suits our laziness. They control the bread and butter lines I fought for what I believed in. But at the end of it all, I feel personally, I have become someone of worth but not of the world which has gone where it was going and I am now neither fighting nor helping it.

I am terribly afraid of words like nice, love, like among others. They are the most used and mean so little in specific terms.

I find nothing more depressing than having to live in a rush, huffing and puffing all the time. It is supreme great luck not having to do so. Only two days ago my daughter was telling her Mummy ( watching her mother, wash clothes and all after coming home from school) - Papa is so lucky; he doesn't have to do anything.


The Beauty in essential minimalism. Small has a beauty of its own. Let us manage with what we really need and leave the rest to others.

Arguments are fun for people who like arguments. I prefer to say what I want to say and let the other say his piece. And we stop there. No need to convince the other about it. Questions are welcome for the sake of clarification if so desired. But why argue? You take it or reject it. Sarcasm or slander to make your point is not a strong man’s weapon.

Imagine being raised in a very “Difficult” family, infused with the feudal autocratic spirit of many generations with arrogance, impatience, irritance as the main characteristics of those in control; and as everyone tries to be in control so there is complete mayhem at all times. The faculty of “listening” does not exist – the ones in control have no reason to and the others out of desperation simply don’t want to. What to do to get out of this predicament?

We can easily go to an extreme by oversimplifying. To the extent that false can seem true and vice

versa. Mostly oversimplified observations become a crutch for the humans and serve well as good excuses. For example: If some is good, more is better. Oversimplifying is an activity of a mind that does not see the larger picture.

Although I live with great hope in my heart and maintain the view "that I will know only when I do it", I have seen that there is a common thread repeating all the time. As if this will go on until I have learnt a specific lesson. Now after 65 years of the past to learn from, I can see from experience what will repeat itself and so the future is also clear if the necessary change is not forthcoming. So the future is not simply a lot of rumors. Rather it has become boringly predictable.

If you ask others about me everyone will have a different version of the story but then that is also something to learn from; everything can teach something I suppose.

Like yin and yang, in the realm of Gods too the opposite exists. All are active in their own ways. In the final analysis both are churning this existence. Evil intentions exist. I don’t think anyone can deny that. If the intentions exist then they are real and must be coming from some domain. QED

I think envy is part of the human make-up. People who have the courage to go their way boldly are not deliberately attracting attention but they get it as a matter of course. Most of us would always like people to conform to our thinking; that is normal.

The problem with many inquiries is that the answer can be reached and understood only when we have transcended the question. So the enigma remains. To question or not and if we don’t question then what do we do? But it is also true that too many questions to which we do not immediately relate can only confuse.

It is best to let personal questions lead the way rather than burden ourselves with too many brilliant imponderables for information's sake.

Sometimes in life when somebody imposes himself on you, you have to stop them from overwhelming you. This is a practical thing. I like my freedom and will defend it. I don’t think it is important to be seen as virtuous by everybody or anybody.

What signals are you giving out? Our entire life can be summed up in this one question. We are at any given time giving out 1001 signals. Some unconsciously, some sub consciously and some even consciously. The conscious ones are often sent out under the erroneous impression that we are making a certain impressive marks and most often then not we may be making the opposite impression totally. The art of successful living therefore for me means, learning to sift through these signals and send out focussed and correct signals like a true-aimed arrow.

When we contradict another’s idea or suggestion, does it show our enlightened state or narrowness of our thinking?

If only we would broaden our minds to take in a bigger, wider and deeper world in all its facets all at once, we would know what to do precisely at any given moment.

Too much freedom is not easy to digest and scares most people. People prefer their confines.

My entire life has been a miracle of sorts and minor ones happen so often that I have stopped wondering about them.

What is your interest in connecting with the Spirit world? Because you feel it will give you cutting edge abilities to score over life and your brethren? Do you

expect a power-packed persona to bend life to your wishes?

Our teaching programs have not been very "enlightened". The aim has been to create straightjacketed simpletons. There was never any aim to produce wise and happy individuals.

First experience all the pleasures of the material/physical earth and its domain to the point of satiation, then talk of other things when disenchantment and detachment sets in.

Why be unkind, careless or abrasive just to prove a point that you can afford to be so and there is nobody who can touch you in any way. If this is not an exercise in arrogance, what is?


Some people take a shower and then put on yesterday's clothes and smell as yesterday. Let us go a step beyond the bath. What have we learnt since yesterday? What new element has been incorporated in our life since yesterday? Can we really and happily say that we are a better version today than we were from yesterday/yesteryear?

Too much of anything makes one greedy for more. It is addictive. Not only money; the same can be said for alcohol, sugar, chocolate and just about anything. Nothing is evil per se.

Why do people, instead of sharing their wisdom, specially the intellectually-able ones, use their highlyevolved mental strength to focus on “contradictions” to show off their prowess?


This reminds me of a song “…people who know too much but understand too little…”

Too much stress on positive but self-centered outlook has created a major part of the imagined troubles of today. The troubles that come when you want to shape the world to fit in with your wants in the name of freedom of speech and rights, ignoring the rights and presence of others - self-inflicted all of them.

Knowledge of how things/Universe works removes the fear of the unknown and life totally. But most of us are not open to learning. Not even simple things that you can read in books like “How things work". It is so much more convenient to blame God and everything else.


The question I always ask: How much "learning" have you put in your life to "expect & hope" that mere wishing will make the manna drop from heaven The more we learn about every detail & process of life around us, the fear of the unknown reduces and when we see the interconnecting links, pettiness and narrow-mindedness reduces which translates in to more awareness and wider consciousness.

In Hindustani language there is a saying “Washed in Milk"(pure and virtuous). Some people behave as if they were washed in milk and consider others as rolling in mud in comparison. I have always wondered how anybody can be so blinkered and be so full of pompous oneself.

Most people go for some activity (so called spiritual practice) hoping it will do the trick of whatever they are wishing-primary to their wish to increase their personal power. This is very unbalancing. Hardly anyone wants to begin at the beginning. We want to buy a ticket on a rocket that we hope and are made to believe by some words will zoom us into the being that we are imagining.

And the number of people who are launching themselves as guides is also legion.

There are always two sides of a coin. We really can never know what the right step is until it has been taken. This is why too much mental-gymnastics & analysis is considered unwise from the personal flowering angle. The sages have always said - act by your nature and the rest will reveal itself to you.

Should we help others? What will Constitute "help"? The Occult ramifications of this word are dangerously different for each person. Extend a helping hand in need seems to be the correct thing to do but it is my experience even this should be done only when asked thrice.

The hold of the inconscience through our puny minds is like a 4 ton chain with a 40 ton iron ball at the end. Some part of the mind does see the light but in the

final analysis after all it is all just words being blurted out by the tongue or as nowadays, with fingers. Many have experienced something better and higher in consciousness, yet they fall back into their love for being stuck with their old selves. The chain needs to be broken but how?

I have always felt that we are where we are because of a reason. If destiny has brought us to a bridge then it has to be crossed whatever our fears and pain. Often the crossing of the bridge requires training, learning or we can say re-training and unlearning – evolving. The western mind set goes for direct confrontation and looks for alternatives and discovery of new solutions/methods to cross over; which is a good thing.

When we look at things in black and white only, trying to encompass the Cosmos into our limited knowledge and experience, we miss the thousands shades of grey and all the interconnecting factors. Nothing in this Universe is labeled by the Creator as

wrong or right and nothing is isolated enough to be understood in simple “active ingredient” focus. It is only a matter of if things are in balance with the rest or not.

All births are planned accidents.

My experience is that there is a lot of hidden affairs going in good marriages too. So this cheating aspect based only the exclusivity of having sex with an avowed partner etc is all bunkum. A bit of sex with another partner does not make the marriage toxic rather often keeps it alive and going.

When our Identity of ourselves as the "I" is centered around the body and we see nothing else, the body takes on a very great importance. Sex and its enjoyment is the highest bliss that we are aware of, desire for and are ready to kill for. Ouff!


Beware of the arrogance of the earning member in a group or family. In this world where human worth/greatness is = to the money you can earn, much is out of balance.

Stop trying to bulldoze, push, prod, manipulate or insist. Let go, and learn to surf.

The Creative feminine is the executive force that takes the world forward. Disrespect means we are digging our own graves. think, think ... NOW unthink, unthink... silent silent..... withdraw, observe calm all ripples enjoy the feeling..


Asking the mind to censor itself is rather a tall order. There has to be a better way to become aware of the topsy-turvy world we are in. And of course the very first thought that comes is how and what is wrong with things as they are? Interesting are these questions but - what do you tell somebody who is in this state? : I know my "wants" (myself) - what else there could be? Yet on the pragmatic side I would say, Keep aspiring to better yourself - not just hoping and moping. Effort with reason and within reason is essentially part of the brew.

We do not have any rights in the Universe to interfere in the destiny of others. The question of imposing ourselves without permission does not arise; therefore the question of permission does not arise.


This Season, on Christmas, go out boating alone to speak with yourself. See and identify the links that are tying you down. Drop the unwanted ones in the lake. We collect a few prejudices and moral codes along the way, covering up the shortcomings by censoring and judging others. Even blaming them for our pains. Not thinking or looking at our own selves even for a fleeting moment to see that we are our own source of pain.

I don’t see how can this isolation help in bringing us happiness when our self-centeredness clashes with that of the other.?

The "fakir" way of life. A way of life that carries you to eventual enlightenment without attachments. It has one lacuna in it. The enlightened one goes on and away and the earth remains where it is. So Sri Aurobindo said we need to not only get enlightened but become instruments so that the Light may reach other corners of the Earth through us. It is the tough

part as living within the human group requires another kind of enlightenment. If you have not achieved this state then all has been in vain.

Life is a flowing river. Life giving and dangerous. Enter it unprepared and you can get hurt, even drown. This world is not a simple matter of getting born, go to school, take a job, have love affairs and a long stream of pleasurable experiences. To navigate this river of life, a lot of preparation is required and the learning process is unending. It becomes calamitous for unprepared or unwilling souls not prepared to take the trouble. People with no skills jump unthinkingly into this river and suffer. The wise armed with understanding and selfdiscipline derive a lot of happiness from this same river.

The JOY is in the play. There is a joke hidden in every corner. All we need is to drop our selfimportance and stop calculating everything in terms of "what's in it for me".

We tend to keep us ourselves "safe" by locking ourselves up. “Make for yourself a beautiful corner, but don't get irretrievably lost in it” The statement may look and sound innocuous, but this is precisely what we do - all of us - and we do it with it as our special aim and goal in life. It is selfentrapment of a grand kind. It will not bring you the freedom you desire.

Are you ready for another day? I have found the practice of thinking it over for a few minutes, quietly without sound or movement, before jumping out of bed, helps the subconscious to get its act together for the day. How will that help me directly to improve my life? This is the question alone that bothers me. The rest I leave alone.


It never seems to end. Sometimes you are afraid of another new day. Eventually one reaches a point in time when one refuses to fight and waits of deliverance. At this juncture one either slips in to enlightenment or death for another innings.

There was certainly a time in human history, when physically people had to be exhorted to go and do – the inertia levels were so high. Humanity hasn’t changed much but now this thought that only those that do are actively contributing has become a liability. The time has come for humanity to evolve further. It now needs to learn to withdraw too. Meditation is not evasion. It is a way to focus on and energies oneself for the tasks at hand.

Why would I even want to "know" another, other souls? Let me first understand and know myself. If I am part of weave of this universe, the other side of things will become obvious when I learn it all.


I read about raising of consciousness and was wondering why many of the majority do not see the truth in these simple posts that are to be seen all over. It is now clear, that we are looking at life from the bottom up, inside out, from the centre at the lowest level of Chakra - the physical level of the sense organs of the body and the small mental machinery operative at that level. The limitations are obvious.

It is surprising how in the 20th century the idea overcame the medically minded humanity that Mother Nature is stupid.

The thinking of others in our lives is feedback. Important only from that angle.

Judge and tell me if what I am saying is any different from hundreds of other souls that see the unbalanced Earth structure that is now developing. If my

pronouncements make others uncomfortable, then it is so because there is some kernel of uncomfortable truth there. The lessons have been repeating themselves since eternity. The answers are floating around but every new birth starts the game all over again.

If the goal of our wanting is creative and productive for the general good and in tune with Mother Earth's plans and the music of the Cosmos then it is always a joy in the end. But otherwise if it is plain desire, then Desire by its very nature is not based on balance. If something is desired badly enough then getting and not getting it both are bound to give a dose of unhappiness.

If you we are exhausted, you are not in tune with your rhythm

Why should not we be sick?


We need to awaken us to our own physiognomy and lifestyle and traditional eating habits from areas that we come from. Nothing is wrong or wholly right. Plus and minuses are in every regime. The fault is mainly in excess we do. Perhaps if we put in time to learn about it all and control our urges?

Yes. Adults are obligated by the rules of The Cosmos, to put their own lives on the back burner and make their time and attention available for children.

Kindness already exists in us. Just see how people behave when their interests are in play. The need is to make it a permanent and most prominent feature of our persona because we have understood that what we sow is what we reap. What we send around

is what is going to come around. It is in our selfinterest.

Why be unkind, careless or abrasive just to prove a point that you can afford to be so and there is nobody who can touch you in any way. If this is not an exercise in arrogance, what is? The same philosophy goes into everything for example: bringing up the child. Just don’t be cruel because you can be and are in a position to be.

Pessimism is another word for escapism. Like cleverness is used for hiding one's ignorance. When we do not wish to engage, when our first reaction is to avoid and deny.............


Certain people become unwilling conduits for demonic vibes and are forever going to be so. These need to be recognised and avoided - not to be allowed in our atmosphere otherwise they feed on us like vampires. There are many people who are called difficult people, abusive people and such who are also manifesting such vibes through them. In our arrogance we may think we can handle them and have things in control and even be in a good position to do so but it is a losing battle. They will keep coming as the source of supply of their energy is unending and are impervious to correction/change. There are others and most of us come into this category, who have certain triggers that make us go off - but that is the human part.

My experience is that once we find that person who complements our weaknesses, we become complacent and enjoy life instead of improving ourselves.


Sit down, reflect, I agree there is a lot to be done but the opposite of letting things be not done is equally true and for listening, one needs to be silent, withdraw from the outward projection (of our persona) we live in.

So by force of necessity I became totally sincere or at least try to. Now my troubles stem from too much truthfulness and correctness & people do not take me seriously at all! I also end up offending.

You are expecting "sincerity of purpose" from this HUMAN race. My friend you will die but not see this race change in a hurry. Haven't you experienced how easy it becomes when we procrastinate, make insincere promises and give assurances that we do not mean?!!!!


Most human decisions and goals are laced with a heavy dose of wishfulness And disdain for the natural order. Often change comes when you give up and leave the doors open.

Imponderables being pondered by pandered people. When the vibes change, habits change.

WE look for solitude, calm, quiet peace while swimming in the deep waters of the pond of excited wishes. You may certainly look high in the mountains, deep in the forests and long journeys to other lands but the "agitation" is rooted deep in your bosom and this you are carrying with you at all times.

Unfortunately our own sense of guilt and security entraps us into a pattern.

Life is unjust. People are unreliable. Mature people are a rarity. Impossible people are disguised. Words are senseless. But whom do I tell that. You will only say now: Another one who has learned a lesson.

She is talking to me from the kitchen. The water is running in the sink and the utensils are beating against each other and making the most noise as empty vessels are wont to do. But she speaks on, saying whatever she has to say to the tap and walls, although meant for my ears. It is assumed I have heard and understood it all. Soon I will be told that I never listen

Life should not be seen as an argument to be won. That is a waste of powerful energy. The egoistic & opinionated stands are what create these problems. Step back and you will see a wider picture of things and mentally mull over all the possibilities of a

situation. Go behind the words and shut off your judgemental side.

I feel the problem is not of education but of our need to be seen as "VIRTUOUS". Cloak & mask our selfishness by doing acceptable acts that are considered virtuous. It is all play acting. No sincerity. No desire for self-improvement. It is all a sham. If we, who consider ourselves as a little better and knowledgeable, put all our energies in creating ponds of calmness and wisdom, we would automatically influence our surroundings. Anything else is a waste of time.

I would never-the-less raise this point. What does the word "UNDERSTANDING" mean? Understanding of what. To a novice who has not walked the same path this word like many other words such as Love, Rising52

consciousness, etc mean nothing at all that would be common to you and him. Most would immediately talk of Beer, Sex, Mathematics, and Oncology or just about anything. It is read and to those who have not already arrived, it means nothing and is of no value + soon forgotten as gobbledegook.

Why are we giving answers to questions that are not even there?

Thinking is a random activity; from one illusion balloon into another, some good and some not so. Depending on our mental conditioning, some saddening and some not so.

The human brain as a whole has nothing left to do except attend to very desire that bubbles up.

The worst part is that gadgets are making it unnecessary to use the poor brain which was not being used more than 4-8% anyway. Worked out solutions for every need are now available. The memory is not at fault. It is just not being used so it rusts and wastes away.

Suffering is that which we find unpleasant. Something that puts us in a position of emotional and physical “PAIN” and our abilities are not able to nor even know how to cope. It is at this moment when we are enveloped in despair, that we ask ( pray to) The Universe in general to help us out of the painful situation. It is at this moment in our lives that we take a humbler than normal position of attitude which in turn opens us to the Universe. Then we see the joke being played on us. We need to change with the moments as the world unfolds but when you long lives being screened in front of you and all around you what becomes obvious that everyone is suffering and blaming the others. The blame

game is satisfaction enough. I was simply wondering when we shall wake up to see that if we do not change then fortune may have to bash us up a bit with tragedy of some sort. I wonder if we don’t put in more effort in blasting our lives and than making something of it?

Every circumstance, position, attribute that comes to us is designed around our core persona and its need to grow into a more completely balanced being. Even the ant becomes a big element in our growth if that is what is needed and the circumstances will organise around us in such a way that we end up gaining something from it. Our lives are so beautifully choreographed in every detail that it is astounding. It is a funny tragic novel by Wodehouse with a detailed plot like that of an international thriller. The beauty is that everyone of us is enjoined in some way or the other and all of us play a little in part in each other’s lives and yet our own plot remains so individualistic and complete in every detail that you can only wonder and pray for Grace.

Who cares what they are directing towards me? Why even be bothered? Their thoughts have weight only if I give them weightage. Let my experiences and Intuition guide me. I would live my life by the Truth of my convictions. Of course I would also listen to disinterested well-meaning advice from others evidently superior to me. Live your life by the truth of your convictions. But when a sage comments, listen and take it as a signpost and better your life.

In life, I admit, generally speaking, a simpler approach would work better. Let them focus on the positive. That would be a great step forward. I now see that too much of a yogic stance from the Indian point of view is not really achieving anything either. It only unbalances most people. I welcome disagreement in approaches. I am a big boy and can take correction. Yoga, the subconscious and all that crap maybe what sainthood needs but for the average house-holder

simple uplifting of spirits & positive advice is good and in greater balance with actualities. But I do like to also shake things up a little bit to provoke new thinking; even If I have to take the opposite sides to throw in a cracker. It helps to crack the shell to let he chick out.

If being called a master is important to us, we would first need a crowd or at least group of people who would call us that. And this is the irritant – this interaction with a constant stream of people and keep them pleased. And so that these crowds can recognise the master, they would need outer trappings – clear and simple god forbid!

Envy, Greed, Superiority complex and the Fear of the unknown are still too big players in the human makeup. Minor undercurrents of personal satisfaction (above all) runs in every decision and act of human behaviour.

CONFUSION = An idea that has not concretised, is not properly worded by commonly accepted standards and then poured into ears that are not open and finally churned by a mind that is more interested in justifying what it wants. Trying to make sense of it all is not a happy game. We live our lies; the others live theirs.

The moment we realise that some info is outdated or new one has entered into the equation, immediately without second thought, rearrange the entire mental make-up. In an instant something from that moment on becomes garbage and new practices replace the stance. Of course we are baulked by our thoughts of running away from established life as we have made it and wonder how people will understand us etc. The reputation that we have given ourselves is what keeps us tied to the spot. When it comes to people

some may have to go or interaction reduced. About activities some new ones will have to be adopted and old ones junked. About habits we will have to develop new ones and learn new skills. How to do all this without pain?

Being mean is such a balm to vanity, our own glorification of self and gives something to boast about later.

After every death is the word "Final". Let us worry more about the sunrises and sunsets. Suppose they stop happening? Death shocks us to wake up from our self-centric attitudes. The only time when we literally profit from

the demise of another whom we loved. After that who cares?!

Some quotes that helped me lay the foundation of my life: The graveyard is full of people who thought they were indispensable. – From England. The thrill of being right is a drug that few can resist.Bill Purdin. Nobody is ever totally useless. You can always serve as a bad example. Out of ten people who speak about you, nine would have nothing good to say. The one person who has something good to say, will say it badly. – Pascal. We are so busy being clever that we have no time to be intelligent. – Pradeep Mahesh. Lots of people confuse bad management with destiny. – Kin Hubbard.

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. – F.D.Roosevelt. The helping hand you are looking for is at the end of your arm. – From France. To establish oneself in the world, one has to do everything necessary to seem already established. – La Rochefoucauld. A great man is always willing to be little. – R.W.Emerson. Silence and modesty are very valuable qualities in the art of conversation. – Montaigne. The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you have it made. – Jean Giradou. I love mankind. Its people I can’t stand. – Charles M Schultz.

Many will show you maps and you can visualise and even think that now that you have seen the map, you know the way but that is very illusionary.

From the moment we are conceived, we are taking guidance from someone or thing and everything around us. When the mind has grown, it gets cloaked by its self-importance. Do you think the subconscious and your mind will just let you go off into the "yonder" just like that and lose their power over you?

There are people and people. Ordinary people. Extraordinary people hiding and trying to be ordinary and ordinary people trying to pose as extra-ordinary - and of course the thousands of shades of grey in between. It is like a maze. The right one, the right path - which where - good question.

It has been my contention from the last I can remember that all this free knowledge, Advice and sermons is all a waste to a non specific general public. Until the question is "live" the answers have no meaning. We need to address the immediate questions and issues bothering us. We should be crossing bridges as they come.

But as I see it, people, prefer discussing the path rather than following it. By expounding our knowledge of philosophy, books and scriptures, I suppose we are just being virtuous in our showoffing. In many ways it is a profession. There is this argument that who knows who will be benefitted - yes but I say what a colossal waste of energy that could have been put into a more focussed activity.

To slip softly into the mundane ever flowing life is so easy. But to take responsibility for one's persona and then build it up according to one's highest concepts and stick to one's guns is admittedly Herculean but then there is no other way to go.

You just cannot convince me that this is alright. You go to be with somebody and then pay attention to your phone (and through the phone to another person/world) - this is annoying and insulting, both.


This world is a joke. The Divine is having fun. All we need to do is join Him in the fun. For, seemingly, The Divine created this Universe as an experiment and experience. A change from his Eternal Quiet.

We live life from a distance. Touching it with long tongs. A little bit like an experience and a little bit like an experiment. Once we are isolated in our little created world, we sit in our rocking chairs and observe the world through opera glasses. We venture out once in a while just like a millionaire who goes walking or dining by candle-light leaving his limousine and chandelier alone. Just like the dollar-rich tourists. They walk in the mud and show their pleasure with the locals knowing fully well that they can always return to their mansions when they are tired of it all.

People complain that they have to live in a world not of their making. So wrong.

We all have created a world in our imagination that is particular to us and we are proud of it. What a beautiful way to live. At least till reality gives us a shock and bring us down back to earth. But I have seen how resilient we are. We cry for a bit and go back to our old world soon enough.

Emotions can be destructive if we wallow in them to attract certain vibes. eg: Indignation, self pity, sulk, even thoughts of illness. It is a simple matter of getting our way in the world. In this way we create a nuisance-value of our presence and blackmail others around us. Quite often it works and then we become bold enough to repeat it over and over.

Do we …… ……go up and down because a staircase is available?

Or ….eat because the fridge is full? ….travel because we have a car? …….then why are we conversing incessantly because gadgets and companions are available? .....instigating situations just because we can?

....and at the back of my mind is the thought perhaps it was not love at all, it was a fault of my perception and it was nice while it was there. So let’s be grateful for the episode. ….. A romantic escapade. Relationships in this world are terribly need, proximity and time based. Some grow with time and some dissolve into nothingness. Distance can make the heart grow fonder or it can make the relationship fade away. The word love is used by people because they do not have an adequate vocabulary and no poetry in them


I am telling this to all, all the time: observe, enjoy don’t judge. If you don’t like something, ignore. Walk away. You are, after all not taking them back home with you?

A teacher can only clarify and substantiate and thereby make the way clearer but even He cannot teach you something beyond your experience and the limits of your mind. (He can talk about it but you will understand the words only when your own experience corresponds to it) The mind is not an instrument that will permit you to go beyond itself. Until the Soul from within comes in the forefront nothing of import will happen. For the Soul to break through even slowly, the cycle of birth and the painful adventures are the best teacher. If we can we should make people understand that a guide/guru/teacher can only help speed up the process - not instigate it.


On the question of poor/poverty, hunger and other heart rending subjects: We can always think before we act - see from the past that there is not enough, see from the present that there is no guarantee of enough and have the good sense not to increase the number of mouths to feed. AND Prepare ourselves as much and as thoroughly we can to adapt to changing times so that our productivity does not suffer due to lack of opportunities.

No "real" teacher ever intrinsically said that the Ego has to go (annihilated). This is an error of the human interpretation. The EGO is the Life Force. IT has to be purified of its arrogance and hurtful tendencies and channelised like a great life giving river. It then become a life sustaining friend and will help you to reach the realm of the gods. Intellectual beings with little spiritual exposure, interpreted that as “abolition” of the ego; totally in error.


Yes certainly; this door is open to all BUT NOT if they stick to their self-righteous egos. They talk and discuss and even join in collectives. They have a strong base that has taught them not to respect others above themselves, and this attitude is endorsed by a highly mentalised society. This is the crux of the matter. There is no need to see beyond their own level through the experience of another or tutelage. Their minds are blocked in the self-contained brilliance of their own wisdom. They prefer to wallow in their pond having as yet no concept of the unlimitedness of the ocean.

Judgementalism - a chronic human illness built into our genes since thousands of years of stupidity But I have also noticed that judgementalism is seen in those: 1) Need to validate themselves by under-valuing others 2) By targeting in a planned manner others they wish to bring down a peg or two We are all judging and evaluating all the time. This is the nature of minds. But we are all not allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by our judgements and reacting in violent ways as a lot of people tend to.

We are all serpents in hiding. The seed of discord is sown along with LIFE when it is given to us. Don’t agree with me? Just look around and tell me if you don’t see how easily – -we jump to conclusions -we spew out hurtful words -we fly into murderous rages? These come naturally to us but the opposite takes effort – great sustained effort.

We have become an automaton in the hands of our habits. I have to admit, it is easier said than done. Our conditioning is total and by the time understanding comes, it is rather late in the day. Laziness & inertia is the strongest part of the character of our sub-conscient nature + nobody

realizes this anyway. Only those who have also received the seed of "change" & "awakening" and have been taught since childhood to be their own witness are really ever able to go against this grain. Instructions have been around since thousands of years - but how many humans do you see that feel the need for it? And even when by the shock of an accident/stroke (stroke of good luck I would say) we do get a warning, most people become conscious for a few days and soon slip back into their old groove. Change is a painful and arduous process and it is avoided and evaded with a lot of strong will. The mind is not yet evolutionarily independent and follows and supports the Desire/Subconscient Habit patterns with logic and reasonings + rationalisation and other excuses.

What if I say that when you choose the path of self awareness, it only gets worse and worse, until you pop out on the other side!? It is quite like a sliver that pops out when it is ready.


I hear a lot about equality. To day I heard tow young ladies say that the Constitution guarantees them rights to think and be as they wish. How ridiculous. It is Human Nature and Mother Nature that are running this world. The Constitution only makes laws. Unfortunately, to accept the fact that all humans are evolved enough to be superior to their instincts and will abide by these laws is also an even more ridiculous error.

We are equal and equally endowed”. This tune is what has brought discordance in human affairs. It is a tragedy of human intelligence that just having the "appearance" of human looking animal is considered enough to be accepted as equal legally. As if our persona is limited to physical form. So the moron and the genius are equated and of course it is like mixing black and white to obtain an indeterminate which is neither here nor there.


As it is, leave someone in the park alone ( of course without any gadget in hand to connect with) for 5 minutes and they start going bonkers.

The Silent Moment as Therapy. Find time out to connect with the other world which is made of silent communications. Please shut off sound, focus on some thoughts/words that inspire you and help you pass thru the door to the realm of your intimate self.

The “Passions” and its world have so many pleasures to entice us and keep us bound. It is easy to get lost in the playground and collapse from excesses. May Krishna free us from this imprisonment of the self by our own self. Let us not forget: We are all free but do not want to be.


Have you noticed how mobile phones are attached to the ear with the full cooperation of our brain, hand and mouth? Surely our heart would also be a party in it?

Everything in the gadgetry culture is aimed at "immediate" except on the medical scene where they keep you alive and suffering as long as they can.

The Cosmos moves to match your speed of evolution. We know what the virtues are but do not cultivate them. The effort to cultivate them is tiresome and avoided. We desire so many things we don’t need nor are ready for. Then in our cleverness we try to obtain our desires by unfair means/short-cuts; like miracles. A miracle worker becomes an instant success as a "GOD" figure and a crowd collects around this entity. A plain speaking sage is just another penniless boring philosopher.