The Kosmon Unity

The Kosmon Church

The symbol as seen represents the Sacred Name of the Creator in a TriUnity, the Circle of Love, The Cross of Light, and the Leaf of Life.


The Kosmon Church was founded in 1904 when a group of four men, Alfred
Bridger, George Morley, F.T Davies and Frederick Wilson purchased a copy
of the Oahspe which had just become available in the United Kingdom. So
we seek by word and deed, by thought and spiritual effort to lay the
foundations of a new world order, sometimes called "The Father's Kingdom".
There are many, many earnest souls linked in this work. There are other
churches, societies, fraternities with similar ideals and we ask a blessing on
all. We have no quarrel with any Church or faith and we are quick to
recognise that even within the older and more rigid orthodoxies, there are
individuals who seek only that which is true and good and valuable and that
new thought is here and there emerging. If the world is to be changed we
must each go back to a simple faith in the ONE ALL LIGHT and acknowledge
that power within us, seeing life and death as the beginning of a grand and
glorious adventure. Seek then ever for new understanding, a wider vision, a
greater purpose and seek ever to serve and help your neighbours and
fellows. Look into the starry heavens and survey the wonder of life on this
earth and respond with a sense of adoration which is true worship. In all parts
of the world to-day, many people have become conscious that the earth is
entering a New Age, and recognising the guidance of the Supreme Being. To
this end, the living of a higher life, by the practice of brotherhood, peace,
spiritual communion and service to one's brother man is essential. This is
enhanced by personal occult and mystical unfoldment. Unto this purpose, the
book called Oahspe was given to the world, and all who can accept these
ideals and follow the Oahspean teachings can become members of The
Kosmon Unity, a world-wide spiritual association. Membership is open to all
who sincerely desire to dedicate themselves to service, and walk the Way of
Inner Light.

Table of Contents
Rays Manifestation (p7)
Address to The Kosmon Church (p11)
Angelic Communion (p14)
Light of Guatama (p17)
Trance Address (p22)
The Creator Is The All Light (p36)
Angelic Greeting (p42)
There is a Bridge (p43)
Liberation by a Rhythmic Resonance (p54)
Objective and Subjective (p57)
Rite of Kosmon Unity — The Sun (p64)
The Morning Light (p76)
Impelling Force (p78)
The Kosmon Church Teaches (p87)
Oahspe Study No. 6: Angel Communion (p89)
The Zarathustrian Mas (p92)
Jehovih — The All-Being (p99)
Spiritual Unfoldment (p100)
The Secret Place (p105)
A Guataman Invocation (p108)
Faithists in an Age of Transition (p109)
The Approach to the Shrine (p115)
The Awakening of the Soul (p121)
The Arch Tablet of OM (p126)
Atlantis: Fact or Fiction? (p134)
The Human Aura (p137)
A Jubilee Message (p140)
Another Veil (p141)

The Silence (p144)
Essora (p148)
Evolution and Awakening (p154)
The Human Spiritual Heritage (p161)
A Place of Delight (p165)
The Key of Emeth (p171)
Spiritual Effort (p178)
Love and Service (p187)
The Soul of Man (p193)
The Kosmon Observance (p200)
Emethachavah (p202)
UNO and the New Age (p205)
Service (p208)
Colour and Personal Unfoldment (p213)
Shalam (p215)
The Gnostics (218)
Prayer and Sleep (p221)
Beside the Still Waters (p225)
Music In Relation to the Cosmos (p227)
Spirit and Personality (p230)
Church Trance Address: Oahspe Fellowship Kosmon (p233)
Unfolding Within The Creator (p238)
HY’YI and HO’ED: The Faithist Kabbalah (p242)
The Shining Gateway (p257)
Om Mea Om (p269)
The Law of Cycles (p276)
The Kosmon Church (p282)
Patterns of Power (p284)
Hoi Sangha (p287)
Simple Thoughts on the Higher Outlook (p292)

In Celebration of the Harvest Festival (p316)
Emp’agatu: Intro, Prayer, and Song (p323)
In Our Contemplation (p330)
The Power of the Sun (p332)
A Message from the Kosmon Church (p334)
Two Angels (p340)
Angelic Preceptory — Zarathustrian Mas (p344)
Editorial (p348)
Teachings taken from Preceptories (p350)
Logic and Reasoning in Matters Spiritual (p356)
"It Droppeth As The Gentle Rain .... " (p361)
In Our Contemplation (p365)
The End of a Ray (p368)
Oahspe Onwards (p371)
The All Mind Is The Unity Of The Whole (p372)
Using Aheba (p374)
Chronology of Cycles (p380)
Meditation (p386)
The 'Rite' Way (p387)
The Forgiveness of a Modern Mystic (p390)
Spiritual Image (p392)
Aheba and Amereth (p397)
Methods of Spiritual Development (p401)
Cultivating the Consciousness of the Healing Power Within (p403)
In Our Contemplation (p407)
Behold the Rose (p409)
No Rose without Thorns (p411)
The Crystal Body (p416)
The Silent Voice (p418)
Power and Presence (p419)

The Etheric Body (p422)
O Almighty One (p428)
Children of Light (p429)
A Twofold Path (p431)
Angelic Preceptory (p435)
Intelligence and Destiny (p443)
About Prayer (p448)
The Path of Kosmon Service (p453)
A Prayer for The World (p461)
What is The Kosmon Unity? (p462)
Portrait of a Young Girl (p465)
The Father's Kingdom on Earth and The New World (p466)
The Light (p469)
Prayer for The World (p474)
Prayer for The World (p475)
Questions and Answers (p476)
The Near Death Experience (p478)
The E-O-I and The Triangle (p481)
Three Days (p483)
A Day Well Spent (p484)


Rays Manifestation
Kosmon Church

Following is an article about Ray Incarnation which you may find interesting.
Guatama, as is mentioned in this article, is the name of the Americas. RAYINCARNATION and GROUP SOUL The instruction in Ray-Incarnation came
through trance work of the Kosmon Church in England about 130 years ago.
Editing with additions has been done to bring this teaching into the 21st
Century in Guatama with the new understanding via Group Soul.

As the Light of Kosmon manifests on our planet, we anticipate further
inspiration and instruction. We are told to think of ourselves as at the end of a
Ray of Light. Just what the Ray actually is and to grasp an understanding of it
can only be glimpsed in moments of illumination, and when known cannot be
explained in the language of the earth. Esoterically, the Ray is said to start at
a Point at the Center of All Being, from which it proceeds outward from space
which can only be conceived of as existing everywhere. The Ray from this
Point becomes manifest as a direct Ray to each individual, which may be
visualized as a spiral. The Ray is associated with groups of angelic beings
who have developed through a corporeal life as well as an Essean life. We
will come to understand the Ray as our spiritual understanding deepens.
However, we can understand that there are groups of angelic beings within
the heavens who have as their responsibility the education and protection of

At the end of earth life, the physical body returns to the earth, and the
self/spirit moves on into its spiritual work of service in the heavens. Those
who have protected and taught the spirit while on the earth now are the
teachers, associates and friends in the heavens, all being of the same Ray.

Our family members in corpor may be of other rays/vibrations; and while
contact with those of our earthly family continues when we move on into the
spiritual realms, generally speaking our work of service will be with those of
our Ray. Having traveled this far on your spiritual journey, you may already
be aware of the vibration of one of these groups as resonating with you.
While originally, the Angelic Associations were within a specific geographical
area, now in the Kosmon Era, these Angelic Associations have come
together in the heavens of Guatama in the Heavenly Kingdom of Kosmon, to
work together for the founding of the Kingdom on Earth.

As the Angelic Associations have traveled to the heavens over Guatama,
those corporeans they are overshadowing have traveled with them on the
earth, so that now in Kosmon there is a gathering of Angelic Associations in
the heavens of Guatama. Each group has a vibration which is unique, and
speaks to the work of service they have undertaken to assist in the founding
of the Kingdom on Earth, fulfilling the promise of Kosmon. In Faithist terms
we call each Angelic Association a Ray of Light. Each Light symbolically has
a vibration which is color and sound, and all those of each Association blend
into one harmonious vibration. The Kosmon Church of England teaches that
when we pass into the Es world that we are incarnated (born) in our Ray,
thus the name Ray-Incarnation. It is through the Ray that the inspiration
coming to those on earth from above passes through many spiritual beings
making a chain of memories of life experiences, genetic memories,
influences, and capacities. Corporally and spiritually, we are each a distinct
personality, although effected by our corporean heredity and environment;
much that is effecting our lives today can be said to be the outcome of other
lives in the past.

Those within a Ray work for the future of Kosmon, as well as working to
redeem errors in judgment and wrongs committed by those of the Ray. In the

case of the Egyptian Angelic Association, we know of a group redemption
which is at work even today, as the Egyptian Angelic Association protects
corporeans active in bringing forth the Kingdom on Earth. The story of
Nu’ghan explains the origin of the Egyptian Angelic Association. However, it
must be remembered that each individual is responsible for their own
redemption; as this is the foundation of Free Will and the “laws” of Cause and
Effect, which state we must correct wrongs for which we are responsible.

We are taught that we are responsible for our progeny for six generations, so
that we will be involved in assisting our children and their children for six
generations to work out their redemption, correcting wrongs they have done;
just as our ancestors are working through us to correct wrongs from the past
as yet unredeemed. Therefore, while the Egyptians are working together in
this Redemptive work to help in the founding of The Kingdom on Earth, they
are also involved in cooperative labor with the other Angelic Associations, a
cooperative labor which is manifesting now in Kosmon.

One thing we realize today is that as Faithists of Guatama we appear to
move spiritually from one Angelic Association to another for instruction. This
gives Faithists of Guatama today a broader foundation for their spiritual
understanding, allowing close cooperation among the Angelic Associations
both in the heavens and on the earth. This implies that in the Heaven of
Kosmon, the Angelic Associations work very closely together, drawing what
is needed from each Association as plans move forward for the founding of
the Kingdom on Earth. In spiritual terms, the cooperative bonding of Angelic
Associations is so complete that we may say that the vibrations of all the
individuals blend into one vibration which we may call the Group Soul. All
corporeans and angels on their individual Rays are as one soul combined in
vibration and purpose. Now in Kosmon they have come together to work

You might think of it as each Ray having one of the colors of the prism, so
that when all the colors are combined, there is white light. Thus, in the higher
or essean manifestations, we are closely linked with each other through the
vibrations of our individual Ray; and now in Guatama the Angelic
Associations are also linked through the blending of all Rays into the Group
Soul. Let us join together in cooperative labor, realizing our unity within our
Ray, expanding into the unity of action within the Group Soul with those in
spirit and in corpor working together to assist in the founding of Jehovih’s
Kingdom on Earth. Let the White Light manifest through our cooperative


Address to The Kosmon Church
The Kosmon Church
Kosmon Era 59, Document No. 6

Faithists in Jehovih, Hail! We would have ye concentrate your energies the
more for the furtherance of the Light of Kosmon (Universality).

In the light of our glorious confraternity— we would say Arise!

Beloved Sisters and Brothers, Faithists all; should we not as Children of the
Father’s Kingdom, realize here and now the powers of the Life Immortal? Yea,
and shall we not persevere in some good work, unfolding within ourselves
the attributes of Wisdom, Love, and Power.

By living the Higher Life, developing the latent psychic and spiritual gro'eth
whereby we bring to light the hidden things of Life and Truth.

Therefore we are exhorted of God to seek Wisdom, to manifest Love, and
work in Power to become as living units in the organic whole—to practice
Fraternity and to teach true religion.

Hear, then thy Inspirators. Come, be up and doingg, and start to accomplish
the fulfilment of Jehovih’s Will in the Plan of Kosmon.To Grow in the Wisdom
to a Higher Degree, affiliate thyself to the Group of Students O Brother and
Sister, and in the College to equip thyself for the office of Teacher, that you
may be enabled to enlighten the World of Truthseekers in the Wisdom of the
All Person.


To walk in the Higher Life, affiliate thyself to the Higher Life Group—to
practise spiritual endeavour and unfoldment—Developing the Soul.
And to work in Power for Jehovih’s Service—seek to discover that which is
best within thyself which thou cast use and in the Organic Group, seek some
service to perform.

Whereby in the advancement of the Kingdom, Self is conquered by thy
sacrifice and devotion to the service of thu fellowman.

In the first group: to study the truths of Universal Religion especially as given
in Oahspe

And this study is to be conducted in conjunction with the planof the Group of
Students, Whereby each student shall undertake to apply himself to those
lessons set by the Chief of the Group.

In the second: to follow a plan of living and practice, such as pure diet; right
thinking; spiritual endeavour, and to follow out the simple practices detailed
by the Chief of the Group.

In all groups: to develop spiritual gifts which you may be enabled to use for
the enlightenment of your fellowman. To convince the enquirer to spirtually
advise those in need, and in the Third Group: to undertake some work which
shall be of service to The Kosmon Church.

These Groups are established that there may be teachers; spiritual helpers;
organic workers.

And is called in the Plan of Kosmon, the BROTHERHOOD OF GROUPS.

And to those who affiliate themselves to the Groups, shall be issued
instructions from time to time according to the decrees of the Lords of

And, if ye would advance still further in Occult Wisdom and Mystic Love—
Then seek to become worthy that ye may be received into The Sacred Inner

Yea, and even there to be of Fuller Service.

Now above all, we would have ye grow toward us in the light of Unity. That
we may be at-one, with ye in spiritual growth and right doing.

Wherefore a form of service hath been devised which can be observed by all
who are Faithists in Jehovih though they meet not with others. And in concert
with thee, we will unite in thy act of worship: so thou shalt not be alone but be
linked with us, Jehovihs angels, and be drawn the nearer to the spiritual
realms, wherein is to be thy home when death should call you from the
sphere of earthly labour.

Therefore do we exhort all affiliated Faithists to observe this form of service
at least once per week. Yea, better daily if such can be thy practice. And
even they who attend gatherings of Faittnsts may likewise observe it to the
Fathers honour and glory.


Angelic Communion
Sister Wilson
Kosmon Light

The following vision was described by Sister Wilson at a meeting held in No.
1 Community recently and interpreted by a brother present.

As the Es (spiritual) light became clearer, an Angelic Being was perceived
seated at a small table within our circle, facing us, one whose vibrations and
light had been cloaked by the blue robe he wore, but whose presence was
seen and felt in no uncertain way.

It was difficult at first to describe the celestial visitant, as the vibrations of the
spiritual atmosphere were so disturbed, but he appeared as one of exalted
grade in the resurrections, by the golden light around the head, the sevenpointed star on his forehead in light, and the symbol of Jehovih in his hand.

Two letters had been written and sealed by him and presented to a sister and
brother. One was unfolded in seership sufficiently to be able to discern its
contents, but the sister was quite unable to read it, and a golden key was
then presented to her which would unlock the mystery.

From behind him to a little distance above, were seven lines of light attached
to members of an angelic band who were in crescent form, supporting so it
seemed to us, their Chief. These were recognized as angelic workers in our
cause, and had previously manifested to us in many different ways from time
to time.


As the vision unfolded itself to us, we saw that the Angelic brother was
instructing the band from a book entitled “The Book of Jehovih.” Previous to
this, he had departed and on his return was robed in white and gold spirit
robes through which shone a beautiful pale light, which extended some little
distance from him. At the close of his instruction, large bunches of dark
grapes appeared in the hands of each member of the band, and a silver cup
was then handed round, and grapes were squeezed into it until the cup was
nearly full.

It was then brought to each one in the circle to partake of, and

we were told that others would be visited and uplifted in the spiritual work.

The above vision shows to us two aspects of Angelic ministration. First the
organic and second the psychic, all in symbolised forms opening out in
regular sequence as a lecture might be given to a group of students, which in
fact it proved to be.

We, having sat for spiritual communion and unfoldment and had found a
difficulty in harmonizing certain physical and psychic states.

The angelic

brother had given personal instructions to two who were present, enabling
them to reach the harmonic states without difficulty.

The Lines of Light

extending to the band were to enable the Chief to manifest with greater
facility. For we must remember that those of the higher resurrections who
come to help us whilst on earth, find our conditions far different to their
celestial states of purity, light and high vibratory forces.

The Book of Jehovih symbolized the angelic mysteries and knowledge of the
forces in the spheres, and of the Eternal Light of Jehovih’s Presence in
unending manifestations, unto which none can fully comprehend or attain
forever, for life is Eternal.


From the wisdom of this Book of Life, the band received for our welfare and
the Fraternity’s advancement.

The grapes symbolised spiritual food and light, the cup, the vessel containing
the spiritual food, the wine of life which was given to each one to partake of.

The cup again symbolizes the physical body which contains the spirit, and
which is nourished by the spiritual life forces found through all the universe.
The Angelic brothers and sisters who guide and guard us, uphold and
instruct us, and minister to us whilst on earth’s journey, are also ministered
unto by holier ones, that Jehovih’s Will may be done on earth as it is in

Surely it behooves us as children of earth to hearken to The Voice within
speaking to us to be pure in spirit and in truth, working in perfect harmony
with the Unseen. Then shall our eyes see, and our ears hear, and our spirit
discern the Beautiful Creations of the Heavenly Spheres.


Light of Guatama
Trance Address
The Kosmon Church
Sun in Virgo

When last we met in this Rite, under the Light of Guatama, an outline was
given in somewhat general terms, of that part of the great work of founding
the Father’s Kingdom on earth, the duty and the seeds of capacity to perform
which, are the inherited destiny – from times long past, of those of us who
claim spiritual descent along the lines of Guataman Ray. And it was
understood that by awakening these seeds of capacity and developing them
for use in the Service of the One Great Spirit, according to the highest
capacity of the individual – the Group, who in this Brotherhood on Corpor,
represent the Shrine of Guatama,- takes its destined place, and emulates in
expression one element of that Great Name, the All-Perfect Expression of
which is attained, when the Five Shrines welded together as One by the
Cementing power of the Holy Omnific Love, manifest their inherited forms of
expression in the great Chord of Harmony.

But tonight it seems good to specialize somewhat, and to speak in more
detail of one of these powers of expression, which although locked up within
the Casket of Memory has descended through the spiritual generations of the
children of Guatama, from their great Ihin Ancestors, who were of the sixth
shrine, even to the present day. I refer to the power of healing.

When we speak of healing, Beloved Brethren, it behooves us to consider
from which plane of Being we are prepared to regard it. Whether, for instance,
from the material plane on which the ills of the physical body are cared for
and associated, or from the psychic plane, on which by the use of powerful

angelic forces these ills may be temporarily relieved; or from the higher
planes of spirit, on which the cause of all suffering is sought for, and at the
very root, received. And as we are initiates, covenanted to the One Great
Spirit to so train ourselves as to be able to work in His Service, on those
higher spiritual planes, it is without question, from thence that we should
regard our healing, seeking ever the cause, knowing that, that being removed
on and from the spiritual planes, the effect on corpor must surely follow.
Perhaps it might be well, before proceeding further, to ask ourselves—What
is the cause of all those ills—whatever they may be, that need healing? Our
Angelic Preceptors have many times told us that the Iesu Race, to prepare
for the coming of which we labor on Corpor, will not be subject to the ills of
mind and body such as beset us now, for this reason because they will be in
At-One-ment with Egoquim, and therefore whole-perfectly healed. And so,
stepping backwards, we can see that the further removed we are from that
At-One-ment, the more we are unhealed. This state of being unhealed,
closed down upon our Spiritual Ancestors, when they received upon their
shoulders, the burden of the unredeemed Panic evil, and grew it, in order that
it might be possible for future generations to redeem it by transmutation. Not
suddenly did this growth become apparent, it was gradual and extended over
many hundreds of years, but its progress threw them and their conditions
more and more out of the rhythm and harmony, which attains to all, that is
attuned to Egoquim, and they became increasingly spiritually sick. Their
unhealed wounds of spirit have descended through the spiritual generations,
as a heritage, and are the cause of warped and distorted spiritual conditions,
which find their reflect (reflex)* in unwhole states of mind and body today. For
not until the evil of the past is redeemed, can mankind become perfectly

And as you see, Beloved Brethren of Guatama, that to be true healers, we
must, at the same time, become Redemptors.

Every Guataman must surely hold within their heart, the desire to serve the
One Great Spirit by becoming a true healer, but ere this is possible, he must
first diligently tread the pathway which leads to the finding of the Medicine!
We may be sure that this is a truth that was known to our spiritual ancestors
for we are told that the ancient Rites of Healing, held in Guatama before the
Iturian darkness fell, and revived again, in the Arc of Speta, by our great
Master-Eawahtah –contained a certain ceremony, the crowning point of
which was the Bringing into the Temple by the Chief of a Sacred Symbol,
which he placed in the Holy Presence before the Shrine, and preceded to be
consumed by fire.

This symbol was in the form of a powder, composed of seven ingredients, the
secret of which, with their interior meaning, it was the duty of the Chief to
guard carefully; and the symbology of the ritual is thus:

The powder was known as the Medicine, and was the symbolic vehicle of the
True and only Medicine that can heal the wounds of the past, and redeem
mankind – the Heavenly Love—Aheba and the consumption by fire of the
corpor of the Medicine, the symbol of the burning away of every vestige of
the dross of corpor from this Love, for as the seven corporeal ingredients, are
transformed and arise as a ritual essence, so in symbol are the tetracts
transmuted by the Fire of the Holy Presence, rendering the Love pure and
holy free from every stain and blemish a protection from spiritual sickness,
since no opposite could enter into the serene beauty of its harmonious and
healing vortex. And it is that purified Love which bound the Ancients with ties
of Holy Brotherhood, as it shall again bind, when the Opah-Egoquim radiates
its great Omnific manifestation. And not mankind alone shall receive its
healing blessing, all living creatures, the plants, aye the crust of the Earth

must needs be healed, as this planet advances towards its Arch-natural state,
in which all things shall be restored to their primal purity.

And as the aspirant to true healing must follow the Path Ray which winds up
the mountain of attainment. It is a long and weary trail for most, beset with
obstacles and difficulties, with fears and disappointments. The person who
perseveres shall reach the mountain top. This must be so, Beloved Brethren,
for it was so ordained, many years ago, far back in the timeless, which is
Eternity. The mystic wayfarer shall find that the journey holds also its great
joys and happiness, for as they mount they grow to realize more and more
the beauty that surrounds them, and sees it in the wonders of nature, and in
that beauty hears the sweet Voice of Egoquim, Gitchee-Manito, speaking,
encouraging, leading upwards and onwards. The mystic wayfarer grows to
feel the presence of Angelic Companions, some of these are among those
who serve in the Hosts of our Elder Brother, the God of this Earth, and they
guard his steps lest he should fall.

For this Earth Ray is the Ray of the Crown, and every obstacle surmounted,
every difficulty overcome, is a service rendered unto him who rules in the
Name of Egoquim, it is a manifestation of the Ihua-Mazdian Law, and is
blessed with the love and light of the Oniya-those mighty Zodiacal Hosts who
surround the Throne of our God, and pour forth their powerful influences,
according to the times and seasons of the Supreme, in ceaseless rhythm.
And when the time is ripe, and all things have been fulfilled, the healing
Aspirant shall win to the summit, and as they stand bathed in the Sun-Light
around them grows a wonderful vortex. It is formed of soft colors, of sweet
harmonies and radiant Light – it is the Parodars, and in that Glory of the
United Self find the Medicine and is whole. And having found, it is theirs, and
they shall carry it with them, wherever their corpor ways shall lead. And the
dark cause of suffering shall disappear, dissolved before it radiant Omnific

Light. Harmonious conditions shall begin to prevail and increase, in which the
heart of men and women shall incline to peace and brotherly Love so that
warfare and all discord become hateful to them and gradually the elementals
who build up the world and nature shall change –the lower elementals will
disappear unable to live in the purer conditions and higher ones will take their
place. And as the evil disappears the (lumis) containing the life forces of the
Creator will increase in the soil, and from these forces the elementals will
build up higher and more refined forms of flowers and fruit bearing trees and
vegetables, providing fit food to nourish the growing Arch-Natural body that
the New Race shall possess. And so the work of Restoration begins. For
unlocked is the Casket of Amber and Jade, and the Ancient Power has
returned to the True Guataman Healer. It is the Power of Love, the Holy,
Heavenly Love, strong in the right of this irresistible Power, they shall take
their part in the great work of Restoration in this Arc of Sabea.


Trance Address
Kosmon Church

Angelic Preceptor: To Jehovih, all adoration and glory forever, Amen.

Beloved brethren, it has been urged as a protest against Kosmon, a universal
Church, that it does not deal exclusively with the Christian teaching. We will
answer that protest, because it may help us to understand a little of what
really does lie behind the Christian teaching.

If we become exclusive we cannot broaden our outlook. We are like a man
who lives in a house with the windows only on one side. Whilst he is inside it
he can only see one part of the landscape, that part which is in view from his
windows, otherwise everything is hidden from him.

Now, in this day of enlightenment there is a stir in the various churches, no
matter where you go or at what church you look. In some churches the
enquiry is partly suppressed, but it is like an undertone, like a wave, like a
seismic wave which never comes to the surface, but nearly always threatens.

Even in the most exclusive churches, what will happen in a few years? Well,
it is nothing to do with us, we know, but our mission is to help all those who
are striving to find a point from which they can steady themselves. So if we
take you into a house with the windows looking out in all directions you must
not be surprised, because we want you to see the whole of the view.
Our opinion is — of course we may be wrong, but our opinion is that God the
Father is God the Father of the Jew, of the Brahmin, of the Buddhist, of the
Mohammedan, as well as of the Christian. God the Father has made every

man, whether he is black or white or yellow. You cannot shut out a number of
these people because they do not happen to set wholly into a particular
mode of thought, and so we are inclined to believe that the future will
demand a house with windows on all aides, that the light may enter from all

Now you see that is the position of the Faithist Church, It stands entirely on
its own ground, it claims this freedom for itself, exactly the same freedom that
it would give to everyone.

You remember in the first reading tonight, Capilya said the tenth virtue is
“observance”. He said it was a very wise thing to look into what the ancients
used to teach, that with observance man accepted from them the things
proven to be good, ‘otherwise he casteth aside his profit in the world.

Capilya was one of the great Indian teachers. His name has been (A page of
the transcript is missing here.)… of the Spiritualists— to the action of mind on
this sensitive matter.

Have we not gone a long way this last half—century? Have we not travelled a
tremendous road these last eighty years? They would never have talked like
that eighty years ago, but today they can only explain so many things that
happen in material terms by gradually substituting the mental sensitive
Now here’s a peculiar thing — when they make a discovery by thinking it out
in an analytical manner, they describe its attributes to the world as a new
philosophy. If the skeptics would read they would find that Capilya said the
same thing thousands of years ago — thousands, not hundreds of years.
Capilya accurately defined it when he said all matter was absolutely sensitive

and that it responded to an Infinite Will. This was the Centre of which we are
all a part, and it was because this centre, this One Life threw itself into an
objective expression that the world came into being, a living world.
That was also Sakaya’s teaching, and if you are inclined to disbelieve us just
examine the books of the ancient philosophy and find out for yourselves.

Well now, if philosophy so many thousands of years ago was able to teach
these things to the world, and if today the learned men are coming round to
discover them, may it not be that these ancient people knew something about
religion that we have not yet found out?
As a matter of fact, dearly beloved brethren, it is no use shutting one’s eyes
to the fact. We may as well open them wide and look out of all the windows.
The same teachings have been enunciated by the ancients all the way down
through the history of this world, and it is not given to any one great teacher
or light or leader to be the exclusive exponent of such teachings.

So you find the ancient sages expounding the philosophy of Life, and you
find the moderns rediscovering the truths that the ancients taught, and the
most peculiar thing is that modern religion still accepts the teachings of
material philosophy.

If we wish to be perfectly honest with ourselves and with the Father who has
called us into being, we must assume upon ourselves the robe of
responsibility, and regard ourselves as all being children of Him under Whose
inspiration we can, if we desire, directly place ourselves.

Well now, if we take the broadest point of view we shall see just exactly
where we have arrived, We have arrived at the point which Capilya reached

thousands of years ago, that life all about us has manifested itself in form,
and that it stirs matter into expressing itself in so many beautiful shapes; the
lilies, the roses, the cedars, the firs, the mighty albatross sweeping through
the air, the familiar tiny carp swimming in the stream, the majestic power
which lies behind the crystal of ammonium sulphate, even the action of those
extraordinary electrons which appear to follow one another with such
strength and speed as to produce the effect called lightning; and coupled with
al there is the element of beauty — there is beauty in the flowers, the trees,
the birds, in human kind; the strong physical form of the athlete is beautiful,
the wonderful texture and radiance of the eye of the maiden is beautiful, and
men and women love beautiful things they like pretty colours and bright
clothing, and decorate their homes, if they can, with pictures and with things
delightful to the eye.

So there is another sense, the appreciation of beauty. This appreciation of
beauty shows us that we are coming to closer at—one—ment with the
Expression which produces all these things, with the Infinite father Who has
called us into being and unto Whom we are returning.

Beauty then is a basis on which to build your religion, and you need not be
over-troubled because your fellow worshippers in other religions are
disturbed over this, that, or the other. It is for you to be firm to yourselves and
your own religion. No one can say to you “nay.”

There is no religion or school of thought which can give you absolute inspired
truth to grasp about which men will not differ. They even differ with you about
your own identity, but let that not be an affront to you. No one can blame you
for building up your own identity. Start this way:— The All Life, the Father,
sent forth a ray of light from Himself! This ray of light comes down through all
spheres of being the transcendent exclusive sphere which the initiates of

India called nirvana, then down a more concrete (as man would say)
expression in etherea, and then down into atmospherea and down into a
corporeal world in which it produces physical life, its light making itself
positive through this manifestation..

Then regard yourself as having come down that ray of light. Because of the
presence of the All Light molecules of matter have been quickened and have
produced form, and you have inhabited that form and you are that form. From
the tiny child you have grown up or are growing up, you are gathering what is
known as experience.

Now, this experience becomes memory, making its impression upon the finer
order of matter of which your soul is composed. These impressions write
upon the sensitive body which is called the spirit body.

When the earth body is dead and you have garnered the physical
experiences from it, you pass out from it to live in other heavenly states, first
the atmospherean state in this finer vesture of matter the spirit body, but you
carry with you those memories and experiences which you gained whilst you
were in the physical body. These will serve you in your continued march, your
long and endless journey to perfection and union with the All Father.

The earth life therefore is only the beginning of wisdom. You gather your
experience; on the objective physical plane. After that is over you come into
the spirit life called the Heaven world, to begin there another set of

Now what is the difference between the Heaven World and the earth world?
The difference is this, that whereas in the earth world you learn through your

objective contact with physical things, in the Heaven World you learn through
your contact or assimilation with heavenly things.

All through your earth life you have had to struggle, you have to overcome
resistances, because the spirit vibrates at a higher rate than does the
physical matter in which you live. You have never been able to move upon
the physical matter in which you live fast enough, you have always desired to
get out and beyond it. You may not be conscious of this fact but it is
nevertheless true,

So, my dear sister or brother, on your resurrection morn, on the morning
when you wake up in the heaven world, you will feel about you a strange
lightness, the old heaviness of the physical body will be gone and you will
feel as if you want to fly away beyond the ethe, All about you will be those
living waves of wonderful colours in which after a time you will make out the
outlines of forms, and as you desire and will to see what these forms are they
become more clear to you.

It is as if you were trying to look, shall we say, through a white mist, and as
you look the mist disappears and the forms stand out clear. This is now the
first experience of your spirit life. You find that you can see in whatever
direction you want to see, but where you do not want to see vision is shut out
from your gaze. And you will only be happy in those places where you can
assimilate and live in harmony with your surroundings. In earth life some
irksome trade or profession may have required you to live in certain places
whether you liked them or not, and however much you would have liked to
get away to fresh fields, In the spirit life it is beautifully easy to get away from
the things you don’t like, for you grow most by assimilation with the things
you do like.

This however cuts both ways. If throughout the physical life one is fond of
physical enjoyment, and revels in the desires of earth that one is not happy
in more angelic surroundings. He will obviously prefer contact with the earth
plane. He assimilates with those things which are akin to his earthly nature,
he is happy in them and may, unless he arouses himself from such illusions,
become earth—bound.

You have knowledge of earth—bound spirits from various physical
happenings in places where such things become objective, and, believe us,
one of the things which cause great concern to those who dwell in the higher
angelic life is this earth—bound condition of so many of the inhabitants of the
heaven world.

Of course there is a constant missionary effort by us, but to go and preach
religion to them does no good. You have the experience of this in the dark
places of your earth. To preach religion would have no effect on people who
are incapable of responding to it, because their desires do not allow them to

In the heaven world, then, a more positive method is followed. It is pointed
out to them, by appeal to their rationality, that their continuance in. this
condition will ultimately bring them destruction, or bring then to a state which
will be very unpleasant for them. Very often we take them to those who have
risen beyond then, whom they knew at one time and for whom they may still
have an affectionate regard. It is easy for these risen friends to persuade
then to leave the old forms of interest so that they can be taken into those
places where they may begin to realize what the higher life means.

Now, in your passing from the earth life into the heaven world it is therefore in

accordance with the efforts you have put forward whilst in the earth life that
you find the place to which you will desire to go after it is over, and the
measure of happiness which shall be yours.

Many of you may say: but what of the things I have done wrong? I have not
mu time in which to undo them all, nor is it possible for me to undo them.
Because of the wrongs I have done I am afraid I shall not go to a very bright
or happy place.

Beloved brethren, we always try to teach you that it is not desirable for us to
magnify the ills which we have done. So long as we strive to turn from evil
and do good, let us await the time which will surely come when we can undo
that which we wrongly did, and do that which is right to counteract it.

These opportunities are bound to come to us, if not in the physical life then in
the heaven worlds after death. Working on those higher planes of love and of
power we come into association with the great minds who have risen above
the limiting outlook of the corporeal view, those who see the larger spheres of
life’s manifestation. On the more interior plane of your ascent you will
associate with those who have transcended the Earth condition entirely and.
who are now waiting to get away from the corporeal earth and its heavens.

What happens to them when they do?

They go to a still more refined etherean state.

When we speak of refined and ethereal states we do not mean to imply that
they will loose their hold on life, nor their identity.
Believe us, it’s just the opposite. You yourselves are limited whilst you are

alive on earth. You cannot imagine how little you are able to enjoy life as it is.
Because the earth binds and limits you so much, your mind is only capable of
manifesting in certain directions. In the glorious light of Etherea the limitations
of earth are entirely removed, but you are none the less objective. There you
live in. the glorious light of Reality, in the one All Life, in the one All Person.

Also, you will live for ever and for ever, knowing state after state and still
higher experience after experience.

What then is the purpose of your religion today?

It is to help you to rise above the bondage of earth. And if you can rise above
that bondage you will find that even on the physical plane and in the physical
body you can come into closer association with those minds who have
transcended the physical plane. It is at that time that a new light comes into
your being, a sense of enlightenment which you have never before known, a
consciousness of something more than the physical eyes can see, but which
the senses of the interior personality can be known and understood.

You have begun your ascension and for you the earth life no longer holds
any particular attraction. The reality of the spiritual life radiates out of you and
it is by this larger and fuller reality that you live and conduct your earthly
affairs. Nor will this detract from your service to humanity. This religion will
help you to serve your fellow man better than ever before.

You will not make the mistakes in life that you did in days of yore because
now the mind living in rhythmic rapport with the more angelic planes of
intellect is able to determine things in a way that was not possible before.
And all the while you are growing because you have put aside all limitations,
you are not troubled any longer about doctrines or the old beliefs. Now you

can say: these things may be correct in their place, but they will not Limit my
growth any longer. I will strive rather to come into at—one—ment with the
celestial sources of All Life.

When you come to this resolve a wonderful change begins to take place in
the spirit body which is already growing within you. It becomes a. awakened
and aroused into activity, and if you could see it in its manifestations you
would marvel at the beauty of its form.

Hitherto you have regarded those who live in the other world as mere wraiths
or clouds or white ghostly figures. Now you put that conception away from
your mind.

The true man has a body of light, for there is a light within him. It shines
through him, an unwavering light, not only an illumination, but an actual
radiance. Those who have spirit sight can often see when a man is
awakened spiritually, because the thick envelope which surrounds him,
called the aura, is glowing and scintillating with colours.

When you are out of your physical body during sleep you are somewhere on
the spirit plane of’ life, and if you are spiritually awake this aura glows with
light. The spirit boy withdraws the aura because it is necessary for its proper
manifestation. But there is a third principle called the etheric vessel, which
must remain attached to the physical body while it is sleeping and which then
holds a large portion of the body’s vitality, keeping the involuntary organs of
the body active whilst the physical mind sleeps.

If you have attained to any measure of at—one—ment with the All Life on the
more interior planes of transcendence there is no misunderstanding with

those on a similar plane. Men and women understand one another perfectly

Beloved brethren, if we could only come into at—one—ment with these
planes here and now, could we not help to seep misunderstanding away from
the world?

It is said the world needs a practical religion. It certainly does. Here is a
practical religion through which men and women are taught how and in what
way they may realize their spiritual needs, so that realizing, they gradually
become transfigured and transformed. There is that growing within them
which would not have been but for this Path of Unfoldment.

And when the light of this religion increases in the human race there will be
less misunderstanding in the world. There will be a growing desire for
universal peace, and it will become impossible for anyone to be happy whist
there are people who are starving or in diseases. The human race will see
that both poverty and disease are eliminated to make an earthly paradise.

This Church teaches you how this is possible, how it is by your own endeavor
to grow more and more into the light of transcendence that these changes
will take place within the human organism and within the spiritual body which
is anchored to it. As these changes take place the more interior planes of life
are contacted and all power flows from these planes out into the physical

This new light within is flowing all over the world, and it is flowing out over the
vast body of believers who have received a secret, a strange and interior
illumination. As they seek it more and more and as their numbers grow and
as men begin to abandon calling for this or that form of belief and grow

towards this spiritual unity, the glorious light of truth will come into its own in
all its fullness.

If you are a follower of another school of thought, take that inner message we
give to you. Do not let any creed or any dogma limit your growth. Let nothing
appall you. Have windows in all the walls of your spiritual house that you may
see all round, and when you have done this you will begin to receive a power
which you have never received before, the same power that Jesus had when
he cured the sick, healed the blind, and raised the dead. That same power
will come to you, though perhaps not in the fullness that He had it, yet in
measure it will be yours and wherever you go you will carry light and healing.
We, the angels of Light, do not care who you are or what you are, for as you
carry light and healing you will carry a quickening spirit which will respond to
the Centre (of All Light), and the vibrations which you radiate forth will arouse
it in others.

You heard from the reading what Capilya said. He said one of the greatest of
attributes is self-abnegation. What is self-abnegation?

Some philosophers have the peculiar belief that it causes you to lose your
hold upon life. This is not so. When the outlook in life is wrong, that outlook
has a selfish element and we cannot see anything else but what we want for
ourselves, and there is no spiritual advancement. When however we see that
it is quite possible for others to have a different light from our own, that they
may also be in the right, when w do not desire to possess more in the world
than what we really need to conduct our lives in it, then we begin self—

Self—abnegation is the gradual relinquishment of those things which hold us
to this earth. That is self—abnegation — to enlarge ourselves in spirit, to

grow more and more into at—one—ment with Jehovih, to become more and
more like unto Him.

This is wonderful thought, but to commence spiritual growth you must make it
objective. Therefore:

Believe that there is another life.

Believe that you will one day enter that life.

Believe that those who live in that life come back to earth to inspire humanity.

Believe that they come back to you.

Believe that they desire to teach you and to help you.

Believe that you can blend yourself with the higher and spiritual forces of

Believe that you can so make the effort as to overcome desire.

Believe that you can blend yourself with the more interior planes of being so
that you can receive illumination from them.

Believe in the growth of the spiritual body.

Believe that you must care for it, and care also for the physical body.

Believe that meditation and service will help you in this matter.

Believe that you shall at last bloom as the rose in the light of the Sun

Believe finally that one day you will be part of the great earth family of
millions upon millions upon millions of souls who form a part of the great
etherean home to which we shall all one day ascend, to continue there our
life beyond the limits of bondage and of time.

My brothers, my sisters, it is a long, long journey, and it is a steep one, and
from the moment that we turn our backs on the darkness and face the Light,
the joys of being begin to be revealed to us and it is then that we shall
understand the message of the Masters of Wisdom.



The Creator Is The All Light

The Creator is often called the All Light. Perhaps this term is not fully
expressive. Perhaps it does not convey enough of what we mean when we
speak of the Creator. But let us just examine that statement.

Light, as we know it, consists of several colours. The blending of these
colours produces White Light. Where you can disassociate any of the colours
you get a distinct expression of that light. Thus for instance, the RED flower
absorbs all other rays, but manifests the RED. The yellow absorbs all other
rays, but reflects the yellow ray. Whereas the White flower, receives the white
light and projects all colours.

When we observe then, the manifestation of the rays of light, we get a very
remarkable thing: the projection of the rays of light produce an effect. Now, it
is this effect, which we see around us in Creation. The sun is constantly
manifesting its light. The vortex of the Earth receives this manifestation and
interprets it as the light you see about you, the light of day. It also gives to the
vortex of the Moon a reflex of that light, and the Moon replies by reflecting the
light of the Sun in a cool manner. This peculiar expression of the light with
which we are all familiar, has for us a most profound lesson, and we cannot
do better than to point out to you how this manifestation affects everything we
do or see from the Spiritual side.

The Angels or the Spirits who have left corporeal embodiment, and who dwell
in the heavens above or round about you are each in turn reflectors of light.
We do not mean to say that they reflect physical light, but you see, that light
which they manifest is certainly something like it, but more brilliant, more life36

like, more living. Suppose you could therefore, see the Angels or the
Esseans who come to you, you would see them clothed in light. The light
which they manifest would be in accordance with their own Spiritual Nature.
Should it be an Angel of Wisdom, the light which would be reflected would
have a distinct tone of gold in it, golden yellow and it would seem as if the
Spirit was expressing the golden yellow light of the sun in a very beautiful
manner; and as you contacted the light which this Angel was expressing you
would immediately begin to think of all those complex things which the wise
men know and understand. You would begin to think them according to your
method of interpreting them.

Now, you often say to yourself: Well now, this knowledge is beyond me. I
cannot understand the different Doctrines and Teachings, and the different
theories which are advanced.

Yes you can! There is nothing too advanced nothing too exalted for you to
understand. The quickening Ray which comes from the Teacher enables you
to interpret the message in a way that you can understand, so that however
exalted or high or intellectual the Preceptor)' or the Address may be, if you
just focus your mind on the Teacher you can always get the sense of it.
Supposing the Spirit or Angel who comes to you quickens you with the Spirit
of Devotion. Then the wonderful azure or sapphire blue is manifesting in the
light which is about the Angel. That Blue quickens within you the Spirit of
Transcendence, you feel that you are free from Earth and dwelling in Heaven.
The light of the Heavenly World is all about you and you feel you want to
Praise The Creator.

When the Angel who comes to you, quickens you in Love, then you behold
the rose pink colour deepening to crimson in the aura. When the Angel
makes you feel sympathetic toward everybody. This causes you to send out

a wave of Love to all the downtrodden, even the sinners. The waifs and
strays, the people who are deluded by the material things of the World. You
feel sorry for them; you feel a love and a pity for all the meaner creatures
which have been endowed with bodies of animals, the birds in the air, the
creeping things.
No wonder the followers of Sakaya said to themselves: — All these things
are embodiments of the Light and we cannot kill them. Therefore we will live
on the herbs and things which grow in the Earth.

Supposing therefore, when the Angel who comes to you has the quality of
the green of the trees and the grass, the wonderful vitality of Nature. That
one, will quicken in you that same power, and cause you to vibrate in
harmony with Nature. You know, the Spirits who live amongst Nature, and
there are a number who love Nature. You, love Nature. Some of you would
like to live surrounded by Nature, but many of you have to live in a big City,
although you would much rather live alone right out in the wilds perhaps,
occasionally coming into contact with your fellows, but still you would prefer
to breathe that wonderful air of Freedom of plain, woodland and field. There
are spirits who live like that. They live in the Spiritual side of Nature. Because
all the green trees and flowers and fields have a spirit side to them, and the
Angels who dwell in them live as if you were living in your woods amongst the
trees, grass and flowers, but in the Spirit life these things arc of a higher
expression of the material things. The Old Philosophers used to say: "As
above so below". Or vice Versa. We can therefore realise that these Spirits
would naturally breathe the vitality and vibrations of Nature and they would
very often be the Spirits of Indians. people accustomed to live in Nature; It is
by this means that the Creator has ordained, in their coming to minister to
you in the Towns and Cities, that they should get a knowledge of humanity as
it is amongst people in Cities. Already they have a knowledge of Nature and

its life, so when they are in the Spirit life they come to the crowded Cities, and
they bring the breath of renewal with them.

Many Spiritualist Brethren speak of the Indians who come to them,
particularly the North American Indians, referring to the power which they
bring with them. Well, that is the vortexya of Nature.
What do we mean by that?: —- Well, the living plant is like an electric battery.
It is creating energy all the time. It is quickened by that energy which is called
Life, and because of the movement of the sap and the chemical change
going on in the plant, and the interchange between the things which compose
the plant and the Sun's Rays, this interchange creates another current, and
that is called by the Faithists "Vortexya" or the product of a Vortex. The
Vortex is something that is whirling round and round and round.

The different trees have different vortices. The Birch has a different vortex
from the Poplar. The Elder different from the Oak and so on. As a matter of
fact, the Oak has a very Spiritual vortex, so has the Birch. The Hazel and the
Elder both have an occult vortex. Peculiar is it not?

All Nature conspires to give something. Everything is giving in the Universe. It
is only because we are blind that we are not receiving properly. Man, is a
receiving instrument. You see, a Man does not belong to this Earth really. He
is only here for a part of his time. The plants and animals are in their element.
They belong to the corporeal plane. Although the animal survives yet their
corporeal expression is a perfect expression. A man has to pass through the
earthly plane and to acquire what knowledge he can, at least he has to
develop that self within him through wrestling with difficulties. This develops
the Will and focuses the Mind and the Soul.

So, these Angels of whom we have spoken come and minister to you; it is
because we want you have a knowledge of them that we so often speak
about them. If you have a knowledge of them and you think about them, then
you open the door to their Ministry. If you never think about them, they
cannot minister to you so well as when you do have them in your thoughts.
You say you have not much time. Well! don't you always make time to eat
your food, to wash, dress or to read the morning paper? Is there not
somewhere in between the multifarious duties of the day that you could for
five minutes think about the Angels, the Spirits if you prefer the term?

Thing about those whose light manifests the golden light of the Sun. Think
about those angels who manifest the light of the Rose which quickens you in
Love and Sympathy. Think about those whose Light manifests the beautiful
sapphire blue colour, quickening you in devotion. Or those Angels who bring
the power of Nature which quicken you in vitality and helps you to fight

If you think about them, they will bring their magnetism or vortexya. You say:
— Well is this part of my daily Worship? Yes! if you like. You have got to
learn to know JEHOVIH and you have to get away from the old habit of
imagining Him a big man sitting up on a cloud. That idea should surely have
died with your childhood. Since it is difficult to think about Him as an ALL
Person, you can only think about what He does and how He manifests. There
will be a point in your unfoldment later on, when the Light of Illumination will
enable you to see HIM as HE is in one or the other particular perfected form
of His Manifestation. and as you unfold onward toward Nirvana this
Revelation will become more and more pronounced.

So you start by thinking how He doeth His Will through the Angels and the
Souls of men. You begin to think something about Him. After you have said

your prayers, "Our Father Who art in Heaven.” or whatever prayer you use,
you then think about Him manifesting His Light through His Angels.

Some like to think of Him as being like the SUN. The Faithists do in particular.
They were taught this by their ancient Teacher, Zoroaster or Zarathustra who
said: — Let us think of the Creator as we think of the SUN. The Sun gives
warmth, causes the earth to bring forth the green herbs and the harvests Let
us think of the Creator as giving all life to the earth and bringing forth all the
beautiful things we see around us. So that it came to be written that, "Even
as the Sun is to the Light of day, so is Jehovih to the understanding of all the
living. Whereon to contemplate is the road to everlasting life, rising in
Wisdom. Love and Power forever".

If you are thinking like that, it is the beginning of Wisdom and JEHOVIH shall
bless you and help you abundantly if you will only turn your thoughts to HIM.



Angelic Greeting
Brother Morley

We have drawn so close to you this day that we may speak a message into
your souls, and we would invite you to be receptive to the note which is
struck by the celestial musicians, that in responding to it, you may go forth on
life's journey in the coming year better equipped, strengthened more than
ever to face the problems which lie before you.

The harmonies of those celestial musicians are ever creative, uplifting and
ennobling, so as you kneel in prayer this day to receive a benediction, we
shall come to you and give you light on difficult problems, Secret and arcane
shall that light be within the heart, and as the days go by things will resolve
themselves, and all before you shall go the light of that strength and
wonderful revealing whichever comes to those who are guided by the angels.

The past year has presented to you many difficulties, and the New Year will
not be without them, but if there is light on the path, who shall fear them? And
who shall fear if Jehovih is his Guide?

Listen for those inner harmonies, and as we come to you this day, wherever
you may be, we shall give to you that particular power which will enable you
to face life's problems with a new hope and courage. Then you shall receive
abundantly, and going forth shall praise Him that He has made possible for
you the path of FORTHGOING WITH KNOWLEDGE. Amen.


There is a Bridge
George Morley

The religion of the Faithist is one which aims at helping a man to find his true
self. To find the capacity which he possesses, not only corporeal but spiritual
also, because the true self lies within. The outer self, the physical body, is a
peculiar thing because it is a limitation as well as a means whereby the true
self can find expression on the material plane of activity.

Thus physical body is endowed with all the limitations which heredity can
impose, but it is also given characteristics which enable the individual to
realise his true self; and it would seem as if this body, the house in which the
thinker resides during his earthly sojourn, limiting as it does his expression,
would require some particular form of quickening to enable it to respond to
vibrations which are above the physical, those things which are higher than
the mere material form of stimulation. But there is a bridge between the
physical and the spiritual; this bridge is the etheric part of a man's being. You
may call it his astral body if you wish, but it is a link between the purely
spiritual and the physical, and is represented in the physical by the very fine
nervous system which that body possesses. This nervous system is bi-polar,
positive and negative, the cerebro-spinal and the sympathetic nervous
system; and since the whole of one's activities depend on the accurate
functioning of this dual system, the occultist and the psychologist have
studied its functions most closely.

Beyond the range of physical action there are the baffling phenomena of
psychic action, that particular kind of manifestation which seems to evade all
forms of physical explanation. It points to the fact that there is another realm
of existence in which the spiritual can live and manifest apart from the

physical. The Faithist accepts that fact, and he calls this other world, the spirit
or heaven world. It may be that a better term could be found for it, but it is
sufficient if we explain it to mean that state of existence in which the thinker,
the spirit, lives after it leaves the physical body permanently.

The heaven world, therefore, is a locality. It has an objective existence. It is
as complex as the physical, indeed in its lowest aspect it is a reflex of the
physical plane, for this reason that the substance of the lowest plane
receives the atomic reflexes of everything in the physical world. The eye of
the spirit body is an organ, a psychic organ, capable of receiving reflections
from objects on the physical as well as registering the light which is given out
by objects on the spiritual planes. Mortal sight sees things only by the light
they reflect, whereas spiritual sight sees spiritual things by the light they emit,
or physical objects by their atomic reflections .

The dwellers on the lower spirit planes cannot always see the higher Orders
of Spirits (unless those Orders make themselves visible) for the simple
reason that the more interior or higher one goes, the finer are the vibrations
and therefore more difficult to perceive by the means available on the first
planes of ascension.

With this thought before us you will immediately see that a number of people
who pass out of the physical body, having no knowledge of the after-life, are
confronted with a problem, because they may return to those they have left
upon the physical plane, and they can see them but yet there is a difference.
They find that some are more discernable than others, and upon the old
familiar objects, they cannot make an impression as they did during earth life.
This, at first, leads to much confusion, and would lead to a more disordered
state of mind were it not for the fact that he thinks he is dreaming; and that is
his salvation. He just passes from one dream state to another for quite a long


Many people investigating Spiritualism are confronted with the problem, that
those who come to communicate with them can often do so only partially.
Their communications also may be very confused, and it seems as if they are
not fully aware of the state and condition of things they have left behind. That
is due to the first condition of dreaming in which they have found themselves
and their inability to arouse themselves objectively to communicate in a direct
manner. The more positive of those who pass into that life, asserting to
themselves they are still alive, are able to cohere their thoughts, and receive
information, and very often communicate successfully. But one thing is
needed, and that is a complete break from the physical conditions by which
they are surrounded that they may
enter more completely the interior planes of life before they can talk again to
those they have left on the mortal plane.

Here then we must distinguish between those who having passed through
death, are living on the lower spirit planes, and those who have gone on to
the higher levels. The first may sometimes be a little confused or uncertain;
whereas the second will be clear and positive but cannot communicate
frequently, coming to us only at certain times according to esoteric rules.

The fact is this, that the whole world around is overshadowed by a vast world
of spiritual beings. It would perhaps be unwise for us to suggest world-wide
spirit communication, but we do urge a universal spiritual communion; a
communion with the higher worlds, with the planes of light, truth and beauty,
seeking it for knowledge regarding spiritual things, that in this knowledge we
may be the better able to carry out the Father's Will in helping the world into a
brighter and better state.

Can we help the world if we come more into touch with the higher spheres?
Well, let us examine that point for a moment. Those higher planes, often in
this philosophy called the Second Resurrection, are both a place and condition inhabited by those who have risen above the low spirit spheres and are
no longer earthbound. They are free and unaffected by earthly conditions.
Their realm is one of light, joy, harmony and unity; and within it are found
music and art, beauty and strength. All these things, which are attributes for
which you often long, are there in manifestation, and the dwellers on those
planes move about amongst the things they have created — houses,
gardens of perfect loveliness, art galleries, halls for music and drama,
temples and sanctuaries, places which you would desire to visit if you were in
such a state and condition, still realising that you have an objective existence.
The old idea of heaven being a place of sweet remoteness as to be perfectly
intangible must be dismissed.

Here in your earth life, you have a pattern of that which shall come after this
life is ended, free from its limitations if you will, providing means for each for
the expression of one's interior genius. Who of you has ever found it possible
to express all that you have felt within yourself — the desire to play a part
with power in something creative; or to express the poetry, art or music which
you hold so dear?

That is possible only in a sphere of higher dimension, free from the many
limiting conditions of the physical plane. Such is the life of those higher
spiritual worlds of which we have spoken, the sphere where dwell those who
have left the bondage of the lower planes, and who were once like you,
dwelling on the material plane. Even life in these higher spheres is not
permanent, for there are worlds beyond, far more wonderful, but the period of
time spent there is usually much longer than the earthly span.

What is the object of this state and condition? May we explain to you that it
has for its object the nurturing of certain interior capacities and powers,
several of which you do not realise are latent within you now. For instance,
the ability to read the interior light as it expresses Creation; to help to build
that plane upon which one has one's dwelling; to give the best expression of
one's deeper self, and to learn to become a creator under the Supreme
Creator. All this requires many years. You, for instance, may have within you
the potentials of an orator, but have no means of expressing that ability on
the physical plane. In the higher spheres, you will find the right conditions
and opportunities, and they will be in this way, that no longer limited by a
physical body, you would be able to attune yourself to the inner vibrations of
the universe, and the spiritual body would respond to those vibrations which
were in accord with your inner nature, and you would begin to develop along
very definite lines of your own particular individuality.

There might be times when it would be necessary for you to contact the earth
plane again. What is the reason for that? It is this, that there might be certain
things which you had left undone whilst in the physical form, or other things
which you should not have done, and the law of cause and effect would call
you back again. Then by overshadowing others, especially if they had a
spiritual relationship to you, you would help to redeem the little wrong you
had done, or make good that which you failed to do. By overshadowing
others, by inspiring them to greater fulfillment, you both aid them on the path
of progress and develop your individuality further.

These higher spiritual planes, called in Kosmon terminology, the Second
Resurrection, give you the power to do this, for the simple reason that as
soon as the spiritual faculties are developed, they are manifesting. That
which is now latent within you, there coming into full fruition, then you will
return to the physical contact with a strange and wonderful power which you

did not possess when you were in the lower planes. This is due to
unfoldment or growth; and moving about in company with other workers you
help the world along its troubled pathway toward the fullness of this New
Age; toward that condition yet to come in its history when all its problems, its
vexed conditions, will have been resolved, and an earthly paradise have

It is by and through this spiritual ministry that the world is inspired to help
itself, to establish universal brotherhood, to work for all those good things that
humanise society, to bridge the gulf between different nations, to advance
toward a better state of life and health. All these are of the New Age, and this
inspiration comes from the Second Resurrection where such conditions
already abound. This is the key to human progress on the physical plane.

We cannot pass without considering the world which overshadows the
Second Resurrection. This is the highest state and condition of development
before one leaves this earth and its heavens for good to find absolute
emancipation. In this third realm you have a still higher expression. There,
thought is even more potent, feeling more acute, and the things which give
you true peace, and make you really happy, are found there in perfection. In
this sphere we see the focusing point of all the angelic beings working in the
higher planes. This focal point, this centre, is the mind of the great ruler of
this planet and its heavens, called in Kosmon terminology" God" as distinct
from the term: "God the Father." This great angel, who focuses the minds of
all the higher angels in his own, acts as the heartbeat, moving in tune to the
interior spheres of the great All Life, or their manifestation.

Is this not the plan of the universe? You have the sun and the attendant
planets moving in vast orbits. What is it that holds them to the central
luminary? The scientists have not yet discovered it, but it is a vast vortex of

etheric force; nor can that etheric force hold them in its embrace unless there
were an inner impulse within it. That impulse is the mind within the great solar
centre, and due to its rhythmic heart-beat, all planets move in concert, and in
accord with the forces which play upon them. Everything so exact that
astronomers can read the skies for hundreds of years ahead.

This vast universe which you see around you when the stars light up the sky,
all moving, is a part of the grand universal Whole, the infinitely great, yet how
wonderful also is the infinitely small. Within the laboratory you see the
physicist examine the substances within the high potential currents, the
substances giving oil tiny particles which he calls ions and electrons, causing
light to radiate forth, moving by the intrinsic impulse which is said to be within
them, each tiny, ultra-microscopic particle moved with a perfect quantum of
energy. These quanta would be to each, and perfect in each part, but cannot
be made to manifest unless under the influence of mind. These things help to
prove that the universe is ruled by a Master Mind.

Brothers and sisters, is it not time we began to look at ourselves to see
whether we have been drifting through life aimlessly? Just thinking that tomorrow or the next day will do before we begin to consider these spiritual
matters. Remember, right within each of us, angel and mortal, there is a
power at work, calling up the secret well-spring of our being. Is it not time we
examined the question: " What am I?" Am I being in light, or just a mere man
or woman, a physical body? What is it within you that gives you the power to
be? It is Life, it is Mind, and under the direction of the One All Mind the
perfection of the universal power is working.

Come! Let us put aside the limitations which the physical plane imposes.
Limitations we said, not possibilities, those we will develop. Do you wish to
grow in knowledge or wisdom, in love or beauty, in true nobility of spirit?

Then realise now that you have the capacity, and then put yourself in touch
with the Higher Worlds of spiritual being, and let the forces of life flow through
you from the great wells of the universe. It is for you to realise that you have
the power within to become more than you are, no matter how you desire to
express yourself in art, music or crafts, or whatever it may be. There is the
power within for your true self to shine. It may be the desire to heal, or to help
those people whom you contact in their sorrow.

You can step over the threshold into the lives of others and assist them,
because if you can actually in touch with the higher spiritual worlds, their
power will flow through you and immediately inspire those who are downcast
to take a different view of life and move out in that direction which will resolve
their vexed problem once and for all.

All over the world are sincere people who have stepped forward from the old
orthodox religions, and are working to establish this line of newer thought,
with the result that thousands of different voices are speaking this message
to-day, and people in many groups and of various grades are listening to the
words of power from the realms of light.

Now the world is advancing from the chaos into the New Age, and at the
same time is being guided toward universal brotherhood, peace and
spirituality, apart from all creeds. These are the seeds the angels have sown.
You, in your part, are assisting likewise. Every person who turns his mind
toward meditating on the spiritual worlds becomes the channel through which
those worlds express their power; and having tuned into the higher planes by
focusing your heart and mind toward them, it is beneficial because the
spiritual can overcome all limitations. Thus in realising this fact you have a
strength and courage with which to overcome all difficulties.

The Earth is passing through a cycle of time which is indicative of change.
This change had to come before a more stable and settled condition. The
children who are being born to-day are said to be different. Many of them are.
Some children are born under the light of the Second Resurrection in a
particular manner. They are coming into the world among all nations, but are
deeply in touch with the higher spheres though they may not all be outwardly
aware of it. Their elders may try to prevent them expressing their spiritual
gifts or their inspiration, but will not succeed, because the light must flow out.
When these children grow up they will proclaim this light, its truth, because
they will feel it so strongly within them, and they will be the world reformers
and world redeemers. This is the hope of the future, the child of the New Age
under the lesu Light, to whom we bring gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
This is our higher service.

The path of spiritual service is not a very easy one by any means, for the
simple reason that anything that is worth attaining cannot be obtained by
easy means. You see, the physical body is very prone to change its habits.
Spiritual vibrations arising within it, all its impulses begin to rebel, and
naturally when once it starts its journey there is a conflict between the world's
pull and the pull of the spiritual worlds. With some this conflict goes on for
quite a long time, but in the end the spirit gains the mastery, it gathers its
power through the trial of strength to which it has been subjected. Every
effort put forward helps you to receive more fully the light from the higher
worlds; but you are free to accept this light or reject it. You can keep it or
share it with others. Though you may never come again to this sanctuary, yet
in the silence you can always seek the Light of Spirit ; you can think of the
angelic worlds and all they mean to you; you can visualise the light of heaven
coming to you as an actual fact; not just a mystical phrase. You can find a
peace which the world cannot give.

The journey may seem hard at times, but you can attain the Second
Resurrection now whilst in the physical body; you can attain even the Third
Resurrection, it is only a question of spiritual growth. The more you turn
toward the contemplation of these things and allow them to guide and direct
your life, the more will the inner eye become open and you be consciously
aware of the spirit brethren around you; they are no longer wraiths or ghosts,
they are vitally alive, they are angels, and have become to you persons of
real value, because they are your spiritual companions. This will give you
joyful upliftment, and particularly when your teacher comes to you, finding
you in the moments of meditation, he will give you thoughts regarding the
higher worlds, and your knowledge will gradually increase. Sometimes there
will come to you the spirit of your higher self with the power of a transcendent
love. 'When you are lonely on the physical plane people misunderstand you;
you feel you cannot go on because this great loneliness enfolds you, then
that great one will come to you, and it will be as though the golden gates will
have opened wide and the light of heaven will come streaming in. The cup of
blessing will be held aloft, and the peace of a wonderful consolation, of
beauty, of joy transcending anything you have ever known will be yours, and
these moments of communion will be for you very sweet indeed, because the
light will come to you in a strange and arcane way.

This light, called by the ancients "Illumination" will be that which comes from
God's own throne; the power of the central heart-beat mingling itself with the
heart-beat of all who have risen above the bondage of earth. Come! Do not
let the earth's darkness enfold you. About you is a higher truth. You are on a
long journey, and every moment of your life is important with regard to it. With
this knowledge within you press forward on the grand pathway, through
sphere after sphere, until at last you reach Etherea's heights, and then
having fulfilled all that was asked of you, having found that objective
realisation for which you, as a spirit, came to earth in passivity, you will pass

through eons upon eons in unending joy, light and glory. Now is the time to
begin .

The Father wants you as a worker for the world's reformation and we shall be
ever with you in your service.

Remember, the life of spirit is a higher call.


Liberation by a Rhythmic Resonance
George Morley

It is not easy to realise the presence of the ‘unseen.’ This is because man on
earth is so accustomed to the use only of the physical eye. The eye guides
him in everything and he cannot realise the existence of anything which he
does not see. Even pointing out to him the incapacity of the eye to receive
vibrations of light above or below a certain scale does not alter the fact. That
the eye can receive only the reflection of light from objects also proves
nothing to him.

Yet the invisible is everywhere. The seer with open spiritual vision can see
the world of spirit, the world of angelic life and form.

The seer may

sometimes be confused by the strangeness as well as the majesty of it all. It
comes about that, after the spirit leaves its physical body, it can realise in its
consciousness only the meaning of things with which it has been familiar in
the physical body such as trees, houses, men, and other forms, whether
moulded or natural.

The spirit can reason about these because it has had

experience of them in the earthly life.

But, to those who have unfolded in the light, as you have, it is different and
your religion comes to your aid. All the while you are gradually becoming
aware of the other life, though unconscious to your outer senses, the inner
life is unfolding. The mind is awakening on the strange and wonderful planes
of mystical transcendence, called in this fraternity the second and third

When you pass finally from your physical body, the world beyond will not

seem so strange to you because you have already experienced it. When
does that experience come to you? It comes to you when you are ‘asleep’ at
night and during those waking times when the mind has turned inward and,
for a few moments, you have forgotten the physical world and you try to think
about spiritual life.

Then the eye within is awakened and your thoughts

become quickened the vibrations of the planes on which you are fixing the

The spiritual reaction gives you an opportunity to find the

transcendental home which is yours when the earth life is over.

This will

take away the sting of death. It will help you when the last hour comes.
Then you will say, “Now I am stepping out of my physical body; I am going to
my spiritual home in this spiritual body because I am aware of it.”

What is the passing like? As the eyes are closing and vision of those around
you fades away, the mind sinks into a condition of peace, like sinking into a
very profound slumber, free from care, pain or anxiety. Sometimes there is
the sound of distant music — the music of the spheres which ever pervades
the universe. Sometimes there is the song of the angels chanting, for they
always sing when someone from the earth is about to join them.

This is to

help the liberation of the spirit body from the physical because it produces a
kind of rhythmic resonance and the spirit body can then leave the physical
more easily. Sometimes loved ones, who have passed on before, are seen,
waiting to receive you. At times, this comes later when the ‘sleep’ is over. If
you have been a mystic, you may awaken on a higher plane because you
have already been prepared by the spiritual life.

You will find that the states of life which follow those of earth are very clear
and distinct. There is a sense of lightness because gravity no longer affects
you. There are no tired or aching limbs for the spiritual body is buoyant.
There is movement; you are impelled by your thoughts.

You can go

wherever you wish by a gliding motion as if carried by invisible hands. This is

the projecting power of thought. Out of the corporeal body there is greater

The mind acts more quickly because the vehicle through which it

is now working is not as dense as the physical brain.

You, who have gained this knowledge during earthly life, will then quickly
remember all we have taught you; everything becomes clear and distinct.
You find that, as you let your thoughts dwell on spiritual matters, you will rise
but, if you let them dwell on earthly things, you go down.

If you think of

friends who have gone before you, you move spiritually towards them. If it is
not possible to meet them at once, you will feel a return current coming to
you to tell you to wait.

If you need gardens where lovely flowers bloom, you find them; or books,
with which to refresh the mind on hidden things, you go towards them. If you
wish to meet your teacher or master, as you think of him, there will appear in
the distance a little light-like star, and you will know whether he wishes to see
you then or later. You may have to travel slowly because, as you rise toward
a higher sphere, the spirit body has to adapt itself gradually to the rarer
atmosphere — the particles of the body have to adapt themselves to different
orders of vibrations.

Near the earth, the astral light (A’ji) is dense; as you

rise above the earth, it becomes more and more rarefied. When a ‘swift
messenger’ travels through the atmosphere heavens, he can change the
rates or vibrations of his spiritual body almost simultaneously. He does this
by his thought working through the seven centres in his body.

When the new race has come to this world, these faculties will already be
developed in it so that, in the latter days, it will not be difficult for people to
leave the physical body in trance.

The two worlds will then become as one

and they will live both on earth and in heaven.

Objective and Subjective
George Morley

It is generally agreed by most learned men that every individual is capable of
more than he ordinarily expresses. It is said that the subjective part of Man is
so wonderful that he has, powers far exceeding anything which the ordinary
objective state of consciousness reveals, and this includes the workings of
what is called the "subconscious mind." It goes to prove that there is within
the ordinary man or woman a power which we call the spiritual man ; and
since this spiritual man is active in those in whom the subconscious powers
are awakened fully, then we can suppose that there is a relationship between
the life after death and this subjective consciousness .

If then we were to argue philosophically, we would have to admit that a man
is dual in his manifestation of consciousness; he is both objective and
subjective. Arguing then along these lines we can see how it is that that
power which is called the soul acting as a vehicle for the mind, whatever the
mind may be, causes the functioning of his spirit self, reacting on the nervous
organic system of the physical body, and controlling the outer organism.

Now all that is rather scientific, but it will help us to come to a very important
conclusion. It is this, that if the spiritual worlds are real, and if they do play
some part in the life of human beings, then one half, yes, more than one half
of the human race is spiritually starved. It may be that this is the cause of
most of the trouble in the world .

The spiritual worlds are everywhere. They are particularly associated with
this planet in what are called in Kosmon terminology its Atmospherean

Heavens — the Astral planes, if you prefer the term, associated with this
particular globe. In these heavens reside those who have left the physical
body, and they form a vast company of intelligent thinking beings, not those
vapourish, vague sort of drifting spirits that the popular imagination thinks of
as ghosts. If this then is true, there is associated with this Earth a section of
the human race which we can rightly call the invisible inhabitants of this
globe; and it is important to remember this.

Modern Spiritualism is doing a good deal to popularize this idea, but for many,
it has shortcomings, or does not as a rule go far enough. The deep thinker
would like to know as much as possible to what extent the spiritual worlds do
affect this physical plane on which you live, and it will come to pass that we
shall see in our search that the spiritual world would do infinitely more for the
good of the world if only it had the opportunity. Whereas now the lower
planes wherein dwell those who have not progressed, those who are
earthbound, find that they can easily attach themselves to the sensitives who
have no training, or knowledge, concerning these overshadowers of theirs;
the result is that crime very often prevails where it should not. There is indeed
a profound reason why we should take into consideration this important fact.

We see in the naturally born-sensitives, who are not spiritually inclined, a vast
field of work. For those spirits who are unprogressed, who desire not to leave
the earth plane, find a harbor in the auras of those who can respond to their
wills and their wishes. Against that, of course, we have a vast band of great
hosts of workers on the spiritual side who are doing their best to protect these
people and to resurrect the earth-bound, to lift them up and guide them to a
higher plane. All this is very wonderful work.
But what the Kosmon Church and Fraternity is concerned about is the
spiritual development of every individual, who should indeed be equipped
with far greater powers than most people to-day possess. Here is a point

which immediately brings us to consider the facts of psychic development
and more. We are concerned with the natural development of all faculties,
particularly those which govern and direct the psychic gifts when they begin
to manifest. What are the psychic gifts? They are the manifestation of certain
centres within the spirit body. These centres become active under strong
magnetic influences, and they are naturally under the control of the
subjective part of man, and are, therefore, associated with the sympathetic
nervous system in the physical body. Thus we see the need for the awakening of the higher consciousness fully, so that it can govern and hold in check
any undue manifestations, and keep steady the general flow of the magnetic
currents within the spiritual body.

Now, as you turn your thoughts inward to meditate on spiritual things, you do
not at first quicken these psychical activities. Instead you begin to awaken
the higher consciousness, a state of mind which functions in harmony with
the higher spiritual planes. Your ordinary mode of thinking becomes changed,
and you find that you compare everything material with spiritual values. You
regard life in the light of its reaction to spiritual influences. When this
manifestation of the mind begins to open out, then it is quite safe for the
psychical faculties to begin to manifest. As a matter of fact, the higher
consciousness always acts very cautiously, and it works in conjunction with
the guardian angel. The guardian angel works in conjunction with your
spiritual master, a high-raised angelic being with whom you are associated
according to the ray of your spiritual descent. Your master knows what is best
for you, and he communicates the fact frequently to your guardian angel,
called in Oahspean terminology, the "ashar."

The ashar then will speak to you through your higher mind, and will always
help you whenever you need guidance in regard to your spiritual unfoldment.
As time goes on, you deepen this consciousness and you increase the

spiritual activities by various means. For instance, you may engage in some
form of work which has a spiritual expression such as helping people to find
spiritual values according to their needs. Or you may guide poor souls to a
fuller realisation of their powers and to a happier life. You may become a
healer or teacher; you maybe all these things. The result is that you are daily
coming nearer to that high realisation of which we speak.

Meditating on the spiritual planes will also develop these faculties; reading
spiritual books, prayer, and joining with others in worship; all quicken within
the spiritual body those right vibrations which lift the consciousness and
cause it to awaken on the higher planes. The moment it so becomes
awakened, it is linked with the dwellers on those planes. These dwellers —
call them angels, spirits, astrals, es'treals or eseans, as you wish — once
lived like you on a physical globe, either this or some other planet. These
angels or eseans then live together in the higher spiritual planes, where they
have become attuned to each other in perfect harmony, knowing the joy of
constant activity and association. Their thoughts are always producing
beautiful things, and the spirit body becomes increasingly active according to
the exercise of their own personal faculties, some as artists, some as
musicians, builders, teachers, some as helpers guiding others as they rise
from the lower planes. Probably as sweet and beautiful as any of them all,
there are those who care for the little children who have died and risen like
stars of the morning to these realms of light and glory.

As you advance then, on your ascension, the higher mind awakens and
becomes linked with these higher spheres. There is a wonderful telepathy
between the awakened mind and the angels of these planes. There are those
who know all about you and your struggles on life's pathway. They are your
overshadowers and helpers and your loves. They are of your spiritual family,
because they came down the same ray of descent as you have after them,

from the great subjective realms into the objective form of life, to ascend back
again, knowing through the objective association all things that they have to
contact. Like you then, they love, and hope, and sing, and laugh and dance,
and wait for still higher glories. Linked with you therefore, power flows from
each plane to you. This causes the soul to expand and the spiritual body to
grow, and that subjective self to become awakened on its own plane of
manifestation. Then new powers become active within you, and the physical
system, which used to govern you, now becomes your servant. This is the
secret of all mental and spiritual healing. In whatsoever form it manifests it is
the same. The developing of the higher consciousness, and the directing of
the vehicle, the spirit body, through subjective channels.

The Faithists have a way of explaining this. It is the coming into awareness
of the Creator and His manifestations. There is a point in one's unfoldment
wherein it is said that a man is able to hear the Creator speaking. This may
be regarded as the highest intuition and illumination combined. If we can
learn to cease from always seeking objectivity, the intuition gradually
advances to its highest possible point culminating in permanent illumination.
That would give to all men the power to understand everything. Would it not
be a wonderful thing to hear His Voice speaking through the higher mind?
One day you will know this, then you can say: .. The Father moveth me, "
and .. I and the Father are one."

This is the condition of consciousness found in those spiritual spheres called
in Kosmon language, the Third Resurrection, the highest planes connected
with this planet. There love and wisdom blend and produce another attribute.
Just as when you and someone you love meet your minds seem to flow into
each other, your thoughts blend and your whole outlook on life becomes
different. So on these higher planes the blending of the archangel powers
gives you joy, and a peace which passeth all understanding, by your being so

close to at-one-ment with the All One.

We are anxious to see a New Humanity come into the world; because this is
the right time for it to appear. Every great age in the earth's history is marked
out in cycles, and the present cycle is sometimes called the Arc of Sabea.
That is to say, the sun and its planets marching forward in a great circle are
now passing through that section known in the spiritual spheres as the Arc of
Sabea. The name of the angelic hosts comes from the Etherean worlds. This
is the time when spiritual knowledge shall be restored to Man. The time when
all high ideals of humanitarianism, peace and universal brotherhood shall be
brought into actual manifestation. You can assist in the initiation of the New
Race by becoming a representative of those angelic hosts. As you reach up
toward them, so will their light flow down to you and through you to a waiting
world. If you link yourself with them, the same power that they have, Peace,
Joy, Transcendence, will manifest in your heart; and radiate from your aura
wherever you go. You may come into touch with hundreds of people perhaps
each week, everyone shall receive from you the touch of this miraculous
hidden power. You are not going to wait for your life to end before you enter
on your life's work, are you"

Here then is a means by which all can be of service. We first aid people
toward the awakening of the higher faculties of the soul and the bringing of
the mind into focus with the higher spiritual planes, then later assist in the
developing of the inner faculties sometimes called psychic. There is, of
course, a further means by which all this can be done. That is by association.
By associating with others of like mind, forming a guild, a league, an order or
brotherhood, call it what you will, all seeking to manifest the higher life, and in
the unity of the many form a great channel for the outpouring of the angelic

Let us not forget also, that once the spiritual self has begun to awaken, you
gradually ,become more and more active out of the physical body when it
sleeps at night. There, gathering up experiences of the spiritual planes, and
engaging in service with those who live therein, you can fulfill as much or
more than on the physical level, though you may not be able to bring back
the memory of these experiences until you have advanced far on the inner

We do not want to call you away from your ordinary place of worship if you
are quite happy there; go back to it and carry with you the greater
understanding and the spiritual power for service which you gain by coming
into harmony with the higher spheres.

This is a religion of reality: it is a path of service: and if you can grasp it, it will
transform life for you. The earth life is a preparation for the real life which
begins with the death of the physical form. Having come into an awareness
of self-ness on the physical plane, you will begin the real life with
understanding and joy. But that life can be yours now. Let the angels be your
companions, their light will illuminate your path, and ever quicken your heart
anew in the consciousness of the higher reality. Go forth to-day then, and
begin life anew, and being companioned by the radiant ones, the Great Spirit
shall bless you in all you do.


Rite of Kosmon Unity — The Sun
Angelic Preceptory
The Kosmon Church
(A.K. 87)

There is one Central Knowledge. There is a life which in its ultimate can be
considered as that Knowledge. The fact that we receive from that Central
Knowledge gives us light on our existence. The existence which you know as
dwellers in the physical body is a condition of separation from that Absolute
WISDOM. It might perhaps be better to say that the existence you know is an
extension from it, because there is always a connection between yourself
and that Supreme Source of LIGHT.

The facts of existence, as you know, are the experiences by which you can
gain an objective experience here on the physical plane, and hereafter in an
objective experience on the Spiritual planes. It may be that you will gain an
objective experience of the Spiritual planes whilst you are in the physical

But, we want you to consider tonight the fact that you are in link with the
Central Source of Light and Life, and it is this channel of communication
which comes to you from that Centre which is the important fact of your life.

Well now, the importance of that is this, that always streaming out to you
there is both Wisdom and Love, and Power. And the fact that you may
experience or see these things differently from your friend, or one who is very
close to you, is because you are seeing life as it is from a different angle:
your plane of existence, considered as a point of you, is different from

everyone else. It is this particular variety which makes up the sum total of
life's expression. Yet, this variety, as we have discovered, is a Unity, and the
facts related with this Unity are of such a nature that we must coordinate
them; we must try to see exactly how everybody's view point is similar in one
respect or the other to our own, and by this means we shall get back into that
condition of Unity, and know life as it is.

Supposing, therefore, for a moment we consider that the Central Light from
which we have each descended affects you on the physical plane and affects
us on the Spiritual plane in an exactly similar manner, but the result is
different, because your experience is in the physical life, ours is in the Es life.
Since you have, as it were, to know what the experiences of Es life are like,
we get close contiguity with you that you too may receive as we receive the
Light which comes to us; or rather, the Light as it comes to us in aspect
becomes the aspect for you.

Now, along these 1ines of thought, we shall find that the many ways by which
we can contact this Light are grouped under several heads; but we are not so
much concerned about the differences of these heads under which they are
grouped, .as their effects in the long run upon the World at large. Therefore,
the great work, as 1t is sometimes called, the work of building up the New
Race, the constant renewal of life. the regeneration of the race, this work is
going on continuously, and that is because the outpouring of Life is
continuous. And when we are conscious that this fact is so, then we
ourselves become both the recipients and the transmitters of that Life and

You take, then, the work of the Kosmon Church as it is manifesting in the
Kosmon Unity. Every individual composing the Unity has his own particular
traits and qualities. These are physical, psychical, and Spiritual.· We shall

discover further that this is the result of the descent of the Ray of Light
through orderly channels of Expression, and the final coming of the being of
the mortal to Earth, who has, as it were, to become the bestower unto the
World of that Light which comes down the Ray. All the individuals, then,
composing the Kosmon Unity have a specific work to do. Now, when we
speak of work, we mean that you actually can be expressing in the Life that
Spiritual Light as it is received — by no form of action that can be discerned.
We will give an example: — The individual who is in tune with The infinite
Centre, through what we have called the channels of Spiritual Expression,
will catch up the note of his of his or her being, and every act of the life, every
word spoken, every letter written, every … , what we might term, contact
which is made, will convey a specific Spiritual

Innately, every human Being is Spiritual at the base. This Light

coming to the Earth through these contacts will quicken in all individuals that
awareness of the Spiritual Life and Light.

So that, it is held, every member of the Unity, putting himself in touch with the
Centre, expresses that Light in the everyday life. If, of course, the individual
takes up any form of work, then the same light is expressed in that work,
Whether it is in teaching, or guiding, or any work where we might say the
individual works.

You will remember in the Reading to-night, we are told that it is through
Meditation, Concentration, Contemplation, the Rituals, and Good Works, that
the Light is expressed. Now then, we see that the individual endeavours to
get into touch with the Grand Centre from which all the coordinating Power
proceeds. Now, there is a method.

There is the method of what we term "Direct Communion." It is referred to in
OAHSPE as "communing with JEHOVIH," the Source of All Life and Power;

and this Communion is carried to a point wherein it is said at last the Initiate
hears the Creator's voice. Now, that is a Spiritual experience which is known
to all mystics of whatever School, though perhaps it is explained differently.

Another method is by gradual contact, first by coming into association
through Angel Communion with the Teacher, the Spiritual Teacher, allotted to
one at any particular point of time.

The next is by enlarging the consciousness into the realms of the Second
Resurrection thought and ideal.

The secret is by deepening the Light within, so that it can receive from the
Third Resurrection the stimulating love power which at last transmutes,
refines, elevates, and causes one to see with the open vision.

Each of these experiences is associated with an Order of Angels. The first,
the Teacher, the Spiritual Teacher, who comes to every member of the Unity,
comes under definite instruction from the Hierarchy or Group of Angels
whose work it is to direct spiritual knowledge in the hearts of those who are
capacitated and prepared to receive it. And when we speak of this spiritual
knowledge, we do not mean only something which can be written or declared.
It is a power which is quickened within the mind, or rather shall we say the
soul, of the aspirant, to know and to understand in a way he or she could not
otherwise understand.

Those of you who are accustomed to teaching well know how difficult it is
sometimes to instruct the scholars from text books, but if you give them a
heart to heart talk with a little practical demonstration, it is easier to instruct
them in the idea you wish to impart to them. Well, by such a token then, the
individual member of the Unity comes into Communion with the specific

Angelic Light on either of the planes, and immediately receives a knowledge
of those planes which no amount of reading about them would have
accurately conveyed. And then, as the Initiate makes the contact point by
point, finally he reaches that pinnacle of consciousness wherein illumination
becomes as a direct stream, not only of knowledge but of energy.

It is this specific fact which we wish to emphasize tonight. The ordinary
physical energy which moves the physical body, and which controls its
functions is in itself usually defined as nervous energy, but the idea that it has
its origin anywhere outside of the physical organism is contrary to most
ordinary materialistic teaching, but it is well known to Occultists that this
power actually comes from what is sometimes termed the Astral plane, and it
passes through etheric centres and is received by the nervous organism of
the body and equally distributed. Any break in its functions causes physical
pain, illness, and that kind of thing. When we then consider the inflow of this
energy, when it is increased in power it requires an organism capable of not
only receiving it but of manifesting it.

You can quite see what we mean, that supposing there was an influx of
Astral power into the realm of human activity, you would have an increased
psychical activity everywhere. Signs and wonders would happen wherever
sensitives were. So that actually this power has to be controlled. It is
controlled by a body of Initiates who have
come down the long lines of Initiation since, shall we say, for thousands of
years. This is controlled by their Will; and they work the Atmospherean
Heavens of the Earth. But this cannot always be controlled. Not that it would
get out of hand, but rather that the times are coming when it should be more
manifest. The result is that a new body of Believers — excuse the word —
but shall we say a new body of individuals must be born to receive that power.

Such a body of Believers or people are already appearing. This is known to
the Brotherhood as the Children or the Brethren of the New Race, the
Children of the Morning star. As this power comes to them, the spiritual
organism which, at the back of the physical organism, is constantly attuned to
the physical body; and this constant attunement enables this power to
become radiated through them. Finally, there will appear on Earth a new race
of men and women, who will be more in touch with the Unseen than is
present day humanity. It will not be so difficult to teach them spiritual things,
as it is today. It is difficult to teach human beings of the present era.

Well now, the Kosmon Unity then in one of its aspects aims at advancing this
power with the children who are born in what we term the Kosmon age. They
will grow up and become the fitted channels for its expression.

In the Ritual tonight we are more concerned with bringing that power to the
Earth, and as you will see it needs careful adjustment.

The individuals who compose the Kosmon Unity make it their practise to
meditate .on these things, to set aside a little while each day, if possible, or
some portion of the week to meditation on the themes which are expounded
in the Unity, or any reading which they may find in the book OAHSPE, or any
other of the Works. By focusing the mind to these things and engaging in
Contemplation, the Teacher is enabled to come and to flood the Initiate, as it
were, with the light — the colour blue, the blue ray, which enables him to
become receptive to the Light of Spirit. The blue ray quickens the aura of the
individual, and the channel between the two interactions, between the
Heaven World and the soul is more open. As a matter of fact, we speak of
this colour because its power does not quicken over much psychically. There
are other colour rays which are used when the psychic powers are quickened,
but these, of course, are not, as it were, used only when the individual is

somewhat advanced along the Path of what we might term the "Progressive

Well now, you will therefore see, those of you who have the inner vision, that
this Temple tonight is flooded with a blue light.

This is done by the workers who are working with you on the planes of Spirit.
When you sat quietly in Meditation, though your mind may have wandered
from the theme expounded by the Priestess, nevertheless, you made
yourselves receptive. That was the idea. The Triangle was held up that you
might pin your mind to a focal point, and the rest was quite clear. From
tonight, your Teacher will be the better able to approach you, and during the
hour or the time you set apart for meditation, he will come to you, and by and
through those wonderful Spiritual processes, with which he is familiar, will
help to link you with the Second Resurrection body of knowledge, light and

Now, the Second Resurrection body of knowledge, light and experience is a
very wonderful thing. It enables you to feel at peace with the World. It gives
you stability in the hour of trial and difficulty. You begin to realize that
everything on the Earth is so changeable as to be entirely unreliable; though,
however, you must pin your mind and thought and energy to problems and
duties, yet you are· not in any way tied to the physical life. Indeed the
aspirant begins to feel that it would not really matter if he had to leave and
enter the fullness of the Heaven Worlds. Such is the power of the Second
Resurrection, and it enables you to see human beings differently from mat
you saw them before; and problems which bothered the mind before now
have a solution.


By and by, contact is made with the Third Resurrection, and the process is
there continued. What you see in the Light now, you realize what we might
term as “Your Higher Destiny." The fact is, when you link the Earth plane with
the Second Resurrection planes of Knowledge, and then the Third
Resurrection planes of Knowledge, you regard it not as a series of
experiences which are known, one after the other, but as a complete whole,
in fact a Unity; and it is in this stabilizing oneself in the Second and Third
Resurrection that this Unity is gained.

Now, what is the object beyond gaining that stabilization?

Well now, everyone feels there is a need in the World for a Spiritual Reform.
Hardly anyone desires war. Hardly anyone desires evil to persist; or poverty.
Everyone surely would desire to see crime swept away, and most people
who are following the Spiritual Path, desire to see everyone else following the
same Path. Well, it is this, then, that enables us to say why you should want
to become linked with the Unity. You want to help the World.

Well, how can you help the World?

You can go to the extreme of Reform and work at that. That is one way. But
when we come down to the basis of all Reform, we find it must be Spiritual.
Some Philosophers have said: —- "Before the WorId can become better, you
must change the heart of man". The Angels of Light say they are going to
change the heart of man. That is where the Faithists' work takes us.
This changing of the heart of humanity: —- You cannot leave it entirely to the
Angels. Remember, in the Unity you are a part of the Creative Fiat: the Unity
of the Whole. Could JEHOVIH be somewhere far away? You make the
struggle: now it is the Angels and you and His wonderful Unity; and when we

realize that Power, we shall not look up and say JEHOVIH must do that only,
but "JEHOVIH! Let us do work in Thy Vineyard."

And that is where we stand in KOSMON. We are all working together to bring
about this change of heart.

How are we going to do this?

Years and years they have been preaching the Gospels of all Religions. This
has had little effect. We are told in OAHSPE that the change can come about
in the young.

How is this?

When a child is growing, its limbs are in formation. Even the ossification of
the bones has a peculiar psychological process behind it. A good deal is
puzzling. The development of the embryo to the organic being that you are
today is really and truly a marvelous process, shrouded still in mystery. After
all, it is the process of coming from something simple to something more and
more complex.

While the child is growing, the Spirit body is growing; that is to say, its organic
formation as a process, is proceeding with the physic body. By the time the
child's physical growth is finished, that is to say, it has reached the age of
maturity, the basis of the Spiritual body is likewise completed. All the
elements for future expression are there. It is true a child's psychical body is
as powerful in its way as the psychical body of an adult, but subject to
change. And that is the point we want to emphasize.

Now, the change which is taking place in the children who are coming under

the Kosmon Ray is one of a Spiritual direction. The spiritual body of the
young is absolutely built up under the processes which are being used — not
by men on Earth —- but by the Angels in Light. Carefully guarded secrets are
in their power so that the darkness shall no more pervert the Works of the

Now, it is required, then, that through this power of distribution, you should
assist the Angels.
You say: — Well, what have I to do?

You express the Light as you are physically in the body, linked, creating
around you a dense cloud of magnetic energy. This is called by the Faithists
"Sargis" power. It can become so dense that the Adept can build up his
physical body in it and appear to others in this dense magnetic body. But, in
the distribution of this energy, it is made use of discretely by the Angelic
Powers, so that those who are growing up in the Light Shall receive a
constant influx from the Creative Light as it manifests through you. And as
strange as this say sound, we would have you remember that your lives
today influence those who are sensitive around you, whether you are aware
of it or not. If you are in link with the Light directly, then the Light which you
radiate through your life will change others in like manner.

If you are linked with the children in any way, whether in families or not,
whether you come into touch with the children's work, you are naturally
radiating out that Light which you have contacted, because the thought is
dynamic, and these currents of energy are assimilated by those whose
organisms are receptive to it.

You will see then how the human race has gradually developed to a higher


You, yourselves, are projecting from your plane that power which the new
race is receiving. It is perfectly true that the same forces are coming through
Angelic Powers of Expression, but are generated in a different manner to
growing human organism. Therefore, when we become workers with the
Companies of Light, by linking ourselves with the work of the Kosmon Unity,
the power increasing, as it does, because you will remember we have told
you the Sun and its attendant family of planets, are moving forward into a
region of intense spiritual light, and this light —- the Arc of Sabea —- will in
its turn radiate this specific light quality. The new race uprising will manifest
that Light; and then, at last, it shall become World Embracing.

And then! And then, Peace shall reign over all the World, and the little Red
Star will have accomplished its mission.

The little Red star, the planet Earth, what is its mission? Its mission is nothing
more nor less than to provide one vast family of beings, who will in turn
inherit the Etherean World of Light and of Glory.

Think, then, Brother and Sister, of the millions upon millions of souls who
have been born upon this Planet alone. They are the family of the Earth, and
one day they will be gathered in the Heavenly region in Etherea, which, in its
turn, will make one vast and glorious Family.

What a life! What an experience! If only our mind could expand to grasp it. If
only we should not mind what we have to bear; what the trials are; the
difficulties; all the exasperations. We should not mind the labour we are
called on to do. We should not mind, if we could just envisage that Etherean

But we want to live for our fellow man and our Heavenly Father. The Light of
the KOSMON UNITY will help us. Every time we meet in this Ritual, this
glorious glowing Light, which is sent to us from the Angels of Direction, will fill
our lives and we shall go forward in the Light, and then the Unseen, the
gentle Angels shall come and tell us of things worthy to be received. And,
finally, we may be called to higher labours, even whilst in the Earth body.

Beloved Brethren! If so called, it is a worthy Call. And then JEHOVIH has
indeed blessed us.



The Morning Light
George Morley

The flow of the ethe's waves carries us over the realms of morning light to
glimpse the sun on his rising. How lovely is the morning light, it brings hope
renewed and strength on the awakening. The night has gone, so does the
Light spiritual come to the soul.

Sometimes the darkness of despair overtakes the seeker, and hope departs,
faith is weakened, but with the coming of morning light the ray of "Paraclete"
opens wide the gates of the inner consciousness and Man becomes
"Adonai," clothed with the sun, rising above the limitations of Uz.

The absence of light makes darkness, although it is written: "as the darkness
goeth, light cometh." But in the paradox we see envisaged a great truth: the
spirit is held in the bonds of corpor, and can see the light only when rising
above corpor. So we come together within the sanctuary that we may learn
how we may rise above all limitations, having repaired our hearts in the
Father's name. Then it is that the Father comes and dwells within us as
Paraclete, and we are invested with the glory of "Adonai". The spiritual
mothers provide the celestial vortex and the ray process through the Tree of
Life, even from the Crown High-raised whereby we are quickened in every
part. A voice speaks in the silence of the soul, and angels gather in mystic
light. Have we not read that contact with like produces like? So we in contact
with the angel host become like them, and since the angel host dwell in the
Light, we like them also dwell in the Light, this is the Light within the

Ever and anon we lose sight of the Path, and sometimes mistake our way,

but the voice within brings us back again and we are restored. Even so, O
seeker, we need to see the Path clearly, and the morning light is necessary
to reveal it unto us. Watch the mind; keep it ever on the thought of the Path.
Watch the heart and never let it feel anger or uncharitableness: hence it is
written: " .... see no evil, see only the good, then thou dost indeed glimpse of
the true man."

Let us not forget that we are not here for all time, and though we walk
through the valley of corporeal life, tomorrow we may reach the mountain of
arch splendour.

Let us look up to the Crown that here may descend some ray which may find
a centre within our being, for we are not without hope that Emetha, Joshu
shall come again, with him Moses the law-giver, and perhaps we shall see
within their aura the image of Ilaes the Redeemed.

Let us wait and watch and pray. Above all, let us not forsake the Path.


Impelling Force
Rite of Kosmon
Angelic Preceptory
The Kosmon Church
(A.K. 88)

It is not always realised that there is an impelling force or power which is ever
urging man back to that from which he has proceeded. This impelling power
is present in every form of life, but it is only in man that it is virtually
understood. This is because the specialised intelligence which man
possesses enables him to reason from effect to cause, or from cause to

The power, then, which is forever urging human beings to find their way back
to the great origin from which they have proceeded is interpreted by the
intelligent man in very many ways. It does not always produce a spiritual
response. It produces very often a desire for some means of expression —
and hence you have Art and Music and Poetry. You have the various means
by which man produces things which please the Spirit or give a sense of
satisfaction to his being. Sometimes this produces a contentment, a feeling of
well-being. But, here we have only the awakening or the beginning of a

It comes about, therefore, that a number of men pass from the Earth life to
the life which is behind, the life of Spirit, with only a half-expressed Soul. That
which has carried them to the point of realising that they are something
above the animal, has not revealed to them anything beyond what we might
call the Idealistic expression as it can be known in the Corporeal life. It is not
a little astonishing, then, to find that though they have adjusted themselves to

the Spiritual experience which awaits all who leave the physical body, they
have only touched the fringe of the things which interested them in the Earth
life. Nevertheless, there are many to whom the urge calls to something
beyond that which is known as just an aesthetic expression. There is a
Reality, which can only be described as a coming into an At-one-ment with
things as they are. The true appreciation of everything that gives joy, for
instance, since it can only be known in part whilst a human being is in the
physical body.

It can be known more when he is out of the body and able to transcend the
limiting conditions of a three-dimensional plane. The characteristic of this is
that while he expands in the Light of the Ever Presence, he knows and
understands so many things which baffled his mind when he endeavoured to
understand them. Such things, shall we say even a commonplace thing —
belonging to the Material plane — the origin of Matter or the more expansive
thought, the meaning of Space. Time, he can understand, because to him in
his mathematical reasoning, it is the fourth dimension of Space: but, it is the
fourth dimension as we understand it.

The Spiritual life is the focusing upon this, so many things which started when
physical life was contacted. Here, for instance, is a thought. We will take the
understanding of a certain Musical theme. As that theme was discoursed, it
became a continuity of certain notes in Music which so blended together as
to create within one a feeling of joy or happiness or appreciation. Now, on the
planes of which we are speaking, the planes of Spirit, this sense of
appreciation brings one into a close union with ideas that are actually
expressed in form and which give a higher sense of pleasure and contact. It
is very difficult to understand exactly what is meant by this, and we can only
do this by implication. You know when you meet someone of whom you are
particularly fond, you are inspired by the presence of that one, and the actual

contact which that friendship gives, made expressive through conversation, is
a reality which is only partially expressed, for instance, when you correspond
with one another by writing.

Now, the highest sense of reality which the actual contact gives, is something
akin to what we mean. The notes of Music bring one into a closer contact
with the Verities which produce on the physical plane those wonderful outpourings which your great Musicians have given to you. The Mystic or the
Devotee can enter into that whilst in the physical body because he for a
moment forgets the limitations of the physical plane, and just lives in the
delight which the Music gives to him, and he seems to contact a Reality
which is actual food for his Soul. It has brought him nearer to a Reality, and it
is not until it has all passed away, and he has to react again to the things of
the Material plane, that he feels that he has lost something of value, or
something has passed which gave him an intense satisfaction.

You know you sometimes mourn those who have left you and you feel that
you could be happy if they could be back again with you. But, you will hardly
realise, perhaps, that they have no desire whatever to come back again into
the physical body. If they have in any sense transcended the physical
conditions and touched anything of which we speak, it gives one more
expression of a Reality. It only requires such a one, in the planes of the
Second Resurrection, to be entirely weaned from all the things that attract
them back again to Earth.

We will almost qualify that statement by saying that there are such things as
failures in the Heavens of the Earth until we can reach complete
Emancipation. But, the great impulse may be due to a variety of things. For
instance, some who have died on Earth will so ignore the fact of resurrection
of spirit as to cause them to come back and to overshadow the scene of their

old earthly surroundings; just as a man for some reason or the other may not
be able to leave the scene of a crime.

But, as a rule, the Second Resurrection is a complete Baptism of Light. There,
the things which used to bother and distress in the Earth life, the limitations
and misunderstandings, are all put away. The dweller there finds that he
associates only with those who are like himself. He mingles with those whose
vibrations are in tune with his own.

This does not mean to say there are not others in the Second Resurrection.
We have to consider the matter from Spheres or Planes. You may be in the
presence of another individual in the Second Resurrection and be totally
unaware of that one. The peculiarity of the Planes of Light — to you on this
fixed three-dimensional plane — is this, that everything requires adjustment
before it can be focused. You see, on your plane you observe objects
because every object reflects a physical light wave, and this acts on the
retina of the eye and it is conveyed to the brain as an impulse and is
interpreted by the nerves and carried, to the Soul and reasoned about.

The Spiritual eye in most is at the time being closed. But in the Second
Resurrection eye, and in the First, too, where the Spiritual eye is awakened
and open — it is not a question of the reflection of physical light, it is the
question of the vibrations of what we might call the interior light, the light of
Spirit — it is always active, and it is only subdued in accordance with the Will
or the Minds of those who work there. It must not be supposed, for instance,
that the Second Resurrection is nothing but a blaze of brilliant noonday Sun.
This blaze can always be modified by the minds of those who are in it: as a
group or an individual. You can produce shadow as well as the intense
brilliant light. The objects there, too, have a tendency to reduce the vibration
of light; that is to say, they do not in a sense reflect light as objects do here,

but they produce their own particular vibrations.

Light is conditioned by the objects in the Second Resurrection. A tree will
give out its own radiation. You see a tree because it radiates its own specific
light. You see a house because it does the same. You see it because it
radiates that light. You see another individual because that individual radiates
light. But, the difference is this — that an individual's light is so difficult to see
unless one is, as it were, in tune or in focus with it.

You read in OAHSPE of the brilliant light, which the Ethereans brought, was
so dazzling to those who dwelt in the Resurrections of the Earth's Heavens
that it had to be modified that they might be seen. Herein we have an
example of what we mean.

Now, we just remark on these things in passing so that you can get into a
knowledge of the actually powers of life which are around you and in which
you live.

The impulse of life within is always toward the next plane of expression. In
your Consolation Rite, you speak there of transcending the planes of Corpor.
Now, to transcend the planes of Corpor is to develop the Spirit away and
above the conditions and limitations which the Corporeal plane gives — this
is done through Spiritual Exercises; through Meditations; through Rites and
Ceremonies, and engaging in the work which those who dwell in the Second
Resurrection have to do.

You are quickened by the contiguity which their presence affords. The
Second Resurrection Angel may be in your surroundings; you may be totally
unconscious of that angel, but that one may produce within you a condition of
exaltation which is like the state and condition which he knows, and so you

may experience that wonderful joy, harmony and peace of the Second
Resurrection, and then not actually know that the presence of an Angel from
the Second Resurrection has produced that condition.
But, here is the particular point we want to bring home to you. It is this — that
by advancing along the Path of Realisation you can get a knowledge of a
certainty that there are Angels, and that their presence with you can help you,
and that you know that when they leave you, that you very often stand alone
and feel unhappy. The unhappiness is caused through the reaction to the
Corporeal life in which you ordinarily have to live. But there, there is promise
in this. The promise is that you realise at last, gradually, that life is not the beall or end-all of your existence, but that the life of Spirit is actually a higher
call, and that you desire whilst in the physical body to come more and more
into a realised at-one-ment with the life of Spirit.

Slowly and surely, this realisation will come to you. It requires on your part, a
willingness, a response, because it cannot be brought about unless you have,
as it were, the willingness to receive its Ministry. It is not at all difficult. It does
not require any strenuous discipline. It does not impose on you any untoward
tasks. You go about your business or your daily rounds, or studies, or
whatever they may be, in the ordinary way, but every now and again you
devote a certain time to thinking about these things or attending the Rituals,
or doing what is given to you. This focuses you toward the Planes of the
Second Resurrection, and the Light streams through your being.

You must not suppose that at once you are going to feel you are lifted up
beyond all the fantasies which Earth can bestow. You will be exalted, but
there will be times when you will have to stand entirely alone. The Spirit
grows with wrestling with conditions of objectivity as they are imposed on the
Earth plane. It is this which brings out the Will. If it were not done whilst in the

Earth life, it would have to be done by coming back again and overshadowing
those who were in the Earth life, and so get the experience by reflection.
Nobody wants that. You want to grow in the Light now. You want to cleave,
as it were, unto the Higher to get it realised within you. So you start — and
the first thing which is awakened within you is the memories of the old long
line of your Spiritual descent. You find that you are linked with a family of
human beings — some who have gone on before — yea, right the way down
through the Ages this linking has been continuous, and it belongs to the Ray
of your Descent; and since you have in your physical life the reflection of a
Corporeal heredity, so you have in your Spiritual life, the reflection of a
Spiritual heredity, and the outworkings of that heredity sometimes produces
the effect of a very strange experience.

There is a struggle for you, and it begins the moment you touch the Path of
Self-Realisation. And it goes on until you have utterly transcended it either on
the Earth or in the Heavens, and then when you have come to the end of
your Path, you will turn back and say: "It was well when I suffered, because I
see that I have helped to redeem the whole World through my sufferings, and
through the pains and toils that I bore." But, there is for you Light on the Path.
Those who seek to know and to understand are not left without Guides,
Counsellors or Teachers.

Our Brethren, the Spiritualists, speak of the Guides as those who come to
watch over the destiny of mortals. We rather differentiate, not with any
deprecation, but rather with the attempt to classify the different beings who
come to you.

There is, for instance, the Watcher over your life, whose great part which is
being played in your life is to see that no great harm or danger comes to you;
but, such a one is not infallible, neither can he influence you against your Will.

Then, there is the Mentor, the Teacher, who comes to inspire you to read
certain books, to meet certain people, to discuss certain themes, to think
along certain lines of thought. He comes — but, though his part is played for
a time, then another takes his place.

Higher than these, there are the Angels of your Destiny, who watch you come
into Corporeal life, and will witness your Resurrection into the life of Spirit.

There is the Master, the Great Angel of your Destiny, whose linking with you
was made the moment you entered into the Atmospherean Heavens in a
subjective manner to await birth into Corporeal life and your physical body,
for the start of the great march back. His Light and his Wisdom is sent down
to you.
Brothers and Sistersl The important thing is this — that you are linked with
those Angelic Powers. We have mentioned them as Persons, as Beings.
They are Beings. But, every Being who has advanced in the Light is also a
Power, because of his linking with his own particular Ray.

The Ray of your life is filled with that Power. To realise this within the Heart
and the Mind, is to awaken something which is slumbering, and which has
been described by the Priestess as the Etherean Self, or, as it is sometimes
expressed: The coming into the Light of AHEBA.

Etherea means complete Emancipation from everything which belongs to the
physical plane and its Astral Heavens. Etherea means the golden and
glorious Union with the Highest Ideal.

So then, we shall seek the Etherean Path, because if we have risen above

the bondage even in a small degree, we have become the Workers in the
Vineyard of the GREAT SPIRIT unto the Emancipation of the Human Race.
For, what you gain, others shall gain because of your Victory. The few in the
many are the Light Bringers. The many at last shall know Redemption
through those who bring the Light unto them.



The Kosmon Church Teaches

The Kosmon Church Teaches:
1. Worship of the Creator only —- the Supreme Being —- the All Light.

2. Since the Creator is Life, Life can have no end, and the human soul is
therefore eternal, an unquenchable spark of the All Light and Life,
transcending death and gradually rising from one sphere of experience to
another in eternal progression.

3. The Supreme Being, the Great Spirit, is the Unity of the Whole. This Unity,
expressed within us, holds all people in one bond of spiritual brotherhood.

4. Having faith in the omnipresence of the great Spirit, completely placing
one's life in His keeping is the foundation of all spiritual unfoldment — the
growing into at-one-ment with Him.

5. Real personal progress is obtained only by service to one's brother-man.
This service is enhanced by one's spiritual unfoldment.

6. The Human Race must be led towards a new and spiritual World Order. In
this we can assist by co-operating with the Great Minds working from the
spirit spheres.

7. In following the path of the Masters (the world-teachers), we receive help
from our elder brethren in the spiritual spheres and should, in our turn, seek
to minister unto others.

Membership is open to all who sincerely desire to dedicate themselves to
service, and in brotherhood walk the path of Higher Light.


Oahspe Study No. 6:
Angel Communion
A. Bridger

The Faithist accepts as fundamental the fact and practice of Angel
Communion. For him the unity of life, everywhere and at all times is also
accepted as undeniable.

Differences in manifestation are obvious. Jehovih is infinite variety, The
consciousness of all living things is the wisdom of the Ever Present,
manifesting in an ever changing environment. Forms (of life, that is) depend
upon the possibilities afforded by the environment. "When the earth was ripe
for man, Male and Female made I them." Oahspe p.797 v.17, Genesis Ch.5
The Books of Jehovih (pp.7 – 14)and of Inspiration (pp. 794, Ch. 1, pp.796,
Ch. 6) deal much with the modus operandi of Creation: the former as a kind
of historical flash back, showing briefly the cosmic processes involved in the
preparation of the planet for its human family, together with the method of its
ultimation thereon. The Book of Inspiration reveals more clearly the esoteric
aspects of man's being. The focusing and expression of human
consciousness form its principle theme; from the nadir of mortal conception to
the zenith of the great becoming, from the helplessness of human infancy, to
the attainment of Unity in the Godhead — the fullness of redemption and
Mastery in Light!

Concurrent with the upbuilding of Humanity (we speak of our own planetary
home) there was, of necessity, a concomitant organising and development

of the plateaux in our atmospheric' envelope. These plateaux abound, as
floating continents between earth's solid surface and Chinvat. At Chinvat is
the 'ring-pass-not,' which will be the subject of fuller treatment in a
subsequent lesson. The plateaux are composed of the same material as is
the central globe; but in varying degrees of density or rarification. Mostly they
are just unprecipitated corpor, and at times rain down their substance as
a'jian or ji'ayan showers upon the earth's surface. Some are of such density
as to appear to the spirits new-born from earth to be just a replica of earth life.
If the new-born spirit has been a denier or unbeliever in the spiritual life, he
either just accepts all that the new environment offers in a lazy half-conscious
unquestioning manner, becoming either wholly dependent upon others for
sustenance and clothing, or, if of a slightly higher grade, seek ease and self
glory by whatever means his environment offers.

But the Eternal and Ever Active Wisdom (Jehovih) never leaves us to our
own devices to the extent of imperiling our immortality. He "forever provides
the higher to lift up the lower." Therefore, when the earth was ripe for man,
not only was he created that he might subdue and enjoy it, but Angelic
Beings, uprisen from other planets aforetime, were deputed and
directed to (a) inspire embodied beings for their unfoldment, (b) to meet,
nurse and direct the uprising fruit of mortality and, (c) prepare the elementary
plateaux approximate to the grade of the newborn to be places of rest,
education and advancement and (d) to inform and instruct embodied
humanity how so to prepare themselves that entry into the es’yan life might
be a natural development of an expanding consciousness or awareness. All
of these steps are involved in the Angel Organisation considered in our last
lesson, and must be understood as being continually active and continuously
progressive and adapted to humanity's needs in every rise and fall which the
human race exhibits.

(p. 661 LEF, 370.12-13) (Bon’s Book of Praise, RUX, p.65)

The homes in Es to which man naturally ascends at mortal death are in
accordance with the grade (degree) of his unfolding and the needs for
furthering that object. Between earth's surface — Grade 1 — and Chinvat —
Grade 100 - homes and environments are available for every need and grade.
Don't forget that ascension from grade to grade depends upon-forgetfulness
of self and the transcendence of self-ness! This transcendence is a condition
precedent of self-ness. This transcendence is a condition precedent to an
expanded awareness which, becoming organic, ensures stability and makes
still further progress possible. In the infinitude of Jehovih’s Being, this
is also infinite.

The Theme of Angel Communion, then, is a song of exultation and
everlasting reciprocity, wherein the soul of man forever finds new means of
expression and ever opening vistas of richer and fuller service.

But the rules for the practice of Angel Communion are definite and exact, and
are wholly directed to the ascension of both — angel and mortal — in the
Way of Resurrection, which is "upward forever!"

(Oahspe p.769 vs. p.16-24, p. 755 vs. 1-13)


The Zarathustrian Mas
A. Frost

Whenever an attempt is made to express an aspect of the Infiniteness of the
Creator, it is inevitable that there must be an inadequacy. No human mind,
no mortal tongue, contains the wherewithal for complete expression. Indeed,
no High-raised Angel speaking in trance, or overshadowing, in the course of
an inspirational address, can give completeness of expression. Yet, there is
another way in which the true light can be imbued in the course of an
address, and that is through symbolic and fluidity of reception. And so tonight,
we will try to express the Light by that means, knowing that the earnest
listener will receive thereby that which will be constructive.

All around us this beautiful summer evening the sunlight is streaming; the
light blending with the shade, resolves beauty to the eye, and therefore
beauty to the sensitive mind and soul. If that sunlight were simply a glare
upon a vast space of sandy waste, as it is in many parts of the world, the
result — an unbroken vista, would not appeal; it would strike no chord in that
symphony of Harmony which is the artistic soul. There would not be the
ecstatic response which is engendered by the sight of varying shades of
colour — depths of tone — warmth and coolness, sunlit lawns, and shaded
arbours, all that is appreciated in the course of an English summer day by
English minds.

Yet that simple picture can be used as an analogy of the Spiritual
Expression: "I am Light: I am Central: I am Boundless:" saith Jehovih.
Through all densities of Ethes — impinging upon and interpenetrating all
lower conditions, does the Spiritual Light from that ONE SOURCE proceed,
engulfing all, suffusing all, redeeming all, transmuting and resolving all, unto

ITSELF. Such is the Motion of Eternal Ages, beyond, the computation of
mortal minds — beyond all calculation, all estimation, eternally proceeding.
Etherean Solar Roadways shimmering in brilliance indescribable by
corporeans, are gradations of comparative shade and beauty in that AllSuffusing Splendour; the higher heavens of a rolling world, scintillating as a
diamond, but shine in comparison as lead to silver. Yet were we so gifted, as
we all shall be in ages to come, to view this glorious scene as from above
downwards, we should exclaim: "Where is a God like Thee, Jehovih, whose
kaleidoscope is millions of suns?"

Hear the words of the Almighty and thereby perceive how each one has his
place in this Infinite Existence of Beauty: "I gave thee of My Light", saith
Jehovih, "and, when thou hast received, thou cries out: Behold. I am wise!"
"Thy corpor I made, in which to localize thee, to mature thy soul. Without Me
thou hadst not come to life. Thou art as the end of a ray of Light from My
Person. And thou art focalized in thy corporeal body. In the reading this
evening, you heard an account of tuition given to Zarathustra, the first great
Teacher upon this planet — nine thousand years ago. To him came the AllVoice, through a great overshadowing Angel, the Voice of the Creator,
Ormazd, that being one of His Names given to mortals throughout out the
ages. Zarathustra asked: "To whom else hast thou these things spoken?"
and the reply came: "since a million; before, a million. To more than a
thousand millions", — a figurative way of expressing that these same
Principles have been taught upon all humanity bearing planets from Infinity
unto that time, and would be taught henceforth forever.
There is only one Principle — and that is IDEALISM, WHICH is, to be
JEHOVIC. All other Lights are, collectively, an attainment unto that end.

Each one of us is a focus-point of that One LIGHT, which is IDEALITY, or

FRUITION. In measure, as we gradually, throughout our Eternal Existence,
mold and focus that lens which is the Eye of the Soul, so will the Soul mature,
mellow, ripen and come into fruition.

This corpor body, in which we are focalized, is but the embryo, the protection
around the blessed seed, for a short spell of time. At the highest, it lasts but a
century — on the average, three score years and ten — and what is that to
eternity? Yet during that time, the seedling has received a qualification; the
human has received an identity. To use another metaphor, this earth-life
becomes the kindergarten school of the Higher Education. And as the
earnest scholar absorbs the lessons of this primary earth-condition, so does
he the better qualify himself to grasp the greater, transcending Truths of Life
Everlasting, which will FOREVER expand before him, as he widens the
scope of his focusing, as he molds his lens that the Creator gave him, as he
adjusts his understanding towards OMNICIENCE.

As the soul grows, as the intellect expands, as experience widens his
viewpoint, so do the petty things of life become infinitesimal, and the more
important things for the nonce become trivial. As the mind grows in the Light,
and the Etherean spar within the soul manifests and merges with the ever
inflowing Etherean Ethes from without, so do the shadows lose their previous
importance in the life of the pilgrim. Indeed, they serve as an education to the
mind which is now linked with the All-Minds from without, — albeit always
within, nearer than breathing, within the heart-throb, in every joy and every
sadness, every thrill and pain. When the individual grows into that realization,
he has achieved a Becoming; he has set his feet upon The Golden Ladder of
Ascension through the Spheres, and naught can stay for the ever increasing
Urge calls him higher. Then truly, do the shadows that beset the past — or
seemingly beset — appear in their proper perspective. Then are they seen as
means of instruction — as brakes upon over-impulsiveness — as part of the

curriculum of primary education of spirit. Evil, as the world thinks of evil, in its
immature conventional way is not regarded as ideal, but as a necessary
medium for transmutation. Zarathustra was once asked: If Ormazd be a
Person, and created all creation, may He not do so in after time, even after
death? ... And that is the cry of humanity today, more or less. And in the
answer given to Zarathustra is the message to humanity of today, and all
days: "When a potter hath a pot half made, sayest thou it is an evil pot? Nay,
verily, but that it is not yet completed. Even so are all men, created by
Ormazd. Those who are good are completed, but those who are evil are
unfinished work. But the Creator also gave to man knowledge, that he might
see himself in the unfinished state, and the Creator, gave to man power and
judgment, that man might turn to and help complete himself, thereby sharing
the glory of his creation."
You will note the clause: "Even so are all men." — also, the reference in the
Reading tonight, that this Truth is taught to millions upon millions of worlds
that bear embryonic angel life, — immortals.

At this juncture, we will address those in Es who have come to the Temple
tonight — some with their loved ones on earth, others brought by their friends
they have just recently met in the land of Spirit, others who have been led
here by those Higher Angels who have assembled about this altar,
organ1sing, uplifting, teaching, in accordance with their particular part in their
own curriculum of Everlasting Unfoldment.

You will perhaps remember the words of St. Paul of the Christians in the
Epistle of the Corinthians: "For now I see us as through a glass darkly: then,
face to face. Now I know in part — then shall I know, even as I am known.

You will realize that that statement should not be taken too literally. You saw

"as through a glass darkly" when on earth. Don't we all? Yet, as yet, you
have not seen "face to face" as literally as the words implied. You have seen
but just beyond the veil, but you have the certain promise, and hope of
seeing infinitely more as you progress spiritually, and cast behind those
shadows in which you lurk. And what may some of these be? One of the first
is always to cling to the habits and associations of earth-existence, to remain
close to those you loved, and comfort them as you are able in their sorrow at
your translation. It is s0 natural a bond — yet a binding it really is, and the
Angels of Ascension about you, urge you to heed their advice — to sojourn in
the astral planes no longer, — to renounce, and, not cling to that astral
envelope, lest it clothe you as with a web of subtlety. Together with the Angel
Helpers, we ask you to discard it, to seek their advice, returning only on
certain occasions as your overshadowers suggest. Remember, they have the
Experience of the Ages, and the Love Adorable within their Bodies of Light.
See the Amereth glow about them! It should rather be the candle to which
you should fly, for the present, rather than singe your newly found
metaphorical wings on the lesser light of indiscriminate spirit return
No, as we have explained before — it is not "evil", it is but unripe good. It is a
form of loitering, as Shakespeare's schoolboy —"crawling like a snail,
unwillingly to school". For you who have been brought here by your
Guardians have started school. Your eyes have become accustomed to
higher mysteries and planes of greater Light and Spiritual Beauty and
Promise. From your complexity, old values will fall away, and with them, the
envelope which shrouds your body of Light — and you will rise, away from
the pull of earth, and all its vexations, illusions, subtleties and shadows, into a
higher gradation of Light and Love.

The Cross that shall be held before your eyes shall be that of Boundless
Light, Boundless Love; the All-Going Forth — the All-Receiving. In that

Greatest of All Symbols, you will perceive that all Light and Darkness are
One and the Same to HIM, for HE is all gradations of Light.

In his Reading this evening, the Priest described a primary explanation of the
Sacred Name to Zarathustra. In that explanation is the summing-up of all
Good and All unripeness. He first wrote the Cross of Light and Life; within
that Cross are the four dark corners, and the completeness of Light and
darkness is the Entire Name.

You have heard a beautiful hymn, which commences: "Lead kindly Light,
amid th’encircling gloom: lead Thou me on! Take courage, and look beyond
the so-called gloom. The kindly Light, of which the gloom is a primary
expression to you, is also OUTSIDE and measurelessly around and beyond
the gloom which you may seem to see. Only the despair of mind creates the
gloom. The night is dark, and I am far from Home. Lead Thou me on!" Never
are you "far from Home". In that Love Sublime is Home, it suffuses you as a
mother's love suffuses the child she has just borne. For you are very, very
young Children of the Great Father-Mother, and your stumbling footsteps are
those of babes to HIM-HER, the SOURCE OF YOUR BEING. Now, do you
perceive our meaning of immaturity, of so-called Evil? "Guide Thou my feet; I
do not wish to see — the distant scene — one step enough for me."

Hence the encircling gloom. Did we not say "so-called"? Gradually, and
judicially shall the veils be lifted from your spiritual eyes, and as each is
removed, 'so a degree of gloom disappears, for you shall have
interpenetrated it, and it has become an illusion. The far-distant scene is still
too bright to focus, yet your lens, your inheritance from All-Light, has brought
nearer to you the immediate horizon.

And as you rise from earth's trammels, and live in brighter spheres, so does

your soul expand, so does your conception alter, so do the petty things that
clung and held you down fall away, and the Body of Light begins to shimmer
in the glow of the Light from within, merging in the light of the sphere to which
you have graduated. That process is known to the Faithist as adjustment. For
that reason are you impressed to be here tonight. For that reason also, will
our prayers ascend at this Sacred Altar, commingling with your own and
those of the Esseans about you. The Power generated within the potencies
of this Ritual and the combined prayers before the Altar of All Light will be
dedicated to your aid, and to the aid of all who have been but recently called
to the other side of Life. May your feet be placed on the first rung of the
Ladder of Ascension, and may you never look back. To Thee, O Jehovih, be
all Adoration and Glory. May Thy Will be done this evening. Amen.


Jehovih — The All-Being

THOU, O JEHOVIH! The Unapproachable, yet ever nigh;
Thou ALL-PERFECTION, yet EVER Becoming:


Ever Present and Afar alike Thou art.

Present moment and distant future are Thy modes;
Vision and Fulfillment are with Thee as one time.
Older than Time, O Jehovih: Creator and Redeemer;
Binding in Form: Liberating in Spirit: Formless.

All conscious beings praise Thy Holy Name:
Ineffable, Changeless: The Substance of the Visible;
The Invisible Dynamic LIFE, Thou art.

Through ever changing form Thou art the same.
In all limitation Thou residest;
Forever onward Thou impellest:
All Vision is of Thy Prescience.
The end and the beginning are one in Thee.

I was not and I knew not.
Thy Hand moved and brought me forth — and lo! here I am.
Why shall I not praise Thee,
Thou Whole Compriser,
Thou All First Creator!

Spiritual Unfoldment
Ena V. Salas

Some of the signs of the-times which we see when we regard the world as it
is to-day are the changing conditions, the crumbling of the old order, the
passing of the outworn forms of government, kings and queens becoming
fewer and fewer and even changes in most of the old religions. So we
remember that all these things must be because a new age has come to this
planet and a new humanity must arise from the ashes of the old. There is a
time of dictators, a time of democracies and a time of communities where
people live in harmony and co-operate with other communities.

Today Man is searching for new spiritual truths and values; the old no longer
satisfy. But planning material benefits for the worker is not enough, Man must
develop his spiritual nature before he can comprehend and really appreciate
material prosperity, otherwise ease and leisure lead to indolence and

The great yet simple ideals put forward in the book "Oahspe", show us how
to achieve a life of freedom, satisfaction, 'happiness and spiritual growth. So
we seek the Inner path of Service. This means discipline and self-control not
drifting through life, or dreaming, but having a definite purpose, namely the
developing of the higher consciousness and coming into harmony with the All
Life and Light.

There is no limit to our powers, for we are not outside the Universal Power
which is the expression of Universal Love. That Love and Power and Wisdom
also are within us here and now.

We are on a pathway to overcome death, disease, pain, crime and poverty. A
long way but, through knowledge gained on the corporeal plane, we are ever
on our way to realize the Universal in its physical aspect. As we make
progress we find that death, disease and poverty are not absolute, but it is
the want of adjustment of our individual self to our Universal Self which gives
the impression that these things are all powerful.

It is the same with our spiritual life. When the individual man goes against the
lawful rule of the Universe, he becomes morally small and suffers. In such
conditions our success becomes our greatest failure and every fulfillment of
desire leaves us poorer; we seek possessions and gains for our lower self.

In civil war, man lives behind barricades. In any civilisation which is selfish,
our homes are not real homes but become as artificial barriers around us. We
complain that we are not happy as if conscious that there is a lack of
something vital, necessary, soul-satisfying.

The Universal Spirit of Life is waiting to crown us with happiness but how few
individuals are prepared or ready to accept. It is the lower self, the old. Adam
within, that causes conflicts and complications everywhere and upsets the
normal balance. The result is misery and suffering on every hand. In the
world at large, it has brought things to such a pass, that to maintain order, we
have to create artificial coercion, and organised forms of tyranny and tolerate
conditions by which humanity is constantly humiliated,

Man must learn to adjust the finite to the Infinite, to turn evil into good, to rise
from unripeness to real maturity, Man’s freedom does not lie in having
everything made easy for him; that freedom lies in the effort he has to make.
It is attained in the coming into adjustment with the All Life.

Man as we know him is not complete; he has a greater self. In what he is now,
he is petty and confined; in his greater self, he is Infinite. The finite side of our
existence has its place in the world of necessity, the sphere of getting. Here
man is occupied with enlarging his possessions, his comforts, his physical
pleasures. The craving for acquisition belongs to our finite self but there is a
side of our existence whose direction is towards the Infinite, towards freedom
and joy. There the reign of necessity ceases; there our function is not to get
but to be. To be what? To be one with the Universal Life, for the region of the
Infinite is the region of Unity.

We have to realize whilst still in a corporal body that, within our own
consciousness, we have the realization of the fundamental union with the
Infinite. We are Gods in the making because those Great Ones who watch
over planets, and nations do so by virtue of their growth in the realization of
the Unity.

The foundation of all spiritual unfoldment is faith in the Great Spirit, the
Creator, and in completely placing one's life in His keeping, growing, into atone-ment with Him month by month, year by year. Personal progress on the
Path of Return is obtained only by service to humanity, yet this service is
enhanced by one's spiritual progression. Psychic unfoldment is not a sign of
great interior development, for spiritual growth means a change of character,
the transformation of the lower self into the higher, the rising from the finite to
the Infinite but, during this transformation, psychic gifts may unfold and can
then well be used in service unto others.

"O for the strength to carry on." That is the cry of burdened humanity to-day.
There is a strength for each and everyone of us. We can recharge our
batteries of existence at an Illimitable Source. The All Wise continually pours
down His Life to us, and we can drink deep if only we look with care for the

ever-open channels.

His Power, the strength to carry on, can be found in the great solitudes, in the
open fields and in the silence of the wind-swept hills. New strength with which
to nourish our spirit can be discovered in the majesty of sun-capped
mountains, in the silver waters of the streams. It can be found in the swift
march of the clouds across the sky and in the sigh of the wind through the
forest. We can find it in the busy street, a misty autumn sunset over a big city,
sunlight and shadow in a mean street. It is there in the great heart of
humanity with whom we live every day.

There is a message of hope and re-assurance in the majesty of the skies at
night, where every star is a beacon-light calling to Man, reminding him of
Eternal Truths. There is hope and joy in service to our fellow men, comfort in
the lightening of another's burdens, regeneration in companionship, and love
and untold riches in the common tasks and lowly duties of every day, There
is a boundless light we find in meditation's hour. We have untapped
resources at our command. We have within us, the magic quality to transform
our disadvantages into positive opportunities, to transmute our failures into
happy victories.
The secret is there. It is the secret of mental energy, of real vital living. Know
it and grasp it as we feel ourselves at-one with the vibrant life around us —
Life of Thy Life, O Jehovih. It is the realization of the Oneness of Life, of the
Ever Present Who reveals Himself in all these things; that is our source of
strength. Whether we choose Nature, Music, Solitude or Service as the
doorway through which we contact Him and draw our strength, nevertheless,
He is The All, The One, The Eternal Fountain of Power, Love and Wisdom.
The choice faces us now — triumphant living through spiritual awakening or
defeated existence. Have we the courage to do, to dare, to live fully? Will we

sink beneath the pains of existence, forgetting the unlimited reservoir of
power upon which we can draw, or will we respond to the challenge of life
and answer the clarion call to supreme living?

Burdened we may be or faced with tribulation, yet we can find the "gold of
life" if only we will lift up our eyes and see the light of dawn revealing an ever
new horizon. Let us accept life with courage and resolve never to falter in our
quest, undaunted our faith, the sword of the spirit, through love carrying us
irresistibly forward.


The Secret Place
E.F. Morley

"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the
shadow of the Almighty."

Where is this "secret place" saving it be within the depths of the human soul?
For the All Life in Himself is ever hidden, though revealed through His
Manifestations. He is always the "within" expressed through form. Thus there
must always be the seen and the unseen, the Es behind the Corpor, the Life
which animates the Body, no matter whether that body be composed of
earthly, spiritual or ethereal substance.

But this unseen force called Life has to have a focusing point, a centre of
radiation as it were, the nucleus within the atom, the sun within the solar
system. In like manner the higher self has the Divine Presence focused within
the "secret place" and a great lesson that we have to learn is to dwell therein.
The heart and mind must become attuned to that Presence so that its power
may flow outward from the unseen to the seen.

He who lives and moves and has his being in the All Light knows that no evil
can befall him nor can any plague come nigh his dwelling. Only sometimes
may a shadow pass over his path for him consciously to transmute as his
part of the great work of world redemption.

If men would seek this Inner Temple, wars would cease in all the world and
nations would dwell together in peace and brotherhood. Misunderstandings,
fears, jealousies, hatred and anger belong to the underworld of nonknowledge and lead only to disintegration for evil is eventually self105

destructive and one day we must each rise above any false kingdom we may
have built. We must find the true centre of power within the secret place of
the Most High, then we shall "build true" and no false kingdom can arise. Is
not this the Way of the Gods of Jehovih?

In the cataclysmic horrors of war, people with insufficient knowledge and
experience of the Inner Life and a faith which is strong enough to stand the
test of adversity, sometimes question the existence of the Most High saying,
"Is there a God and, if so, why does He allow all this?" Man must learn
responsibility. If he deliberately chooses war instead of peace, he must be
responsible for its results. If he chooses to live unnaturally, he must be
responsible for ill-health. If he builds a false kingdom instead of dwelling in
the secret place he must expect to suffer in the end, though at first he may
appear to prosper.

So many will not listen to the "Voice of the Silence," to take up a cross and
follow that Iesu light which ever shines within the secret place. They prefer to
be ruled by the senses and enjoy their fleeting pleasures and then often
complain when they must suffer the consequences in reactions which
inevitably follow.

In man is the possibility of free-will, which permits of prodigality, and in the
bitter experience of its consequences he may "come to himself" and decide
to return home.

It is just that difference between man and animals which provides the
possibility of growth to a state far beyond that which is generally manifest.
The stage of transition is always uncomfortable in that, if one has made the
decision to become free in the deepest sense, he leaves the seeming safety
and comfort of prison to find that he is on a vast ocean without a pilot, without

food or shelter, until he realizes that "without the light of Es no man can find
the way." So he learns the first lesson, that of humility, and asks for help.
Then it is that he finds that there is always a hand outstretched to assist him
even though (it, may be unseen by physical eyes.

So under the inspiration of this new awakening, he presses on until the dawn
at last appears. A new world, a new life dawns for him and all is seen in a
new l1ght. Whereas in the former state of darkness and strife, he saw but
shadows, now in the illumination of the awakened higher consciousness, he
sees things as they really are and there can no longer be any conflict
between himself and his fellow men. How wonderful if nations could thus
attain. But such a state will come in the fullness of the Kosmon Age for what
is possible for the few now shall then become established in the many. For in
that day, the lion shall lie down with the lamb and a little child shall lead them.
In other words, man’s animal nature will be under perfect control; there will be
no conflict within himself and the new-born Child of Light; his higher or Iesu
self, will lead.
‘We can each play a part toward the bringing to pass of a. world-order such
as that. Our great enemy is ignorance. But with the sacrifice of illusions,
comes the light of dawn. Shall we not turn unto the path that leads to the
secret place? For, having found it, we shall abide not under the shadow of
the Almighty, but in His Light which is eternal.


James Churchward

Oh, Great White Spirit, we pay tribute to Thee,
Who art the Supreme Arbiter of all Life;
Who art the Center of All Divinity.
Thine Immutable, Unalterable, Unchangeable Laws
Control every facet of Life.
Thou dost fill all space;
Thy spirit permeates every living, breathing, sentient thing;
All is known and revealed to Thee,
There are no secrets kept from Thee,
For Thou art everywhere.
The majestic cycle of Nature reveals the constancy of Thy Perfect Wisdom.
The birds sing their paean of praise to Thee;
The flowers nod their heads as a token to Thy overlordship,
The stream murmurs its approval of the wonder of Life.
Every voice of Nature cries in unison,
Paying tribute to the harmony and perfection of the Law
Which Thou hast set in Motion,
Thou hast made provision for the great and the small.
Thou hast regulated the seasons;
Thou hast filled the world with beauty and with splendor;
Thou hast set upon the earth creatures
Endowed with Thy Spirit,
And filled with Thy Divinity,
That they may help Thee to perfect Thy Eternal Scheme.
Oh, Great White Spirit, we strive to quicken that which is Divine,

So that men and women may recognize that they are not beasts, not animals,
But spirit of Thy Spirit;
That they belong not to the dust of the earth,
But to the infinity of the stars;
That their eternal home is to be found in the matchless splendor of the
And whose spheres where dwell countless beings,
Who having progressed beyond earth’s orbit,
Return to give service, to aid, to succor, to inspire, to guard, and to bless.
We seek to reveal that Thy Love is ever at work
Drawing unto its fold all those whose hearts are ready;
Whose minds are willing, and whose spirits seek closer union with Thee.
We work to spread the knowledge of Thy Laws and Thy Plan among all
To drive out fear, superstition and the horrible inequalities
That make for misery, for sadness and for desolation,
So that all my reap the lavish bounty which is theirs,
Sharing amongst one another the plenteous fruits of the earth.
This is the prayer of thy servants, who seek to serve.


Faithists in an Age of Transition
Augustus Cahill
The book Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth is certainly one of the most interesting,
heartening and inspiring of the books in OAHSPE. By the light of its
inspiration we are enabled to skirt the morass of the political divisions of our
times. We are guided safely through “isms” and “ideologies” safely past both
fanaticism and disillusion by the divine illumination of that particular book of

The quarrels of Socialism, Communism and Capitalism, Protestants vs.
Roman Catholics in Ireland, Islam vs. the world, the wars between the
various sects in India, and the continuing struggles for leadership power in
third world countries are politically unimportant to Faithists - except in terms
of human suffering.

As we each strive on our own spiritual path, we come to realize that factions
that are not under the guidance of the angels of the higher heavens will
eventually fail. This is the unmistakable message of OAHSPE.

We live in an age in which the futilities of the economic and social problems
of our times have been apparent to discerning economists and sociologist for
many years. Historians point out that civilizations have invariably perished at
the hands of militarism, this militarism the product of a profit seeking

Spiritual students in the midst of our civilization find themselves in many ways
in a dilemma. For in one sense, to participate within the contemporary body
social at all is to become entangled with forces that are inevitably corrupting

and disintegrative. But what are the alternatives? The future is contained
within the present, and emerges from it. We on the spiritual path need to be








unconsciously drawn into the Kosmon Light. There are countless new arts of
living such as physical exercise and diet that are aspects of this dawning of
Kosmon Light. Improved conditions for growing of food such as organic
gardening both for home use and commercial production is another. Natural
childbirth and the many alternatives we have in health care, in addition to the
growing knowledge and understanding of interpersonal relations and
innovative methods of the education of children also are indications of the
growing light of Kosmon. And there is the dawning of spiritual awareness of
people all over the world, who are coming to understand the oneness of

We who have read OAHSPE and study its teachings are bound to follow our
highest light. A part of our being must proceed wherever this inspiration
takes. We are unavoidably committed to participate in some of the process of
civilization, and should therefore, strive to gain insights into the symptoms,
dangers, corruption and blindness in our society, understanding their origins
and causes.

Through reading OAHSPE, we know that all changes in the outer world begin
within the individual. We are dedicated to begin the great work of helping
others by seeking to find harmony within ourselves first, and then achieving
spiritual growth and understanding through study, prayer, meditation and
where ever possible in group devotions.

But personal development is not all. OAHSPE gives us the final key to
spiritual growth and the individual’s role in the founding of the Kingdom on
Earth. OAHSPE tells us it is through achieving the balance between our own

spiritual studies and devotions combined with service to others, that our feet
are firmly placed upon the ascensional path. To say it another way, we seek
balance in individual receptivity and going forth to help others.

It is in the achieving of this balance that will bring our feet firmly on the
upward path, and thus become a link in the founding of the Father’s Kingdom
on Earth.

The path is clearly laid before us - the balance between personal devotions
and service. In this Age of Transition we need to seek this balance and
maintain it. Through this balance of receiving and giving of spiritual light, the
heavenly power will radiate out from us touching the world around us. And for
our part, our feet will be firmly placed upon the ascension path.


Evening Vesper Prayer

The time of evening prayer is a time when the dust and turmoil of the
day are put aside, the mind and nervous system harmonized, and peace
of mind prepares the way for a night of healthful slumber. Not only this,
there is still a further possibility, especially in the case of those who
may be long practised in prayer. If, before falling asleep, the mind is
raised aspiration for a few moments, the spiritual keynote, so to speak,
lingers with the outgoing consciousness right up to the period of
deepest physical unconsciousness, when, there is reason to believe, it
is possible at times to touch consciously the very threshold of the
Gates of Gold. Fortunate indeed are those who succeed in bringing
back any definite recollection; but even if this be not so the waking
consciousness, the rejuvenation, the lingering sense of heavenly bliss
are in themselves things of incomparable greater worth than anything
that mere physical vitality can offer, precious though the latter
undoubtedly is.

But all of this is of little importance in comparison with the fact that
every channel kept free for the influx of spiritual life into the world,
makes available by just so much more the hidden resources of spiritual
power which are awaiting an opportunity to permeate the lower worlds
with their healing influence. Not that the occultists or mystic as such is
a peculiarly fitting or specially favoured instrument

for the divine

hands to work with, being for the most part untrammeled by sectarian
beliefs, and enjoying a freedom of thought practically unattainable in
any form of organized religion, (but) the line of resistance to the
spiritual outflowing should be decidedly less than in the case of the
merely pious religious worshipper. Piety, in the common acceptance of

the term, is, unfortunately, little more than a sentiment, an emotional
mood accompanying that type of mind which finds its simple
satisfaction in the blind adherence to religious doctrine, the recitation
of ready-made prayers, and the observance of ceremonies.

Fortunately, however, despite intellectual limitations, the religious
devotee is sometimes able, through the very purity of emotions, to
make them a mirror so fine that it reflects the very light of highest
illumination itself. These persons are what may be termed the religious
geniuses of the world. They are men or women who, without exhibiting
any superior power of intellect, nevertheless, by the loftiness of their
emotions, and the nobility of their daily lives, bring (purity of feelings)
within the reach of all with whom they come into contact. Further still,
so intimately blended is the higher consciousness of all mankind raised
— a breath of the divine!


The Approach to the Shrine
Helen Rolls

To most of us who essay to tread the Path of Spiritual unfoldment, there
comes a phase in our interior seeking when it is good to take a retrospective
view of the events and experiences, which have served thus far, to urge us
on in our search for perfection.

Having done so we can then in contemplation, seek to discover how, in the
light of our experience we can better equip ourselves for the next stage on
our mystic journey.

It is practically certain that in the main, we have all come up against similar
difficulties, and experiences, and in looking back, we can remember that first
wondrous experience, when having painfully emerged through the night of
material unknowing, we awakened to the World of Reality. To every mystic
that moment will never be forgotten, for in the dawn of our new knowledge
there grew within us, an ever increasing awareness of life. Not only had there
been a personal transformation, but seemingly everything and everyone
around us had by some magical process changed — a deeper note had been
struck, and we became vividly aware of the great unseen power outworking
through all forms of life.

To our new born senses it seemed that even Mother Nature herself had
donned new raiment, and in the song of the birds we detected a more
rapturous note, attuned as it were to tones and colours more varied and
beautiful, than we had ever before perceived, in the flowers and trees around
us. In the most humble of Jehovih's creations we learned to read the

signature of heaven itself.

The people we met in our daily round had apparently changed, they were
kinder more welcoming, indeed everybody and everything stood revealed in
a new clear light. In our new found happiness we felt that never again would
darkness shadow our path, and our new day shone bright with promise.

But He who in Wisdom created us, and in His great love had brought us to
this point willed that we should journey on, and through experience learn to
grow. And the day of our spiritual life grew apace — with it came the heat and
burden of the day, but undismayed and still filled with enthusiasm we went
forth, discovering perhaps that as experience crowded in we now had little
time to stand and dream, and the first wonderful vision dimmed a little,
bringing the realisation that the problems and difficulties of life had still to be

Indeed coincident with the intensification of light within us, so also had
darkness intensified-and here was a challenge we must meet and overcome.

There were moments of great loneliness, for all that had previously sufficed
to content us of the world, no longer attracted, and· we felt a great need for
guidance .and strength. Perhaps we had not hitherto realised quite how
much of courage, patience and endurance would be required of us — there
began to creep in old habits of thought which would strive for mastery and
·spiritual inertia followed quickly in their train. We could always find plausible
reasons why we did not strive more — were there not so very many demands
on our time? Ah! The adventure which had started so well on the mountain
top had lost its savior when perforce we had to traverse the plains. Where
was the shining vision? Where the Temple glorious, which we had glimpsed
when we stood on the peak of upliftment?

In the silence, the answer comes to us, “The Temple ye seek is within you,
but it will demand in its building, the utmost perfection, your very substance,
yes a complete surrender to the Will of Jehovih." Unless this is done, every
shortcoming, every selfish thought, will manifest as a flaw in the structure.

Surely this is the point where we must determine what manner of Temple we
are individually building.

Is it worthy of that first great revelation which came to us? Is it worthy of the
gift, handed down to us from those Great Ones, who linked with us have
gone before?

Can it weather the storms? Or will it disintegrate at the first sign of adversity,
and crumble when the testing time comes? Is it worthy of Him who gave into
our keeping, the means whereby we can build true?

Consider His creations, the ever changing rhythm of Birth, Life, Death and
recurrent life — His world of nature where the sun wearies not nor fails — His
undying Love and Patience which never ceases to bring forth good from evil,
Life out of Death, then if we can fully understand and appreciate this, we can
no longer say "I will do so much and no more — or where — when — or how
long must I labour." Never again can we question thus — no task will be too
hard, no perfection too high to attain.

We can gain strength and guidance for our labours by constantly turning our
thoughts to the Source of our being, and it cannot be reiterated too often the
necessity for entering the silence, where in contemplation we can identify
ourselves with the All Perfection and, in deep meditation, dwell upon the
ever outflowing life stream, passing down through a life chain of Angelic

beings in a descending scale until it reaches us on the earth plane.

The realisation that we are not cut off or abandoned on the circumference,
but are in continual contact with the Central Source of Life through the life
chain of Angelic beings; will give us added strength and purpose — a new

We also need more faith in our everyday life, faith in Him Who created us in
His Image, and though at times everything appears to be dark and troubled,
the knowledge, that "The Supreme Power has us in its charge, as it has the
suns and endless systems of worlds in space," will give to us the supreme
faith that all is well.

The more fully we open ourselves more to this Infinite Power; and affirm that
it manifests through us, the greater shall be our power for good and service
in the world.

Ever to seek the good in all things and magnify it, is the work of Angels long
risen from their labours, and as their earthly representatives, we take up the
task where they left it — what a responsibility is ours — for we can make or
mar, as we so choose, everything that has been achieved before us. By
pressing onward in endeavour to complete their work we will become one
with the Angels — we shall begin our angel life here and now on corpor, and
thus rising in the grades, ever breathe the air of Heavenly places, unfolding
within us the Divine attributes of Love, Wisdom and Power.

Then indeed our Temple will know no boundary, and our earthly day will not
endure long enough for all that we would achieve here.

New words for prayers will no longer be necessary, for our every thought and

deed will be an act of Praise from within the Temple of our being.

There can be no compromise in spiritual matters, for no man can serve two
masters, and once having given ourselves completely the Way is clearly
indicated. It is the way of Love — Gentleness and Peace, and always the
Angelic ones who serve unceasingly in the Father's name, will protect and
guide us, rejoicing that now we are consciously working with them — and we
shall receive in the measure we have given.

Whenever a difficulty crosses our path, if we look within, and examine the
Self we will find readily enough the reason for our difficulty. Does our brother
man offend us? Does he hurt our feelings? Look within and see why but if the
mirror is clean then we will suffer no hurt for we have found freedom from
suffering, and no man or woman will have the power to make us suffer.

Undaunted we must build stone by stone, and if we set our will to the Will of
Jehovih, we shall find a deep peace and a courage surpassing, and neither
the winds of adversity nor any storm can then shake the foundation of our
Temple for it will be built to perfection, to the Divine Pattern.
Let us then review the past, search diligently for the flaws — and having
found them, rededicate our lives, so that we can of a truth say —

I am:
"Ready to cut the tangled undergrowth
That hides the Path — so opening up a Way
For those who follow after in Thy Name!
So when Thou needest me, I may be there,
As with the fineness of Damascus steel,
Able to bend in service, but not break,

And may the pattern on my blade be fraught
With beauty of fair thought and sure design,
May nothing tarnish it nor dull its edge,
Master! May I be fine."

Then indeed will our Temple be built true, and we can set up within our heart
a shrine wherein we can offer our life's best effort happy in the knowledge
that our "Approach" to it has been paved with wisdom, beautified with love,
and sanctified in service, unto the coming of Jehovih's Kingdom on earth.


The Awakening of the Soul
C.M. Waterlow

What is the soul? Plato held that all forms of outward manifestation are the
image or expression of an ideal form or manifestation. Aristotle expounded
the teleological philosophy that all organic forms contain within themselves
their own "telos" or goal, the seed or principle of their own excellence, to
which they are evolving. Combining these two great and convergent
conceptions, we might say that the soul in its physical embodiment is both
the imperfect manifestation of an inner ideal, and the seed of Light within the
embodiment gradually evolving towards this ideal. The inner ideal or seed,
whichever way we care to look at it, is the spark of eternal light which unites
all conscious beings to the All Light and Life, the Creator. As Oahspe says:
"The ray of light that goeth out of Me taketh root in mortality, and thou art the
product, the tree." Oahspe also asserts that just as Life, Motion, Individuality
and Personality are fundamental predicates of the Creator, so they are
fundamental predicates of each soul which He created. And since all souls
are rays of light and life from the All Light, it must follow that all souls are
innately united in a wonderful harmony, blending as the rays of light reflected
in a prism blend, diverse and yet one.

So the soul, originating as an idea or an ideal in the Mind of the Creator,
comes forth as an impulse, a spark of light, from the innermost planes of
being, from the Unmanifest into manifestation. It descends through plane
after plane of spiritual life in subjective consciousness; and as it descends,
guided by the minds of the great Order of angels whom Oahspe calls the
Loo’is, it becomes conditioned by these planes, and linked with the beings
who dwell on them. These are not haphazard links. They are forged in

accordance with the plan of its Destiny. They are links with the members of
its spiritual family, who represent the same individual ray of light. This is the
conception of ray-incarnation, as distinct from re-incarnation; the conception
that each individual, while only living once in physical embodiment himself, is
a member of a spiritual ray or family which continues to incarnate until finally
its task is done. And so because of this linking on its subjective descent, the
soul bears within itself a spiritual heredity, But on most of the rays associated
with this stricken planet there is some form of shadow or distortion, the result
of the evil deeds committed by its representatives in the past. Thus the
shadow as well as the light is imprinted on the descending soul, and man is
born in original sin as well as in original goodness.
Finally, directed by the Loo’is, the soul is birthed in a human body, and the
young child awakens to objective consciousness of life on this plane.
Sometimes the child has a faint recollection of its heavenly origin, as is
incomparably described in Wordsworth's "Intimations of Immortality." But in
the case of most people the soul, the divine seed, lies dormant throughout
their earthly life. Their thoughts, feelings and actions are largely conditioned
by their physical heredity and their surroundings, and because of this they
are usually neither very good nor very bad. It is surely significant that the
modern world now recognises that many crimes, particularly those committed
by young people, are not the result of original sin, but of unhealthy and
squalid environment; and it is also significant that modern psychology has
had such astonishing success in unraveling the psychological knots tied by
difficulties connected with environment and personal relationships.

But for all human beings the hour soon or later, in youth or in age, in this life
or the next, strikes for the awakening of the soul. To some, this awakening
may come as a sudden vision, an experience, in objective consciousness, of
the glory of the higher planes. With others it may be an imperceptible change

in their attitude of mind and the quality of their feelings. But whenever and
however it comes, the process is the same — the awakening from illusion to
reality, the unfoldment of a new mode of consciousness — the
consciousness of the unity of the self with all other selves, and with the Self
which pervades and sustains all things. Profound and significant beyond all
description is this awakening of the soul! As one who has been in a deep
sleep or who has tossed in pain and anxiety through the long dark night,
opens his eyes, half-dazed, to behold the glorious light of the rising sun, so
do the eyes of the soul awaken as they behold a light indescribable, in which
shine the forms of beings who seem strange and wonderful, and yet in some
profound way part of oneself. A joy, an exhilaration, a wonderful sense of
lightness and freedom, fill the whole being. Many are those who watch and
wait on the interior planes for this awakening to take place, and who draw
near when the hour strikes; for by the blending of soul with soul, the
realisation of the unity with the spiritual family, is the awakening
consummated. It is an entirely organic process, not requiring faith or belief in
any specific creed or savior; but the quickening of the light in the soul, the
growth of Aristotle's seed towards the Platonic idea of its own perfection,
involving a corresponding downpouring of light or grace from without, the
light of the Angels who are united to the awakening soul by ties of affinity
forged in Eternity.
With this awakening of the soul, the real life begins — a life of aspiration, of
peace of mind and spiritual joy, above all, of creative service. The awakened
man feels no longer just an irrelevant, isolated unit in the ant-heap of the
human race, but realises that he is a unique and significant member of the
mighty harmonious Order of the Universe, in which he has a part to play
which can be played by no one else. He realises that his life is guided by the
hand of Destiny and not by blind chance. He begins to feel a sense of his
own capacities, of his power to be a creator under the Creator. He begins to

feel a sense of his true unity with others, both in this world and the next—to
realise that in some profound way he is them. For the first time he stands
erect, strong in the Father, and goes forth in the Father's Service,
conditioning rather than being conditioned by his surroundings. The old
psychological difficulties drop away. Material problems adjust themselves.
Even the physical body becomes changed, more sensitive perhaps, but
purified and ultimately impervious to disease. Slowly but surely as the organic
process of spiritual growth takes place and the higher self begins to unfold,
the man or woman becomes literally transformed; for as the limitations of the
lower self are shed the higher self appears almost as an entirely new person,
so great is the contrast between the self which is conditioned by that which is
already conditioned, and the self which is conditioned only by the Light.

The awakening of the soul is thus the crucial point in spiritual experience. It is
also in a profound sense the danger point. For when it takes place, the
darkness as well as the light which is latent in the soul is polarised and
quickened into objective manifestation. It is then that the real conflict begins.
It is then that the original sin, the evil on the spiritual ray, has to be faced. It
may take the form of an overwhelming temptation to use the quickened
creative power of the soul for personal ends. Many of the kings and priests of
ancient days succumbed to this temptation when they resorted to black
magic — this is the greater evil which is the original cause of most of the
misery in the world to-day. It may take the form of a strange anguish of mind
and heart, unrelated to one's personal circumstances, an inarticulate and
inexplicable suffering for the sufferings of others. It may take the form of a
tragic disease, or some peculiar affliction in one's personal life. It is surely in
such circumstances that modem psychiatry, when it has come up against
these difficulties, the difficulties of the awakened soul, as distinct from the
difficulties resulting from physical heredity and surroundings, has displayed
such astonishing failures, and has in fact often done more harm than good.

This conflict, this darkness, this suffering, we call Amereth, and the light, the
transcendent joy which the awakened soul experiences, we call Aheba, and
they are complementary. Without Aheba, Amereth cannot in its full intensity
come to expression.

Without Amereth, Aheba cannot in its full glory be



The Arch Tablet of OM, The Tablet of Aribani and The Nine Entities
Trance Address




This Trance Address from May, 1954, is titled, THE TABLET OF ARIBANIA,
which is the text to the Tablet of Ancient Egypt, in the Book of Saphah.
However, this Trance Address is not about Aribania of The Book of Saphah,
and is instead about the Nine Entities which appears at the beginning of the
Book of Ben. The Angels did not put titles on the Trance Addresses, and so
we must assume the title was added later when the Address was typed and
put into a small “book” with two other papers; Part I the Introduction, and Part
The drawing of the Two Pillars and the Arch is an artist’s conception from the
description given by spirit of part of the Tablet of OM. Spirit tells us that the
Tablet of OM was given with OAHSPE, and it is interesting to consider that
obviously the angels were not consulted about the editing when the Tablet of
OM was edited out of OAHSPE. Because the Tablet of OM was considered
important, a description of it was given in a Trance Address in the 1950s. The
importance of this Tablet is to help Faithists understand that there is the
balance of Going Forth and Receptivity energy upon which the cosmos is
built. This balance and harmony is the foundation of the understanding of
later work in the Trance Address, THE DUALITIES, given in the 1960s.
THE TABLET OF ARIBANIA and Nine Entities are linked with HY’YI
(HO'ED) )in the studies because all three explain Going Forth and Receptive
energy, an esoteric teaching that guides the student on the pathway to
becoming balanced and whole. Through the understanding of the duality of
the Going Forth and the Receptive we come to realize the balance and
harmony which exists within all Creation. There seems little reason to detail

this to you, for study and contemplation will bring you to the understanding of
the going forth and the receptive of the Creator in all of the many
manifestations within the Whole.
You will note in reading this concerning Tae: “when we have built this spiritual
arch and have passed across it to permanent union with the Twain we shall
have become TAE.” There are also references to becoming IESU. It is
important to remember that seeking to become Tae or IESU is a “desire or a
goal.” The Diamond of HO’ED explains that all desires or goals must fall
away as we ascend. Do not let this explanation of the symbolism in this
Trance Address lead you into a desire to become Tae or seek to become
IESU, for “desire” is a Tetract.

As you work with these symbols, you should be concerned with
understanding their Receptive and Going Forth energies.

October 2014


You will have noticed beloved Brethren in the second degree, it has been
explained to us that the two pillars shown on the second degree Tablet
represent Beauty and Strength, Negative and Positive, the Divah’ni and the
Paradivah’ni. In the second degree our spiritual becoming, as we grow in the
Ahebic Love, makes us aware of the approach of the Paradivah’ni, and so
the pillars portrayed are near to each other, but they remain separate. In the
third degree Initiation ceremony we are told that it is our task (in the third
degree), to span these two pillars with an arch, thus linking them in close
association. This spanning arch, which every Initiate must build for and by

themselves, symbolizes the contact between the Twain which the stabilizing
Ahebic growth has made possible.

Let us examine this arch and see what lessons it holds for us.

We see it is marked into nine divisions, each one inscribed with the symbol of
one of the nine Entities—Jehovih and his eight children. It is in this Holy
Family whose operations make the conditions in which we live, in which we
grow spiritually and strive to build our arch, and whose influence determines
the character of our building.

Through its members the influence of the All-Pervading Entity-JEHOVIHwhose symbol is placed within the central keystone of the arch, acts and
reestablishing and uprooting—all necessary in our outward spiritual progress
to meet the Beloved.

As we progress in this spiritual building, we gradually transcend corpor and
grow nearer to the IESU state, which is the goal on corpor for which we
prepare, and in which state we become TAE, the PERFECT PERSON, for
when we have built this spiritual arch and have passed across it to
permanent union with the Twain we shall have become TAE.

The entity CORPOR represents all that which has length, breadth and
thickness—the three dimensional and material. It cannot be utterly destroyed,
but it can experience a change of form.


As we build our arch and thus grow spiritually, our thoughts and actions
become purer. This change reacts upon our corpor bodies and by the
process of transmutation gradually transforms its gross texture to one of
higher and purer quality. As this transmutation proceeds, and our ASUAN
inheritance is more and more dispelled, it is replaced by still finer corpors
until at last the refinement of IESU is attained.

The Entity UZ is the symbol indicating the things of this world—the vain,
frivolous things that must pass away and perish. The Initiate, steadfast in
their effort to pass beyond the arch they are slowly building, finds that their
taste and desires for these worldly things are leaving him, and his thoughts
turn to the joys of the Spirit.

The seeker so ascends from their inherited ASU self and, pulling down the
kingdom of the Tetracts, uses their elements, cleansed and purified to build
up a true Kingdom of the Light. This Kingdom they shall win in which to dwell
when they have spanned the arch and, guided by their Master, have entered
the gates of Aheba [Love Adorable].

ESFOMA indicates the changes that take place in the personality of the
individual Initiate as they progress to their building, as they transmute their
Asu self, and their attitude to things of Uz begin to change: old aspirations
and desires are theirs no longer, and former association and companions fall
away from them. New associations take their place. They no longer are
dominated by the tetracts but have attained to subdue them.


The entity ES embraces the whole of the world of Spirit, from the highest
Angels of Light to the spirits in lower Hada.

Each person is a spirit manifesting temporarily in a corpor body and,
therefore, the real and imperishable part of each one of us is ES. The
influence of Es has manifested throughout the long history of the world,
passing through its periods of light and darkness—times when mankind has
responded to the inspiration of the angels of Light and times when he has
yielded to the temptations of the inspirers of the tetracts.

In times in which we live, which is the beginning of the Age of Kosmon, the
Es within the individual is receptive to the inspiration of the higher
overshadowing Angels and so, being led in the Pathway of the
Consummating, he builds and passes across the Archway spanning the two

HAK signifies all darkness—ignorance, mental darkness, spiritual darkness
and, of course, that terrible darkness which from time to time in ages past
has brought suffering and misery on the Earth and all that inhabits and has
inhabited it: `in the redemption of which we labor as Faithists—the symbolical
building and crossing of our bridging arch being a necessary and important
part of our work is redemption.

As we study the history of this planet, which we know is redemptive, we
discover that all growth into Light, is preceded by a period of darkness—the
seed of Light, always present in these dark periods, gathering to itself vigor
and strength ready to spring again into growth when the period of Light

occurs again. Just as the seed in the ground awaits in the winter darkness,
gathering the power to grow when Spring arrives.

These cyclic periods have always had an upward trend, gradually ascending
from Asu towards Iesu. Each of us has inherited from our forebears, spiritual
and corporeal, some portion of H’ak which we call Loka, and it is our task, as
Faithists, to take upon our shoulders the responsibility of transmuting this
H’ak into the Light of Iesu.

In the course of our progress through the third degree we consider a
particular form of darkness called “the little darkness” sometimes“the long
sorrow”. It is a time when we feel forsaken and almost nothing seems able to
help and comfort us and even our Faith at times wavers. Yet we are not
forsaken, it is just that our Master and his over-shadowing Angels have, for a
time, risen to a grade a little higher than ours: this they have done to
encourage us to strive to ascend also and join them—they as it were, beckon
us onward across the arch.

The efforts of the Faithist Builders are helped considerably in that thy are now
living in the beginning of the Arc of Kosmon—an age in which it is destined
that the Light shall manifest and, being born to be receptive to the Light,
these builders will be guided by the inspiration of the Master and so attain to
the growth of the Body of Light in the glory of Aheba.

As we have seen, in this state, he will have built and passed across the Arch
and, having so done, will not only have fulfilled their own destiny but will have
helped forward the emancipation of the human race, culminating in KOSMON
fulfilled when the new race has come into manifestation.

SEFFAS symbolizes that which is established at some particular time, the
establishment being one which abides for only a short time before a change
occurs. The change is sometimes for better, sometimes for worse for nothing
can remain stationary: its condition must be either one of progress or

Looking back into the past the working of Seffas can be traced in the
succeeding cycles of Light and Darkness experienced by the denizens of this
world as the Earth has progressed from the time of Asu towards Iesu. There
have been times when Light has been established and mankind and nature
have flourished and prospered and there have been periods when Seffas has
manifested as Darkness bringing inexpressible misery to humans and
calamity to Nature.

As we labor to build our bridge gradually we progress in spiritual growth in
the Ahebic Light. At last the Unity within the Twain One becomes Seffas
within us. Then indeed our spiritual joy will be complete, for we shall have a
fleeting preview of the Golden Age of Kosmon when the Father’s Kingdom on
Earth has become Seffas.

Observation for Guataman Faithists

If we are to study the Nine Entities as suggested in the two other Tablets with
which it is linked in the English studies, then we need to consider the Going
Forth and the Receptive of each Entity. We also should consider the Entities
opposite each other not only as companions, but also companions
considered together in a triangle with the symbol for Jehovih. This offers
much for contemplation and meditation.

Atlantis: Fact or Fiction?
A. F. Stafford

Many students of occultism to-day have wondered why there is no mention in
Oahspe of Atlantis. Has it been omitted on purpose, or did it not really exist
excepting in the minds of poets?

For Ages past, almost all peoples have legends of great floods with
consequent loss of life and land. Did these legends refer to one great event
or to several less important ones? The exact answer to that question we shall
probably never know, but one must remember that primitive people frequently
magnify local events enormously because, to them, it is their whole world.

The first recorded mention of Atlantis is found in the works of Plato, who said
that over two hundred years before, an ancestor of Critias named Solon had
visited the temple of Sais in Egypt. There he was told that about nine
thousand years before there had existed a large island beyond the Pillars of
Hercules, until in one day of most violent earthquake, the island sank. Plato
gives full play to imagination, describing great buildings, huge armies which,
at times, attacked Europe and Africa, and a people governed by ten kings
who were descended from gods.

The great philosopher left the story unfinished, why, we do not know. There
are grave doubts as to whether the story did actually come from Solon; and
authorities on Plato think that he created the story to play an important part in
the themes he was developing. On the other hand, most of the knowledge
held within the inner temples of Egypt was transmitted only under severe
vows of secrecy, and it is quite likely therefore, that the priests from whom
this knowledge was originally obtained, may have used what in modern

occultism is known as a "blind" So that information referring to a lost
continent in the Pacific might be made to appear as though belonging to an
Atlantic island.
On examining a large number of ancient legends, it does appear that the
majority refer either to purely local events or to a vast seismic occurrence
somewhere in the region of the Pacific. There is no doubt that the surface of
the earth has changed much even since Man first appeared. We know that
the Isle of Wight, for instance, was once joined to England, and that the
British Isles were originally part of the continental mainland. Atlantis, which
has variously been identified with Ireland, the Azores and even with Sweden,
may have been a large tract of land which is now beneath the waves. There
may even have been more than one island to which this same name was
Within the last century however, occultists have speculated widely on this
subject, and many strange theories have been put forward as authentic;
while novelists with a flair for the lurid have found in Atlantis as ideal field in
which to let their fantasy have full scope. Many a trusting student of the
esoteric has had their past "incarnations" on the lost island described for
them by clairvoyants not as creditable as might be.
Material knowledge and modern scientific methods would, therefore, seem
able to give us little information, excepting that at very remote ages there
may have been islands in what is now the Atlantic Ocean, but their exact
positions, their civilisations and other details cannot be known.
What, therefore, have psychic means of information to tell us? Strangely
there is very little that is reliable. Two or three investigators who employ
dowsing have made a few claims regarding the position of Atlantis, but unfortunately, these all conflict; and of the few first-class mediums, only very few
seem able to obtain esoteric knowledge. Of these, but little information
regarding the "lost island" has been made public.

Perhaps we are wrong in concerning ourselves with ancient times, perhaps
we should look more to the future, or, at least, ensure that we are living our
lives to-day to the highest and best we know. Sometimes however, a
knowledge of the past, explains much that we have to experience in the
present, and may even give an ideal to which to look forward.

It has been suggested that as the Ethereans caused a vast tract of land to
sink in the Pacific, so they will one day return to restore that land. Perhaps at
the same time a new Atlantis will arise.

For the present it seems that we must be satisfied on this strange question
with the statement made in a trance address some years ago at the Mother
Temple of the Kosmon Unity in England:
“Atlantis sank about 15,000 years ago. It was not so great as Pan (in the
Pacific) although it did fall into darkness, and its redemption does not
concern our Fraternity very much. The end of Atlantis was seismic, and
not ,caused by the Etherean gods. Until the fullness of the Kosmon Age,
Ireland will remain a country of divided thought, because it was in this land
that the remnants of the Atlantean race met the westward thrust of the
ancient peoples from Egypt and the near East, and conflict followed, due as
much to deep psychological and occult forces, as to outward differences.
Only the New Race can resolve this problem."


The Human Aura
F. Hopewell

Since ancient times many artists have depicted holy people with a radiance
around the head, called a nimbus or halo. In some cases this is extended to
surround the entire body, in which case, it is generally known as an aura. In a
few pictures the subjects can be seen with both halo and aura.

This is not just a flight of fantasy on the part of the artist. In the higher types
of modern clairvoyance, auras can be described, and it has been noted by
reliable operators that the more spiritually developed a subject may be, the
clearer and more extensive will be his or her aura.

The halo itself seems to be produced chiefly by mental activity, but the aura
depends mainly upon the type of life lived.

That the physical body gives out radiations of several kinds has been
demonstrated by modern Radiesthesia, but in one case, that is the work of Dr.
Henry Tomlinson, even the higher bodies are found to emit rays. This would
fit in with the ancient occult teachings regarding the light seen around the
person of an advanced soul.

Within the aura are both positive and negative rays, that is to say, projecting
and receiving. By means of clairvoyance, the positive, projecting emanations
are more easily seen than the negative. These are registered upon our
consciousness as colours, which of course means that the aura consists of
forces of variable rates of vibration. It has also been noted that in most cases
of obsession, the aura is either broken, or so weak as to be hardly discernible.

Once a halo is developed, it is usually constant, and is generally of a pale
golden colour. In some cases, however, there may appear within it definite
patterns or lines of light.

The aura of the higher, or true spirit body, is that which we are considering
here, not the radiations of the physical or psychic bodies. This aura is not
constant, as it changes as the thoughts and particularly the emotions change.
The aura of a subject engaged in some mundane task such as shopping, for
instance, will not be nearly so brilliant or extensive as when they are at prayer.

Advanced initiates tell us that they are often aware of receiving power
through their aura, or they can radiate light by extending the aura through an
effort of the will. Thus it is said that: "They have put on the armour of the
gods "
The aura is both — protection against subversive forces, and a channel for
high, creative powers, hence its unfoldment is to be looked for and welcomed.

The aura can be strengthened by one's own effort in this direction; and the
chief means are by mental visualisation, concentration and slow deep
breathing. The breathing sets up an inner rhythm, the concentration should
stimulate the appropriate feelings, and the visualisation produces the colours.
In advanced souls there will be seen several colours at different levels, but
for the moment, one colour at a time will be sufficient.

A person of great vitality will usually be seen with a vivid green aura, but the
lighter shades such as nile green, denote adaptability— "a good mixer." Blue
is produced by devotion, and the deeper or more intense the prayer, the
deeper will be the shade of blue. Turquoise denotes faith. Purple is a colour

often seen with one who is spiritually evolved, it is a sign of attainment.
Mauve and cerise represent spiritual love, the more red there is, the more
corporeal the love. "Maroon is obviously a bad sign. Orange is associated
with healing power, particularly of the magnetic kind, while yellow denotes
knowledge; and gold, wisdom and spiritual illumination.

A wise student can thus clothe himself with the "garments of spirit" not only
during meditation but continuously throughout the day, and wherever he goes
he will then radiate a light to inspire others, even though they see it not, and
bestow a blessing upon all who need.


A Jubilee Message

Fifty years ago this April, the Kosmon Movement in Europe first opened its
doors, and since then its light has gone to every continent and given help to
thousands of seekers. Here is a special message to all from our brethren in
the spirit worlds.

"Now as the Springtime in the Northern hemisphere is drawing near and
Nature's powers are being renewed, for all of you in the Unity in every part of
the world, the renewal shall be very real indeed, and you shall partake of a
special blessing.

"You who have worked in the past have accomplished one of the greatest
tasks the world has ever seen. You who will work in the future, shall indeed
be light-bearers to a waiting world. For half-a-century this Fraternity has done
so much to keep the doors open between the higher spiritual planes and the
physical, so that our ministry to your world has been enhanced, and science,
art, music and philosophy have been born anew; above all, through your
deeper service the past is being redeemed and a new order for the world
initiated. Slowly yet surely, the light of the New Era enfolds the earth.

"So at this festive time the Father gives to you all His radiant benediction, and
through His Angels, bestows new power, love and wisdom. You shall be
strengthened, and a strong arm shall bear you up the ladder of light,
erstwhile the loved ones in spirit wearing the robes immaculate shall with you
dwell, and all shadow pass away. So shall you grow, and by the Light arise at
last to claim the heritage of day. Amen."

Another Veil
E. F. Morley.

Of the many subtle temptations that beset the pilgrim in his search for the
Reality which may be found only in the realm where the veils of illusion cease
to delude embodied man, one of the strongest and most pervasive in its
deceptive possibilities is the thirst for power. This hunger for power frequently
lurks unsuspected even in the heart of the most sincere disciple, until he is
suddenly brought face to face with it in all its stark nakedness.

But it may be urged, there can surely be no wrong in longing for greater
power for the sake of service. Madam Blavatsky in speaking of the goal of
discipleship said it was: "to become a power for good." Let there be no
mistake about it. The initiate or disciple passes beyond the personal life and
becomes a spiritual power. One might with advantage even emphasise the
"spiritual." The goal of the occultist, no less than the mystic, is spirituality.
This in mind, one has only to be honest with oneself to see whether or not
advantage has been taken to the full of the opportunities presented in the
ordinary course of life for becoming more spiritual. It is almost a foregone
conclusion that the verdict will be that one has not so far overcome the lower
self as to be able to declare with truth that this is the case. Then, if we are so
far from having exhausted the opportunities afforded us for advancing along
the path of spirituality which are already ours, why endeavour to deceive
ourselves by hankering after powers "for greater service" Powers for greater
service! Why, we are not yet ready to serve, spiritually, in any but the most
ineffective sense. Does that sound discouraging? Then it is because of our
very imperfect conception of what is implied by spiritual service. How many of
us are really willing to centre everything in our life around that ideal of

service? How many are ready to forego all the main joys of life to tread a
difficult and often bitterly lonely path? Very few indeed. Spiritual service in the
true sense of the term is an ideal rather than a fact, until the higher selfawakens in power. All that goes before is a matter of preparation.

If you are wise, you will cease hankering after powers for which perhaps you
are not yet worthy. The persistence of a secret longing for super-normal
powers is a fairly sure indication that the time is not yet ripe for the pupil to
exercise them. To those who are really dedicated, life becomes expressed in
a series of paradoxes. As one's feet become more and more firmly planted
on the Path, one learns to relinquish more and more freely the personal
desires to which, in the past, he was so greatly attached. When one has
outgrown the thirst for power, power comes. When one wants nothing,
everything may be yours!

In the meantime, the student, if he is wise, will concentrate his energies on
the task immediately before him; that of becoming fit for service. When this
task is to some extent accomplished, and he definitely enters upon the path
of spiritual activity, the powers of the spirit slowly begin to make their
presence felt.

The student, to whom occultism is less a question of intellectual research and
scholarship than a ceaseless urge woven into the very fibre of his being, will
be characterised by a certain equilibrium and tranquility amid the vicissitudes
of the outer life. He may not be a philosopher in the academic sense, but he
will most certainly be one in the true interpretation of the word. He will be a
student of life itself rather than a student of books. The books he does value
will be those which throw light on the problems of existence, and bring
inspiration to renewed endeavour in the daily effort to "live in the eternal"
rather than in the temporal. He will be a realist, not in the generally accepted

and materialistic sense, but in the sense that firsthand experience counts
rather than the opinions of others and life as viewed by himself rather than as
seen through the eyes of another, will be the field of his enquiry.

In the life of the real initiate, no room exists for any other motive than service.
True, it may be that the more or less subtle ramifications of the personal self
may detract from the pristine purity of his purpose, but these will in due time
pass; they cannot thrive in the rare atmosphere of the spiritual heights in
which the disciple seeks to make his home.

Always avoiding publicity, praise and flattery, the initiate never draws
attention to himself or his views, and any form of ostentation must be
impossible for him; sincerity and simplicity being his main characteristic.

Experience is a touchstone of the occultist. The experiences of the inner life
as well as of the outer, all serve the purpose of awakening the lower self to
an awareness of the existence of that wider consciousness, which is the
heritage of all who have outgrown attachment to "that which giveth no real
thing" in which the mass of human kind is wont to seek distraction and
amusement. Yet the true disciple will not be found amongst those who take
themselves so seriously as to stand in need of the advice of a well-known
and respected magazine which once said: "Life's not so earnest as all that,
read Punch." The disciple will strip himself of many useless trappings and
"travel light." Problems of the inner life may continually crop up to bewilder
him; but in his heart is peace, and on his lips a cheery word and smile for
others. He is the friend of all, and the enemy of nothing but his own lower


The Silence
L. M. Boulter

To obtain entrance into that mystic state known as "The Silence" is to have
made some progress in spiritual unfoldment. Therefore, let it not be thought
of as a negative, sleepy relaxation of the whole organism, but rather as a
spiritual act of a high order, involving the Will.

The early Gnostics claimed that their science rested on a square, the angles
of which represented respectively — Sige or Silence Bythos, meaning depth
— Nous or the Spiritual Soul, and Alethia — which means Truth. For the
Gnostics, the whole of the manifested universe, metaphysical and material,
was contained therein, and could be expressed and described by the digits
contained in the number 10 — the Pythagorean decad. This decad,
representing the universe and its evolution out of Silence, and the Unknown
Depths of the Spiritual Soul, presented two aspects to the student. There was
the science of the Macrocosm, purely materialistic, and there was the
intellectual and metaphysical, or the inner science. This latter started from a
divine comprehension, that all manifestations were finally re-absorbed, lost in
the Infinite Circle.

The Circle brings us on to more familiar ground, and we turn to the Sacred
Wheel of Zarathustra, grateful for its simplicity. It is the symbol of the Sacred
Name Jehovih and silently teaches, how from Him all came forth, and to Him
all return.

The stress and strain, the roar and tempo of our daily lives tell us plainly that
we are on the periphery of the great Wheel of Life, and yet even in the midst

of the din and the turmoil, there is the way of escape to the protection and the
peace of the Silence. To find that way which shall lead from the outermost
rim of the Wheel to the Centre, the soul must first grow weary of the things
that once gave delight, and shall be hungry for food it cannot find. The Mystic
journey has commenced. The soul has turned inwards, and its way lies as it
were along one of the spokes of the Wheel, towards the Centre and the
Silence. Along the Path rise sign-posts of varied significance, and
experiences await us, some sweet —
some bitter, but it is of one experience which comes to every soul on the
Mystic journey, that we would speak. It is called by several names: “The
Dark Passage,” "The Silent Aisle." To have reached thus far means that the
soul has progressed, though as yet afar off from the "Deep Silence" wherein
is heard the soundless sound — The Voice. From the "Book of the Golden
Precepts" we learn" Before the Soul can comprehend and may remember,
she must unto the Silent Speaker be united, "just as the form to which the
clay is modeled is first united with the potter's mind."

Quite away behind us now is the joy of the thrill, when our soul first
awakened, and the beauty of the early Dawn with all its promise of the
wonderful new life before us. Many happy memories too are ours to cherish
of spiritual delights, and even greater expectations between us and the goal
towards which we strive.

What does the word" Aisle" suggest to us? Do we not picture in our minds a
somewhat narrow walk, and "silent" that we shall walk alone? Although this
last is only seeming, for it is true we are never alone. Yet it is a state of emptiness, a silent void, which must be experienced by every pilgrim in the science
of transcendental life. The soul has ceased to be satisfied with the earthly
joys it once knew, and it has not yet received the Divine Light in such
measure, that it beholds the Vision Splendid. Be of good courage, hold on

strong in faith, for from thence shall you pass to the refreshment of the
Heavenly Dew, and the great compensation, which puts meaning anew into
truth, and fresh possibilities into the fountains of Joy. But the Silence means
still more for us. So much do we learn on our silent way, the greatest spiritual
power is culled therefrom. The Silence unto the advanced mystic, becomes a
sanctuary in the heart of the throbbing city, or an oasis in the arid wilderness
of this corporeal sojourn. We find therein streams of blessing — we rest
beside the still waters and here our souls wait, until we hear a voice — The
Voice calling us forth to fuller and higher service.

Then how shall we attain to hear the Voice of the Silence? Remember that
great though the gulf may be between the good man and the sinner, it is
greater still between the good man and the man who has attained knowledge.
It is immeasurable between the good man and the one on the threshold of
divinity. Therefore we must be wary, lest too soon we think ourselves apart
from the mass. When we have found the beginning of the Way, the Star of
the Soul will show its light, and by that light we shall see how great is the
darkness in which it burns. Yet know of a surety that those who have passed
through the Silence and felt its peace and restrained its strength, stand ever
ready to help others to pass through unto Victory. What then is it we must
accomplish in the Silence? How contradictive on shall it sound to say that in
the Silence a great storm shall rage. And yet it is so — between the higher
and the lower selves, and not until the whole personality is dissolved, not
until it is held by the Divine fragment which created it, not until the whole
nature has yielded and become subject unto its higher self, can the great
peace come to the harassed soul. Then in the deep Silence the mysterious
event will occur, which will prove that the way has been found.

Call it by what name you will, it is a voice that speaks where there is none to
speak, it is a messenger without form or substance. Says the Book of the

Golden Precepts: The silence may last a beat of time or it may last a thousand years, but it will end, yet its strength will remain with you. Now we know
that to be able to hear the Voice is to have opened the windows of the soul,
to have attained the power of helping others, to have conquered desire, is to
have learned how to control the self, to have attained to self-knowledge, is to
have retreated to the inner fortress where that self can be viewed with

Then let us enter The Silence and look earnestly into the mirror of self, that
we may pass the scrutiny of the All Seeing Eye.


A. Frost

"No man nor angel can comprehend Jehovih in His entirety, nor see Him as
thou seest thy fellow man." We know well this quotation from Oahspe, and
knowing it, we realise the impossibility of giving an adequate description of
the lnfinite. When the infinity of the Almighty is under consideration, we
perforce must give but brief themes or deeper thoughts on comparatively
small perspectives of this stupendous Subject. So, to-day, within the
vibrations of this meeting, we shall but hint at one angle of approach, whilst
stressing in so doing, the Grandeur of the Whole. This particular subject shall
be the Indwelling and ever-abiding Light.

Let us consider a physical analogy to introduce the Spiritual. Visualise for a
little while the sunlight streaming through a clear sky upon the earth. It
penetrates, and it interpenetrates where it strikes upon the foliage, it
penetrates the plant. It vitalises all the living with its energising rays — all the
living — vegetation, animal life — human life. In its pure, undifferentiated
energy does it penetrate and vitalise. And what is the result? GROWTH. A
springing into being of new life; an emerging from the apparent dormancy of
darkness, into Beauty, Strength, Movement.

The idyllic scenes of the countryside on a summer's day are results of that
growth, that bursting forth, that striving. Using simple physics as an analogy
also, it is as when light strikes a prism and is split into its primary colours in
differentiation. As we have used sunshine as an analogy of the Almighty, in
His / Her Going Forth, so let us use the sun itself — being the physical
source of sunshine.

Behind the sun is the Spiritual Sun—as also behind those millions of sunstars we can see on a clear night, and which we call star-light. What moves
those myriads of galaxies? What is it, for instance, that speeds on its way the
nearest to us of those constellations, or collection of constellations, which our
scientists call the "Milky Way," in which our Sun is but a star-speck? \\'e can
only generalise our reply. We have never an adequate reply to the mysteries
of the Universe. We can only give a broad collective answer to those mightier
It is the UNITY OF THE WHOLE which is that motivation — that is that
supreme Spiritual Radiance behind all scintillating degrees of Light — behind
all physical sunlights or daylights. It is the OMNIPOTENCE ITSELF of the
Cosmos Which Itself directs ITSELF and expresses ITS POWER in all ITS
lesser forms, from Solar Arcs, roadways, constellations, suns, planets,
interstellar heavens from mighty to lower degree — down to the crawl of the
ant, or the spread of the leaf as it seeks the sun in growth.
That Which is Transcendental — Beyond all Space — the Immensities;
Limitlessly large, yet glistening within a teardrop. It is the Mind, the Being,
behind all that, that we worship.

We strive to name that Supreme Being. We are taught and inspired by those
high entities who have gone before us, perhaps thousands of years before,
and who know a tithe of universal lore more than we; by those whose knowledge is to ours as is a desert to a grain of sand, yet how little comparatively
is it, when one considers omniscience and omnipotence, the school and the
everlasting curriculum of infinity.

We are taught by those great angels to give the Supreme a name, and we, in
thus naming the All, utter some of the basic vibrations of which He is

composed. Jehovih, that sacred name, is in itself prismatic, capable of being
split into consonants so interior and holy that their colour rays vibrate in
creative fiats as they are uttered by angel or mortal; although the greater the
grade and unfoldment of either angel or mortal, the greater the power in
response to the utterance. This superlative force is the All Positive-Negative,
the centre and being of All Life. Behold Its symbol there upon our Altar, we
write His Presence thus within our hearts, and by that Presence do we live,
we Faithists, consciously as parts of Him.

Enhancing our consciousness, by that very limitless thought, can we thus lift
ourselves beyond the confines of finite Time, and live in the Infinite —
becoming eternally conscious parts — knowing that, symbolically, each one
of us is as a nerve-end in the Body of the Whole. So do we live, and labour;
think and learn; grow in the light and serve — we Faithists — within a nonlimiting, satisfying Truth. Thus we know that all else —all lesser beliefs, are
but parts, and we strive to express a simple axiom — "The part cannot be
greater than the whole."

The religions of Humanity, upon this planet in the day each shine in their
effort to express the Ideal, even as facets upon a cut diamond shine in the
sunshine. They each have a different angle of approach, so that each
prismatic differentiation takes on, spiritually, indeed, a different hue, or
colour-ray. The result is a beautiful gem in the Heavens. As this little Star
travels in her Roadway in the Family of the Sun, her bound heavens appear
beautiful in those spiritual facets, striving to blend once more with the Light
Celestial of the Etherean Surround. The Faithist worships only the Source of
that Light Celestial — which gives all beauty — which is beauty in its
supernal simplicity and purity.

In comparison, the "form conception" or "anthromorphic" conception of the

Deity, of modern Western thought, becomes infantile when Man considers
the Unity of the Whole.

The Brahmic conception is much wider. It envisages the earth, the sky, the
abode of spirits, and the Nirvanic states beyond as a Unity. Yet it is still
limiting. One should remember that man of that day had a much smaller
scientific knowledge of the Cosmos on 'which to build up his spiritual
thoughts, ideas and ideals. The Kosmon Conception was yet to come, in the
age now upon us; in the meantime, the metaphysical age emerged, and had
its day, still has, to a great extent, with its soul-deterring ramifications.

Yet, as inevitably as the suns and planets move in their orbits, and travel in
solar roadways, so inevitably does the small earth move into her Kosmon Era,
move into belts of more intense spiritual sunshine, that a still newer growth
shall come upon her. Gradually, so very gradually, but surely, the shibboleths
and inadequacies of the past, the effete conceptions of a more infantile age
of thought are being replaced by the interpenetrations of the higher mind; are
becoming transmuted by the en-filling light of omniscience. The clouds of
uncertainty are being pierced by the light of the latter-day intensities. It is as
the break of a newer dawn. And what is the message of this newer day?

It is primarily, as a grand priority, a heralding of knowledge, world-embracing
knowledge, of the indwelling Light. Do we not realise that Man is a complexity
of expression of that indwelling, of that immanence? Firstly, he is endowed by
his Maker with the five fundamental senses, hearing taste, smell, sight and
touch. By virtue of the mind, part of the All Mind within him does he use those
senses. By the mind, yes, for it is only by a sound mind in a sound body that
the full use of those senses can be appreciated. But Man has another gift,
most precious, from the Almighty. It is sometimes latent, but mostly active in
some degree or other; and that gift is of paramount importance. It is the sixth

sense of intuition or apperception.

Perception is an outcome of the normal, developed mind; but apperception is
that faculty which enables Man, as Shakespeare says: "To perceive sermons
in streams, books in running brooks, and God in everything."

Truly does he hear the Creator's Voice in the moaning wind and the song of
the birds; the babble of falling water and the rustling whisper of falling leaves;
the cry of the suffering—the gurgle of delight of the happy babe.

The scent of flowers and aromatic herbs are Nature's call to him to commune
with his Maker. The vista of sunlit scenes and shady nooks — moonlight
upon snow-capped mountains — give him promise of the planes of Spirit
from whence all these originated. All the senses convey many messages to
him who has that wonderful sixth sense in course of development.

Moreover, the gift of apperception becomes stimulated and enhanced in
another way by the inflow of Light, and that is through the psychic centres.
The undifferentiated Light inflows through the solar plexus centre, and
becomes Om in manifestation within the etheric body, and the inner petals of
that lotus body of light. Through these seven lotuses does it stream,
differentiating, qualifying, as it passes through first one and then another. In
our deepest contemplations the coronal chakra, or lotus, expresses that Light
in highest illumination. Seen clairvoyantly, its multi-petalled flower revolves ill
beauty once it has been awakened to the inner wisdom. Its transcendental
qualities induce the deeper trance states, and it is then that the Voice is
heard in the innermost recesses of the soul. It is in moments such as these
that that wisdom comes which seems to the recipient as if all is as clear to
him as turning the leaves of an open book.

In contemplation, this apperception is as a ladder upon which the soul rises
and blends with the higher mind, meeting the lords of wisdom on the way,
and being aided by them towards its uppermost rungs. It is the tuning-fork of
the mind, when seeking to blend with and vibrate with the music of the
spheres. It is the clairaudience which listens for that gentle abiding voice
within the peace of the soul which is near the Nirvanic state, and when that
immanence resounds gently as a sweet-toned bell within the body of light,
then does the soul murmur: "I and the Father are one."

Perhaps only

momentarily, for earth-pull must exercise its temporary function, to stabilise
the soul while still sojourning in the kindergarten school of corpor life.

This evening as we are met together, the vibrations of that higher
consciousness are all about us. Life is sweet in these few moments of
contemplation, for the Over-Soul suffuses the body of light; "the dewdrop
sinks into the shining sea" and the indwelling peace is with us. It always was,
but in our contemplation we have brought a consciousness of it to the fore,
and truly, for a brief spell we each can experience the ecstasy of the unity of
the Whole. Nearer is He than breathing, and when we leave His house this
evening, we feel that His house is ourselves — that He dwells within; yes,
within the soul He shares our life with us. In experiencing the Unity we know
Etherea, and the glory of Nirvana descends about us.
shall be our cry. Amen.


Om, I live in Thee

Evolution and Awakening
George Morley

From the beginning of time, right down to the present day, the world has
been passing through the process of evolution. But evolution is a peculiar
thing; it is not like a continuous steady stream. There have been times when
Man was in some respects more advanced than to-day, when he had
reached a higher point of evolution. In the civilizations of the ancient
Egyptians and Persians, and earlier still on the grand continent which sank
beneath the Pacific, we see great knowledge and wisdom, when men had
understanding of the gods, and walked and talked with them.

Then what is it that has advanced? It is the conditions of life. The ability of
Man to command the forces of Nature by the power of his scientific
attainments, and the ability to use these things for the ordinary comforts of
life. Whether the conditions of Humanity are better or worse is a matter, really,
of comparison.

However, since this evolutionary march has brought us to the condition of
understanding material things, it must ultimately come about that there will be
a spiritual apotheosis to which Man will attain.

The evolution in spiritual matters has gone on in periods. It seems that the
Races of Men become spiritual and aware of the gods and of the occult
forces that work in their lives, and then they fall into decay, or perhaps
entirely disappear, and the peoples that follow them start right at the beginning again, even from, the very elements of barbarism, and so the process
continues until another high point is reached.

Now, to-day, we have come to the point when it is the spiritual that is most
important, or instead of the word "spiritual," if you prefer, you can use the
word "truth." Perhaps we can say that it is vitally important for spiritual truth to
be restored, in order that a real balance in human life be attained. This
spiritual truth has been lost, but it was known long before Jesus lived, it was
taught by many priesthoods and. lodges of initiates in ancient days. It alone
can help man to understand himself, and guide him toward a new and higher
world-order. This is where the Fraternity of Faithists can do so much.

Is there, to-day, a greater urge after the spiritual life? The answer is this: that
since everything has evolved according to cycles of time, so in the new cycle
now proceeding, gradually the point of spiritual attainment will be reached by
all nations. Some will be slower than others, and not all will attain by exactly
the same path. But we had to wait until the Earth was encircled. Encircled by
what? The ability of men to communicate with each other. It is said in Oahspe
that when the continents are bridged across then all people will become as
one. To-day that becoming as one is in evidence. You must not look at the
extreme points, but rather at the underlying desire for peace, progress and
human welfare. It is in the hearts of the few, who are more and more
becoming the many.

Kosmon is slow in its road. All these processes are slow. The reason is this:
that the forces which are awakening in the Human Race to-day in every part
of the Earth, are in accord with heavenly seasons. The major cycles are
heavenly cycles, those great periods which include the Sun and its attendant
planets as they move forward. Each cycle produces effects upon the sun and
planets, and brings them into contact with powers which are manifold and
directed by the Ethereans; slowly these powers will finally find expression in
the human race. The light of the Kosmon cycle will require thousands of

Unto this, end the brethren in the Kosmon Order are working, but not to this
alone. So much depends upon the conditions of the spirit planes and how far
the material plane can react to them. The stronger and purer the spirit planes
of this planet, the stronger and purer will Mankind become. In time, the lower
planes must be cleared of evil and obsessing influences, because
obsessions can create disaster amongst those people who are receptive.
Supposing the leaders of nations became receptive only to darkness, then
war and anarchy would be bound to prevail. But there are soon coming the
angel world leaders or directors, and men who come under the higher light,
being moved by a noble inspiration, then through them light will prevail.

This will depend very largely on the powers of the so-called Unseen. You, on
your side, working to clarify men's minds and bring their hearts into a
knowledge of spiritual truth. We, on our side, endeavoring to clear the lower
spirit planes from the earthbound. When the light of the higher heavens can
manifest through the reaction between the two, there will be no doubt about
the manifestation of LIGHT.

To understand this fully, we have to go into the occult phases of heredity, not
only of individuals but of Races. This Race, the English, in particular — and
of course, the continent of America includes a large number of the
descendants of the English Race — is directly associated with the land of
Egypt, once so great. Egypt, as you know, was the foundation of a mighty
power or force, and it works itself out in the expression of the British Race today; and many of the Nordic peoples come under its influence. So you see,
by the continued out-working of the Law of Heredity, there are many things
which have to transpire within the Race to-day. There are occult forces and
powers which have to be redeemed from what is sometimes called in
Theosophical circles "Karma," or in the Kosmon School, the "Loka of the


You may be suffering in your own life now some reaction which is outworking itself as a result of the activities coming down your life-ray, bringing
into your life forces which must find redemption or neutralisation. On the
other hand, you may be the recipient of a spiritual power which, in its turn,
comes down that same ray; and indeed, it is usual to find the two are working
together, one to be redeemed, and one to elevate. Yes, it is said the Cross
always accompanies the Crown. This was taught by Jesus when He was
upon Earth. We must press on, working to establish the power of redemption
in the hearts of Mankind.

We are definitely pointing out these facts to you. So little is known about all
these things which have their out-working in human life; the destiny of man
and of the planet. Now to come to a simple point so that you may piece these
things together. Your life is a strange mixture. On one hand there is the good
which you claim as your own, the many benefits you receive, the happiness
and peace, the ideals and inspiration which come to you, these belong to the
higher part of you; but the tendency to take a downward path against which
you have sometimes had to fight, the thoughtlessness, conceit and
selfishness, even, perhaps, enemies you may have made, these are
difficulties which are constantly around you, and which must be transmuted,
But you recognise these two aspects of your being.

How can the religion of the New Age help you? By setting you free from all
that might hinder you in your own evolution; by bringing you into real contact
with etheric or spiritual powers which help you to transcend and triumph; by
providing the means for developing the higher self and opening up the way of
interior service to your fellow-man; and finally, by leading you into at-onement with the All Highest.

Beloved brethren, this thought inspires us to-day. We must attune ourselves
to the spiritual influence of the great Life of the Infinite which is ever
streaming out to us, and see how we can best work for Him.

That we do by realising we are guided from the spiritual worlds, by frequently
thinking about spiritual things, and by deliberately linking ourselves with the
light of the Kosmon Age in whatever way we find it manifested, so that we
can grow in this light.

You may not like going to a church. Then go out into the fields, amongst the
trees or under the stars, look upward and praise your Heavenly Father
saying: … Eternal Father, I want to come into at-one-ment with Thee. Speak
within my soul that I be led onward and upward ever nearer to Thee." Then
He will manifest His light because you have realised the possibility of His
power becoming your own.

By cleaving to the Light, not by clinging to the Cross, although you have to
bear it, but by striving after the Crown, that is the great thing.

Prayer and praise help, but some people feel that in striving after the Crown
they can do so best in practical service. Those noble souls who nurse the
sick, who rescue the downcast, or who engage in some form of humanitarian
work or other. All this is good, but it becomes more potent if one can realise
the power of the All Highest being expressed in this service through the inner
awakening of one's soul. For others, there are more interior phases of work,
developing the spiritual body whilst still on the physical plane and learning to
serve in that body in the higher states. Other seekers go into deep branches
of occult manifestation, or the paths of mystical attainment. The way is open
to all. If there is a dynamic impulse within you to serve your Creator through

good works, then there is a way wherein you can do so. Find that way, and
put your whole soul into it, your every thought, word and action, and never
give up, because once you have entered on the way, to give up would one
day cause you bitter anguish at the thought that you had turned back upon
the path of spiritual evolution.

We know that the greatest help comes to you through Positive Prayer,
Spiritual Meditation and through praising our Father. Let your whole being go
out to Him, and His light will shine upon you and keep you unto the end.

Never forget there is an invisible world about you, and it is the invisible forces
of life, which are intelligent, that can interplay in your soul and quicken that
which is waiting for manifestation. That which is waiting is you higher self. At
present it is like a little child in slumber; it must be awakened, fed, and helped
to grow and unfold. That which is subjective must become objective; the
latent self within must come into manifestation; that higher self must rule the
lower, and when it is really awake and linked with the Infinite Powers which
are ever in Jehovih's keeping, the angels will send down to you through that
higher self, everything needed for the fulfillment of your destiny. Then life will
change into those modes of expression which are best for the out-working of
your own life's ray.

Here in these grand thoughts is the key to life. Let go of material things that
may hinder in any way, and enter into the spiritual life now. Think dynamically,
always affirming the good and beautiful; never talk about ugliness, sorrow or
pain; do not allow anything in the mind that may keep you from becoming
strong in the light. By constantly striving to find Jehovih, and realising that His
angels are helping you, in service gradually expand the life and grow into atone-ment with the All Perfection.

Those of you who desire to make contact with the higher spirit planes so that
you can come under their influence, begin now. Whether you are a Faithist or
not, it is possible. Come before the shrine, and the powers of spirit will be
breathed upon you so that you can enter into the fullness of the awakening;
and then go home and meditate on these themes and let them grow into your
life. Let them expand, so that you can become united with them at last, and
the Father will bestow His Crown, even the Crown of High Attainment.


The Human Spiritual Heritage
H. T. Hylam

The human family is distinct from all other animals in that in itself it is an
incomplete condition; it is imperfect spiritually, yet capable of perpetual
growth. To remedy this limitation or imperfection, Man is endowed with
everlasting life, and has potentials within him that will be developed after
death, abilities far beyond any earthly conception. Life not being static, each
individual is heir to a vast and rich heritage, but subject always to conditions
of service, in the fulfillment of which he experiences many and varied grades
of labour adjusted to his expanding ability. a process to which there is no end.

Man's consciousness of imperfection leads him, both during his mortal life
and afterwards, to seek the aid of schools, colleges and various systems of
religious expression, whereby he comes to develop every faculty, in the
realisation that he cannot live in himself alone, and that each individual self is
dependent on others, gradually resulting in the breaking down of selfish
limitations. Further, he learns that social contacts are also necessary to
invigorate and balance personal vitality and stimulate the mind, for the male
is the positive element of life, and the female the negative, each is the
complement of the other.

The present period of time is one of quickening and growth, both in the
intellectual and spiritual fields. This fact is clearly evident in many directions.
The extraordinary betterment in modern material standards of living; the
advancement of knowledge; the rapid growth of spiritualism with its rediscovery of psychic powers, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience; the
urgent demands for a clearer and more satisfying answer to the "riddle of life"

which established priesthoods are unable to give, resulting in the decline of
church authority; all these show that the world has entered a new and
important phase in its history.

The veil between the mortal plane and the beyond is being more and more
drawn aside. Through the channels thus opened, there flows with ever
increasing volume communications, good, bad and indifferent. These should
be examined with great care and constructive criticism. The inhabitants of the
earth's heavens, spirits, angels, call them what you will, seek to make
themselves known to mortals, and in such process, amongst other things,
wonderful spiritual healing is being accomplished. In such manner is mortal
man discovering that the unseen rules the seen through the power of
thought; that each one, man or angel, is himself a thought creator and can
both project and receive thoughts, unfettered by boundaries between any
plane of existence. A realisation of this makes for a greater understanding of
present day conditions of discontent and inquiry.

This freedom of interpretation reveals another most interesting fact, the ability
of experiencing consciousness, even during mortal life, on more than one
plane of being, whereby man can acquire the powers of contacting and
participating in the life of the heaven or spirit world, during his hours of sleep
away from the earth plane.

As a guide for the purpose of aiding man properly to interpret the signs of the
times, exalted ones in the spirit planes have given, as a kind of mental blueprint, a sacred record, wherein is set out for all who will read, the wonderful
plan devised by an All Wise Creator for His children, with suggestions
sufficient to enable mortals to understand what is required of them both in
this earth life and the next, by which to live a life of fulfillment and grow
gradually into at-one-ment with the Infinite.

But man must, however, be the master and controller of his thoughts, and not
their slave. For thoughts can be prison bars as well as creative powers by
which to rise. The need today is for fearless, independent, progressive
thinkers carrying their search ever upward and onward. Such are the times,
that knowledge to-day cannot rest solely with any one body, whether it is the
authority of School, Church or State; Priest, Savior or even a God, it must be
self-evident, for man is enjoined to test everything, even the communications
of angels, and to accept only that which he feels interiorly to be the truth.

In spite of all his difficulties, man consciously or unconsciously, continues to
respond to the urge for better things, better conditions — an ideal whether his
conception is limited to this life or reaches beyond. This must be so, for such
urge arises by reason of the very fact that he has within him as part of his
birthright, the gift of eternal life, and his desire for betterment is but a
stepping stone leading him upwards on his journey to the stars — Etherea,

In the general evolution of thought, the saviors of the various religious
systems will come to be regarded more and more in their true character as
spiritual leaders and teachers, and man will understand with ever-deepening
comprehension, the true relationship between himself and his Creator. The
influence of such saviors then will be more in the nature of a beneficient
example, rather than a way of escape from fear; and mankind will knowingly
take its rightful place as children of the All Highest, heirs of everlasting life,
continuing his journey ever upward after this physical earth will have passed'
away. The so-called saviours show us the wonderful height to which the
human family will eventually attain before this planet passes away. Those
great ones from Zarathustra down to Jesus have long since passed on into
Etherea, but still send to us their radiant thoughts and their blessings.

Although we are all spiritually linked together, yet upon each one the eternal
Father-Mother has bestowed the responsibility of free-will, with all that that
entails, even to be one's own judge, both in this life and the next. He
commands not, He persuades and ultimately by the compelling power of His
love draws all men unto Him. Knowing this, how much better it is to let His
Will direct man's footsteps, for His Will is the expression of Infinite Wisdom.
In so doing, man does not lose his free-will, he does not become a slave for
the Almighty through His ministering angels does not inflict His Wisdom upon
His children but bestows it by suggestion.


A Place of Delight
By Greta James

In Jehovih's Name and by His Power, Wisdom and Love, am I come to give
you joy."

These words are the greeting of a great Etherean God to the, God of this
planet. The occasion was at the dawn of a new age, when there was
established in the atmospherean regions of high heaven, YESHUAH, the
heaven of redemptive love, wisdom and power. Yeshuah, it is said, was a
"place of delight."

In this, the Kosmon age, we know ourselves to be part of a great world unity








misunderstandings still exist within the human family, we are at least to some
extent aware of our essential brotherhood. We cannot live to-day in any
practical and material sense without using things produced by men and
women all over the world. There is not a meal we eat, a garment that we
wear, a house in which we live, for which we are not indebted to a great host
of our fellows. Our forms of entertainment depend largely on others and even
a toy in the hands of a child may represent a miracle of human effort and
human skill.

Perhaps it is because so much co-operation and mingling with others is
almost forced upon us, particularly when we live in a great city, that the
seeker after spiritual things seeks first solitude and silence, meditation and
peace. Certain it is that in this Kosmon Age, the inner Voice speaks to
thousands and each one must listen alone and seek and wonder, even suffer

that he may the better understand what the Voice is trying to make him
understand; that he may hear the personal and individual call to service and
answer that call for better or for worse. Certain it is that there are many of
these lonely seekers in our midst to-day.

Some of us have, perhaps, known what it is to be such a one, never quite
happy, never satisfied, never fitting in with any community, never sure of
ourselves, never certain whether the blame lay with ourselves or with others,
sometimes blaming ourselves in a kind of inverted pride and more often
blaming others because that made us feel better than they were. So we were
super-critical and tossed on the waves of cynicism and self-pity.

For all who seek to know Truth and to find the purpose of their life on earth,
there is a place in a spiritual community, a vocation to do a spiritual job,
which requires as much careful planning and organisation as the manifold
activities of the material world. We cannot seek far in the realms of spirit
without knowing this to be so. In fact, some of us have suffered trying to fit
into a religious community which was not our true spiritual place. Yet to know
that fraternity or community in spiritual work is necessary is the essence of
true maturity. So long as we come to religion looking only for spiritual food
and nourishment, for refreshment and for some spiritual power to help us in
the material world, so long are we spiritually infantile. If we are to grow as
spiritual children of the Father who created us, then we must begin to learn
how we may help in His Great Work of creating, maintaining and transmuting
Life. We must learn our special spiritual job, discover our true vocation, come
into our spiritual inheritance and so advance towards the attainment of that
maturity which can only be reached after the death of the corporeal body.
The necessary apprenticeship can be obtained only in a community which is
both a school and a workshop and which gives its apprentices full scope to
practice their spiritual craft in a very real way.

For a community as for an individual there must be growth, and spiritual
growth is gained by GIVING AWAY, by PUTTING FORTH. We come
together not merely to pray for and to receive spiritual strength and grace
from mankind but to put forth love, wisdom, power. This is WORSHIP and the
proof of Worship is Joy. Our joy in worship of the Creator shall be as a light in
men's hearts. There is no other way in which our fraternity can grow.

A God once said (OAHSPE 54. 11): "Teach my chosen to labour hard and
wisely and to dance with energy and to sing with strength and fullness of soul.
For what more is there in any man or woman than to learn to put forth. And
what more pitiful thing is there in heaven than a man or woman who hath but
dragged along." So it was that in the days of Apollo, men put forth in harmony
(OAHSPE 124. 10-27). At that time men slouched and crouched as they
walked and were brutish and stupid in appearance and it was from this power
of harmony that there grew up a race of men upright and beautiful in body.
So to-day from spiritual harmony shall come a spiritual change and man shall
in time cease to crawl and crouch and slouch in spirit and shall walk upright
with the light of the eye and the hand of an artist.

Do you ever feel as the days pass, you are just dragging along? Are you at
best managing to be fairly patient and forbearing, trying to be good but rather
joyless, and do you feel unappreciated? Or do you put forth as the trees are
even now putting forth, as the birds sing to greet the dawning light, as the
lilac and the rose send forth their perfume?

Are you too much aware of responsibility and have you indeed taken on your
own back some part of the burden of the sins of the world? Are you anxious
about man's growing powers over nature and the atom? Or can you greet
each day with joy and thank Jehovih at the day's end?

"Thou hast taught me harmony and symmetry and love and I shall indulge in
them forever."

Do you "indulge in harmony?" Do you, remembering our special work for the
spirits of the dead, remember to sing peace into their souls and joy forever?
Do you recall that we are told that by peace and joy in our devotions to the
Father, the spirits are redeemed to virtue and exaltation? (OAHSPE 223. 26).
If the Keynote is Harmony, then every note must be joy. Joy is something
more than happiness. Happiness is a transient corporeal thing which we may
not know when we have it, but think we must have had it, when because we
remember the unhappiness that was yesterday and which may be again tomorrow. Joy can be ours even in unhappiness. Joy is abiding. It is something
which once it is known, is never quite forgotten. It is like a note in music
heard with the inner ear when it no longer sounds audibly and it is always
possible to sound that note again.

We feel responsible, and rightly. Life is serious and full of anxieties; the world
is full of suffering and in the hearts of men is bitter selfishness and rank evil.
If our Good really begins to matter, that evil will rise up against us. Are we
weighed down or lifted up? We feel called to go forward, to help, to put forth
our Good that some evil thing may disappear from the world. What right have
we to interfere and to press our service upon others? Are we trying to be
important, to serve our own pride, to gain a position in which we shall be
respected and admired? Our right to service lies in the JOY which we can
bring and this alone supports our claim to service. We most create Joy and
make the place of our coming together a place of delight.

The Kosmon Church is but half-a-century old. It has not yet produced its
artists, architects and musicians. It has not a particle of the material beauty

which you may find in every city set up for the glory of a God-King upon a
throne, that ideal so inadequate for our time in which the God of a tiny planet
is set up as Creator of the Cosmos.

Have you ever heard an angel laugh or better still, a host of angels laughing?
Have you ever known that they were laughing at you, and then suddenly
laughed at yourself because you saw what they were laughing at? It is the
most cleansing thing in all the world, better a thousand times than all the
tears of repentance that ever flowed down furrowed cheeks.

We come together in the Kosmon Church in angel communion, and we come
in all seriousness for there is work to be done, but let us also make of that
communion, a thing of joy and the place a place of delight. Let us make each
one who comes as welcome as if he were already a son or daughter of the
house. If he is not born among us, he may be reborn and so enter into the
fullness of our family unity and of our inheritance. We who are of one family
in faith can surely speak our minds and forgive and be forgiven but before
others who are not of our family we must be entirely loyal to each other. A
fraternity and a family are easily broken by fault finding and it is easy to find
fault with others when we know them well, but partly we do it because it
bolsters up our conceit of ourselves. We may remember that if a fault is not in
ourselves, then we may neither know nor recognise it. By seeing Good we
call it forth; by seeing the unripeness, we open our hearts to the drujic
inspiration that ever seeks to divide us.

We who are one in Faith are as one family, and the greatest family joy and
unity needs no palace or cathedral and may best be centred in a simple and
homely place but the place must be a place of delight, a house of joy, to
which our every coming is as a homecoming wherein we can be our true
selves and at our best. Then shall the Kosmon Church be truly a House of

God, even that God who is our elder brother whose inheritance is from the
Father of us all.

At this time thousands of people are remembering that it is ten years since
the second great European Civil War ended. Perhaps you have listened to
some of the recollections. Most people greeted the peace with relief and new
hope, but there is also a, note of nostalgia for a time of close comradeship
and an experience of warm human relationships. War is a terrible thing; all
wars on earth are truly civil wars, but so long as conflict and danger can give
to human things an experience which is worthwhile and otherwise lacking, so
long will war have its place in human history, so long will it perform some
function even in the progress of man towards understanding. Someone has
spoken of "the cold climate of peace." It is not peace which is cold but our
own selfish hearts, so that we have to be literally frightened out of our selfish
lives before we can create a way of living in which men and women share
work and responsibility and rely on each other.

The Kosmon Church was founded but fifty years ago but its history is older
than that. Its roots go back into the past even before civilisation. There have
always been fraternities in which men gathered to seek knowledge and to
perform true spiritual service to the World. They have not always been as
comfortably off as most of us are. They have suffered much to preserve their
liberty to worship only the Great Spirit. In rejecting all forms of idolatry they
have had to choose poverty even to choose death. Everything which they
have gained, everything which they have preserved, is ours to-day. It is within
our power to create in this place and at this time a focus of light and
aspiration which shall also be a centre of warmth and true brotherhood, a
place of the going forth. May we here and now lift our hearts and minds to the
All Father who is the source of Light and Love and may we be worthy of our

The Key of Emeth
L. M. Boulter

If you are a Faithist you have been furnished with the Key of Emeth, the key
which opens the doors to hidden places wherein are the treasures of the
Cosmos. This key, as you know, is the Triangle, the symbol of the attributes
of the All Highest, Wisdom, Love, Power. It is to the perfect combination of
these three, that the door to the treasure will open.

Many, many times we repeat the attributes, and we are quite sincere in our
repetition, for we do aspire to the perfection of the gods. Yet would our key
seem to be impotent. What then is required?
Always it is the living truth that is asked of us — that is to say — the Wisdom
expressed, and manifested in our lives — the Love in full flower, practiced
daily, its blush pink petals extended to the perfect circle of its embrace.
These two in operation draw the power, like the magnet and steel. Obviously
there is an eternity of striving, to fashion our key unto the perfection, that will
give to us the Freedom of the Universe.

Let us not, however, be discouraged by this thought, for nothing impossible is
asked of us. So let us say rather that we have been given the pattern of the
Key, and that our immediate task is to work, patiently, hopefully, that the Key
shall at last be ours. With it we may present ourselves for highest service
unto Jehovih.

Between that highest peak of our aspirations and this present earthly level,
however, there are endless fields of service, yes, with all our imperfections,

these same fields becoming the means by which we may attain unto the
desired perfection.

Let us then examine our Triangle. The lower side we call Wisdom. We come
to Wisdom through Knowledge.

Knowledge is the Way of Light, so the

seeker after knowledge must remove every veil that obscures the Light. Two
of the greatest barriers to the free breaking of the light are pride and
prejudice. We recall the cry of the reputed wise ones in ancient times, when
the Master Joshu brought the Light: "Can any good come out of Nazareth, is
not he the carpenter's son?" If the All Light chooseth a humble vessel to
deliver a great message and they who seek, demand its delivery through a
Prince, let them hasten to adorn themselves in the cloak of humility, for so is
Wisdom arrayed, and having received the Jewel, remain humble and silent in
its possession.

"Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the living God."

Therefore, within you is the Altar whereon burns the sacred Flame, which
was lit when first the human soul was formed, and will so burn until the whole
of humanity becomes one flame, and the earth itself becomes the shining orb
of another Solar system.

As ye become nourished with the bread of knowledge, know that ye must
share with discretion that ye have received. Seek knowledge only that you
may grow in usefulness. Heed not the scorn and ridicule of others who cling
to the old shibboleths, but become a light-bearer, and help to break down the
barriers of ignorance, and the perfection of your key of Emeth shall proceed
apace, the while you labour in the foundations of Jehovih's Kingdom.

And so just as this side of the Triangle, which is named Love, rises from a

perfect mitre of Wisdom, so do we become conscious of a great love being
born of the knowledge which leads to Wisdom.

Life's horizon has expanded, and because of our increased understanding,
our sympathy has gone out to the whole of human kind. This love, which has
sprung up within us, bears no resemblance to that which men call love. It
flows out to all that breathes, it flows out as compassion to bird and beast,
and knows itself as one with all creation. In Wisdom's storehouse we
discovered the spiritual Alchemy, which has transmuted the lower into the
higher. All that was base has been placed in the crucible of thought and
subjected to the white heat of the Spirit.

The temple of the soul must be cleared of the accumulated garbage, and
every weed planted by the self must be ruthlessly uprooted.

Yes, truly the whole ideal of Love must be lifted up. They who would love the
world unto its salvation — that is become one of its saviours, must become
pure and unsullied. We do not cast love away; we would but so live, that we
may transmute the earthly love into the love that is Divine. Therefore, must
we retire often into the silence, and in perfect poise of heart and mind
concentrate on the task to which our hand is set.
Thus by the uprising of the Love, is reached the apex of the Key — the
Triangle, and the response from the throne of Divine Will returns to us in
Power, on the third descending side, completing the Key.

So down through the ages the flame of Will has journeyed, the mighty flame
that lights the Universe, through the glowing tires, which men call central
Suns, which pours forth life and light and power to system after system, down
to the fiery life, given to a single planet, to its Lord and Ruler, to his lords and

agents, and through them to their followers, the peoples of the globe.

Shall we not then think long and seriously, and pray the more earnestly, lest
in answer to our prayers the Power should descend as on the day of
Pentecost, and attached to it the great responsibility of that which shall be
required of us. For Power comes not to be wasted or misused, and we may
be very sure that we shall have to give an account of all that is committed to
our charge.

Again, neither must we refuse Power, nor shirk responsibility, or our Key will
be imperfect. We see then the weighty matter we took up, when we
dedicated ourselves to Jehovih's service. It might appall save that we have
the assurance that we labour not alone: and in Jehovih is our trust.

Now a key implies a lock, and a lock implies a door, and something being
guarded. Indeed what use would be a key unless it opened something for us.
Surely the opening of the doors, and the shedding of the Light on the great
mystery of life itself is the question on every tongue, and from where shall the
Light be shed save from the glorious Crown through the doors of the Zodiac.
These doors have been aptly named "the hissing pipes, " and again "the
twelve officiating Priests."

Let us apply the key, and we shall see how perfect is the combination. This
bottom side symbolizes Wisdom, and is of the mind, comes through the
element of Air and is signified in the Zodiac by the signs: Gemini, Libra and
Aquarius. Love is of the emotions signified by the element of water, and
pours through the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Power is of the
element Fire and roars through the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

We have three more signs, the Triangle, or triplicity of Earth, unclaimed by

the Key — Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, and yet how vitally important, for these
provide the fields of service and activity wherein the key is perfected, and in
these fields of service, we learn to sound the note of each and all the other

How fortunate, that here and now we are in these fields of service in the
midst of all the opportunities, of perfecting our key of Emeth, that even whilst
here we are able to ascend the mountains of high attainment in Capricorn —
Mystery sign of the Zodiac.

There are two doors in the Zodiac of vital importance to every human soul.
One in Cancer which opens and admits into corporeal life, and the other in
Capricorn which opens to Freedom and Etherea.

In the ancient scriptures we read: "I will move the earth out of her course,"
and some far distant day when the whole of humanity is redeemed, the earth
herself redeemed and purified, and etherialised will pass behind the 30th
degree of Capricorn, and no more reach unto the sign of the Minas (Pisces),
for it will have passed through that which is referred to as its destruction, but
actually its etherialisation.

It is possible for the human soul to ascend those mountains of Archexcellence and to pass through that door in Capricorn into the freedom of
Etherea, but few do so. Always the cry of earth reaches them and the great
love draws them back. They refuse that which they have won that they may
help the whole of the human family to rise.

And this is the whole of the great expectation of the age that is opening, the
Age of Aquarius, and the Age of Wisdom, symbolized by the man bearing the
pitcher on his shoulder. This means that the waters of truth shall be poured

out freely, compared with its flow from hidden sources in the past, and the
light of understanding will break over the minds of the people. We, the few
who enjoy the light, must face a stern fact. The teeming millions have not the
light as we know it.

How shall we describe the sorry state of the world's Triangle? It is broken, its
lower side hangs by the merest strand of Knowledge, its expression of love is
akin to the savage expression of the animal for its young, and its Power
mostly manifests in weapons of destruction, and is as base as the forged coin.

So the Hope and the deliverance of the world from the entanglements of evil,
lies in the New Age and the coming activities of the planet Uranus, the ruler
of Aquarius. Uranus is the "Awakener" or the "Breaker of Bonds" and
beneath his lightning hammer strokes shall the whole existing civilisations
crumble into the dust, even as did the ancient powers of Babylon, Nineveh,
Egypt, Greece and Rome, and out of the ashes will arise one Kingdom —

These activities of Uranus will, of course, cover a long period of time, even as
did the sinking of the continent of Atlantis. Hundreds, if not thousands of
years separated the sinking of the main continent, and the last vestiges of
Islands, mentioned by Plato, such as Poseidon and Ruta, the last named
being the home of the Giants that were upon the earth in those days.

It shall be asked "Where does the work of Redemption come in, shall it be all
in vain? No, assuredly No. All that is redeemable of the earth peoples will be
provided for. There is a peculiar reference to this in the Book of Revelations
where the destroying Angel is instructed to 'See that Thou hurt not the Oil
and the Wine.' " .

To those whose lot it is to sojourn upon the earth during the last tribulation,
there is that other assurance:

"He shall cover Thee with his feathers, and
under His wings shalt thou trust."

"Both matter and spirit are the channels through
which the Eternal is revealed."

"For the Great Spirit is within all, beyond yet over all,'
therefore wise is he who, seeking the Light within, is guided
by It in everything; this is the path to freedom and fulfillment."

"Only on the basis of spiritual brotherhood can a true and lasting
world order be established."

"The evils of the world can be completely redeemed only by
working from high spiritual levels, we co-operate in this
service through Angel Communion."


Spiritual Effort
A. Frost

“He who striveth to Me is My Chosen,” saith the Indwelling Light, that Light
which is within, and yet All-Abounding — limitless in its scope—Infinite in
degrees of interpenetration and subtlety of differentiation. This subject has
so many themes; so many facets of brilliance are there upon the diamond
that to contemplate upon one only is a sufficiency for but one occasion
amongst the many, when we seek to adore and praise the Light of Lights —
the Great Incomprehensible. So we have chosen" Effort" as our theme on
this occasion —
effort in its aspect of fostering tile constant stirring within-the willing of the
mind unto a better understanding of the All-Mind; effort to rise and blend with
that Illumination which is the Light of All Lights, JEHOVIH.

Let us, in our striving, close our spiritual ears to the strident vibrations of the
material, and by thus shutting out the clamor of the lower planes, open them
to the Ever-Present, the celestial over-tones. Scaling ourselves thus, whilst in
contemplation, we enter into the spiritual silence. Then do we hear the inner
message; then do we understand the unspoken thought, and the spoken
word, with an inner interpretation. For, we should understand primarily that
every thought expressed in the name of the most holy, either by angel or
mortal, is capable of being translated in many, many ways, according to the
plane of thought to which the soul has risen in its contemplation and effort. It
is in that silence that the spiritual cars are open to the "still small Voice" within
— within the Inner Temple of the soul, where IT has its Sanctuary, its Holy of

There has the Voice of Infinity interpenetrated from the without — from the
Heart of the Universe — resolving itself in the heart of the individual,
changing that heart — changing that individual by reason of such an
interpenetration — lifting him in the grades nearer unto Itself.
Let us always strive to hear that Voice — hearing it in our separate analyses
of the spoken word — in preceptory, perhaps — resolving it within our
innermost soul as that holy, intimate interpretation of Jehovih which is to each
one of us our own, our particular gem, as it were, from the treasure-house of
the Infinite. For, out of the silence which is peace, that resonant Voice
proceeds, the Voice of Spirit expressing Itself in myriads of degrees into the
field of Consciousness. He who attunes his spiritual ear towards that Voice of
Truth radiates, in consequence, thought of a different character from that
emanating from the minds of those around him. His standards change —
therefore he thinks differently. And, his thought being an expression of the All
Mind, he is not only transcending previous levels of thought, but is sending
unto all planes of being enhanced values of the Almighty. Moreover, he has
achieved a constitutional spiritual growth of outlook. He has increased the
stature of his Ego; he has stepped out on that glorious pathway of attainment
unto a sublime blending with the immensities. In consequence, his own
thought-waves have an enhancing' effect upon the great body of thoughtwaves of the world. They leaven the mass; they are as streams of clear water
flowing into a muddy lake, gradually cleansing it—purifying it.

He who has become a servant of the Most High by constant contemplation,
and, thereby. purification — refining his thoughts — which are Jehovih's —
becomes gloriously, automatically, a reservoir of Light, a storage house. As in
a corporeal reservoir, water is stored, filtered, and circulated catering for
those who are thirsty or in need of cleansing, so can this analogy be applied

to those who have set themselves apart to become spiritual vehicles. In our
analogy we mentioned" circulation," That is so very true. For, indeed, this
passage, this flow of Light from the Universal Centre, through all planes of
Etherea and atmospherea, unto the corpor plane, is an immense system of
circulation, a flowing from the ALL-POSITIVE to the ALL-NEGATIVE, in
synchronisation with the mighty ebb and flow of all Cosmic Creation; in time
with the mighty beat of the cosmic pulse of life.

We can conceive of it more readily when we think of simple examples. Water
evaporating in mist from the sea and forming clouds; clouds condensing on
the hills and forming rain; rain filling the streams and rivers and flowing back
to the sea. Again, the seed, germinating and forming plant-life; the mature
plant, blossoming and seeding, casting its seed in turn unto the soil, for
further seeding and germination. We can multiply these examples indefinitely.
Do you not recall the words of the hymn? "The mighty tide of being flows
through countless channels, Lord, from Thee; … Thus round and round the
circle runs, a mighty sea without a shore, while men and angels, stars and
suns, unite to praise Thee evermore."

This mighty spiral of circulation of Light is part of the eternal vortex of growth.
Growth of spiritual concepts — expansion of ideas and ideals — enlargement
of outlook — enhancement of all values, from the" All small" unto the .. ALL
GREAT," as the Eastern mystics express it: .. Unto the ultimate blending with
that throbbing, pulsating Life of the Universe, the Source of all growth — THE

Even to contemplate thus, for so short a time, is growth. Whilst so doing,
something within our Body of Light has responded, that may not have done
so before. Another concept, perhaps, has germinated — another growth

By a little effort, here and there, can we practice, in the holy silence of the
private shrine. By this effort can we so enhance previous ideas of the
Almighty that automatically, as we strive, we cause, by a wonderful type of
sympathetic attraction, angels like-minded to gather about us and aid us in
our contemplations-co-operate with us in our labours. There is an old poem
which runs: Work apace, apace, apace, apace; honest labour hath a lovely
face!' Spiritually thinking, we affirm .. How true!" So let us, with alacrity
conjoin in this" effort," for by such labour comes enhancement and
attainment; attainment that we may serve the better Him unto Whom none
can attain, forever!

So shall we, in the silence of the sanctuary, in draw the Light of Eolin, in its
pure, undifferentiated radiance, we shall imbue it, letting it or willing it to
suffuse our Lotus bodies, flowing from bud to bud — from psychic centre to
psychic centre — sending it forth again in ripples of differentiated beauty of
thought form and love toward all humanity. By what primary urge by what
initial desire, do we investigate this wonderful motion within the ALL

We have the key in the sentence culled from the pages of the sacred law,
Oahspe, with which we began this discourse . .. The All-Light said: He who
striveth to Me is My chosen."

Again do we turn those pages and read: .. To every self I am the Self of that
self. He who perfecteth that Self which is in all selfs, such a man is one with
ME. To travel on such a road, that is the RIGHT ROAD.

The whole mighty scheme of existence and evolution, spiritual and corporeal,
is bound up in the urge to, the desire to, the striving to, travel on that one

RIGHT ROAD. It is the broad Pilgrim's Way. The pilgrimage is eternal; the
celestial city is the journey's end-and it is ever beyond, yet we may travel
within it as we seek it! Eventually, we find it in some glorious degree, and Lo!
It was within our hearts! What is the name of that City? Many, so many, have
essayed to name it. The Faithist gives IT a name by which all may recognise
IT. LOVE ADORABLE. That is the SELF which is within all selves — sleeping,
waiting, until the Call of Destiny shall arouse it from its embryotic slumber.
Selflessness shall grow within the seed-pod of the body of light; the angel
shall emerge and adorn the Gardens of Spirit with the Beauty of Attainment.

Throughout the ages, great Teachers have expressed the Sacred Name
according to the intensity of Light with which they have been impressed, and
also in accordance with the competence of the humanity of that particular
age in which they appeared, to understand that Light. The Truth ever was,
yet can only be expressed to the Human School in measure as the pupils rise
in their standards so to understand the everlasting curriculum in ever-varying
degrees of scholastic expression. Man of yesterday was a child of the
Creator as he is to-day, but in a simpler, less developed age. He went, as it
were, to a simpler school; yet the same Truths were taught him, but from a
more elementary spiritual text-book. So very simply, that first great Teacher,
Zarathustra, was coached by his overshadowing Angel in the rudiments of his
future Ministry. He asked: .. to be all pure, all good, all wise, all holy — what
are these?" And the answer came unequivocally: .. These
are to hear the Voice of the Creator, O Zarathustra! " Likewise do we find this
message in the Beatitudes of Joshu the Nazarene, seven thousand years
afterwards: .. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." For the
ability to .. see God" or .. hear the VOICE " — to comprehend in some very
deep measure the Beauty of Holiness — is always with us ; we have but to
strive to acquire a consciousness of Ever-Presence with us; we have just to
know that it is all a part of us, awaiting emergence into a conscious

expression; we have to believe that truism of the Nazarene Teacher, who
said: .. \\'hat I do, ye may do also."
To hear His Voice — to see Him — to understand Him — in some lovely
degree or other is a faculty we can all enjoy and exercise, here and now. For
does He not live in all beauty and harmony — truth and goodness — work
and recreation — affection and friendship — aspiration and worship?
Is not His Glory for all to perceive — in the splendour of the firmament at
night — the glory of the heavens — at dawn, the blending of colours — at
sunset, the magnificence of light and shade on the hills and the mountains?
Yes, all beauty is HIM, and He gives Himself to us for our delectation, He
paints His Image everywhere, that all may see Him; in the majesty of ocean
breakers — the shimmer of moonlight on a calm lake — the flashing silver of
a mountain torrent; these are but a few of the lights and shades of His
masterpiece of Artistry. His infinity of variation of symmetry and beauty He
shows in the example of exquisite patterns of snowflake crystals — each
different from the other! He fills our souls with the music of the Spheres in the
magic of a violin, and the rustle of a gentle breeze in the trees. The sublimity
of a softly-lighted cathedral is His Holiness and His Silence in Sanctuary. He
is Everywhere! He is Everything! In the fragrance of the rose-in the scent of
orange-blossoms — in the smell of new-mown hay. Yes, in the handclasp of
a friend — in the mother's kiss to her babe; where there is steadfast
comradeship, or high adventure, there He may be found. Yea, and in sorrow
and all hardship — in sickness and in peril: for all these are among His
Infinite variations. With all these, and much, much more besides, does He
feed the soul of the righteous man — they are as Heavenly Manna. Truly
does He spread a table for our sight, and for our feasting. Ours it is but to
strive in searching — and He will be our willing Guide ... Verily I am thy
Servant" saith the ALMIGHTY.

Yes; in that searching we shall strive — for in striving, we become "Elect-inLight." Ours must be an Eternal effort. For as we obey the Sublime Urge to
travel on the Holy Pilgrimage of Life Eternal towards the City Celestial, so
does that Etherean Spark of Him within each one of us grow. Even as we
think on these things, it flickers into a flame. Only sloth and apathy, dull and
dim its intensity. Great Teachers of old spoke of it in different ways. "The
Enlightened One," Buddha Gotama, speaking to his disciples, said : .. Live as
they who have Dharma for a lamp, and kindle the Fire within the Self" What
did he mean, do you suppose? Dharma is that sense of "righteous duty"
innate to everyone. With the godly man, it can be fanned into a flame of
spiritual action which becomes an urge. With Dharma stirred, can the gentle
saint become an Evangelist — the Light Dharma shining within his aura as
an aureole of High Spirituality. The spark of All Light within the innermost
recesses of the Lotus Body suffuses the Body of Light, burning for
expression; all that is self is purged in that Flame — only the ALL-SELF is the
Pyre — the ashes of the Past are swept away by the cleansing Zephyrs of
High Heaven.

According to the poem Tao-Teh-King, the Chinese Teacher, Lao-Tse, said:
"Follow the Light that guides you home, and do not get lost in the darkness.
That I call 'using the Eternal.' "
And the great Teacher, Chine, knowing himself — what a wealth of meaning
is there in that phrase —exclaimed: "I am Man! I am All-Light!" In him did the
light burn so wonderfully, so strongly, so completely, that he identified himself
with it, and, as Joshu, in a later age also exclaimed: "I and the Father are
One! "

For Chine had discovered the Truth of the matter. He, too, had realised that,

on the journey of the Pilgrim towards the City Celestial, there comes a time
with all men, when the Pilgrim turns his thoughts inwards in Holiness, and
discovers the Celestial City within his heart. "Nearer am I than breathing"
saith All-Light; "Lo! I am with you."

Yet the consciousness of that "Within" is being stimulated constantly by the
Boundless All-Light in the limitless surround. All beauty, tones, colour,
thought, ripple throughout the Universe constantly, in etheric waves. Each
wave is superimposed upon many others, and they are multitudinous,
countless, indescribable in earthly language — "beyond the imagination of
man." Each wave is as a broadcast from the SUPREME ENTIRETY, and we,
the humanity of this little planet, with its bound heavens together with the
inhabitants of all other life-bearing planets and their heavens — together with
the Etherean Hosts in boundless interstellar Space — all these, and each
one of these, are as receiving sets of many different capacities of reception.

In our contemplations, we tune our wonderfully complex instruments to the
reception of whatever light-waves can be received and registered. In the
Silence, we inbreathe those Light-intensities from the Without. They ripple in,
as incoming tides ripple over the sand; they fill the instertices we have
created for them; they superimpose upon each other as, in our reverie, we
momentarily rise step by step in spiritual grade. Earth's conditions become
negative in our trance-state, and the tide of the Higher Life flows in, flooding
the soul. That which was effete within his reservoir of Light ebbs as jetsam
from the true seeker's soul as the tide recedes, or as each wave advances
and recedes during the trance-state. And when the contemplation ceases,
the ripples recede, and carry away with them some of the dross of previous

What has happened? What has emerged? A new growth has been

stimulated. A fresh capacity to absorb the broader view has been created.
This, in mystical translation, means that a finer Light-ray on all standpoints
has become blended temporarily with the older ideas; temporarily, we affirm,
but, through contemplation after contemplation, a permanency becomes
established. A constitutional growth has then changed the spiritual outlook,
and one more degree above the average outlook of this humanity has been

So have you aided yourselves. So have you aided the Lords of Wisdom.
Theirs is the broad, high task of raising Spiritual standards — ours is the
service in helping them, by helping ourselves; yet all is in synchronisation
with the Laws of High Illumination.

By Holy Effort have we thus achieved, and risen thereby. Not that such
Service should have an ulterior aspect; nevertheless, the result is incidental,
and progressive, and that is the main point.

Therefore, give, serve and strive! Open the floodgates of the soul to the
incoming Tide of Etherea — that Tide which, in Its everlasting ebb and flow,
shall take you on its bosom .
"As the Dewdrop seeks the Shining Sea — so blends my heart, O Om, with


Love and Service
A. Bridger

No man shall serve another but for love, which shall be his only
recompense..."OAHSPE. Book of Wars Against Jehovih, XVII: 7.
There is but one cause for action — Love. There are two objects on which
love is expended. Two sources of inspiration result in active love. These two
causes or sources of service are Self and Others. No one can serve two
masters, but how often do we all try to do that very thing.

How impossible it is to serve "God and Mammon" is usually only learned
through hard experience and much disillusiomnent.

The greatest ifiusion probably is that we are doing great service unto others
when probably we are labouring for self. Consider: are you ultimately and
really seeking self-advancement, honour, respect, public adulation, rewards,
or even for a seemingly blameless object, as ease and comfort?

Or, perhaps we are mistaken as to the worth of our immediate purpose.

Paul said that love seeks no reward, does not behave itself unseemly and is
not puffed up. This is the highest altruism. Who of us can attain to it? Who of
us so completely forgets self in labouring for others?

We will seek here to find a clue to the difference between service to others,
and service of self-service to others is expansive and liberating; to serve self
is stultifying and imprisoning.

Why is this so?

There are a thousand reasons why self-centeredness is fatal to the individual
Life — but they are mostly examples or illustratons of a great central truth
which lies in the nature of the human soul.

The soul of man is a reflection of the Cosmos. The individual entity is a unit in
a cosmic unity-the Human Family. The human family is a unit in the Spiritual

Neither the individual human unit, or the human family, is a completed
manifestation of the Creative Purpose, but both are evolving toward their
respective goals — which, however, are not two separate goals, but are one
and the same — the manifestation of the Sons and Daughters of Jehovih.

That it "does not yet appear what we shall be" is not the fault of either the
Purpose, or of the Vision of the Purpose as seen by the beholder. Rather the
"not seeing" lies in the limited perception of the creature, be they considered
as the individual or as the Race Mankind.

When this concept of unity is grasped by the individual, the centre of their
consciousness shifts from the Person Ego to the Race Ego or, from personal
attainment to the Divine Purpose, and consequently, from self-service to
devotion toward the Ideal
Purpose, which — interpreted in action — becomes service.

The opportunities for this service are legion. To one it is best expressed in
personal acts, lovingly performed for the benefit of individuals who come
within the scope of daily life and personal experience. To another, amending
the conditions of earthly environment — either for the immediate few, or for

the more widely comprehended many both today and in the future —
constitutes the most fruitful field of service.

Whether our representations are direct service to one's contemporaries, or in
the wider fields of statesmanship, education and the opening of more
avenues for the expression of the human mind and greater freedom of the
human spirit — as in the pursuit of the arts and sciences — the reference
must always be to the unfolding of the Ideal Purpose rather than
theachievement of the individual attainment.
It is as if we would — in losing ourown self-centered life — gain the "Vision"
which is the "It" we all seek.

Let none, however, be discouraged by this

extreme altruism.

The quality of the service given is in no way dependent upon its magnitude.
Most scriptures say in one form or another:"that unto whom much is given
much is required". This statement is only expressing in terms of moral
responsibility and spiritual service that "each tub must stand upon its own
bottom," and that "all that is required of any person is to reach their ann's

The Hebrew Prophet Micah, hundreds of years before Joshu, said: "What is
required of men and women is to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly
with thy God." This triple injunctionis "just" service, tolerant and merciful
judgment, and a humble attitude toward the Eternal Purpose and its
outworkings. It was but reinforced with the ancient commandment to Love
God with all your heart.


Now add to this the Light OAHSPE gives: "Ye shall do good unto others with
all your wisdom and strength all the days of your lives; and shall perceive no
evil in any man, woman or child, but in their birth and surroundings.

There is nothing negative about this "commandment." Men and women have
passed the age of "Thou shalt not" — the age of negative goodness (the
goodness of refraining from active evil) and, with the attainment unto the
knowledge of good and evil, have entered upon a new phase. The age of full
responsibility has dawned.

Men and women are beginning to realize to what extent they are "keepers"
and helpers of others.

Henceforth we must not only give to every one the same liberty of action they
claim for themselves, but we must actively assist in establishing full
cooperation between person and groups as an expression of this acceptance
of the Oneness of Humanity.

Service born of this acceptance of the ideas and ideal of others and
prompted, guided and inifiled with its spirit, will be free from self-desire or any
spirit of domination. The child of light rejoices in the growing evidence of the
permeation of public life by this new spirit of service born of understanding.
The anti-social members of the world, whether peoples, nations or unit-selves
are being assisted to a better understanding of their part in the Whole Body
of Humanity instead of being punished immediately and penalized in futurity
for their lack of understanding.

Children are entirely self-centered when born into the corporean life. Their
emotional growth is one of slowly becoming less self-centered, and learning
that others must be taken into consideration.

It is the wise parent, who, being sure the infant is dry, fed, well and
comfortable, will leave the child to cry out a whim for attention. In our spiritual
childhood, we may be left to "cry out our whim" so that we can become more
self-reliant, and also so that we will learn to take others into consideration in
our behaviour, because of the impossibility of satisfring all our egoistic
demands, irrespective of the rights of others.

Exercise of judgment and discrimination in regard to others is one of the most
important of life's lessons; a little patience and wise forbearance pays rich
dividends in mutual understanding and cooperative service.

Those who seek self-realization through egotism instead of service will find
an incompleteness in their lives. The purely egotistic life is truly lost and the
life of service is enriched and deepened in its flow towards the ideal set forth
as "The Kingdom of Jehovih" in contradistinction to the kingdom of the
material world alone.

Does it not all come back to the statements that "singleness is selfishness"
and "Unity is strength?".. .the strength to overcome the inertia of materiality?
Of this strengh is born FAITH!

This Faith is one which "hitches its wagon to a star" and so journeys on,
avoiding the morasses of self-seeking and the deep ruts of prejudice. This
Faith resolutely rises above the deadening tendencies of an inheritance of
misconceptions and mistaken values.

Of this Faith in Spirit are born the great reformers in all ages and classes and
nationalities. Of this spirit, stirred by their lives of service and self-sacrifice, is
presently born that which we have come to call a national conscience.

There is some ground for hope that we are witnessing today the conception
of a World-Consciousness! Sometimes our hopes revive that its birth is near.
But its period of gestation seems necessarily prolonged; on the other hand,
not all the forces of evil and selfishness can restrain the birth when its time
has come.

Every human at birth is obviously weak and helpless, but the capacity of
unfolding powers of Godship are "involved" in the babe.

Thus meditating, we are heartened by the vision of "Jehovih"s Kingdom on

"The star of Jehovih is in thy soul. It is bright and of great power in
him who forgetteth himself in labouring for others ..."
— Book of Apollo V: 19.


The Soul of Man
Francis Titmuss

1. The Mystery

"Three things bestowed I on Man (said Jehovih): the earth body, which is
dark and none can see through it; the spirit which liveth after the earth body
is dead; the third part I gave to Man is the soul which joineth him to Me."

Our human minds fail to envisage nor comprehend that which is the soul of
man, his innermost being, neither are there any words to express adequately
this mystery.

The spirit of man, his real self, is as a ray from the Celestial Sun, a particle of
the Sacred Flame. Though imprisoned in an earth body yet it dwells
immaculate within that sacred place, the soul, which bridges time and eternity,
spans the unreal and the real, while guarding the vital spark. The soul is the
holy of holies within every man, the dwelling place of the All Glorious One.
Therefore although he may be utterly unconscious of this most precious truth,
the Presence of the Infinite never leaves

"Behold Me. I am the Light and the Life. I quicken into life every living thing.
Behold Me, I am with thee, I AM NEVER AWAY FROM THEE. Thou art Mine
now and forever shall be."
Book of Lika, Ch. 15.

Though Ages may pass before the dawn shall come to some men, all shall

eventually awaken and find at last WITHIN THE DEPTHS OF THEIR OWN
SOULS the meeting place with the Beloved, the homeward road, the
Gateway of Life Eternal. Then men will realise the meaning and the purpose
of their journey into the darkness of matter. When we reach our maturity and
find emancipation from all that binds us now, we shall share in the fullness of
all that is, the perfection of love made manifest, the indwelling Creator.

2. The Purpose—The Great Revelation

"The star of Jehovih is within the soul, feed it 0 Man, and thou O Angel of
heaven, and it will grow to be a god." Book of Apollo, Ch. 5.

The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was the first among his race to
affirm that the soul was immortal. When asked what was philosophy, he
replied: "Labouring daily to get the soul liberty in this prison of the body."
During the time he lived in Egypt, he received the following illumination:
"Human souls that lay hold on immortality are changed into holy angels, and
so they go into the spheres of the gods, and this is the most perfect glory of
the soul."

As a seed sown in the dark earth contains in embryo the future giant tree, so
within the human soul is the spirit of a man quickened and illuminated. The
hidden divinity reveals the Ever-Present Star of Jehovih, and the beauty of
His attributes begin to manifest in the life of a man, by the continual effort of
man's will responding to the inspiration of infinite love and wisdom, and man
shall grow to be a god.

3. The Resistance-Matter, The Deceiver

"Jehovih said: "I created Man in darkness, and gave him no judgment, that
the creation of his own thoughts might be for his own glory forever." But
instead of beautifying his thoughts he hearkened to tetracts and clotheth
himself in clouds." Book of Sue, C h. 2.

Tetracts are inherited tendencies we are told, and" none is without them in
some manner of degree" (Aph 13) and evil comes from tetracts. When we
say that Man commenced at the bottom of the scale, at the outside fringe of
creation, it means that those primitive instincts which we all have inherited,
were developed by our early ancestors in their harsh fight for survival. We,
too, are at an early stage of our growth, but we are being roused to begin to
take an interest in our destiny. We bear the burden of the past imperfections
resulting from the birthing of the Race to which we belong. These are the
errors of those who went before us, but who, nevertheless, contributed their
part to the founding of our humanity, and the early beginnings of the spiritual
unfoldment of mankind.

We shall also contribute as we seek to transmute evil by seeking within for
the Good, the Light Celestial, which shall dissolve all error and the darkness
of unknowing. In our three dimensional world, as most of us know it (being so
very conscious of time), we suffer the agony of our limitation in our everyday
lives. Our sins, our failures, and the weaknesses and weariness we endure,
cannot be denied nor under-rated. As the years go by, we all become
increasingly aware of time's passage, but we are often disappointed and
discouraged at our apparent lack of progress on the Path. We should be
encouraged by the assurance that in the sight of the Eternal Father, the evil
of our lives is seen as unripeness.

"Evil is evil to Man, but evil is not evil to Ormazd. To Ormazd that which man

calleth evil is unripe. I'hua Mazda said: 'When a potter hath a pot half made,
sayest thou it is an evil pot?' Nay verily, but that it is not yet completed. Even
so are all men created by Ormazd; those who are good are completed, but
those who are evil are unfinished work." Book of God's Word, Chapters 9 and

4. The Meeting Place

"Man on the earth shall turn to his own soul, which is My Light within him, and
he shall cultivate it and learn to think for himself. Book of Lika, Ch. 22.

This exhortation to seek within is not just a fanciful thought for us to consider
and act upon in those periods of relaxation. It is an urgent directive from the
very Source of our being, and applies to every hour of our lives. It is now that
we should seek within. The key to our release is within our own souls; to turn
to this is our life's business, here and now. Parting from our earth body will
not bring us freedom from our limitations or our darkness, unless we have
begun to learn the way of escape now.

To accomplish our purpose we need a living, growing faith in the All Light
within. We prove by experience alone that by meeting the Eternal FatherMother within our own souls we find our only refuge and strength; and learn
to face life sheltered within the everlasting Arms. By a daily cultivation of our
spiritual life, and realising that every day is a new beginning shall we discover
and use the vital power to gather the blossoms of eternal life, for the blessing
and encouragement of all wayfarers we may meet.

5. The Responsibility

"The highest peace is the peace of the soul, which cometh of a
consciousness of having done the wisest and the best in all things according
to one's own light. For, after all, is not the earth life but the beginning,
wherein we are as in a womb, moulding our souls into the conditions which
will come upon us after death? In which case, we should with alacrity seize
upon the passing time, and appropriate it to doing righteous works to one
another." Book of Bon, Ch. 7.

There is a good deal written in Oahspe about righteous or good works, The
meaning of the word" work" is apt to be misconstrued, the dictionary says it is
"effort" directed towards an end. Doing righteous works to one another surely
means continually seeking to improve our attitude and regard for others, no
matter who they are. To remember our link with them who are also joined to
the Eternal Spirit within their souls. Always to endeavour to penetrate the
darkness they may be manifesting and so to seek the Light within them.

We all know very well how hard a task this can be, and conflict of human
personalities has to be faced by us all. There is something very potent and
strangely subtle, however, in the constant admonitions we receive from so
many sources about our attitude to our fellow men.

"My highest worlds are responsible for the lowest, being BOUND UNTO
ONE ANOTHER THROUGH ME, for the resurrection of all." Book of Cpenta
Armij, Ch. 4.

If we will but heed, we shall always receive inspiration from within our own
souls guiding us towards the acceptance of the brotherhood of all men, and
we shall grow to recognise our responsibility and relationship to all men,
whoever they are. Remembering that the presence of the All Light is within

the soul of everyman, we can appreciate what will result if we always seek to
cherish the Hidden Star within other men's souls. We shall indeed receive the
joy within our own being of knowing that we are fulfilling the purpose of the
Eternal Father. The blessing of His Presence shall be realised by us
increasingly, and that consolation beyond all words the highest peace, the
peace of the soul, shall be ours.

6. The Culmination

Though we are as yet in the womb of earth life, and but at the beginning of
the great eternal adventure, we may rejoice that nothing in all space shall
keep us from the final re-union with the All Light. It is the perfect law of the
Supreme Being that the stream of His own Life shall flow downward to the
depths to raise every fragment of Himself to the heights. The glorious pattern
of man's progression by the power of infinite love leads him through the outer
darkness of unknowing into the Light of Absolute Illumination. We have often
been told that the Angels of the Presence—high-raised Children of Jehovih—
have passed along the path we now tread, and that they are perfect forms of
ourselves. They are highly organised, and they work untiringly, unsparingly,
for their younger brethren, the children of the earth. To fulfill their work they
must have a sympathetic link with mankind. It is the divine law that humans
with feet on the earth must contribute to form the link with the heavenly
realms; and we MUST be that link. Book of Sethantes, Ch. 13.

There has been no "mass production" of human lives by the Creator. Each of
us is a sweet and perfect thought of His, although outward appearances now
seem to deny this. Each of us has a special place to fill in the realms of
Eternity which no other can fill. By the Light within which never leaves us-we
shall find our way back to the celestial home from whence we came. We shall

then realise all that has passed in the process of our unfoldment into full and
perfect consciousness. The quality of the life within us, the Source of our
origin, and the part we are destined to play in the eternal future. We shall join
our elder brethren to be their companions for ever, in the service of the All
Light—sharing the blessedness of each other's perfect thoughts. We shall be
with the vast company of our spiritual family in that glorious moment of our
emancipation, when our spiritual memory shall be restored and we shall
REMEMBER at last the true meaning of love.

The rapture of spiritual fellowship with the Sacred One shall be ours forever,
and He shall reveal to us the endless delights from His Mind and Heart in the
countless perfections of His new creations.


The Kosmon Observance

We are very pleased indeed with the success of our plan to have this simple
ritual taken by brethren everywhere as a personal contribution towards the
deeper awakening of Mankind. The message of this New Age is now being
sent out in many places all over the world, but we still need more participants,
because our aim is to have the light broadcast every hour, every day and
night. Perhaps later it may be every quarter of each hour, so that there will
always be someone tuning-in to the spiritual realms and then sending forth
the call of light. Will you join us in this simple act of faith and service? If so,
just send us a card to say which day each week, and at what hour you will do
it, then our records will be complete. For the sake of readers who have not
yet seen the ritual, we are publishing it again here.

When one or more if possible, has sat for at least a minute of silence, you
stand and recite Joshu's Prayer, (Oahspe p. 709), then Roe from Bon's Book
of Praise.

Now, by a few moments' mental concentration, you build up a symbol of the
Sacred Name in gold, (circle, cross and leaf), within an orb of blue. Then
visualise a ring of light flowing out from that symbol in all directions to enfold
the earth. You now recite: "Eternal Father-Mother, may Thy Light awaken the
heart of Mankind. Let now the Ray of Brotherhood enfold the world. (A slight
pause) Let now the Ray of Peace enfold the world. (A slight pause). Let now
the ray of service enfold the world. (Another pause). Let now the Ray of Unity
enfold the world. (Pause again). Father, by Thy holy power may Thy kingdom
come in Kosmon. Amen." Another minute of silence closes the observance.

Each time you say "Let the ray ... " you see in your mind's eye a great ray or
circle of light streaming out in all directions.

Every Sunday evening at 7:30 (London time) we continue to send out a ray of
spiritual light to all our friends within the Unity, and to all sincere seekers, no
matter what their faith or denomination, throughout the world. Will you tune-in
to this silent minute that light, joy and inner power may be shared by all?


George Morley

In the Book of Saphah in Oahspe, the student will have noticed the word
"Emethachavah" in connection with certain rituals. Also in the Lords' Fourth
Book, chapter three, the following occurs: "In all your journeyings, ye shall
encounter your brethren coming and going, who dwell in far-off countries.
That ye may distinguish them, keep secret the sacred passwords and rites of
Chavah (Order)." Now we know that the word "Emeth " means both faith and
Faithist, and Emetha is the plural. "Chavah" means Order or Brotherhood.
Hence Emethachavah means the Brotherhood of Faithists. In pronunciation
the "ch" is hard, thus making the word sound emetha-kavah with the accent
on the final ah.

The faith which is designated by the word Emeth is a positive affirmation born
from an inward knowledge. Christmas Humphries in his "Buddhism" says: "In
the history of religious aspiration, the meaning of faith is usually linked to that
intuitive awareness of ultimate truths which is beyond the cognizance of the
intellect-bound mind." To the Emetha, faith is not negative, it is not a blind
acceptance, but is the realisation of a power. This power is the immanence of
a Supreme Being, the One All Person.

Such a faith can direct and rule the personal life, and bring one into closer
association with the higher spiritual planes, sometimes called the Second
Resurrection, and the dwellers therein. It is the Prelude to the rites of
Emethachavah given in the Book of Saphah, that engages our attention,
because it indicates the Way of Attainment. Here we are urged to find a
centre to which to attune. This is the key, to attune to the Creator. How shall
we do this? The answer is by contemplation. By endeavouring to see the All

Perfect in His creations. Firstly, to see the best in each other; then in all the
Universe, the cosmos, visible and invisible; the zodiac and planetary Order,
in the radiations from the sun, moon and stars; in the flowers and trees, and
the angelic worlds. Thus we find the One Note which puts us in tune with
each other. It is the hidden splendour within all created things. The faculties
of one's own particular genius are quickened by it. It cannot be otherwise.

So by being linked in the Brotherhood, we become attuned with each other
and to the Creator. Particularly we become attuned by prayer. How simple to
follow! Take, for instance, Joshu's prayer, what could be simpler as a means
of approach? Then as our ancient Master Zarathustra directed, set up a small
wheel-cross, and turning it once daily, recite: "In memory of my covenant to
turn from evil and strive to do good. In Thee, Jehovih is my trust." Follow this
by contemplating the sacred Name — circle, cross and leaf. The circle
symbol of infinite love, the cross of infinite light and the leaf — infinite life.

Faith becomes active through prayer, and the Prelude to Emethachavah has
shown us the way. One may be living away from other Faithists; separated by
corporeal miles, and not have the advantage of meeting often; yet distance
need not deter anyone from entering the Unity. Here the observance will be a
means of aiding one to come telepathically into real association. There will be
an awakening within, and su’is, the higher clairvoyance, may make the
"other" life a wonderful reality. To walk through life, no longer alone, but
linked with others both on corpor and in es.

Slowly but surely we shall become conscious of an overshadowing light. We
shall even see in life, a means of preparation for the real life, which Oahspe
says, begins when earth life is over. Finally, we are led to the door of the
Inner Sanctuary; it may be during the hours of sleep; then we shall receive
light on hidden things, and learn more of what is required of us in ‘service.’

"He who would reform the world must first reform himself; and that, if he do it
honestly, will keep him so employed that he will have no time to criticise his
neighbor. Nevertheless, his neighbor will be benefited — even as a man
without a candle, who at last discerns another's light." From the Book of the
Sayings of Tsiang Samdup.


UNO and the New Age
A. Stafford

UNO will fail. It will fail because there is no real unity in it. No unity of heart as
well as mind; no unity born from the light of the Spirit within.

But let us go back a little. Even out of darkness good often comes. Thus from
the First World War, the League of Nations was formed. This was good and
no doubt came from an inspiration. Not for thousands of years, since the
great Eawahtah (Hiawatha) called the many nations of America into a
brotherhood, had the world known such an ideal. But the League failed, or
shall we say it did not entirely succeed; it could not prevent the Second World
War This, I believe, was due to two things, firstly, the majority of ordinary folk
were not interested, and secondly, it was built mainly by politicians, and not
God-inspired men and women. However, a splendid seed was sown.

Not very often can the light of the New Age flow through the sphere of politics.
This is because so many who take up that activity are moved by ambition;
many are materialists, and even those who have some religious feelings are
usually tied to one orthodox body or another, instead of serving within the
realm of spiritual freedom. Much more is being done for this New Age by
sincere people who give their all for an ideal, and who live and work in
comparative obscurity.

However, the League of Nations left its child with us before it died, and
eventually, from the structure of UNO, something greater will be born,
although it will require many years yet. UNO must grow up, it must
experience a great catharsis, and like many a seeker, must pass through
times of trial before it is spiritually reborn.

Many occultists to-day are looking for the return of the Iesu light, the Christ
spirit as many of them call it, and they expect it to come through one person.
But that manifestation belonged to an Age which is past, it ended when
Jesus (Joshu) completed his mission. In this New Age, the light, the Avatar,
will come through many teachers (though of lesser spiritual stature) because
the Iesu ray does not manifest in the same way to every Root-race.

Thus, those seekers who to-day become disciples or initiates, do so through
the great families or rays of which the Great Souls in the past became the
focal points — Jesus for the Essenes, Zarathustra for Persia, Eawahtah in
Guatama (America), Moses in Egypt and the several great ones of the Orient.
Through those who are inwardly dedicated, therefore, the ancient light is
being expressed in a modern form, and the great work of world redemption
goes on, continuing until the Iesu power is expressed once more in human

It is, therefore, through such disciples that the later form of UNO will come,
and the way is being prepared now. Through the five-fold channel in The
Kosmon Unity the light is streaming in power, and several other schools of
deeper thought are manifesting it also, each in their own way. It is by and
through the unity of these channels, through the unity of the spiritual nations,
that the call to unity of the modern material nations is being sent out with ever
increasing potency. Thus the UNO of the future will have a spiritual origin and

Founded for international service, by mutual trust and goodwill, the UBN
(United Brotherhood of Nations), Opah Egoquim of the New Age, will be
directed by those who are spiritually awakened, knowingly receptive to
guidance from the higher realms, that cooperation and peace will be practical

realities. UBN will not come in our time, but we, in The Kosmon Unity, are
working toward its foundation, and we realise that there is no other solution to
the many problems inherent in the re-birth of Mankind.


A. Bridger

"No man shall serve another but for love, which shall be his only
recompense." — OAHSPE p. 391, v. 7.

"From this time forth ... do good unto others with all thy wisdom and
strength," — IBID p.152, v. 17.

"The star of Jehovih is in thy soul. It is bright with of great power in him who
forgetteth himself in labouring for others." -IBID p. 119, v. 19.
There is but one cause for action — Love. But there are two objects on which
love is expended: two sources of inspiration resulting in active love, i.e.,
service. These causes are Self and Others. No man can serve two masters:
but we may add — we all try to do that very thing. How impossible it is to do
so is usually only learned through hard experience and much disillusionment.
The greatest illusion probably is that we are doing great service unto others
when probably we are labouring for self ultimately and really; for selfadvancement, honour, respect, public adulation, rewards, or even for so
seemingly blameless an object as ease and comfort. Or we may be mistaken
as to the worth of our immediate purpose.

Paul said that love seeks no reward, does not behave itself unseemly and is
not puffed up. This is the highest altruism. Who of us can attain to it? Who of
us so completely forgets self in labouring for others? Jesus said: "He that
loseth his life shall find it." In this paradoxical statement we may find a clue to
the difference between service to others and service of self. The first is

expansive, liberating: the second is stultifying and imprisoning. Why is this

There are a thousand reasons why self-centeredness is fatal to the individual
life — but they are mostly examples or illustrations of a great central truth
which lies in the nature of the human sou1. The soul of man is a reflection of
the Cosmos. The individual entity is a unit in a cosmic unity — the Human
Family. The human family is a unit in the Spiritual Universe. Neither the
individual human unit or the human family is a completed manifestation of the
Creative Purpose, but both are evolving toward their respective goals —
which, however, are not two goals, hut are one and the same — the
manifestation of the Sons of God. That it "does not yet appear what we shall
be" is not the fault of either the Purpose or of the Vision of the Purpose seen
by the beholder, but lies in the limited perception of the creature, be he
considered as the individual or as the Race Mankind.

When this unitary conception is grasped by the individual the centre of his
consciousness shifts from the Ego to the Race: from the personal attaining to
the Purpose (and consequently from self-service) to devotion to the ideal,
which interpreted in action becomes service. The Opportunities for this
service is legion. To one it is best expressed in personal acts, lovingly
performed for the benefit of individuals who come within the ambit of daily life
and personal experience. To another, amending the conditions of earthly
environment, either for the immediate few or for the more widely
comprehended many, constitutes the most fruitful field of service. But
whether as direct service to one's contemporaries, or in the wider fields of
statesmanship, education and the opening of more and more avenues for the
expression of the human mind and greater freedom of the human spirit, as in
the pursuit of the arts and sciences, the reference must always be to the
unfolding of the Purpose rather than the achievement of the actor's individual

attainment. It is he who "loses his (own) life shall gain it "— the Vision!

Let none, however, be discouraged by this extreme altruism. The quality of
the service given is in no way depends upon its magnitude. When the
Scriptures say, as most scriptures do in one form or another that "unto whom
much is given, from him much is required," they are only stating in terms of
moral responsibility and spiritual service that

"each tub must stand upon its

own bottom" and that "all that is required of any man is to reach his arm's
length." The Hebrew Prophet Micah, hundreds of years before Jesus
appeared, said: "What is required of thee, O Man, but to do justly, to love
mercy and to walk humbly with thy God?" This triple injunction is just service,
tolerant and merciful judgment and a humble attitude toward the Eternal
Purpose and its outworkings. It was but reinforced by Jesus when he said:
"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy strength and
thy neighbour as thyself." (Quoted by both Mark and Luke).

Now add to this the Light, Oahspe gives: "Ye shall do good unto others with
all your wisdom and strength all the days of your lives; and shall perceive no
evil in any man, woman or child, but in their birth and surroundings." P. 634, v.
41. There is nothing negative about this "commandment." Man has passed
the age of "Thou shalt not" — the age of negative goodness: the goodness of
refraining from active evil and, with the attainment unto the knowledge of
good and evil has entered upon a new phase. The age of full responsibility
has dawned. Man is beginning to realise to what extent he is his brother's

Henceforward he must not only accord to everyone the same liberty of action
he claims for himself but must actively assist in establishing full reciprocity
between persons and groups of persons as an expression of his acceptance
of the Oneness of Humanity. Service born of this acceptance and prompted,

guided and infilled with its spirit, will be free from self-desire or any spirit of

The child of light rejoices in the growing evidence of the permeation of public
life by this new spirit of service born of understanding. The anti-social
members of the commonwealth, whether peoples, nations or unit-selves are
being assisted to a better understanding of their part in the Whole Body of
Humanity instead of being punished immediately and penalized in futurity for
their lack of understanding.

In our childhood we all have to learn to take others into consideration in our
behavior, and the impossibility of satisfying all our egoistic demands,
irrespective of the rights of others. Exercise of judgment and discrimination in
regard to others is one of the most important of life's lessons, and a little
patience and wise forbearance pays rich dividends in mutual understanding
and co-operative service. Eventually "The meek inherit the earth!"

A lot of twaddle and foolishness has been spoken and written by friends and
enemies alike about this simple but profound saying of the Nazarene. Surely
it is obvious that "meekness" and "poor in spirit" are phrases that had no
relation in his thought to cowardice, nor to that shrinking attitude toward the
problems of life, noted and excused today as an "inferiority complex." If any
relation between them is possible, it can only be that his hearers were being
reminded of the incompleteness of the lives of those who sought selfrealisation through egotism instead of service. The purely egoistic life is as
truly "lost" as is the life of service enriched and deepened in its flow towards
the ideal set forth as "The Kingdom of God." in contradistinction to the
kingdom of the material world alone.

Does it not all come back to the statement that "singleness is selfishness"

whilst "Unity is strength?" Strength to overcome the inertia of materiality. Of
this greater conception is born FAITH! Faith which can remove mountains of
doubt and difficulty. Faith which "hitches its wagon to a star" and so journeys
on, avoiding the morasses of self-seeking and the deep ruts of prejudice; and
resolutely rising above the deadening tendencies of an inheritance of
misconceptions and mistaken values.

Of this spirit are born the great reformers in all ages and classes and
nationalities. Of this spirit, stirred by its votaries and their lives of service and
self-sacrifice is presently born that which we have come to call a national
conscience. There is some ground for hope that we are witnessing to-day the
conception of a World-Consciousness!

Sometimes our hopes revive that its birth is near. But the period of gestation
is necessarily
prolonged but, on the other hand, not all the forces of evil and selfishness
can restrain the birth when its time has come. Every human birth is obviously
weak and helpless, but the capacity of unfolding powers of Godship are
"involved" in the babe. Thus meditating, we are heartened for the vision John
saw — the New Jerusalem descending out of Heaven, establishing the
Kingdom of God on earth .


Colour and Personal Unfoldment
E. F. Morley

LIGHT as expressed as colour is vibration, and on the spiritual planes this is
a manifestation of life and consciousness. Hence, since there is always a far
greater intensity of life in the higher realms, even inanimate objects having
visible radiations of their own, colour is not the flat surface appearance as
known on the physical plane, but the living, pulsating life-power constantly
given out by everything, becoming ever more beautiful the higher the plane of

When one fully enters the path of spiritual training and service, one begins to
come into closer touch with the unseen realms, and receive their finer forces
into one's psychic organism.

The plan of the seven stages of unfoldment now becomes more distinctly
marked in one's deeper life, and each stage in its turn may have seven
phases. The length of time spent in anyone stage varies considerably. One
student, for instance, may remain in the first stage for twenty or thirty years,
while another may pass through it in twenty days, only to wait much longer
further on the path. Real attainment must be a constitutional growth, it cannot
be forced.

As one passes through the various stages so the light that streams from the
spiritual body increases, and this can sometimes be seen by those who have
the clairvoyant vision. At first, this light will extend only an inch or two beyond
the surface of the physical body, but, as the soul advances, so the range may
increase to several feet, and now different colours will be observable which
will gradually inter-penetrate and yet never clash.

The colour most frequently seen around those who are in the first stage is the
pale blue of aspiration and faith, though above the head there may be a
certain amount of yellow if the intellect is particularly active. With those of a
very mystical type of character, this blue will soon deepen into the royal blue
of bright sapphire, and is always found where there is a condition built up by
profound prayer.

In the next phase, amethyst flecked with silver eventually leading to cerise
will be seen; then later on the gold of wisdom will appear. The bright green of
Nature is associated with certain ecto-plasmic manifestations (called in
Oahspe "sargis") and is especially noticeable in those who are natural
healers, although orange may also be seen in these cases. This colour, light
green, also denotes friendliness and the ability to blend sympathetically with
others. Purple is indicative of the deepest devotion, and a very advanced
level of consciousness.

The higher graded the individual the more radiant and beautiful will be the
auric emanation, and by students who are" intuitive" this may be felt as a
power rather than seen.

Just as these various colours will appear in one's surroundings as one
progresses, so also that progression can be aided by mentally concentrating
upon them. The student should visualise a cloud of the required shade
enveloping him during the times of meditation, nevertheless, this is only an
aid and not an end in itself. The vibrations thus generated help to create a
high condition in the etheric atmosphere.

The seven rays from the All Light, linked with the seven letters of the Name
Jehovih, bring into the lives of those who consciously seek them, the outward
though spiritual signs of the various inward manifestations of His Grace.

E. F. Morley

WHEN receiving communications from the spirit worlds, it is sometimes
rather puzzling that the communicators do not always make their intentions
perfectly clear. Why, for instance, did not the great ones working through Dr.
Newbrough make it clear to him that the Book of Jehovih's Kingdom on Earth
was not intended to be included in Oahspe, and that its teachings, especially
the Book of Shalam, related not to his day, but to centuries hence? Had Dr.
Newbrough known these facts he would have been saved his heartbreaking
experience of building a colony and then seeing it fail.

One reason for the lack of clear directions often is that those who have been
"on the other side" for a great period of time, forget the limitations under
which we live, and give us credit for greater spiritual perspicacity than we
really possess. Occasionally there are also limitations, or even errors, in
transmission. There is very little doubt that Dr. Newbrough's time of intense
spiritual receptivity passed through three phases. In the first phase he was
preparing himself; in the second the greatest work was accomplished, but
during the third the source of communication was not always the same, nor
from the same high level.

The Name "Shalam" comes from a very ancient root word meaning "peace,"
and derivatives of it are seen in several languages, such as Salem, Sholum,
Saloum and Salaam. To students of esoteric knowledge, it really means an
interior condition or vibration, a centre wherein is found a deep peace
produced by the high spiritual light discussed therein.

Qabalistically speaking, we see the significance of the Hebrew letters Shin,

Aleph, Lamed and Mem—the Aleph being pronounced but not written. Shin
represents the fire or light of the Divine Presence. Aleph indicates the beginning, the primal or initiatory force which is connected with the sacred name
Eolin, the Great Awakener. Written in Hebrew, "Alph" means a bull, the
ancient emblem of the earth and the vitalized vortexia or life-force of the
realm of Nature. Lamed, here placed appropriately at the centre of the name
represents balance and equity, and is to the second half of the sacred
alphabet what Aleph is to the first; one half being associated with the
Macrocosm, and the second with the Microcosm. Mem is the sign of the
Great Mother, the saving grace of the infinite love. Magically these letters are
linked with the four elements, fire, earth, air and water. From all this we see
that Shalam represents a peace of great profundity, in which all the forces of
the psycho-natural world unite, and in which the human spirit is intimately
connected with the world of nature and the world of the divine. Herein we can
only hint at things and give a "word to the wise."

In the main, there are two means by which the Kingdom of Light will come
into the world. One will be through the life and work of people in the New
Race specially inspired, and living in the ordinary world among their fellow
men. The mayor may not realise that they are disciples of the Iesu way. The
second means will be through spiritual centres being established. The first
has already begun, and can be seen in many parts of the world. The second
will come later.

The centres of which we speak will be very gradually built up, and discreetly,
not at first open for all the world to see. This work will be undertaken by
people entirely dedicated to spiritual service, who will have withdrawn as
much as possible from the outer world, and gone through enough selfdiscipline and mystical training to be sufficiently mature and psychologically
balanced, that the "lower self" will not be able to affect their labour. They will

engage in observances of an esoteric nature in conjunction with the highraised angelic companies working to initiate the new world-order. As time
goes on, the way will open for the reception of young children, mostly waifs
and orphans, so that they can be brought up in spiritual conditions, and
trained that the light of the higher self, the true initiate within, can manifest

The movement in this direction has begun, only in a very small way but
of the main centres, three will appear first: one in the extreme East,
another in the far West, and a smaller one in England where East and
West meet. Naturally, activities of such high import must appear first in
the spiritual world, and then later on "descend" to physical manifestation.
Thus these three centres already exist in the higher planes, but the
corporeal foundations have only just begun. That in the far East is known
as Shamballa, the one in the west will be called Shalam, while since the
English one must be established first, and in a sense is the mother of
Shalam, it is called Shalamea. Although small steps toward the latter
have already been taken, it will be a century or two before these centres
of light are fully established, then gradually others will follow.

Of those that follow, not all will be founded in the same manner, nor for the
same purposes. Some will be more exoteric, while a few will be dedicated to
one particular work, not the least of which will be the reception of the
Etherean messengers. Slowly yet surely the light will dawn for all nations,
until in the fullness of time when the Age has reached its climax, there will be
established the real City of Light, a spiritual world-capital, the New Jerusalem
(Yeru-Shalam). It is toward that end that we united in labour.



The Gnostics
George Morley




WHATEVER was good and true in the ancient mysteries will gradually be
restored, though in modern language, in this New Age. Among others, a
thought-wave from the Gnostics will be received.




From remote times since man, began to speculate on the origin of Creation,
and the nature of the unseen powers, certain sects have arisen, who through
their illuminated seers, evolved systems of thought enshrining what is usually
called the Ancient Wisdom. One of these sects was the Gnostics.





The general name "Gnostic" is used to designate several schools which
sprang up in the Eastern provinces of the Roman Empire, almost
simultaneously with the rise of Christianity. It is possible that their roots could
be found among the Essenes, with later additions of Persian and Greek ideas.
The Gnostics flourished, however, long after the dissolution of the Essenes,
and were active at least until the fifth century.







Simon the Magus is generally regarded to be the first of the Gnostics, and
when they later became divided into three main branches, Menander, a
disciple of Simon, founded the Syrian section. The other branches were
those of Asia.





Such were the problems the Gnostics set themselves to solve, and for the
satisfactory solution of which, all their theories and hypothetical systems were
principally framed. To the end of explaining the difficulties which arise in
these speculations, they adopted from the Neo-Platonists the doctrine of
Emanations, in which all things proceed from the Supreme in a system of









emanations as distinct from direct creation. Thus was brought into being the
Pleroma or Plenitude of Intelligences. These Intelligences were called the
Eons. Thus Time was the first Eon proceeding from the Father, and was the
progenitor of Mind.

Since Time was the first Eon, we can perhaps here see a relationship to the
modern space-time continuum of the physicist with that of the Gnostic Eon,
for as soon as Creation began Time began.

The primal source of Being, according to the chief Gnostic systems was an
invisible, incomprehensible, unbegotten, supreme God or Being whom they
named "Bythos," meaning Profundity, to express His unfathomable
inscrutable nature. He was the "Fountain of Light," and the "Primal Man"
giving for the reason of the latter title that "Man was created in the image of
God," which, therefore, proved the nature of the prototype.

There was, however, a hidden name for the Supreme since the Gnostics had
both an exoteric and an esoteric system, the hidden name was a great secret.
This reminds me of the ancient Hebrews who always kept a sacred name
secret. Thus in a Gnostic gospel we read: "And no name is more excellent
than all these, a name wherein, is contained all names, and all lights, and all
powers. Knowing the name, if a man quits this body of matter (trance), no
darkness nor power, nor ruler of the Sphere (planetary spirit) shall be able to
hold back the soul from entering the Light." In the Book of Jehovih, ch. 1,
Oahspe, we have a truly Gnostic presentation of the Name.

The Gnostics collected a Gnosis from every quarter, and accepted all
religious systems as partly true, extracting from each whatever harmonised
with their ideas. Indeed, it may rightly be asserted that the Ancient Wisdom is
ever the same, no matter in what presentation or school it is found.

In the doctrine of Emanations, we can see a resemblance to the mystical
Quabalah of the Jews, whilst most of their teaching can also be found to
have had a Persian or Magian origin. Basilides of Alexandria developed a
system of teaching and training which had three grades, the material,
intellectual, and the spiritual. The doctrines of this system also ran on the
lines of a succession of Eons, Emanations and Sephiroth over which an
Archon, or angelic prince presided. Thus the Oahspean teaching regarding
the angelic states and the various Orders of Angels, has an early parallel in
the Gnostic teachings. The Truth expounded can never die!

So down through the ages, under many guises, the Ancient Inner Wisdom
has prevailed. It is the task of the Faithist to find this Wisdom and to manifest
it in these modern days.


Prayer and Sleep
R. Shirley

We too frequently emphasized that the troubles of the world to-day have their
root in the divorcement of from the social, political and economic life of the
nations. The lessons of history appear to have been forgotten. No civilisation
yet has survived for long, after link has been broken. The negation of all
things spiritual which characterises the "experiment" of Russia at the present
time has within it the seeds of its own destruction.

A truly "Godless" civilisation is an anachronism, an impossibility; for the
moment the life of a nation becomes really separated from the Hidden
Waters, the germ of disintegration and decay commence their fell work.

The surest way of safeguarding the existence of the vital link between
Humanity and its Divine Source is by the cultivation on the part of every
individual of good will of the habit of prayer.

It is not the intention in these brief notes to deal with the classification of the
various types of prayer, or the values of the methods of meditation practiced
in the West as compared with the Yoga systems of the East. Rather is it
intended to stress what is conceived to be the vital need of the day—prayer
in one or other of its many forms.

Even from the purely personal point of view of physical health, practice of
prayer is worthwhile. The time spent in meditation or prayer before the
beginning of the activities of the day is repaid abundantly in increased clarity
of mind, steadier nerves, and power of endurance. The mystic or occultist,

however, will probably realise that the surest safeguard of physical health is
to be found in the cultivation of the prayerful life—the "practice of the
Presence of God," as it is generally called.

The time of evening prayer is a time when the dust and the turmoil of the day
are put aside, the mind and nervous system are harmonized, and peace of
mind prepares the way for a night of healthful slumber. And not only this,
there is a still further possibility, especially in the case of those who may be
long practised in prayer. If before falling asleep, the mind is raised in
aspiration for a few moments, the spiritual keynote, so to speak, lingers with
the outgoing consciousness right up to the period of deepest physical
unconsciousness when, there is reason to believe, it is possible at times to
touch consciously the very threshold of the Gates of Gold. Fortunate indeed
are they who succeed in bringing back any definite recollection, but even if
this be not so, the feeling of utter well-being that floods the waking
consciousness, the rejuvenation, the lingering sense of heavenly bliss, are in
themselves things of incomparably greater worth than anything that mere
physical vitality can offer, precious though the latter undoubtedly is.

But all this is of little importance in comparison with the fact that every
channel kept free for the influx of spiritual life into the world, makes available
by just so much more the hidden resources of spiritual power which are
awaiting an opportunity to permeate the lower worlds with their healing
influence. Not that the mystic or occultist as such is a peculiarly fitting or
specially favored instrument for the Divine hands to work with, so much as
that, being for the most part untrammelled by sectarian beliefs, and enjoying
a freedom of thought practically unattainable in any form of organized religion,
the line of resistance to the spiritual out-flowing should be decidedly less than
in the case of the merely pious religious worshipper.

Piety, in the common acceptance of the term, is, unfortunately little more than
a sentiment, an emotional mood accompanying that type of mind which finds
its simple satisfaction in the blind adherence to religious doctrine, the
recitation of ready-made prayers, and the observance of ceremonies.
Fortunately, however, despite his intellectual limitations, the religious devotee
is sometimes able, through the very purity of his emotions, to make of them a
mirror so fine that it reflects the very light of illumination itself. These are what
may be termed the religious geniuses of the world, men and women who,
without exhibiting any superior power of intellect, nevertheless, by the
loftiness of their emotions, and the nobility of their daily lives, bring within the
reach of all with whom they come in contact — yes, and further still, so
intimately blended is the higher consciousness of all mankind — a breath of
the Divine.

That which, in the case of the philosopher, manifests as an illuminating flash
of light, in the case of the religious devotee manifests as an all-conquering
love and compassion. The illumination of the seer and the inspiration of the
saint are one in origin. Both types find their place in the economy of human
There is something magical about the touch of inspiration — it is contagious.
It kindles the Divine spark which lies latent within every man. And it is free to
all without distinction, since it requires no other aptitude than the ability to
pray. This, the simplest amongst us has. No matter how narrow the creed, or
restricted the outlook, so long as, at the time of prayer, the soul shall strip
itself alike of its elaborate philosophy or its inelastic creed. For those must not
be carried into the Sanctuary. The soul must strip itself naked, so that there
shall be nothing between it and the Infinite Light. The naked soul will tread
down the thoughts and memories of its personal life. A cloud of forgetting

must cover the things of this lower world, then by an effort of the will and by
aspiration, the soul reaches out to blend with the Light which is Life. Here
then is a means available to all, by which the
Saving Grace may be brought again into a world that needs it so much.


Beside the Still Waters
L.M. Boulter

To reach a spiritual oasis after the seemingly endless march through the
scorching desert of corporeal affairs and hindrances, is vitally necessary to
the mystic pilgrim.

It is, indeed, the renewal of life, the recharging of strength to carry again the
burden and continue the arduous journey of the soul. Moreover, it is the
terminus where the soul changes its mode of conveyance, and swiftly
reaches those "places of delight" places of indescribable beauty, love and

So we especially call to the wounded souls, the lonely hearts and the
spiritually hungry to rest awhile with us beside the still waters, and as we
listen to the soundless sound, we will hie away to the Garden of the Lilies.

The beautiful symbology of this place of truth and purity, is of the
undifferentiated life of the Spirit. The atmosphere is one of repose, yet it is
charged with the perfume of The Lilies. Let us cloak ourselves around with
the shining of the Sun Celestial, and though its glory shall be dimmed, yea
and it become soiled when we walk again the mean streets of earth life, yet
we may renew it as often as we will once we have discovered this wonderful
garden of the soul. Wonderful because here we can see our earthly failures
as real spiritual victories, and all the murmuring of our wounded soul is
hushed — the pain is stilled.

Two examples the Master Joshu bade us consider long ago when he walked
this earth —the lilies and the children. He spoke to the Marthas who worried

over many things, the anxious about tomorrow's cares. The children live so
near to the lilies in their simple trust, for their spirits are as yet unhampered
with sad memories or regrets. We, who carry the burdens of life, have
cultivated the bad habit of looking backward. We almost enjoy discoursing on
the things once possessed or the good times gone for ever, whereas could
we, forgetting all else, remember one truth only that "Birthless, deathless,
changeless, remaineth the Spirit for ever" we should find that Peace which
passeth all understanding.

So let us capture the perfume of the lilies, for it shall enshrine the healing
balm of our ministry, and go forth undismayed, our souls refreshed to carry
on the Father's Will.


Music In Relation to the Cosmos
Joan Stedman

Music occupies a very important position in the Universe. Sacred Scriptures
tell us worlds were created by Sound, the Word of Power: "God said …" —
and presumably destroyed also by the Word of Power. Sound can be
constructive and destructive. I see no reason to believe that the story of the
Walls of Jericho in the Old Testament is not literally true. As an Initiate,
Joshua would know what note the trumpets should sound, the vibration of
which would cause the walls to crumble.

With regard to music: however beautiful and inspiring it can be on this earth,
we know that it is a thousand times more wonderful in the Spiritual worlds —
the Harmony of the Spheres. It is safe to say that in so far a musician,
whether a composer or executive artist, is inspired or overshadowed by one
of the Great Ones on the Other Side, so will His music rise to heights of
beauty and glory: this is true of all kinds of music that is truly beautiful;
Beethoven claimed to receive his inspiration direct from God. One is tempted
to think that the reason why so much modern music seems ugly and
meaningless, is that the composer does not open himself up to a Higher
Inspiration, but depends entirely on his own efforts; to many of us these
efforts appear to lack shape, as if the composer did not know where he came
from, why he was here, or what was his destination.

Religion has always made great use of music in its ritual and services: the
older religions employing man trams or words of power to be chanted: the
great word AUM or OM is said to put the soul in tune with Cosmic
Consciousness. In the Christian Church, the use of music ranges from the

glorious voices of the choir in some great cathedral to the Salvation Army
brass band at the street corner.

Nature, one of the great manifestations of our Father-Mother-God, has her
own music. One can hear the flute, piccolo and oboe in the rippling streams,
high soft violins in the wind in the trees, and the deep bass in the thunder of
the waves of the sea. The birds, of course, have their own choir-solo parts,
duets and chorus.

Among human beings, the power of music depends upon each individual's
receptivity to it, but it can be, and is, for some the very Voice of God itself —
it is quite certain that God can speak to the soul through music, aided by the
imagination. For the writer, one such piece of music is Rachmaninov’s Third
Piano Concerto in D minor: in the two first movements, the composer seems
imbued with tragedy of life and love; but in the tremendous third movement,
he is triumphantly sure that the Forces of Life and Light will be the
conquerors: one can hear the great assembling of a great concourse of
Spiritual Beings, Angels and Archangels, and the Lords of the Flame, the
hoof beats of celestial horses galloping to victory.

Then music can have great healing power, a fact now being recognized
among one or two of our more progressive hospitals; obviously this fact has
enormous possibilities. We remember the old Greek myth of Orpheus and his
lute, shade trees, and the mountain tops that freeze, bow themselves when
he did sing, and how David played on his harp to soothe King Saul in his dark
moods. One reason is that music has a tremendous influence on the Astral or
Body of Feeling and Desire: one aspect of this is seen among the dances of
African natives, where the extremely potent drumming of the tom-toms can
send the dancers into a state of self-intoxication. It is evident that under this
aspect of influence over the Astral body, music can be used for good or evil.

It is a comforting thought that for those of us to whom music means a great
deal but whose accomplishments in that direction are modest, that in that
larger Life in the Beyond, we shall be able to fulfill all our longings adequately
to express ourselves, and to add our share to the Harmony of the Spheres.


Spirit and Personality
R. Shirley

In the highest emotions, the fire of Spirit is reflected, until in the "Children of
the Second Birth, we have those who have been utterly consumed, so that
the "self" of the limited personality is no longer felt as a reality, but is known
to be the illusion which it really is.

In the same way that the emotions may become a key to the spiritual life by
the way of inspiration, so too the intellect may become a key by the way of
intuition. "Spiritual" intuition may manifest as the flash of genius, which "sees"
first and confirms by reason afterwards; or as the illumination of the sage, the
Sankaracharyas both of the East and West, such as Eckhart, Ruysbroek, and
other "intellectual mystics."

The qualification "spiritual" may seem out of place in conjunction with the
term "intuition." It must be admitted that, strictly speaking, this is so. The
adjective above, however, has been deliberately introduced in order to call
attention to the fact that much which passes for intuition is nothing but
psychic sensitiveness. Such common "intuitions" as that a certain person is
lying, or practising deception, the "intuition" that one will meet a certain
person at a particular place — all such minor manifestations, while not
without interest, are merely examples of psychic sensitiveness, and bear no
relation to intuition proper.

When it comes to arriving for oneself at some sense, however vague, of true
spiritual values, it need hardly be said that in many cases this will not be
achieved without deep pondering; while in others the gift of intuition will

spontaneously reveal its presence. The occultist, however, will usually be
found to hold the conviction that such "gifts" have really been earned, even at
the cost of some sacrifice.
Meditation for the mind, aspiration for the heart — these are the chief
instruments by which the inner self, the "hidden divinity," may find a channel
to illuminate and inspire the personality. Yet it should be remembered that
the authentic urge, the vocation as the Roman Catholics term it, to establish
such inner rapport between the lower and the higher self comes always from
the latter. Otherwise it is well to beware of the existence of that "forcible
passion for personal stature" against which Light on the Path warns the

The shifting, changing personality, with its many emotional moods, only too
often obtrudes its own ambitions and desires, and obstructs the leading of
the inner Guidance. How frequently one comes across earnest but misguided
students who busy themselves first with one method, then with another; and
though their interest in matters occult or mystical may remain undiminished,
nevertheless fail to find their own centre. So often the voice of the inner self
is drowned by the clamor of the personality.

Each must watch most carefully for the subtle illusions which the corporeal
self frequently throws up; each must ruthlessly judge himself, and by
deliberate effort transcend the outer personality and bring the attributes of the
higher self into positive expression.

Perhaps only after a long period does it occur to the student to keep still and
listen for the first faint intimations within his own consciousness of the reality
of the inner Guide, call it by what name you will. It is not the word but the fact
which is of importance.

We are all builders, though perhaps not yet "master builders," first and
foremost, we must build a new being within us, and by our own consistent
effort so change, not destroy, the personality that it becomes increasingly in
attunement with the higher worlds, and an ever clearer vessel through which
the light of the real self — "self of Thyself" can shine, radiating its living
message to all Mankind.


Church Trance Address:
Oahspe Fellowship Kosmon:
Midsummer Festival (Summer Solstice)
Brother George Morley

To-night you have assembled to celebrate the Summer Solstice, and many of
your Christian friends would call you pagans because this observation of a
natural phenomenon is something which was observed before the Christian
Era. If it was observed before the Christian Era, there is nothing in the
Teachings of the great Founder of the Religion which became Christianity
which says you shall not observe any of the ancient festivals. As a matter of
fact, He engaged in it Himself. We are therefore to conclude there was
reason apart from an emotional reason why the Ceremony of the Summer
Solstice has been observed through the ages. It is because at this particular
time of the year the sun is at its strongest, and we have always looked to the
sun as the bestower of life to the Earth. So do you today. Ancient records
show belief in a Beneficent Power and this giving of life is a manifestation of
the Ever Presence.

This Ever Presence everywhere manifests and produces those things which
are alive. Everything in nature vibrates to this Presence. It is a source of all
Motion, Energy, Thought, Idealism, Music, Art, Poetry, Love, everything
which can create that which is beautiful. It is friendship's tie. It is the light from
the farthest star. It is the movement of the insect on glowing wing as it passes
from flower to flower. It is the power in the petals of the flower expressing an
innate force. Know that the life with which you are so familiar does not exist
only on the plane on which you are living. It manifests through other states of
being and it is because of this that you are believers in life after death. Death,
the change from the physical to the spiritual, the passing from Earth into the

Heaven World, and the taking on of Immortality with a spiritual body. And this
time of year betokens that Ascension into the Light that is profoundly real to

And because you are aware of the facts that go to show the continuity of life
and the glorious Ascension away from corpor, that you rejoice at this Hi'dan,
this High Light Festival. There are with you those who are out of the physical
body. They are with you in that spiritual body which they have inhabited after
passing from the earth life, but they do not come so near to you perhaps as
you might wish. You might wish for some special manifestation of their
presence. How do they approach you then? Is it on an interior plane of your

Let us look at it for a moment. When a man dies and leaves earth life, he
dwells very closely to the condition he left. He had shut out all thoughts of an
‘after life'. Desiring his old surroundings, his thought held him there. He found
that the things he left he could no longer control. Now they became
intangible. He sees them with an astral sight, sees objects through their
vibrations. He may dwell in that condition for a considerable time. There
comes a time when the urge to advance comes to him. He enters the spirit
state more profound and real which has possibilities denied him on earth. He
sees larger scope for expression and earlier life fades somewhat. There is
still love for those he left on earth and ties are not yet broken so he can come
back to the state but now with greater power than before. Now the mind goes
out to a thing and it immediately understands the thing. Misunderstandings
are not possible as they are on earth. There one is known in one's true
aspect. Petty failings of earth life have gone. The particular germ within the
spirit shines like a jewel. One begins to take hold of things by blending with
them, and all things which take one away from the conditions left behind are
like aspirations after self-expression. The urge to be your true self has free

scope and acts like wings which carry you on, and on. No wonder Angels are
portrayed with wings by artists. There is typification of this power. Spirits
travel distances, some from more interior planes of life, some from other
planets. Their mission? A power which can unite. As spiritual power
increases it infiltrates lesser planes. Negative forces become lesser. In the
latter days, the ideals in art, music, poetry, dancing, symmetry become better
expressed in the race. Younger generations catch up with ideals which
become better expressed.

The world has been a testing ground for the human race for thousands upon
thousands of years. Why should it ever change if it is the object of earth life to
bring forth humanity that it may inhabit the Celestial planes? There is not in
the whole of natural phenomena anything which indicates a permanence.
The human race must either continue to advance or it must cease to exist; It
is because of this that such schools of thought as KOSMON exist today and
are advancing the message so that it can be handed on and on and on and
all those who feel the power of spirit moving them will respond to the inflow of
this wonderful vibration of life and expression the best thoughts within them,
bound by no forms, creeds and dogmas, loving the Father and believing in
His Power to regenerate the whole of the world, His Power to provide
"Heavens of delight which perish not forever" as it says in Bon's Book of
Praise, in Oahspe.

These are things fundamental to the TRUE RELIGION. All those who take
the Path of this Religion feel that they are the expressing this Interior Light
which the higher angels are manifesting on the Inner Planes. They express
with silent thought, telepathy. When the true light shines there is no limitation
to the power. Life after death is an elementary fact.

The Kosmon Church particularizes on the coming into rapport with those

interior planes of Light from which the spiritual powers can flow overall the
wide world. So that the true believer, the Faithist, by the power of Affirmation
opens within the planes of his spiritual consciousness, a door. The Light from
Higher Worlds flows out through that doorway. He seeks to come more and
more into at-one-ment with those Inner planes and it is by no easy process
that he does this. He follows a definite path of discipline. He begins in
Service, a member of a Fraternity, seeks methods of meditation or
contemplation and thus bring his soul into association with all who work
toward raising up standards of the human race. After years of service he
perhaps seeks still closer union and communion with the more inner planes
and there is no Path denied to him if he has the perseverance to go on. What
seems like two worlds are one. It takes nothing from earthly life. Discipline
has a purpose. Tasks of life become less irksome because over all there will
be the dawning of the transcendental spirit and you will know that your Father
will speak to you in the Silence of meditation. The best within you will begin to

You look into suffering, may think, "Why has the Creator permitted it?" Now
let us put the question another way: Why do I permit it? We are all part of the
Creator. Not donation for scientific research for the cure of disease but we
suggest you devote your life to the prevention of things which take away the
beauty of humanity, which cause constant crumbling into decay of the human
race. You may say, you have no power but we all have power. Remove the
conditions which are basic. It is the conditions of life which produce these.
Remove the conditions. If the spirit had free play through the living organism
there is no disease which could triumph over it. The proof of this is that if you
bring a person into line with the spiritual light the disease which has so often
baffled the physician is entirely driven away.

The Spiritual Science is a very real thing. Not that we decry physical science,

in its place it is doing admiral and noble work. There is an underlying Power
which produces Light the Inner Light. When we speak about the Inner Light,
the mystic interprets it as some power which can come and raise us up
above our little selves. It is quickened every time we turn our thoughts to the
Creator and say: "Our Father." It is the identity of ourselves with the Power
which is greater than our limitations; it is the identity with this Power which
can overcome the limitations. When the mind recognizes a thing it opens a
channel within the psychic centers for the inflow of the Invisible Power which
has produced all nature. When this Power flows through the psychic
doorways it passes through the etheric body and it reacts upon the physical
body. And in 9 cases out of 10 that is what happens when the sufferer is
healed by the power of prayer after the physicians have failed. In
identification with Our Father, called by Faithists in JEHOVIH — we see
solution. Jehovih is Ever Present intelligence expressed in the whole of
creation and by all the angels as One Self; through all vast universes
expressed as His Body; in the heavens as Spirit, and in the Soul of things as
His most Internal Self. And you and are part of that One Life and, are ONE
We seek the unity in this Festival of Mid-summer. Here in this Mid-summer
Festival when all the glory of life is about us, let us catch hold of it and never
let it go but live forever in the Light of the Eternal Oneness: The Father of All
in every age."


Unfolding Within The Creator
Sister Maidstone


In 1959 the Kosmon Church of England received a Trance Address about the
Tablet of HY’YI with the Text HO’ED i found in the Book of Saphah. An
interesting document on its own, it does not fully encompass the potential for
spiritual awakening that can occur with the study of the ten symbols of the
Tablet of HY’YI.

This paper will focus on Faithist/Oahspean ideologies for the purpose of
individual and group spiritual growth.

Before we begin studying this Tablet we, as Faithists, need to set aside ideas
that we have inherited from our patriarchal society which have an Abrahamic
and Christian influence. We must let go of materialistic interpretation of the
symbols and start fresh. As a student on the path to understanding, this
Tablet allows us to look deeply inside ourselves to better understand the
vastness of the world around us. The Crown, for instance, is not the crown of
the Patriarch, King, Pope, or God; it is instead a symbol of our own spiritual
understanding. Similarly, the Rose is not the Bridal Bouquet nor does it
symbolize ideas of virginity or romance. The Rose is our spiritual self and like
any flower in the garden requires nourishment and mindful tending.

Some of you will recognize the similarity of this Tablet with the Tree of Life of
the modern Quabalah, and the likeness between the two is a very interesting
study; in fact even a slight knowledge of the Quabalah can open up new
channels of understanding of the Tablet…

English Trance Work, TABLET OF HO’EDii page 1.

Each interpretation of Kaballah (sometimes spelled Kabbalah, Qabalah or
Quabalah, Cabala etc.) has its own teaching of the symbolism of the
Sephiroth, the name given to the collective points—and is plural. This
grouping of collective points is also called the Tree of Life. Even within
Jewish study there are many and various interpretations, which are
considered Schools of Thought.iii There are ten Sephiroth in the Kaballah in
three triads: three symbols on the Left Pillar, three on the Right Pillar, three
on the Center Pillar; the Crown at the top is the tenth sephira (singular).


Traditional Hebrew Kabbalah with 10 Sephiroth and 22 Pathways

We will not be discussing or looking at what is taught in these many and
varied schools of Kabbalah, except to say that most Schools of Thought on
Kabbalah think of one Pillar as Positive, going-forth, and one Pillar as
Negative, receptive. Because of the Faithist teaching of the Duality of the
Creator, we will set this polarity of the Pillars aside and look at each symbol
individually, for with the exception of the two heartsiv, the other symbols are
thought of as both OM and NA. Actually, we consider the entire Tablet both
going-forth and receptive, for there is the teaching of the descent of the soul
prior to corporeal birth, and then the return of the soul as it ascends to its

The Kabbalah Tree of Life derived from the Flower of Life (sacred geometry)


We will be studying the Faithist teaching, exemplified by the Tablet of HY’YI,
with the interpretation in text in the Chapter HO’ED in the Book of Saphah. In
addition, the Trance Address given to the English Kosmon Church will be
interspersed, as well as related verses from the Tablet of Ancient Egypt. All
these sources are combined to give depth to your study. ..


HY’YI and HO’ED:
The Faithist Kabbalah

…by contemplation you will find a new vision opening up to you if you take
even one symbol of HO’ED, for they are the keys to many hidden mysteries
and can be interpreted at many levels.

You will notice this (Tablet) covers the whole span of our destiny! From the
Crown we come forth, to the world we descend to objectify consciousness, to
bring us into manifestation of that spark of Jehovih-Om within…at all stages
of unfoldment, …as we seek to rise again through the planes unto the Crown.
English Trance work TABLET OF HO’ED, page 1.


Our work at this time is with ascending from the earth, our return to the
realization through inner experiences in expanding consciousness of our
Oneness with the Divine, symbolized by the Crown.
Ho’ed is an evocation of these…powers which the soul has touched
subjectively in its descent in order that it may objectify them on the path of
return [to the Crown High Raised].
English Trance work TABLET OF HO’ED, page 2.


We are the Rose, deep rooted in the earth.
...colors no man maketh, nor knoweth any man the cause. This subtle
perfume, whence cometh it, , and whether goeth it. What power fashioned it,
and propelleth it? …is my spirit like perfume? Whence cometh it, and whence
goeth it?
HO’ED text Tablet of HY’YI, verses 2, 3.
Verses 2 and 3 from Text HO’ED for the Tablet HI’YI, can be read as
understanding the wonder of Creation and Life through the Rose. And then
we can consider the wonder of Creation and Life through contemplation of
each individual person. One of the profound understandings of the Rose is
that it opens naturally to the Light of the Creator, each petal of the bud
unfolding in perfect symmetry. The Rose does not push itself to open. The
Rose opens slowly and beautifully within the light.

So let this gradual

unfolding of spiritual understanding be the path of the unfolding and
deepening of consciousness of each Faithist in the Light of the Creator.

…the heart of the man of darkness is downward to things that perish. My
heart pointeth up toward Thy kingdom.
Tablet of Ancient Egypt, verse 5.

Between the downturned heart and the upturned heart is a symbol of our
planet, Earth, our corporeal world called Tem’yi in OAHSPEv. This is where
our journey down into corporeal birth took us, and now from the earth we
begin our return to our source. The downturned heart reminds us that many
individuals do not understand their relationship with the Creator. We Faithists
realize a feeling of separation from the Divine, and seek to know more of the
Creator. Faithists easily find their path to the upturned heart, seeking to
know more of the Truth and Beauty of Creation, seeking understanding,
expanding consciousness and At-One-ment.

Knowledge even of the highest scriptures, is, of itself, not enough.
The Heart must KNOW in its innermost sanctuary, then is knowledge
transformed into WISDOM.
…[HO’ED] besides being a symbolization of the descent and ascent of the
soul from its origins to its ultimate goal, is, in its spoken form, a means of
connecting these Planes, or states of consciousness, by and through the
power of Mithra, Son/Daughter of the Sun.
English Trance Work HO’ED, page 3.


Trance work is available for study which explains that Mithra is the Title of a
high raised angel [Lord or Lorddess Mithra] and the large number of angels

working together, collectively called Mithra, who have the special work of
helping us in understanding as we ascend. The sign of Mithra is the Heart
within the Sun. Symbolically, through the Heart of Mithra flows the Light and
Power which we need for our individual unfoldment. We are told that the
Sword of Mithra is to be thought of as the Wand of Mithra, which focuses that
[NA] Power which is the radiant Power and glory of the Sun. We need this
radiance so that we may develop and grow, unfolding in spiritual
consciousness as the Rose unfolds in Sunlight.
Various Trance Addresses including:
HO’ED, page 3


As we grow in spiritual understanding our expanding consciousness takes us
to an understanding of the duality of the Diamond. There is the material
aspect of being a high priced sought after gemstone, which has come to
symbolize an expensive gift as well as the union of man and woman in the
engagement ring. There is the spiritual aspect which is symbolized by the
beauty of the diamond as it is fashioned with facets and polished to refract
and flash out the colors of the Rainbow, one of the symbols of the Creator.
The Diamond, the Eye and the Sun can be thought of as work in the Light
called by the English HI DAN or HY’DANG.

The work in Light is about

understanding the Duality of the Creator through understanding the spiritual
symbolism of the Diamond, Eye and Sun.

The Diamond is the symbol of corporeal desires which must be transcended.
The Diamond is a Sun stone and within it is stored the inner radiance of the

Sun itself. But when it is a mere lump of carbon buried in the ground, the
diamond, like the soul immersed in materiality, is quite an unloving
thing….The Eye which looks towards the Diamond through the Radiance of
the Solar Orb sees a different jewel from that which is seen through the heart
which is pointed downward. The eye of the awakened soul sees in the cut
and polished gem, its pure white light refracting in its facets the colors of the
rainbow, it is the Jewel of Om, the radiant and immaculate ascensional body,
the Body of Light.
English Trance Work HO’ED, page 3.

In American society, the Diamond has become a symbol of the Marriage of a
Man and a Woman, a gem stone symbolic of love. This holds a really
interesting symbolism of each individual’s quest to unite with their Creator.
When contemplating the Diamond and the symbolism of Union of a man
(positive) and a woman (receptive) our thoughts can turn to the symbolism of
the Bride and Bridegroom teaching of

In meditation you can visualize the Diamond, and as you grow in
understanding, you could see the Diamond with brilliant Light on it, then with
the deepening of consciousness you could see the Light flashing out the
colors of the rainbow. Perhaps you could find the brilliant Light shinning on
you, or you could experience becoming like the Diamond with the Light
manifesting through your understanding of the Creator…shinning out from
you so that others may grasp what understanding the duality of this beautiful
gemstone represents. This duality helps us understand how we are to leave











As said before, there are many different levels of the manifestation of the
symbolism of the ascending soul, for they are personal inner experiences,
unique to you and your personal journey.

We come to realize that we seek union with the Creator, and in this we
realize another aspect of duality, which is that we are already One with the
Creator. It is here that we begin to understand that we are to leave the
material world and seek the deepening inner experiences of expanding
consciousness, which the English call Inner Vision.

This is the place where many OAHSPE students find themselves stranded if
they are still seeking things in the material world. This seeking after the
material manifestation of our world blocks the ascension into the spiritual
manifestation of the Diamond. Pushing our spiritual understanding can be
thought of as a material blockage which is “desire”, for it is here, lured by the
Diamond, that the expanding of spiritual understanding stops if we are
pushing to achieve understanding. Until the material world with desire can be
set aside, the aspiring Faithist will linger here, wondering why they have not
gained a deeper consciousness. It is not complicated. The symbolism of the
materiality of the Diamond must be left behind to ascend into the work in
Light and the beauty of the duality of expanding consciousness. This is really
becoming a Faithist, for it is here that we realize the Faith in the Creator
which truly brings us into the consciousness of being a Faithist. Our Faith is
no longer in the material. Our Faith is now Faith in the Creator.

Even the diamond binds me not, the highest shinning corporeal thing.
HO’ED text Tablet of HY’YI, verse 6.

Thou hast made me above the diamond and above all precious stones; but
the man of darkness goeth after these. Thy children he careth not for; he

seeth not. Verily will I run quickly to them and lift them up. They shall be
gems for my raiment…
Tablet of Ancient Egypt, verse 6.

In your spiritual work, eventually there will be work linking the Tetracts with
the Sephiroth, for in Faithist teachings there is a relationship of
understanding oneself and ascending consciousness.


We have already touched on the Sun in the preceding sections on Mithra and
the Diamond. The Tablet of HO’ED is a Tablet of Mithra, Son/Daughter of the
Sun, this being symbolized by the central placement for symbols of the Sun
in both the Tablet of HY’YI and the Tablet of Ancient Egypt. This is to help us
remember that the Lord/Lorddess Mithra and the angels who work
collectively with Mithra, have as their focus our expanding consciousness.
From Thy tablet ...its pages graven with the sun, moon and stars…will I read
from the rising of the sun till the going down thereof.
Tablet of Ancient Egypt, 9.

Thou, O Corporeal Sun, burning and full of flame, that bringeth
forth the corporeal, growing harvests…Thou, O Corporeal Sun,
that makest of the things that are made, what a glory is thine…
HO’ED text Tablet of HI”YI, verse 7.

As you meditate upon the Sun, you may find yourself bathed in the warmth of
the Sun. Eventually you could find that you step into the Sun and become

immersed in the energy of the psychic currents of the glorious golden
radiance that is the Sun.


We have touched on the duality of the Diamond, and we understand the
duality of the Sun as both the going forth in energy is Na; and this energy
being necessary to bring forth the harvests, an action of OM. The Eye, also,
is receptive and going-forth.

The Eye which is here in profile, has been called the Eye of Jehovih in
Going-Forth; it is Jehovih as Creator…the Eye is the origin of vision, and here
it represents the open vision which must become operative before we can
become At One with the Creator, and be as Creators….The eye becomes for
us the Going-forth in NA. The eye sees the Diamond [OM] through the Light
of the Sun. The Eye is symbolic of the Wisdom of Mithra, imbued with the
Love Adorable of Mithra’s Sacred Heart…
English Trance Work HO’ED, page 3.

Hear me proclaim the All Eye that createth making the souls of men.
HO’ED Tablet of HY’YI, verse 7.

My eye shall look toward Thy dwelling place. Thy sight is upon me.
Tablet of Ancient Egypt, verse 10.

It is easy to understand that the eye, in looking out at the world is NA. And
we understand those experiences which come to us though our eyes are OM.

The Eye of the fully awakened soul sees.

English Trance Work HO’ED, page 3.


As you read verse 8 of the Tablet of HY’YI the text titled HO’ED, you will find
the Moon has the symbolism of being fed by Om, and of being identified as
OM. We call to OM to come to us, yet in the English Trance Work on HO’ED
we are told that OM is indwelling.
…although we are conscious of the Lunar Power, and wisely seek to draw
upon it, yet in the boundless scheme of things the lunar orb of our little planet
has been touched by Eolin to set its magnetic and psychic currents into

English Trance Work on HO’ED, page 4.

We are working to understand the depth of these things which we cannot yet

There are things associated with the esoteric manifestations of the Moon we
can understand and experience. The occult power of the four phases of the
Moon is part of the symbol of OM, being the 4 phases of the Moon resting on
the 4 points of the Diamond. Thus the four phases of the Moon and the
Diamond become the symbol of OM. This symbolizes the occult power of the
four phases of the Moon in building up the spiritual body.

The Parodar is also an esoteric manifestation associated with the Moon that
we can experience and begin to understand. We are told the Parodars are
seen on the 2nd Phase of the Moon. The Trance Work on HO’ED says on
page 4, Parodars are an “auric radiation…fashioned from the rays of the
Moon, which is an occult fact.” The Parodars are a pure white, white the way
we see the Moon. White Light is the blending of the colors of Light seen in

the rainbow. Elsewhere in the writings and Trance work we are told that the
Parodars represent purity of thought and spiritual focus.


We cannot reach the planes of ascension and understand the journey with
the corpor mind alone. The power which enables us to do so, the power
which lifts the veil from our corpor eyes, comes from the STAR, the Star that
is the Light of the soul, the Star of Initiation, the Star that represents our
ancient lineage and our inherent power to rise above the bonds which keep
us chained to corpor. When the heart and the mind are one, then the soul
has touched the Star, it has reached the point of higher consciousness, the
point of Illumination, and this higher consciousness manifests in the Body of
Light fashioned not with corporeal hands.
English Trance HO’ED, page 4.

Oh what a glory is yours, thrown in the high heavens! Thither, far, the souls of
my forefathers roam full of Praise and prayer. Make me all pure, O Thou Om,
that I may ascend.
HO’ED text Tablet of HY’YI, verse 11.

Two deeply esoteric experiences are mentioned in connection with the Star,
the Parodars and Illumination.

The Parodars are mentioned in several

places in OAHSPE, and the link at End Note 1 provides a way to search the
text of OAHSPE for individual words and phrases. Illumination as referenced
here is not explained in OAHSPE.vii “Illumination” is said to have occurred
when the individual’s consciousness becomes Illumined from within.


person’s first experience in being Illumed can be felt like a great warming
glow within, and later having an inner brilliant Light which can be seen

through the eyes of the Illumed…brilliantly shinning out through the eyes. It
is as if the physical organs no longer exist, and the individual is filled with
Light. It is experienced and then gradually the inner glow dims, but the
individual has gained a deepening of consciousness which does not grow
dim. You could say this is an experience in being At-One with the Creator.

Do not confuse the Parodar with the Body of Light. The Parodar of a woman
looks the same as the Parodar of a man. All Parodars appear identical in
every way, beautiful, female, long wavy hair, having large bird-like wings,
flowing robe, the entire image Moon-White. The Body of Light is individual
and unique to each person.

In other places, English work tells of an Orb with Wings that may be seen
before the individual has sufficient purity of spiritual focus for the Parodar to
manifest in its beauty fashioned of the Rays of the Moon. Shifting colors of
the rainbow are sometimes seen with the Orb, which are described as
wafting waves of rainbow light or small vortexes of the colors of the rainbow.


The Crown symbolizes the Light giving the individual Faithist the power of
comprehension…the realization of Spiritual Principles, which have no

In one place in the Trance Addresses from England the Crown is said to
have Seven Points, and in another the Crown is said to have Twelve Points,
which we can understand to mean that there are different Crowns; and we
may receive more than one Crown in our spiritual ongoing. Each point of the
Crown could become the resting place of a gem stone, each gem stone
symbolic of a spiritual lesson learned. In your spiritual ongoing, you will

receive tokens and badges and also gem stones. The gem stones are those
that may be placed in your Crown. You may see the Crown as you are
contributing your gem stones, when each stone is placed on a point in the
Crown. There is Trance Work available for you explaining the various gem
stones, but nothing that tells us exactly what lesson each stone represents.
We know that various gem stones are important to each Angelic Shrine, and
in the Trance work we are told why.

There is no final Crown, but there is ongoing spiritual realizations with a
Crown given at various places on the individual path of each of us. When you
have been given your Crown you will know that you will now be ascending
into the next level of unfolding consciousness, the next Tree of Life, with a
new Crown as the focus of your new expanding consciousness. You could
eventually find yourself wearing the Crown adorned with the gems symbolic
of spiritual lessons you have learned because of your realization of spiritual
truths. The symbol of the Crown is the place of manifesting and
comprehension, and contains the promise of what is to come. OAHSPE
explains that the Crown is symbolic of our work in the heavens, for the Gods
and Goddesses and Lords and Lorddesses are given Crowns. Each crown is
apparently symbolic of the work of the Angel who wears it. And we remember
that the Crown is not made by corporeal hands, the crown is woven of light
and could be resplendent with the jewels of realized spiritual understanding.

Lord/Lorddess Mithra and the collective group of angels who are known as
Mithra have given us the Tablet of HO’ED to guide us on our spiritual journey.
Because of the ascending nature of spiritual consciousness, we can assume
that as we gain deeper and deeper spiritual understanding, this symbolism
will be given to us in the same form with expanding experiences in spiritual
truth in the Faithist Kaballah also known as the Faithist Tree of Life. The Nine
Entities also represent the Kaballah form, the tenth symbol, not shown, may

be thought of as the individual Faithist, or an Association of Faithists or
Humanity. In the English Archives I saw numerous hand drawn Kaballah
forms of the Nine Entities, indicating their study by English Faithists. The
Nine Entities have various meanings, depending upon their placement.
There is also the understanding that the Entities change places with each
3,000 year Cycle, and the work of each cycle is to properly order the Entities
as to how the energy and the work of the cycle are manifesting. If you
undertake this interesting task, do remember to include the individual or a
collective group as the base point.

You are unfolding, as the Rose. As you ascend your spiritual path, the Tablet
of HO’Ed is your spiritual map of the path of your expanding consciousness,
marking the points of Light in your spiritual journey.

Thus we see that in HO’ED the symbols depict the active creative efforts of
the soul to rise and the evocation of the solar power through Mithra to enable
it to do so.
English Trance Work HO’ED, page 5.

One final thought in closing: As you read, study, pray, meditate and work in
service to others, you will have inner spiritual experiences. These come as a
result of your own inner work and deepening of spiritual understanding, and
are not the result of pushing yourself or trying to achieve what you think is an
expected experience. Just go about your life, pray and meditate, and find
ways to help others. Then when you have an inner spiritual experience, the
Tablet of HY’YI will help you understand what the experience means. Do not
strive for or desire a spiritual experience, Let the experience come gently into
your hands as the precious gift from spirit that it is. With thoughtful study this

gift from spirit will open new understanding and new awareness of our
spiritual heritage as Faithists. Let us move from materialism and its bondage
into the freedom of living within the unfolding consciousness of the Divine.


The Shining Gateway
Beloved brethren met together in the quietness of this Sabbath evening —
met together that in this hour of devotion the inner self of yourself may
awaken and in awakening hear the inner voice and behold the greater vision
of life; thus coming into that wider understanding whereby one draws into
more harmony with the infinite source of All Being.

On the physical plane at the present time in the earth's history there are two
kinds of people all over the world. Those who belong to the past age and
those who belong to the Newer Age which is coming into being. Let us not
judge either, for both have their place in the great plan. But, nevertheless, if
we are going to understand the phase of human history through which the
earth is passing, we must also understand this difference within human

Those people then who belong to the past age are still in the majority. Many
of them are perfectly sincere and earnest. Many of them are living the life of a
good citizen, but their mind has a limitation. It is perfectly true, of course, that
on the earthly plane all minds have a limitation, but what we mean is this —
that the understanding of spiritual truths is very difficult, or almost impossible
for them. It is because the age which is passing was an age of darkness.
When you look back, for instance, on the times that you call mediaeval, and
even anterior to that, you will see how bound human consciousness was with
superstition and lack of knowledge. And even the forms of religious
observance of those times were terribly limited, though perhaps they did their
best sometimes to guide Man to a higher understanding. Nevertheless, that
age of darkness which lasted approximately 2,000 years is passing now. But,

of course, the change in the human family comes slowly and so those who
belong to the past have their mind and their heart mainly focused on the
material world. They find it so hard to believe in anything other than that
which the physical senses can demonstrate to them. Sometimes they may be
described as materialists, but we should in all humility and tolerance use that
term with understanding and not in any form of condemnation.

The other type of man or woman in the world that belongs to the New Age is
still in the minority by a very large degree. But here we find those who are
aware — are aware that the world in which they live is the vessel of
something deeper and more real. They are aware that the physical life is a
means by which the deeper self can awaken and through its contact with the
material plane come into an ever increasing awareness, both of oneself and
of ones circumstances. They may not as yet fully understand the existence of
a spiritual universe, and certainly for many to visualise a spiritual universe
which is as real and vital and objective as the material, in fact more so, that
they find too difficult to grasp. But within them there is the spirit of seeking.
There is the desire to know more. There is the openness of mind, the warmth
of heart, the enjoyment of human fellowship, especially as a revelation of
something higher and more beautiful. And so it is then within this
minority that the light of this New Age is becoming focused.

Perhaps you belong to that group. And just as there are two types of human
beings today so also within this new race - within the minority who are
responsive to the light of this New Age, there again we find a division. There
are some to whom the light of this New Age is a gently awakening dawn.
There are others who feel able to go right forward quickly into a full and
complete understanding of all that it means and signifies. We might call one
the Passive and the other the Active.

The Light of the New Age is becoming expressed then through these people
in every land, though there is a very deep reason why at the moment it is
mainly through peoples who speak your language. Nevertheless, all
countries are being touched by this light in some degree or the other. Of
course, since the earth is at the present moment in a time of transition,
passing from the old age into the new, a change which cannot take place in
one year or in ten but will require several centuries, it will follow that there will
be some people who are themselves in a stage of transition. They are either
aware of it or not. Some who are aware of it may suffer acutely and deserve
every possible sympathy that we can give them, because those are the
people who know they want something more, but are not sure of what it is
they need nor do they know where to find it. But, of course, the very fact of
wanting, the very fact of having an inner desire for light, for spiritual
understanding, gradually opens up the vital centres of inspiration. These
centres are subjective, that is to say within the mind, and objective, which is
to say within the brain, though those of you who have taken your studies
rather deeply will remember that there is an etheric brain as well as a
physical one. So there are centres of inspiration which have to open like
gates of light, and gradually these centres become quickened so that as the
years pass the seeker slowly yet surely finds his feet guided in the right
direction, though of course he may of necessity have to travel slowly. Many of
you have been travelling slowly, but the fact that you are here tonight shows
that now you are ready for deeper things. Perhaps this accounts for the many
strange attitudes of mind that you find among your fellow-kind allover the
world at the present day. From those who belong to the extreme of the past
age to those who are reaching forward in a very positive manner to the Light
of the New Age. And in between those two extremes are many gradations.

This Light then affects all the different psychological types of which the
human family is composed. Now the coming of Light always has a peculiar

effect upon the world at any of its major phases, and this is indeed a major
phase into which the earth is passing now. That is to say, the coming of Light
at first shows up the signs of darkness. As for instance if you had a room that
had been closed for a long time and its door and its windows sealed,
nevertheless the dust would accumulate within it, and then when one day at
last you open those windows and the doors and let the light in, how
unpleasant the room would look because all the dust would at once be
shown up. And that is another reason then why so many unpleasant aspects
of human life are being revealed at the present time. Many strange diseases
that were not known years ago, and the occasional outbreakings of rather
terrible crime, and the constant threat of war, in fact nor merely a threat but
here and there small outbreakings of hostilities. Do not then be dismayed
because of these things but rather know that they are signs of the times. Now
among the children of the New Age, of which you yourselves are a part, there
are many whose one desire is to grow in understanding and in the personal
and intimate experience of all that this New Age means, but who realise that
this growth and experience can come only if we participate in the life of the
human family in a very vital and close degree, if we can enter into it in
fullness and yet at the same time carry with us the illumination that is being
vouchsafed to us. So that as one goes forward along the pathway of life, one
learns the true art of living and you realise, of course, that the true art of living
involves the revelation of the spiritual universe with which one is surrounded.
You have come to know that that is a part of life, in fact the deeper we look
into the spiritual worlds the deeper we look into the spiritual side of our own
nature. The more we understand the purpose of it all, the more we see the
significance behind our earthly pilgrimage and every event of any major
importance that comes to us in the course of life.

Once you have touched the spiritual path in a very definite manner, that is to
say not just as a passive enquirer but as a conscious participant, then all the

major experiences of your life will have an inner purpose whether they are
pleasant or unpleasant, but you realise this important fact that through it all
you are being guided and that guidance comes from the Infinite source of All
Being, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly through His angelic

Here then we come to perhaps the important difference between this
Fraternity and many others which are working under the Light of the New Age,
because the members of this Fraternity are sometimes described as Faithists,
but in particular Faithists in Jehovih. Now the word Jehovih is itself' a word of
power. It is a name. A name has always greater significance and potency
than a description. You can describe the Source of All Being by those words.
You can describe Him as the Infinite or the All One, the Eternal Spirit. But to
give a name gives potency. But we need not worry as to what name we use
at the moment, nor as to the description. The point is this — that one can be
a Faithist in anything. You can be a Faithist in a book; you can be a Faithist
in a leader; you can have faith in a certain teacher or in an angel or in a
group of people, but all that is different from having faith in the Infinite Source
of All Being. Oh, you might say, I don't see that is very different from all the
millions of my Christian friends and those who call themselves Moslems, and
the many other well-established religious systems in the world.
Well, there is a subtle difference you know, and it is in this-wise, that when
we use the word Faith we mean something different from belief. Of course,
throughout the ages there have been millions and millions who have believed
in the existence of a Supreme Being, but you have a faith which is a living
confidence that that Supreme being is a power within your own personal life
as well as in the life of the world as a whole. Now there is quite a big
difference then between the believing in the existence of someone and
having a living confidence in the power of that someone's presence. And so
those who belong to this Fraternity are endeavouring to grow gradually into

an ever increasing confidence or faith in the power of the Infinite within them
and they endeavour to manifest and express the power of the Divine
Presence in their daily life.

There is, however, also this fact to be borne in mind, that just as the Light of
this New Age is being revealed through many different channels and not only
religious channels but many of both artistic and humanitarian significance,
nevertheless, within this Fraternity there is this factor, that you can learn
about the structure of the material world and how it is the vessel of the
spiritual world which inter-penetrates it, and of how there are living forces
within that spiritual world; and you can learn further, how you can come into
conscious contact with these forces and use them for the betterment of
human kind. This then is the particular service that this Fraternity seeks to do,
but basically there is that faith in the Divine Power within oneself, and it is
that power that can lead one out of the darkness and limitation of materialism
on the physical plane into an ever increasing understanding and unfoldment
in the All Light.
As you heard in your lesson this evening — "To those who would be
described as Gods there is a perpetual growth" and that can be an
experience, in fact it is an experience which awaits every human soul
eventually, but for you that path has already begun. So then you see the
main ideals, the main power within this Fraternity, this Kosmon Unity which
has its branches, they may be tiny ones but they are all over the world, there
are friends who have not merely a physical link with you but who have a
spiritual link. They are found all through the various continents of the world at
the present time, and as you meet here there radiates forth from this little
Temple a spiritual energy which is picked up by thousands and thousands,
either consciously or otherwise, and becomes a source of inspiration to them.

Tonight then you meet together that you may make a prayer on behalf of
friends who have recently passed out of the physical life into the greater life
of spirit. You might ask, "Why should they need prayer." The reason is this,
that so many of them today pass from hence to thence without any previous
preparation or understanding, and although they waken up in the spiritual
states they very often are extremely slow in awakening and find it very
baffling and hard to understand when they do so awaken, because it is an
experience that is entirely unexpected, or something that even if expected is
completely different from what they anticipated. The spiritual life is much
more wonderful even though it is complex than anything that you can
visualise here and now. But you can help those who are slowly awakening.
The power of your prayer (which is concept rated and dedicated thought) is
creative and by that. telepathic link of your friendship with someone, or others
who have passed on, the power of your thought will reach them like a
wireless wave helping to stimulate their mind and to produce within it a
similar condition of understanding to that which you 'possess yourself, and
that helps them on the pathway of their resurrection and their awakening.
You may quite rightly ask: Yes, that sounds quite logical, but why do we have
to do this in a ceremony. Is it not possible to do it just in the quietness of
ones own home? The answer is — Yes, of course it is. All spiritual things
can be done in the quietness of your own home, but we must not forget this
fact that by joining with others in an act of worship you build up a collective
manifestation by all your thoughts coming into harmony, by the blending of
spiritual powers which are your own, and at the same time you actually
express the heart's desire as an act of worship in the simple ceremonial
which is held. After all, if you have the pleasure of visiting some friend you
always go especially clothed for the event, putting on your best garments,
perhaps you like to take some little gift with you, and when you arrive at your
friend's house you do your best to be cheerful and be entertaining with them.
Would not, therefore, and act of worship also have a certain order and


But again let us remember that the great teacher of the Orient sometimes
called Gautama, whom is mainly known to the world as the Buddha. He
demonstrated in his life that it is possible to reach the highest spiritual
attainment solely through meditation. But we must never forget that he was
born in a nation which had practised not only meditation and intense
concentration, but spiritual discipline for generations, and, it is far easier for
the oriental mind to do that than it is for you who belong to western countries.
You, all of you, would find such intense mental to be a participant in the
simple service which is held here tonight. And part, therefore, of this service
is as though you were dedicating the simple acts which are performed, the
prayers that are uttered and the hymns you sing, all given as though gifts
dedicated to the One All Light, and when presently the incense cloud rises
before you that will itself be a symbol of the aspiration of your heart and the
devotion of your mind, and the candles upon the altar remind one of that
Eternal Light which shines ever within every human soul and can be found if
we look hard enough for it. Although it is true that particularly and peculiarly
to this ceremony you have the two large candles which represent the physical
plane and the spiritual, and how the Infinite All Being expresses Himself
through the material universe and the spiritual — how He is ever the Active
and the Passive, the Eternal Father and the Eternal Mother. And then nearer
to the centre of the altar you have three candles to remind you of the three
Clays of silence. What are the three days of silence? Well, you see when the
physical body dies the spiritual form does not leave it instantaneously. There
is a gradual and gentle withdrawal during which time the spirit enters the
silence. It passes through a condition of deep sleep and then after
approximately three days the release is complete, and there is no longer that
psychic and etheric tie between the physical body and the spirit, it is now
completely free. Sometimes although it is free the sleep condition may

continue according to the degree of evolution of the individual. But those
three lights then remind you of that wonderful and beautiful time of the great
stillness. How gentle and beautiful it is that for all, the passing from hence to
thence is something which is sweet and restful. Let us forever free ourselves
from the idea that death has terrors. Those ideas belong to the age of
darkness that has gone. Death is indeed a release. Death is a healing. Death
is a soothing balm and the three days of the great silence are those which
help to guide the spirit into a new orientation or focus. All during its earth life
the mind was mainly focused down towards things visible (physical). Now
that is finished and the mind has to learn to focus upward, and so the
Almighty has given us that gentle gift of the days of sleep.

Of course if the individual had been very active spiritually as most of you are,
then the moment those three days are over you wake up with the cry of joy to
realise that that hour of resurrection has struck for you and you can arise in
full consciousness free from the physical plane and whatever influence it may
have had upon you, but to those who have had no spiritual knowledge 'or
understanding or preparation the awakening must be very slow, sometimes
requiring years. However, as part of this simple service then you can give
your prayers on behalf of someone who has recently gone, and your prayer
will be like a song of joy and affection that will echo within their
consciousness, helping them to awaken, and to understand and to be
reassured, and to find confidence in the new life which is theirs.

So you see, beloved brethren, this act of prayer is not only part of the
worship which the whole ceremony represents but it is a form of practical
spiritual service. Did we not say just now that it is essential for one to be of
service to grow in the light? Here then is the first lesson that you are learning
on the grand and glorious journey back to the Source of
All Being.

We do not ask you to join this Fraternity. We only advise you to find some
centre at which you can feel at one and at home and then follow its guidance
that the Light of the New Age may increase within you, but if someday you do
feel inclined to associate with the members of this Fraternity, then gradually
there will be given to you an ever increasing knowledge and understanding of
all these wonderful things that are operative within the spiritual world and yet
so closely linked to the physical, and how there is the means of coming into
your life of a greater revelation of all that is beautiful and good and true. But
the religion of the Faithist in the All Highest is one that is ever practical. It is
not something that you think at only on the Sabbath day, or something that
belongs only to church, it is a mode of life, and that life includes all the
waking hours and even the hours when you are asleep. Because as the
spiritual body within you begins to awaken, develop and grow, and as the
spiritual awareness expands within you so it is possible for you to be active
on the higher planes of being while the physical form is asleep at night-time.
Thus life indeed becomes a grand and glorious experience — a great
adventure — in which the All Perfection is revealing Himself to you, and
through you

Come then, sisters and brothers, you who represent the Light of the New Age.
It is, of course, understood that you cannot accomplish great things that
would stand out in history, and yet the simple little things that you can do will
stand out in history but not in a way that the world's teeming millions will
know, it will stand out in the spiritual history of this planet and in the spiritual
worlds perfect records are kept, nothing is lost, and by consociation with
others of like mind you can help to prepare the way by which the revelation of
these new times comes into the world in ever greater measure and enters
into the lives of hundreds and thousands; and gradually as one great family
we can work to change the world, heal its scars, help to put right that which

the age of darkness has put wrong, until the day comes when crime and
poverty and war shall be things of the past, and when the light of spiritual
understanding shines upon every brow. But it is going to take a long time;
you are now beginning the great pathway of spiritual service and

So tonight then let it be a day in which you, as it were, begin life anew, and
on the morrow you shall go forth knowing and understanding that those who
live within the spiritual worlds are not far away, not remote from your contact,
but at right moments can come into very close association with you. And the
sweet bond of affection and relationship which has been yours grows
stronger not the less with the passing of the years; they have merely stepped
from hence to thence that they may help to prepare a place for you, but
because you are awakening into spiritual awareness you are here and now
helping to prepare a place for others, both on a physica1level and in the
spiritual worlds also.

And so then this evening's act of service and of worship has indeed a real
significance for each one of us, because within those quiet moments of
prayer presently, the voice of the silence will speak deep within you, helping
you to a greater understanding and perhaps a revelation in this quiet hour of
the nearness of those who are dear to you and who have passed through the
veil. Not through the veil of darkness, not through the valley of shadow, but
through the shining gateway of a real life, they have left behind the shadows,
you perhaps may still have for a few years to work within the shadow, but
because you have come into an understanding there shines down upon you
a light which is eternal and which nothing can take away and so, therefore,
new joy; a new spiritual satisfaction and fulfillment dawn for each one of you
and in the simple means of service which the remaining years of your life give,
you will be able to play your part as one who is helping to initiate the New

Spiritual World Order, even that kingdom for which so many generations
have prayed.. Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven"— but how can it
come on earth unless we help, unless we work for it and unless we are
dedicated to it. Yes, the message of Kosmon is the Light of the New Age and
it will show us how we can help, then the kingdom on earth will at last
become a reality. AMEN.


Om Mea Om
Kosmon Unity

In the reading this evening, you heard the words OM MEA OM ABSlCONDA
RESICATA. These words are an affirmation, and they have a very wide
meaning and power. Nearly all affirmations which mystics make have a
power. Your voice, when speaking these various words, creates a vibration
and this vibration is a power of a particular kind. The words Om Mea Om
mean that you affirm that deep within your SOUL, there is the presence of the
Almighty as the Eternal Mother, the source of' all that is beautiful, gentle and

But Absaconda Resicata is a strange phrase and. always linked the first. Now
that has a dual meaning. On the one hand it means that you are set free from
all darkness through realising the power of Om within you, and that in
realising this freedom, you have the power to express the All Light in your life.

So those five strange words mean a great deal, and if you pronounce them
every so often, they become a power in your spiritual life. You could quite
rightly make the sign of the Triple Tie when you utter the words Absaconda
Resicata. Now the Triple Tie, that symbol which is on the stole of the Rabbah
and Omara, is the symbol which you see portrayed in the Tablet of Dawn as
the Tie of Brotherhood. But it is more than this.

It is also the sign of the outworking of Jehovih's Light and Will. Its three loops
represent the three aspects of' mind and consciousness, the corporeal mind,
the Essean mind and the Etherean mind, and it is through these three
aspects of mind that Jehovih sends His Light and does His Will. Now if,
through affirming the power of Om within you by saying "Om Mea Om", you

not only find spiritual freedom but the ability to express the All Light in your
life, this becomes expressed through the three loops of the Triple Tie.
That is the wonderful thing about your life as an initiate — the more you
walk the inner path, the more effective you become to make His Will manifest,
to be a channel of His Light, His Life and His Love wherever you go.

Now we speak of this because we want to help you to understand that this
wonderful thing of being an initiate is an experience that goes on and on
through the vast ages that are before you. It is a long grand experience of
perpetual unfoldment, but it has already begun and because of that you are
very slowly changing because all growth means change. Not only is the soul
unfolding but your spiritual body, your mind and even your physical form in
which you dwell. We want to help you to know this experience as something
which is dynamic within you and of which you become increasingly aware.
One of the first things that an initiate learns is the significance of breathing —
not just breathing because it aids corporeal health, though that is important,
but because there are similar organs within the spirit body to the lungs of the
physical body and they work in a degree of rapport each with the other. The
organs in your spirit body which correspond to the lungs of the physical, draw
into themselves not air but the finer ethes of the spiritual world. As you inhale
physically, so your spiritual lungs are breathing out, the opposite way. That is
at first.

After a time the spiritual breathing may change, and. in some initiates it
becomes quite rapid. This depends upon the planetary influence in your life.
If you were born under a sign of the Zodiac governed by Mercury, there
would be a tendency for you to breathe extremely quickly, whereas Saturn
produces the effect of very slow but deep breathing. Whatever happens is
right for you because all gradually comes Into accord with the spiritual

powers operating in your personal life.

The spiritual breathing produces a gradual change in the physical, but it is
more a change in quality, so that as time goes on the corporeal breathing
begins not only to take in air but a slight amount of the higher ethes as well.
Now you can help this. That is why all Schools of Initiation suggest that their
members do breathing exercises. Some Orders concentrate a great deal on
this: perhaps we might say they do it too much. We in Emeth do not
concentrate on breathing a great deal but we want to remind you that it is
important because when you concentrate on your breathing it has a psychic
effect which is beneficial to you. It gradually brings through into the physical
body the arch-natural powers so that they become absorbed by the physical
bloodstream and help in the refinement and strengthening of your mortal

In the arcana of the Order you will find in different places, different forms of
breathing suggested. All are beneficial, but one of them in particular is the
breath with the thought of Om Mea Om. As you inhale, you mentally chant
Om. At the next inhalation, you mentally chant Mea and the third time Om
again and then repeat the process. Absaconda Hesicata, you do not mentally
chant. You think of a beautiful pale golden light pouring into the centre of
your body and flowing all over you, first up over the shoulders to the head
and then down over the body. If you do this for a few moments once a day, in
seven months you will find a change will take place within you spiritually,
physically and even mentally.

We remember that the longer days are coming and once again the sun will
shine for you all. In recent years, as a part of the great outpouring of the
Kosmon Light, people in many lands have come to value fresh air and
sunshine, bathing and exercise and so on.

This is all good for health, but

you as initiates want to remember that although sun-bathing is good, you
should do it with caution, because you will bathe more in the etheric and
spiritual sun's rays than the physical. You know that the physical sun has a
spirit body as you have, and it has a soul-sphere as well, and these spheres
give out a light as the physical sun does; but whereas your friends in the
world concentrate on the physical effect, you should concentrate on that only
in small quantities. While you are sun-bathing you should think of the etheric
power of the sun and draw that into you, particularly with the Om Mea Om
breathing and the silent Absaconcia Resicata that rests at the back of your
mind. Thus so the golden light of the sun will begin to permeate your being.

This does indeed quicken you with renewed life and so your power over
illness will become greatly strengthened. But do not have too much physical
sun — say, only 10 minutes once a day so that you can then obtain the right
balance. This is because you can become more receptive to the etheric and
spiritual powers and we must take that into account.

Now when the sun's power on the etherean level comes to you, it makes it
possible for your spiritual body to respond to the great creative rays, the
seven rays of light which ever stream forth from the Sun of Suns. Presently,
before you send out the call to peace, you will evoke four of these rays. Why
not all seven? Mainly because four of the rays are positive and the other
three are negative. When you call up the four rays and send them forth
positively, we from our side call up the other three and send those out
Now the first of the rays you will call up is blue — not too deep a blue, but the
colour of the turquoise or the aquamarine stone, that beautiful palish shade,
semi-transparent. This is the blue of faith. It is the colour of Emeth. You
remember the exercise of the circulation of the light which you learned in the

Lodge of Instruction in Dawn. There you had this turquoise blue. So because
you call it up into the Temple, when you send out the call for peace and unity,
you should also send out the influence of thee blue ray to mankind, which
inspires them with faith, with aspiration, the desire for the better life and
mystical unfoldment.

Then you call up the golden-yellow ray. This is the ray of illumination, the ray
of knowledge and of wisdom. This is the colour which brings inner
understanding, which quickens the mind with higher awareness. It inspires
the people in the outside world with the ability to begin to understand spiritual

Then we call up the ruby ray from the North because it is linked with the
power of sargis. It also means the ruby colour of sacrifice in service to
mankind, and through that service we grow in power and strength of' the
Almighty's Presence. Then the great Shining Ones from the celestial heights
can come nearer to the earth plane.

Then you call up the green ray, which is the power behind the world of nature
in all its beauty, the World which in your land is already stirring so that the
buds are beginning to open. This ray makes for the health of' the body and
the gradual cleansing of it and its spiritualising.

These four rays are linked with the mystical letters J H V H and they join up
at the centre of the Temple, and the three negative rays also unite there,
forming the white ray of Iesu.

One thing we want to remind you of is the orange ray, because when you do
your sun-bathing and the breathing of Om Mea Om, you can think about this
orange ray. It has been said by the Magi to be the first manifestation or

Jehovih's Light when he first sends it forth from the vastness of His Being. It
is as though these flashes of light shine right across the universe a great ray
of deepest orange, but soon this changes to dividing up into the colours of
the spectrum as they proceed outwards,

You as initiates can call up this colour when you do the Om Mea Om
breathing when you lie facing the sun for a little while, but thinking of the
spiritual sun and the orange ray coming unto you and infilling every cell of
your physical and etheric bodies, causing a clarification and inner stimulus,
so that as the cells form into the various tissues of both bodies, they make a
perfect harmony. Thus illness becomes an impossibility the more you can do
this, and it is not only when you can lie in the sun. Even in winter you can still
do this by facing the direction where the sun would be. Say to yourself:
"Behind all these clouds, the sun ever shines. Even so the spiritual sun
sends down its rays unto me. Even so does Jehovih renew me by His
Presence, whether it comes as a great outpouring of the orange ray or as the
Gentle Quality of Om, sweet and lovely and holy.

In your hands as initiates are the keys to unlock the treasure-house in which
we find pearls that are beyond price. You have the means of opening doors
to unknown kingdoms of faith and of truth, and these things can fill your life
and make your existence worthwhile, and also help to beautify the world in
which you live. That means not only the physical world but the spiritual world
you visit at night. Wherever you go, you shall trail clouds of glory, that in the
Name of the Almighty this glory may lead souls to rise out of the shadow, that
through the light that you bring them, they may find the path of real life, and
in real life, beloved, we know Unity.

Sun in Aquarius, A.K. 115


The Law of Cycles
Pronaos Instruction Paper 9
The Kosmon Church

Astronomers have for some time recognized that our sun is the center of only
a limited "universe", that is of a system of planets including our earth. This
sun system is moving entire through greater space, i.e. the larger cosmos of
the stars and nebulae. Some of these "stars" are sun systems also and these
contain earth worlds. These may not however be like ours, for within the
cosmos there is infinite variety in the density of matter. On an earth world
near Sirius matter is so dense that a small "matchbox full" would weigh
several tons by earth standards. At the other end of the scale there are
worlds of matter so tenuous that they hardly seam "material" to us yet they
are distinct from space. But even in space, the scientists now find as Oahspe
tells that all the chemical substances which go to make earth worlds exist and
that the different parts of' space have different densities of this uncohered
matter. There are, say the scientists, dark stars where we can see nothing
and bright stars and the very brilliant stars are giving out matter and that is
why they shine. Can we not find a parallel between this physical fact and the
statement that the All Light so loved that he gave himself all away. We too
are told that the spirit groweth by giving away.

Our earth makes a yearly journey round the sun, but since the sun is also
moving along the path of a great orbit in the cosmos, the earth has to move
along with it, following a vast spiral path. AIl our knowledge of the universe is
relative to this movement. You may think that when you wake up in the
morning, you are in the same place as you were yesterday; in fact you are
thousands of miles away.

The sun's journey through apace is also along a great orbit, so after many
millions of years, the earth's spiral path comes back on itself. This is why the
spiral shown symbolically as a serpent has the tail in the mouth. The coiIs of
the serpent represent time; the temptation of' the serpent is the temptation to
be too much concerned with time and mortality. The spiral path of
progression is through the path of the soul upward and onward and yet in a
sense it travels "back to its origin."

Thus we are concerned to find the true law of evolution which is the
development of physical beauty unto perfection, the development of a higher
morality. The development of intellectual aspiration, the realization of ideals
and the development of the spiritual principles in the direction of the perfect
activity expressing Jehovih's Will.

This is a far different thing from the scientific picture of evolution as the
spreading out of the life force into different forms. Oahspe shows us that
changes in time are produced not only from within the life force assuming
different patterns of manifestation, but from without by the control of
environment. In the scientific picture of evolution, the earth environment is left
as a "natural" factor, though the scientist is

well aware that the earth’s

surface has changed from time to time and that the climatic conditions with
which we are familiar were only established just prior to the appearance of'
man on earth. Oahspe shows that these environmental changes are the
result of the earth's travel through different regions of cosmic environment
and that from this travel come not only physical changes upon earth but also
cycles of spiritual change and of new inspiration.

In the history of mankind on earth, the dan'ha, a period of approximately
3,000 years is the main cycle of time which we need to know. In such a
period, the earth traverses a gigantic arc along its spiral path. During the

3,000 year arc in the earth's history, the earth is passing through a region of
Etherea and is under the care of the God of that region. The entrance into the
new arc of time is a great moment in the earth’s history for a great etherean
power enters the earth's vortex and brings new light. This may manifest to
some extent as disturbance and unrest for the dark forces are scattered and
disrupted. Evil kingdoms fall to pieces, hells of confusion result and groups of
drujas may surge back to earth and create poltergeist activity. The light
impulse also tends to thin the veil between, es and corpor and both evil and
good in Es impinge on corpor more strongly often causing great among men.

Within the dan'ha are periods or cycles of time detemined by the appointment
of a new high God of Earth. These light cycles or dans, are generally 200
years or 400 years though sometimes longer. A 400-year period is known
simply as a "time" and 200 years is simply a half time. A dan'ha is
approximately seven times and a half time but reference to the Oashpean
map of the C'Vorkum (opp. p. 68) shows that there is some variation in the
time of the dan’ha and also of the smaller dans. The word "dan" strictly
means "light" and refers to the light impulse at the beginning of the new
period but for convenience, the time between one dan and the next is also
called a "dan." The period of up to eight years at the beginning of the first dan
of the new cycle is called the dawn of dan or the dawn period. (Book of
Ah'shong II).

Towards the end of a dan'ha, there may be extremely difficult, even dark
conditions, but the preparation of a new cycle may begin before the end of
the previous one. At least a half time is required for the physicaI preparation
of the birth or births of those who will manifest the new light on earth. The
Kosmon Age was prepared over a period of 400 years. In the middle 15th
century there was established a new linking up of the earth's heavens,
making it possible for men on earth to sail the seas easily and then establish

communications between all peoples. We know this as the beginning of
"Modern Times" and usually date it from the Renaissance 1453--. Then in the
17th century came a further new impulse of inspiration particularly in the
western world. Some men established the rules of scientific thought and
proof by fact while others became conscious as never before of the inner
light. We know that at this time there was a great descent of ethereans into
our heavens. From this inspiration came the foundation of the age of science
and the vision of artists, musicians, social reformers and others. All these
lines of inspiration gathered force and came together in the manifestation of
the Kosmon Light in the middle 19th. century. At this time, with the beginning
of an entirely new cycle in human progress, the speed of material advance
was immeasurably hastened and at the same time, after centuries during
which man had come to believe that the age of miracles was past, the esean
world knocked again at the very doors of your physical senses. We live today
in the beginning of the second century of the Kosmon Age and we are told
that with a certain speeding up, one dan of accomplishment was closed in
the 1920s and another opened.

Within the "times" are smaller cycles of about 33 years, which is the "time of
a generation," and of eleven years. These periods have been noticed by
scientists as weather cycles and in some not clearly understood way, as
prosperity cycles.

Just as within a year there are seasons of light and darkness, or in hotter
countries, seasons of rain and drought, and everywhere sometime cycles of
growth and harvest, times of natural rest and times of difficulty, so in the
larger cycles of time, too, there are seasons of light and darkness. There are
times when matter is deposited on earth, and times when it is given off; times
when men are uplifted and times when they are downcast into war, ignorance
and disease.

There have been times when men have been particularly

inspired to secrecy in spiritual matters, and others when teaching has been
more open; times when men have become strong in spiritual thought, and
times when men were rather inspired to concentrate on difficulties in the
physical environment. There have been times when angel inspiration was
close and vivid, and times when angels withdraw and men unaware of
guidance become conceited (Book of Osiris XII, 6-8 and XIII, 4-8 (p. 169-170).
And over and above all, the smaller periodic changes are the great
revolutionary times when Jehovih sets aside the things that are old, and
establishes the new. The management of the times of dan is carried through
the Hyperis Council of United Chiefs (Book of Cpenta-Armij X, 5 (p.343).

Within the smaller cycles of years, there are yet the smaller variations of the
seasons and of the times of the moon. The more vividly we are aware of
these changes, the more we emphasize them by festivals and set the rhythm
of our rituals to these natural rhythms, the more we are in harmony with
higher forces. And the better we shall maintain faith in times of darkness and
ride the crest of the wave of enthusiasm without toppling over. The true
adept (master of the spiritual craft) must learn to be objective and aware of all
influences. It is not a matter of simply distinguishing good from evil, but of
seeing beyond seeming conflict to the basic truth of Jehovih’s Will that men
shall grow. The difficult times may well be spiritually more profitable than the
good ones. Activity is good and so is stillness, life and light are good and so
is darkness and sleep. We must learn to enter upon our days with new hope
and to turn to our rest, aware that spiritual work lies at hand within the
mystery of sleep.

We may rejoice in new birth yet we shall learn also

understand and welcome death. Above all we must know that nothing may
live and move save by vibration and by rhythm and Jehovih alone is the


Book of Jehovih, IV and VII.

Book of Divinity, XIII through XVIII.
Book of Ben, IX.
Book of Cosmogony, VII.


The Kosmon Church
One of the Anonymous Founders of the Kosmon Church

Two great movements betoken the coming of a New Age, which we call the
KOSMON AGE. One evolves from scientific research and one from psychic
research, which may be regarded as a branch of science, an extension of
philosophy, or a matter of faith. The Kosmon Church has a particular
function to perform within the wide field of spiritual investigation. Our groups
are small, like that group of seven which in 1904 laid the foundations of a










wide. Spiritual guidance is at the back of so-called chance or coincidence,
which makes for contact and a surprising response. Our original seven came
of two men being directed mediumistically to meet the other five. Few of the
founders or first members now remain with us (in 1979 there are none), but
be assured that in the essean world they carry on the work and unite with
us. Their presence may manifest in a sudden vivid recollection of an old
associate by an individual, who would never claim mediumship or even

There is no movement which goes forward without hindrance. There are
times when new life flows forth and times when the well-spring from on high
seems closed; this is in accord with spiritual cycles.

Why did this fraternity come into being? The ordinary spiritualist movement
had demonstrated that man survives physical death, that heaven was a place
one could know in the here and now, that as spiritual beings we live in a
world of spirit as well in a world of matter. The Kosmon Fraternity was given
a task, which will go on for centuries yet. First it was to help restore the most
ancient faith in the One Supreme Being, the Infinite Mind, Father and Mother

of all and the realization of that Mind as the source of consciousness,
strength and inspiration. The Creator is ONE, though he expresses Himself
through myriads of worlds, stars and solar systems and through myriads of
souls not only on this planet but on others.


Patterns of Power
Theldine Frost

Think of a whirlpool. The water is spun round in a spiral by a force so strong
that leaves, twigs and small creatures are drawn with it and pulled down to its
centre. In the case of a whirlpool the force is suction, "a suction at times so
strong that around rocky coasts small boats, passing too near the edge of a
whirlpool, can disappear without trace."

The principle of rotary motion as a means of gathering power is applied in
many other ways. Whirlwinds have an awe-inspiring lifting power; athletes
spin themselves round in order to put the shot farther; cowboys whirl their
lassos and children spin tops. The propellers that drive ocean and air liners
owe much of their power to the same principle.

The general name for these phenomena is "vortex." Dictionary definitions
range from the factual " A collection of particles with a rapid rotary motion
around an axis" to the metaphorical, "A set of social or other conditions
possessing such liveliness or intensity that they are considered as absorbing
or engulfing completely those who approach them." It is clear that the power,
rather than the substances involved in it, is the essential part, and this is
known as vortexia.

Like all sources of energy, vortices can be useful as well as destructive. The
"holding" type in particular on which the whole cohesion of the universe is
based, must be considered benign. It is common knowledge that the earth
and the other planets which go round our sun are kept in orbit by the solar
vortex. The earth's own rotation is a smaller vortex within that and this holds
the earth together insulated by clouds and warmth. In Oahspe we are told

that when the earth has completed its purpose and ready to go out of
existence it will be destroyed by· having its vortex broken.

Historians say that civilisation began when man began to control his
surroundings, instead of letting environment control him; for instance, when
he began to grow his food in one place, instead of having to wander for long
distances in search of it. Man's use of vortexia can be traced back almost as
early as this in both the tangible and the intangible. When there was no
reading or writing and little abstract thought relation was a very practical thing.
People believed in doing, rather than in just thinking and saying. So their rites
were very dramatic, with ritual dancing, gestures, mime and stylized acting.
By the use of a pattern of movement, which is what dancing is, often
accompanied by a repetitive chant, they built up such strong vortexia that
nature spirits or elementals could "tune-in" with results that would nowadays
be called magical, being then achieved.

As civilisation advanced, so the grade of ritual vortexia was raised. The
simple round pattern developed into more complex patterns each of which
evoked a different condition. The pyramids in Ancient Egypt were temples as
well as tombs and the way into the temple was by a passage set in a squared
spiral, which is called an inqua, so that, as they entered in procession, the
priests built up a vortex round the central chamber. In South and Central
America, where there were open-air rites as well as pyramid temples, holy
men used to build up vortices by shuffling their bare feet along the sandy
ground as they marched in two concentric circles, moving in opposite
directions. The most recent example of this sort of thing in England was the
Druids, who had much rhythmic movement and gesture in their ceremonies.

As the earth went through another phase, religious expression went to
another extreme, when only the mind was employed in ritual. People sat and

listened to their priests, whispered prayers and sang measured hymns.
Except for the stately processions and some making of signs, movement was
considered pagan.

In the Kosmon Age, a balance will be found. There will be religion with scope
for mind and body, thought and action, used in conjunction. It will be religion
in use every day, in all of life, and perhaps there will be no need for separate
words because to live will imply the worship, service and unfoldment that
constitutes religion. Man's evolution and progress often seems like a spiral
vortex, its axis the Creator, and each revolution brings us closer to Him.


Hoi Sangha.
The Kosmon Church

As you will have noticed, there are some rituals whose object is to generate a
power and then broadcast it. Not all rituals do this but tonight you have one in
particular. When we have finished our discourse, you will enter into the Eswin
Rite proper. This particular Eswin is called the Hoi Sangha. An Eswin is a
ritual in which the spiritual worlds and their powers are made manifest on
corpor, so that there are many kinds of Eswins.

Tonight it is the Hoi Sangha. Sangha means an observance, so it is the
observance of the sun or Hoi. You will call down into your midst the spiritual
powers that are rays from the orb or sphere around the sun, the wonderful
Esean states in which the great Solar Lords live. Obviously the spiritual
spheres around the suns and stars and planets vary enormously in their
purposes and vibrations. The spheres around our earth are those in which
the human soul can grow and develop and gather up experience and unfold
its potentialities and grow gradually to attain the Etherean manifestation, but
the spheres around other planets may have entirely different purposes.
Those around the sun have a specific purpose in that the great Lords who
live there, have had their growth and development elsewhere. They may
have come from this planet but most of them had their original corporeal life
in some distant system. But because of their own inherent nature they are
particularly equipped for the work which is required of our sun, and so in the
course of their wonderful life experience they have come to the solar orb.
Now they are of Etherean grade; that is to say they manifest Iesu.

Now the sun itself has a particular work. Just as the physical globe radiates
light and energy, so in a much more wonderful way the spiritual globe of the

sun radiates spiritual light and energy, and that is the work of the great
angels who live there. So in tonight's ritual, you will call down the ray which
the Solar Lords send out. This glorious golden radiance from the sun has a
wonderful cleansing and refining effect and you receive it into your Temple.
First you have to create a vacuum ready to receive the solar power.

Now all around you on every hand are the spirit states, the lower planes of
Es, but you meet within the great capital city and the psychic conditions
within that city are not always by any means pleasant. In fact, wherever there
is an ancient city the psychic conditions are very mixed indeed and are
always inclined to darkness. After all, when you think about it, you realise that
after about 1500 years during which there has been a city called London
(though it is true that in the beginning it was very small) its inhabitants
number not thousands but millions and the thoughts of so many have been
evil. So that there has been created a great deal of psychic darkness within
the area of greater London. So this is one place out of many that needs

Now it is a peculiar fact that wherever a centre of light on the corporeal plane
is established it has a dual effect. It not only gives out high-graded light but it
has a peculiar attraction for evil. On the one hand spirits who are roaming
about on the low planes, the drujas, as Oahspe calls them, and the earthbound, are often attracted by the light out of curiosity because the plane they
live in is like a perpetual fog. In some cases they cannot come very near to
the light because of its high grading, so they may stand on the outer
circumference of the vortex, but when you hold your outer rites, there the light
is not so bright and they can often find their way in and learn the first lessons
of resurrection.

So your Inner Temple has this attraction for those in darkness out of curiosity,

but there is also a peculiar magnetic effect that seems to draw the lower
conditions towards it, and that is why in a ritual like this you can have a
refining influence.

But first you must create a vacuum so that the beautiful light of the spiritual
sun may come right down and find an anchorage. Then, when you have fixed
it, cohered it, down on the surface of the earth, you close the ritual and
reverse your marching and the solar light can flow out into the psychic
conditions of this great city where crime and other ills tend to prevail. But the
power of your ritual is not confined to London. It stretches out for many miles
and not only helps the earth-bound to find resurrection but also transforms
perverted sargis, thought-forms of evil, and forms built up by lust and hatred.
All these things create an ugly cloud but your ritual helps to disperse it, that
the sunlight may shine through once again.

Now your beloved High Priest prayed especially tonight for the Kosmon
children and that is very important because whenever you hold a ritual of any
kind that sends out a power or a light this is primarily picked up by children
born under the light of the Morning Star, it helps them. It renews the light
within their spiritual self. It gives them new strength and courage to face life,
and helps their ability to respond to inspiration. So that is another way in
which your Hoi Sangha is of great importance.

You know, in recent years among your scientists, particularly those who are
specialising in the science of the human mind, there has awakened a new
interest in occultism and magic. Now the word "magic" comes from the Magi,
the wise ones of ancient Persia, the scientist-initiates of ancient times, and
although through the years much of their knowledge has been lost and much
has been misunderstood there are some profound truths even in the old
traditions. So magic is actually the hidden science of the ages and it is being

renewed and restored today. Most of your observances are magical. After all,
the word magic can be beautiful. It doesn't mean something weird or ugly or
evil, and when you read in the old stories of the magicians who were able to
call down the light of the stars there was a truth in that. The idea, too, that
often a child when it was born received a visit from a fairy who brought it gifts;
there was a great truth in that. And you who are initiates are becoming
versed in magic, understanding it in a scientific way with your hearts
consecrated in service to Jehovih.

So the Hoi Sangha is a magical process as you draw the powers which are
latent in the Temple towards the centre when you march in the spiral Inqua.
When you are not in the Temple, the spiritual powers are just resting here,
almost like an electric battery with the current switched off. There is no flow of
power. But as soon as you start the ritual, it begins to flow in a definite
direction which your minds guide. So you march in a spiral path towards the
centre of the Temple. Now the sun and the planets move in a great spiral
path through space and you copy this in your small way, and so you make a
link with the sun. You do in ritual the same thing that the sun does and then
after that you form two circles, the outer one positive and the inner one
negative. That creates that vacuum of which we spoke right at the centre of
the Temple for the solar forces to come.

But first the outer circle make the sign of the pentagram. Now there is a very
important meaning in this sigil. It not only represents spiritual man, the forces
of the Esean worlds as they manifest through you, and also the five-fold key
of clairvoyance, clairaudience, reception, projection and trance, but because
it represents the spiritual forces in the human form it becomes a symbol of
protection. This symbol shuts out the shadow of the fog of the lower spirit
planes that the glorious light of the higher planes may enter in.

Then, when the Chief Adept has finished his preliminary evocation, when he
calls down the creative powers with the words of Zour, the brethren in the
outer circle make the sign of the double triangle because that symbolises
spirit and matter united, and the brethren of the inner circle make the sacred
Name because that in another way represents the same thing — the circle of
spirit and the cross of matter. So you set the seal on the evocation of the
Chief Adept by making in the two ways the symbols of spirit and matter
united, and that fixes the power.

Then, finally, when you all join in the chant Loo, through the focus of your
thoughts you call down from Etherea a ray from the great spheres which are
named in the chant Loo, so that the wonderful refining celestial influence
which this represents is made manifest in your midst. Can nothing resist its
mighty power? No, saving that there is so much cleansing to be done that it
does take time and the work must go on for many, many years. But, as it
says in the rite, the result is sure at last and then it will be eternal.

So you engage in this grand work and think of yourselves as robed in
vestments of light, the bright star of initiation shining upon your brow. As you
march in your circles you start a magical process by preparing the way for the
light. Then you unite spirit and matter and the power of the sun descends. It
then receives an Etherean quickening, and finally when you reverse your
circles the light flows out to cleanse, to uplift, even to redeem, and to inspire
the human family to service unto progress, to resurrection unto attainment,
that the Father's Will may be made manifest in this, the Dawn of Kosmon. All

Sun in Pisces
A.K. 116

Simple Thoughts on the Higher Outlook (Part 2)
A. Frost


We have mentioned previously that all ascension is a process of gradual
growth—a natural spiritual evolution. This would include the forsaking of old
values, and the acceptance of greater ones. This rejection and acceptance is
ever proceeding; this state of constant flux induces a becoming, so that, truly,
the individual, spirit or mortal, becomes a changed entity indeed. We feel the
need to guess this fact as a prologue to this chapter, a chapter which refers
to those "greater values" — refers to the evolution of spiritual concepts unto
the broadest, greatest, outlook of all — the Universality Outlook.

By the time the huge majority of spirits have risen in appreciation of values to
the condition in which they can enjoy and rejoice in habitation of the peaceful,
pleasant planes of the upper first Belt—the "Summerland" — they have
probably changed very much indeed from the personality they expressed
when they "passed over." We said "the majority," for this does not apply to all.
There are very many who, whilst still in the flesh, led more or less exemplary
lives, expressing qualities and ideals comparative with those possessed by
the spirits of the "summerland" planes. Indeed, there is a small proportion of
humans in all parts of the world who have trodden the Way of Light in varying
high degree, and who, passing into spirit life, would merge naturally with the
inhabitants of still higher planes. But this simple treatise deals with the
spiritual experiences of the great majority, in a very general way, with
particular reference to those who have passed on.

Now, uppermost in their minds is the desire to serve, whereas previously,
perhaps, a state of self-centredness obtained. The earth-pull has become
negligible or even non-existent. The auras of the spiritual helpers and
teachers blend with their own, and the Higher Light suffuses their being. Self
becomes more and more sublimated as compassion and thoughtfulness for
others supervenes. The pervading desire to help others unto their own
experiences becomes so pronounced that Spiritual Tuition in the Temples of
Wisdom and Love becomes an inescapable urge within the soul of each.
Their aim now becomes — to learn, to imbue, to achieve, and to serve — that
others may benefit, and experience the glories to which their own spiritual
eyes, minds, and bodies are becoming accustomed.

"Not my will, but Thy Will be done" is the ultimate prayer from the soul of
each, and, with that covenant in heart and mind, they rise to another birth —
a new life-a new environment — a far more glorious, more vibrant existence.

And how different is this Second Heaven from the lower planes which had
been their home! In the lower heavens of the First Resurrection, they had
experienced variance, discord, separation. They perceived, retrospectively,
that those lower planes had been inhabited by plateaux of materialistslacking spiritual desire and knowledge — lacking the will to acquire it, and so
progress. Other plateaux they found inhabited by the followers of all the
different religious beliefs, the more dogmatic being separate small heavens in

It was only when they rose to the fringe-planes of Preparation that they found
a Unity of Purpose, and found there that all were becoming like-minded.

Here, however, they discover Harmony expressed in every movement, every
action, every word, every thought. Above all, in every thought. For here the

power of thought demonstrates itself so definitely. The All Mind manifests
itself microcosmically within each inhabitant of this Heaven. Love is the Key,
and all thoughts in Love Supernal Now out in these planes. These
emanations being creative, all surroundings — even the flowers — respond
to that Love from the mind of the happy souls living there.

But, as the Theme-note, as it were, of this Heaven is "Service in Love," each
realizes that it behooves him to become equipped to do that Service
adequately. As the Spiritualist is aware, in the First Heavens, so many have
visited the meetings and séances, many but very newly departed, giving
advice to their loved ones who still mourned them, such advice in many,
many instances although from the heart of the giver, being of a very
untutored nature. In the Second Heaven, however, everything is organised.
The new entrant is now taught the duties of apprentice-angelhood. He is
taught and encouraged to join with bands of workers in many branches and
aspects of service. To express ideals, for instance, he merges with the Angelband expressing the ideals paramount in his own spiritual make-up.
Whichever of the Arts, he loved on earth, an angel-group awaits to enhance
his capabilities in that direction. Did he teach? Then a teaching college will
take him in hand, that he may express the Creator in all His Ways more

Every mission of mercy on earth, has its counter-partal groups in the Second
Heaven, he finds. He is no longer a lone soul, ploughing an individual furrow.
By virtue of this collective Service under Angel tuition and supervision, he
rises grade by grade in this Second Heavenly Belt, each grade giving him
more knowledge, more scope, more gifts of the spirit, or, rather, stirring from
dormancy those gifts latent within him. He is taught that, as he becomes
awakened to his spiritual possibilities, he in like measure inherits a
responsibility to express them. And he is now taught how to dispense this

seemingly new power of his — always, however, fitting in with an ordered
scheme under the supervision of the Lords in Light. Such is apprentice
angelhood, and the Temples of Higher Wisdom are flooded with such, drawn
from all races and all colours, united in love for their Maker — and in Worship
of HIM-HER only. He remembers the darkness of the lower planes, many of
which he has now transcended — some of which, perhaps, he had never
experienced, but had heard of from others. Now is he taught that so-called
Evil is but unripe Good — that it is as the bitterness of green fruit — and
Goodness is its luscious mellowness; that Evil in downgrading is as windfalls
rotting, which must be gathered and preserved.

And while serving, and learning, and training, they perceive something of the
Higher Organisation — the Higher Overshadowing-the Shining Ones about
them, of their own spiritual hereditary Ray — the Guardians — the Masters in
Light — the Adepts of redemption, who instruct them and lead them in rescue
work — the Compassionate Ones, and many other Orders of Higher
Angelhood who contact them from time to time as their curriculum befits,
coming from the Golden Spheres above.

So are they taught of their own future Destiny, and own future higher

From these Angels do they learn of the Supreme Hierarchy of the Planetary
Ruler-known to some as the Planetary Logos — known to others as the Elder
Brother, he who, under the WILL of the Creator of All, governs and arranges
the outworkings of the planet and its heavens, for a cycle of time.

Yes, in the lovely belt of Heavens of the Secondary Education of the spirit
everything is put into proper perspective in the heart and mind of the traineeangel, whose prean of praise rises to the Architect of the Universe — the

Only Worshipful.

Striving to sublimate self, they have risen midway through the "bound"
heavens — a very short stretch of their Everlasting Journey. In our next
chapter we will go with them a glorious step further.


At the close of our previous chapter we mentioned our Elder Brother, the
Planetary Ruler, the Great Angel-in-Charge, who, with his Hierarchies of
Shining Ones-Angels wielding great power, yet humble in their love for their
Creator-governs the affairs of angels and mankind as this planet with its
"bound heavens" travels on its Solar Roadway.

A Book of heavenly revelations attributes to this Great Angel these words: "l
am thy Brother, risen from mortality to a holy place in heaven; profit thou in
my wisdom, and be admonished by my love. For as l

am thy elder brother,

so shall it be with thee, to look back to mortals、and call them to the exalted
heavens of the Almighty."

In the Mighty Scheme of upraising humanity unto a more perfected outlook
and consciousness of the Creator of all, this Great Angel is the epitome of all
that is performed. In him is focused the Creator in all His Attributes and in all
His Ideals. True, it is that every one of us is as a focus point of the One All
Light, but that Light has become activated in that Great One to a degree that
is sufficient,

And capable of being expressed adequately for the outworking of this planet,

Earth, in the present cycle of Time. His knowledge is to ours as a desert is to
a grain of sand.

Yet, remember his words: "So shall it be with thee "— in time to come.

Expressing different Rays of that Light, as facets of a diamond, are the Angel
Hierarchies, operating under his immediate direction, and that of his heavenly
Council. Each angel in each of those hierarchies has achieved, long ago, the
capability of linking "as from above, downward" or, he sees, in some small
measure, "with the Eye of the Creator." That faculty we term Magistery.

Considering this aspect, let us recapitulate a little. The sojourner in the lower
planes of the first heavenly belt, the "First Resurrection" — dwells in the mists
of apathy and self-centredness. In the next phase, his spiritual ego has been
stirred, and he listens to his angel advisers and guides. Then comes the
phase of seeking, desiring to know, to practice that which he has learnt — to
probe still further.

Then comes the commencement of his Secondary Spiritual Education.

In all this first resurrection existence there is the condition of looking "as from
below, upward," and, indeed, at the commencement of his secondary
education this condition continues as he begins an organised programme of
instruction. But, gradually, this instruction is merged with Service, be it in
some of the many forms of ministration, some of which we have mentioned
previously — or in adeptus work under supervision. This blending of two
spiritual activities induces self-confidence into the mind of the apprenticeangel, or, rather, it stirs from its dormancy the true personality of the
individual. In this we should always bear in mind that the ALL PERSON within
is that which is being stirred from an undying spark into a flame.

When that flame burns steadily then is the angel-learner nearing the end of
his apprenticeship; he has become, as it were, a junior craftsman in Light,
and he looks "as from above, downwards."

This turning of his spiritual perspective is accompanied by a new realisation
of power within him — from the centre, outwards, merging with the External,

Again, he is a different entity, for this is Magistery. He is now treading a
Pathway toward becoming a Master-in-Light.

Let us turn our thoughts again to those Angel Hierarchies we have mentioned.
The spark within each member of those hierarchies has been fanned by the
Winds of High Heaven so that the Flame of Wisdom, of Love, and of Power is
as a suffusing and surrounding halo or aura, protecting and dispensing,
glorious to behold, shimmering, merging into the background of higher,
intensities of light — resolving again in Angel Form.

"So shall it be with thee," says the Elder Brother.

These hierarchies operate in so many, many ways, that this collection of
simple thoughts would become complex indeed if we tried to detail them. Let
the reader ponder on them himself. Every Science; every one of the Arts;
every industry; every evolution of flora and fauna — has its overshadowing

Every mortal is linked with some one or another of the above activities, and
many with more than one-and so the complexity of overshadowing grows,
and proceeds. These hierarchies subdivide their functions, overshadowing

collectively some important project or other development, or overshadowing
the training of angels who in turn will overshadow or guard, according to their
particular quality

Everything progresses and evolves, as the planet swings on its Solar
Pathway into zones of greater light-intensity during eras of greater maturity.
As this movement proceeds the Flame of Form of each Angelic Master in
every Hierarchy becomes more intense. New techniques are evolved; new
outlooks in all branches of science; new concepts and rhythm in the Arts.
New policies sweep away the old, as requirements change. The Truth of
today is the Truth of yesterday, but the Truth of yesterday is no longer the
complete expression of Truth today. The religious beliefs of the Past are
becoming purged gradually of the errors which have crept into their
presentation to the humanity of the Present; the race of the Future will accept
the same Ideals, with the realisation that they come from the ONE SOURCE,
the Creator of ALL, who is boundlessly afar, yet nearer than breathing.


We have mentioned previously that all ascension is a process of gradual
growth — a natural spiritual evolution. This would include the forsaking of old
values, and the acceptance of greater ones. This rejection and acceptance is
ever proceeding; this state of constant flux induces a becoming, so that, truly,
the individual, spirit or mortal, becomes a changed entity indeed. We feel the
need to stress this fact as a prologue to this chapter, a chapter which refers
to those "greater values" — refers to the evolution of spiritual concepts unto
the broadest, greatest, outlook of all — the Universality Outlook.
By the time the huge majority of spirits have risen in appreciation of values —
the condition in which they can enjoy and rejoice in habitation of the peaceful,

pleasant planes of the upper first Belt — the "Summerland" — they have
probably changed very much indeed from the personality they expressed
when they "passed over." We said "the majority," for this does not apply to all.
There are very many who, whilst still in the flesh, led more or less exemplary
lives, expressing qualities and ideals comparative with those possessed by
the spirits of the "summerland" planes. Indeed, there is a small proportion of
humans in all parts of the world who have trodden the Way of Light in varying
high degree, and who, passing into spirit life, would merge naturally with the
inhabitants of still higher planes. But this simple treatise deals with the
spiritual experiences of the great majority, in a very general way, with
particular reference to those who have passed on.

Now, uppermost in their minds is the desire to serve, whereas previously,
perhaps, a state of self-centeredness obtained. The earth-pull has become
negligible or even non-existent. The auras of the spiritual helpers and
teachers blend with their own, and the Higher Light suffuses their being. Self
becomes more and more sublimated as compassion and thoughtfulness for
others supervenes. The pervading desire to help others unto their own
experiences becomes so pronounced that Spiritual Tuition in the Temples of
Wisdom and Love becomes an inescapable urge within the soul of each.
Their aim now becomes-to learn, to imbue, to achieve, and to serve — that
others may benefit, and experience the glories to which their own spiritual
eyes, minds, and bodies are becoming accustomed.

"Not my will, but Thy Will be done" is the ultimate prayer from the soul of
each, and, with that covenant in heart and mind, they rise to another birth— a
new life — a new environment-a far more glorious, more vibrant existence.

And how different is this Second Heaven from the lower planes which had
been their home! In the lower heavens of the First Resurrection they had

experienced variance, discord, separation. They perceived, retrospectively,
that those lower planes had been inhabited by plateaux of materialists —
lacking spiritual desire and knowledge — lacking the will to acquire it, and so
progress. Other plateaux they found inhabited by the followers of all the
different religious beliefs, the more dogmatic being separate small heavens in

It was only when they rose to the fringe-planes of Preparation that they found
a Unity of Purpose, and found there that all were becoming like-minded.

Here, however, they discover Harmony expressed in every movement, every
action, every word, every thought. Above all, in every thought. For here the
power of thought demonstrates itself so definitely. The All Mind manifests
itself microcosmically within each inhabitant of this Heaven. Love is the Key,
and all thoughts in Love Supernal How out in these planes. These
emanations being creative, all surroundings — even the flowers — respond
to that Love from the mind of the happy souls living there.

But, as the Theme-note, as it were, of this Heaven is "Service in Love," each
realizes that it behooves him to become equipped to do that Service
adequately. As the Spiritualist is aware, in the First Heavens, there are so
many who have visited, through these meetings and séances, many, but very
newly departed, giving advice to their loved ones who still mourned them,
such advice in many, many instances although from the heart of the giver,
being of a very untutored nature. In the Second Heaven, however, everything
is organized. The new entrant is now taught the duties of apprenticeangelhood. He is taught and encouraged to join with bands of workers in
many branches and aspects of service. To express ideals, for instance, he
merges with the Angel-band expressing the ideals paramount in his own
spiritual make-up. Whichever of the Arts he loved on earth, an angel-group

awaits to enhance his capabilities in that direction. Did he teach? Then a
teaching college will take him in hand, that he may express the Creator in all
His Ways more adequately.

Every mission of mercy on earth has its counter-part groups in the Second
Heaven, he finds. He is no longer a lone soul, ploughing an individual furrow.
By virtue of this collective Service under Angel tuition and supervision, he
rises grade by grade in this Second Heavenly Belt, each grade giving him
more knowledge, more scope, more gifts of the spirit, or, rather, stirring from
dormancy those gifts latent within him. He is taught that, as he becomes
awakened to his spiritual possibilities, he in like measure inherits a
responsibility to express them. And he is now taught how to dispense this
seemingly new power of his— always, however, fitting in with an ordered
scheme under the supervision of the Lords in Light. Such is apprentice angelhood, and the Temples of Higher Wisdom are flooded with such, drawn
from all races and all colours, united in love for their Maker — and in Worship
of HIM-HER only. He remembers the darkness of the lower planes, many of
which he has now transcended — some of which, perhaps, he had never
experienced, but had heard of from others. Now is he taught that so-called
Evil is but unripe Good — that it is as the bitterness of green fruit — and
Goodness is its luscious mellowness; that Evil in downgrading is as windfalls
of fruit that have fallen, which must be gathered and preserved.

And while serving, and learning, and training, they perceive something of the
Higher Organisation — the Higher Overshadowing — the Shining Ones
about them, of their own spiritual hereditary Ray — the Guardians — the
Masters in Light — the Adepts of redemption, who instruct them and lead
them in rescue work — the Compassionate Ones, and many other Orders of
Higher Angelhood who contact them from time to time as their curriculum
befits, coming from the Golden Spheres above.

So are they 'taught of their own future Destiny, and own future higher

From these Angels do they learn of the Supreme Hierarchy of the Planetary
Ruler — known to some as the Planetary Logos — known to others as the
Elder Brother, he who, under the WILL of the Creator of All, governs and
arranges the outworkings of the planet and its heavens, for a cycle of time.

Yes, in the lovely belt of Heavens of the Secondary Education of the spirit
everything is put into proper perspective in the heart and mind of the traineeangel, whose pageant of praise rises to the Architect of the Universe — the
Only Worshipful.

Striving to sublimate self, they have risen midway through the "bound"
heavens — a very short stretch of their Everlasting Journey. In our next
chapter we will go with them a glorious step further.


At the close of our previous chapter we mentioned our Elder Brother, the
Planetary Ruler, the Great Angel-in-Charge, who, with his Hierarchies of
Shining Ones—Angels wielding great power, yet humble in their love for their
Creator—governs the affairs of angels and mankind as this planet with its
"bound heavens" travels on its Solar Roadway.

A Book of heavenly revelations attributes to this Great Angel these words: "l
am thy Brother, risen from mortality to a holy place in heaven; profit thou in
my wisdom, and be admonished by my love. For as lam thy elder brother, so

shall it be with thee, to look back to mortals, and call them to the exalted
heaven of The Almighty."

In the Mighty Scheme of upraising humanity unto a more perfected outlook
and consciousness of the Creator of all, this Great Angel is the epitome of all
that is performed. In him is focused the Creator in all His Attributes and in all
His Ideals. True, it is that every one of us is as a focus point of the One All
Light, but that Light has become activated in that Great One to a degree that
is sufficient, and capable of being expressed adequately for the outworking of
this planet, Earth, in the present cycle of Time. His knowledge is to
ours, is as a desert is to a grain of sand. Yet, remember his words: "So shall
it be with thee" — in time to come.

Expressing different Rays of that Light, as facets of a diamond, are the Angel
Hierarchies, operating under his immediate direction, and that of his heavenly
Council. Each angel in each of those hierarchies, has achieved, long ago, the
capability of looking "as from above, downward" or, he sees, in some small
measure, "with the Eye of the Creator." That faculty we term Magistery.

Considering this aspect, let us recapitulate a little. The sojourner in the lower
planes of the first heavenly belt — the "First Resurrection" — dwells in the
mists of apathy and self-centeredness. In the next phase, his spiritual ego
has been stirred, and he listens to his angel advisers and guides. Then
comes the phase of seeking, desiring to know, to practice that which he has
learnt—to probe still further.

Then comes the commencement of his Secondary Spiritual Education. In all
this first resurrection existence there is the condition of looking "as from
below, upward," and, indeed, at the commencement of his secondary
education this condition continues as he begins an organized programme of

instruction. But, gradually, this instruction is merged with Service, be it in
some of the many forms of ministration, some of which we have mentioned
previously — or in adept-level work under supervision. This blending of two
spiritual activities induces self-confidence into the mind of the apprenticeangel, or, rather, it stirs from its dormancy the true personality of the
individual. In this we should always bear in mind that the ALL PERSON within
is that which is being stirred from an undying spark into a flame.

When that flame burns steadily then is the angel-learner nearing the end of
his apprenticeship; he has become, as it were, a junior craftsman in Light,
and he looks "as from above, downwards."

This turning of his spiritual perspective is accompanied by a new realisation
of power within him-from the centre, outwards, merging with the External,

Again, he is a different entity, for this is Magistery. He is now treading a
Pathway toward becoming a Master-in-Light.

Let us turn our thoughts again to those Angel Hierarchies we have mentioned.
The spark within each member of those hierarchies has been fanned by the
Winds of High Heaven so that the Flame of Wisdom, of Love, and of Power is
as a suffusing and surrounding halo' or aura, protecting and dispensing,
glorious to behold, shimmering, merging into the background of higher,
intensities of light-resolving again in Angel Form.

"So shall it be with thee," says the Elder Brother.

These hierarchies operate in so many, many ways, that this collection of
simple thoughts would become complex indeed if we tried to detail them. Let

the reader ponder on them himself. Every Science; every one of the Arts;
every industry; every evolution of flora and fauna-has its overshadowing

Every mortal is linked with some one or another of the above activities, and
many with more than one—and so the complexity of overshadowing grows,
and proceeds. These hierarchies subdivide their functions, overshadowing
collectively some important project or other development, or overshadowing
the training of angels who in turn will overshadow or guard, according to their
particular quality or function.

Everything progresses and evolves, as the planet swings on its Solar
Pathway into zones of greater light-intensity during eras of greater maturity.
As this movement proceeds the Flame of Form of each Angelic Master in
every Hierarchy becomes more intense. New techniques are evolved; new
outlooks in all branches of science; new concepts and rhythm in the Arts.
New policies sweep away the old, as requirements change. The Truth of
today is the Truth of yesterday, but the Truth of yesterday is no longer the
complete expression of Truth today. The religious beliefs of the Past are
becoming purged gradually of the errors which have crept into their
presentation to the humanity of the Present; the race of the Future will accept
the same Ideals, with the realisation that they come from the ONE SOURCE,
the Creator of ALL, who is boundlessly afar, yet nearer than breathing.


"For as I am thy Elder Brother, so shall it be with thee to look back to mortals,
and call them to the exalted heavens of the Almighty." Thus spake the.
Planetary Logos to the souls of men and of angels ・that mighty Angel in

charge of the affairs of this planet, under the till of the Creator of All, he,
whose wisdom and power are to ours as a desert is to a grain of sand, and
whose loving Responsibility is to lift all mankind to the grading and capacity
which he at present possesses, or as far as he may do so, before he is
uplifted beyond the "outer fringe" as and when his Destiny ordains.

So, to carry out this Responsibility, and perform this Service 9 the Heavens of
the Earth are very highly organised under his supervision. Colleges of
learning and training, vast in their curriculum, are established for the
"apprentice ュ angels" and their teachers. Grade upon grade of instruction is
provided and as the angel rises in competence, so is he given charge of
others, to lift them towards the proficiency he has acquired. Long may be the
term of instruction in one phase of learning, as earthly time goes, yet no
angel passes beyond that school until he has become adept in all its
teachings. For, in these Higher Planes, "responsibility" is a keynote, and
thoroughness is a "must." How, otherwise, could an angel be entrusted, for a
spell, with the protection, or guidance, of a precious life? Truth lives in those
planes of learning, and he, the learner, becomes an epitome of that Ideal.

Nothing in those Higher Planes is haphazard; therefore, the training of the
angel throughout the Second and the lower Third resurrection planes is
meticulous almost to an extreme. By Heavenly revelations and Angelic
Preceptories have we some knowledge of the requirements of this training
and its scope is truly wonderful, indeed, fascinating, as the angel grows
mighty in Power and Celestial Wisdom.

Firstly, we are told, the learner-angels descend to mortals in student-classes,
listening to conversations, detecting falsities, learning the causes of
imperfections and vices, understanding the reasons behind perversions of

thought and deed. They note the immediate treatment of the newly ュ
departed who are pouring into the spirit-planes at the rate of over threequarters of a million daily. Fortunately, less than half need drastic spiritual
help, and these student-angels, as part of their instruction course, become
helpers of the Angel ュ physicians, and begin elementary rescue work. But, in
all this activity, it is supervised, and collective unlike the well-ュ meaning
individualist efforts they sometimes witness in the lower planes.

They are taught how to enter the lowest planes nearest the earth, under
protection, and help to segregate unfortunate and distracted spirits who have
become associated with even deeper forces of darkness.

Here, however, we would mention that, although the lower the spirit-plane,
the greyer it becomes, so that, indeed, the sub-planes are indeed dark, when
compared with the brilliance of the Planes of Light, we use the terms "Light"
and "Darkness" in their academic sense. In this sense, also, so-called EVIL is
Immaturity of development in expression, ・and those who have become
established in Magistery practice their "Highest Light", which is, in effect, the
highest opposite to so-called evil or immaturity of which they are capable.

Let us return, then to our trainee-angel. If it be in his Destiny to do so, he may
perhaps serve for a spell in higher responsibility in the spirit-hospitals to
which those unfortunates are taken, and assist for some earth-years in
healing the spiritually sick. For, from time to time, he is possibly transferred
from one class of instruction to another of the same grading, according to his
future ultimate Hierarchial duties. We shall mention this later.

Now does he enter classes which give quite a different type of instruction. He
may study Heavenly distances; he is now taught primary Heavenly rotations,
velocities, magnetic currents, i.e., current of vortices; charts of the Heavens
of the Earth and its Movements in the Solar Roadways are now explained to
him. In fact, he now becomes cognisant of the Spiritual Power which drives
these vortices, and learns in some comparatively small measure how to wield
that power. Then, progressing further, he learns how to use that Power to
build heavenly edifices of all descriptions.
Then comes another very important stage in his angelic unfoldment, a very
sacred, responsible duty indeed for him to learn for when he is deemed
qualified, he shall, for a long time, as earth-years go, serve and express that
which he has learned. And that task is the Angelic Guardianship of mortals.
He begins his study at the commencement of human life. We do not mean
the Creation of Life for that is one of the Highest Mysteries, but the entering
of a new life into mortality.

He now becomes proficient in the knowledge of the pro ュ creation of mortals.
He studies prenatal traits in the human parents, and their possible effects
upon the unborn child.

He is taught something of the prenatal origins of the new soul about to be
birthed? He learns something of its destined Path ュ way. In short, he receives
a briefing in advance of the souls he will probably have to watch and guard,
for perhaps four generations. To become proficient, he may probably visit,
with the rest of his class, hundreds or even thousands of mortals, under the
watchful supervision of the Angels of Generation, who direct new lives into
their destined channels, that the correct Qualities of Angelhood shall be
expressed in perhaps centuries ahead.

And when the Angels of Generation have passed him as proficient, then shall
he serve his term of Office as a Guardian Angel, serving in a band of other
guardians over a group of mortals, changing and resting at the moon's
phases remaining on guard every second during his spell of duty. This he
may continue to do for several generations of mortals. Disabuse yourselves
of any idea that Heaven is just a place of restful idleness! In your nightly
prayers, remember your so watchful Guardians in their scrupulous vigil!

But Guardianship and Overshadowing are not quite the same thing. So, in his
next period of training, and serving while training, he learns the principles and
the essentials required for the overshadowing of mortals. He studies the
Heavenly Spectrum, the resolving or splitting of White Light into the primary
colours, and their hundreds of gradations of hues and colour rays. He learns
the cause, the value, the meaning, of each separate colour, as it applies to a
mortal, so that, instantly, by a glance at the aura of his charge, he can read
his every mood, his aspirations, his health, his intentions, as easily as we
read a book. What is so important, too, for his labour of protection, he reads
the very soul of any other mortal or spirit with whom his charge comes into
contact, be it for his weal or woe.
Now does he become proficient in the study of sound value — their effect
upon the ethes — their respective qualities ・ their varied powers of
penetration and interpenetration. And, what is of immediate importance to
him in his curriculum, he learns how to discern various sounds, and to
separate them. Becoming more attuned by practice and application, he is
now able to separate perhaps fifty or a hundred conversations, and hear
each or, as required, one only. Later, becoming more adept, he can increase
this to a thousand or more voices at once. And this is merely as regards the

spoken word. Subsequently, he becomes proficient in discerning when only
the sound-waves reach him, of even a thousand conversations at a time.
You may well ponder with amazement on these phases of angelic development, but
you should remember that the angel is now high-raised, and lives in very rarified
ethes. His own psychic envelope has shed its outer sheathes, and he is now, to use
an earthly analogy — a highly sensitive receiver, exquisitely attuned to receive the
vibrations arising from the lower spheres, and the micro-waves from the Higher
Planes to which he will shortly rise. For as he learns, he attains, and as he attains, he
rises towards those shimmering spheres of the Higher Wisdom and Love-Expression.
Contemplating this aspect, we can realise so readily that the lower First Resurrection
Planes would seem to such an angel as "a great medley — a noise and confusion of
a mighty multitude" — so described in the Heavenly Revelation OAHSPE.

In this treatise, it would be impossible to give in detail all the forms of training
required to be undertaken; they are so numerous, and, what is so wonderful in this
Kosmon Age, they are constantly changing. The planet is now travelling through
regions of greater Light intensity on a long, long journey toward that intensity of
Unfoldment which some in the past have called the Utopian Age. By using that
phrase, enquirers may the better understand what we mean. And, as we have
mentioned in a previous chapter, new techniques are evolved, new outlooks in all
branches of science, new concepts and rhythms in the Arts. So requirements change,
and the training curriculum over many years, as we have indicated, may be obsolescent. The Truth of yesterday is no longer the complete expression of Truth today.

New Colleges are established in the High Planes to cope with all the new techniques
and therefore additional training Centres and classes of instruction are needed. The
learner angel, though advanced in Spiritual Qualities, would still be inadequate to
fulfill those duties appertaining to his destined Greater Labour if he did not blend with
Vohu Esfoma, the Voice of Changing Times and spiritual conditions. For what
particular immediate reason?

That is the next stage of his progress. For he who has been taught, and has passed
out in the Grades, shall become an Angel Over-lord or a Master-in-Light, perhaps in
charge of a Training College, if that be his particular bent, but, otherwise in charge of
the overshadowing of groups of mortals — a Guardian-in-Chief — or, some other
Lord of Hierarchial Grade supervising the activities of many, many angels in his
Group in their multifarious labour of upliftment. Nearer, much nearer, are they to the
throne of the Planetary Logos, for, as he has caused to be written in the last verse of
OAHSPE, "in such direction shapeth thy God the thoughts of millions". This is the
"authority vested in me, thine Elder Brother, by Jehovih, Creator, Ruler, and
Dispenser of Worlds without end".

In our preface to this series of simple thoughts, we quoted from Oahspe’s
Book of Discipline, Chapter XIII:10, in that we mentioned the Infinite Journey
"through a delightful country". We have endeavoured to trace, albeit very
briefly, the pilgrim's progress over the initial stages of that Infinite Journey, his
rising in Wisdom and Power through the grades towards the "outer fringe" of
the Heavens of the earth. BUT, we have not as yet mentioned the Key to all
progress — That is LOVE SUPERNAL, the Mother Love, the outpouring from
the MATRIX of Creation.

The chief object of unfoldment is to be able to serve the better. Our individual
attainment whilst so serving is incidental, and should be regarded in its
proper perspective.'

It is this Love Supernal Which is the Urge within us to serve, and thus, to
attain and rise in the grades — the "us" being both mortal and Angel. Yes, it
is Love Supernal, Love of the Creator, Love of His Creations, of His Children,

and His Works. It is that Love which suffuses the Angel Helper when he does
His Will, in being the slightly higher uplifting the slightly lower. For what are
the Heavens of the Earth, and all that they stand for, but a kindergarten
school for that life beyond the "outer fringe." Is not Mankind but embryonic in
his emergence from the corpor life into angelic existence? Is not he as a
chrysalis emerging from its cocoon when he leaves the earth-heavens for
the Freedom which is his inheritance? Infinitely long shall be his journey, and
more delightful as he proceeds, but, in terms of Infinity, or Everlasting Life,
how far has he come? Such a little step!

Yet no further can he move until that Love Supernal suffuses his entire being,
until he is a Love-Expression of the Almighty in himself. In this respect, the
shimmering heavens of the Third Resurrection Planes become as a confine
with golden bars and portals and Love Divine is the Key which sets the
Angel-pilgrim free upon the Solar Roadways. It is truly that "Love Which
passeth all understanding". Without it, all that learning and attainment is
ineffective, inept. As St. PauI wrote: "and though I have all faith, so that I can
remove mountains but and have not Love, I am nothing". And faith in that
Love is a ward for the Key to emancipation.

For that Love Supreme is the Mover, the Activator within the attaining angel.

With his heart beating now in unison with the Diastole of the Universe, he
blends with the dictates of his Destiny. Only then could he perform those
High Offices of which we spoke in our last chapter, offices of awesome
responsibility as a Master-in-Light, overshadowing and uplifting mortals; an
Adept sweeping away the dross of the
sub-planes; an Angel of Compassion, taking on the kama-loka of some angel
destined for a particular purpose, or, instilling Divine qualities into the hearts
and minds of the humbler seekers; A Shining One, blending with the

sweetness of Adorable Love. One or more of these duties must be performed,
before the Earth-Heaven sojourn is completed. Then will he journey "as one
departed from a coast of breakers towards mid-ocean" to the Shining Sea of
his Etherean inheritance.

In order to give you a logical sequence in the Scheme of Progress which
applies, in broad generalities, to all humanity-bearing planets in the Cosmos,
it behooves us to leave, in thought, these bound heavens in which we live
and endeavour to portray a little something of the Roadways through which
our Sun and its family of planets are travelling. When we gave you a very
brief description of the Cosmos, we referred to the countless millions of sunstars and planets, and the vast interstellar spaces. It is now appropriate at
this juncture to explain that these are only "spaces" from the physical point of
view. Angelic revelation tells us that there is no actual "space," for these
distances are filled with Heavens of far greater dimensions — and qualities.
Firstly, let us explain dimensionally.

On corpor we live and move in three dimensions, length, breadth, width (or
height). We can think fourth-dimensionally, but we do not experience it. When
we pass over, we begin to function fourth-dimensionally, and as we progress,
other dimensions accrue within our spiritual make-up, or, rather, they awake,
as it were, from their dormancy, and are then expressed, coincidentally with
the plane or sphere we occupy. These interstellar heavens, however, are
multidimensional, as are their inhabitants, otherwise they could not occupy
them. Then one should consider the tremendously rarified ethes of which
they and the Solar Roadways in which they are situated are composed. All
finer ethes interpenetrate grosser ones and so, that being so, our Sun-family
travels through them.

As the Earth's heavens are organised, with Angel Hierarchies under an

Angel-Leader, governing under the Will of the Architect of the Universe, so
are these glorious Etherean Heavens governed by far greater, finer,
Hierarchies. Furthermore, no two of these Heavens are alike. Grade upon
grade are they, with still greater Angelic Overlords in variable-dimensional
functioning. The mind of mere man may well be puzzled in its effort to define
them. Earth vocabulary simply cannot describe them with any pretense to
accuracy. Only "the attained soul" knows and understands.


In Celebration of the Harvest Festival
and the 60th Anniversary of the Kosmon Church

It is a fact of human experience that great things often have small and simple
beginnings. Tonight you meet for a dual purpose; on the one hand to
celebrate the harvest but on the other hand to celebrate the fact that this
Church and Fraternity has now existed for 60 years.

The harvest reminds us, especially those who live within the confines of the
great city, of how the forces of nature are at work in meadow and in field, in
orchard and in forest, in the ocean and on the mountain top. The very fact of
fruit and flower and vegetable crops coming forward year after year illustrates
that the process of creation goes on eternally. The Almighty did not bring this
little planet into being in just one day and then leave it to its own devices. His
Presence is all about you everywhere. It is the power behind the natural
forces. That is why, in spite of all the advancements of science, the deepest
processes of life are still a mystery. The men of science today are helping to
usher in this new age perhaps more than any other movement but one; but
still the mystery of life eludes their grasp.

The other great movement, apart from science, which is a token of the
coming of the new age has sometimes been called psychic research and is
known today all over the world, though it may take different forms and be
expressed in different ways. Sometimes it is regarded as purely a branch of
science. Sometimes it is considered to be a matter of philosophy. In other
places it becomes expressed as a Church and as a faith.

Why, out of that, did the Kosmon Church come into existence? Psychic

research has demonstrated to those who have the breadth of mind and the
willingness and humility of heart to investigate and accept the demonstration
that the death of the physical body is not the end of man's existence but is a
change wherein he rises from one sphere of expression into something which
is finer, wider and deeper. Much of this knowledge was lost during the last
2000 years because the world has passed through times of materialism,
ignorance and darkness. It is now entering into the new age, called by some
the Golden Age and by some the Kosmon Age.

It does not matter what name we give it, so long as we understand that the
human family moves forward to a new and deeper phase in its history.
The Kosmon Church had a particular function to perform — that is why it was
called into being out of that wide, field of spiritual investigation. When some
of you, who knew the founders of this movement, look back to the years that
have gone, you marvel how the teachings of this Fraternity have spread to
the far ends of the earth. Today you have centres, some of them very small it
is true, in Africa, India, Australia, North America the West Indies and in one or
two parts of Europe. All are attuned to you on a spiritual ray; all are moved by
the same grand ideal, the same desire to augment the light that has been
given to you.

Could those seven men who were called upon 60 years ago to form this
Church have had the tiniest vision of what should result from their efforts?
We are sure they would have been astounded and perhaps would not have
dared to go forward with the project. Do you remember the story? Many
years before, a very spiritual man in America had prepared himself for some
work, but he did not know what that work was until one day he was instructed
through inspiration to buy what was then an entirely new instrument called a
typewriter. For over a year, every morning soon after sun-rise, he set aside

an hour of his time, and as he sat before that machine, his hands and fingers
were used to produce "Oahspe," a book too big for anyone man to write
unaided in the course of his life, a book that contains a fund of knowledge
that no one man could have accumulated.

This dedicated man was told, "This is a Bible for the new age. Go forth:
publish it, that all mankind may read its message." He did. Time went on and
a copy of this book came to this land of yours. Two men who had been
investigating spiritual things found it, and they were so interested in it that
one of them, who had spiritual faculties which were just beginning to unfold,
was told to form a group. How? With the other friend who had obtained this
book "Oahspe," was told to go to five other men who were then attending a
Spiritualist Church not very far away from where you are seated tonight and
give them a message that there was a new work waiting for them. With great
hesitation these two approached the other five, but to their surprise all
accepted the invitation. So the first Kosmon group was founded in Europe a
few miles from this Temple where you meet tonight.

One of them, who had been specially brought into the world to be the
channel through which guidance could be given, became the centre of
manifestation and he is still with you today though not able to be present,
having attained the fullness of years. One or two others who were founders
of your Fraternity are still with you but the rest have risen to the higher life.
They have not left you because watching over your Fraternity is a vast
company in the spiritual world, a thousand times more numerous than you
are, and your founders have joined them, each taking up a particular branch
of service. They came back tonight to witness this great occasion and greet

The light of this particular way of thought is going to increase in the world and

spread in all directions. Of course, it will have its times of going forward and
times of returning. There is no movement which goes forward without any
hindrance. That your founders experienced. They had their problems and
their difficulties. They knew times when it seemed as though life was flowing
forth in a great stream and other times when it seemed as though the wellspring from on high was closed against them. These things move in accord
with spiritual cycles.

But why did this Fraternity have to come into being? Was not the ordinary
Spiritualist movement sufficient? The ordinary movement was and is doing a
splendid work in demonstrating scientifically as well as in faith and philosophy
the fact that man survives the death of the physical body. Heaven is no
longer a place to be hoped for. Heaven is a place that you can know about
here and now, and since you are spiritual beings you live within the world of
spirit as well as in the world of matter.

The Kosmon Fraternity was given a very big task, one that will go on for
centuries yet. First of all it had to help to restore the ancient faith as it was
before all the orthodox religions came into being, the simple faith that was
given to man when he first stood upright on the earth 80,000 years ago. What
was that faith? It was the knowledge of the One Supreme Being, the Infinite
Mind, the Father of all, and the realisation of the power of that Mind within the
individual soul, the source of all consciousness, strength and inspiration. That
is the fundamental ideal from the ancient times which is renewed today, that
the Creator is One but that He expresses Himself through myriads of worlds
and stars and solar systems, as he does through myriads of human souls,
not only on this planet but on many others.

The second great ideal of this ancient faith was the realisation that life is
eternal and that so-called death is but the ending of one phase and the

beginning of another. The third great ideal was that of spiritual brotherhood of
man. Since the Creator is Father of all, then we are all His children, spiritual
sisters and brothers. It was this faith which the Kosmon Church came to
restore. It came to set man free from dogmas and creeds which might hinder
his spiritual progress and the full development of all the faculties within him. It
came to set him free from superstition and spiritual ignorance.

There is another thing the Kosmon Church came to do, and here we touch
deeper matters. This is a New Age into which the earth is passing and signs
of it are seen particularly in the development of scientific discovery in the last
hundred years. But with all this forward movement there is coming into the
world a new race. In the midst of all existing nations a new type of human
being is gradually corning.

Little children will come to earth endowed with a strange intuition for spiritual
things almost from birth, knowing by a profound understanding that they are
watched over by wonderful beings from the heavenly spheres. They will grow
to manhood and womanhood being moved by the ideal of changing the world
and making it a place of beauty and of peace for all humanity.

It is the new places then, for which we are working. How? We need to open
up all the possible channels of inspiration between the higher spiritual worlds
and the physical so that the intermediary conditions can be bypassed. What
are these intermediary conditions? During the long centuries, war and
selfishness and other forms of evil have built up a cloud of astral substance,
dark and depressing, which lies between the celestial worlds and your plane.
We must by-pass that until we can cleanse it away, and that is one of the
things that this Fraternity seeks to do.

Are there other things that we can do? Of course there are. We can work to

prevent war and violence and above all try to, break down racial and colour
prejudice. What must we do? We must send out our thoughts and this can
only be done by a definite formula. That is why in this Church a certain
amount of ceremonial is used, because this helps everyone present to
concentrate their thoughts upon a given theme, to fix them in a definite

By prayer we can help those who have passed from the physical life into the
spiritual without the knowledge that helps them. It is such a transformation to
pass from earth to heaven without having some knowledge of the process
beforehand, but prayer will often guide those you love who have gone. Is it
not tragic that so many of the orthodox faiths in the world cannot tell us
where heaven is or how to prepare for it, cannot reveal to us the wonder and
beauty of the spiritual universe because they have lost the key during the age
of materialism now passing away? You can help to restore the key because
you have found it. The key is faith in love, the faith which quickens you who
have dedicated yourselves to what this Fraternity represents, the dynamic
realisation of the Almighty's power within you. That faith is expressed in love
for all mankind whether in the flesh or in the spirit, for all living creatures.

So the Kosmon Fraternity seeks to do all it can by spiritual means to lay the
foundations of a new world order, sometimes called "the Father's Kingdom",
and there are hundreds of earnest souls linked with you throughout the world
who are doing just that. We know there are other Churches, societies and
fraternities, with similar ideals, and we ask the Father to bless and guide
them all because they are all part of the grand work of bringing the new order
into being. We have no quarrel with any Church or faith. We only say to them,
"Find that which in your heart you know to be true and good and valuable.
That magnify and follow and treasure and all the rest will fall away. Then you
will go back to the simple faith in the One All Light and understand His power

within your life, revealing to you the purpose for which you came into the
world and helping you to bring out the tokens of His presence hidden within
you. Within every soul there are capacities waiting to come out, and through
this grand and glorious adventure called life, stretching out before you
through the illimitable centuries, the tokens of His presence shall blossom
forth ever increasingly.

So tonight we greet you whether you be of this Fraternity or not. We do not
ask you to join us. We only ask you to seek for a new understanding, a
higher vision of life and its purpose and to do some small service for your
fellow kind. Then at last you will be able to look back and say, "My life was
not purposeless: my hands are not empty. I step into heaven with the harvest
that I have garnered in spiritual service."

The Father did not leave this world on its own, but in spite of man's egoism
and self-will. He constantly reveals the channel through which His light will
guide us back to our heavenly home. The day shall come when all nations
shall be at peace with each other and the spirit of brotherhood shall be
abroad. The leaders of nations shall not be politically elected but shall be
chosen because of their spiritual wisdom and the fact that they are
overshadowed from the heavenly world to know and do the right, best things.

So we lift our hearts in adoration. We lift our minds in aspiration this festive
night. We join hands with you, we who speak to you through the channel of
this our brother, and you with us resolve that the great ideal shall never die
within your soul but shall lead you on day after day. Now you will see a new
purpose, a new meaning in it all, for you have found the way of the life
triumphant. Amen.


Emp’agatu: Intro, Prayer Rite, and Song

The word Emp’agatu we are told, refers to a particular period, or stage of the
earth’s progression through the firmament, during which, upon the earth itself,
there passed a sequence of events, constituting a chapter of the ancient
history, culminating in the manifestation of the Light as a focal point upon
some part of the earth, usually marked by the formation of a Brotherhood, or
perhaps a Temple. An example of this definition must at once occur to the
mind of every Guataman. I refer to that which is recorded in the First Book of
God, when in the Arc of Speta, Guatama was ravaged by a warfare very
similar to that afflicting the world today, only that then, it must have been
even more terrible, for the awful element of Black Magic then manifested.
Guatama was desolated, its beautiful cities and Temples destroyed, and in

ruins, and those who survived of the inhabitants were terrified, fugitive,
homeless, and starving. We know that when the hour had struck for the
manifestation of evil to cease, and the deliverance of Guatama to begin, the
Great Spirit called our Master Eawahtah to service, and he became the force
of the Light of Guatama.

Much could be spoken concerning the meaning and power of the ancient
Panic symbols as named…and suffice it for now to say that it indicated our
powers in Services.
It is our duty to assist in this Founding of the Father’s Kingdom on Earth, by
giving a stimulus to the promotion of the Universal Spiritual Brotherhood of
Humankind, so that wars shall cease forever, and peace and harmony be
established forever. To this end, we have been given a translation of the
Tablet of Emp’agatu, which when chanted, becomes a Mantrum of immense
potency, and invests those who use it with an auric cloud of great power.


Lo, we have lit the sacred Fire upon the Altar of Sacrifice,
That through Etherea' s redeeming Light,
Amereth shall manifest in the House of Prayer.
Repentance shall be the sacrifice.
The silent voice manifests the Words of Power.
The Waters of Life descend and bless us.
So shall all evil forces be subdued.
The hand of gentleness shall restore The World to Peace.
Give ear to the Voice of EOIH;
Projecting the message on the ethe's waves,
That the world shall triumph through our sacrifice.

Anon the Angels shall descend, Inspiring the law-givers — Men of Wisdom,
To build the House of God anew.
Then to the earth from Heaven above, Angels in ministry shall descend
To guide by the power of the All-Seeing Eye,
The Light of God's Word to man in Kosmon.


So let us weave our robes of spiritual light,
In spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Hearken to the words of Gitchee-Manito,
And kill out the evil of the Serpent's power,
That espa from Mother Earth may ascend in full etherean measure and
Then in the dawn of JEHOVIH'S Light, the false gods shall be swept away.
Come, let, us be receptive to Etherea’s Glory,
And use its power to lift men up.
Then the Right-hand path shall be our defence
Against the treachery of the Left-hand path.
Again we covenant ourselves to Thee, O EOIH.
The evil forces shall not prevail.
Unbelievers shall not disturb our Faith.


As a ship we shall pass through Agi's sea,
And righteousness like the Sun shall shine.
So we send forth espa, in triumph we send,

From mountain and valley, earth, ether and air.
The beauty of Summer shall give of its power,
The rigors of Winter shall not destroy it.
So shall the evils of the World be transmuted
By the Lodge in its working throughout the year.
The Three in One shall be the key of Perfection.


In uprightness and rectitude, by Square and by Compass,
We will lay the foundation of our work in truth.
We will weave the Robes of Light anew,
Then walking by the power of Suis, guided ever by the All Seeing-Eye,
The star of the Magi shining before us,
The Soul of All shall renew us in power.
So to all earthly distractions, we will turn a deaf ear,
And in service complete, reach upward to God.
In the likeness of God, we will seek to discover the way of our work.
The goal to attain. All that is incomplete shall be made perfect.
Deceiving Spirits shall not lead us astray.
In Wisdom, in Love and in Power, we will gather the espa from forest and
And seek to know the Rules of Light.

To change the gross body by arch-nature, and in the Light of High Noon,
Attain the Harmony of Corpor and Esean Man,
Immune from all darkness, Cleansed from all evil — The Righteous Man —
To him the soul-light shall return again.. Guide us then, O Eoih.
In Dawn and High-Noon, O be Thou near.

Now may disharmony among the races of men all over the world,
Give place to the Light.
The opposition from the elementaries be ruled by the Key of Three-Fold
So by the power of the All-Seeing Eye,
We control the positive and negative sar’gis, helping the world forward to its

Here then is the corner stone, here the beginning of our Holy work,
To build the Temple of Light on earth.
We will invent new devices to serve the Light.
Our service shall be as incense rising.
Ever faithful we shall seek to guide the worldly man to the Path of OM.


May all that is false and opposed to the Light, now pass away to be no more.
The Spirit of Love shall redeem all wrong, and Nature yield her secrets to
Kosmon Man. Hark! The elementary legions move. Let us be strong in Unity
That the foes of God shall fail before Eolin, who is our strength.

Now let us rise and go forth in power like those whose names were written of
old upon the stones of Yucatan




Saga. Lo, we have lit the Sacred Fire upon the Altar of Sacrifice.
Pe. That through Etherea the Redeeming Light,
Foi’su. Amereth shall manifest in the House of Prayer.
Be. Repentance shall be the Sacrifice.
Chu. The Silent Voice manifests the Words of Power.
Fin. The Waters of Life descend and bless us.
His. So shall all evil forces be subdued.
Te. The Hand of Gentleness shall restore the world to peace.
Te. Give ear to the Voice of EOIH.
Te. Projecting the message on the ethe’s waves.
Chok. That the world shall triumph through our sacrifice.
Mowth. Anon the angels shall descend and speak.
Les. Inspiring the Law-Givers, the men of wisdom.

Zei. To build the House of God anew.

Ez. Then to the earth from heaven above.


Co. Angels in Ministry shall descend.

Ego. To guide by the power of the All Seeing Eye.

Muk. The light of God’sWord to man in Kosmon.


Father by Thy Holy Power may the past be


Bo. So let us weave our clothes of spiritual light.
M’bo. That we may radiate light upon the earth.

Numbers in parenthesis refer to characters found in the Tablet of Emp’agatu,
the Tablet of Se’moin, and / or the Tablet of Kii.


In Our Contemplation …
A. Newmark

There are two states of receptivity. The first is meditation, and might be
thought of as a passive state of receptivity, wherein the student seeks divine
inspiration through seeking inner stillness by allowing inspiration to fill the

The second state of receptivity is contemplation, which might be thought of
as an active state of seeking inspiration. One form of contemplation is to
think in mental pictures, which is sometimes called visualization. It is wise
therefore to set aside a short time, say twenty minutes each week, or more
often if possible, to enter into contemplation. After a short prayer, the seeker
pictures in his mind, a place where the surroundings are such as are
delightful to know and harmonious to experience, and where dwell those
who have gone on to live in spirit.

Look about you. See the forms of architecture of the building. Each building
has a symbolic meaning. The very walls and roofs, the spires and turrets —
each give out colour tones which blend completely.

You will see a light

constantly bathing every object, and you will know that is very much like the
sunlight on the physical plane, yet it is associated with the Great Life of the
Universal One.

Listen, and you may hear the angel singers, whose tones produce such
magical effects, building up forms such as iridescent flowers that float in the


Picture also visitors coming from yet higher spheres, often bearing emblems
and symbols. You will see a look of great wisdom and compassion on each
face. They may walk with you in a garden where every flower seems to turn
in response to your coming. Each plant and tree gives out a silent message.
Conversation with these visitors is more by “thought transference,” although
sometimes the voice with may be used.

You may see that the aura of these visitors has a peculiar shell-like formation
which can expand to a great distance and then contract again. Within it are
different colour strata which blend with each other.

These visitors may

appear clothed with garments of fire, and their thoughts may sink into your
mind, and then a light will envelope you both.

If the thought is of Love, the color of amethyst shading into deepest pink will
be seen. If any Wisdom, then gold with flashes of mother-of-pearl. A thought
of Power may produce deepest blue and silver.

You will sense a closure to your closure to your contemplation, and your
thoughts will return to your corporeal world. The contemplation will have lifted
you up in heart and mind; and, those who come within the orbit of this special
vibration will feel Peace and Stillness and Love.


The Power of the Sun
Then Pinel

The recognition that the physical Sun is the outer manifestation of an inner
Spiritual Orb was accepted by the ancients and the 'worship' of the Sun has

through many forms in different religions. The ancient

worshipped the

Sun, worshipping the spirit


behind the Sun, seeking to

become filled with its inner power.

The worship of the Solar Orb was

also fundamental in the teachings of

ancient Egypt, and King Akhnaton attempted to bring Egypt out of darkness
and into the Light of monotheistic religion. Even though the attempt failed,
the note had been stnrk echoing down through the ages that the Father
manifests His

Life through the Spiritual Sun.

In modern times this

awareness of the spiritual power of the Sun has largely faded, but now in
Kosmon, in the New Era, the old truths are coming to light as the Mysteries
begin to be understood and experienced in our growing spiritual awareness.

As we grow in AWARENESS, a spiritual activity is set up within the Soul
wherein the radiant solar powers are received, which impress themselves
on the psycho-nervous system within the psychic body, which in turn reacts
on the nervous

system itself, which in turn reacts on

the sympathetic

nervous system. The whole body, spiritual, psychic and physical is affected
by this quickening and reaching up to receive. The psychic centers, by
spiritual means, are frought into a state of rhythmetic activity and balanced in
their operation, one with another.

This process of refinement and spiritual development is not easy. The seed
of the Sun, which is within us all, is deeply buried within the recesses of our

being. It emerges into the light only after much striving and often suffering.
It is appropriate at the time of the summer solstice, when the sun reaches its
highest and strongest power in the Northern Hemisphere, to turn our minds
toward the Spiritual Sun, and try to avail ourselves of this source of spiritual
energy. By opening the deeper recesses of our being we shall receive
within ourselves these wondrous powers, and having received and put on
spiritual growth, we shall be the better equipped for service.


A Message from the Kosmon Church
Brother Frank Morley

"As Darkness goeth, LIGHT cometh".

It is an extraordinary thing that the history of humanity, the human race has
been clearly marked by this cyclic light or cyclic repercussion. That is to say,
that, as far as we can trace back down the history of the past, we find that
periods of Darkness and periods of light constantly follow one another.

Now, these periods of Darkness are times in which ignorance, superstition,
selfishness, is at its worst, when war, vice and crime all largely prevail; and
then, after a time, these things are cleared away and Light comes. With that
light we find the manifestation of a higher self in man, the manifestation of
Deity in man, viz: the desire for less self, the desire for Spiritual awakening,
deeper awakening, and the vanishment of ignorance and superstition.

It is at such a time of Light that we find the Essenes lived. They were a group
of people, who endeavoured by living a communal life, by Prayer and
Meditation, fasting and simplicity, to approach the nearer to the ideal or
conception that they had of the manifestation of the All Highest in humanity.
These things are often noticed at the beginning of a time of light. Before that
time, or just before the commencement, there will appear a group or groups
of persons with such ideals and beliefs who unite themselves to give an
expression to their desires and aspirations, and then finally after labouring
many years, the World changes or the Nations in a section of the World, say
on one continent, for instance, change, and a time of Light appears,
culminating in the appearance of one the great Teachers who have
illuminated the progress of humanity right down since its beginnings; such

Teachers as Zarathustra, Moses, Capilya, and Jesus of Nazareth.

In the Eastern teaching it is said that the ALL ONE has told us that after a
time of Darkness when man has turned away from Him, He sends a manifestation of Himself into our midst to call man back into the way that leads to
the Higher Self, that leads to lesu, to human perfectibility.
As the Western World has said from time to time: — The Word of God
abounds, and when He comes He does so to change and renew the whole

Now that is very apt and it is very true, because if we have the patience to
examine the records of the past we find that groups of people have been
inspired, before the actual beginning of a time of Light, to prepare for its
coming, and it was under such an Inspiration and Aspiration that the Essenes
began their labours.

They were just a small section of the Jewish Race. They determined to
prepare themselves in an orderly manner for the light which was coming to
the World and which of course was to appear in the person of Joshu
Nazareus, usually known as Jesus of Nazareth.

That time of Light came and lasted a considerable while.

We believe that it was not only the material or physical preparation; that the
Essenes made, but the Spiritual Power which they generated which had a
permeating effect around the World, because many years after the death of
their Master the influence of the Essene life was spread, viz: North and
North-East Africa, and into Asia Minor to Mesopotamia, etc., by innumerable
mystics seeking the Inner Light. These hundreds of Seekers, who existed

under the influence of the Essene Light, spread across many hundreds of
miles and the Essene Teaching became one of the most important influences
of Civilisation. In addition, we can find in the later Indian Philosophies, a
certain amount of Mystic tendency which again can be ascribed to the
Essene influence.

For several hundreds of years there existed a body of devout people living
the Highest Life that they found possible and whose influence has existed
right down to the beginning of our era of time, when Europe was in a very
undeveloped state and condition. Its civilisation was only just beginning, and,
as a result, when the power of the mind or intellect awoke in the European
races, it at once took the nearest subject at hand, which was the Teaching as
given by Joshu of Nazareth, and at once began making all kinds of Dogmas
and Doctrines into such a conglomeration that many lost their way, and the
result is that down to the present time, we find not only in Europe now, but in
many other parts of the World, there are Seekers and Worshippers, yet who
cannot reconcile their Doctrines with each other nor find a satisfactory way
out of their problems.

Kosmon Church has a very potent suggestion to make in that direction
because it says that if only Seekers after Light will try to follow the example
which the Essenes gave, and which reached its very highest in the life of
Joshu Nazareus, in all its simplicity, then people would find a sure way out of
their collective dogmatic problems.

As a result of the wakening intellect in the European Nations, the mind of
man in this part of the World gradually became centred more upon himself. In
time, Spirit was interpreted in Matter. Ideals and teachings regarding the
Spiritual Life were gradually given a materialistic interpretation and men's
mind became what in Philosophy is called anthropomorphic, — that long

clumsy word really means that people became centred in themselves; and
that is what we find is largely evident in the vast majority; that people are
concerned only with their everyday life, their physical welfare, their pleasures,
their enjoyment, and just the ordinary affairs from birth to death.

Kosmon Church suggests, therefore, that more Light will not be obtained until
men become Theocentric, or centred on God. But, we do not mean that they
should constantly turn their thoughts and activities towards the All Highest to
the exclusion of all else, because JEHOVIH gave to man corporeal life that
he may learn corporeal things, and later, that he may inherit the Kingdom of
Heaven and learn of Heavenly things.

So Kosmon Church suggests that the purpose of our existence on this plane
is for Self-Realization and endeavouring to obtain a measure of our faculties.
We must not enter into a state of negation or ignore the thought of the
existence of our physical welfare. We must not neglect the affairs of our
earthly life. But, the ideal is to find the Centre of that Life, the Light of God.

We have our existence in all its fullness whatever is given to us to do, our
corporeal duties and requirements, but added to what the ordinary man and
woman of the World does not possess, viz: instead of being centred on our
corporeal selves, we have our centre in God.

So that the suggestion which KOSMON makes, and which we take, is largely
en rapport with the Light, that the Essenes tried to express in their time, and
this is mirrored or reflected down unto the present day and received by those
who can make themselves receptive to it.

This same Light teaches us that the ideal of our existence is Self-Expression,
(that Self is spelled with a capital S). This Self within, the Super or the Divine

within our being. When we are able at certain times to give expression to this
Divine Self within us, then we are giving expression to the Life of the Higher

We cannot, with our numerous limitations, live in that state of Mystic
exaltation permanently, ever to concentrate on this Divine Self within us, but
we can at certain moments, for instance, when we are in conversation with
friends, in quiet times when reading by the fire-side or walking in the country,
when our minds turn inward and corporeal things, the outer corporeal things
are far away, enter into the ALL LIGHT, Theo-centric and not man-centric.
Thus, by giving expression to the Light within us we are growing nearer to the
ideal which Kosmon Church believes is set before mankind as something to
attain to.

It is an extraordinary thing again that throughout the history of the World, the
more humane, the higher the state of humanity seems, yet always its vehicle
or medium is in conflict with it. That is, our higher selves seem to change the
corporeal into the higher Essean, the Asu into the lesu, our lower minds
elevated to the higher mind; but, all the time this is going on, there is a
conflict, the lower self and the Corpor mind seem to resist the power of the
Spirit within. However, we have founded the measure of the light, because
having now realised that it is the potential influence of the light of the All ONE
within, the Theo-centric Power that gives us a greater grasp on life, this light
of God within us, helps us to attain that deeper and true appreciation, to
attain the beautiful, the deeper, for ever seeking all that which is true, and at
all times striving for those things which make for the ennoblement of mankind.

Having, therefore, found that path, we realise that we must seek grasp that
which is beyond ourselves or that which is deeper than in ourselves and,
having so grasped it, gradually bring it into manifestation. Then Religion

becomes a Power within our lives, it is working through us.


Two Angels
George Morley

Sometimes two angels stand beside you. One will represent the attribute of
WISDOM, the other the attribute of LOVE. You yourself are the point of
POWER. When you realise this, you will see how Jehovih's will is done
through the souls of men. This occult unity is one of the facts of angelic
manifestation and is the Key, whereby the founding of the Kingdom of light
may be manifest on corpor.

Consider for a moment how the nearness of these two angels and your
awareness of their presence can help. The angel representing the LIGHT OF
WISDOM would be linked with that Celestial One, who is WISDOM
expressed in the highest point of the atmospherean heavens, but linked with
you as your Master. The angel representing him is your mentor, linking your
Master to yourself. The other angel who represents the highest manifestation
of your spiritual being would form a link between yourself and what we call
THE MIGHTY WORD, the formula of the Universe, the Great Plan of All Mind,
instinct with Creative love.

Man is a replica of the Universe in which he lives and expresses everything
that the Universe holds or has. The two angels would cause an expression of
the All light; the Universe is expressed through the man. This expression can
be a real power, an out-pouring even of something not in manifestation
before. An ideal has been formulated and an idea thrown out into the mental
world, into the plane of matter, which responds to mind. It radiates this power
over the world causing men to desire closer unity with all things that belong to
the Creator, i.e., with the creative aspect of the All One. Meditate upon
UNITY and you will restore PEACE. Regard these two Powers manifesting

Wisdom and Love reflected through all those, whose minds are turned
towards heaven in meditation and you can yourself express the light of the
Second Resurrection. You may even express the light of the Third
Resurrection or, if you have attained the highest grade, you can express the
light of Etherea.

How may these lights affect the Soul? If when you ere meditating on spiritual
things, you turn your mind to harmony, in music, poetry, art, to symmetry, for
example of the physical form in games or in clouds or waves or hills or
forests, anything forming in unison, then POWER and BEAUTY are given
new being and you are Iinked with the Second Resurrection. You are already
past the phase where you considered life only on the earth plane, or that one
should simply live one's life at best and nothing else. You have begun to
recognise your spiritual CREATIVE self and formed a relationship with the
spiritual creative worlds. Then having gained that height, you desire to know
more of the spiritual universe. You want to understand how the great world of
Ethe, which is invisible, can manifest, forming worlds visible to the physical
eye; how for instance in the world of Ethe, the Second Resurrection can
actually be a place where people live and move, in which they dwell. People
who have passed from the physical body, now live in the spiritual or Es body
and yet have their occupations; they can understand and reason better than
on earth for the mind is clear and there is no disunity; every thought creates a
harmony somewhere, reacting on other minds and other thoughts. If you
have become at-one-ment with that state, then your mind will cause a
harmonious reaction in the minds of all with whom you are linked. That is the
Light of the Second Resurrection.

Then you want to understand more still of the higher Angelic worlds and their
share in the unfolding of the Universe; how in the world of Thought, the
minds of Orians work, and from producing the thought-form of a world, finally

produce a world of physical matter. You try to realise how behind the sphere
of outer manifestation, whether this be in atmospherea or on earth, there is a
world which is yet the promoter of the form, the CAUSE REALM as some call
it, the REALM OF IMPULSES which produces everything that is. Now you
are meditating in the Light of the Third Resurrection, but you will get nowhere,
unless Love inspires your thought. This LOVE is a sympathetic attunement
with everything that is high and noble, glorious and beautiful. It is the
awakening of the soul into the consciousness of AHEBA, the universal power
which brings all things back to origin. Meditating on the Light of that LOVE,
your higher self manifests to quicken within the spiritual body a note, which
causes an impulse within you to formulate a thought-form of the spiritual self.
The key is that you will become like that of which you can think. If your
thoughts are fixed on the high and spiritual, you will become high and
spiritual; at least for a time you can leave the physical plane and its concerns.
This is the object of religion, constantly to help you to fix the mind on spiritual
themes, which belong to the higher self.

Some people ask: "ls it wise to think so much of the other life?" The answer is
that you must think about the other life, because it is part of the life here and
now. If you are true to your higher nature, you must not wait until death to
begin to know something of that other life. It must be here and now, for it
belongs to your present life. How does that other life affect you here and
now? Who are the angels who come to you? What is it that they require of
you? What is it that you have to do? These are the questions which must
come to the mind of the Faithist.

Life takes on a different aspect when the ordinary things of everyday
existence become less ordinary. They are but a means to an end, a means of
fulfilling certain physical conditions. One’s physical being requires attention,
but it is not yet the whole. The REAL, which is behind the physical and which

belongs to that other life, is that which belongs to Eternity and to the Higher
Self. How does one contact the other life? One does so through angel
communion. What does this mean exactly?

It means that there are angels, who come to you from time to time and
through inspiration quicken the soul towards the conditions of the Second
Resurrection. If things seem to be out of adjustment, the link with the Second
Resurrection may bring harmony; if the mind is disturbed, it will become
tranquil. Then another angel watching over the development of your spiritual
body, comes because you ore in touch with spiritual powers and beginning to
realise these in your mind. As the mind reaching out towards understanding,
towards greater sympathy, becomes a quickening power, the forces of the
spiritual body start into activity. An angel watcher helps to regulate this, often
preventing too swift a physical unfoldment. If the power of seership is within
you, then this can only be stimulated according to the plan of the Angels,
otherwise there may be imbalance and even harm.

It is not true of all who are physically unbalanced, but it is true of some that a
more highly sensitive nature has come into contact with occult forces, which
were not understood and which were therefore not controlled. This is where
the Faithist may differ from those in many New Age groups. He does not go
forward avid for spiritual experience, devoted to spiritual training, eager for
the development of psychic faculties. Even this can be a form of selfishness
or at least of self seeking. The Faithist seeks that he may learn how best he
may serve. He seeks to understand that he may help and to know how he
may bring WISDOM AND LOVE to the point a POWER unto the coming of
the Kingdom.


Angelic Preceptory — Zarathustrian Mas
George Morley

If we say that the After-Death state was an epitome of everything we have
experienced in Earth Life, we would be correct so far as first awakening
memories go. The mystery of the condition after the spirit leaves the body is
difficult to put into familiar language, but you can understand it to a certain
extent as earth experiences PLUS the experiences gained in subjective
states. So the mystery is not so profound as may first appear but we must
consider it since it plays an important part in the growth of the spirit after it
has left the earth body.

When one passes from the physical plane into spiritual life, one sinks into a
condition of sleep, because the etheric body becomes inactive and the mind
sinks to become active only on a very interior plane. The person has gone
inward to conscious experience, but as his "body" sleeps he has no means of
bringing into focus those things his mind knows in the deeper state. This fact
is known to most schools of psychical thought as it is very ancient teaching
and can be traced back to the teachings of Zarathustra, the Persian sage,
who lived approximately nine thousand years ago. Also in the Christian
teaching, it is said ”On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead.”

During the three days the etheric body slowly gathers its energies and finally
consciousness comes back to it and the person wakes on the plane to which
he or she has 'gravitated,' then memories of earth life come back and
persons formerly associated with are seen again. In some cases there is no
realisation that death has supervened. Some think they are still alive and
since thought can carry the spirit anywhere, they go to places they were in
before death. Yet they are affected by the magnetic surroundings of their new

home and its vibrations so that with earth surroundings they can make no
contact and cannot understand why they cannot communicate. This veil of
the newly dead is something which gives frequent difficulty to those who
minister to them. We are getting this message out because even at this
moment, so many people are passing over to the other life without any idea,
of where they might be going. Ministers of religion hint at a possibility of
Paradise, or a long sleep or a dwelling with Angels, but there is nothing
definite, yet the true teaching has been available for a long time.

Where it is necessary to arouse a spirit as to a knowledge of his state,
Ministers of Light and those who work in this way, go to them in the First
Resurrection and explain their condition and what is happening. They may
take them to the places they left and show them their old friends but point out
the lack of communication and so emphasise the difference of their state.
They are taught that their association with earth can only be subjective,
though they may objectify themselves and manifest under certain conditions.
But association with earth life is of tantalizing experiences, because the new
vibrations no longer resemble earth vibrations, but are more active and
require emotions more acute, every feeling at a higher pitch and so difficult to

It may seem strange that you should concern yourself with such things before
they happen to you, but truly life is continuous from plane to plane and there
is no such thing as Death. The change called Death simply produces a
different state and condition of life.

All Spiritual Schools, which teach from an occult and scientific of point view,
call the experiences of the first heaven, “the Planes of Illusion, for there
nothing is quite what it seems, but are reflections of things built up in etheric
and astral light. When a spirit has great bondage, who is so to speak, “earth

bound,” the forms are tantalizing and the experiences of those who are in the
lower states, can accurately be described as real because of the anxiety and
pain and mental anguish, which they make.

We pass on this matter to you because we believe your object is to serve the
Father in heaven by doing His Will, and you may help the Higher Worlds of
Life and Being, who go to assist those in bondage and in this condition of
illusion. If you have thought of these things and studied them and spent time
in meditation, you are already associated with the Higher Spheres of Being,
have magnified the Light, Jehovih, within you and taken to yourself a garment
of Solar Radiance, in building the etheric body beautiful, so when you pass
from the Earth Plane and awaken after the three earth days of rest, you arrive
already above the “Planes of Illusion,” to the borderland of a higher reality.

In so far as this is your spiritual state already, you can through the Power of
Prayer and in intention together already, join the higher reality, and so aid
those who have passed from this life without knowledge of their new state.
Many newly passed over are in a state of shock and disorientation, still
associated with earth life and inoperative in the new life. We
should pray for them. How do our prayers help?

Prayer creates a vortex of spiritual energy. We call it that for want of a better
term, and your learned men speak of energy existing which cannot be seen
or sensed, yet it is potent. Spiritual energy radiates from the finer realms of
spiritual matter for you have momentarily linked your heart and mind with the
Great Centre of All Life, the SouI of all Souls. You have done this by an act of
will. This is possible because the seed within you is Eternal and the strength
within you, part of the Great All. Turning the mind inward and in a spirit of
prayer invoking the light causes a higher, finer radiation from you to the
Centre, and there comes back an answering wave, which is greatly magnified,

as linked with the minds of Angels ministering in the Father's Name. If your
prayer has been specifically for one you knew, then they can find that one
from the image of your mind, identifying the thought image from its vibrational
qualify in the same way that an image can be transmitted onto a
photographic plate. The radiation, however, also partakes of the life quality
of the ray which brought that one into being, i.e., with his spiritual lineage,
with his time on earth and his etherean quality to come. Every mental and
spiritual effort on your part clarifies the higher Life Rays of that individual,
enhancing his tonal quality and enabling the Higher ones to recognise what
was, is and is to be.


C. Ward, Editor
It is proof of a “Faithist” that he or she should be faithful, i.e., full of faith. But it
is not part of our corporeal human nature that we should never have doubts
or faults or deficiencies, … but though on occasions we may rise in prayers,
meditation or through a service into an essean condition … soon as our feet
touch the earth again, we engage more materialistically, … then is our life

In the early days of our coming into Kosmon understanding, this division can
be painful and difficult but if we can find a means of Kosmon service, i. e.,
service for others, then slowly we establish a foundation which raises us to
some degree; the essean state is not then so far above us and when we
return from our brief sojourns in the gardens of Es, we find in our own
gardens, in green fields and in our companionships, a corporeal place which
is indeed a gate into heaven.

Slowly, but slowly, we may come to ABIDE as ourselves a link between es
and corpor and as we seek angelic communion, so the angels find in us a
means of holy manifestation far beyond our own spiritual powers or our own
full realisation.

So we must find our own ABIDING PLACE, poised between Es and Corpor. It
should be firmly anchored on earth where we must live practically and fully,
working whenever possible for others and for all in terms of WISDOM, LOVE,

It is never wise to float indeterminately between earthly and higher conditions,

either wandering in thought or being unaware on one plane, because we are
half aware of the other. Being down to earth is good in many ways and
particularly if we have then a firm launching pad from which we can contact
our angelic guardians and mentors, even our higher guides and masters
since, so long as we are on corpor, this itself has its purpose, for we are their
anchorage; we are their window on the corporeal world.

It is easy to become impatient if we enter upon the higher life but it is never
meet or right for us to have our BEING in es until the call comes for us to
inhabit those realms, and the better we are prepared, the more guided by
patience and deeper understanding, the more immediately efficient then we
may be.

In the intermediate state then we must find our brief ABIDING PLACE and if
we cannot always feel we are full of faith, yet we can be in a way ABIDING
PERSONS. As such we shall be recognised by many who need us, by many
who half recognise our angelic affiliation and so seek our help and by many
more who, even from briefest contact, feel for a moment sweetness, peace,
assurance, friendship.


Teachings taken from Preceptories
George Morley

(1) - 1928 - An important difference between the Faithist or Kosmon Church
and others is that we believe that the revelation of truth from the Creator-God
through angelic powers to man is continuous and developing, whereas most
churches take their TRUTH from a single LIFE, a single TEACHER or a
single BOOK and from that consider that teaching is provided for all time.

Even Jesus of Nazareth never himself wrote or dictated a book of his
teachings. His words hung upon the air for those to understand who could
begin to understand. "He that hath ears to hear let him hear." His disciples or
more probably their younger, more literate, disciples wrote down what they
could from what was remembered. And so it was with many of the lesu. So
from written revelation, no word for word interpretation can be accepted.
There are revelations in number and interpretations in number, but it is
important that we should listen in terms of the present and in terms of our
own desire to grow in understanding.

There should be no dogma, no doctrines. A Faithist must be left to believe or
disbelieve what he will. Yet at the same time he should be able and willing to
associate with others of this developing faith, make his own contribution and
listen to others but never critically or with condemnation.

Continuous revelation is important because, especially in these days of
varied education, there are many types of minds and only through continuous
revelation can we have a living church, one sensitive to the balance between
Esfoma, the wind of change, and Seffas, the establishment. In a fixed,
established religious dogma, claiming to have "the whole truth," world wide

regional differences may occur and breakaways both for geographical or
historical reasons are frequent, but strange as it may seem, when there is
acceptance of new revelation, it will soon appear that the angels of light
operate with similar intensity throughout the world. This may not have been
so in the past but it is so today for both in es and on earth communication all
the world around is frequent and rapid. We must, however make the proviso
that inspiration less than the highest possible may also have a world wide

Kosmon teaching has now been established for more than 125 years: by the
law of cycles (of 11 and 33 year periods) we may expect a new cycle in 198081, but many small Kosmon groups and even isolated Faithists may trace a
new firm foundation of friendships and contacts since 1969-70. Some groups
may have been larger and apparently more flourishing and active especially
between 1925 and 1958 and had some decline since then, but a new smaller
but firmer foundation is being laid.

What is important? First that we learn not to seek our own salvation, but to
find a way of service to others. Secondly that among others of like mind, we
find a way of harmony and co-operation that our service may be increasingly
effective, both corporeally and spiritually. Belief in life after death and an
appreciation of OAHSPEAN TEACHING regarding first and second
resurrections are both essential. We must prepare ourselves to enter the
second resurrection in service soon after death and even while on corpor we
can assist the higher angels in their work of redemption and release in the
lower planes. Such work is the only way in which we can really be effective in
relieving this earth from the oppression of past evil, from memories of past
hurts, from ancient oppositions and rivalries and misunderstandings and from
active drujic inspiration towards violence of all kinds and above all war.

The higher angels from time to time must ascend to a yet higher plane of
peace imbued with the power of etherea, that they may regain strength for
their work on the lower planes. So we too must ever seek the highest we can
find and know, in order that our work here on earth should carry the true
power of higher love and wisdom. We cannot act by our corporeal selves but
must do so always in concert with the essean power. The crux of our belief
therefore lies in our conviction regarding the reality of essean or angelic
communication or revelation.

Such communication may be in three ways. First directly through a su'is in
trance; secondly through conscious awareness of a higher power coming
through, directing our actions, our words, our thoughts, and thirdly through
those unaware, children or some artists or many who while denying God are
yet "the best of men." Those sensitive may observe many in the last category
who are clearly vehicles of a new light, in music and song, in healing, in wider
tolerance regarding religious beliefs. Let us abide then in the belief that
despite evidence to the contrary ALL IS WELL.

(2) - 1938 - It is difficult for us to see the UNITY which exists in all the
manifestation of life and this is because most fail to see the unity between the
UNSEEN and that which is SEEN on the physical plane. This is why
RELIGIONS are not always as embracing as they might be. In some cases it
is even taught that it is wrong to try to know more about other planes of life.
Contact with "the other" is narrowed and restricted to a WORD or to a NAME.

Faithists advance the theory or rather the fact that it is entirely reasonable for
us to know about the life invisible and that this knowledge can only be for
man's good. It is good also that much, which has been taught secretly in the
past, should now be available to all — or if not all, yet there for those who are
capable of understa1ding, though others may be indifferent.

On the one hand, there have long been available the teachings of
Theosophical schools; on the other the findings of Psychical research. Thirdly
there are developing and enquiring movements within the established
churches and a move towards a new unity, which in itself gives rise to a new
examination of doctrine. All of these are as we know under the influence of a
higher inspiration, which itself works in unity. Through mysterious channels of
new generation and the easier channels of inspiration, the seeds of a new
thought and of a new UNITY are sown among men and in our children.

As OAHSPE teaches, the first clear and open message to men came through
Zarathustra, born in what is now Iran (Persia) some 9,000 years ago. His
wise men came to the cradle of the later teacher Joshu, the Nazarene. That
which he taught is still a faith for Parsees, who hold to his doctrine of LIGHT
AND DARKNESS and believe that after three cycles of three thousand years
each approximately, there would be on entirely NEW DAY OF JUDGMENT,
which is to us even this, the KOSMON ERA. But for the most port his religion
has been absorbed into the life quality of later great religions, particularly by
those of India and China and through these to later religions of the "Middle
East." Separately among the Indians of America, the seed was sown through
Eahwahtah, a seed of belief in the individual right to a pursuit of happiness, a
seed of on urge towards unity among the tribes, the states, the notions of
men. When that which was of what we call "the Old World" and what we call
"the New World" come together, the fruit of a new UNITY emerged into THE

Should we then predict that one day there will appear a Religion which unites
and combines all the teachings of the GREAT TEACHERS as set out in
different places and at different times over 9,000 years of human history,
when conflicts have been more apparent than any unity? Yes, it must be so

but added must be the findings of Science and the philosophies of a new age.
We may perceive indications of a new unity or at least of a new tolerance, but
there must still be many changes before the new pattern is clear.

Above all there is an appreciation of the UNITY OF THE MYSTICAL
EXPERIENCE and those who can perceive this must of necessity hove
passed at least through the lower stages of mystical reality and known it for
themselves. Those who seek the higher contact, even those who only try to
seek it and unite with it in their selfless aspirations, these can soon KNOW
that what the mystics and saints of all religions speak of is one and the same,
'though differently expressed, stated in different languages, clothed in
different images, sometimes even poorly or clumsily expressed since that
which is ineffable cannot always be communicated in down-to-earth terms.

It is important in these days not ever to try to persuade any man from his
firmly held convictions as expressed in one way through one GREAT
TEACHER, in one kind of language, but ever to find a UNITY OF FAITH
rather than an identity of belief. Yet we from our own long tradition stand by
the concept that each individual should in awareness and with responsibility
for others find his own way, his own religion, his own sure faith. Only thus can
we be EFFECTIVE provided we maintain on awareness of the Unseen and of
the forward movement of all Kosmon inspiration. For us all growth,
development and new Iight is necessary.

Our way is a difficult one for in all new movements, there must be diversions,
aberrations and temptations. We fall bock on old ways, on old organizations;
we reject some forms artistic and musical of the new inspiration, we are
bewildered when new thought creates new conflicts. What we need is
discrimination and a faith in the future, in the questioning of our children,
never being hasty either to follow or to condemn any new thing, but to

approach all things with a seeking of inner vision, with a prayer for angelic
light and angelic vision, wise and loving. For this ability to judge rightly we
need what OAHSPE calls the "su’is" vision, the true inner seeing.

Some may have it in gift of birth. It is not necessarily manifested in
mediumship. But any who seek through prayer and meditation to align
themselves with the thought of good, with the ideal of peace, with a seeking
for a way of service, these will develop that gift of judgment in great measure
and so as artists, musicians, philosophers and many others purely inspired to
goodness come within our ken, as social and. political issues present
themselves to us we shall see, learn and know in humility, in gratitude and
without self seeking.

For the furtherance of angel communion we must seek on ASSOCIATION;
within that association there may as yet be no complete UNITY of thought,
feeling, reaction to new movements. But in KOSMON UNITY we accept
individuality, we widen our horizons of thought, we learn a new tolerance, we
lay down no rules of belief or of conduct.

Above all we grow in spirit and

grow in love, in wisdom and in our power for good.


Logic and Reasoning in Matters Spiritual
D.G. Pickard

In matters of the spirit, there are ever possibilities of the unexpected. A
dilemma can sometimes arise where it is necessary to reflect deeply on
motive. It is even in corporeal matters very rare for things to be either black or
white, so it would follow that the same applies to spiritual matters with the
possibilities of error proportionally increased.

We will not deal in academic theories. Let us take a personal illustration. We
desire to reveal the glory of the Great Spirit E-O-IH to those whose spiritual
sight is darkened. This is not to condemn them for blindness resulting from
past inheritance. The world of Es in its higher realms views with pity the
chaos and clouds of corpor and the pretence and sham of its governments.
Condemnation is more to those who claim "to see" when in fact they are blind
guides. So one is faced with the possibility that a channel by which Jehovih's
glory may be revealed, could by some slant in emphasis, be not a work of
light but an inspiration of drujas in some scheme they have in mind. One
desires to do a piece of work but entering strange and new surroundings gets
a few batterings. A labour is completed and seemingly well done, yet the
words written in a particular language are limited to those conversant with
that language. An idiom in one part of the English speaking world is not the
same for one elsewhere. A comedian who tells jokes may make an English
audience roar with laughter while an American audience looks merely

Always we come back to two things. Limitations of all things corporeal and
inspiration limited to the capacity of mortal to receive. We may understand
our limitations, yet it seems that sufficient words have been written in this

generation to meet the need of any in the coming generation seeking light.
Can we go beyond the limitations? Suppose we consider the expressions of
sounds in music and combine them with sacred words, so put together that,
though it is permeated with all that is sacred to the Faithist, it is also
acceptable to the man and woman owing allegiance to the orthodox religious
views. If one who reasons on these lines then takes up the possibilities but in
the doing of it flops around like a whale stranded on a beach, surely it is
better than never to have attempted it in the first place. One who does this
has nothing to be ashamed of any more than a child who picks off our prize
rose with but an inch of stem and happily tells us. "I did this for you." Are we
angry with the child? Neither is Jehovih angry. He glorifies our seeming

It has been said that Beethoven in later years, said candidly that his earlier
music could have been improved if, as he did latterly, he had corrected,
amended and revised. Anyone looking at the MSS of his 9th symphony will
see what he had in mind. Yet some inspiration does not appear to require
this mental labour. Motive is important. Even the Triunes set out to do
Jehovih' s will as they saw it, but saw not the razor line between light and
darkness. The question must be asked. "Cometh this of Jehovih or of
drujas?" Never be afraid to ask it! Read the BOOK OF JUDGMENT in
OAHSPE and you will see how the questioning mind is the best insurance
against disaster that any son of man can have.

So here we have a poser. In music there is a possible avenue by which the
reality of THE FATHER may be felt more wholly than such reality can be
expressed through the medium of the spoken or written word.

Let us consider the intelligence of drujas. Obviously they have to reckon with
a more advanced corporean than the Triunes had to deal with. The chances

are that angels who wander off on strange adventures, pick up sufficient
illustrations of past follies to avoid making the same mistake twice. They may
even have sufficient capability for setting up an imitation KINGDOM OF
HEAVEN on earth which for a time passes as the real thing. But one thing is
necessary in such endeavours and that is to avoid at all costs reference to
JEHOVIH, THE GREAT SPIRIT, otherwise it is Satan destroying Satan, a
divided house that is bound to fall. It is not likely that there is much scope for
them in such a work as is in the early stages so far, but I say this in love and
tenderness: could they play the part of Job's comforters and put it in the mind,
"You have sinned," then such work has the word "finish" on it before it has
hardly begun. For this reason, I have asked Faithists who are musicians, both
in America and in England to bring my thoughts into the light of day where all
may judge whether my work is false to Jehovih or true to Him. If it seems
"rubbish" and they say so openly I will bless my friends for saying the truth, or
if they say it kindly and gently, for the spirit is easily bruised. But consider

Here is a talent and you may read the parable of the talents in the Christian
gospels to get my point. Who was the least? It was the man who had one
talent but kept it cautiously, hid it and made neither profit nor losses.
Suppose in the future, a voice rings in my soul saying: "This talent lay
dormant in you for 40 years and when we judged the time ripe for it to open
out, you let it wither and die." What do I reply?

It requires the wisdom of Solomon which I have not got. All I have got is,
firstly, the inner bell, within which all seems calm and sure, desiring me to
press on even though mistakes will be apparent in the early stages and the
collective judgment of my brothers and sisters be unfavorable or encouraging.
It is not easy to judge since opinions seem to be of extremes and I wander in
the middle all confused.

I am of the opinion as to inspiration that it comes not as a dinner dished up
on a plate, but as words and notes all jumbled up. These are to be sorted out
so that sense is made of a puzzle and so it goes on with ideas, always in
advance of what is at hand. It has nothing to do with waiting, for inspiration
comes in great gushes in its own time and all the mortal can do is gather
what he can, interpret it as best he can, and work at it as one not interested
in short-term gains.

Play on the piano a song with words and it will be felt that behind it is real
experience, something learned in Jehovih's school for living. It could be said
eloquently in words yet it is said with richer meaning in combination of words
and notes of music. Feel too, in the Zarathustrian Mas, the sombre notes of
spirits bound to earth, some searching like lost children in old haunts of the
earth, and you will find a means to be a comfort to them. Speak, even if not
sung, the words of Shalom Aleichem, and the sounds will carry on the ethe to

The acid test as with all music is the passing of the ages. Through that alone
one sorts out the wheat from the weeds. Who shall really judge of failure or
success, reputations gained in one field, lost in ignominy in another? Who
can say of motive, what is truth when even courts of law rarely find it after
wearying hours of cross-examination. The labour expended here is not less
than that of one who washes dishes, runs errands, digs an allotment or
climbs a ladder on some building ploy.

What we must keep in mind is that responsibility for the use of varying talents
is in proportion to what a man or woman has been given. The Christian
gospels also point this out and reflect truth in this instance. Does not Jehovih
give one a little job to do and then if one does it well, a bigger job? He does

not come to any man and say “I have marked you out to be God of the
heavens here in X number of years.”

Perceive in OAHSPE how APH learned the secret and others. Seeking to do
Jehovih's will, they worked, and behold, they had hardly time to get settled
before there was another job to do. Does it not seem to you that He is
everlastingly desiring His children to advance because there is so much work
ever on hand for those prepared to have a go?

This is my reasoning as to the things of the spirit. As the years pass my most
priceless assets here are friends, so I must take advantage of my friends and,
revealing my inspiration, ask their help.

Editor's Note; The Editor hopes that this transcription of Mr. Pickard's
personal thoughts on his efforts to write anthems and an oratorio for Faithist
and other worship will be a help to many. In these early days of Kosmon, it is
given to many to walk awhile in the gardens of ES seeing and hearing much
that cannot yet be communicated in earthly terms.


"It Droppeth As The Gentle Rain .... "
A. Frost
Neither man nor angel can express Perfection — which is Love Adorable —
in terms of thought or of language in any degree of adequacy, for only
Perfection Itself can do so. They vary in their methods of approach, in their
efforts to portray the eternal progress of the soul, as Supernal Love suffuses
gradually the Body-of-Light. They realise that only by metaphor can they
express — however incompletely — the Divine Incomprehensible.

The approach of some is to indicate, in parable, a rising Pathway from the
comparative darkness of inertia and apathy, perhaps, and often a state of
non-knowing, towards the acme of All-Light, All-Love — types of pilgrimages,
as it were, as of Bunyan, a few centuries ago, and of Salmya-Buddha, the
great Eastern Teacher, who traced a spiritual climbing — "all shall reach the
Eternal Snows." Others teach a deeply interior mystical Pathway towards the
same Grand Ultimate, These, with many other such themes, could be likened
to facets on the Diamond of Light. Each shines with a different brilliance,
giving added glory to that precious Gem.

Mankind, in its searchings, has given this Quality many names, including
compassion, charity, mercy, forgiveness, pity, The Easterns use a mystical
name, — OM — in their chants, the utterance of which sends ripples of
transcendence around the world.

Sensitives - seers, poets, musicians, express that Eternal Harmony in
accordance with the spiritual metabolism with which they have been
endowed, and the degree of their attainment so to do. The great English poet,
Shakespeare, in one of his famous plays, has written about it. "The quality of

Mercy is not strained" he writes, Indeed it is not. Measureless, and flowing
boundlessly and constantly, all densities, and all subtleties possess it. Using
the metaphor of constant flow, he adds:

"It droppeth as the gentle rain from Heaven upon the place beneath."

One may note that he uses the term 'place,' not 'earth'. May we not assume,
perchance, that his outlook was cosmic? The author of a very beautiful hymn
is similarly inspired. He also pictures the 'flow', saying:

"It falls on the hills; It descends to the plain.
And sweetly distills in the dew and the rain."
Continues the bard: "T’is mightiest in the mightiest." This glorious axiom is
corroborated by the hymnist:
"Oh, Measureless Might — Ineffable Love —
While angels delight to hymn Thee above,
Thy humbler creation, though feeble their lays, in true adoration
Shall lisp to Thy praise."

What is this urge which stirs the seeker to discover, to cherish, and to
proclaim Love Supernal to all? The poet gives the true, and only solution: ''It
is enthroned in the hearts of kings", he says. Yes, and in the hearts of all
mortality. In many, because of their destined Pathway, it may lie dormant for
long, but the awakening is inevitable. As though relating to this awakening,
Shakespeare adds: "It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes." Again, so
true, for when that dormancy is stirred into any degree of realisation of Love
Divine, an added stature and blessing are surely bestowed to that spiritual
activity which fostered that awakening. Furthermore, blessed is he who

responds to his destined call to set his feet upon the White Pathway — or, to
use another metaphor, to flow along the Stream of Life Eternal. Each, in such
service of giving and receiving is but following the urge of the Creator, Who is
All-Life, All-Love, being the Dispenser of All. "Verily, I am Thy servant," saith
The great teacher, Confucius, of old, in one of his many writings, said, —- so
Oahspe tells us: (p.608 v. 16), "Did not the Great Spirit make all things by
giving?" And surely, His first great gift to man is to impregnate the fetus of
every babe with His Germ, and Gem, of Love Divine, sowing it there in all its
pristine purity and innocence. Thus He enthrones Himself, and, in this
present age; doing so, allowing for still-births, abortions, and illness, about
five times in every second, as far as this little planet is concerned. Think, then,
of His Gift of life to the boundless Universe!

In his final plea for Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, in that same play,
Shakespeare sums up the Supernal Source in seven powerful words: "It is an
attribute of God himself." The Faithist is conscious of three fundamental
Attributes of the Creator — Wisdom, Love, and Power, or, Omniscience,
Love Adorable, and Omnipotence. All else is embraced by these three. This,
symbolically, is the Triangle of Creation. Love is, symbolically, and actually,
the Central Cause, the Mover. In the Book of Saphah, in Oahspe, we read:
"By Love only moveth any man". And in that Movement by the Centre of Life,
Motion, and Power, the true seeker links himself with, or, rather, blends with,
the greatest Motion of all, the combination systole-diastole pulse-beat of the
Love Supernal - now suffusing our being — fell as dew into our souls, even
before we were born. With the Heavenly Choir we shall sing:

"As the dewdrop seeks the Shining Sea,
So blends my heart, O OM, with Thee."


In Our Contemplation
A. Newmark

The student of spiritual science, and of "Kosmon Unity" in particular,
endeavors to come into ever closer harmony with the higher spheres, not so
much to hasten his own inner growth, as to become effective in spiritual
service, even though that service may have to be done with the silent voice,
and unseen outwardly.

Since we become like that which we contemplate, it will be obvious that
contemplation on the heaven worlds and the great souls therein, will awaken
the higher self within us. Meditation and Contemplation may be said to be the
two sides of the same coin. The Kosmon student recognises that he must so
train himself on his spiritual path that he can easily attune himself to the
conditions of the Second Resurrection, and become fully charged with the life
of those planes of harmony and splendour. Then the dwellers from those
planes come to him and there is an immediate response .... "light and love
shall flow from each to each". We learn to gain this power through

To contemplate is to think in mental pictures. It is wise therefore to set aside
a short time, say twenty minutes each week, or more often if possible, and
during this time after a short silent prayer to contemplate upon the higher
worlds. The seeker pictures in his mind a place where the surroundings are
such as he would himself delight. to know, and where dwell those whom he
loves and with whom he is in perfect harmony. The different forms of
architecture of the buildings around him each have a symbolic meaning, and
the very walls and roofs, the spires and turrets, give out colour tones which
blend completely. He sees a light constantly bathing every object, and he

knows that this operation is very much like the sunlight on the physical plane,
yet somehow it is more closely associated with the Great Life of the Universal

The student now thinks of what Oahspe calls the "Es'enaurs," the angel
singers whose tones produce such magical effects in their surroundings,
building up forms like iridescent flowers that float in the air. He imagines also
the visitors coming from yet higher spheres, often hearing emblems, and with
a look of great wisdom and compassion on each face. They may walk with
him in a garden where every flower seems to turn in response to their coming,
and where each plant and tree gives out a silent message. Conversation with
these visitors is more by thought transference although the voice may also be

Contemplation may now go further and include the Ethereans; magnificent
angels whose auras glow with the light of splendour embracing all the powers
in the universe. The watcher notices that the aura of the Etherean has a
peculiar shell-like formation, which can expand to a great distance and then
contract again, while within it are different colour strata which blend will each
other. The Etherean, who appears clothed with garments of fire, may allow
his thoughts to sink into the mind of the student, then a light will envelop
them both. If the thought is of love, the colour of amethyst, shading into
deepest pink, will be seen. If of wisdom, then gold with flashes of mother-ofpearl; while a thought of power may produce deepest blue and silver.

The thought of a great angel will flow out and return, because it has become
embodied in a theme which is creative.

Slowly now, the student lets his thoughts return to this corporeal world, but
the contemplation will have lifted him up in heart and mind; it will also have

produced a special vibration in the ether of his surroundings which can have
a salutary effect upon all people who come within its orbit.


The End of a Ray
George Morley

If we pass a ray of light through a prism, it will be split up into sub-rays which
manifest as colours. In the rainbow, white light from the sun has been split up
into colours by millions of raindrops. White light, therefore, is made up of
colours blended together.

The world and its people are like a great ray of light. All over the world, men
and women show differences of character, separating them from one another
like sub-rays of light. Is there then some relationship between mind and light?
Is the whole human race composed of many rays of light blending into one?
You will remember the quotation from 'Oahspe': “. . . thou art: 16 the end of a
ray.” It makes us think of the three great primal rays; red, blue and yellow,
and all the intermediaries. Do these colors mean something spiritually?
Wonderful life-powers are constantly coming out to this earth — and to other
worlds when they are habitable — manifestations which we have referred to
as life-rays. We are distinctly told in 'Oahspe' that light and life are
everywhere present and "because of My presence", saith the Creator, “all
things are quickened into life.” So, you see, there seems to be a dual
manifestation — The Ever-Present Life and The Ray of Light.

We know that most life forms cannot exist without light or, if they exist, they
are dormant until light awakens them into expression. There are a few things
that live in the dark, that is physical dark for they are receptive to a form of
etheric light. There are forms of light not visible to the physical eye as science
can demonstrate.

Thus, a vast ray of light proceeds eternally from the Creator and quickens
into manifestation the life which is everywhere present. The Great Light Ray,
corning down to earth from the All Father, carries with it the qualities of the
spheres through which it passes. These qualities become divided, as though
through a prism, and become inherent in human forms that are to be born,
not so much in the physical form as in the spirit that will grow with the
physical. We refer to the light rays streaming down to the planet, bringing
potencies which qualify and condition the life-making form, giving powers
which will live in the man or woman through earth life and beyond, through
the great empyrean, sphere after sphere in endless succession.

Have you ever thought that the light within you, as distinct from the life, is
very old? Indeed, it is timeless. It did not begin when you took on physical
birth; it cannot be said to exist at all in time because the light within you is
eternal. That which is timeless blends with life in form and so manifests in
time. Let us make a picture for you, though it must be simple and threedimensional since that is your present state of consciousness.

From the great centre of All Being, there flows a ray in all directions. It passes
through all the spheres of manifested life, light and being but, as yet, it is only
in subjective manifestation. It passes from the objective worlds of Nirvana,
through the glorious spheres of Etherea, with their music, their great
crystalline arches and matchless fields of light, along the vastness of the
Etherean roads; on, on through the numberless cohorts of angels. This everliving stream passes through realms of gods and goddesses, the Orians,
O'etans, the archangels, taking something from each; gathering here a note
of music, there a little power; from the one central point of the All Perfection
to this physical point! From the All Seeing Eye to the lowest form of

So the light ray gathered round it the finer elements of each sphere because
each has matter of its own, ether after ether in fine manifestation — not so
much ramification as expression of kind. Can you grasp this? All vortexial
vibrations make a thing different.
As the light ray enters the vortex of the earth it divides into sub-rays again
and again, giving the tints of the spectrum and more. It has the ability to
understand but does not understand because it has not yet awakened
physically. These divisions of the sub-rays form soul-groups and as each tiny
ray drops through the vortex of the earth it becomes a globe, a minute sphere
of iridescence, to be divided by a great angel, Hong-she, into positive and
negative; one soon to enter the earth conditions, the other to wait awhile.
Thus, the earth receives and enfolds your sphere unto itself. Life does that,
for matter is living and gives you the form that is your body, the house
wherein you gain experience and learn the lessons of human existence.
Then, gradually, the spirit within grows to know and to understand. One day
you will go back along that shining path objectively and in full awareness,
gathering up the glory as you pass today is but the beginning. In the
heavenly life your sub-ray comes ever closer to the others until they begin to
merge into the greater ray, each still retaining its individuality.

This is the way of attainment; this is the path of service. "Let your light shine
before men." Yes, let the light of your ray within shine forth, not in preaching
but in good works and perhaps the silent sermon. As the earth passes more
and more into the period of time called the Arc of Sabea, of which this is the
dawn, more people will be seeking, listening for the message of Kosmon,
looking for the light in which the rays gradually blend to bring peace and unity
to all. Then the life and light within shall be an everlasting glory — a glory you
can know today.

Oahspe Onwards

Preparation of the preceding article (Liberation by a Rhythmic Resonance by
George Morley, [1933]) and remembering that this is the centenary of the
publication of Oahspe, recalled a short message that came to our
confraternity from Dr. Newbrough through the trance mediumship of our risen
brother, George Morley in June, 1951:
“Thank you, dear ones, for accepting the message which was written through
my hand by the great angels. It may puzzle you in places but do mind the
things that puzzle. Accept that which you can and let the others go because
illumination will come to you as it did to me before I died. I had helped to
rear up Shalam, to call the children together and make a home. That ideal is
already being put into effect in so many ways. If you can care for children, it
will be a wonderful thing. Some day you will make a Shalam home, I know
because it has been promised to me.”


The All Mind Is The Unity Of The Whole:
The World Invisible is a Manifestation of the All Mind
Brother Zero

After the physical life is ended, man continues his existence in the so-called
invisible world. Here he finds a higher type of universe differing from the
physical with which he was familiar — yet he is aware that there is a
similarity. Forms exist; objects have shape; he can see people as he saw
them on earth; but there is a difference. He notices that whereas on earth he
saw before him and wherever he directed his gaze, now it seems that he can
see everywhere around him — before and behind, to right and to left, all at
the same time. This is because he is not dependent upon the eyes of his
spiritual body but instead registers the vibrations of everything with which he
is surrounded, i.e. the etheric vibrations.

Modern science doubts the existence of a physical ether. Suppose we say
that ether is not physical but some manifestation of the Mind of the All One,
the Supreme Ever-Present, manifesting His Intelligence through all forces of
life. So the man who has passed through death gradually comes away from
the fixity of earth and its forms. He now lives in a world of extraordinary
change where everything, being more or less alive, seems to be in the
accordance with his ability to respond towards it.

The more we go into the interior of the grand realm of life, the more personal
things become. For instance, on earth, when you look at a flower, it offers no
response to your gaze, but in the world of the spirit, it is different. As you
look into the depths of a flower, it responds to you and reveals a further
beauty and a deeper expression of the life within it. How much more this will
be when, over there, you meet other people, especially those you have loved.

As you look at them, there is a deep response; you understand one another
in a way not possible on earth; there is now a communion of soul. Even
more wonderful will it be when you gaze at some great angel who has come
down to your level to bless and to guide. What has caused this admittance
into the sanctuary of another’s personality? It is the Power of the All Mind
which links us together at last as one.

The Kosmon Age will see gradually coming a religion in which this knowledge
has a big part to play. The march of progress spiritually will mean that the old
religion must change, even if slowly, as the mind of man opens toward the
illumination of the New Day. The gradual involution of spiritual forces in
every individual is becoming more and more concise and will produce what
we may term ‘soul manifestations.’ The physical nerve plexuses act as a
matrix upon which the awakening spiritual body adheres. It has a psychic
nexus between the two which, in the present cycle of time and under the
great coming spiritual influences, is becoming more sensitive. The powers of
the spiritual worlds are opening and making a concord with the earth plane.
Men and women of vision are beginning to see the spiritual behind or within
the physical. Meanwhile psychic research is doing a splendid job towards
breaking down materialistic thought, and so many different schools of thought
will have to modify their views on the origin and destiny of man.

If you are within the Oahspe Fellowship, the Kosmon Unity, then your mind is
already open to the New Light. You receive the influences of the All Mind
and your mind, as an individual unit, is linked with others in the unity of the
whole. You are linked especially with certain other souls upon your ray or, to
put it simply, your angelic overshadowers are linked with you by a ray of light
and thus can inspire and help you towards health, strength, hope, knowledge
and peace. They can the better inspire you if your mind is focused towards

In this, the path of Kosmon Service and Worship is invaluable

because it gradually sets us free from the bondage of the physical world and
lifts us into realms of light wherein at last we come to know the spark of the
Father’s Presence within us which is the One All Mind, the Unity of the Whole.


Using Aheba
Gwen Walton

Beloved Brethren, with joy and in Love we greet you. May the Eternal Father
enfold you in his grace. How wonderful it is in a dedicated hour such as this,
to feel the great waves of love which come from the etherean angels as
those waves sweep across the earth, and you, being mystically quickened,
can feel that power and are uplifted by it and Peace comes to your inner
being that the outer world cannot give.

Now your Christian friends ofttimes speak of the Seven Spirits about the
Throne. We know them as the Ameshaspenta because that is the ancient
Persian name. They were first revealed to man by the great Teacher,
Zarathustra and this evening you welcomed those seven Angels when you
faced the altar and you said 'Vohu Mano, K'sha thravairya' … also the other
great Angels as you saluted them.

Why should you greet those Angels in particular? It is because, down through
the ages, they have been concerned with bringing the Light of God's Word to
man, maybe through different channels and in different ways, but in this, the
Dawn of the New Age; they are particularly concerned with giving their Light
and their guidance to the children of the New Day; and since you in this
Brotherhood are dedicated to working by spiritual means to prepare the way
for the coming of those children, and to send unto them the benediction, the
guidance and the protection from time to time, so there is a link with the
children of the New Day and yourselves, a spiritual link; and therefore, those
great Angels, the Ameshaspenta, the Seven Spirits about God's throne, take
you unto their heart and share with you the power of their presence, so that
in this hour, they draw very close to you. The Power, or Radiant Light which

comes from them collectively was known in ancient times as Da'ina. It is a
wonderful energy, because it stimulates the spiritual self within you. It is like
unto nourishment.
Now when you begin to experience the fullness of Abeba … what is Aheba?
It is the ancient Hebrew word that just means Love … but the ancient Hebrew
language was partly a spiritual one and so its alphabet and many of its words
have a profound meaning. Study that alphabet and you will find an inner
meaning to the word Aheba. The three letters — Aleph, He, Beth— have a
significance. But when you begin to experience the fullness of a spiritual love
within you, which we call Abeba, or A'heba (accent on the ‘A’) then the
breathing of your spiritual body is stimulated and as that breathing of the
spiritual body becomes stronger and quicker, so the life forces within the
etheric double, the energies sometimes called the Fire, or the Light of the
Sun, rise up within you, coming up through your body, strengthening it and
passing through the brain. This helps you to think more clearly on spiritual
things; it helps you to be more receptive to inspiration and angelic guidance;
and then a Light, a golden Light, begins to shine around your head, the
aureole or halo. Yes, that is so; you do not have to be high-raised saints
before you have a halo. It begins to develop with all mystics of every school
of thought. It depends how far along the mystic path you are able to travel as
to how brilliant that halo may become. When sometimes, your spiritual vision
is momentarily quickened and you see the angels about you, either here or in
the quietness of your own home, perhaps, you notice that there is around
their heads the light of illumination. So then, in this, the hour of spiritual
communion, the Angels of the Presence draw close, that the Inner Light may
be quickened within you and your true self become the stronger thereby.

Now, as the days pass, you prepare to pass into a new year, and you will
think with your Christian friends, of a wonderful event that took place in

Bethlehem many years ago. It has a deeper meaning for you, because the
Christ-Child also means the Child of the New Day. All the children who are
born in the light this new time have a star shining upon them. Do you know
that when the great Nazarene was coming, it was a great Heavenly Ship that
shone in the sky and was mistaken for a star, … but that doesn't matter. It
guided many a wise man and many a humble person like the shepherds to
find the new Teacher. But, Beloved, if the children of the New Day are
bringing the Holy Spirit back into the world, where is your place? You too,
were children of the New Day, and within your souls, there has been a star
shining and it's growing brighter day by day. So therefore, you greet the
children that are to come as your young brethren, and you bring to them gifts
of gold, frankincense and myrrh. What do they mean? Gold means the
Wisdom that comes from spiritual experience. Frankincense means the
Dedication of your inner self, the prayer, the meditation that you raise up day
by day; and Myrrh is that wonderful power, the Great Forgiveness, whereby
you earnestly try to forgive those unwise ones who in the past have brought
so much evil and darkness into the world, because you realise that the spirit
of forgiveness is essential if the evil of the past is to redeemed.

So we see, then, that Jesus, or Joshu, has shown us the way, but didn't he
say 'Take up YOUR cross and follow me.' So each one of you has a cross to
bear … that is the Myrrh … but by bearing it, you gain an inner strength, a
courage, a fortitude and these things you give to the Children of Promise,
that they, too, may grow up with them.

And this festive time is also the time of the shortest day, when the preChristian time celebrated the return of the Sun and it doesn't really matter
whether you spell it S.O.N. of S.U.N., it is the return of the Light; and the
Christmas Tree, because it is green right through the winter, is a symbol of
the Tree of Life; and the mistletoe, because it has berries which are white,

pure like the soul, but can also provide food for the birds and medicine for
those who are ill, is a symbol of spiritual ministry. So we see in these things,
deeper truths as the doorway of a new year opens before us. You look back
on the past months and you say 'What have I accomplished? What have I
done? … and have I been able to forgive anyone who has done me an ill?
Have I been able to take into my heart a little measure of the shadow that's
upon the world? … the result of ancient evils — and transmuted it into a
spiritual sunlight through my prayer? Yes, we know each one of you can say
'Yes' to that. How much you have accomplished … we do not sit in judgment
upon you … you only judge yourself; but you can go forward into the New
Year with full hope, with high rejoicing, knowing that by following the mystic
path you are growing in the light and the Power of the Father's Presence —
the enveloping of the Holy Spirit — is stronger day by day with you and
through you, because that is one of the great messages of the Brotherhood
of Emeth, this Brotherhood. We keep not the Light unto ourselves. We are
merely channels through which it flows to bless and guide the world without.
You may not be able to see where the Light goes, nor know at once the
results of your ministry, but one day in the distant future, when you join us on
the heavenly shores, you will see with even wider, greater vision than you
have now.

And so it is with strength and faith and high hopes that you face the New
Year. It is with a renewed vision in your soul … vision of how the world shall
one day be, when the Kingdom of Light has come and deep within you can
have that spiritual satisfaction of being able to say 'I did just a little to help the
coming of the reign of Light. In humility I tried to hear the immaculate Voice of
the Holy Spirit guiding me through the walks of life and I know I was helped
to see the Father's Presence in so much, the movement of the waves upon
the shore, the beauty of the flowers, the flight of the birds, the sounds of
music. But above all I was able to see something deep within the soul of my

fellow man which, in spite of his outward faults, that I did not look at, I knew
that one day he too would find the path of Light … perhaps not until he got
into the spiritual worlds. How privileged I am, therefore, to have this
understanding today.'

And so, Beloved, the angels have drawn close in this consecrated hour, that
they may take you unto themselves, For just perhaps a split second they
enter right into you, because that is possible in the spiritual world, enter right
into your radiant body, so that for a brief spell you were two-in-one. The
things of earth fell away and were forgotten that you might glimpse the
everlasting glory; and a Presence pressed upon your brow the sign of
benediction; and it was as though you could see back through long centuries
ago to ancient times, how other people had lived and struggled and bore the
cross and found the spiritual path and had now come to find YOU; and how
one day in the distant future, you will come back from the higher spheres, just
for a little while, to minister to some who shall be born in the distant future;
and their lives shall be more radiant because of your ministry and through
what you attained in your earthly life.

All about us there is a great silence and yet in our heart of hearts we can
hear the voice of the silence speaking to us words of wisdom and of
consolation and we know that, with us, all is well. So may the Love Adorable
truly rest within you tonight and throughout the coming year, that in your life
you may glorify the Eternal Father-Mother, in Whose Presence we ever rest
secure. Amen.


Chronology of Cycles
I. Robertshaw

It has been said often enough that Oahspe presents in narrative form a
history of the earth and the heavens of the earth. This is contained in the
sequence of books from The Book of Jehovih up to The Book of the Arc of
Bon and then The Book of Eskra continues the tale up to and including The
Book of Es, this last covering a period since four hundred years ago down
to·the dawn of the Kosmon era.

It is in the Book of Es ( XIX.18) that a significant verse can be found reading:
'and in Hidesville, in Guatama, on the earth, the angels opened the door in
Jehovih's Name, to be not closed again forever'. Significantly, maybe, this
was also — in 1848 — the beginning of the settlement of the state of

We have, therefore, a long sustained narrative bringing into comparison the
development of man and the activities of the gods, lords and angels
appointed to watch over the progress of earth and its heavens their
successes and their failures. To help us gain some insight, there are short
books preceding the historical books and the Book of Jehovih presents a
summary of the organisation formed to direct and control the teeming millions
on the earth, in atmospherea and in ethereal.

In all, history is covered by twenty-four cycles, each of about 3,000 years
duration, which lead up to the beginning of the Arc of Kosmon which we
assume to start in 1848. So the establishment of man on earth, according to
Oahspe commenced some 72,000 years ago.

If one reads carefully through these books, therefore, there should emerge
some conception of the organisation that has directed things over these
many years. One finds an etherean god appointed for each cycle and, below
him, other high-raised angels but, in some respects, it should be said rather
that the duty or responsibility was assumed because of his over-lordship of
the etherean region through which the earth began to travel. It is a reminder
that the earth is part of a universe which in its turn is part of a galaxy and so
on; and that, in each capacity, it is moving forever within a vaster space
which we call etherea, in which also there is organisation. Therefore, the
earth comes under the authority of the god ruling an etherean 'area' for the
period during which it is passing through that area.

This extra duty calls for an assumption of power and so we find detailed
accounts of the 'installation' of the etherean god for the period

of the cycle.

The earth then travels along a path (arc) and the cycle acquires the name of
the etherean area through which it travels.

Each cycle then has a name as well as a number and we can build up a
history and sequence from a study of the accounts in the historical books.
The first sixteen cycles are covered by reading from The Book of Sethantes
through to the end of The Synopsis of Sixteen Cycles. Oahspe deals with the
first two cycles in some detail since they have some importance as the
beginning of many cycles and since they set the pattern for those that follow.
This may be compared with the Old Testament in which the period from
Adam to the Great Flood is covered by the first seven chapters in Genesis.
The detailed history begins with The Book of Aph in which is found an
account of the sinking of Pan — the Deluge or Flood of Waters

From Oahspe, I have constructed a table of history to illustrate, to some

extent, the complex structure of administration and guidance; not claiming
that this is the last word but rather a preliminary exercise in the hope that
others may be inspired to investigate further. Indeed, I would welcome any
comment pointing out errors or dubious ideas in the table as shown on the
following page. I have covered the main ruler, i.e. the etherean god, the Arc,
through which the earth passed and the number of years it took plus a few
incidental notes. Another writer might well be able to reconstruct the chain of
authority down from the etherean god to the sub-structure of angels that
govern and guide us.

In some instances, the period of a cycle is stated in the text, sometimes one
has to add it up from shorter periods given in the text but some are not given
at all; these I have listed as a round 3,000 years.

So we observe that the 'flood' (sinking of Pan) occurs during the Arc of Noe
and that the last verse in The Book of Aph says that the cycle of Aph ended
2,600 years after the flood thus giving us an approximate date for the sinking
of Pan as say 24,000 years ago. In a similar way, we can pin down the date
of the birth of Zarathustra to the opening years of the cycle of Fragapatti
about, 9,000 years ago.

Recalling the account given by John Newbrough as to how he drew many of
the plates used as illustration (see leaflet 'Origin of Oahspe' ), it has to be
accepted that many of the drawings, containing names and numbers, are
difficult to decipher with confidence. Equally there can be difficulties about
spelling, particularly in deciding which of a number
of versions is correct. In the Chart of the Great Serpent (Book of Aph), the
eighteenth cycle carries lettering which is open to question. It could be 010,
070 or Ole according to which way up you read it and decipher the rather
smudgy print.

It is here that a knowledge of the structure and consistency of Oahspe comes
to your aid. If we (my wife and I) had not constructed for ourselves a glossary
of the strange words in Oahspe, we might not have discovered this but there
are many correspondences scattered through the book, perhaps most
noticeable in Bon's Book of Praise where occur many 'place names' which
can be found in earlier books. Each 'psalm' seems to have some reference
to an earlier book and these seem to run in chronological order. Thus one
may locate the 'psalm' which refers to a particular cycle.

After 'Roth', which clearly celebrates Aph, there comes 'Lais' which one
would expect to celebrate the next cycle and, surely-enough, in the first verse
appears a reference to 'Ole'.

This cross correspondence between Bon's Book of Praise and the· history of
the cycles can be used, with some caution, to verify references and spelling.

Thus while the re-appearance of these unusual place names tends to
underline the consistency of the account of the structure of Oahspe's
heavens, nevertheless there are other entries which stress the warning that,
‘not infallible is this book.' It is reasonable enough to find misprints when it is
taken into account that the original manuscript was typed, in a form of
automatism, on one of the earliest forms of typewriter.

It is not that the

angelic directive could not spell but it is unlikely that the machine, still crude
in conception, would function correctly all the time. Similarly, in the printing,
the typesetter would have great problems in setting words, never before met
with, correctly and also it is rather unlikely that John Newbrough was a good
proof reader.

An instance of this is found in comparing the verses in Aph, chapter II, with

'Roth' in Bon's Book of Praise where the actual spelling varies considerably
but the correspondence of the references is very noticeable. It makes one
wonder whether, in the thirteenth cycle, Zineathacs was 'Keeper of the Cress'
when 'Cross' seems so much more likely a word. This entry only appears in
this politary reference so we have no means of cross-checking.

There is scope for a detailed analysis of The Book of Saphah where 'root'
words are given and often defined. This might well yield clues to enable the
construction of the longer complicated words to be broken down and defined.
These are most liable to misprinting and we might get a basis for theorizing
as to the correct version.

There is still a lot of-work to be done on the various tablets in Saphah much
of which is probably inter-related to what seems to be the 'basic' key Tablet of
Se'moin. Later there appears to be a quantity of teaching (information?) of
esoteric knowledge so bound up in obscurity that the keys are probably

The Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy presents a different problem in that
specialized scientific knowledge, allied to a very open mind, is needed
coupled, I suspect, with an ability to write on abstruse science in simple

To the relative simpleton, it is very obvious that theory changes with the
passing years and what was once rejected often gradually becomes feasible
and then accepted. The question may then lie in how much in advance of its
time these particular writings were. One clue; a lot of theory found in Oahspe
seems to reflect the thinking and writing of Descartes whose ideas were
upset and rejected by the adoption of the theories of Newton. Newton has, to
some extent, been affected by Einstein and some modern theory is reverting

to the spiral and vortexial propositions put forward by Descartes.

In 1881, the text of Oahspe was first being communicated to mortals. I am
suggesting that this could well be the year in which far more detailed
attention be given to understanding the whole of the text, much of which has
been neglected.



Etherean God Status



Sri vat

3, 100

Hoo Le
Cpe Aban

Archangel / Orian Chief
Inspector of roads
Keeper of the Cross


Arb rookh
Noe ,
Ole vif:


Cpenta Armij

Orian Chief
Orian Chief
Orian Chief
Orian God
Orian Chief
Nirvanian Chief


"Father …. Thy light, Thy love …. through all Thy works we see;
Thy voice we hear, Thy presence feel …. "

The first lesson on the path of spiritual awakening is to learn to turn the heart
and mind toward the source of All Light, the origin of all inspiration. This
begins to open the channels of light, of guidance within us. To see His
Presence within everything is to come toward a new concept of life. The
Presence which holds all creation in a unity within which we have our place.

Basically it is His love that maintains the universes, physical and spiritual. It is
His love that directs the angels to minister to us even though we be unworthy
of such grace. Gradually we come to hear His voice — not in earthly words
but as a deep and holy inspiration. Our personal highest light becomes ever
higher and, slowly, leads to a greater vision.

We begin to experience His presence which gives us the strength, the power
that carries
us ever onward. We know that, for evermore, we are 'safe within His


The 'Rite' Way
E.F. Morley

It is a part of Kosmon teaching that there is an unseen world around about us,
the great spheres of spirit which inter-penetrate our world. These states of life
are divided into 'resurrections'. The first sphere of life into which a man
passes when he dies is the 'first resurrection', that is resurrection from the
physical body. In course of time he rises from that condition into a higher one
called the 'second resurrection'. The difficulty he faces when he awakens
from death, if he has no spiritual-knowledge, is that he objectifies himself in
the first resurrection and no-one can do that without becoming more or less
earth-bound. To objectify oneself in the first resurrection creates a magnetic
link with the physical world.

What is it then that someone with spiritual knowledge strives to do? He
endeavours to objectify himself with the second resurrection, that state which
is above the limitations of earth bondage. The steps unto this process are
simple and yet difficult. The first effort is to make a subjective association with
the second resurrection ignoring the first. We gain association with anything
only by turning our heart and mind toward it.

If you go through life without trying to realise in any way what the second
resurrection means, you will not come into subjective association with it in the
full manner that you could.

Rites and ceremonies that have spiritual power within them help us to come
into subjective association with the higher spheres. These rites, linking us
with the celestial spheres, produce vibrations and a condition of harmony
within us which accord with the plane of the second resurrection. This accord

is not possible unless there is harmony within. Harmony within can only be
realised when we understand that there is something higher than life on earth.

If all our thoughts and aspirations are centred in the earth life and nothing
else, we cannot make a link with the second resurrection and our interior
selves. We have shut the door. With this in mind, therefore, we must
endeavour to bring ourselves into harmony, that which is called 'the unity', to
attune ourselves to the One All Light, the Eternal Father. Then we can begin
to realise His presence within and around us and this identification opens the
way for the spiritual forces to sweep through our being and these find a
capacity within the human aura which responds as these forces flow through

In your studies you learn of the power of thought and all those things which
aid by bringing the mind to realise its inherent power. Rituals are a practised
expression of thought, bringing the mind to understand and realise the flow of
spiritual forces within oneself. Nevertheless we must never forget that the
origin of all forces is the Eternal Father — that He is the Life and the Light.
Objective association with the second resurrection is possible — but more
difficult — because it requires the elimination of the lower self which limits
you. However, when you have grown in spirit you can be in objective
association sometimes when the body is asleep or in trance. Subjective
association is the first step. Bring your self into harmony with the All Mind.
Your prayers and meditations all help but a rite, as an act of service, makes
for the unification of the potentials which are within you and leads to great
creative possibilities.

We should assemble to commune with the angels of the higher spheres
regularly; then we gradually grow into an awareness of their presence day by

day. They quicken within us the high vibrations of their world and assist us
towards a full realisation of the Creator's power in us. Heaven becomes
positive within our life and we are unfolding in the light more and more as
children of the One Father. Let us hasten this process that we may become
efficient workers for the founding of His kingdom.


The Forgiveness of a Modern Mystic
E.F. Morley

In ancient times, mystics were inclined to live very solitary lives, but in this
New Age, that is no longer the case. Modern mystics tend to come together
in small groups and fraternities. This fact has great significance. It not only
shows a different attitude in world-thought, but it means that there is now a
sharing among seekers for the inner light, not only on the external level
sharing knowledge and ideas, where there still may be an occasional clash of
personality or perspective, but on a very deep plane, there is a sharing of
psychic and spiritual experience, even though the full awareness of this may
not come through to the outer consciousness. This can involve not only
reflecting the light which another soul may have gained, but sharing in the
sorrow or shadow which another mystic in the group has to bear. “Share ye
one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the Law of Life” now comes to have a
new meaning.

It is by this very deep experience that the soul can grow, and

gain much towards its fuller unfoldment.
A modern philosopher has said: “There can be no forgiveness without love,
and no love without forgiveness.”

This is something that the Kosmon

Fraternity has been teaching since its foundation, though it often used two
strange words to convey this:

Amereth, an old Persian word meaning

forgiveness, and Aheba, the ancient Hebrew word for love.

It does not require a great deal of thought to see how true is this concept on
the eternal level: indeed, it would seem that love and forgiveness are two
aspects of the same thing. But for the mystic today, Amereth and Aheba are
an essential part of the spiritual life; they together form one of the most
powerful experiences of the soul. For it is only through the deepest love that

we can come into harmony with all creatures, and find one unity with the
Supreme Being, Father-Mother of us all unto the world’s end. “To know all is
to forgive all.” We would add, “To forgive all, is to love all.”

The great question of pain and suffering is one that often baffles us. Why
should there be so much pain in the world if it was created by a God of love?
Firstly, we must remember that Man has brought so much evil into the world
himself, and often we suffer the physical and psychical results of the wrongthinking of our forefathers. But there is a light in the darkness when we
remember that there is a spark of the Supreme Spirit within every human soul,
the living power behind and within our consciousness, and therefore He, the
Eternal Father, shares with us in our suffering; in our pain we are not utterly

There is also the sacramental bearing of pain, not easy to attain, often
requiring great fortitude; but in it we offer our suffering to the Almighty as a
small means of lifting the great burden of darkness from our fellow-man. This
must not be seen as bargaining with God, not even a gamble, but something
profound beyond ordinary mortal vision, in the deepest spiritual sphere, a
sharing in the love-forgiveness which alone can bring Mankind into the
Kingdom of Light at last.

So the modern mystic comes to know that he can play a small but significant
part in the great work of world redemption. Growing into an awareness of the
Amereth-Aheba manifestation in the depths of his / her being, he or she can
begin to see the meaning of the world, and our purpose in living here and


Spiritual Image
George Morley

Within every man and woman, there is a spiritual image. It is the likeness of
one’s true self. It is not a symbol; it is real, built from the astral light. That is
to say, in heaven there is a power which is ever impressing itself upon the
human being physically embodied; and this spiritual power is in itself, an
impulse for man to seek the path of righteousness, but owing to man’s birth in
a material body, the nature of that corporeal body is in accordance with the
natural order as it manifests in the physical world.

Because of this, the

physical body partakes of the animal kingdom.

The fact remains, the difficulty with which the dweller on earth is faced is the
tendency of the physical plane to keep the earth-dweller there. Only those in
whom the spiritual light is ascending, can aspire above the physical and find
their reaching out to the spiritual. You yourselves, thus aspiring are well
aware how at the earth pulls you. It is quite easy, for instance, to turn away
from religion and say: “It really doesn’t matter, … there may be a God or not,
let us just get on with this life.” Really and truly, this is the crux of the
question. May it not happen that if one turns the mind towards God, the
difficulties of life become less severe, or at least a strength comes to one to
lift you above the confines of the corporeal plane?

So, we can reason like this, that this spiritual power which is within every
human being is there for a purpose; and that is to impress on him that the
earth life, as wonderful, profound, intriguing and difficult as it is, is only a part
of one’s real existence. You often say: “The life of spirit is a higher call.” If
at the end of the earthly life, one enters on to another sphere of existence
and begins a new life, and if life is eternal and the physical existence only a

part of it, then is it not well to look ahead?

Some schools of thought teach

that the only object of religion is to escape a condition of hell after the earthly
life is over, and that certain forms of belief must be adopted. We do not
agree with that. What the teachers of Kosmon assert is this, that what man
thinks impresses itself on his inner life.

The inner life is that which is

influenced by the spiritual, and it is there that one can effect — not
compromise — but the real and the rightful exchange with the spiritual by the
sacrifice of some of the physical.

You will see then that the spiritual life can

affect the physical. That aspect of yourself which sometimes turns towards
your Creator, toward God, towards the angels, toward the other life, becomes
wondrously quickened and a reality is formed within.

When a photographer takes a picture, he has a sensitive film in his camera;
and an image has to be impressed on the film. There is one thing he needs
above all else, and that is light.

The stronger the light, and the more

sensitive the film, the more perfect the image will be. A man is like that
camera. He needs the light to impress itself on him, the light of heaven, and
the more sensitive he is, and the stronger the light, the better will the image
be. But what of that towards which he focuses his mind?

It is said that the spiritual body is built from the finer spiritual substances;
there must be a kind of essence from what that form is built. The spiritual
body built from one of the ethers is itself very sensitive, and the moment this
sensitive body begins to form within the realm of the physical, it becomes
more impressionable. We now understand that the more one turns one’s
thoughts in meditation towards God and the angels, the more they come into
form in the sensitive spiritual body and make it angelic. Just as the physical
body needs nourishment, light, air, water and so on, so the spiritual form
needs those things which shall refine it and make it adaptable to the higher
planes of being.

It is because of this that the rites of the Kosmon Church always point upward
toward the light, toward heaven; and whoever you may be, believe us when
we tell you, that though you may have put religion on one side, the fact that
there is a life after death is fully proven. It therefore, remains for you to build
up your own religion, and the simpler it is, the easier it will be. To open the
soul like a flower, just say sometimes: “Heavenly Father dwell in me” or
“Holy Spirit come to me.” In every man and woman, there is a spark of the
Infinite which links him or her with the Eternal Father, and it is there always
no matter how bad or good he or she may become.

Let us remember this important fact. Today, the world is full of trouble and
sorrow, war, poverty and sin; but that is not all because there is also love.
You find it among those who minister to the sick; those who help the old and
lonely, among those who care for the spastics and orphans, and good folk
who work hard to bring harmony among so many human activities; and even
those who rescue animals. There is a shadow over the world, but there is
also music, there is beauty, there is joy. There are people whose minds
sometimes rise above self towards the realms of light and unity.

Let us see if we can increase the beautiful in the world and lessen sorrow
and suffering, and in place of war put love. How can we do it? It would seem
an impossible task, but chapter 6 of “The Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom” in
Oahspe gives us the key. That reading is a symbol of the coming of the
perfect man when the reign of light will at last be founded. But it cannot
come all at once. The earth is very old. The human race is very young; but
in order that those things which spoil the world may not continue forever, let
us strike right at the root of all evil; that is really the only way, even though
outer world reform efforts may do a good work. Human nature must be
changed if love is to take the place of hate. This change can come only

through a new Race.

Today children are being born in a different spiritual cycle of time from their
elders. They will live in a different Age; but they are only the precursors of
others who are still to herald in another cycle. All the while the heavens of
this earth are becoming filled with the light from the realms of Etherea. The
angels of splendour who are descending to bring redemption to the human
race are working through the realms of Atmospherea. All the angels or spirits
who are at present administering to Humanity are under the influence or
power of Jehovih through his Etherean Messengers.

If we link our hearts

with them, as a definite spiritual act, then as the new race increases, as the
years pass away, the light will become stronger and stronger. It will impinge
itself upon the sensitives who are being born in Kosmon. They will grow filled
with the ideal which we hold so true, and in time their words will become
mighty over all the world. That is the secret. The New Race is being born.
In the midst of all the turmoil and darkness, a new star has arisen, and it is
heralding a Newer Day.

All of you who work along the lines of this teaching, are helping to bring about
the conditions of a new spiritual world order. Is your life an act of worship?
Is this worship an act of service? How can you serve? First of all, focus the
mind toward the heavenly light. For a few moments each day, think about
God, think about the angels and the heavenly worlds, think about the wise
ones who are ministering from the spheres unseen. That is the beginning.
Then sometimes go into the House of Prayer and let the light expand within
you. By enlarging yourself in that light you will become radiant and strong,
and as you go out into the world, you will be a focus for the Ministry of the
Unseen. Through your aura, the light will flow unseen by the physical eyes,
and thought-waves from the Etherean worlds will radiate. The mind of the
world will slowly change toward the light, and as the mind changes, so the

heart will change, and as the heart of the world changes, the New Race will
guide it into paths of peace, righteousness and unity.

Now go. You may never come to the Kosmon Church again, but carry this
message in your heart, and wherever your feet take you, think of these
matters and analyse them, and if they are rational, then they will be true, and
if they are true, you can say to those who question you: “There is a brighter
day dawning.”


Aheba and Amereth
George Morley
In the Litany of Consolation, there are two clauses which read: “May Aheba
be revealed to me—And, Amereth be revealed to me.

If we turn to Oahspe, page 310, THE DIVINE SEAL, plate 14, also the
interpretation called QUADETH IZ; Aheba is there called ADORABLE LOVE,
page 614, verse 5.

In the BASIS OF VEDE, page 645, verse 33, AMERETH is defined as
It is on these two themes that the es’sean teachers have from time to time
elaborated at length: outlining two doctrines which permeate much of the
Faithist teaching, Love and Forgiveness.
The necessity to love one’s fellow-man, familiar in all religious teachings, can
be extended to mean a higher appreciation of our spiritual relationship, one
with the other. To appreciate the causes which lie behind the things of worth
and to understand the psychic causes of much of the evil which afflicts the

But Amereth: to forgive—what? Here we are asked to consider how much
the wrong done in the past affects us today. Furthermore, to understand that
much we have to bear is the result of mistakes made by some of those who
have passed on, and who were, or are, on our RAY.


We might ask: have the Lords of generations ordained that we are best fitted
to bear the astral reflexes which afflict us? If so, this looks very much like the
Law of Karma of the Theosophists, and would explain how an es’sean
coming into our psychic and spiritual life, could work out his salvation in
association with us. The part we play in bearing these astral reflexes would
be our Amereth. And, moreover, would rebound to our ascension in the

Since, then, love is the key, we shall find that it is Aheba which gives us the
power to persevere in Amereth. This Aheba to be awakened within us, must
be something real and tangible. It must be an awareness of a POWER not
confined within a temporary emotion.

If we can be lifted up to enter into association with the planes of IESU, then
we shall receive the benediction necessary to counteract anything not good
on our way.

Love, then, is the KEY whether it manifests as the ecstasy of the mystic when
all that is unreal falls away and the light within the sanctuary of the heart
flames up anew; or, the approach of a high angelic being, say one of the
Lords of Compassion, or, as some mystics believe, the approach of the
counter-partial soul.

The great fact is that Love and Forgiveness work together. So that those
who have to work out their salvation on the es planes, do so by associating
with us. Otherwise, we should have to postulate reincarnation. But since the
doctrine of reincarnation is not taught by our teachers, then there is only one
other way by which the past can be redeemed, and that is by coming close to
others on the physical plane, by those who did not follow the path of truth and
right when they were physically embodied.

Somehow the Ethereans play a great part in the redemption of the Race.
(See plate SHA’MAEL, page 559) Since we also read that Etherean grades
are IESU, we must ask ourselves what is the esoteric power of Iesu?

It is the highest expression of Aheba—the Adorable Love. It is the entrance
into our lives of a superior power, and our aim must ever be to make
ourselves more and more receptive to this power, so that we may the easier
manifest it.

It is here that the Litany can be of service—by entering into the spirit of its
precepts, by rites and ceremonies, by contemplation, by angel communion
and by bearing the burden of Amereth, sustained by Aheba.

It is by taking up some work in the ORDER so that those associations with us
es’seanly can fulfill the tasks given to them through us, their brethren on
By unfolding in the power of su’is and sar’gis that the psychic stream may
flow through us unto perfecting the Etherean emancipation of the Human
Race from the Asu (Adam) darkness which still opposes it.

All this, and much more, both exoteric and esoteric. The esoteric is hidden
because we must grow into an understanding of the mystery. When we have
attained, then, it is no longer hidden.

Amereth is bearing or helping to bear the burden of others. Particularly those
to whom we are in some way spiritually related.


Aheba is necessary above all else before we can be strong in Jehovih, and
thus assist in the redemption of the world-evil through Amereth.


Methods of Spiritual Development
A. Anderson

As far as can be ascertained, every nation and culture on earth has methods
and beliefs concerning spiritual development and the etheric realms. Contrary
to popular fiction, even the voodoo pantheon, in its communal role, can
function as a means of unifying and encouraging social responsibility, as well
as revealing aspects of the powers of the spirit world.

Oahspe, being a powerful right hand path revelation, naturally encourages
righteousness and compassion, the love of one’s enemies, the overcoming of
earthly desire and attending to the sick and the weak. On the left-hand path,
however, one encounters the exact opposite; destruction of one's enemies,
satiation of desire, allowing the weak to perish. Literature containing this
philosophy and ceremonies connected with the left-hand path is widely
distributed. Followers of the Kosmon faith should not blind themselves to the
existence of such teachings and should bear in mind the appeal that they can
have. After all, many of us have tasted of the forbidden fruit and we should
not like to be labeled hypocritical because we are too critical of others.
Though we may recognise the inevitability of straying from the (straight and
narrow at times, our aim is to be free of the chains of the earth plane in order
to be fitted to enter the higher spheres and also to make a contribution to
spiritual advancement while still on earth. John Newbrough, through whom
Oahspe was revealed, gave us a great example during his life by his
achievement in self-purification.

All religions contain what seem to be extraordinary revelations such as the
Oahspean statement concerning the origin of the I'hin race (see First Book of
First Lords). We cannot expect people automatically to believe such things.

Faithists come to Kosmon through inspiration and spiritual guidance and we
have a system for personal and community development. These methods are
worthy of consideration, for in themselves, they can produce results such as
serenity and spiritual sensitivity. By being socially responsible, peace loving,
trying to live a harmless life, by prayer to and praise of Jehovih, we aim to
strengthen our spiritual natures so that we may be of greater help in building
the foundations of the Kosmon Age.

Oahspe does not mention meditation, as such, as far as I can gather, but this
is a definite aid to stilling one's mind; and like attention to breathing and
posture can help maintain a good state of health.

The materialism of the twentieth century cannot last in its present form. We
h9pe and pray that the world's people will achieve peace rather than engage
in disastrous war which can only produce colossal destruction.

The year 1982 is the centenary of the publication of Oahspe. This should be
a special year in which we make special effort to spread the light of Kosmon.


Cultivating the Consciousness of the Healing Power Within
Leslie Clarkson
My thesis is as follows: — “There is ONE LIFE present everywhere and each
of us is in that life and of it. That Life is our consciousness and as we learn to
accept Omnipresence as definite and creative, by that inner GodConsciousness, we may learn to redirect and inspire the inner life or SOUL,
which then knows what to do and by that perfect LAW, how to do it, so that
nothing good can be withheld from a Life of true health and well-being.”

Within every one of us is a health-giving and healing power, which can be
used to direct and sublimate the energies of our lives.

This power properly

directed is free to rehabilitate the etheric structure for health. It can heal the
afflictions and ailments that man is heir to.

Every form of spiritual healing

uses the concept of destroying the dam of repression and tension, which is
destructive to health, so that the inherent healing power, which is the natural
function within the nervous system, may operate.

Behind all meditation

systems is the up-raising of the human instincts so that there is a new
directing of the “libido” or psychic energy.

As psychoanalysts know, this is

associated with the sex instinct, whose energies lie below the threshold of
our consciousness. Where, however, the libido is sublimated and directed
towards a higher ideal, then the energies are fully put to work with optimal

By avoiding the damming up of natural energies, the body and mind are able
to transform the environment; i.e. the aggregate of external and internal
conditions affecting our conscious external and internal existence. There
seems to be as yet little understanding of the practical means by which the
spiritual forces underlying the universe and permeating the nature of man

may be utilized towards creating a new heaven and a new earth. Only with
universal co-operation may such an ideal be realised but for anyone who
would seek the higher contact, the reconstruction of true health becomes an
individual task, the rewards of which are great indeed.

There are many

systems directed to the Universal Mind, the Great Spirit and all that are
important have one thing in common.

The underlying idea of a mental

healing system is as follows: In the ethe encompassing and pervading the
structure of every minute body cell, is a spiritual force infinite and

This force is life itself.

According to the higher teachers,

nothing in the Universe is dead; rather everything pulsates with life.


part of an atom is alive and the electron is a crystallization of its own
magnetic power. This Life-Force is boundless and man too is saturated with
it as a sponge may be saturated with water. This force in man is spiritual; it
constitutes a man’s higher self. It is his link with the God-Head, the God in
man. Every molecule in man’s mind and body, is saturated with life-power.

Primarily it is when man offers resistance to the flow through his being that he
becomes tired and often ill, this conflict continuing to mortal death. One may
perhaps ask how man is able to offer resistance and to put up opposition to
that force which underlies and evolves throughout the universe of which he is
a living part. The cause of this resistance lies in his complacency and mental
confusion, to moral cowardice and false perceptions and negative thinking,
as opposed to the true nature of life. The errors may be unconscious as
modern depth psychologies have demonstrated. Man is rarely aware of all
the involuntary intricate processes going on when his food is circulating, his
glands regulating, so that the air, blood and nourishment go to every bodily
organ. All these processes are involuntary and so to a great extent are his
resistance to life.

He has surrounded himself with a crusted shell of

prejudices and all-conceived fantasies about life which armor him against
enlightenment, prevent the entrance of higher inspiration always ready and

available to him. What wonder then, that he ails and is so helpless and
bereft of true understanding! Indeed, ignorance of the laws of life carries no
pardon. The law works silently regardless.

It would seem then that few individuals are able adequately to work
harmoniously with life, whose immutable rhythms are everywhere manifest in
accordance with the cyclic laws.

Consider the sun, moon, and stars, all

moving in their inexorable times, always in their “right” place. It would seem
that only man has wandered in ignorance and self-complacency from the
divine cycle of his spiritual progress and how sadly he does pay for it!

The first stage towards real freedom and health is a conscious realization of
the vast spiritual reservoir in which we live, move, and have our being.
Contemplation and repeated intellectual effort make this study part and
parcel of our mental outlook, will dissolve and break down that crusted shell
of prejudice and fantasy, so that life and spirit may pour forth in increasing
abundance. Health increases and a new life begins. One’s environment
then attracts just those people who can assist us and help in various ways
and soon many worthwhile amenities of life become available.

This transforming and refining of the mind and body must start with that
bodily exercise which is partly at least under our control, that is with rhythmic
breathing. Regulated breathing is a must. The air we breathe, if fresh, is
from moment to moment to another charged with vitality and the breathing
process provides a general regulation. In the very air we breathe, is the
active principle of Life. Rhythmical breathing should be practiced at fixed and
regular times of day without any strenuous forcing of the mind or overtaxing
of the will. Forcing a rhythm into breathing is not necessary; all effort should
be gentle and easy and relaxed until the skill is obtained. Let the breath flow
in easily while mentally counting one, two, three, four, pause a second before

exhaling on the same count; pause again slightly before the next breath.
Maintain this rhythm with realization of its sense and vitality. Try to do this
when there is little likelihood of interruption, but do not strain to do it for too
long at first. Cultivate too the art of relaxation, addressing each muscle and
part of the body so as to loosen all tension. This is particularly important in
regard to the solar plexus, which is around and below the diaphragm which
controls the breathing. It is important at first not to increase tension here
when practising the breathing. Learn too to think of your blood moving as it
were in response to your command, flowing to each organ, carrying life and
nourishment to all parts.

This done consciously can produce a state of

glorious radiant health.

After relaxation and development of blood

awareness, the rhythmic breathing becomes ever more effective, and as the
mind accustoms itself, the lungs will take up the rhythm and maintain it. The
preliminaries are important, for then, as the lungs take up the rhythm, inhaling
and exhaling to a measured beat, so will the Divine consciousness
communicate to the consciousness extending to every part of the body, even
to every cell and tissue. With practice, every cell will vibrate intelligently,
sympathetically and radiantly. The whole organism will come to feel that
there is an inexhaustible storage battery of energy and power, with which it is

The mastery of this technique is the most important part of the life

regime. It is the basic principle for all higher development.


In Our Contemplations ...
Brother Zero.
“In Thy House, O Father,
We thy Children Meet,
And in this communion,
Thy One Presence greet …”

(from the Hymns of Faithists)

We grow like that upon which we contemplate. Think often of the angels
of light and you grow in their Iikeness.

Growth in the spiritual world is in accordance with the incoming of the light to
the soul. This light is the reflection from the All Mind as it manifests through
the spheres of being. Mind is a consciousness or awareness. It is the
devotional attitude because it is love as well as power and wisdom. As this
awareness comes about, the spiritual body grows in that light.

In this we are helped by the ministry of angels who come, particularly in quiet
moments, to bless and to guide. They blend with the aura around you, the
radiance of your higher being.

Though you may not always see them, you will feel their presence as they
come along different rays according to your need.


If you need direction, think of the golden ray; if you need blessing, then think
of the purple ray; if it is health and strength you require, they will come in the
bright green ray.

But, like the diamond, one day all rays shall blend for you in the Great White
Light of The Perfect Presence.


Behold the Rose
A. Frost

On many occasions the Beauty of the Rose has been expressed as an
emblem of Spiritual Power and Love. We feel it befitting to expand on this
Heavenly Theme, for it has unlimited aspects for great consideration.

When our thoughts turn to the spiritual beauty of the rose as a symbol of
Love Divine, it lifts our minds into High Planes of Light. The Rose is a symbol
of the Soul itself as it attains towards Nirvanic Heights.

In the Heavenly Revelation OAHSPE, (page 618, English version, Book of
Saphah), is a tablet called HO'ED, in which we read: "Behold the Rose, deeprooted in the earth … This subtle perfume, whence cometh it, and whither
goeth it? O Thou Unseen OM! Is my spirit like perfume? Whence cometh it,
and whither goeth it?"

UNSEEN OM. That is the wonderful Unity of Divine Love, of which the Rose
is an earthly symbol and, above all, a very beautiful heavenly one, too! As
we peruse HO’ED, we imbue the gist of wonderful upliftment — higher
thoughts — higher desires — higher aspirations — all set in such beautiful
wording that in reading them they fill us with Rapture Divine.

"Bind not my soul to the corporeal world, Thou All-Going-Forth, but make my
heart look upward to Thee." This is the outstanding message of HO'ED. Yes.
Behold the Rose, the Rose of Love Divine, which is deep-rooted in the hearts
of all Mankind, and which is known by High Angels and millions of followers
of Eastern Religious on earth as OM.

Side by side with HO'ED in OAHSPE is its interpretation in an illustrated
Tablet called HY'YI. Reading verse by verse in HO'ED and tracing its
meaning by reading upwards in HY'YI, is, to the writer, a fascinating task, but
there are other lessons which we may learn as we consider the Rose's

We have mentioned before the seven psychic centres within the body of Man
known angelically, and in the Eastern religious thought, as Chakra.


Angels, however, select three principal regions in which dwelleth the Rose-ofOM.
These dwelling places of the Rose- of-OM are: Firstly, the Solar Plexus —
the doorway for the inflow of Light and Power, which is, actually, the mystical
heart of Arch-Natural Man.

Secondly, the cardiac, or human heart, centre

wherein are stirred the High emotional vibrations. Thirdly is the centre in the
head, wherein this mystical flower of OM is known by the angels as the Rose
of the Sun. Here awakens within the Seeker the highest stage of Illumination.
Moreover, we should always think of these three specialized centres as being
linked by rays of Light, for it is said that when the first two are blended, their
unity transforms the seeking soul, and, finally, uniting with the Chakra (three)
of the head, they blossom towards Perfection. When this occurs, we receive
the high inspiration from the angels of the Third Resurrection States.

This Omnific Power, however, is dormant within every living soul. It resides
within every heart and mind, and is stirred into spiritual activity by a
consecrated and purified Seeker on the Way. It is likened to a mighty tree
which shall arise from a tiny seed. Therefore, let us "Behold the Rose," and
in that symbolical beholding, imbue Love Divine in all Her beautiful and
infinite Attributes. These shall then suffuse us more and more as we travel on
the Great White Pathway — bringing Peace and Love to the world.

No Rose without Thorns
R. E. Bruce
Jesus is reported to have said " …. When ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as
the heathen do, for they think that they shall be heard for their much
speaking." — that is to say: a number of words without thought behind them.

Power is derived from thought and it is simply to add potency to the prayerthought that words are used, so that familiar sounds may impress their
meaning on the subconscious, like an imprint on wax, thereby intensifying the
thought behind them. How often are words abused by vain repetition
mechanically repeated! · The advanced soul needs no words. His
communion with the All is ceaseless and complete. His thoughts have
become so potent that they are now merged into one-ness with the Infinite
and throb and vibrate in unison with It.

For those who have not yet reached to this beatific state, the mind can be
taught to work doubly, on two levels, by the recital of well known prayers to
keep it pleasantly but superficially occupied and free from wandering
tendencies, whilst labouring silently with intensive fertility on far deeper levels
of consciousness.

Used in this way, repetition is productive of definite good but should never be
allowed to become 'vain.' The danger point is reached when it is to the
repetition itself that. the disciple pays attention and not some deep ulterior
meaning. As he, through ardent practice, passes insensibly from meditation
to the still and silent waters of contemplation, he enters at last those closely
guarded portals of the fourth dimension which transcends space and time.
For a while he lives and has his being in the Everlasting Now.

He beholds the earth as a crystal ball with all things — past, present and to
come —

merging their reflections on its shining prismatic surface, events

fitting into their places with the ease and certainty of a bud into its sheath.
Life, and the affairs of life, are seen in the round instead of distorted and
askew; self is dying and quiescent; the disciple looks on all things with the
pureness of impersonality and detachment. No need to question why this or
that happened, he now views the whole event, as it really was, no longer with
worldly eyes, seeing only one facet of an outward deceptive appearance , but
all around it, on all sides and through it.

Sometimes, even without training, the personality becomes temporarily
projected into the fourth dimension as when Catherine de Medici saw in a
vision the battle of Jarnac and cried out: "Do you not see the Prince of Conde
dead in a hedge?" Such experiences occur through the personal vibrations
becoming accidentally in sympathy and harmony with those of the fourth
dimension so that they pick them up in the same way as different stations are
picked up on the radio. When man can do this at will all the secrets of the
earth will be open to him. He will become all-knowing and will have learned
the riddle of the Sphinx. He will have attained to control of the universe
through knowledge of universal law.

All things hold within themselves the potentiality to reach into everything else.
It may be deep down, hidden, infinitely difficult to disinter and translate into
physical material being. Nevertheless, potentially it exists and the mode of
access is thought, deepening to meditation and contemplation and, from that,
passing over the threshold of the fourth dimension.

That a life whose only goal is union with the One, thus entailing much
meditation and restraint from action, should be regarded as unproductive is

not surprising since the world's judgments are normally superficial. The best
and greatest of earth's children, those who have achieved most for the race,
even in material things, are those whose meditations have been regular and
continuous. It is not always called 'meditation,' nor is the inspired nature
always recognised but just as when we have face-ache, whether we call it
neuralgia or toothache, the pain is identical; just as the glory of the sun is the
same whether we call it 'the sun' or ' a ball of fire' or even 'Jupiter', so the
results of true meditation are constructive and cumulative even though they
may not be divine.

Newton said that he arrived at his discoveries through projecting his mind in
the direction along which he wished to travel in order to achieve the end

If, in meditation removed from the world of sight and sound, we project the
mind towards that wisdom which we seek to acquire, it will gradually but
surely move in that direction until, like a bolt from heaven, the inspired flash
will strike us and we shall 'know.'

Thereafter, if we consistently follow the upward path, the leaping soaring
flame, we shall gain enlightenment not through books, nor by much study,
but by that which mystics call 'direct knowing'. There is scarcely any branch
of wisdom, learning, science or art known that has not been anticipated by
mysticism but the process of 'direct knowing' can show no material evidence
to convince the workers of this world and so the mystic's wisdom is
discredited and his learning scorned. This is perhaps as it should be; for what
can the seekers of Maya (illusion) have to do with seekers of truth and
Is the price — scorn, derision, contempt even persecution too great to pay?

Each has to decide for himself nor allow the words or sayings of another to
influence for, when he comes as come he must — to the valley of decision
each holds his life balanced like a ball in his hands. He, alone, can say which
way he will go, along which course the river of his life shall run.

He who chooses the mystic way can no more avoid the red rose of sacrifice
than can the swimmer avoid the waves. He who takes the mystic rose must
not complain about the thorns but grasp them to his heart and make them his.
Physically, the red rose typifies love and pleasure but spiritually, it sometimes
stands for sorrow. Through sorrow, the gates of heaven can be opened and
the disciple pass into the light of his Lord but this does not mean a folding of
the hands, uplifting of the eyes and inertia in the world of Kali Yug or Maya.
True mysticism is accompanied by intensive action on the physical plane, in
the world of material being.

That the mystic is journeying towards the world of becoming does not imply
his inactivity in the world of being, of which he is still, while in the flesh, a
member. The true mystic — as against the spurious of whom there are many
— is much more active, even on the physical plane, than his more 'practical'
brother, for the word 'practical' has come to be applied to him who sees and
believes in nothing further than his nose. Yet it is the dreamer who has, over
time, conquered the world.

All mystics possess an abundant, almost abnormal, degree of energy and
vitality which can be translated into great activity on this plane.

After sorrow, pain, separation and failure the disciple eventually reaches to
the golden rose of one-ness with the Supreme. Often along the way has he
had a vision of that union; often has he been in touch with the ineffable and
the divine. Often has he lost sight of Maya, transcended space and time and

entered the fourth dimension where all is One and there exists but the
Eternal Now. Never has he remained therein for more than a few moments,
as we count time, but now is his the vision supreme when, instead of himself
and the Father being separate, he is joined forever with Him. No longer are
they twain but One. The desert of his pain-filled journey has blossomed as
the rose of his desire and happiness perfected within him.

Deep within us all lies the possibility of this bliss. In our being, it slumbers and,
potentially, exists. Shall we not set out on the immortal quest — the quest of
the golden rose? It can only be achieved by devotion and love great enough
to transcend all that mortal man can conceive.

Then, with folded petals, the little white rose of silence descends upon the
disciple. For such things as come to him thereafter, are too wonderful to tell,
too delicate to utter, so frail and exquisite that speech could destroy and
shatter the very texture of their being.

The key, wherewith to open these doors, is love but love that entails service,
self-sacrifice and the final extinction of the lower self.


The Crystal Body
E. Frank Morley
" …. the angels who dwell with us are themselves crystal clear. Their bodies
can be seen as crystal, transparent so that you can almost see the heart
centre throbbing. The power they bring is of that particular kind which makes
for coherence; not only coherence of sar’gis but also of ideals."

The quotation, from a trance address given to us some fifty years ago, will
perhaps sound very strange at first, but we have to remember that, in
function and in substance, the spiritual body is very different from the
physical. The mortal body is very limited; once it has grown from infancy to
adulthood, it does not change much except for the gradual signs of old age.
The three dimensional world of matter has it in its grip.

The spirit body however, vibrating in harmony with the plane on which it is
manifesting, is subject only to the mind. It can look young or old as the owner
wishes. Sometimes an advanced soul, coming near to the physical world, will
take on its former physical appearance when wishing to be recognised by a

Some schools of esoteric thought say that we each have a number of bodies,
each for a different sphere of life in the higher worlds, but we find this can
cause confusion. The Sanskrit (followed by most of our Theosophical friends)
gives us seven bodies but Subba Rao, a great authority on the Vedanta, says
we should think of only four. Rudolf Steiner speaks of nine bodies while some
branches of the Rosicrucian schools claim we have ten: corresponding to the
ten Sephiroth. In Kosmon, we find it simpler if we think of the mortal form
having a temporary astral double and then a permanent spiritual body which,

however, can when required, produce copies of itself by the power of thought.
These copies, or reflections, are only aspects of the true spirit and are named
accordingly --for instance, the body of light, the causal body, the solar or fire
body or even the higher mental form.

Thus we see that our spiritual self can have many different forms of
manifestation as when Gods at parting embrace each other in tears, or an
etherean Goddess "raised her slender hand." Perhaps the supreme point
was made by Hoab who " . . . . . suddenly sprang up facing the light, melting
in the flame of fire . . . . . his spirit took the crystal form and victory dawned
upon his soul."


The Silent Voice

There is a song, sung by a silent voice,
A song whose haunting melody is drowned
In windswept seas of earthly night, yet lives,
Within my soul forever to resound.
Soft as the breathing of a child asleep,
A theme majestic, yet without a word;
Unceasing, rhythmic, laden with heaven's peace,
A voice, yet voiceless, vibrant yet unheard.

What is this song? The music of the spheres?
The soul's true note? Or in the realms on high?
Does some great being sing creation's song ?
Or render praise to Him Who cannot die?
Shall I, with sight undimmed, in distant years,
When I have crossed the weary hills of time,
Meet face to face the maker of the song —
Hear from his lips that melody sublime?

O glimpse of Paradise, lead me to where
Celestial choirs chant, and from afar
Catch up the theme some distant voices sing
Till music fills all space from star to star.
Lead me from night towards a brighter dawn,
From time, O lead me to eternity;
From doubt and death to life and perfect love,
Bound by that love, forever to be free.

Power and Presence
Frank Morley

Those of you, who are familiar with our teachings, will have noticed that, from
time to time, we have emphasised the necessity of realising the presence of
the Creator.

We have particularly stressed the fact that this Ever Present All Person is a
power. Because this Ever-Present, All Father, is a power, it is worth our while
to seek and know more about It — or should we say 'Him'. In so doing, we fall
into the way of thinking of a 'Personality'. However, if there is an Ever Present
Personality and that personality is a Power, we come to the true fundamental
basis of all religion. It does not matter how one religion may differ from
another if that basis is ultimately the Source and the mainspring of inspiration.

In your reading of 'Oahspe', you will have noticed that the great teacher
Chine (or T-chin-ee as he was anciently called) spoke 'by the power of the
Voice'. He spoke in the capacity of the Creator, that is, he expressed the
Voice of the Creator. You will rightly assume that he did this in an exalted
state; he was in a condition of entrancement. He was not speaking as an
earthly reasoner in the ordinary manner; under the light, he was making
pronouncements so pregnant with meaning that we must seriously consider
their purport.

Unless religion is going to help us, it is of no use at all. Religion must be

Some may argue 'It is not that at all. Religion is something that prepares us
for the life which is to come after death (or, if they so believe, after a physical

resurrection). All that religion does is to save us from our sins.' The question
arises — what is the power behind this?

Let us explain in a homely way. When you have met or had a visit from
someone you like very much and their presence has lifted you up, when they
go it will seem that you can feel their presence still. Their personality has
pervaded the place of your meeting and it is with you yet. In the heaven
worlds, the higher spheres, the second resurrection, the angels (or spirits if
you prefer) are always conscious of this same Presence which is a Power,
who is always with them, giving them feelings of peace and joy, eliminating
all sense of loneliness.

Those of you who have experienced that second resurrection condition while
still in your earthly state never feel alone; you are always conscious that there
is a Presence with you, a Love that constantly surrounds you and, in that
sense, a Power.

In another way, it is a 'power' that your friend's presence has left with you. It
is difficult to explain the psychological process which takes place in such an
ordinary manner but we can explain it psychically. Everybody has what is
known as a radiant emanation from the spirit — this is called the 'aura'. It can
be seen by those with the inner vision as a light extending around the
physical body. It extends according to the nature of each individual. This aura
is magnetic; it is radiating its own specific life rays, which carry with them a
power from the soul. The individual soul is formative, something which
produces effect and it is this which you sense when the friend has gone. It is
something of the soul of your visitor which is left behind — just as you,
wherever you may go, leave behind a part of yours. Psychometrists tell you
that, if they handle an object which someone has held before, they can detect
and explain the condition of that individual — they register the soul condition

which the thing has retained.

This ever present power is also Love and Wisdom, its source the Eternal
Father. The closer we can come into at-one-ment with Him, the more will the
Power of His Presence enfold us.


The Etheric Body
Charlotte Waterlow
The idea that the material world reflects the reality of the spiritual world — 'as
above, so below' — was basic to the perennial philosophy of the ancients. It
is embodied in the Hindu concept of ‘Maya’ — matter is ‘appearance’ — and
in Plato's doctrine or 'archetypes', perfect mode — which are imperfectly
expressed in material forms or phenomena. 'A man groweth upwards
towards his roots,' said an ancient rabbi. We are what we will one day
become as surely as the acorn will grow into the oak though, because we
have free will, we may take wrong turnings along the Path. Since all
phenomena are expressed in a combination of content and form, just as flesh
and blood are shaped around bones, so what we will become one day is
expressed in the 'archetypal body', the body of light as many mystics call it.
This is the body which our consciousness will inhabit when it has evolved into
the real self; in oriental terms, when it is enlightened — filled with light; in
Christian terms, then it is transfigured.

Modern scientists have shown us that matter consists of charges of electrical
energy from which vibrations emanate. The psychics of all ages have
asserted that thoughts and feelings also generate vibrations of psychic
energy. The 'vibes' of a person's anger can shatter another's nervous system;
the 'vibes' of love can heal and invigorate.
In the non-material world — the world of pure consciousness — therefore, all
phenomena are composed of the psychic vibrations of thoughts and feelings.'
It follows that the process of growing into our real selves involves generating
ever more lofty and: enlightened feelings and thoughts. Just as physically we
are largely what we eat, so psychically we are largely what we think. The

body of light coheres by absorbing the energies generated by the thoughts
and feelings of our true nature, which we may call 'soul.' These may be
deliberately cultivated by prayer, ritual, meditation and other religious
practices; or they may be quickened, consciously or unconsciously, by right
living and service to others. All the great religions affirm that moral rectitude
is the basis of spiritual development. It follows that the key to spiritual
development is not belief but growth. Just as the seed may grow for a long
time underground so the body of light of the noble atheist or agnostic who
gives a life to the service of humankind, will grow in the soil of unbelief. By
the same token the body of the light of neurotic, aggressive, arrogant or
dogmatic persons will fail to grow!

What happens to the human consciousness when the physical body is
unconscious, in sleep or death? In the case of people whose vibrations are of
a low moral quality, the body of light is obviously largely or completely
undeveloped during earth life.

In cases where it has begun to cohere, it manifests objectively as it were, in
very lofty states of being or vibration far removed from the coarse and
negative vibrations which prevail generally on earth. Only a great spiritual
Master or Saint can shift his consciousness directly and at will from the
physical body into the fully developed body of light. The gap is filled by an
intermediate body, called the etheric body, which is energized by the
thoughts and feelings of the person's human life; however it has been or is
directed. If these feelings and thoughts are fearful and depressed, the etheric
body will be weak and wobbly. If they are angry, violent or lustful, the etheric
body will be distorted by negative energy. The disturbed person will have a
diseased etheric body and this etheric disease will react upon the physical
body — the psycho-somatic relationship
is not generally recognised even by many who do not affirm the existence of

the etheric body. Equally, a person whose feelings are loving and whose
thoughts are pure will develop a strong and healthy etheric body. Such a
body is thus energized from below, from the human level, and from above
from the spiritual or archetypal level —

from the developing body of light. It

is the link between heaven and earth.

The celestial energies absorbed by the etheric body from the body of light
flow down into the physical body spiritualizing its very atoms, imparting health,
happiness and peace of mind. (This interaction of etheric and physical bodies
means, of course, that it is important to care for and purify the physical body
by right diet, exercise, avoidance of drugs etc.) Something more happens.
Whereas in old age the consciousness of the immature person, whose
etheric body is weak or warped, becomes 'difficult', childish or apathetic, the
consciousness of the mature begins to shift its centre of gravity from the
physical to the developed etheric body, living half on earth and half in heaven
producing a constitutional state of dispassionate benevolence and wisdom. In
traditional societies, old people were revered because this spiritual law was

Just as we live on earth surrounded by other human beings, whose 'vibes'
react all the time with ours, so the body of light and the etheric body manifest
in states of being where they are surrounded by other consciousnesses, by
discarnate persons. In the non-physical states, governed by thought
vibrations, 'birds of a feather flock together;' like is drawn to like by the
cosmic laws of empathy and affinity. The immature, when in their etheric
body consort with others on their wavelength: bores, neurotics, fanatics,
villains, debauchees — whatever.

The mature may find themselves

consorting with the gods! Thus the energies of discarnate beings reinforce
our conscious states of mind; intensify our depression, fears or desires, or
illuminate our minds and irradiate our hearts.

Another cosmic law provides that the 'higher' governs the 'lower'. An evolved
person can by an effort of will, attune his vibrations to those of an “unevolved” person but the latter cannot, in his etheric body, contact the exalted
soul on his level. The exalted soul moves at will in different spheres of
vibration, by taking on an appropriate 'body', that is, by changing the
vibrations of the etheric body, like putting on an overcoat before facing cold
weather or like a diver assuming a diving suit before plunging into the deep
sea. Thus those in the spiritual worlds who love us, whether known to us on
earth or whether they lived long before us, will assume an appropriate etheric
body when they wish to draw near objectively, as they may do in times of
crisis in our lives. We never tread the path alone.

Highly evolved souls can materialize and de-materialize the physical body at
will. This may explain the post-mortem behavior of Jesus. He was, in life, a
spiritual Master whose body of light was fully developed. When his physical
body was killed, he transferred his consciousness at once to his body of light
— this was the 'resurrection.' He then chose to dematerialize the physical
body which was lying in the tomb and to appear in his etheric body to his
disciples. If it is so ordained, he will appear again in his etheric body - the
'second coming' — and the effect on the vibration of the world will be

What is the general significance of the phenomenon of the etheric body as
the link between heaven and earth for the spiritual and psychic situation of
the world today ?

First; the population of the world is exploding. In 1800 AD, it was one billion
and now it is around five billion. By the year 2050 it is expected to stabilize at
ten billion. If the light of heaven is expressed through people, there are

simply more people around to express it.

Second; the average life-span is doubling from the 30 years or so which
generally prevailed before this century. China for instance, it has risen from
30 years to 60 since and a quarter of the world's population live there. Thus
are far more older people around to provide mature etheric for the expression
of spiritual light.

Third; the spread of the concepts of science, which is by its nature universal,
and of universal human rights, is for the first time in history encouraging
everyone everywhere to try to spend a life fulfilling its creative potential as a
person. Rapidly, everywhere, life styles, social customs, attitudes to marriage,
education, law and government are being transformed by the impulse of this

Fourth; the mighty surge of science and human rights, is therefore inevitably
breaking down the rigid systems of thought and custom which have for
centuries denied persons their full self-expression and is thus opening the
psychic floodgates to direct inspiration from the higher spheres. The growing
urge to raise the psyche through mystical training and experience, to refine
the body through Hindu yoga and other forms of exercise, through
vegetarianism and to help the poor and suffering throughout the world are all
surely the first symptoms of a collective urge to refine the vibrations of the
etheric body. Thinkers, pioneered by such as H.G. Wells and Teilhard de
Char'din for example, are drawing attention to the evolution in this century of








complementing the 'biosphere.' The concept is in the air of the world
community or 'global village' which could develop into the 'cosmopolis', the
world city of men and gods of the ancient Greek Stoics — thus extending the
world community into the psychic and spiritual Estates.

It is inevitable that such an enormous and rapid leap forward into an entirely
new dimension of global consciousness should produce an enormous
reaction. There is a crucial tension today between the creative urge to
spiritualize the planet and the suicidal urge to destroy it — by war, torture,
terrorism, greed, pollution and so on. Just because the old order is breaking
down to let in the light of the consciousness of gods, angels and archangels,
so the devils, the murky forces in the collective 'unconscious' which modern
psychologists are so powerfully exposing, are rising up to oppose the light,
like a noisome fog drawn out of the soil by the rising sun. Every little effort
which any person makes to raise the vibrations of consciousness, thus
drawing to earth the light of heaven through the etheric body, adds a facet to
the edifice of the planetary etheric body, which is illumined by the gods with
the radiant vision of the archetypal forms of the new world order.

'As above, so below', as the efficient Gnostics said.


O Almighty One
June Parker

O Almighty One, Your ways are beyond our understanding;
We must either accept or reject them.

If we reject, then we are nothing,
For they are there and we cannot change them.

If we accept, we place ourselves within the framework of Your machinery,
We are tools in "Your Hands,”
We are cogs in Your Great Wheel,
We have become part of the materials through which You do Your will.
We then are servants of the All One.
We are participants in creation.


Children of Light
June Parker

Devastating events occur with increasing impact on the life of mankind and
seem to be accelerating. The world rocks. Fear is grasping at the minds of
the old, the lonely and the sick. Apprehension for the future is dominating
even political thought, not just in developed nations but in all races and in
every corner of the world. We see how a nuclear cloud has carried its
nebulous threat through the skies, as we watch the spread of starvation and
disease elsewhere and man's efforts to alleviate it seem futile. Day by day,
we switch on 'the news,' anticipating disaster, a plane crash, a bomb, an
earthquake, rumbles of war, murmurs of discontent. What is happening to our
world? Are we going to blow it up or exterminate all healthy life?

It seems so sometimes. Even the weather seems to reflect gloom; more
storms, unseasonal cold, rain, snow; the bees, depleted by lack of sunshine
and honey, reduction in the fertilisation of flowers and crops. Yet — suddenly
— between the rain clouds the sun bursts through as glorious as ever, a
sunny day dawns, a comet makes a rare visit to our heavens; mankind smiles
and light seems the brighter for the darkness around it.

Life goes on. As one peril fades from our thoughts only to be succeeded by
another, mothers do not fear to bring fresh life into this world. At the centre of
all is the child. Children are being born more beautiful; we see our young
people growing taller, shapely, lissome, physically achieving more than their
forebears. Success in sport is acclaimed; health is fashionable; music, dance,
drama and art are no longer the province of the privileged. The world is
opening up as races and religions mingle. Through it all grows a greater
concern for the young.

Yet — why the child abuse, abortions, cot deaths, abductions, fear? Fear and
the threat of darkness are on the increase. Can this be the 'age of Kosmon?’
When the light is brightest, the darkness, by contrast, appears the blacker —
when the banner of light is held aloft, there are forces trying to pull it down,
for they fear the followers that it attracts.

'Kosmon' means also the Time of the Child, the manifestation of the birth of
the New Race. It follows then that those against it, will mount their strongest
attacks against what seem the weakest —- those born in the light, the hope
of the future, those bearing the sign of Kosmon.
Therein is the answer to the cries of the world —- and our challenge.
Because it is vital that these sensitive children grow to their full potential, it is
our task to protect them against danger, both spiritual and physical, for their
very qualities make them the more vulnerable. It is a challenge we must not
sidestep nor ignore.

Here are three ways in which this can be done:

By the encouragement and education of young parents in caring and by
enlightened governments strengthening their position by increased protection
and surveillance

By individual prayer and meditation and the silent benediction we can give to
every child whose path we cross.

By the vital force which, through our unity as a brotherhood and through the
strength of our overshadowing by angels, we can send forth. Let us affirm in
confidence and in faith that the Kosmon children are growing up all over the

A Twofold Path
George Morley

We believe you will agree with us that the way of attainment is a two-fold path.
It consists of service and worship. We cannot follow the road that leads to
spiritual attainment unless we serve and worship. Nor can it be said that we
rightly serve unless we worship and there is no true worship which is not also

We find that in the Kosmon Order, there is a definite method both with regard
to service and worship. In these two things, we shall discover keys which
shall unlock the doors to hidden places. Service can be either physical or
spiritual. Worship is not something done for you by a professional minister
but which you enter into yourself bringing a spiritual, even a mystical, element
into your daily life. Why do you endeavor to enlarge your knowledge of the
spiritual worlds and how to come into touch with them through the opening of
the doors? You do so only that you may be of fuller service unto humanity
and advance the reign of light on earth.

The spirit sphere immediately after death, especially around great cities like
the capital of your land, is thronged by those who have passed over fairly
recently and who are anxious to dwell in the old surroundings they have just
left. There the psychic atmosphere rising from the earth plane enfolds them.
Many desire nothing else while others just wander from place to place. But
higher — or shall we say ‘more interiorly’ — is another sphere of greater
vibration, of peace and harmony, called by some students ‘The Summerland’
and known in Oahspe as ‘the second resurrection.” Here dwell those who
desire to serve, to live in concord, to attune themselves to the pure light.

Parts of both your service and your worship will require that you come into
harmony with the dwellers in this summerland, the sphere of peace and

How is this done? The first key is that of contemplation. Contemplation of
what? Of The Creator? Yes. On His attributes? Yes. On everything that is
good, true and beautiful.

Remember that prayer and contemplation are

sometimes two aspects of the same thing.

The Kosmon seeker, in thinking about the second resurrection, pictures in his
mind a place such as he would delight to know, where dwell those with whom
he is in perfect harmony. He sees the architecture blending with the color
tones of everything surrounding, for it is by the power of sound that the
angels build their habitations.

The etheric clouds fall into shape and are

condensed by the will. Light constantly bathes every object, more beautiful
than physical sunlight because it is closely associated with the great life of
the Universal One. The seeker thinks of the Ethereans, those great angels
from yet higher spheres whose auras glow with the light of splendor
embracing all the powers of the universe. He may hear, through thought
transference, an angel speaking giving him words of guidance. The angel’s
presence produces soft music in the air and light of ever-changing color
comes from him.

By such contemplation, the seeker comes more and more into union with the
Worlds of Light. This light is received by his spiritual body and, although he
may not be able to explain to another person what he feels within, he knows
just what that state of life and glory is. Then he remembers service — what
can he do? People to whom he would speak his message will not listen; but
he knows there are many ways of service.

His power is service in silence. Ever shining with an Inner Light, when he
comes into contact with sensitives, particularly any who aspire to turn their
thoughts upwards, they are quickened by the magnetism which emanates
from him. ‘Magnify the soul of man to see Jehovih.’ There is a greater glory
which rises behind all who endeavor to carry out the Father’s Will.

There is work for you in the world. There are many who desire this truth; the
way is open for you to manifest it. Let your light shine before men and,
slowly yet surely, the service you render on behalf of the angels who are
gathering together to found The Father’s Kingdom shall reap its harvest.
Remember, this is the time of the Arc of Sabea, a particular period of time
when the Etherean angels are coming closer to the earth, filling it with their
light. Slowly new inspiration is coming into the world, a new race is uprising,
a race spiritually quickened and receptive to The Light. When, one day, this
new race is found every land, the great light-bearers, from Zarathustra unto
Jesus, will return to be seen and heard in the temples.

It is necessary that you do your part.

The physical body is a magnetic

generating organism. The psychic plexuses, which link the nervous system
with the etheric body, are the door-keepers through which these energies are
received. When they are received in the nerve current of the physical body, it
gives out a spiritual light. This forms the higher body, built up through the
inter-action of spirit with matter. So, on The Kosmon Path, we remember this.
We live accordingly to the powers of The Higher Life; we attune ourselves to
the Heavenly Father through service and worship, knowing that by so doing,
we bring a new light to the world and to our fellow-man.

Does not your heart glow because you are on the path of attainment, growing
nearer to the Father and serving Him in whatever way the angels guide you?
A new age is dawning — we hail its approach bringing peace, truth, and

beauty to the world.

Let us all be the messengers.


Angelic Preceptory
George Morley

What is it the Faithists believe?

The Faithists believe in the All Pervading Presence of LIFE: Life manifesting
in everything in every direction. This strange something which cannot be
defined in ordinary terms is itself the Life Breath of the Universe, and in the
Universe the things which exist are said to be living.

Why are they living?

Because it is necessary that Form should manifest, nothing can exist of itself
without manifesting the type and symbol which is behind it. The flower is a
symbol of harmony. Man is likewise a symbol of harmony.

The profundity of all this speaks to us with a grand and sublime truth: that,
since form exists everywhere; since matter is thrown into form through the
activity of life, there is behind this activity a Working Intelligence. Now the
Intelligence which we see expressed in everything, in birds, in flowers, in
crystals, in the dewdrop, or in the eyes of our friends, has a Source: of course,
when we speak of a Source we are speaking in terms with which you are
familiar, meaning that there is an Origin in Time: but, it does not matter: let us
start anywhere: at the beginning of the formation of this Universe, if you like.
Start there as a point connoting the commencement of Time, and as the
process of Creation has proceeded, the forms, from the planets to man, have
been in manifestation.


Now, the Faithist recognises that there is a Power behind this manifestation,
and this Power is the ALL INTELLIGENCE which starts to manifest at that
point in time to produce a Universe and the various forms of differentiated life.

The Faithist regards life as a process which is conceived in the Mind of the
FATHER as the ALL INTELLIGENCE; but that is not all, because most
people who believe in the ETERNAL FATHER believe the same thing. The
Faithist argues that life is not confined only to this Earth. There is life on other
Worlds; and there is life beyond this physical place. Thus, says he: When I
die I pass to the Spiritual Worlds and continue there the life I began on Earth;
though different perhaps. Undoubtedly, there must be a difference in some
way or the other: hard for me to understand now, saving that I can refer it to
some point in my experience which has had an exalted significance for me.

Life, therefore, is continuous. And since life is manifest in all forms of matter,
there may be states of matter with which he is unfamiliar, says the Faithist.
However, he can only trust to what he is taught by those who come to him
from the great Unseen; unless he has the power to leave his body in trance
or sleep and investigate these realms if he will. Many there are who possess
this faculty. However, the Faithist knows that by and through this experience
he has without a doubt transcended the physical imitations: by communing
with the Unseen to receive from those who have gone on.

May there not perhaps be a difficulty at the border-line of communication,
says the critics? May not the evil spirits come and speak to you? May it not
be that they are “deceivers ever?”

The Faithist answers: Like unto like, for like must attract like. Therefore, by
and through our devotion and our meditations we shall seek to approach the
higher planes of consciousness, and instead of bringing the Angels down to

the plane on which we ordinarily manifest, we will reach up to them, and they
shall tell us of their life.

The Faithist, therefore, believes in the possibility of a higher Angelic or Spirit
Communion. This Communion will help him. It is advisable to seek it only for
or with the object of gaining spiritual light on spiritual things. Then, such a
Body of Community as the Faithists may form will be guided and directed by
those who are in the Higher Worlds, the Worlds of Spirit, and they will give
them light and knowledge on the things with which they are familiar.

Has this thought ever come to you: Would it not be a wonderful thing if the
Churches could just wake up to the fact that it would be possible to come into
direct communication with the other planes of life and being through a form of
higher Spiritual Communion? There may be something, after all, in man
which if it were quickened, could respond to the vibrations in the ether
coming from all parts of the World, and if you had an instrument such as you
are already familiar with, and could tune this instrument to these vibrations
they could be translated and made to repeat the sounds which were being
caused at their origin. Now a few years ago that would be more than
wonderful, and hard to believe, but with you to-day it is a commonplace.

Regarding this matter then: Is the mind less than a machine? is the brain with
all its wonderful plexuses of nerves, its cells, its ganglia, its peculiar form of
tissue, its substance which secreted the forces which now are under
discovery by microscope: all these things manifesting life: is it more than
wonderful then, that the mind can transmit etheric waves and another so
attuned to receive these waves, can interpret the message sent? This is
undoubtedly a possibility and believed by many learned men to-day. Let us
extend this smile then: in the great Unseen are minds more potent, because
they are free from physical environment: minds active and potent. It may be,

however, that their vibrations are too high for us to catch if we cannot attune
to them. That is the secret which the Faithist has solved. That is the secret
which all those who are striving after the Higher Life have solved: To attune
the mind and the heart to these higher etheric vibrations. This it is to
communicate with the great Spiritual Brotherhoods, and to be inspired by

Now let us consider another point. Everyone is anxious to see the World a
brighter and better place for Humanity to live in. All Political and Social
Bodies, whatever their Creed, have this Ideal, to make the World better. Well
then, surely those minds which are free from its environment, knowing that
the man in Earth is a Spiritual being embodied in a physical form, must know
what would be the best. They must know that a man could be rightly guided
to doing the best for his fellows. Perhaps by such guidance the many
mistakes which have been are being made be avoided. Perhaps under
guidance of the Higher Worlds there would be no more War. Perhaps under
the higher guidance of those who have risen in Light, man would be able to
master his physical body and keep disease at bay. Perhaps under the great
Lords of the Universe man might learn to master, or could cause the
elements to obey the commands of the Light as it manifests forth.

These things are all within the bounds of possibility.

So the Faithist believes in in the All Wise, All Pervading Intelligence as his
Heavenly Father. He believes his Father doeth His Will though His Angels
and the souls of men. He believes that he can come into communion with the
Rites and Ceremonies tend toward that end: all Meditations help toward the
accomplishment of that Ideal. And further, he believes in the spiritual
brotherhood of Man.

Day by day, then, man realizes that he is not a physical body; that the
physical body is the means through which he expresses himself, making it
possible to live and to obtain the experience which shall fit him for the life into
which he shall go when the Earth life is over.

Now that is the Religion for you. A Religion which will guide you daily toward
the accomplishing of something which will help you to realise its purpose. A
Religion which will cause you to realise the purpose for which life is
manifesting its presence. Think, then, to-morrow you may have to face an
experience which will call for you to exercise the utmost capacity of your
being. You may have to do a great duty: it may be simple: it may be complex:
it may be social, ethical; it may be occult: but there it is, and that experience
will make its impress upon you, and because you have entered into it you will
be the better and stronger for overcoming any difficulty it may impose, and
the Spiritual body may be the more objectified.

What is this Spiritual body?

Well, there is about you everywhere the substance of the great Unseen, and
out of the substance of the Unseen the Spiritual body is built up. The moment
you turn your thoughts towards Spiritual things that Spirit body begins to
become active. Before that it is just an inert form, it is like a cloud, until Death
arouses it or you awake out of death through the Spiritual awakening of your
consciousness: then the Spiritual body begins to vibrate, and through these
vibrations it takes on the outlines of the physical body. It is, however, more
refined and beautiful. It catches the glimpses of the Rainbow of Hope; it is
clothed by the Sunshine of Eternal Love; it steals its message from the Stars;
it responds to the gentle vibrations of the planetary Orbs. It becomes awake:
and like a child startled in its sleep, it asks the meaning of this strange World
which it now sees. It is the first experience, then, of the awakened one whose

Spiritual body begins to respond to the influences of the interior plane; and
waking up, all about us, there glows a peculiar light, something like the light
from the moon, rose-tinted oft times, as if the life breath of the Universe is
being breathed into it.

Surely this is the body of the Resurrection mentioned by St. Paul in the
Christian Scriptures. Surely this is the body in which Jesus is said to have
appeared to this Disciples on his Resurrection. Surely this is the body in
which the great Adepts of India travelled from place to place. This shining
luminous form which in its grandeur of highest manifestation can outmatch
the beauty of the stars.

My brother! My Sister! When you start to think on Spiritual things, and to
realise their true value, then this power begins to awaken within you. There
starts this little light which begins to expand. The Spiritual body is built up and
you are beginning to realise that about you everywhere are the finer forces of
the Universal Life. The mind begins to look on the World differently from what
it did before. Things that have a spiritual value now become more real than
ever they did, and one by one the others pass away and grieve us perhaps
for only a day. There are strange happenings right within, as if an illumination
floods the inner chambers of the soul: the Soul has awakened into the Light.

Now, we can look on this as really a scientific fact, because previously the
etheric body had nothing to awaken it and it required the vibrations from the
higher planes to call it into activity, although dully affected, according,
according to one’s destiny, by the vibrations of the sun, moon, and stars; and
yet somehow as if the density of corpor caused a kind of sluggishness in its
manifestation of things brought out on to the material plane. That is why the
wise men can predict the future of an individual until he has passed the
Spiritual poise, when it is not so easy. Having reached the Spiritual poise the

powers of the Higher Life begin to manifest and that sluggish Spiritual body
awakens; becomes dynamic; it now receives the higher and finer forces of
the Universe; it is linked with a Mind, the great mind of the Master, the
Teacher; it is linked with the Mind of the Watcher; it walks in fields with which
it was not at first familiar, fields carpeted with flowers, and the steps tend
toward a glorious City. This is the City of Man’s Attainment: called in the
Faithist Scriptures, the City of “Iesu.” That is the state of perfected Man.

But who of us can attain this in a day, or perhaps a hundred years? But we
can all strive to attain it.

So the Faithist argues that when men and women strive after this Higher Life,
and know and understand that they are receiving power from the interior
planes of life through that capacity which is seated in the soul, they know that
these powers are radiating out over all the World, and the World catches
them up. The people of the World are quickened by them.

So you too may be a vessel of the Light. You, linked with the Interior planes
of Being can receive from them, and radiating from them this Power can go
forth. Without uttering a word, be silent Messengers for the Minsters of Light.
Slowly and surely as the World awakens to these things it will leave works of
Darkness, of degradation, it will leave the works of Sin. And man shall regain
his liberty, his freedom and birthright, and walk upright fearlessly before the
Sun and receive of it from the Celestial Universe those powers which shall
quicken his Spiritual being. And then the Darkness shall pass away.

But these things cannot come in a day!
We must make an effort. And every Faithist feels the responsibility — his to
do his part, knowing that at last this Light shall become “World Embracing.”

So, as we gather about you here to-night, we transmit to you the power from
the Spiritual planes, that the Soul awakening may respond more and more to
them; and then just as the flower opens to the sun, so shall you open to the
Sun of Eternal Righteousness and be enfolded in the All Creator’s Love of
the Spiritual Universe and grow more and more into that Unity which at last
shall set you free. AMEN.


Intelligence and Destiny
George Morley

The Faithist teaches that the first and foremost doctrine ever taught to
mankind was a wise one; that everywhere, over-arching all, interpenetrating
all, is an Intelligence. Since we cannot conceive of intelligence in the abstract
only, we regard it particularly as it manifests itself through intelligent beings.
The sum total of this intelligence, considered in its absolute aspect, is the
Father, the Eternal All Light — When we so regard Him, looking toward Him,
we are urged by the spirit which impels us on the path of attainment,
reaching out to become more than we are at present.

The fundamental teaching of an All-pervading Intelligent Person is not
exclusive to the Kosmon Fraternity but it is regarded by us as the foundation
on which everything else is built. Moreover, the Faithist enlarges on the
statement. He seeks to discover how the All-wise Intelligence manifests His
word, His Life, His being and sees that there is an answer to this question in
the revelations which have been given to humanity from ,time to time.

The Father manifests Himself through His angels and the souls of men. Does
this imply that the Father works in the realms of nature through His angels?
What of yonder nebula shining up there in Orion's way? Is that under the
influence of an intelligence? The Faithists answer that there are higher
angels (or 'spirits' if you prefer the term) whose wisdom and experience is so
vast and magnificent that they can direct the various processes in cosmic
formation and produce that effect which ultimates as the solid earth upon
which we now live.

The nearer we approach to the All Light, the Father, the more we find that the

angels or spiritual intelligences do not work singly but in associated groups
and companies; hence the term 'angelic hosts or choirs'. Since their minds
work in or through colour and sound, they are sometimes described as
angelic choirs. The power of sound to build has been known to occultists
since the time when the first human mind began to consider the problem of
the Infinite.
Think of the mighty world-builders — what a wonderful task is theirs,
stretching away through the ages. The time taken to build a world runs into
millions of years; but what is time? It has only a relative value. With you, it is
governed by a series of events, in turn governed by the motion of the earth
diurnally, annually. On another planet, say Jupiter, the conception of time
would be quite different. For a man asleep or a mystic in trance time, is as
nothing. To the dwellers in the mighty spaces of the vast spiritual worlds, time
is an incident. The great world-builders can be engaged in watching the
formation of the spiral activities in that grand nebula and, at the same time
occupied in multitudinous other spiritual duties in the world in which they live.

When you look at that cloud of condensing matter it is in a space of three
dimensions. The world in which you live is also in a space of three
dimensions but, behind that world, is another — a spiritual world. The same

there as here. The mind of the united world-builders, therefore, is

working from an interior plane into an exterior. It is because of this that you
can realise that the material universe is existing on one plane of nature
whereas, behind it, there is the Father's spiritual world, a region of spiritual
activity. It is in the intelligent minds of the world-builders that the foundations
are laid; yet there must be mighty angels, loftier even than the builders of
worlds, spiritual beings so near in manifestation to the Almighty that they may
be considered to compose and comprise part of His mind in the most interior

Within each individual is a spark of that infinite intelligence; an all-embracing
love is within each one of us but it is as a separate unit. Very gradually on the
long pathway of existence these units blend. Sometimes you can identify in
the lives of others that same power which is moving within you — there is an
understanding which you share. This is the power of the All Life and All Light
— and it starts in its simple manifestation in human beings on the physical

Some religions suggest that the earth was primary, the only world which
really mattered, and that heaven was made as a reward for those who did
certain things and believed certain things while they were in physical life.
Surely this cannot be true? The Faithist knows that he himself builds the life
which is to come. The whole problem of destiny resolves itself that we may
take on the past which has gone and the future which is to be. Today you are
making conditions which will come upon you when the physical body is dead.
One day, when you are living in the high spiritual spheres, you will look back
on your earth life and say: 'I have made my destiny.' The freedom which you
possess is given to you so that you may do this. The spark of the Infinite
Mind within you prompts you at every turn and helps you to accomplish.

An important thing to remember is that the more we turn our minds towards
the All Mind the more in harmony we shall be with the angels inspiring the
human race. There is a telepathic link, of varying extent, between all people.
Every individual is receptive to the thought waves of others. It is no wonder
than that a great confusion exists in the minds when the thought waves of so
many are impinging upon that sensitive organism, the soul. There is hope if
you, as a body of people, strive to become spiritual beings, working for
humanity, in turn linked with higher beings. Then, a channel is opened
whereby a great stream of illumination flows out, steadying the thought

influences of the world. The power to subdue the clash of so many thought
vibrations and to instill a right order of thought comes as a result of the
coordinated activities of men and of angels. Here indeed is the value of one
aspect of brotherhood and mutual dedication.

If we consider the matter more closely, we see that various orders of angels
have each their particular work to do because the spiritual universe is
thoroughly organised. The nearer we get to the infinite source of All-being,
the more supreme does this organisation become. Each member of a
brotherhood is ministered to in a particular and peculiar way. For instance,
one will have a teacher who knows exactly what that one needs and who is
of a similar character and vibration. This teacher is not in constant
attendance but requires some indication that his or her presence is needed.
Such a signal may be given unintentionally as, possibly, while reading a book
on spiritual matters. This starts a vibration within the spiritual body or aura,
producing a manifestation similar to the striking of a deep-toned bell in the
etheric surroundings. The teacher will hear this and respond immediately by
coming to inspire you as you read. On the other hand, it may have been the
teacher who guided you to pick up the book in the first place.

There is never a time when your prayer will not be heard though the answer
may come in a way that you have not expected. You will always be helped
along the path of spiritual unfoldment. There are those, often unseen by
mortal eye, who stand by your side, watching and waiting to work with you in
service to humanity.

Let us open your eyes and you will see about you, not the dwellings of the
earthbound, but the higher spheres where exist angels of wisdom and love,
living together in peace, harmony and creative thought. Let us unite with
them in the grand work of redemption and resurrection and we shall see the

human race gradually rising through the spiritual worlds unto Etherea's
harvests of the Father's love.


About Prayer
Greta James

How often do you pray? And of what kind are your prayers? Is prayer for you
a habit? Or a conscious discipline? Or the joyful lynch pin of your whole

Many of us have been brought up to a habit of prayer, more especially the
evening prayer, but find that the last hour before sleep is occupied in social
relationships, in reading, in listening to radio or looking at television; to the
serious mind often the most stimulating fare is provided at a late hour. In the
morning we snatch the last moments of sleep perhaps even putting off the
day’s activity.

Yet the fact remains that prayer is one of our inner needs, and if it is wholly
neglected, the inner life finds us sleeping? The inner self does not grow. We
need to turn from earth-concerns to lift into the silence, to raise our thoughts
to the level of peace, to remember the soothing and calm of the mountain
tops of human experience with their lighter air and their bird’s eye view of the
world below. As a swimmer must lift his head to breathe, so to live fully we
need to lift up to the higher spiritual air, for to live fully means to live to the
needs of the inner self, the higher self.

For many who try to live a good life, the doing of good may seem all
important, the time spent in devotion relatively unimportant, but if prayer is
neglected, much of one's doing of good can turn out to be sadly disappointing.
There can be a failure of response from those we are trying to help and serve.
Slyly there creeps into our minds the feeling that for doing good something is
owing to us; we seek appreciation, gratitude. Almost without realising it we

are keeping a debit and credit account in our lives and we expect the two
sides to balance.

But let us have no doubt of the matter; prayer is not easy. It is particularly
difficult if we have been given in childhood no habit of prayer. Such a habit
can be of inestimable value. Yet at the same time we need to be critical of
certain habits of prayer.

First much prayer, particularly as taught to children, is the making of a
petition. So we read in Oahspe the words of the God of earth. "I listened to
the sounds coming from far off earth, and I heard the prayers of mortals. The
king prayed for his kingdom and for himself. The general prayed for success
in war. The merchant for great gains, the tyrant for great authority.

Jehovih said "Only the earth can answer such prayers."

Note that it does not say that such prayers will not be answered but they will
be answered by the forces of earth.

What does this mean? If we ask for things we may get what we want. How
does this happen? It can happen in two ways. Our prayers are an expression
of our own will, an affirmation of our own desires; by our prayers we keep
these earthly aspirations well to the forefront of our minds and wills. Almost
without realising it we answer our own prayers; we work and intrigue and stop
at nothing and get what we want. There is also another aspect of prayer,
even selfish and earthly prayer. All prayer, especially when uttered in words,
and more especially when uttered in spoken words which have an ancient
and repeated power are, in effect, an invocation to unseen powers; these
unseen powers include the spirits of the dead angels bad or good. We may
be able to summon forces other than our own to help fulfill our desires and if

these desires are evil then the fulfillment of such desires may indeed be
permitted by the higher angels, who understand when evil must run its course
to the bitterest of ends. Perhaps even our own salvation lies in the fulfillment
of our worst desires, for indeed there are many who travel to the farthest end
of their soul's tether, before they can begin the journey onward and upward
for ever; the journey which is sometimes called the journey back to origin; the
journey of the Prodigal who has learned his lesson and come home.

The poorer kind of prayer which is usually an asking is not however poor
because it is a request. After all we may ask for forgiveness or for blessing in
service; we may ask for a blessing on others. But prayer is not likely to be
profitable in the spiritual sense so long as we draw a between the self and
the God or higher being or father figure, unless we have a true sense of what
this distinction is. We must realise prayer as an invocation of the unseen
powers, but we need to know what these unseen powers are. The unseen as
such is not good or bad but may be either in relation to our own lower self or
higher self.

Let us have no doubt about it. It is open to any of us to invoke such powers
as will serve the lower self or such powers as will unite with the higher self in
service to the Creative Will. But be assured that the higher powers are
always ultimately the stronger. This is a matter of faith, strengthened by long
years of human experience, that though the outer man go down in disaster,
even unto persecution and unto death, even unto hell; that the spiritual self
will ultimately know its glorious alliance with the powers of victory, with the
elements which are assisting on earth what is called evolution, or what is also
called the coming of the Kingdom.

Prayer is quite simply an affirmation of the relationship, the union, of the
higher and the lower; a recollection in the outer and visible world of the

existence and superior power of the unseen world. So in the morning as we
draw a deeper breath before we take an active step, so is it needful to draw
in a spiritual breath if we are to live to the Divine Purpose. The recollection of
prayer need not be elaborate; but any small ritual act such as the lighting of
candles or the making of a sacred sign, anything which increases our own
concentration on the work in hand, is effective. Prayer may be intense and
momentary, or diffuse, a mere holding of the mind from worldly concerns, e.g.
while dressing or undressing, an aspiration towards purity while washing or

For each of us the meeting of the soul with the unseen must be a personal
experience. Experience of prayer in solitude is essential even for the
happiest of married couples or the closest of friends who are not separated at
night. Some time and place to be alone is necessary. Prayer in solitude is a
time to remember the reality of the spiritual world, to tune in to guardians,
helpers, teachers; knowing the life unseen to be as real as the manifold
reality of the seen; to stretch the sensory perceptions beyond their fleshly
limitations; to seek, to see, to hear, to feel, smell and taste the spiritual reality.

While the morning and the evening moments are important, one who has
never acquired the habit of regular prayer may remember at other times, at
any times; stopping to stare for a moment at sunlight upon water or at the
glory of flowers; or using the wakeful times at night, never fearing to look into
the dark or to be alone. How much sleeplessness though one wonders
comes of the perpetual strain of the seen world and its activities without
spiritual supply? Only if the self is attuned are the doors of the spiritual
feasting places open to the sleeper. If one reads religious books of devotion,
one may get the idea that only to the greatest of saints can there come the
frequent awareness of the unseen, the spiritual world. But times have
changed; the unseen is closer to us than ever before. To many very ordinary

mortals, there comes again and again the great spiritual experiences which
have been given the name of sainthood.

This does not make us saints, but it does make us blessed; blessed in the
cumulative experience of the past; blessed in spiritual inheritance. For it has
been said categorically that in this, the time of Kosmon, the great angels of
inspiration will Game not to the rare or single loader of men, but in some
measure to thousands and thousands of people. Let us welcome, let us
rejoice in every opening to knowledge of the unseen world, every moving of
the unseen voice which guides us to greater love of each other, to greater
harmony, to deeper understanding of the world of nature, to any desire for
peace, to unity, to opportunity for service.

If we can begin to seek that experience of prayer which is the opening upon
the inner and unseen world, we shall in time come upon a deeper and wider
experience of what I would call ‘prayer in association’.

The first kind of prayer in association for most of us lies in joining in church
rituals. Within the Kosmon Church, group prayer is regarded as true service,
i.e. as spiritual work. Since all prayer calls up unseen, spiritual powers, so
group prayer within the Kosmon Church calls up the whole force of the
Kosmon angels in the service of the coming of the Kingdom.

In one service we labour for the coming of the light of understanding among
men; in another specifically for peace among men; in another for helping of
depressed souls; in another for the forces of ascension. So it is said that in a
service in this Church no man is here to observe, much less to sit back and
look and criticise; he is here to forget himself, to give himself, of his power, of
his own individual spiritual association; to join with others as laborers at
harvest time; to give in thought, in desire, in will, for such good things as are

beyond any blessing for himself but are a blessing for the world.

There is however, yet another experience of prayer in association which may
come to anyone of us either in church or in the prayer in earthly solitude. It is
an experience which I can only describe as one in which prayer, or the will for
good, becomes true worship. Praise enters into it as something for the first
time perhaps fully understood; thankfulness pours forth from it as the lower
self even for a moment drops away; there is no asking save for strength in
service, for love in deeper understanding and for the wisdom to love truly.

To some, this experience may come easily and naturally early in the quest for
spiritual relationship; for others there are dark nights and unending deserts of
dryness to be wandered through before the meaning of prayer is known. The
perfection of prayer is indeed not a receiving, not as has often been said a
sense of grace descending, not even as a light that shines.

It is rather that the self unfolds in its ascension and gives forth its own light,
its own power of blessing. Then if the earth-floor is as a sky to the angels in
heaven, it is to them as if a new star shines. Then it is that the one who has
wholly entered into prayer hears heavenly music or beholds a flame? For this
is the rejoicing in heaven, the greeting of the angels and the calling by name.

Prayer is not easy; it is spiritual work. It can be a drawing down of the unseen
forces to be effective on earth; it is at its finest when it is a lifting up of earth
forces to do the work of heaven for then earth and heaven are in accord and
the Kingdom of God upon Earth has begun.


The Path of Kosmon Service

The subject of Life after death is engaging the minds of an ever-increasing
number of people. Evidence of continuity of life is also increasing so much so
that every serious thinker must take the possibility of "survival" into account
when trying to solve the problem of existence. For after all, it may supply the
answer to many of the perplexities which crowd the earthly life.

Religion based on faith alone is not sufficient for the modern man who
demands proof by experiment and observation. But evidence can justify faith.
This evidence is recorded in transactions of psychical research societies all
over the world. It is this evidence which has brought men and women in all
walks of life into a firm and unshaken faith in the "Unseen."

How does all this explain the problem of existence? We are taught that
objective life begins on a physical world. Limited by physical environment, the
self commences to overcome obstacles which hinder self-expression.
Development of the consciousness is gained through this overcoming.
Gradually the mind is brought into an awareness of its relationship with other
minds, until a condition called the "self-identity consciousness" is gained.

At the same time we are in subjective contact with the world of spirit. It is this
contact with the higher spiritual planes that helps us to come into a
realisation of our true or spiritual nature.

Herein lies the significance of organized religion. Since it is by selfexpression that the individuality is developed, the spiritual nature is

quickened into a responsiveness by worship, prayer, rites and contemplation.
"The spirit groweth by giving away." (Oahspe, the Kosmon Bible). Worship
promotes the higher vibrational qualities of the soul. Its forms quicken the
higher emotions. To the clairvoyant these vibrations are seen as colours in
the aura of the temple or church. The auras of the worshippers glow with the
light of devotion. It is these conditions which enable the Dwellers in the light
to draw near to teach and bless.

If the worshippers realise their presence, this aids them in manifesting the
powers of resurrection, the quickening of soul. Knowing this the teacher
sometimes enters the subjective .state and under inspiration from the angelic
worlds, instructs and counsels the listeners on the Path of Service. In course
of time, the seeker grows to realise the relationship of himself with the ALL.
This is the “Unity-Identity Consciousness.” A true church is therefore one
which realizes the nearness of the Heaven World, and unites with it in

Another important fact is the omnipresence of Life. This Life is an essential
part of man's being; the more we recognise it as a factor in the equation of
existence, the more we see the need of BECOMING. One aspect of spiritual
service is that in seeking to attune ourselves to the fontal source of all life, we
learn to realise our own spiritual potentialities: to become what we really are,
gradually shedding the limitations and illusions derived from our material
surroundings. This process of becoming also brings us into a realisation of
our relationship with our fellow man. We see that we are all members of one
great human family: and therefore we begin to find that the suffering of
mankind, the pains of the sick, the helpless and the bereft, become our
sufferings and our pains. So the path of service leads us to help others, to
attempt spiritual healing where physical healing has failed, to find means of
subsistence for the needy and gradually introduce into the world the highest

form of communal life: life in a Spiritual Community.

Under the Guidance of the Unseen, "We Shall Be Led to Make a Better

These great aims cannot be achieved by individuals working in isolation. To
quote from Oahspe: "Power cometh more by a concerted oneness of
purpose than by anything else under the sun." Hence what is required is a
community of workers banded together in the Father's Name, a community
guided and helped by those ministrants who watch from other shores, a
community which has a plan, both esoteric and exoteric.

The members of this community must be guarded by faith gained through
experience as well as by an inborn realisation of the One Presence. They
must be equipped with knowledge imparted by the Teachers, aided by
Wisdom which comes through the windows of the Soul." There are two ways
to knowledge before thee: one is by the soul of things, and one by reason."

The founder of the School of Wisdom writes in "Creative Understanding":—
"No one progresses essentially by mere increase of information, for such
need not affect anything vital within him. But when a man has a religious
experience, when a metaphysical insight flashes up within his personal
consciousness, a true miracle happens: a new spiritual reality reveals itself
through what was long known as a fact, just as love gives a new meaning to
life, transfiguring the work-a-day world."

It is this experience which brings faith; and the realisation that the facts of life
are related to the world of spiritual experience which makes us Faithists.

Nor is this all, because since we are persons and the angels are persons,
there must be one ALL PERSON embracing the ALL. Our faith in Him will
increase our power for service. For He is Wisdom, Love and Power. Looking
to Him will focus the consciousness to all planes of life, and so we shall
increase in that ONE LIFE.

So we shall accomplish things which were not possible before. Knowing that
our contact with the objective realities of physical existence will develop the
innate faculties of personal expression, we shall put our best into everything
we do. Also knowing that behind us are those who are helping us in service
to humanity, we shall enter on our tasks with a new zeal.

Then those powers which lie latent will begin to develop, and life will take on
a new meaning. The beauties of the world of nature will be revealed to us as
we look on that world with new eyes. Life everywhere present will enfold us,
and we shall at last realise our oneness with the ALL ONE. We are told by
students of the occult that this awakening is more than a quickening of the
emotions; certain changes take place in the psychic body, which is the
foundation for the Resurrection Body, in which we shall live when the earth
life is over. They emphasise the possibility of beginning to build that body
before death. It exhibits characteristics which are recognized by the seer. As
the great French occultist who wrote under the name of Papus said: "We do
not therefore exceed the possibilities given by the reliable evidence of
observation and experience when we assert that the physical or intellectual
perception of the human being is capable of extending beyond the limits of
ordinary judgments and sensations; and that in the transcendental regions to
which it can attain, it is susceptible of more or less certitude in its

Naturally, the ordinary man at first finds it difficult to realise the nearness of

the other states of life. It is an entirely new conception of things for him. The
late F. W. H. Myers, communicating through Miss Cummings, says: "A
discarnate being is invisible to the human eye, because the etheric body or
vehicle of expression is vibrating at a more rapid rate than the physical body.
When the soul passes to higher levels of consciousness, its form or outward
expression of itself, becomes more and more etherical. That is to say, it is
vibrating with greater rapidity and with a far greater intensity."

Many people fear to consider this subject because they are afraid that in so
doing they may open the door to obsession by evil spirits. But obsession may
come to anybody who is either consciously or unconsciously susceptible to
psychic influences. Many suffer from obsession, although they have never
heard of unseen spirits. Many are cured because they are helped
unconsciously by the "Unseen." It is also possible conversely for us on earth
to help the earthbound dwellers on the other planes of life. Services have
been formulated for this purpose, and through the power which they have
generated, many a spirit has been freed from the binding influences of old
familiar earth conditions. And as a result, many a person on the earth has
been saved from possible obsession by such spirits. For if the "Unseen"
influences the "Seen," then this must equally apply to the unprogressed as to
the progressed.

Of this one thing we may be sure, that if we walk the path of devotion and
service, we are protected and upheld, and the glorious life of Heaven
strengthens and sustains us in every endeavour.

The many ills to which humanity is heir, are not all physical ills. Much of the
suffering in the world to-day is caused by a disorder in the etheric body: or,
more properly owing to a break in the connecting threads which unite the
etheric body with the nerve plexuses of the physical body. Here psychic

healing, spiritual healing or healing by prayer are particularly successful. One
of the functions of a true church therefore is to perform rites of healing, and
thus to assist in creating better conditions for the great human family.

Already a church has been founded on the basis of the principles described
in this pamphlet, and its members are imbued with a true desire for service.
In that service they are preparing themselves for greater unfoldment: and,
many are hoping one day to establish a communal foundation where the
spirit of Brotherhood will be fully realised. But since all growth must be from
the foundation, the development of the higher self is of first importance. The
services of this church are designed to provide this development: aided also
by the members' own private exercises and devotions. Nor are these
services merely a form of observance. They involve the entering into spiritual
association with the interior planes of consciousness; and thus the building of
the spiritual body, the body of the higher self.

When this process has begun the seeker begins to act not merely on
physical impulse; he develops the spiritual awareness which characterises
the awakened man. Strangely enough until this awareness becomes active, a
man does not receive the full measure of Life. In other words, he does not
become active in the GREAT CREATIVE POWER of the ALL FATHER,
JEHOVIH. For some hand is required to open the door of the mind before the
waters of life can freely flow. This is a psychological fact of first importance
and it gives the full meaning to the words "Faithist in Jehovih."

If you are desirous of increasing your knowledge of this all-important subject,
we commend the book Oahspe for study.

If you are desirous of aiding the growth of your inner consciousness into the
greater identity, then we would draw your attention to the existence of the

Kosmon Church, where you will be welcome at public services, and where
your enquiries by post will all ways be gladly answered if addressed to The
Community Chief, The Kosmon Church, 16A, The Boulevard, Balham High
Road, London, S.W.I7.


A Prayer for The World

O One All Light, Creator and Master of the Universe, may we, the humble
people of this small and insignificant planet Earth, learn to respect your
creativeness, learn to understand as a child must that there is a need for selfdiscipline, and only when we can live with this and respect our fellow man,
Can we then have full respect for you and II that is created for us.

May we be humble and not proud.

May we be respectful of all races of Man.

May we be respectful of the very planet upon which we live and depend.

If we do not achieve these things in our short life on Earth, let us at least
contribute in some small way to making life on earth a better place for those
still to come.

Give us a portion of your strength and understanding, that we may see the
way forward into the Light of Creation.



What is The Kosmon Unity?

"If I am right, Thy grace impart still in the right to stay;
If I am wrong, O teach my heart to find that better way. "

That the world is rapidly coming into a New Age is accepted as a fact by most
deep thinking people today. This is sometimes called the Golden Age, the
Aquarian Age or the Kosmon Age. Kosmon is not derived from the Greek
word 'cosmos' excepting that it does have a significance of universality. A
time when all know ledge both physical and spiritual will come to Mankind.

There is a new awakening coming into the world, manifesting through all
branches of human life; although the old orthodox religions are not as yet
responding to the New Age because they are afraid to change.

Within the last hundred years there have appeared small groups of seekers
who are aware of a fresh inspiration, and who come back in a modem way to
the simple basic truths that were originally behind all faiths. One such is the
Kosmon Unity or Church, in which men and women play equal part in all
activities. It is felt that only if human life has a spiritual basis can Man
respond to this New Age and gradually come to realise his full potential.

The Kosmon Unity is based upon three principles, simply stated as: (1) The
Fatherhood of God, (2) Life after death, and (3) The Brotherhood of Man.
With regard to the first, the seeker must always be free to interpret the
Supreme Being as he or she feels inspired. Thus He can be "our Father" or
the infinite Holy Spirit, or a Presence that is everywhere present. He can be
universal Mind or Intelligence which holds the plan of the universe in eternal

thought or He can be the universal Life Force, the wonderful power that
makes the flowers to open, the egg to hatch into a bird. He is beyond time
and space "within all, beyond, yet over all." He is the perfect light within every
human soul. No name is really adequate to describe the Creator, but some
names like Jehovih, Ormazd or Om, have profound significance; otherwise
we refer to Him / Her as the All Light, the All One.

With regard to the second principle, many seekers accept by intuition that life
after death is a fact. Others by faith know that life in the physical world is only
just the beginning of a great development. Some have had experiences of a
spiritual or psychic nature leaving them convinced of the "after life," and that
eternal progression is the path open to all.

The thing that distinguishes Man from all other creatures is his ability to think
and to walk upright. This shows that we have a special place in the great plan
of Creation, and is a sign of the fraternal spirit deep within us, making us all
children of the one Father. There is a purpose for our being in the world.
There is a purpose for the world being where it is in space.

To assist students to find a deeper know ledge of spiritual worlds, our place
within them and their interaction with the physical, a new bible called Oahspe
was given from the higher spheres through a Doctor Newbrough of America
over a hundred years ago. If you can regard this book as your main written
source of instruction (but not necessarily the only one) you will find it helpful
as it is the basis of our work and teachings.

During one important period in history of the world lasting some seven
thousand years, several great Light bringers came at differ times to lead Man
out of darkness towards spiritual awareness, illumination still comes from this
and we through meditation can part receive these rays.

One important fact is that any communion which can be a source of good in
our lives, are always included in our spirit observances.

In church or in our worship, ceremony is used as it is symbolic; it helps keep
the mind focused on higher worlds, and it produces etheric vibrations
quickening the spirit within.

The Kosmon Unity is a way of spirit whereby a new Race is slowly coming
into the world. Our path is to find higher self and in harmony with guides from
higher spheres, to prepare for the coming of a spirit world-order, even the
Kingdom Light on earth. All over the world, there are groups of Oahspe
students dedicated to the light of Kosmon Age and its service

Mankind. In our search for truth, inspiration must always play a big part.

The Affirmation.

I affirm my faith in the Eternal Father, Jehovih, whose Will is expressed
through His angels and the souls of men. He is the Life, Motion and Power of
all things seen and unseen. I believe in the holy communion of angels, the
deepening of the spiritual life; the establishing of the universal spiritual
brotherhood, and the uniting in one Bond all seekers on the way of interior
Light. This Light is the inner meaning behind all outer forms and symbols,
and is the Light of Initiation, down through the ages, unto those who have
sought the Crown High-raised. Amen.

If you feel you can accept this Affirmation, The Kosmon Unity has a place for

Portrait of a Young Girl
Rosemary O'Dea

Father, you showed yourself to me this day in the form of a child, our eyes
met and I saw Thy smile, Thy beauty, purity, and wondrous ways were
revealed in the loveliness of her steady gaze. My eyes filled with tears as you
spoke to my soul And showed me the future — the new and the old.

The Spark of Light that Thou gave is 'right at the start. May we cultivate its
beauty for Thy Light to impart So the soul is encompassed with radiant fire,
Holy passions ... and purest desire Help us build the 'New World' for Thy
glorious sake Where reigns peace, joy and love, no killing or hate.

This lovely child who touched me today had so much to show me, so much to
say, with the turn of her head and the light in her eye I glimpsed 'New
Horizons' and star studded skies. Far behind lies the old-near at hand is the
new. Come 'Sweet Kosmon World' for we do embrace you!


The Father's Kingdom on Earth and The New World
Rosemary O'Dea

When we speak of 'The Father's Kingdom on Earth' and 'The New World'
what do we mean thereby? We have prayed 'Thy Kingdom Come on Earth
As It Is In Heaven'. This, beloved ones, is what the 'Father's Kingdom' is all
about, a world where the people live in brotherhood, spiritual love, harmony
and good works — just as they do in the higher heavens, the second
resurrection heavens. In these days of Kosmon (the present era ) the Father
will have works only, not words, for the time of preaching is at an end and He
will have practice only. The only way of resurrection is good works done unto
others with all of our wisdom and might.

And what is 'The New World?' It is the time when a higher spiritual grade of
mankind is born on earth. The Loo’is (high raised Etherean angels) lead man
and woman together in marriage so that a higher race may be born, noble,
spiritual and of high aspirations. For man to be peaceful, loving and affiliative
he needs to first find peace within his own members and this cannot come
about unless he adopts a diet of fruits, vegetables and herbs which promote
gentleness, love, spirituality and receptiveness to the truth of the higher
heavens and to the ways of harmony. Whatever we charge our blood with is
charged upon our spirits and a carnivorous diet is not the way to spirituality, it
leads away from it. Man is now turning to vegetarianism under the inspiration
of the angels (though he may not be aware of this) and 'New Age'
communities and fraternities are beginning to spread throughout the world
where people have chosen to live an alternative lifestyle, one of spirituality
and service to the Creator.

When man is at peace 'within' himself, there will be peace within the Family,

the Community, the Country, the World. Consequently a New Race is being
planned and mankind will be herbivorous and not carnivorous; he win not
take part in Governments as we know it today but live in these 'New Age'
communities and fraternities, not knowing 'this is thine' and 'that is mine' but
that all things are the Creator's and we are brothers and sisters from the One
Almighty Source, the Great Spirit, Jehovih.

There will be no war in the 'New World' - it will be a New Order with One
Religion 'Good works'. The Old Order win be put away to be seen no more
forever. We have to come out of UZ and be clean, for in Uz (the ways of the
world) the Father's Kingdom cannot be. The need to affiliate with other
spiritually minded people, who love The Great Spirit, is paramount for good

I have heard so many people say that they look to 'Him Above' for inner
peace and spirituality and that diet has nothing to do with making one gentle
and spiritual. These are their words, yet when a person is grown spiritually he
or she no longer wants flesh foods, and why say 'Him Above' when the
Creator is Ever Present and in All Places?

It is all connected, a pure diet begets not only good thoughts but clarity of
thought, one is very receptive to inspiration from the higher spheres and less
from his or her surroundings and the lower atmospherean heavens travelling
with the earth.

From 'Good Thoughts' come Good Works' and Love is turned away from Self
and outward unto others and to the Father.

We can all help to build the New World. What a wonderful reality this is for
what greater work can man aspire to? So, beloved ones, let us begin now in

whatever way we can to accomplish the most good. Affiliated, strong and of
common purpose.


The Light
Gwen Walton

All through our lives we are held in an ecstatic union with the Spirit Light. For
some people there is no realisation of this, but for others there is a
consciousness which leads to an aspiring onward and upward to the attaining
of the Light expressed perhaps by lofty ideals or by patient service, or by a
philosophic — meditative life.

In experiencing the Light, be it momentarily or permanently we know that it









clairaudience, sometimes by a sense of touch, some people have a
developed intuition, some enter the trance state and so on. This union with
the Light makes for a group of people, or I should say the study of a subject
with its own jargon. For example we can remind ourselves of the
philosophers who termed it the passing of the Dark Ages into the age of
Enlightenment. Another group who talk of vibrations and colours and auras;
of transcendental meditation etc.

But whether we approach our discourse from a physical / mental position or
from the psychic / spiritual position or from a belief in the supernatural we are
all experiencing the "Light". It is within us, maybe only as a spark, but as an
awakening stimuli in our souls. It is around us, be it the physical sun or the
aura. It is an onward moving force even as the earth moves through the
aeons of space and time.

I am always impressed by the simplicity of our Kosmon Faithists' Rites. The
very names of the rite sets up for us the mental vibration. Members and
followers know we refer to the other side of the veil as the "Es" worlds; and

even the simplest interpretation of the Ora or Aura is the Light around the
body. The question being if we are physical how do we get the Es Light
around us? And so we turn to Oahspe.

In calling us into the vibration of the Light the Minister asks "Under what
symbol doth the "All Light" manifest?" We reply by acknowledging the symbol
of the triangle — the Unity of Wisdom, Love and Power; the three attributes
of Jehovih, the All Light, the All One.

The symbol of the Triangle therefore has been given to us as a specific path
to travel, a specific means of growth, of maturity, of attaining the Spirit Light
and therefore attaining to atonement with Jehovih the Creator of AIl Light.

Let us for a little while examine the pointers given in Oahspe. From the first
cycle of the earth after man's Creation, the Creator sent an Archangel to
begin the process of bringing mortals into His Light:

Sethantes the arch angel, became the First God in the first cycle but having
accomplished his task he gave Hajah the succeeding God the 1st Key to
man's evolution and growth into spirit - he bequeathed the triangle
representing 3 attributes of Jehovih to be passed on from God to God. (See
Oahspe Page 21 verse 7. also beginning verse 9.)

There is much that is to be learned esoterically from this, from the very
beginning of man's existence on earth. The Triangle was given in a light of
Golden hue — with the 3 attributes - Jehovih is one — the living is one:
inanimate corpor is one. It was received by Hajah as the 3 attributes, Wisdom,
Love and Power —

and then the vibration was changed when the

descending hosts sent down three rays of Light — Red, Blue, Yellow. It is
also interesting to note that when in the 2nd cycle the God Ah'shong passed

on the Triangle the colour vibration was Scarlet. This passing on — this
bequeathing of the Triangle then forms the basis of study both esoteric and
For example: From Sethantes we are given to learn and understand —
Jehovih is one, the living is one: inanimate corpor is one — and the colour of
vibration to understand Jehovih is one — is the Golden Hue. — This is
Wisdom: From Ah'shong is given Wisdom, Love and Power but the
vibrational colour at that time was Scarlet — or Red for Love and Sacrifice.
Another example is the God Apollo — He manifested by the tri-unity of
Harmony, Symmetry and Music and so the ritual continued to the time of
Cpenta Armij. As the Triangle was passed so the vibrational rays changed:
we know of the conditions of the earth as it passed through various stages of
its growth. The earth passed through aji’an fields, ji'ajan fields, etherean
fields in order to attain to maturity in the Arc of Speta at the time of Cpenta

Interestingly enough by the time of the Feast of Speta, the Light had
increased and the ritual took on a higher form. (This especially to note — the
grades of those raised up from the earth.) New symbols were given to be
bequeathed in addition to the Triangle, these were the Inqua and the Trident
— especially note the Trident, interpreted as the Three Lights, Jehovih, His
Son God and the Star in the Mortal Soul — emblem of resurrection. The
earth and its inhabitants had arrived at a special point — the Light had
advanced a pace, mortals had advanced a pace and attained to having the
Star in the mortal soul.

So let us think on these things. From the inception the Triangle was given as
the key to the growth in Light. It has an esoteric interpretation, which is

attained as seekers choose the path of Light. Its meaning is expressed in the
Tri— unity of Jehovih, but through certain vibrational rays according to the
God of the Earth and also according to where the earth had attained to in the
spiral of the serpentile coil (or as we know it in Oahspe C'Vorkum.)
So too with us: we all have the starting point — "Remember when mortals
understand this symbol of three in one, then will Kosmon begin to dawn on
earth". We are in the Dawn of Kosmon (AK. 147). What journeying have we
done in relation to the journey of the Red Star and attaining of the Light?

We have the lives of the Great Jesus as our examples. As they attained, so
they prepared the mortal path of attainment for us.
physical evolution.

Imagine the path of

As the earth body (the body of Mother Mi) changed

vibration, so did the mortal – the physical body change also. Earth matter
being one vibration, then then changing into energy into Light, yet a higher
vibration. Hence the difficulty of two being together. To enter the realms of
Light, the physical body has to be put away. And we will understand why
those no longer in physical form cannot for any period of time (except very
briefly) again enter the earth body vibration.

We learn of the tri-unity from the base aspects of the Triangle as given:


Jehovih is one: the living is one, inanimate corpor is one.



Wisdom, Love and Power



Harmony, Symmetry and Music



Corpor, Atmospherea and Etherea.

We too evolve into Light beings to eventually reflect back light to those
following us, even as those who have gone before in this rite reflect their light
to us.

We receive according to where we are in the spectrum of growth and
development, but the Light is always there for us if we are receptive to it.


Prayer for The World

Father, teach us to value our children, that they may grow up confident in the
knowledge of their individual worth, whatever the circumstances of their birth.

Help us to give them self-esteem that they might also have respect for our example in striving for harmonious coexistence with the people
of all nations, encourage future generations to live in lasting peace.

Let us, Never let us forget the importance of showing our affection, that our
children's love might increase until it be world-embracing.

Jehovih, we ask that our faith in Thee, Thou All Highest, be strong and
unswerving that we may prepare our children to work in Thy service unto the
coming of Thy Kingdom on earth.



Prayer for The World

Let all who have the power to think and reason, look around them and find
something good to do for another less fortunate being.

Keeping condescension at bay, see love in the eyes of a neighbour or friend

Forget your fears, be not afraid of tears.

Let love flow from man to man, woman to woman, child to child

See the Creator's hand in all around you and rejoice.

Love the world with all its faults and love will be yours forever.



Questions and Answers
E. F. Morley


With the coming of the New Age into which this world is rapidly passing, there
has awakened a new desire for spiritual knowledge among many deepthinking people today.

Naturally many questions arise in the minds of seekers regarding the spiritual
philosophy, which is a renewal of the ancient wisdom religion. The following
lines are given in simple language in· the hope that they will be of some
assistance to seekers of a greater understanding. For all students the
important thing is to keep the mind open and allow intuition and inspiration to

1. Is there such a thing as Hell?

We can make our own hell by the way we live now. In the next life like
attracts like, thus habitual criminals flock together and may remain earthbound for a long time until they desire to reform and enter the path of
progress and service.

2. Is there geography in Heaven?
On the sphere nearest to us the geography is almost the same; thus where
we have rivers or mountains or cities they have rivers or mountains or cities;
but the higher one goes through the spheres the more refined and beautiful
everything becomes.

3. Is there a second death as some folk think there is?
If we call physical death the First Resurrection, there does come a time when
our interest in the physical world has almost gone, and we desire progress,
and are willing to live in harmony with everyone in affectionate co-operation,
then the spiritual body does change a little and its vibrations intensify, we can
call that entering the Second Resurrection. or second death if you wish, but it
is a joyful experience.


The Near Death Experience
W G Morley

Many people have had a near death experience, and it is now very much
researched by doctors. In America, doctors and scientists have become very
interested in this experience.

To people who have had this particular experience it leaves a conviction that
nothing can shake; it is something never to be forgotten, it changes one's life,
and takes always all fear of death.

Dr Raymond Moody researched and listened to people who told him what
had happened.

He relates this in his book "Life after Life". There are many people either
stressed or in great pain who leave their physical body then watch the
proceedings. People in hospital have been known to give accurate
descriptions of the treatment given to them -after they have returned to their
body, and have amazed doctors and nurses with the description of treatment
when apparently they were dead.

This seems to have become an extension of the Hydesville Knockings.
These became established as the first communication with spirit, although
this is a different form of proving life after death.

Many "Tunnel" travels into the light at the end of the tunnel are recorded. He
or she finds themselves travelling into the tunnel and coming out into soft
light. There is this wonderful feeling of love, peace and complete tranquility,
and an acceptance of being there. It is a feeling that defies description.

It is the light that has so profound an effect on people that they are changed.
There is a deeper awareness of the earth, and the universe itself; a
realisation that we are all one, animals, trees and that all life is perfection.

There is another type of experience where people leave their body, and float
away and then watch their physical body. They cease to experience pain and
stress feeling only peace and serenity until they return again to their physical
Here I quote a little girl's experience — this is her description. She and her
sister were jumping from rock to rock, when she slipped into deep water
which she inhaled. Then something very unexpected happened. "Then I went
through a tunnel or something like that. It wasn't very long — there was a
beautiful light on the other side. So beautiful that I didn't want to leave. All
around me was a garden where the plants were all bright. In the light, I could
see a figure I knew was God. I wanted to stay with him but I didn't. Someone
pulled me out of the water and pumped my lungs". At this time she was 10
years old but has never forgotten. She now has a family herself and her
recorded comment is "There is peace in knowing I have seen the life beyond
and it is peaceful." Now she works in a Hospice and helps to ease patients'
fear of pain and of dying.

One fact that does emerge is that people who experience the tunnel or the
light do not want to return. My own experience was the tunnel, and this
wonderful light. Although I knew I was dead. I was conscious of seeing,
hearing and feeling this marvellous peace and tranquility. I do now know how
long this lasted, until the thought came "who will look after the baby?"
Instantly I was back on the operating table with the Doctor slapping my face,
first one side then the other.

Lots of people have asked if it was like a dream. The difference is that a
dream fades, but an experience never: it is always fresh in your mind, and
ultimately you have no fear of death.

In this country there is the lANDS Society which is the International Near
Death Society. Margo Grey was one of the founder members.

All this was started by Dr. Raymond Moody nearly ten years ago. He has
written a number of books. The last one I have read is "Transformed by the
Light" by Dr. Melvin Morse and Paul Perry, this is published in eleven
different languages and in twenty nine countries.

My hope is that this will help people who have a fear of dying to be comforted
by this light experience, that there is no death, beyond the veil, there is joy,
peace, tranquility, the love of Jehovih, and the meeting of loved ones who
have gone before.


The E-O-I and The Triangle
E. F. Morley

In spiritual science symbols are a form of shorthand consisting of many
ideographs that can convey a whole host of meanings. One has to interpret
them according to their circumstances.

The three basic symbols of all are the circle, the cross and the triangle.
These are as old as Man itself. The triangle, which is usually equilateral, we
sometimes call the Key of Emeth, and Oahspe tells us is the symbol of the
great angel who guides this planet. For us it represents the three
fundamental attributes of the Creator, wisdom, love and power. But it can
also mean the forces of creation: positive, negative and balance. To the
ancients it could mean the clement fire when pointing upwards, and water
when looking downwards.

The triangle calls to our minds the three aspects of the Creator's presence,
hidden, yet ever being revealed through human nature: the three
fundamental psychological types: the mental, the emotional and the willpower found in the sacred letters E-O-I. This is the deep unseen within the
seen represented by the letters J-H-V-H whether on earth or in heaven.

The great limitless life-ray eternally proceeding from the Creator manifests
upon many different wave-lengths: that which will produce the human family
divides into three, the E-O-I sub rays, and we are each of us expressers of
one of these. Thus you may be one who reacts to life mainly through thought
— the student, the thinker or the teacher. Or perhaps your response to life's
experiences is in the main through your feelings, the emotions, or are you the
will-power type the director, the builder, one who "gives the orders?"

One of the reasons for our coming into the path of spiritual growth and
service is to learn to balance these three within our own nature, and thus
complete the triangle, and manifest the E-O-I in humility, gradually coming
nearer to perfection. We shall be rightly led.


Three Days

There are two days in the week upon which, and about which I never worry,
two carefree days kept sacredly free from fear and apprehension. One of
these days is yesterday. Yesterday with all its cares, its frets and all its aches
and pains, all its faults, its mistakes and blunders, has passed forever
beyond my recall. It was mine, it is Gods.

The other day that I do not worry about is tomorrow. Tomorrow with all its
possible adversities, its burdens, its perils, its large promise and poor
performance, its failures and mistakes, is as far beyond my mastery as its
dead sister, yesterday.

Tomorrow is God's day, it will be mine. Any man can fight the battles of today,
any woman can carry the burdens of just one day and a man can resist the
temptations of today. It is only when we willfully add the burdens of those two
awful eternities, yesterday and tomorrow, such burdens as only the mighty
God can sustain, that we break down. It is not the experience of today which
drives men mad, it is the remorse of what happened yesterday and the fear
of what tomorrow might bring.

These are God's days, leave them to him.


A Day Well Spent

If we sit down at the set of sun,

And count the things that we have done,

And counting, find

One self-denying act, one word

That eased the heart of one who heard;

One glance most kind

That fell like sunshine where it went—

Then we may count the day well spent.




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