Organization study is one of the core area in which every student of MBA programme has to undergone at the end of Second Semester, for a minimum of one month in an Organisation of their choice. The organization chosen should be a public limited manufacturing organization preferably from outside the state.

i. To familiarize the students with a business organization to relate theory with practice. ii. To familiarize the students with an organization structure and its functioning iii. To familiarize them with the different departments in the Organisation and their functions and activities including documentation. iv. To enable the students to understand how the key business processes are carried out in an Organisation. v. Understand how information is used in Organisation for decision making at various levels including data flow diagram. vi. To conduct a SWOT analysis of the organization vii. To study the financial performance of the organization by doing financial analysis viii. To understand the extent of technology adoption including ICT, in the organization for various functions/activities. The major objective of the Organization Study is to better understanding of the area-wise subjects taught in their Business Management Programme. This should also prepare the students with enough understanding about business Organisation to enable them to locate problems to be solved as ‘Final Year Project’ later in their course. Please Keep in mind the fact that this is NOT intended to be a problem-solving project, which has to be done in the final year. Please bear in mind that processes and functions are your focus and not data from various departments, which should only be used to help you understand the organization.

How to Choose an Organization
Try and choose an Organisation with all functional departments, where you will be able to see and understand: Operations & Systems, Accounts & Finance, Personnel & HR, Marketing Functions and their interactions with each other. The Organisation chosen should have all the above functional areas for you to study.

How to conduct the Study

b) Make the organisation chart for the organisation and try to understand the functions of the managers/officers and supervisors in the different departments Record the observations of yours and clarify with your supervisor to check if the same is correct. Process could be collect intends. For e. New product/services development ii. c) Identify the key functions of each department and try to understand how it is carried out (the process). Materials department having the purchase function. Marketing Details about the Marketing Mix Advertising Sale .a) Have an organisation coordinator/guide in the organisation. check intends.g. get quotes. decide whom to purchase from. e) Decision making process in each of the department and the data flow f) Try and interact with all the top Officials and customers (both external & internal) users. follow up till delivery is got. g) Find how the following are done in the organisation i. prepare and issue purchase orders. to find if there are problems with the processes. Make record of your findings. find suppliers. Visit the organisation and have a walk through and identify and acquaint themselves with the different departments.locating customers Qualifying customers Contacting customer and making sales Order filling Payment collection etc Departmental structure & Functions Product profile Competitors Supply Chain management Distribution Channels Sales& Demand Promotional efforts Pricing strategies Advertisement Sales promotions Sales force structure Warehousing Complaint handling . d) Draw the Organization chart of the entire organization as a whole and its departments separately.

Source & application of funds .Performance Appriasal .IR Scenario .Pricing system . .iii iv v. h.The operations/ Manufacturing process . f.Inventory Management .Discipline IT & Systems Department . ERP etc) being used in the Organization. Identify the type of hardware and software (SAP. Study the extent of technology adoption in each departments including ICT. Do a SWOT analysis Do the Financial analysis of the organization vi.Training & Development – types & where used (process of training) .Procurement Processes . information systems Operations/Manufacturing .Costing system .Fringe Benefits/ Incentives .Extent of the use IT and other technologies for various activities.Budgeting and budgetary control etc Financial analysis of a few previous years’ statements of accounts Personnel & HR .Management of payables and receivables .Accounting systems adopted .Production planning and control .Recruiting & Selection Process .Stores functions .Grievances & Grievances handling . Market research Market share analysis Subsidiary departments Marketing intelligence.Materials Management Accounting and Finance .Quality control .Induction & Placements . g.Raw materials and conversion .

in the organization study can be made with the consent of your faculty supervisor.3 etc….12” size with 1. Format of the OS Report to be submitted The letters should be Times New Roman font .Faculty Supervision and Organization Supervision The School will allot a faculty for each of the student to supervise your organization study. All students are requested to bring the duly filled (sealed) confidential report (the format is enclosed in appendix) from your organization Guide and hand over to your Faculty Supervisor. Please mark your attendance daily with the organisation Guide.. All subsection should be numbered like 1.  Any changes.(for subsections of chapter 1).5” space between lines.  All students should update the progress of the study with your faculty supervisor at least once in a week with written report emailed. The parameters of the evaluation are Organization Understanding. The Students should note the following:  All students should to meet and discuss with your respective faculty supervisor before leaving for organization study. Presentation and Study Report. Contents to be included in the OS Report Title Page Certificate from the Organization Certificate from the Faculty Advisor Acknowledgement . Please also make it a point to send a joining report (By the organisation Guide/Co-ordinator) from the organisation within a week of your reporting for the study to the Faculty Supervisor. if required. Evaluation On return to SMBS each students will be required to make a presentation of the study and will also have to submit a written report. after completing the study. The major headings should be 16” size and sub headings 14” size. The school shall also contact the organisation guide to receive a confidential feedback report about each student at the end of the project. Analysis.1. which will be used for evaluation.2.  All students should submit the duly filled evaluation report in the prescribed format from your organization Guide to the Faculty supervisor. Identification of key/critical/problem areas.1. 1.

Problem Objectives Methodology Data Collection and Analysis Findings and Recommendations Your Learning Experience References .Abstract (One page) Contents Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Introduction about the Organization Industry Profile. Chapter 5: Details of extent of Technology adoption including IT for various operations/activities Chapter 6: Chapter 7: Chapter 8: Details of SWOT Analysis Your evaluation of the functioning of the organization. Identification of areas for improvement possible and suggestions for the organization based on your study Report on your Mini Project      Chapter 9: Chapter10: Conclusions. which your chosen organization belongs to Organization in detail with all Information includes:  General Information  Organization Structure & Organization Chart  Role and Responsibilities of various Executives  Process/activities/products/services  Individual Departments and its Structures/functions/activities  Decision Making Process in each of the departments with data flow  Details of the strategies used for various activities  Details of the competitors and the organization’s present position/status etc Chapter 4: Details of Financial Analysis with support of Balance sheet and other such documents.