Simpul antara tali dengan tali

2. Simpul antara tali dengan alat pancing

3. Simpul-simpul khusus

4. Simpul Dalam Simpul a. Buat kenur melingkar sesuai kebutuhan seperti ini. b. Putarlah sekali sehingga masuk ke dalam lingkaran dalam satu arah.

c. Buatlah lilitan kecil dengan menghadap ke atas dengan memasukkan ke dalam lingkaran besar dengan memutar 3 sampai 5 kali. e. Tariklah kenur ke kanan atau ke kiri hingga selesai. Simpul ini bisa dipakai untuk mengikat lider atau dipotong lalu dipasang kail sebagai kumis pancing.

d. Selanjutnya masukkan simpul ke dalam lingkaran simpul kecil.

Cara-cara untuk mengikat Snell Knot


Feed one end of the leader through the hook eye going 2-4 inches past the eye. Then feed the other end of the leader through the eye in the opposite direction. Hold the hook and leader ends between thumb and forefinger. Allow the excess leader to hang down in a large loop. Holding the hook and leader in your left hand, grab this excess leader loop and the part of this loop close to the hook and wrap it over the hook shank and both ends of the leader toward the hook's barb. Go around the hook 7 or 8 times, keeping the newly made wraps contained and tight with your left thumb. Pull the short end of the leader that is through the eyelet with your right hand slowly, until the entire loop of leader feeds through it. Be sure to continue holding the 7 or 8 loops with your left hand so the knot will not unravel. When it is almost tight, use your fingernails to slide it up against the eye of the hook. Finally, pull the end of the leader and the standing line at the same time to completely tighten the knot. Trim the tag end. Tying the Snell Knot is complete.


3. short 4.

Jigging Assist Hook - Knots 1. Start off with a single strand through the hook. The end on the left will be use to loop the hook. The one on the right will stay stationery til later. A. Here's another way. This has got to be the easiest.


2. Make a small loop along side the hook.

3. Once the loop is formed, using the same strand,
circle the hook several rounds and push the end through the loop.

C. A few drops of super glue here to prevent any slippage.

4. Then pull the other end to tighten the knot. DONE.

D. DONE!! :-)

Clinch Knot (Version 1)

Clinch Knot (Version 2)

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