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Disc Filter Boozer Drum Filter Pan Filter BOKELA disc.3-step counter-current wash • high throughput capacity allowing small units • low cake moisture • high reliability more than 95 % availability • self controlling operation Compared to conventional pan filters: • 20% .50% less wash liquor • 50% more throughput • 100% cake discharge • 10 – 15 % reduced energy consumption and operation costs -4- . drum and pan filters define a new state of the art in rotary filter technology and surprise with numerous innovations. The superior process and mechanical design result in high hydraulic capacity minimal pressure loss high filter speed homogenous cake thickness 100 % cake discharge extraordinary high throughput capacity advanced process control system safe operation and high flexibility -3- BOKELA Pan Filter Economical Solution for Filtration & Washing of Coarse Grained Slurries BOKELA Pan Filters are characterised by innovative design and excellent hydraulic. the high performance capacity and the low space demand make rotary filters the most economical solution for a wide range of solid-liquid separation tasks. Advantages of the BOKELA pan filter: • high efficient 1 .Rotary Vacuum Filters of BOKELA The continuous operation.

Main Components of the BOKELA Pan Filter heel re-slurring slurry distributor cake discharge heel removal after filter stop 1st cake wash 2nd cake wash steam cabin vapor extraction hood liftable control head with big openings -5- swivelling filtrate pipes Forced Feeding System Ensures Even Slurry Distribution & Smooth Filter Cake Build-up slurry feed 4 equal slurry feed streams to 4 equal filter areas: A1 = A2 = A3 = A4 A1 A2 A3 A4 r constant cake thickness along the pan radius r -6- .

Forced Feeding System Ensures Even Slurry Distribution & Smooth Filter Cake Build-up slurry feeding slurry distributor (motorized system) distribution chamber slurry outlet smooth and homogeneous filter cake over the pan radius by means of the forced feed distribution -7- Cake Wash Counter-Current cake Wash in 1 – 3 Steps wash water feeding • • 1st weir 2nd weir • • • Even distribution of wash water High wash water throughput Effective cake washing in 1 to 3 steps Counter current washing Adjustable position of wash system to adapt to individual requirements -8- .

High Flow Cell for Quick Filtrate Drainage Filter cell with • optimized hydraulic design • minimal cell volume leading to quick filtrate drainage sharp splitting of mother and wash filtrates -9- Steam Cabin for Optimized Cake Washing and Dewatering • Further cake washing by condensing steam in the filter cake • Achievement of very low moisture content by heating of filter cake Vapor extraction hood steam feeding Steam cabin equal distribution of the steam over the filter cake by guiding plates -10- .

100% Cake Discharge by Controlled Discharge Scroll scroll collecting guard scroll drive discharge chute • • • • • Scroll speed related to filter speed (2nd control loop) Adjustable vertical position of the discharge scroll Easy removal for maintenance purposes as one unit (complete with bearings and drive) Scroll made of wear resistant material with high Mn content (nearly no measurable abrasion after 7 years operation in Al-hydrate product filtration) Different kinds of scroll protection for different products like rubber blocks or ceramic plating -11- Heel Removal by Re-slurry direction of rotation re-slurry nozzle (with ceramic inlay) 1. Air blow back for breaking up and lifting the cake from the filter cloth Cleaning of blinded filter cloth by air flow 2. High pressure water to reslurry the remaining heel remaining layer high pressure water flow Bubbling effect helps to effectively re-slurry the solids and to clean filter cloth air blow back filter cloth -12- .

50% saving on wash condensate depending on product and process Conditions: high flow cells & pre-separation control head -14- .Heel Removal by Re-slurry Advantages of a continuous and intensive heel re-slurry: Equal cake height over the filter cell better washing of solids / lower residual moisture Longer cycle times between required cleaning of filter (2-3 times longer) Longer filter cloth life time less change of filter cloth less cost for operator manpower and material Higher availability of filter -13- High Performance by Optimal Hydraulic System The excellent hydraulic design of the BOKELA pan filter is the basis for the high performance high slurry throughput well calculated pipe sizes innovative filter cell design for quick filtrate drainage pre-separation control head Intensive cake washing and dewatering sharp splitting of wash filtrates no scales and leakages Guarantee: 20% .

health and safety (OH&S) issues -16- .Swiveling Filtrate Pipes • Filtrate pipes connected with hinge joints to the steel structure can be swiveled to the side fast access to control head for maintenance work Easy lowering of control head by a spring loaded central lifting rod Easy replacement of wear plate or adaptation of bridge blocks -15- • • FrameTrak System on BOKELA Pan Filters Innovative Method of Filter Cloth Fixation FrameTrak consists of three distinct parts: • an elastomer profile with cloth inserts • an elastomer profile as a locking strip • a specially designed steel profile Benefits: • better and stronger fixing than caulking groove • improved cloth lifetime and reduced filter downtime • easy and quick mounting/replacing of filter cloth panels on single filter cells • reducing or elimination of problems concerning operation.

01 wt-% 0.inserting the locking strip with a special tool pan filter with FrameTrak in operation for Al-hydrate product filtration -17- Exemplary Application Al-Hydrate Product Filtration Typical operational figures specific solids throughput moisture content without steam moisture content with steam (10 – 25 kg/t) leachable soda wash water ratio 4 – 6 t/m²h 5 – 8 wt-% 3 – 6 wt-% 0.3 m³ per t solids -18- .004 – 0.Exemplary Application Al-Hydrate Product Filtration Mounting of FrameTrak filter panels .

6 filtration area Number of cells [m²] 16 25 34 43 54 68 [-] 16 16 16 24 24 24 -20- .7 7.8 5.Application Products • Al-Hydrate product • Iron ore • Potash • Fertilizer • Mineral sands • Quarz sands • Chemical products -19- BOKELA Pan Filter Sizing filter type [-] XXS XS S M L XL pan diameter [m] 4.8 6.7 8.6 9.

: +49 721 96456-0 .com BOKELA do Brasil Ltda R. Santiago Ballesteros 610 Sala 6. 64 76131 Karlsruhe Deutschland BOKELA Australia Pty Springfield. Cinco 32010-050 Contagem – MG Brazil phone: +55 31 2565 0976 fax: +55 31 2565 3976 bokela@bokela. QLD 4300 Australia phone : +61 7 3288 1400 BOKELA GmbH Tullastr.Vacuum Filtration Dynamic Crossflow Filtration Membrane Filtration Sieve Filtration DYNO Filter (MF) Filter Revamping Services Filter Revamping Trouble Shooting Consulting Development Disc Filter Hi-Bar Filter DYNO Filter (sieve) Backflush Filtration Drum Filter Hi-Bar Oyster Filter FILTRATEST Pressure Filtration Pan Filter Hi-Bar Pressure & Steam Pressure Filtration Backflush Filter Laboratory Equipment FILTRATEST DYNOTEST www.

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