she won’t just be ruined—she’ll get the chair. Background “Cat” has always been a looker. Still. Edges • Attractive: Catherine is quite a looker. Persuasion d8. If anyone finds out. • Comfortable: She inherited a fair amount from her husband’s insurance and estate. and if it ever comes out. she had enough. Vigor d6 Driving d4. Toughness 5 • Dark Secret: Catherine murdered her abusive husband. Nobody knows the truth. Weapon Star Pocket (. He’d kiss with his fists when he had too much to drink—and he always had too much to drink. +2 Charisma. Shooting d6. Semi-Auto. Notice d6.” Agility d6. but her first husband was a real peach. Fighting d4. Stealth d4. inherited a fairly large estate. Taunt d6 Derived Statistics Hindrances Charisma +2. • Rich: Catherine starts play with $450 (3 x her “Comfortable” wealth of $150). Strength d4. box of 92 additional . notepad and pen.25) Range 10/20/40 RoF 1 Damage AP Wt Notes 2d6-1 — 2 Shots 8. Pace 6.25 rounds. she found she gets a kick out of the danger and looks for ways to catch that same thrill again. Investigation d6. used sedan. it’s the Big House with the “heated” chair for her. Smarts d6. . checkbook.25 automatic pistol with full clip.Catherine L’Herisse (Dilettante) Attributes Skills “You know how to whistle don’t you? Just put your lips together. Spirit d8. –1 to be Noticed if hidden Weapon Stats . $124. Parry 4. Healing d4. Gear Clutch purse. One night. • Stubborn: She always wants her way. and to make a long story short. and blow. • Impulsive: She doesn’t always think things through.

He adds +2 to all Taunt rolls and can use Taunt to resist Tests of Will. Streetwise d6.Johnny Thibodeux (Grifter) Quote: “Wanna bet on it?” Attributes Skills Agility d6. The power’s a kick. Most of the time. Smarts d8. That means picking up jobs Johnny would have turned his nose up at not long ago. Power Bolt Boost/Lower Trait Deflect Weapon Switchblade Range — Cost 1-3 2 2 RoF — Range 12/24/48 Smarts Touch Damage Str+d4 AP — Powers Duration Damage/Effect Instant 2d6 damage 3 rds Increase/decrease attribute or skill by 1 die type (2 with a raise) 3/1rd –2 to be hit (–4 with a raise) Wt — Notes -2 to Notice if hidden Weapon Stats . If he could bet on it. Background “Johnny Thibs” has always had a weakness for the dice or cards or the track. he was in. switchblade. Knowledge (Occult) d4. Shooting d4. Spirit d6. Taunt d8 Derived Stats Hindrances Charisma –2. flask (usually empty). getting paid to toss a little mojo isn’t a bad gig. Spellcasting d8. but he’s still gotta feed the gambling habit. Vigor d6 Fighting d4. Parry 4. Still. Now he just gambles on bigger stakes! • Moxie: Johnny’s a little full of himself. Edges • Arcane Background: Grifter. • Quirk: There’s nothing Johnny T won’t try to bet on. Pace 6. • Overconfident: Nothing is beyond Johnny’s abilities—nothing. Gambling d6. • Smart Mouth: He’s constantly cracking wise. Notice d6. $69. Toughness 5 • Poverty: Times are tough all over. Johnny’s vice has always been gambling. Now he’s figured out a way to swindle some jazz out of the Other Side. Strength d6. Gear Loaded dice.

Shooting d4.” Agility d6. But he doesn’t like being taken advantage of. Gears Talismans. and Legba help the fool who crosses him or his pack. Healing d4. Background Lots of folks in the Quarter look to Jean—sometimes for advice. gris-gris. Spirit d8. Smarts d6. • Cautious: Jean likes to know what he’s getting into. Edges • Alertness: Jean has always had a keen eye and ear for what goes on around him. Streetwise d6. Voodoo d8 Derived Stats Hindrances Charisma 0.50. Pace 6. Power Confusion Healing Weapon Sawed-Off shotgun Cost 1 3 Range 5/10/20 RoF 1–2 Range Smarts Touch Powers Duration Damage/Effect Instant -2 Smarts or Shaken Instant 1 wound.” • Loyal: He doesn’t abandon his friends. • Vengeful (Major): Jean holds a serious grudge…the kind that can end with a New Orleans “parade.Jean Laveaux (Houngan) Attributes Skills Quote: “You can’t see the eyes of the demon ‘til him come callin’. 2 w/raise Damage AP Wt Notes 1-3d6 — 6 Shots 2. Parry 5. Strength d6. $33. sawed-off shotgun and 25 shells. They know they can trust him to heal the sick and bring a little light to the darkness. • Arcane Background: Voodoo. Notice d6. Knowledge (Occult) d6. +2 Notice. +2 to Shooting rolls Weapon Stats . Intimidation d6. Toughness 5 • Poverty: Times are tough all over. sometimes for a bit of hoodoo. Vigor d6 Fighting d6. Jean has been able to talk to the loas since he was a youngster.

• Poverty: Times are tough all over. but he’s not so good he can turn down a job yet. Vigor d6 Driving d4. Smarts d8. Shooting d6. Shoulder holster (-1 to Notice if hidden). • Stubborn: Once he’s made up his mind about something there’s no changing it.45) Range 12/24/48 RoF 1 Damage AP Wt Notes 2d6+1 1 4 Shots 7. Streetwise d8 Derived Stats Hindrances Charisma 0. Parry 5. Pace 6. he’s a sucker for a sob story. mister…Okay. Strength d6. Persuasion d6. Investigation.Miles Wallace (Private Dick) Attributes Skills Quote: “I’ve seen it all before. Investigation d8. Worse. especially when it comes to dames. $30. Now he makes a fair living as a private dick.. • Rebellious: Miles can’t hide the fact that authority figures rub him the wrong way. I’ve never seen that. 100 spare rounds (. Edges Gear • Investigator: As a trained detective. Intimidation d6. Notice d6.45). Toughness 5 • Heroic: Miles can’t turn down a sincere request for help. Background Miles tried the police gig for a while but couldn’t stomach all the rules.. Weapon Colt 1911 (. His Charisma is –2 when dealing with these rubes. Semi-Auto Weapon Stats . and Notice rolls made to find clues. 2 spare magazines for pistol. Miles adds +2 to Streetwise. Fighting d6. Spirit d6. notepad and pen.” Agility d6.

Notice d6. Shooting d6. Fighting d4. Repair kit. Until Walt makes that sale. goggles. I’m not quite sure what it does!” Agility d6. • Schmuck: Walter is extremely gullible and trusting. Vigor d6 Driving d4. he takes side jobs as a “consultant” to make ends meet. Smarts d8. Knowledge (Physics) d8. Power Burst (Plasma gun) Armor (Electrostatic coat) Cost Range 2 Cone Template 2 Touch Powers Duration Damage/Effect Instant 2d10 damage 3/1 round +2 Armor. and even a lot about some subjects. Background Walter knows a little about a lot. Strength d4. • Delusional (Minor): Machines of all kinds like to be spoken to politely while being used. Edges Gear • Arcane Background: Patent Science. $64. Toughness 5 • Poverty: Times are tough all over. His inventing career hasn’t taken off the way he thought it would. Walter has always had an affinity for strange tech.Walter Gordon (Patent Scientist) Attributes Skills Quote: “Don’t touch that. Pace 6. Weird Science d8 Derived Stats Hindrances Charisma 0. Parry 4. +4 with a raise . Repair d8. but he’s managed to make a buck or two with his gizmos. Spirit d6. • Curious: Walter is extremely inquisitive. • New Power: Walter developed the electrostatic particle coating recently (the armor power).

Smarts d6. $13. Background Ray was a prize fighter—actually more of a stepping stone for better fighters. Parry 6. • Cat Eyes: +2 to visual Notice rolls. Vigor d8 Driving d4. he wouldn’t take a dive to save his life…literally. • Vengeful (Minor): Ray avenges any wrong against himself or his friends. Intimidation d6. Notice d6. Shooting d6. Lockpicking d4.50. • Loyal: He never abandons a friend in need. trench knife. Just like in the ring. immune to normal Fatigue. Streetwise d6. Stealth d4 Derived Stats Hindrances Charisma 0. Luger pistol with 1 spare magazine and 100 extra rounds. • Code of Honor: Ray brought his ethics back from the grave with him. Fighting d8. he didn’t stay down. Edges • Harrowed: Ray saw the inside of a coffin once. Gear Used lockpicks. but one day he’ll find the mook who plugged him… Weapon Luger (9mm) Trench Knife *Brass Knuckles Range 12/24/48 — — RoF 1 — — Damage AP Wt 2d6 — 3 Str+d4 1 1 Str+d4 — — Weapon Stats Notes Shots 8. Now Ray does muscle work to make the rent. He still doesn’t really understand what’s going on but he’s slowly figuring it out. Semi-Auto Includes brass knuckles* Can do nonlethal damage at no attack penalty . Pace 6. The Black Hand put a bullet in him after he won the wrong fight. Still.Raymond Deville (Harrowed) Attributes Skills Quote: “You look the other way too often and you’ll run into a brick wall. +2 to Fear tests.” Agility d6. Strength d8. no modifiers for Dim or Dark lighting. can only be killed by a head shot. Toughness 6 • Poverty: Times are tough all over. Spirit d6.

When he grabs some shuteye for the night.” Agility d6. however improbable. $35. • Brave: Desmond has been through enough scrapes that it takes a lot to scare him. he must make a Spirit roll or suffer a level of Fatigue. Gear S&W revolver.” Weapon S&W revolver (. Shooting d6. Vigor d6 Fighting d6. whatever remains.Desmond Quinn (Arcane Detective) Attributes Skills Quote: “I’ve seen things you can’t imagine—and don’t want to. Notice d6. wristwatch. box of .38 bullets (100). Parry 5. Background Desmond’s investigations have taken him into places most people don’t visit even in their nightmares.38) Range 12/24/48 RoF 1 Damage AP Wt Notes 2d6 — 1 Shots 6 Weapon Stats . Investigation d8. Streetwise d8 Derived Stats Hindrances Charisma 0. but he’s learned to rule nothing out and be prepared for anything. • Impulsive: When an idea hits. Persuasion d4. Desmond runs with it. Smarts d8. Some less experienced folks scoff at his methods. Pace 6. flashlight. Spirit d8. Knowledge (Occult) d6. • Night Terrors: The horrors he’s seen makes sleep one unending nightmare. notepad and pen. • Delusional (Minor): There is a supernatural explanation to nearly every mystery. Toughness 5 • Poverty: Everyone’s short on cash these days and Desmond is no exception. Edges • Arcane Resistance: Mystic tattoos give Des +2 to Trait rolls to resist opposed powers and 2 points of Armor against damage causing powers. shoulder holster (–1 to spot). He receives +2 to all Fear tests. must be the truth. Strength d4. After all. even Sherlock Holmes said: “When you have eliminated the impossible.

Notice d6. mostly because they don’t want to be reminded how far there is left for them to fall themselves. Stanley has picked up a wide range of skills—both legal and not-so-legal—just to make sure he can keep food on his plate! . then at least alive. Stealth d6. he’s weathered his own storms and emerged. Tracking d4 Derived Stats Hindrances Charisma –2. Spirit d6. five bucks is five bucks. However. Streetwise d6. • Destitute: In fact. Smarts d6. or in otherwise similar circumstances. Pace 6. Lockpicking d4. Draw an extra Benny at the beginning of each session. but Stanley’s always had a bit of luck in his back pocket. His tattered clothes and rough look make most observers underestimate him--which is a dangerous mistake. Once per session. People tend to overlook him in a crowd.Stanley Farris (Hobo) Attributes Skills Quote: “Hey. Survival d6. To anyone not on the streets. Strength d6. if not on top. All he owns are the clothes on his back.” Agility d6. Edges • Luck: You wouldn’t know it from his circumstances. Parry 5. • Heroic: He might be down on his luck. Repair d4. he’s not just broke. as long as this ain’t nothin’ illegal. he can “remember” he has a much-needed item stored somewhere in his many pockets. Healing d4. Toughness 5 • Poverty: Everyone’s short on cash these days and Stanley is no exception. Background Most folks see Stanley as just one of the faceless victims of the Great Depression. • Outsider: Stanley don’t fit into polite society. • Scavenger: Stanley has a knack for picking up a useful item up from garbage bins. he’s flat busted. Vigor d6 Fighting d6. he has –2 Charisma. Gear None. but Stanley can’t turn a blind eye to folks in need. Shooting d4.

Pace 6. His mouth gets him into more trouble at least as often as it wheedles the facts out of a source. Freelance reporters don’t have an easy life of it. Fighting d4. Stealth d6. 5 rolls of film. Parry 4. maybe a few yards. Notice d6. Gear Camera. flashlight. Background Henry is always looking for the next big scoop. He adds +2 to all Taunt rolls and can use Taunt in place of Smarts or Spirit when resisting Tests of Will. he gets a Notice roll (–2) to wise up to an ambush or surprise attack. Shooting d4.Henry Tate (Reporter) Attributes Skills Quote: “C’mon! Spill it. Streetwise d8. and papers only pay for the best stories. Henry has a little bit of an edge on some of the other newshounds out there. Vigor d6 Driving d4. but having a tongue that’s sharp enough to draw blood is often a two-edged sword for him. . He suffers a –2 Charisma—and tends to shoot off his yapper at all the worst times! Edges • Connection (NOPD): He’s got an inside source with the cops. notepad and pencil. • Moxie: He’s got a talent for taking Joes down a notch or two. • Danger Sense: Henry can smell trouble a mile away. Strength d4. • Smart Mouth: Not everyone appreciates Henry’s quick wit. Regardless. • Curious: Henry can’t pass up a story. With a friend in the NOPD. • Doubting Thomas: There’s a logical explanation for everything if you just keep digging. Spirit d6. When that fails. he relies on quick wits and fast talk. You and I both know there’s more going on here.” Agility d6. Toughness 5 • Poverty: Everyone’s short on cash these days and Henry’s no exception. $45. Smarts d8. no matter how small. Taunt d8 Derived Stats Hindrances Charisma –2. Investigation d6. Okay.

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